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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2022 1:00am-1:30am AST

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return to clean punishments for certain crimes. everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kicked out again from rats. now together, they're feeling their way forward into their new reality. ah, the impacts of the tongue garden volcanic eruption is felt across the globe, but with communication systems down the island nation remains cut off from the world. ah, lo, i'm mary. i'm noisy in london. you watching al jazeera also coming up on the program . novak jokers which leaves australia after a caught up, holds his visa cancellation. it could be 3 years before he's allowed to return our
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report from bangladesh. why the only con, very interesting cove infection rates triple. in the past week, the year's 1st migrant caravan begins. its 4000 kilometer journey from central america, but could it be a road to nowhere? ah long welcome to the program, our top story, the underwater volcano eruption that triggered as soon army across the pacific ocean could be the most powerful explosion of its kind in 30 years. australian authorities saying that 1st report suggests no mass casualties. there is a significant damage to roads and bridges, a fiber optic cable connecting the country the rest of the world is thought to be broken. meaning that communications could be down for weeks in tonga or any zealand air force ari on ashcroft left oakland on monday morning local time to assist in on
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an initial impact assessment of the area. the low lying islands flying conditions were too hazardous to undertake such admission any earlier. alexey o'brien has more . it took only minutes to the ways to arrive this an army and gone. st. tom, his main islands tong popping the water and rushing ashore into homes. and this church in the capital, luke, or loafer, this woman was screaming live on facebook when the waves swept through. they were triggered by this. the under water hung a tall, hung, her alpine volcano, to 70 kilometers from the tongue and capitol. it's been, are opting for weeks, but on friday, violent activity increased, including a record breaking amount of lightning males. this joint explosion, which scientists think is a one in a 1000 year event. this so volcano it takes about
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a 1000 years. a fully reach answer would just happen to be around of the point where is unleashed a vast amount of his mcmahon really explodes away. was probably one of the my c, m, energetic explosions of the entire 21st century. i thought the year option was some big, it could be seen from space and the tween that and the so now me significant damage is being reported and toner. oh, he zealand is planning to st. military aircraft to check the damage. that was an almost 20000 meter high ash cloud. it's not yet safe to fly. shops along the coast have been damaged in a significant cleanup will related. new coil over is covered and thick film of our kennedy dust. new zealand to so the effects of the waves, the water tossing boats as if they were toys in this marina. some fisherman said they had to run for their lives, his little boards on board, mixed to my boat. and i had my warning. i heard the noise and people running down
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the p is banging on the bugs, telling them to get a shockwave from your option without across the pacific. with an army warning through american samo and evacuations of homes ordered in japan 8000 kilometers away. waves a meter higher than usual, were registered on the western coast of the united states. hello world. we are surviving the snowy out here in pacifica. i can tell you it is happening. yeah, it is happening on california's huntington beach. some surf is ignored warnings to stay out of the water, eager to ride a historic wave. further south and chilly residence in cooking borne los rios were asked to move to safe zones. at least 30 meters above sea level holland peru. 2 women were reported to drowned and strong waves near the northern coast. let me know. maybe i didn't notice the 1st wave. during the 2nd one,
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people started moving more towards the shore. it was with the 3rd wave when it reached a war. on the 4th, everything got flooded and the water reached up to my niece. this, an army threat has receded that reports of damage is still coming in and the are option and toner may not be the last. alixia ryan al jazeera. so earlier i spoke to shane cronin, a vulcan ologist at oakland university, who studied the hunger tonga, hung up by volcano. he told me what triggered such a violent explosion. this was the culmination of magma building up inside the spokane for quite some time. so it's full of magnetic gas, so it's full of trapped gas with inside the magma. and as the magma pressure rises within the volcano, and is the gas pressure rises eventually volcano, it can no longer hold it. and so there was a sub and release
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a bad gas to produce the rupture of all of these very large explosions are very impulsive explosions. produce an atmospheric shock quite so you imagine this, that's the top of this volcano, around 152200. 50. made just below sea level and is that material sort of rises out of a rapidly rises at the top of the volcano that was bulge of expanding magnor and gas . that's just bursting out. and it's bursting out through the water and in through the air. what happens is the, it gets compressed into the shock waves and they were traveling around the world. a remarkable thing about this or option was you had the rapid rise in the expansion of the gas and steam plume. and then parallel to that, you have the su nami, radiating outwards, and also the shockwave right. adding at woods went around the entire world. ah,
