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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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right, it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child. swanson that'll inside story on al jazeera. ah mm. this is al jazeera. oh, you're welcome in his our life, from a headquarters in del, finds, eddie and abigail coming up in the next 60 minutes more anti locked on, protested amsterdam. despite the dutch government easing some of its restrictions. tennis star novak joke of which has been deported from australia after a court ruling upheld the decision to cancel his visa. the pacific nation of tonga is cut off after an under water volcano erupt triggered at su nami,
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and putting neighboring countries on alerts. on molly's deposed president abraham brutal car kato, has died at the age of 76. i'm devin ashwin sports defending champions. algeria reaction in the africa cup of nations later, there were 3 other games as well. and another england basset collapses, australia sale of all nail ashes series when in a box ah hello, it's just after 1500 hours g m t. we start in the netherlands. that's where protestors are on the march and amsterdam against cope with 19 restrictions. that's despite the government lifting some of its locked down measures, the demonstrator said that's not enough. and what more freedoms restored the netherlands reported its highest number of daily infections. earlier this week,
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we'll get an update from stuff boston who's joining us from one of the process in amsterdam. so the protests are right across the netherlands, increasingly widespread step with no sign of dying down. absolutely we have for i think of thousands of people here on the street and i'm for them today. people from all kinds of organizations. we have people from the right wing parties are represented here. people are from some spare, with the theory, but also lots of people from all walks of mice will say that they're not fit the not many people are backed up with these lockdown matches. and what has happened here, there was locked out in place for the last couple of weeks that had came partially listed. but you can see that the government matches really backfires not only to get there on the way many of the people who have been demonstrated happening, demonstrating in the last couple of months. and the last year also has the around
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the country a with policies. we're always here with compare with germany, for example, on boucher. there were no locked on mass in place in the last week despite the fact that everything here was flows of people really were confused. why is it happening in the madness and why are infection so high? here, so there's a lot of criticism for all kinds of is the government. it seems that recently
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the government, it's scanning with a dilemma with infection never been dis high, right? only from a very raging sort of country right now. that's a lot where you are, but are you there one more question on the government? i mean, how is it dealing with all of this resentment in society and the criticism that it's getting well, the government is really in and i that my focus, big thing, i've lifted largely these that knocked down measure but also some group. so some organizations are complaining why some are allowed to open and some are not. and then there's also this, the criticism on police police has been accused of, but using excessive violence against these demonstrates this in the last couple of months, even a un repertory for torture has spoken out about this excessive violence as a cold. and he will also travel to the amendments to do an investigation. so it's a really delicate situation,
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i would say here in the netherlands during this scope that make thank you so much step asa and reporting from amsterdam. while denmark has listed a number of restrictions, despite the continued spread of the on the cross vary and there cinemas, museums and theaters have reopened. and sporting events are allowed with a limited number of spectators. masks are required and most places and people have to show proof of vaccination or a negative test. government is planning to lift more restrictions at the end of january. and the chinese city of gian has gradually begun lifting restrictions after more than 3 weeks of walk down. people in low risk areas will not be able to leave their homes for short periods to buy supplies. the city shut down on december 22nd doctorates, saw a surgeon cases linked to the delta variance. beijing, meanwhile, has reported its 1st community infection of the army kron variance. the positive cases from the cities northwestern high dion district. the chinese capital is hosting the winter olympics in less than 3 weeks time. and public health experts
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say the new varian poses the biggest threat to the countries 0 coded strategy. patrick, fall cars more from beijing. authorities have taken steps to try and i can say the situation they been and such a with more than 2000 people that they know were in contact with this woman to try and get them tested. and also they sealed off her residential compound and sealed off her workplace as well. but you know, it's a bit of a race against time right now. you know, a lot of people will tell you though that they will be thinking that it was only really a matter of time before the omicron verin's spread to beijing. as we know that in case reports and tension tension is right beside the capital. there are many, many people that are traveling back and forth between the 2 cities every day and it goes without saying really that it comes at a very bad time. just out of the lunar new year, holidays and the winter olympic games. there were 2 cases reported in tension. at
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least 2 cases reported then at least a cover case for courted in hearne and province as well. and authorities of all already said that there were other people that were infected by those individuals. but for whatever reason, right now, they seem to be taking that time telling us, or confirming whether or not these were on the chron cases as well. that may simply be because they want to avoid any panic, particularly before the spring festival holidays. when a lot of people, of course, are going to be traveling back and forth, trying to return to our families or for the re. but we do know that there are confirmed on the current chron cases and 4 provinces in china, i should say, locally transmitted on a con, cases were including important case as well. reports are saying that now, half of all provinces and municipalities in china have been affected. and that as a single, surprising covenant in infections, cases have tripled in a week to nearly 4 and a half 1000 a day. the government has introduced new restrictions to try and control the spread
