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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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ah ah, a new zealand military aircraft is on its way to assess damage and toner, often under see volcano triggered ace, unami, causing a communications blackout. ah, 11 o'clock, this is out there. a lie from the all to come. we up tennis donna right. john rich lands in dubai, off to deportation from australia, they recovered regulations. a tripling of the infection rates in a week due to the oma chron. barrett brings more current of ours restrictions in bangladesh. the united states is currently way behind other countries when it comes
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to offshore wind power. i'm prison salumi on the east coast coming up. i'll tell you what's being done to change that. ah. so new zealand and australia have said to air force surveillance flights to toner to survey damage caused by saturdays, volcanic eruption and tsunami. age groups are meeting in neighboring fiji to coordinate operations. latest report suggests there have been no mash mass casualties, but roads and buildings have been severely damaged or but man me. 2 days after this, massive under see a russian, the pacific island nation of tonga remains cut off from the world. a fiber optic cable said to be its main line of communication. now, broken down was this giant explosion, which scientists think is one in
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a 1000 year event. this so volcano it takes about a 1000 years. a fully reach answer would just happen to be around the point where is i'm least a vast amount of is migrant. a really explains away and was probably one of them and energetic explosions of the entire 21st century. new zealand had sent in the rhine surveillance plane to assess the damage australia is author sending a military plane to help. we will be working closely with the government of toner with her. all highness, the high commissioner of toner in canberra to ensure that we are able to deliver the sort of support that we provide to our pacific family and our pacific friends at this is a very challenging time. communications are deeply, deeply affected by the events of the volcanic eruption. it has been felt in other parts of the region. both countries at wait is for $20000.00 meat of cloud of ash to clear. those ash particles have been falling across tongue as islands racing
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fears about its fresh water supply. and this also thought to be widespread damage after tsunami ways washed up in target main island target tarp. oops. and buildings in the capital knock were low firm, including this church. there was lots of shock because even though people have been experiencing these smaller options for the last month or so. and this really came out of the blue in terms of the size and scale of disruption. and so they were, it had taken people by surprise as had be an inundation from this, an army way. with communications and electricity disrupted, the full impact from saturday's larger option remains unclear as that the scale of 8 needed to help the people of tonka. nor does the eldest serum shane cronan as
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a vulcan knowledge is at oakland university who studied the volcano. and he explains what triggered such a massive explosion. this was the culmination of magma building up inside this volcano, for quite some time. so it's full of magnetic gas, so it's full of trapped gas with inside the magma. and as the magma pressure rises within the volcano, and there's the gas pressure rises eventually volcano, it can no longer hold it. and so there was a sudden release of gas to produce the rupture. and all of these very large explosions are very impulsive explosions. produce an atmospheric shockwave. so you imagine this, this, the top of this volcano, around 150 to 250 meters below sea level and is that material sort of rises out of a rapidly rises at the top of the volcano that was bulge of expanding magnor and gas. that's just bursting out and it's bursting out through the water and in
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through the air, what happens is the, it gets compressed into the shock waves and they were traveling around the world. a remarkable thing about this erection was your head, the rapid rise in the expansion of the gas and steam plume and the in parallel to that you had the su nami, radiating outwards, and also the shockwave, right? adding at what went around the entire world. china is urging people to limit travel ahead of allude and celebrations. countries because holiday is normally the busiest time of the year. but for the right people to scale down and cities battle current bars, outbreaks on record has been detected in at least 5 provinces and municipalities. a prompting cities to impose new cubs. paging is trying to stamp out the virus ahead of next month, winter in pitts. and figures just reach say that china's economy grew faster than expected. last year it expanded 8 point one percent at slightly ahead of roman cooperates and a property slump. i've now slowed growth from the last quarter,
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and the last 3 months would be 2 across from a brit clement, whose life was from hong kong, a brit. so yes, a g d p defying predictions. absolutely . if the chinese economy grew by 4 percent in the last quarter, that slowing from 4.4.9 percent a been the quarter before overall year, it grew by 8 point one percent. as you mentioned. and there are a number of reasons for that. china had a very strong start to the year and 2021, but it started to lose steam in the 2nd half of the year. and that's as we started to see those regulatory clamp downs on a number of sectors, including the education sector, the tech sector, and of course, we remember they ever ground crisis as well. crackdowns on the property sector to now we heard from the national statistics bureau, they said that they, it's important to be aware of the external environment. it's more complicated and
