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will look back at his policy, wins and losses and examine the challenges that remain special coverage on al jazeera the. ready australia and new zealand send reconnaissance flights to the pacific island of tango, which has been cut off after an undersea volcanic eruption. ah, play you're watching al jazeera alive from door. how with me fully back table also coming up china's birth rate. dibs to a record low raising concerns, it's rapidly aging workforce could affect its economic growth. south korea calls for the resumption of talks with north korea after pyongyang launch. it's 4th miss
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out this month. and protesters in the netherlands call for an end to cover 19 restrictions despite a surgeon infection. ah, thank you very much for joining us. you zealand and australia have sent air force planes to tongue that to survey the damage caused by saturdays volcanic eruption and some ami, a towering ash cloud had prevented earlier flights. you zealand is planning to send supplies, including drinking water on tuesday. communication with tonga remains limited, but while report suggests have been no mass casualties. there is said to be significant damage. a groups have been meeting in neighboring fiji to coordinate operations. we will be working closely with the government of toner with her rural hands. the high commissioner of toner, in cambra to ensure that we are able to deliver the sort of support that we provide
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to our pacific family and our pacific friends. this is a very challenging time. communications are deeply, deeply affected by the events of the volcanic eruption. it has been felt in other parts of the region or we know ourselves. here in australia we have seen the effect on our own coastline, but in fiji, in particular, as will al jazeera sarah clark is following developments from brisbin in australia . la humanitarian and the relief effort has begun. on monday, we've got the like some new zealand. it's deployed the iran aircraft, and that was to assist in surveillance, and that's looking at just not just talking about the low line areas. and it's in particular, it's looking at the infrastructure, the buildings, and bridges to assess the damage there in australia has also joined new zealand in that relief effort. on monday we also deployed a surveillance aircraft and that's his lift from the amberley air force base, which is not far from where i am now in. australia is also said that they will send
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humanitarian aid. i h a miss i adelaide which is one of the large a navy ships. it could also be deployed now. maurice pine, who's australia's defense minister. she has noted a press conference on monday that australia will do all it can now. astrology and the pacific nations, they begun this coordination if we're also looking at the planetarium groups oxfam has local teams on the ground already throughout the pacific. unicef is already deploying prepositioned emergency supplies, and that's from its warehouses in fiji and where i am in brisbin as well. and that includes the likes of sanitation, hygiene kits, water containers, a buckets, tarpaulins, and tents and all that is being mobilized for distribution. now the estrella prime minister scott morrison has noted that there is some hurdles already for the relief effort. and it's, it's the lying is simply on the grounds that the aviation access has been a problem. and not simply because of the volcanic ash are spread throughout the region when it's on speak to shay ronna, an
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e. she's chief executive officer as save the children fiji and is joining us from a fiji capital. so thank you so much for speaking to a shave on a communication line says we've heard with tongue that have been severely disrupted . what can you tell us 1st about the situation as you know it, have you been able to reach your teams on the ground? thank you and the situation in tonga is quite dye at the moment. now we do have a small presence. save that children does have a small presence in dollar and does so far. our staff and our teams are safe and well ma'am. but having said that, communication is down, communication links at down the connection and order cable between fiji and that has been damaged extensively. and for that reason it's very difficult to obtain outdated information at this stage. ah, we have met, are you in a gen, sees an international organization segment this afternoon. and what we have
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together is that there is an immediate need for food and also for water because there is to be a ashburn that has been reported. and as a result of that, you know, water sources have been contaminated in most of the islands that have been affected . yeah, i was going to ask you about that because tanya has been appealing for aid. what is the most immediate concern right now on the ground? the most immediate concern is for the people who were in the direct eyes of the volcanic eruption. and as well as, you know, those that have been affected by this amount. so the, as i mentioned earlier, the immediate need is obviously food as well as the, you know, water, but also be a concern about the air quality as well. and also, you know, and children are concerned is put children who would obviously have had mental