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can recharge the reports from tucker. many small business owners ears have barely recovered from the impact of the last covey. 19 locked down. now they are worried about, on the current that we are really concerned because last time we had a major corona outbreak, business was bad for us in recent times though, things got a bit stable and we're ok. but if there's another lockdown due to corona outbreak, then our situation will get really worse. under the new covey restriction, public gatherings remain suspended, and transport operators have to limit the number of passengers to have capacity. 11 point press restriction on public movement and businesses imposed by the government to fight the spread off on the ground. inspection is ignored by many, mainly due to lack of enforcement and monitoring by the concerned outdoor. it is some help experts, one that the situation could last and mainly it is coming from india retreat. we
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are very long board edge and lot of people are coming across the board out every day because we cannot just off the moment of the people on the nation of the people . and also people are not wearing must bangladesh has been able to fully vaccinate only a 3rd off it's 167000000 population. under the new rules, most businesses require customers to show their vaccine certificates. how much about hooked up our problem. as many customers do not get the vaccine card with them and get upset again, we had a question to show the cod some to comply other se they do not have the card yet. the government fears hospitals won't be able to cope if on chrome infections continue to increase hunger when you bought it. if the infections rate and the number of patients increase, then there will be no space left in the hospitals. as you are aware that army kron
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is increasing globally. so we must be on full alert from now on. for many, there is a growing concerned about whether the country can cope with another major coby outbreak. low income and daily wage earners say this offer the most from the imposition of this new restriction can be charged re i'll just data. dhaka novak jacqueline has been deported from australia, the tennis star last. the last, the court appealed to overturn the cancellation of his visa. the governments argued the unvaccinated player as presidents would fuel empty vaccine sentiment, jock of which was hoping for a record 10th australia open title. instead, he's on his way to do by sarah clark reports from brisbin. after a weekend in hotel detention. neither joke of it was granted temporary leave to attend a federal court hearing in a last ditch attempt to stop his deportation. but that freedom was shortly after full bench voted unanimously in favor of immigration minister alex hawk's decision
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to remove him from australia. it ends the world. number one tennis players bid to defend his australian open titled jock of it was set to play in the 1st round of the tournament. on monday evening. he now faces the prospect of a 3 year ban on re entering australia. in a statement he said he was extremely disappointed but would cooperate with authorities and leave estrella. immigration minister argue that john, vic posed a public health risk and his opposition to mandatory vaccination could feel that sentiment. his supporters outside his lawyers office disagreed not a joke, which is not a major resource for human rights. really choice. he's nervous guy is always decided he wants to control. what is his money? the old chief justice james also at stress, was that the court was not there to judge the merits of jock a vicious case. wish only whether or not the minister acted within his authority.
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it's the 2nd time duke of it has faced the federal court in less than a week. he was approved for a visa and a medical exemption to play in the australian open on the ground. it already had covered 19 in december. but on january the 5th, when he arrived at melbourne, airport, immigration officials said he failed to meet the entry criteria, and his visa was cancelled. a federal court then overturned that decision, only to be over ruled by the immigration of sir 4 days later. when the government announced job which must leave australia, this is a problem where the federal government issued a visa. let's not forget that, issued novak john of it with a visa, allowed him to board a plane. and then when he arrived here during that time, really the talk which was in the air, it was a change in the attitude from the state and federal government. and it was a hostile reception. the job of it's got when he arrived here. the federal court
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ruling has been welcomed by the government. a strategy has some of the toughest border restrictions in the world. and more than 90 percent of its adult population has been fully vaccinated is try and open will now go ahead on monday without the world's number one tennis player, sarah clark, audi 0 brisbin, australia. well, there's been a strong reaction to that ruling and druck of which is native serbia. the president said australia had humiliated itself. it was very easy for us, right. and for it is to say from the very beginning that okay, only vaccinated only inoculated people could enter australian territory. but it didn't say so. they were saying completely different story, including this medical exemptions. and after that, they forgot about it. and they wanted to create political prince alleged political principles, which were not principles told, diana havoc, i don't know, which is in belgrade with more reaction novel jarquin left australia after
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a court upheld decision to cancel his visa. besides political official scheman sir b, another father gave a short statement on the topic, not a case open several questions here in serbia and one specifically breaking off the insulation once your positive on coffee. 19. not a joke of each himself defeated to break the insulation while he was positive. so this question was brought up at the crisis consul several days ago when one of the members of these council shortly give an explanation bad to the document. that normal joke which had saying that he was positive on the 19 was valid, but there will be no punishment for him. so this rule was only on stage during the emergency state. plenty more hurt on the al jazeera in his r, including oars, johnson battles to remain britton's prime minister. can he stop the growing rebellion within his own party? and we'll hear how a hostage cj. and a u. s. synagogue was ended in sports,