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i'm certain there are loading of close to the pandemic and external forces. they mean, they can't control other countries and how that's going to impact supply chains as well. but the i, m f and the world bank had cut grove full costs for china. so these numbers in some ways were expected. and so what about this? so busy period that we're heading into now with the olympics for luna new year and the authority suggesting that people try to limit travel as much as possible. that's right. there is a lot of course can for concern as we laid out to be a little bit games. and the luna knew you had trouble the largest migration in the world. there have been several on the chrome cases in that region change in being the focus of the outbreak containment control in the area. one case in beijing, which is near some limping venues as well. so that's prompted whole range of new restrictions. new measures including ramped up restrictions, ramped up checks for inbound travelers,
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including pci tests 72 hours before that's on top of quarantine restrictions. daily temperature checks daily test 2. we understand that some sites has been sealed off in beijing and several areas are locked down as well. so a lot of alarm, we already know that one cases, one case to many and beijing, they have a closed loop system in place. so that athletes and problems separated from residence, but certainly this is causing a lot of alarm for officials there and they are wanting people to not travel during the festive period or a brit, thanks for the temperate climate reporting that thank you. it's upgrades military says north korea has fallen to projectiles, believed to be ballistic missiles. they will launch from an area close to the capital. young young, it is the country's fault miss our launch since the start of this year. robert kelly is professor of political science and diplomacy at present national university in south korea. he says north careers renewed missile launches a putney,
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a test of the biden administration's tolerance. why hasn't been aggressive nor through live donald trump wasn't 2017, but it's pretty far down his list. and so the north koreans are figuring, you know, whatever came along when trump was president, that's all over the, by the people haven't really done much for us or they're not talking to us or whatever. and till we can go back to the, the testing right them and they are developing pre, clearly a missile for. so if somebody wants to test it and there's really no reason not to anymore because there's really not what's going on negotiation. the regime in north korea is always what regime security sort of its own protection against outsiders and its own people ahead of the interest and welfare of its own population. i mean, the great tragedies of north korea is a country the country. the lead is willing to basically let its own people suffer terribly in order to stay in power. and they kind of expect from the outside to sort of do more for their own people than they do themselves. one of the great ironies of dealing with north korea right from north korean at least have said for many years, i mean going back decades, right? that they were sort of interested in getting the economy off the ground and
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operating more functionally and being less props and things like that. and that stuff is just never really come through north korea. it's been an on, has been dependent on food a now for at least since the 1990 is really going back further than that. and you know, i mean, you could change that, but it really would require, like a major redirection of state resources away from the military, some kind of effort to get the sanctions rollback to release or boost north korea. collective serve, internal self sufficiency. and the regime hasn't done that, i mean, really be a significant change in the way it spends money. and that that would be a big deal about drug rich has landed in dubai. off to being to puerto from australia, men's tennis number one had to leave after court upheld the cancellation fees are on public health counseling. con, vaccinated play was seeking his 10th straight and open title savvy as president of denouncing deportation. as far sir clot reports and has been on this departure from don under after a weekend in hotel detention, neither joke of it was granted temporary leave to attend
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a federal court hearing in a last ditch attempt to stop his deportation. but that freedom was shortly after full bench voted unanimously in favor of immigration minister alex hawk's decision to remove him from australia. it ends the world. number one tennis players bid to defend his australian open titled jock of it was set to play in the 1st round of the tournament. on monday evening. he now faces the prospect of a 3 year ban on re entering australia. in a statement, he said he was extremely disappointed, but would cooperate with authorities and leave a stranger immigration minister id the judge of it posed a public health risk. and his opposition to mandatory vaccination could feel that sentiment. his supporters outside his lawyers office disagreed. not a joke with lisa ross for human rights, really choice. he's nervous. life is always decided he