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trauma because deserve life once in a lifetime event. and they probably have not to experience something so traumatic a fee of fiji has also issued a public advisory asking people living in low lying coastal areas to move to safety . and they are concerned that the volcanic activity could, could continue. right? yeah, that's correct. so the advice on the mineral resources department is that on erections there may be for the erection sticking place and did advise people to be prepared to stay indoors even in fiji. this afternoon there was an adviser on your advisors, r s, a degree falling into people's state. those are my spot and just basically not to go on to us in the rain. so apart from that, they are set up, you know, that sequence of nannies as well. and ruptured in the next couple of days, right? you say say the children has
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a small team in tongue on what type of assistance will you be able to provide oh, well yeah, we will respond as they'll call humanitarian priorities. and this is obviously going to be based on a request from the tomlin government, which is yet to be made at this stage on. so we will respond in the areas of char action, education, and put together the likelihood. what as innovation and hygiene, as well as if there's any other, you know, requests or immediate that is out of the fight with children. thank you so much for talking to a sharona ali from save the children in fiji. thank you for your time. thank you very much. in other well, he is china's economic growth slowed at the end of last year, after a strong start, the pandemic and real estate troubles are beings lamed for the slump. newly newly released data shows the world's 2nd largest economy grew faster than expected in the 1st half of 2021. expanding by 18 point one percent. but it's slow during the
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2nd half of the year. brit kenneth has more from hong kong. the chinese economy grew by 4 percent in the last quarter. that slowing from 4.4.9 percent a been the quarter before overall year. it grew by 8 point one percent. there are a number of reasons for that. china had a very strong start to the year in 2021, but it started to lose steam in the 2nd half of the year. and that's as we started to see those regulatory clamp downs on a number of sectors, including the education sector, the tech sector, and of course, we remember the ever ground crisis as well. crackdowns on the property sector to now we heard from the national statistics bureau, they said that they, it's important to be aware of external environment. it's more complicated and i'm certain there, alluding, of course, to the pandemic and external forces. they mean they can control other countries and
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how that's going to impact supply chains as well. but the i m f and the world bank had cut gro, forecasts for china. so these numbers, in some ways were expected and china's birth rate has hit it's lowest level in more than 70 years. it fell to 7.52 births for 1000 people according to the government. that's the draw from $8.00 to the previous year. the downward trend has prompted officials to allow couples to have up to 3 children. last year's birth rate is a lowest since communist china was founded in 1949. as bringing andy marked talk about this, he's a senior research fellow at the center for china and globalization. and he's joining us via skype from beaching. very good to have you with us on al jazeera. so a record drop in china's birth rate, despite the government allowing couples to have up to 3 children. what is this down to? what's deterring couples from having more children? why success? there's a number of factors about news home. first of all,
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thanks for have me on it. so i think the what is necessary but not sufficient miss this changing government policy. so we've seen from one child policy to a to child policy now to reach her person. but there are many, many complicated factors yet, mostly socially. so i think we really do have to see how this plays out in the long term. but the chinese government has been adopting policies aimed at at reducing the financial burden of raising children, including a bastere banning for profit after school tuition. that doesn't seem to be working . what else you do think should officials do to encourage more verse? absolutely. so one of the things the government has been doing that is having a ripple effect starting with they don't require example, there's one house where the 1st one to
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the family gets subsidies. 30000 recession child. 60 so certainly there are some as you mentioned, a double reduction but i think also one of the biggest side that we're seeing not just as women access as well as wising expectations, especially for having the children have a good education. this is the 1st step in the 1000 mile cherry only financial incentives you say i china is working age compilation andy's already declining. what is going to be the impact of this in the
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short and long term on china's economic growth? sure. why he can assure terms of the other factors that will have a big factor. this is struck the fact next time is transition felt more innovation both on the consumer longer firm. of course, there are a lot of concerns about. ready the client and for the weight and ultimately finding population. i think one thing we went out here is that this really is a very, very daunting challenge. nice. just increasing the bold number members of society. so it's not just getting people to have more children, but also making sure that whose children are ways to be socially emotionally use.