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that joke of it has been deported from australia. the tennis don't last a last ditch course appeal to overturn the cancellation of his visa government argued the unvaccinated pay his presence could fuel anti vaccine sentiment, shock of which was hoping for a reco 10th australian entitle. instead he's on his way to do by sarah clark. reports from brisbin after a weekend in hotel detention, nothing short of it was granted temporary leave retained to federal court hearing in a last ditch attempt to stop his the petition. but that freedom was shortly after 4 bench voted unanimously in favor of immigration minister alex hoax decision to remove him from australia it in the will. number one tennis players beat to defend his study and opened titles. brokovich was fit to play in the 1st round of the tournament on monday evening. he now faces the prospect of a 3 year ban on re entering a strata in
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a statement. he said he was extremely disappointed, but would cooperate with authorities and leave a stranger immigration minutes to argue the joke of each post of public health risk . and his position to mandatory vaccination could feel that his support is outside his lawyers. office disagree. no joke. which is not an extra. he's the voice for human rights and human choice. he's never side of the feedback is always decided that he was the control. what is running the chief justice james also stress that the court was not there to judge the merits of joke, which is, ties only whether or not the minister actually was within his authority. it's the 2nd time joking which has faced the federal court enlisted of when he was approved for a visa and a medical exemption to play in the strain open on the ground. he already had covered 19 in december,
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but on january the 5th when he arrived at melbourne to port immigration officials said he failed to make the entry criteria. and his visa was canceled. a federal court then over turn that decision only to be over ruled by the immigration of 4 days later, when the government announced joseph, which must leave australia. this is a problem where the federal government issued a visa. let's not forget that issued novak, which with a visa allowed him to board a plane. and then when he arrived here during that time, really the chalk which was in the air, there was a change in the attitude from the start of the federal government. and it was a hostile reception, the job of it's got when he arrived here. the federal court ruling has been welcomed by the government. a strategy has some of the toughest water restrictions in the world. and more than 90 percent of its adult population has been fully vaccinated is try and open will now go ahead on monday without the world's number one tennis player sarah clock out to 0. brisbin australia. meanwhile,
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has been a strong reaction to the ruling and joker, which is native serbia, president alexander lou church said australia had humiliated itself. it was very easy for us. well enough for it is to say from the very beginning of that, okay, only vaccinated only inoculated people could enter australian territory. but it didn't say so. everything completely different story including this medical exemptions. and after that, they forgot about it and they wanted to create political prince alleged political principles, which were not principles at all. how we go to bangladesh. the countries reporting a sharp rise in covert infections, cases of tripled in a week with almost 3 and a half 1000 detected on saturday. most of the new cases have been registered in the capital dot com. government has to introduce new restrictions to try to control the
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spread the virus. as candidate chantry now explains many small business owners years have barely recovered from the impact of the last covey. 19 locked down. now they're worried about on the chronic. i'm other, it's in the donkey, lee, i read where we are really concerned because last time we had a major corona outbreak, business was bad for us in recent times though, things got a bit stable and we're okay, but if there's another lockdown due to corona outbreak, then our situation will get really worse. under the new coven restriction public gatherings remain suspended, and transport operators have to limit the number of passengers to half capacity. 11 point press restrictions on public movement and business is imposed by the government to fight the spread of army crowned infection is ignored by many, mainly due to lack of enforcement and monitoring by the concern authorities. some help experts, one that the situation could watson lane, li, it is coming from india. we teach,
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we are very long barduage and lot of people are coming across the border every day because we cannot to stop the moment of the people on litigation of the people . and also people are not wearing must. bangladesh has been able to fully vaccinate only a 3rd of its 167000000 population. under the new rules, most businesses require customers to show their vaccine certificates. how much of a hotel they opt out if your problem is many customers do not carry the racks in card with them and get upset when we requested to show the card. some do comply other say they do not have the card yet. the government fears hospitals won't be able to cope if army chron infections continue to increase a little money under the body. if the infections rate and the number of patients increase, then there will be no space left in the hospitals. as you are away, that army crown is increasing globally. so we must be on full alert from now on.