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wants to control what it is. he's learning the or chief justice james. also stress was that the court was not there to judge the merits of jock a vicious case. wish only whether or not the minister acted within his authority. it's the 2nd time jock of it has faced the federal court in less than a week. he was approved for a visa and a medical exemption to play in the australian open on the ground. it already had covered 19 in december. but on january the 5th, when he arrived at melbourne, airport, immigration officials said he failed to meet the entry criteria. and his visa was cancelled. a federal court then overturned that decision, only to be over ruled by the immigration of sir 4 days later, when the government announced job which must leave australia. this is a problem where the federal government issued a visa. let's not forget that, issued novak john of it with a visa, allowed him to board a plane. and then when he arrived here during that time,
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really that chalk beach was in the air. it was a change in the attitude from the tried in federal government and it was a hostile reception, that joker beach got when he arrived here. the federal court ruling has been welcomed by the government. australia has some of the toughest water restrictions in the world. and more than 90 percent of its adult population has been fully vaccinated. it's dry and open will now go ahead on monday without the world's number one tennis player, sarah clock out 0 brisbin, australia i still had hearing out 0 as far as johnson battles to remain brookings prime minister. can he stop the growing rebellion within his posse? and a different stage, but the song remains the same as donald trump holds his 1st rally via ah ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle at ways. we've had
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days of rain across the van. hello everyone. so he piled up quickly. this is the scene here in gas water logged roads, people hopping around, trying to avoid getting so, but clearly that's difficult to do here. the good news is things have cleared away that energy has moved further toward the east and south. we can pretty much trace it from the red sea rate through to the golf also across areas of iraq into western iran. so i think that shower activity, the best chance to see a pop up on monday will be re add, should stay dry and dough hard though we have seen some funder downpours over the last few days off the pockets on things are settled here, both in the south and the north, we do have some snow showers in cobble with a high of 2 degrees on monday. ok now let's go to the levant. we definitely have cool and chilly. nippy air here. ramallah just getting up to a hive. 7 degrees and winds off the mediterranean, or go and further across africa. so hart tune,
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just $25.00 degrees. are seen showers around, then hook. that's cool. the atmosphere to $25.00 and storms pretty much around botswana into eastern portions of south africa. meantime, cape town, you've got a cellar forecast, up to 31 degrees on friday. can't wait season. ah, the weather, sponsored by katara ways, dictatorships to democracies, activists, corporations control of the message is crucial. oil company has become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want him to hear. we care about the environment you do to, you should buy our oil, be it for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. listening post examined the vested interest behind the content. you can see on al jazeera, ah
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ah, again, you're watching out 0 or one of our top stories is our new zealand. and australia have sent our full surveillance flights to toner to surveyed damage caused by saturdays volcanic eruptions. unami latest reports suggest there have been no mass casualties. but infrastructure is domitian communications limited. china's economy grew faster than expected last year. expanded 8 point one percent slightly had to focus on the con outbreaks in a property slump. have slowed growth in the last 3 months. no joke which is arrived and to buy off to be to pull from stray live vaccinated tennis. stop that to leave the country after caught up held. a cancellation has visa on public health, gra bangladesh
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is titan restrictions is code 19 infections tripled in a week public gatherings. abandoned mazda mandates re in public places, but many are ignoring the new clamped down. despite the capital duck up being declared, an infection red zone tama chandry, is there. many small business owners, ears have barely recovered from the impact of the last covey. 19 locked down. now they're worried about army colonel. i'm other tinted kelley, i beg, while we are really concerned, because last time we had a major corona outbreak, business was bad for us in recent times, though, things got a bit stable and were okay, but if there is another locked out due to corona outbreak, then our situation will get rarely worse. under the new cobit restriction, public gatherings remain suspended and transport operators have to limit the number of passengers to half capacity. the 11 point press restrictions on public movement and business is imposed by the gunmen to fight the spread of army crowned infection is ignored by many,
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mainly due to lack of enforcement and monitoring by the concern authorities. some help experts warn that the situation could last mainly it is coming from india retreat. we are very long barred edge and lot of people are coming across the border every day because we cannot just off the moment. that's all on ration of the people and also people are not wearing must bangladesh have been able to fully vaccinate only a 3rd off a 167000000 population. under the new rules, most businesses require customers to show their vaccine certificates. how much as i opt out of your problem as many customers do not carry the vaccine card with them and get upset again, we had a question to show the cod. some new comply other say they do not have the card yet . the government fears hospitals won't be able to cope if army chrome infections continue to increase the body. you've got it. if the fictions rate and the number