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okay. so yeah, and it's a daunting indeed. thank you so much for talking to us about the sandy mall and the center for china and globalization showing this information. thank you for your time. still ahead on al jazeera. why are they investigating november 3rd, a rig and stolen election? for my years? president tom holds his 1st rally of the year with many wandering. if this is the start of another run for the white house. ah hello there, let's get going on your weather forecasts for europe and africa. nice to see you. got to hang on to your hats if you're in north western portions of europe. and that's because we're going to see those winds pick up, particularly across the baltic states we're could see winds of about 80 kilometers
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per hour. we have his shield of snow cutting across areas of ukraine into romania. same goes for the check republic into slovakia and speaking of snow. look at belgrade 6 degrees. so high temperature is above average. but because there is still snow on the ground and got that warm pocket of air over it, that will do the trick for some missed in fog to start the day. we've been dealing with flooding across all of that. so and show this scene and gas out here, we had some days of rain so that piled up quite quickly. localized flooding their water logged roads for the good news is that rain has stopped so much calmer conditions, but chilly and nippy. just a high of 7 degrees and ramallah on monday, now towards the western mediterranean right now, things are calm here, smooth sailing, plenty of sunshine, below temperatures. in some cases, madrid just a high of 11 degrees off to africa right now and still a cool pool of air toward the northeast with this scattering of some showers. cairo has a height of 15 degrees on monday, and now you're in the no. well see sir,
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take care. ah, my name is bonnie put magar. i've always thought of yoga as part of my indian heritage. i understand it to be about transformation, but yoga itself seems to be transforming western mentality. it is a lot about this instrument, 3 different things, like yoga, why is it literally, yoga should belong to everyone, but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that so commercialized and politicized a yoga on elgin. ah ah ah,
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they're watching al jazeera alive from doha reminder of our top stories. new zealand and australia have sent air force brains to tongue to survey the damage caused by saturdays volcanic eruption and salami communications remain limited. there no reports of casualties, but there is significant damage. china economy go faster than expected last year by 8 point one percent. but it's slow to nearly half that in the final months of 2021 because of the current, a virus pandemic, and a real estate slum. and the countries birth rate has hit its lowest level in more than 70 years. avenues now in south korea's military says north korea has fired 2 projectiles. believe to be ballistic missiles. they will launch from in area close to the capital pyongyang is the countries forth miss our launch in the start of this year, south korea's national security council called the action regrettable and has
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called for talks robert kelly's professor of political science and diplomacy at pusan national university in south korea, he says north korea's renewed miss r launches are partly a test of the biden administration's tolerance. why hasn't been aggressive nor through live donald trump wasn't 2017, but it's pretty far down his list. and so the north koreans are probably figuring, you know, whatever came along when trump was president, that's all over the, by the people haven't really done much for us, or they're not talking to us or whatever. and to we can go back to the, the testing right them and they are developing pretty clearly a missile for. so if somebody wants to test it and there's really no reason not to anymore because there's really not much going on negotiation. the regime in north korea is always what regime security is sort of its own protection against outsiders and its own people ahead of the, the interest and welfare of its own population. i mean, the great tragedies of north korea is a country the country. the lead is willing to basically let its own people suffer terribly in order to stay in power. and they kind of expect on the outside to sort
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of do more for their own people than they do themselves. one of the great ironies of dealing with north korea right from north korean, lisa said for many years, i mean going back decades, right, that they were sort of interested in for getting the economy off the ground and operating more functionally and being less growth and things like that and that stuff is just never really come through north korea. it's been an on, has been dependent on food a now for at least since the 1990 is arguably going back further than that. and you know, i mean can, could change that, but it really would require, like a major redirection of state resources away from the military. so i'm kind of ever to get the sanctions roll back royce or boost north korea. collective serve, internal self sufficiency and the regime hasn't done that. i mean, really be a significant change in the way it spends money. and that that will be a big deal at home. we francis parliament has approved a controversial bill that will require people to have a vaccine certificate to enter public places. at the moment, people can enter restaurant cafes and cinemas with