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for many there is a growing concern about whether the country can cope with another major coverage outbreak. low income and daily wage earners say this off of the most from the imposition of this new restrictions. tanveer chaudhry, i'll jazeera, darker or protest is of enrolling in amsterdam, calling for an end to all covered restrictions across the netherlands. prime minister mot were to announce the easing of some measures on saturday, but activists the saying they want more freedoms are stored in evidence, has been reporting rack or daily infections in recent weeks. but hospital admissions remain alive, set vast and reports now from amsterdam. a diverse group marching for freedom in amsterdam, war veterans extreme right activist, anti faxes and all the lockdown protesters. would you stand up to put a few that you of my kids? that's important. but i have many infections right now in the madeline. oh yeah.
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there are bread chains, but they're not dying. what do you think of the fact that the extreme right parties are also participating in this mar? yeah, let's say it's a less than 5 percent of all the people here and no, we don't do anything to that. ah, farm was joined, a rally showing the demonstration was not only about the locked down latino, real view of and who provoking, aka, we want to show that farmers support other citizens to fight for free country and for our freedom. for 2 years, we have also been under a lot of pressure from the government with you all. i did a listing of you last month. the netherlands had the strictest lockdown measures in europe due to a late roll out of the booster campaign and a high number of hospitalizations and death. under mounting criticism, the government partially lifted those restrictions but kept the hospitality industry closed. in response,
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business owners opened their restaurants and cafes this weekend in protest for money here was clear the government to the left, log out. i'm open up society completely warnings that only grown infectious. so in our large box of society, after here recently shown that this trust was session and government institution. this high, i guess we are destroying the lives of our children. families are being destroyed, the whole country is being destroyed and our businesses are being destroyed. this has to stone, you know, we have, everyone should be able to decide about their own lives and has faith that people can do and make sure we stay connected to each other compared to neighboring countries like germany and belgium than alan's has not implemented a. so called to g policy, we're only dos, vaccinated or cured from cove. it can access public places with these protestors complaining about their lack of freedom. this measure is so far seen as politically
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unfeasible. steadfast and al jazeera in amsterdam. elsewhere the chinese city of yan is gradually lifting restrictions after more than 3 weeks. in a strict lockdown. people living in areas deemed low risk able to leave their homes for short periods of time to buy supplies. the city shut down on december 22nd after source surgeon cases linked to the delta vary and government has been under pressure to control infections before the winter olympics opened in baking next month. well, austria has revealed plans for a 3 phase vaccine mandate, which the government hopes will become law and next month. and now applies to people aged 18 years and over instead of the initial proposal to include 14 year old. if approved, austria will become the 1st european country to bring in a mandate for cause vaccination. a maximum fine of about $4000.00 could be handed out for non compliance. the 1st phase involved police checks on the on vaccinated.