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cincinnati bengals when a game the nfl playoffs are the 1st time in 31 years action coming up later. this our ah, at 1st they tsunami, triggered by an under a c. volcanic eruption has caused significant damage to the pacific island of tonga . the eruption was so powerful, was felt thousands of kilometers away and places like she lay and alaska. alexey o'brien has more. it took only minutes to the waves to arrive this an army and going thing tom, his main islands on the top of the water and rushing ashore into homes. and this church in the capitol newco alova. this woman was screaming live on facebook when the waves swept through. they were triggered by this. the under water
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hung a tall, hung up high volcano, just 70 kilometers from the tongue and capitol. it's been, are opting for weeks. but on friday, violent activity increased, including a record breaking amount of lightning knows this giant explosion, which scientists think is a one in a 1000 year event. this so volcano it takes about a 1000 years, are fully recharged. so it just happened to be around the point where is unleashed a vast amount of its magma and a really explosive way, was probably one of the mercy and energetic explosions of the entire 21st century. i thought the, your option was some big. it could be seen from space and between that and the so now me significant damage is being reported. and tom, oh, he's zealand is planning to st military aircraft to check the damage that with an almost 20000 meter high ash cloud, it's not yet safe to fly. shops along the coast, hoping damaged in a significant cleanup will be needed. no coil ofa is covered and thick film of our
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kennedy dust. new zealand to so the effects of the waves, the water tossing boats as if they were toys in this marina. some fisherman said they had to run for their lives. his little boards on board mixed to my boat, and i had my warning, i heard the noise and people running down the p is banging on the bugs, telling them to get a shockwave from the robson with south across the pacific. with an army warning from american samo injury and evacuations of homes ordered in japan 8000 kilometers away. waves a meter higher than usual, were registered on the western coast of the united states. hello world. we are surviving the family. out here in pacifica, i can tell you it is happening. yeah, it is happening on california's huntington beach, some surfers ignored warnings to stay out of the water, eager to ride
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a historic wave further south and chilly residence in cooking borne los rios were asked to move to safe zones. at least 30 meters above sea level holland. peru, 2 women were reported to drowned and strong waves near the northern coast. no medical. i didn't notice the 1st wave. during the 2nd one, people started moving more towards the shore. it was with the 3rd wave when it reached a war. on the 4th, everything got flooded and the water reached up to my niece. this, an army threat has receded that reports of damage is still coming in and the are option and toner may not be the last. alixia ryan al jazeera katie greenwood as the head of the pacific delegation at the international federation of the red cross and red crescent societies. she says the situation has left local communities in a state of shock. we have been urgently trying to reach our red cross
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national society on the ground there for about 24 hours. now we did had some small communication for about 10 minutes after the bigger option. and once the su nami warning had been treated. and when we was speaking to our team on the ground, then they were assisting authorities with moving people to the limited high ground available on the main island in tang that there was a traffic jam. there was the shock because even though people have been experiencing these smaller options for the last month or so, this really came out of the blue in terms of the size and scale of disruptions. and so they were, it had taken people by surprise, as had the inundation from the synonymy wives. we have very much looking forward to hearing from the lower lying assholes and islands, closer to where the erection is taking place. it's been that we do have some fears
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about what may have happened and we're able to triangulate some information from our humanitarian partners around the pacific at the moment. but we are very, came to hear about that situation. molly is former president of our handbook car cater has died at the age of 76. it's been 17 months since he was deposed by a military crew and not followed weeks of opposition protest against ethnic violence, corruption, and de flagging economy. i did these reports on kate's as rise to power. zune, you brian booker. kate has journey, tamale's, presidency, was long and difficult. after a number of unsuccessful campaigns, the politician, better known by his initials e becker, was eventually voted in as president in 2013 than reelected 5 years later on at his inauguration when he enjoyed lots of good will. he promised a new direction for molly. them block arcadia. abraham blue book arcadia came with
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high expectations at a time of crisis in the north, where the threat of secession was real. his phrase molly 1st impressed a lot of mullins, who thought he's a man who would change the country and stabilize every day. at all, but molly's problems continued to mount under his watch. although you reached some form of agreement with torrid rebels in the north, the rebellion didn't disappear. adding to the unrest in the boston often lawless. a hell region. 14 fighters, led by elk aida, strengthening their grip on a large slave of territory. electro machine. he slipped on many fronts. we lost kettle bells along the line. it was realised out he really didn't grasp the craft of leadership. he kept changing his ministers resulting on chaos in governance. we saw the rise of ethnic violence crisis. in short, we can say, because government has really failed to live up to expectations and it dos that on the con. the french let military intervention in 2013 helped to civilized many
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parts of the north, but which in 20172020 attacks by armed groups, increased killing hundreds of civilians and military including foreign troops. ethnic violence in the center of molly spiraled out of control. national reconciliation efforts launched by kita failed to bring lasting peace. with on august 18, 2020. a group of military officers took up arms in what started as a mutiny at this military barracks outside the capital. ironically, it was where other military officers at launch their cool entrenched wealth that paved the way for elections, which eventually brought catered power in 2013. the slow pace of political reforms, corruption, the philly economy, and port infrastructure fed, and decatur sentiments. the fall out of the 2020 parliamentary election was a final straw to proceed though yet below, every prism that see should have a school counts of the population consisted. unfortunately, abraham kate,