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a recent negative covered 19 tests. nearly 70 percent of the french population is fully vaccinated against corona virus. the government wants to enforce the law as soon as possible as its struggles to contain a 5th wave. austria will be the 1st european country to bring in a general vaccine mandate. the 3 phase system will come into force next month. the 1st phase involves reminding people to get vaccinate is an increased police checks . people will eventually be fined for not getting vaccinated. it's bad to farsi is thus injured. the 2nd phase is one. we are seeing the vaccination progress is still lacking. there will be a reminder letter to those who still aren't vaccinate. and in the 3rd phase, if all of this turns out to be futile, there will be a letter with a vaccination appointment followed by a penalty mandate upon noncompliance when he's done quota says have rallied in amsterdam, calling for an end to all cove at 19 restrictions across the netherlands,
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prime minister micro to announce the easing of some measures on saturday. but activists say they want more freedoms restored. set baffin by force from amsterdam . the diverse group marching for freedom in amsterdam, war veterans extreme right activist anti factors and other lockdown protesters. would you stand up for the future of my kids? that's important. but that many infections right now in the netherlands. yeah, there are bread chains, but they're not dying. what do you think of the fact that the extreme right parties are also participating in this mar? yeah, let's say it's a less than 5 percent of all the people here. and, oh, we can't do anything to that. ah, mama's joined to rally, showing the demonstration was not only about the locked down, lavishing over. he'll be over on the who of evoking aka. we want to show that
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farmers support other citizens to fight for free country and for our freedom. for 2 years, we have also been under a lot of pressure from the government. you allah, real estate for, for a year. last month, the netherlands had district us lockdown measures in europe due to a late rule out of the booster campaign and a high number of hospitalizations and death. under mounting criticism, the government partially lifted those restrictions but kept the hospitality industry closed. in response, business owners opened their restaurants and cafes this weekend in protest for money here, it's clear the government to live on batches and open up society completely warnings that only grown infectious. the phone for a large part of society are falling on deaf ears. research are shown that this wrong rewards. one assertions on government institution. never mean this high give it a 100. we are destroying the lives about children. families are being destroyed, the whole country is being destroyed and our businesses are being destroyed. this
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has to stop, you know, goes everyone should be able to decide about their own lives and have faith that people can do this and make sure we stay connected to each other. compared to neighboring countries like germany and belgium, the netherlands has not implemented a so called to g policy. we're only dos, vaccinated or cured from cove. it can access public places with these protesters complaining about their lack of freedom. this measure is so far seen as politically unfeasible. step, fasten l g 0 in amsterdam. people in el salvador have been protesting against the government on the 30th anniversary of a peace treaty that end of the civil war. they're demanding justice for atrocities committed between 1980199275000 people were killed. 8000 are still missing. demonstrate is also rallied against president naive kelly. after it was revealed, journalists and human rights activists investigating corruption are being spied on
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police in the u. k. have arrested to teenagers in the city of manchester, in connection with saturdays siege at a synagogue in texas. in the united states, a british national was shot dead after taking 4 people hostage. the man was identified as 40, foiled monique phi, sal, a crown, all the captives were rescued unharmed. us present, joe biden has called the incident an act of terror. and saying in the u. s. a tornado has destroyed dozens of homes in a trailer park in the state of florida, winds reached a 190 kilometers an hour. the storm cut off power for more than a $100000.00 people across several states. police have reported hundreds of accidents and along the us east coast trees and power lines were brought down during strong winds and heavy snow. the governors of virginia, georgia, and north carolina and south carolina have declared emergencies forecasters say. conditions could worsen in some areas. the storm is tracking to the northeast.