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of patients increase, then there will be no space left in the hospitals. as you are with me, crohn is increasing globally. so we must be on full alert from now on. for many, there is a growing concern about whether the country can cope with another major cove. it outbreak. low income and daily wage earner say this offer the most from the imposition of this new restriction can be children era, darker australia will be the 1st european country to bring in a vaccine mandate. the 3 phase system will come into force next month. the 1st phase involves reminding people to get vaccinated and, and increase police checks. people will eventually be fine for not getting jobs. protests as have rallied in amsterdam, calling for an end to all co, with 19 restrictions across the netherlands. prime minister mach router announced the easy of some measures on saturday, but act for say, they want more freedoms restored. the netherlands has been reporting record daily
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infections in recent weeks, but hospital admissions remained low. steadfast reports now from amsterdam. a diverse group marching for freedom in amsterdam, war veterans extreme right activist, anti faxes and all the lockdown protesters. would you stand up for the future of my kids? that's important. but i have many infections right now in the netherlands. oh yeah . there are branches, but they're not dying. what do you think of the fact that the extreme right parties are also participating in this mar? yeah, let's say it's a less than 5 percent of all the people here and no, we don't do anything. did that? ah, farmers joined a rally showing the demonstration was not only about the locked down latino, real view of and who of evoking aka, we want to show that farmers support other citizens to fight for
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a free country and for our freedom. for 2 years, we have also been under a lot of pressure from the government you allah. realistic over here, last month, the netherlands had the strictest lockdown measures in europe due to a late roll out of the booster campaign and a high number of hospitalizations and death. under mounting criticism, the government partially lifted those restrictions, but kept the hospitality industry closed. in response, business owners opened their restaurants and cafes this weekend in protest for money here was clear the government to log out and open up society completely warnings that omicron inspection. so in our large box of society falling on that for years, research has shown that this trust toward one officious government institution. this high, i guess we are destroying the lives about children and families are being destroyed. the whole country is being destroyed and our businesses are being
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destroyed. just has to stop. you know, everyone should be able to decide about their own lives and have faith that people can do this and make sure we stay connected to each other. compared to neighboring countries like germany and belgium than alan's has not implemented a so called to g policy. we're only dos, vaccinated or cured from cove. it can access public places with these protestors complaining about their lack of freedom. this measure is so far seen as politically unfeasible. steadfast and al jazeera in amsterdam, the case opposition leader has accused prominence. the boroughs johnson of breaking the law of a cave at night he restrictions and says he must resign. johnson is fighting for his political life as he faces a growing rebellion within his conservative party. a government staff events held during terrain of irish luck. last week he apologized to parliament attending what he called a work events, while tom frustrations were enforced for the public. findings of an internal investigation could be published as soon as this week 319 barbara fall involvement
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in london. it is clear that the pressure is on bar is johnson like never before. now on sunday, the leader of the opposition labor party, his stomach, again called on him to resign. he said it was clear, the prime minister had broken the rules by attending a garden party, which involved sending out invitations to stuff to bring your own booze. of course for his johnson told parliament that he thought this was a work event. but many of his colleagues have rubbish. that suggestion case, dumber also saying the bar is johnson has lied to parliament previously when he said there had been no parties. number 10 downing street on sunday. they also rejected a report in the sunday times, who had spoken to a former number 10 official who said that boys jonathan had been warned, but that god in policy was in fact illegal, and that he should counsel it number 10 very clear the boys johnson did not get
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that warning, but all of the revelations have meant that the conservative members of parliament, receiving a whole flurry of angry emails and phone calls from constituents saying that he's gone to father bars. johnson has lost public trust and he needs to go only 6, tory and he's have said the same in public, but it's believe that many times more of that figure have actually sent in letters to the back bench. $922.00 committee needs $54.00 of them to do so, which to which would trigger a leadership context within the conservative party. sidney's authorities, a band al jazeera basha, from reporting in the country. the ministry of culture and information has revoked channels license for what it calls, unprofessional coverage that damages the country's interest in social fabric out there, it says it is in the tank on press freedom and it's calling on international human