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his government was a catastrophe. nothing, no one. on the contrary, the country found itself in a difficult situation and the government was acting as if everything was okay. second to him was a fiasco yankee machine. but katy supporters praised him for improving the lives of marliss 19000000 population of why i am glad to read his army. when you look at the military, you see he is equipped them with both hardware and supplies. to deal with. the crisis in the north is also increased wages paid to civil servants and the military . it's sad how people have politicized everything in this country. wanted kate, his presidency, was also dead by rumors of ill health. but he assisted he was fit shemika as an executive director of west africa network for peace building. he says, opinion is divided about the legacy of the former president's. if you actually look up people, they will tell you that he came into the government of molly at the betty betty fry
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and moment on. he was stabilized the country including of course, the breed trying to bring to get the issues off against the, to the bare minimum. but that did not work out for you, or that they will tell you he was to your what he was again to and to quiet that he was not able to address issues or there are demanding. so again, the and also put him back in my linux called on me, on truck. you know, so it depends on the people your oxygen you see they belong to. that will give you an idea of the control about the round in that redeem, especially given the fact that he did not even, and that redeem the way he wanted to end it. i think that it will recognize him as a for my president democratically elected president. on frazier, as it were,
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that he be given if the barrier i do not think that given the refund function placed by a co op on molly and the kind of control default directed that the 1000000 government will listen to that. i also don't be the 1000000 government the current transition government given i became a did barrier, allowed it where i would be pleasantly surprised. the bed is also possible that you know that to us with the feelings of a lot of people, especially in collecting our community that they would decide to give mr. bite out . a prominent sudanese pro democracy group has conditionally accepted the un offer to broker an end to the political deadlock. for testers have been marching against the military since overthrew the civilian government. in october, the members of the forces for freedom and change will meet un officials on sundays present, their terms and other group. the sudanese professionals association has rejected
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the un mediation and because it was done and for real with the years the center console of the forces of freedom and change decided to accept the invitation i made by the united nations, a delegation from the center console with me to the un mission on signed it and deliver a written document. well, they said there is, authorities have banned al jazeera basha from reporting in the country. the minister of culture and information said it's revoke the channels license because of what it called, unprofessional coverage. the damages, the country's interest and social fabric. i'll just 0 says it's an attack on press freedom on who's calling on international human rights and media organizations to condemn the action of the u. s. embassy and sudan has tweeted that the revocation of their license is a step backward for freedom of the press. a cornerstone of the democratic transition. still ahead on the al jazeera news, our aid workers on the us mexico border brace for an influx of migrants making
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their way from central america. plus the united states is currently way behind other countries when it comes to offshore wind power. i'm kristen salumi on the east coast coming up. i'll tell you what's being done to change that. and tongue, as most famous athlete says his father is missing after the volcanic eruptions, unami that stories coming up regina in sports. ah, hello, the weather looks really disturbed across a good part of the middle east. at the moment we got to a cloud of brain sinking across saudi arabia, making its way across kata. and across the other side of the gulf, just running across a good part or we ran further north received some rather ly b right into the la ramps garza saw some very heavy rainfall,
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some localized flooding. as a result of that in the still be some showers on and off here over the next couple of days and it will be on the cool side temperatures, no higher around 6 or 7 celsius for damascus. and for jerusalem, or go some shower surgeon coming out of iraq, pushing into iran, still a chance of one or 2 showers towards the gulf states. so central part of saudi arabia, $25.00 celsius in doha, on monday, shouldn't be too bad. that rains, not going to father, that could be more in the forecast as we go through the next couple of days. and so how will struggle to reach 20 degrees celsius. so it's getting a little cooler here as well. cooling off across northern part of africa with some sherry, raid central parts of egypt, seeing a little bit of weather along with the gulf of guinea. plenty of showers, meanwhile into southern africa straddling the rift valley. as we go on through monday, all the way down into that eastern side of south africa, the showers extend a little further westwards for tuesday and wednesday the
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my name is new. put melbourne. i've always thought of yoga as part of my indian heritage. understand it to be about transformation. the joke to the transforming western mentality is a lot about business and that's very different than the tradition. yoga was originally, yoga should belong to everyone. but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that so commercialized, literacy. and yoga analogies in ah, ah
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ah ah, the ah top story on the alter 0 news, our processors in another linda rallying against one of our restriction. some of the top measures in the ripple relax on saturday, but bars, restaurants and other public places remain close. bangladesh is impose restrictions, is covered 1900 infections. triple that a week to nearly 5000 a day. but many are ignoring the new climb down despite the capital dot com being declared an infection red zone. novak joker birch is on a flight from melbourne to do by after losing his visa appeal against deportation.