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watching al jazeera ally from london most delightfully program has been a powerful explosion. in addition that a government spokesman, how they sit in the tac somehow survived. the united states is currently way behind other countries when it comes to offshore wind power. i'm prison salumi on the east coast coming up. i'll tell you what's being done to change that ah with hello, thank you for joining in your world. whether update begins in australia and remnants leftovers of what was tropical cyclone tiffany. now finding their way into south australia when you see some thunder downpours here in flooding rain in time to where the southwest perth, at 35 degrees are going to have
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a stretch of about 7 to 10 days of 35 degrees and above. already a catastrophic fire danger rating, so that's certainly going to shoot up with these temperatures and also windy conditions as well. no, for new zealand, we've dropped the rainfall alert in play as we see a post tropical cyclone cody just passed to the east of the north island. i think the worst of it will be winds for these cape a gusts of about 80 kilometers per hour, off to southeast asia right now. and we've got storms pretty much stretching from central philippines. right across indonesia and starting to sneak right back in malaysia on monday in time. that slug of rain that was falling between the gang. seeing the pearl river valley now sunbeam further toward the south to some heavy rain around gray land. also getting striped with some rain in taipei with a hive, 18 degrees were turning on that see effect snow engine again. so snow will accumulate over the hills of haunt, you and hope kado support was got a high of 2 degrees on monday. that's a soon ah
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oh, from the al jazeera london pool called center to special get in conversation. when you say a lie, a 1000000 times, it becomes a fact. you then can create whatever narrowed if you want on from did uninterrupted . you know, i realized i was working for something evil, you know, being a part of actually creating maria red meat, christopher wiley. the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio b unscripted on al jazeera. ah ah,
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welcome back. the main stories now australian authorities say that doesn't appear to be any sign of mass casualties in tonga, which was hit by as soon as i'm able to stop today. a new zealand air force are in that cough that opened on monday morning, local time to assist in the impact assessment of the area to see what's happened. bangladesh is reporting a sharp rise in covey infections. cases, they're tripled in a week and the government has introduced new restrictions to try to control the spread of the virus. and novak joke of which has been deported from australia, the men's tennis on one player last a last ditch core to appeal to over time. the cancellation of his visa. how are you feeling now guatemalan authorities of intercepted people from honduras in nicaragua, trying to make their way to mexico. thousands of people have been deported farther north. international aid workers are saying that mexican shelters for migrants in refugees are already overwhelmed. with people hoping to be able to cross into the
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united states. but many people are stuck there waiting for their asylum claims to be considered by us authorities. or in 2021, a bind administration set its refugee cap at 62 and a half 1000. but data from the pew research center show that only 11 and a half 1000 refugees were allowed in. and that's because of 2 things. the 1st is the migrant protection protocol. the m p. p. or they were made in mexico program as it's known. it forces asylum seekers to return to mexico while the case as a heard in the u. s. and then is also title $42.00. this is a provision introduced under donald trump, but continued by the bind in administration. her sick say the measure exploits. public health concern over the pandemic as a pretext to avoid having to process asylum applications. manny wrapper reports, hundreds of people gathered in the city of some federal sula, honduras in the early hours of saturday. they quickly organized before sunrise to
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begin the perilous journey of more than 4000 kilometers toward the united states burritos in. but i bar, whether it is already danger, but whether you're going with a smuggler or in the cut of arm, because it all was danger. and anyway, i know my blow hulu. our grip. it's the 1st large scale wave of central american migrants of 2022 while most or from honduras. there is also a large number of migrants from nicaragua. i am a complimentary and doodle. when all god, it is quite a tough road ahead of us and we ask god as well as the government of honduras says, we are still in hon jordan territory to please accompany us until we reach guatemala. to not put any road blocks ahead of us or finding migrants rights activist watched closely as the mass of people left the city. they also made an effort to dissuade more people from joining the caravans. citing the many dangers
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migrants face to reach the us for arthur mourned yamaha, but we make a call for the rest of our compatriots. not to take the risks involved in taking this path. the dangers are bigger than the possibility of achieving the much desired american dream. on mexico's border with the united states, more migrants arrive every day, only to find themselves stranded, sometimes for months or even years. here and the one on migrant shelters are operating beyond capacity. if this latest migrant caravan from central america is successful in reaching the u. s. southern border, it will only add to the already overcrowded conditions at this and other border cities. seeking to avoid a larger crisis aid workers in the one i have asked regional governments to do more to ensure the resources necessary siding, a growing number of families with children who continue to arrive at the doorstep of the united states. manuel rap a low al jazeera,