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north carolina is now feeling the effects of a winter storm. that will continue to move through the state to day. as much as 8 to 12 inches of snow has fallen in some counties, and significant icing is causing trouble in the central part of the state conditions very across north carolina and are dangerous. donald trump has hound. his 1st rally of the year in arizona is a crucial state in of amber's mid term elections. the former u. s. president said republicans would win enough force to take control of both the senate and the house of representatives. jumbo so repeatedly took aim at present. joe biden and blasted him on a number of issues. fever. we've had more problems, we've had more destruct should i think than 5 presidents put together in the last year. a job of it. all people are being persecuted for using freedom of speech to talk about the corrupt election. but more and more information is coming out and
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it's coming out far worse than anyone ever thought it could be. eric ham is a political analyst. he says, arizona is important for former president trump if he decides to run for office again. this the 1st rally that the former president has held this year, but many of the same grievances may many of the same attacks. many of the same disparaging remarks that we have heard from the former president, not only during his presidency, but immediately after he lost the election to joe biden, in 2020. arizona is a state that for quite some time had been trending very rate. it was a deep red state, but in 2020 it was an election. it was a state fed. joe biden won by just over 11000 boat. and it was one of those states that former president donald trump fought very hard to try to overturn the election in that state. and so now what we see is arizona, white, georgia, and
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a few other states have become now the battle ground that former president donald trump, is going to use as a means to try to get back in office. if in fact he decides to run again. but also recognizing that this is now a moment, a time for him, given that this is an election year to try to settle some scores. molly, former president abraham will because kate had died on sunday at the age of 76. it was deposed in a military coup. 17 months ago, that followed weeks of opposition protests against ethnic violence, corruption, and a flanking economy. and the dangerous reports. soon. you brian booker kit has journey tamales, presidency was long and difficult. after a number of unsuccessful campaigns, the politician, better known by his initials e becker, was eventually voted in as president in 2013 than reelected 5 years later on at his inauguration when he enjoyed lots of good will. he promised
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a new direction for molly. then block archuleta, abraham bluebook arcadia came with high expectations at a time of crisis in the north, where the threat of secession was real. his phrase, molly 1st impressed a lot of mullins, who thought he's a man who would change the country and stabilize every day at all. but molly's problems continued to mount under his watch. although you reached some form of agreement with correct rebels in the north, the rebellion didn't disappear. adding to the unrest in the boston often lawless a. her region 14 fighters, led by elk aida, strengthening their grip on a large suite of territory. electro, michelle, he slipped on many fronts, we lost kettle, down along the line, it was realised out he really didn't grasp the craft of leadership. he kept changing his ministers resulting on chaos. in governance, we saw the rise of ethnic violence, crisis factory effect. in short, we can say because government has really failed to live up to expectations. the dos that on the con, the french lead military intervention in 2013,
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helped to civilized many parts of the north. but between 12172020 attacks by armed groups increased killing hundreds of civilians and military including foreign troops. ethnic violence in the center of mali spiraled out of control. national reconciliation efforts launched by cater failed to bring lasting peace with on august 18, 2020. a group of military officers took up arms in what started as a mutiny at this military barracks, outside the capital. i ro, literally it was where other military officers at large their qu, intergist wealth that paved the way for elections, which eventually brought catered power in 2013 the slow piece of political reforms, corruption, the philly economy, and port infrastructure fed and to cater sentiments. the fall out of the 2020 parliamentary election was a final straw. to brazil, the united below,
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every presidency should have a scorecards of the population consisted. unfortunately, abraham kate, his government was a catastrophe. nothing, no one. on the contrary, the country found itself in a difficult situation and the government was acting as if everything was okay. second to him was a fiasco yankee machine. but katy supporters placed him for improving the lives of marliss 19000000 population of william m. like to read his army. when you look at the military, you see he is equipped them with both hardware and supplies. to deal with. the crisis in the north is also increased wages paid to civil servants and the military . it's sad how people have politicized everything in this country. much kate, his presidency, was also dead by rumors of ill health. but he insisted he was fit. you're right, we want to show you now some live pictures from care of ukraine's capital, where former president, petro, porsche jenko, has returned from poland to fight treason charges. and prosecutor has elijah thorough shanker, was involved in the sale of large amounts of coal. that helped finance russian by
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separatists denise ukraine. in 20142015. a parish ankle insist that he is innocent. he is not alive to any kia from poland. novak joke, which is on his way home to serbia, after being deported from australia, he arrived in dubai on monday, amend tennis number one had to leave after a quarter panel. the cancellation of his visa on public health grounds, the unvaccinated player was seeking his 10th australian open tidal service president has denounced the deportation as a farce. lou login, i'm fully rateable with the headlines on al jazeera.


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