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the australian government argues the 10 star who is not vaccinated for 71900 would wind up mc vaccine sentiment. also barbers claimed responsibility for a suspected suicide bomb explosion, and the somali capital of an issue, a government spokesman, was injured in the attack, a photographer at the scene, said he saw the body parts scattered outside the home of mohammed to him. why know me? before he was taken to hospital out 0 correspondent, jeremy, nor has more from that issue. i've just come up with this. it's clear that it is the somali government spokesman mohammed ibrahim molly mo, who was the prime target of the explosion. according to a statement from the somali official news agency, molly ma was injured in the attack by a person wearing an explosive belt in this area where we're standing now. the attacker detonated the belt near molly moved as he was leaving his residence. no further details have been announced yet as to the condition of molly mill. however,
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what seems to be clear so far is that the somali government spokesperson may have been targeted in an assassination attempt by the suicide bomber wearing the supposed to belt. this is not the 1st time and attempt it has been made on while he was life. he's a journalist and he previously worked for a number of local and international newspapers. he once worked as a correspondent for the b, b. c. he also was a witness to the light o terrorist attack. the government office is likely to come out with a statement on what exactly happened and how serious it's spokesman injury is. today's explosion is the 2nd within the span of one week in the somali capital market issue ahead of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary election. so the attacks risk further destabilizing somalia, when it's already dealing with a political crisis and show bob said it carried out a car bomb attack last week that targeted a security convoy at least 10 people were killed in the capital market issue delayed parliamentary elections have also increase tensions president bahama for module suspended. prime minister mohammed rober last month,
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but he's refused to step down and he chooses the president of violating the constitution. meanwhile, millions of some, all these could face famine in the coming months. that because of a devastating locust infestation and severe weather. let's discuss somalia with her donnelly, joining us from washington dc. she is an analyst and co founder of lead. now this will molly women's political pressure group. welcome to the news, our not the 1st time that the government spokesperson has been targeted in this way . why is he a target? thank you for having me on the program today. it's very unfortunate that mom in law has been targeted to once again. he's been talking to about 4 or 5 times. we're glad that he's doing well in the injuries that he, the seeing or not severe. obviously he's someone with high profile, someone who works for the highest level of government. so, you know, i was known to target folks that they, the carrier had the price tag,
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and that was sort of demoralized the public and mobilize their final rate. so as they're saying, also today's explosion is the 2nd in a week. and this coming ahead of the upcoming elections meant to be scheduled for february the 25th. how will this impact the elections? it's unfortunate that we're seeing an uptake of violence, but it's not surprising. i'm, as you mentioned in the opening, somebody is experiencing quite a political uproar at the moment that ended up with the president suspending the prime minister in the prime minister refusing to step down. but all of this has been really in the backs up about a year and a half of the late election in which some see the president in, in our grabbing attempt to stay in power and not hold elections. that will guarantee him a come back with all of this happening, political wrangling,
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both at the federal and regional level. we have really gaining momentum and having the capacity to strike well and kill as well. and this is an unfortunate point to be as we are geared up to, to hopefully hold an election that can bring the country back to stability. all right, i want to ask you about shabba, but now you've, you've answered my question on up. so let me just ask you about the international community since you are speaking to us from washington, d. c. as you know, allies of somalia, as well as international observers, all really expressing alarm over this escalating power struggle that's taking place between the president and the prime minister. the u. s. as well a few days ago and saying it may enforce sanctions if somebody misses the election deadline. once again, is that the, the correct way to go, or what is the role of the international community? it really is an unfortunate situation. so mine appoint finds itself and its leaders
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that the us, you, the united are, can this really harsh on the sanctioning, the political leaders that are deemed to be obstacles to the process. somebody has come a long way. and it has held several democratic elections and has, has had people transfer of power for the last 20 years. so, you know, in 2022 to be at this point, it really is set back for the medical process because she has made but it's unfortunate that the u. s. and allies have to do take the steps to ensure that, you know, being made are not retracted. so with your sanctions on folio i don't support sanctions, but it is unnecessary act that has to happened by the way the sanctions are on the leaders. but we know that the sanctions will impact that somebody is political and developments progress. so it is an unfortunate act, but an act nevertheless,
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that must happen. so that we make sure that you know, i'm action to happen in no one seems to be grabbing power for seeing and power. and just, and just very briefly, are you confident the elections will go ahead of schedule this time? you know, many people are skeptical. we are hoping that this does happen in that we've seen the last couple of days since the agreement of yet another election that we missed a few, a few days back, that the momentum is gearing up. there are several seats that have been proposed from different regions. so yes, lament them is there, the will is hopefully they are right. but if not, i think, you know, somebody as partners have made it clear that those who are foreigners will be dealt with. and the country needs to move forward. it's not an option. thank you so much for the 90 for speaking to us from washington d. c. thanks for having now. anchor is growing within the u. k. conservative party, after allegations of government parties held during locked downs with an increasing