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rights and media organizations to condemn the action the u. s. embassy in sudan tweeted saying the revocation of our zeros license is a step backwards for freedom of the press, a cornerstone of the democratic transition. donald trump has held his 1st rally of the year in arizona. it is a crucial state in november's mid term elections. the former u. s. president vowed that republicans would win enough votes to take control of both the senate and the house representatives, and he repeated his false claims about joe biden, beating him to the presidency job. we've had more problems, we've had more destruction, i think, and 5 presidents put together in the last year a job of that. all people are being persecuted for using freedom of speech. you talk about the corrupt election, but more and more information is coming out and it's coming out far worse than anyone ever thought. it could be eric ham, as
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a political analyst. and he says that arizona is key for a former president. trump, if he decides to run for office again. this the 1st rally that the former president has held this year, but many of the same grievances may many of the same attacks. many of the same disparaging remarks that we have heard from the former president, not only during his presidency, but immediately after he lost the election to joe biden, in 2020. arizona is a state that for quite some time had been trending very rate. it was a deep red state, but in 2020 it was an election. it was a state fed. joe biden won by just over 11000 boat. and it was one of those states that former president donald trump fought very hard to try to overturn the election in that state. and so now what we see is arizona, like georgia and a few other states have become now the battle ground, that former president donald trump, is going to use as
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a means to try to get back in office. if in fact he decides to run again. but also recognizing that this is now a moment, a time for him, given that this is an election year to try to settle some scores. construction has begun on the 1st launch scale, wind farm off the coast of the united states country legs far behind other industrialized nations in clean energy with the buy them ministration is pushing to meet commitments made under the paris climate agreement. kristen salumi reports now from the new england coast. it's a project years in the making a wind farm off the coast of massachusetts. we're looking out to the ocean, so 35 miles from here. that's where we will see the turbine. 62 turbines known as vineyard when one enough to power 400000 homes, the ceo of the danish company behind it says it took the approval of more than 2 dozen state local and federal agencies to get to this point. it was not easy and
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definitely not the easy because it's also the 1st of its kind oh the white house hopes to fast track another 7 offshore lease agreements by 2025 at the groundbreaking ceremony in november, the secretary of the interior discussed the bind administrations clean energy goals, the united states is making giant leaps in building a clean energy future. it's a solution that can create robust and sustainable economies that lift up communities while also ensuring future generations have a livable planet. offshore wind power in the united states currently is next to nothing. 5 terabytes here off the coast of rhode island and other to further south in virginia. that's it. adding hundreds and hundreds more is crucial to the biden administration's plan to cut carbon emissions. but it won't be easy. infrastructure improvements will be needed, including new transmission lines that must be built, 2 densely populated areas. the grid capacity has basically run out or at
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a point where we need to proactively plan for this next generation. but next round of big wind and solar projects, fishermen and environmental groups worried about the impact on marine life have filed lawsuits attempting to halt vineyard winds construction. all these guidelines that are in place for protection of being bypass everything is getting streamline to for these permits to go into place quickly. and that is a concern. the industry is promising to bring thousands of jobs and millions of dollars to the coastal city of new bedford. already the country's largest fishing port. so this is the 1st purpose built facility for offshore wind deployment. for the mer, it's a balancing act, a go out fishing. in some cases where the wind farms are going to go and so determinant where wind farms go, how far apart turbines are, how they're aligned, are all very complicated questions that affects both industries. still the industry
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and its advocates say the u. s. is ambitious goals for offshore wind power can be achieved and also that they must be to keep you as clean energy targets incite kristin salumi al jazeera on the new england coast. ah, sir, this is on desert. these are the top stories. uneasy land and australia have sent air force valence lights to tara to survey damage caused by saturday. volcanic eruptions, unami may, through port suggested happy, no mass casualties, but infrastructure is damaged in communications limited, china's economy grew faster than expected. last year. it expanded 8 point one percent slightly ahead of forecasts, but omicron outbreaks and the properties slump have slowed growth. in the last 3 months, a brit clements has more now from hong kong. china had a gore.


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