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the quantum mexico asha barber's claim responsibility for suspected suicide bomb explosion in the somali capital market tissue. government spokesman was injured in the attack, a photographer at the scene in the capital sat, he saw body parts scattered outside the home of mom at apron lima. before he was taken to hospital ashley mt fight is linked to al qaeda claim responsibility for many attacks in somalia and neighboring countries. and martha as, as that is a blast happened here. i rushed to the sea and saw mohammed abraham morally injured, lying on the ground. it took to looks around here, dispersed. one of them carried martin and placed them in the car, which was rushed to the hospital. what was said to us, i will take me to hospital you took under his rifle was injured. i lost a shot. it's his body. i've met it now to the africa cup of nations, but there's plenty of football being played, but not many fans inside the stadiums. a requirement for spectators encumbering to be vaccinated is keeping almost every one away and could as hack explains now from
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duck ha. this is one of the main found zones in downtown to car and were hours away. before kickoff. all eyes are on the national squad. it's one of the favorites in this competition, but look at the attendance. people are afraid to attend public gatherings because there is a surge of coven cases in cameroon, where the event is taking place. players games are taking place in stadiums that are either half filled in someplace is completely empty. there, it's not the fear of the virus is the fear of the vaccine that is causing people to not attend these games. only 3 percent of the population is vaccinated in this football fanatic country. and while the government has made vaccination free at stadiums,
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people are simply too afraid to attend these games because they don't want to get fascinated. and then a lot of people wanted to go to the stadium, but because the information was that vaccination was compulsory to get him. a lot of people prefer to stay home and watch tv. many don't know what it is. they don't know what will be injected in their bodies, but a number of people wanted to go to the stadium. that's why we have empty stadiums. it's the truth. cameron's government has put in place a series of measures to encourage people to go to stadiums, including changing, working hours and school hours that people are free in the afternoon to watch the games. they've also dropped ticket prices, but so for the competition has not drawn crowds. many of the star players are infected with cove id, meaning that this tournament so far lacks the passion and excitement that people had hoped and expected in so many people are watching this tournament. from a safe distance. now, construction has started on the 1st large scale of shall wind farm and united
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states. country lags fall behind on the industrialized nations on a spot. the biden administration is pushing to try and meet clean energy commitments made under the paris climate agreement. kristin salumi reports now from the new aden christ. it's a project years in the making a wind farm off the coast of massachusetts. we're looking out to the ocean, so 35 miles from here. that's where we will see the turbines. 62 turbines known as vineyard when one enough to power 400000 homes, the ceo of the danish company behind it says it took the approval of more than 2 dozen state local and federal agencies to get to this point. it was not easy and definitely not the easy because it's also the 1st of its kind. oh oh, the white house hopes to fast track another 7 offshore lease agreements by 2025. at the groundbreaking ceremony in november, the secretary of the interior discussed the bind administrations clean energy goals
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. the united states is making giant leaps in building a clean energy future. it's a solution that can create robust and sustainable economies that lift up communities while also ensuring future generations have a livable planet. offshore, wind power in the united states currently is next to nothing. 5 turbines here, off the coast of rhode island and other to further south in virginia, that's it. adding hundreds and hundreds more is crucial to the biden administration's plan to cut carbon emissions. but it won't be easy. infrastructure improvements will be needed, including new transmission lines that must be built, 2 densely populated areas. the grid capacity has basically run out or at a point where we need to proactively plan for this. next generation was next round of big wind and solar projects. fishermen and environmental groups worried about the impact on marine life have filed lawsuits attempting to halt vineyard wins
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construction. all these guidelines that are in place for protection or being bypass everything is getting streamline to for these permits to go into place quickly. and that is a concern. the industry is promising to bring thousands of jobs and millions of dollars to the coastal city of new bedford. already the country's largest fishing port. so this is the 1st porpoise built facility for offshore wind deployment. for the mer, it's a balancing act. they go off fission, in some cases where the wind farms are going to go and so determinant where wind farms go, how far apart turbines are, how they're aligned, are all very complicated questions that affects both industries. still the industry and its advocates say the u. s. is ambitious goals for offshore wind power can be achieved and also that they must be to keep us clean energy targets incite kristin
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salumi al jazeera on the new england coast. well, there's more and everything covering right here al jazeera dot com. of course you can watch us on live streaming as well. ah, just a quick look at the main stories now. and some initial reports have started trickling out of the pacific island nation of tonga, which was struck by as soon on me on saturday. now, authorities in australia as a doesn't appear to be any sign of mass casualties, but it has been significant damage to infrastructure, roads and bridges. and new zealand air force aryan aircraft left oakland on monday morning local time.


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