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number of m. p. 's. now calling for the prime minister to step down their reports. boris johnson has drawn up crisis plans to hold on to his job. on wednesday he apologized the parliament for attending what he called a work event. while the rest of the u. k. wasn't locked down, a senior civil servant is investigating the matter. let's bring in the dean, bobby, he's joining us from london. so there's a lot of speculation on the future of the prime minister as more and more of his own party and seem to be turning against him. is this something that he can survive? what's being said? oh, it's very difficult to predict, but certainly pressure like never before. clearly from the opposition labor party, immense pressure kissed all the parties leader has called on bars johnson to resign again. on sunday, on a tv interview, he said that the prime minister had broken the rules clearly because he attended that garden party, which was sent out invitations,
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sent out in an email to number 10 stuff saying, let's make the most of the nice weather. bring your own booze case thomas saying that far as johnson had lied to parliament because previously the prime minister had told the house of commons that there had been no parties at 10 downing street. well kissed alma is not pushing for a vote of no confidence in parliament because he is likely to lose that. but he knows that there are a good number of conservative m. p. 's are turning against the prime minister. so far, fix of publicly said it's time for bar is johnson to go. the latest is a previous junior minister who said it's because of johnson's reaction to all of this. but it's been characterized by of frustration, prevarication saying he's not really coming clean. well, behind the scenes, there are reports that many times that number have actually sent in letters to the 1922 committee. that's a conservative party committee which overlooks the leadership challenges. 54 will need to do so to trigger while we're not there yet. but the constituent constituent,
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c, m, p, 's are back talking to the local groceries activists this weekend, and they'll be hearing more and more anger. some of boris johnson's colleagues are saying, let's wait until the investigation by a senior civil 7th into all this is concluded in the next couple of weeks. others seem to have made up their minds, but they're keeping silent for now. some looking to be may elections, the local elections as a real litmus test, but clearly this is hit the policy labor are now 10 points ahead. in the opinion, polls that can't be ignored, nadeem, i know that you've been scaring the sunday papers. tell us about some of the headlines. well, that basically reflecting what trouble johnson is in and how hard he's trying to find back. he, it's been leaps that he, himself has instigated something called opperation, save big dog in downing street to save his own skin. that's in believe to involve
6:41 pm
sacking certain senior officials within 10 downing street now the party, the tory party chairman, all of a doubt on sunday promised that boris jones would actually get to grips and change the culture within his office. some people say, well, he's been in charge of it all along and he can't really do that. but what they're talking about is possibly binding alcohol on the premises because of course there are reports as well. but i've been sending out suitcases for regular friday gatherings of staff to let their head down and so on. and they're also talking about different measures which he's proposing to try to win back some support. so let's look at the daily mail. the mail on sunday, the very conservative supporting paper nadine club is a biased bbc with 2000000000 pounds funding. that's the coach or secretary nadine doris proposing to freeze the license fee that the public pay for the british for the right to use british broadcasting corporation services. other things that are
6:42 pm
being mooted, things like getting the army in to help try to stop illegal bo crossings from france by refugees and migrants. but clearly it's hard to say whether these will work. another point here, some they express very loyal to bar is johnson pm, which is all rules, but will he, it, will it save him? that's about the corporate 19 restrictions which are being reviewed on january the 26, he's likely to scrap them all right. might have happened anyway. so who knows? and lastly, wasn't one much more from paid for you. the observer tories will ask pm if he tries to gorge policy gay. blame. i think that's the crux of it. if he isn't seen to take more responsibility and admit some wrong doing rather than sticking to this rather fantasy line, if you like that he didn't know about most of these and he thought that they will work events. i think more and more tory m. p. 's will turn against him in the near future. ok, thank you. i think bob reporting from london for hostages are a safe,
6:43 pm
softer police rescued them from a synagogue in the u. s. police in texas. say the british, mad hostage, taker died in the 10 hour sand off, but it's not clear how he demanded the release of a pakistani neuroscience as convicted for trying to kill us soldier is gone. his son, guatemala, has intercepted a group of migrants trying to make their way through mexico. they were a part of the 1st major a caravan of the year. international aid workers say shelters on the mexico us border are ready overwhelmed when well wrap all the reports from tijuana in mexico. hundreds of people gathered in the city of some of the sula hunters in the early hours of saturday. they quickly organized before sunrise to begin the perilous journey of more than 4000 kilometers toward the united states. believe him, but i bought it. always danger whether you're going with a smuggler or in the caravan,
6:44 pm
because they always danger in any way. no matter who you are, it, it's the 1st large scale wave of central american migrants of 2022. while most are from honduras. there is also a large number of migrants from nicaragua, community and we know that it is quite a tough road ahead of us and god as well as the government of hon. julius says, we are still in a 100 until the 20 to please accompany us until we reach what am i led to not put any road block ahead or 5 banging migrants rights activist watched closely as the mass of people left the city. they also made an effort to dissuade more people from joining the caravans, citing the many dangerous migrants face to reach the us for ortho ammonia model. but we make a call for the rest of our compatriots, not to take the risks involved in taking this path. the dangers are bigger than the possibility of achieving the much desired american dream. on mexico's border with
6:45 pm
the united states, more migrants arrive every day, only to find themselves stranded, sometimes for months or even years. hearing the one out migrant shelters are operating beyond capacity. if this latest migrant caravan from central america is successful in reaching the u. s. southern border, it will only add to the already overcrowded conditions at this and other border cities. seeking to avoid a larger crisis, aid workers in tiquana have asked regional governments to do more to ensure the resources necessary siding, a growing number of families with children who continue to arrive at the doorstep of the united states. manuel rap a low al jazeera tiquana, mexico still had on the out there and who's our we had to melbourne to get more reaction on the decision to the port novak joke of edge gemma will have the details in sport in just a moment. oh frank
6:46 pm
assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken luca shanker, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning that he was thankful for informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most hopeful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think a should be facilitated? not choke it to gray. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel top swans the inside story on al jazeera, a war in afghanistan is now. will non taliban figures make up a part of with that american root can or, or within the taliban? there will be how it for the telephone. inside story parker, a frank assessment of the div headlines. subscribe. now. however you listened to
6:47 pm
podcasts. lou ah, construction has now begun on the 1st large scale wind farm off the coast of the united states. the white house is fast tracking when power projects to meet climate change commitments. kristen salumi has more. it's a project years in the making a wind farm off the coast of massachusetts. we're looking out to the ocean. so 35 miles from here. that's where we will see the turbines, 62 turbines known as vineyard when one enough to power 400000 homes, the ceo of the danish company behind it says it took the approval of more than 2
6:48 pm
dozen state local and federal agencies to get to this point it was not easy and definitely not the easy because it's also the 1st of its kind. oh, the white house hopes to fast track another 7 offshore lease agreements by 2025. at the groundbreaking ceremony in november, the secretary of the interior discussed the bind administrations clean energy goals . the united states is making giant leaps in building a clean energy future. it's a solution that can create robust and sustainable economies that lift up communities while also ensuring future generations have a livable planet. offshore, wind power in the united states currently is next to nothing. 5 turbines here, off the coast of rhode island and other to further south in virginia, that's it. adding hundreds and hundreds more is crucial to the biden administration's plan to cut carbon emissions. but it won't be easy. infrastructure
6:49 pm
improvements will be needed, including new transmission lines that must be built. 2 densely populated areas in the grid capacity has basically run out or at a point where we need to proactively plan for this. next generation was next round of big wind and solar projects. fishermen and environmental groups worried about the impact on marine life have filed lawsuits attempting to halt vineyard winds construction. all these guidelines that are in place for protection. i being i fast . everything is getting streamline to for these products to go into place quickly. and that is a concern, the industry is promising to bring thousands of jobs and millions of dollars to the coastal city of new bedford. already the country's largest fishing port. so this is the 1st purpose built facility for offshore wind deployment. for the mer, it's a balancing act. they go fishing and some cases where the wind farms are going to
6:50 pm
go. and so determinant where wind farms go, how far apart turbines are, how they're aligned, are all very complicated questions that affects both industries. still the industry and its advocates say the u. s. is ambitious goals for offshore wind power can be achieved and also that they must be to keep us clean energy targets. insight christian salumi al jazeera on the new england coast. time for an update on the sports news. yours jemma. thank you. during as you been hearing well tennis number one day that jock of it has been deported from australia. the 20 time grand slam champion on his team were supported by an official to the due by bound flight. after losing an appeal to overturn his visa cancellation, 3 judges up held the immigration minister's decision, which was made on public interest grounds after the unvaccinated joke of which entered the country earlier this month. a deportation order usually also includes a 3 year ban on returning to australia. joke, eventually, it's
6:51 pm
a statement saying i am extremely disappointed with the court ruling, which means i cannot stay in australia. i am uncomfortable that the focus of the past weeks has been on me, and i hope that we can know now focus on the game and tournament i love. i would like to wish the players torment officials, staff volunteers, and funds all the best for the tournaments. we spoke to tennis forecast at craig, gabriel, he said the other players akin to move on from the jock of its visa saga. it's not on the road with occasions for him returning to australia, which he cannot do for 3 years without an exemption that would exemption which keeps cropping up. we've got to start looking with the fact that a lot of countries where you've got to apply for visas. ready questions, have you ever been turned down for visa? have you had a visa, a visa? cancel, or have you been deported from the country and new spaces. so i think maybe getting into places like u. k or usa, he'd be an issue for him. all we've been talking about for the last 7 to 10 days is
6:52 pm
about another chunk of rich. this is the summer of tennis in a stroke. that's what we should be talking about. and unfortunately, it's been distracted because of what's been going on with him. and the pose, i think, were just over it rough and don made bad point that he's over it. he wants to be able to talk about tennis stuff on a city, made the point. he had some negative comments to say about john rich, the fact that everybody's follow the rules and the guidelines that was set up and forwarded by tennis strider, etc. and he chose to, to follow his own rules and mindset. now we've got the opportunity to be able to put this to one side and look at what we are actually here for. ready and that's the strategy and open and the, the fact that this is one of the 4 most important and biggest tournaments in the world. this should always have been the focus of attention. australia's cricketers
6:53 pm
wraps up a foreign l ash's series, when after yet another blessing claps by england, things are looking good for england and high balls off to 6 wickets for mock would help dismissal these. just a 155 runs england needed 270 want to win and started. well, 68 without law for the very last 10 wickets in the space of just 56 front. so it's all straight ya. who, when the 5th and final test, the england, it's the 13th the fees and the last 15 tests, right? yes, j root says you want to stay on his caps in. meanwhile, let's hear from his opposite number pap, come in. welcome predicted how the last 6 or 7 weeks have gone. it's just, everything's gone. the plan is the same. any positive take out of it and yeah, for the pain of a part of august actually history. it's yes, it's based on no. the football continues at the africa cup of nations, gambia and molly faced each other in sundays. early game after goal is 1st off
6:54 pm
somalian of fun. once in front of the abraham, a cone, a penalty in the 79 minute, then gambia had a penalty of that writing 10 minutes later lisa barret, how it is not one of the final school. they made noises that were not that many fans inside the stadium. supporters in africa, thing to was fill the ground for african matches. there's also the vaccine hesitancy. nicholas hack explains from becca, this is one of the main found zones in downtown to car and were hours away before kickoff. all eyes are on the national squad. it's one of the favorites in this competition, but look at the attendance. people are afraid to attend public gatherings, the because there is a surge of coven cases in cameroon, where the event is taking place. players games are taking place in stadiums that are either half filled in some places completely empty there. it's not the fear of
6:55 pm
the virus, it's the fear of the vaccine that is causing people to not attend these games. only 3 percent of the population is vaccinated in this football fanatic country. and while the government has made vaccination free at stadiums, people are simply too afraid to attend these games because they don't want to get back to me. most people want to go to the stadium, but because the information was the vaccination was compulsory to get in. a lot of people prefer to stay home and watch tv. many don't know what it is. they don't know what will be injected in their bodies. but a number of people wanted to go to the stadium. that's why we have empty stadiums. it's the truth. cameron's government has put in place a series of measures to encourage people that go to stadiums, including changing, working hours and school hours. that people are free in the afternoon to watch the game. they've also dropped ticket prices, but so for the competition has not drawn crowds. many of the star players are
6:56 pm
infected with cove id, meaning that this tournaments so far lacks the passion and excitement that people had hoped and expected. and so many people are watching this tournament from a safe distance in the english premier league everson of fact the amount of raphael denita is off for less than 7 months in charge. as for his former cy, liverpool, they just place in brentwood at 3 know to be in a school. and it was just before time before alex chamberlain made it to now, and they said shortly after, when the little cut months in the cities leave at the top of the table for 11 points and they have a game now, does that mean? that's what happened if a 31 years in the nfl at the cincinnati bengals of one a playoff game may be the last vegas rated at 2619 on saturday with quarterback so far as off into 2 half sounds. it's the 1st time since 1991 that the bangles that
6:57 pm
evolved from the opening round at the pace. either it was about say days or 6 times the boat champions and patriots. they were rushed by the buffalo bills. $47.00, josh allen, $308.00 yards and 5 puts down with the patriot and biggest fly off the seats and our tech charge at $21.00. we're the guy tom. his most famous athletes says he's lost contact with his family since an underwater volcano. erupted causing a c nami to hit the country pizza tough to fill out. he was telling us flag barrow last 3 and then pick games says his father has not been heard from the nor have his family. he live on the water's edge. he's launched an appeal to raise money to help the island kingdom. tough to feel is preparing to compete with the page and games and next month in cross country skiing. that is all your fort. i'll have more for you later. thank you so much. we'll see you later on. thanks for watching the news hour and i'll just be, we'll take
6:58 pm
a short break and we'll be back with much more of the day things. and all the latest headlines. ah ah. and the latest news as it breaks a new lens which is added a void of these giant dumps, rod carving more moving power, these being able to extract more food more quickly with detail, coverage everywhere you look there is this structure. so survive you're telling like will never be the same again from them from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison. the question the jury has to decide now
6:59 pm
he should she on counseling the cause of the cycle, great resignation, guys, global. why are people increasingly quitting? madge on egypt is canal is achieved the highest revenues and it's been high, has to why he was worrying between nepalese and it helped him to call on al jazeera. the virus is indiscriminate, yet those living in poverty are far more vulnerable to the dangers of cope. with 19, ollie re examines the reasons for this disparity, the social and economic inequality that surround us. how much deeper and much more problematic than we thought. a dos where the lessons learned from the global pandemic could lead to positive change. the close of the, of the killed all hail to lockdown, expose it privilege on poverty during a crisis on a j 0. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across
7:00 pm
the world. so no matter what you see, how does it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you? how does in europe, ah, more anti locked on protests and amsterdam despite the dutch government easing some of its restrictions. ah, watching al jazeera alive from a headquarters and i'll find any navigator also ahead. tennis star novak brokovich has been deported from australia after a court ruling up.


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