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this is heather cassandra jackson, can you afford them? short films about inspiring solutions to global health challenges. aging select on al jazeera ah dennis oliver jockey, which loses his fight against deportation. a court in australia announces burdick moments ago. ah, at 11 o'clock, this is al jazeera life and death. also coming up the pacific nation of tonga is cut off after an underwater volcano erupt, triggering a su nami, and putting neighboring countries on lug police in the u. s. state of texas storm a synagogue to free hostages, we find the suspect dead and we're in bangladesh where new cubic 19 restrictions
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have been imposed with parts of the capital declared origin. ah, so yes, we begin with breaking news in tennis, donna joke, which has lost his fight against deportation from australia. the federal court announced that decision just moments ago, chuck, which had appealed to the court after a decision to revoke his visa for a 2nd time. a joke of which is a visa was 1st cancelled off to questions about his credit with 19 vaccine exemption. i. let's cross over straight away to cirque lodge on this lie from prison, from where she's monitoring events. and sarah, just tell us more about this decision. if you will, we had 5 hours of deliberations and arguments from both sides of the federal court in melbourne. now on sunday this was a special hearing before the bench and in the last few minutes,
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just as also the chief justice also has announced that he's upholding the decision to port out another joke of it. so jock, which has now lost his chance to defend at the grand slam title, to win his 10th australia open. how old we've had the deliberations with the argument being made from his lewis that the immigration minister alex walks decision to deport him. that decision made on friday that it was irrational and illogical. and the government had argued that the case for john rich staying in australia. he posed a public health risk. and the alex hoped, the immigration minister made the decision. he used his discretionary powers as the minister at to revoke his visa cit based stating it was on the public grounds in the best interest of the australian community, a community to leave. and he simply said that to him stat saying he had jock of staying here and remaining in australia, he would fuel this anti backslash and sentiment. so this is a big decision after days and days of this saga died before the federal court. twice his bees are being revoked twice and finally,
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a decision before the federal court with the chief justice as stating the joker which must go. and this could also main or were yet to hear whether or not they will include this, but he could also be banned from re entering australia based on this decision that could mean the job which could be 37 years of age before he is able to return to try and compete again in this tournament. now, the judge said, due to the urgency of this case purely on the ground itself, was one day on the eve of this tray and open a jock which was set to play at to bar evening. he made this decision and he will hold off releasing the grounds for his decision until potentially tomorrow, but certainly a big new story. and we could see jock of its potentially deported within hours from australia. i was going to say what actually happens to him now he is literally about to be through and other countries potentially. so the 1st time his bees was canceled, the suggestion from the federal government was that he must be deported with an hours were yet to find out if that ruling will be included as part of the chief
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justices a decision at the moment. the court has just adjourned again to decide on what the next orders could be, and we're also yet to find out because it's only just happened to the last few minutes a whether or not what avenues, a joke of it, his team has to appeal this decision on sunday, the special federal court hearing in melbourne. so b, as i mentioned, the australian open is to morrow, jock, if it's was set to play or will yet to find out if what joking mitch's team will do next or it's early there for the moment. thanks very much, and if that update her, sarah clark reporting that from brisbin in australia. the pacific island of toner has been cut off. after an under c volcano erupted trickery a powerful soon army. the wave struck its largest island of tonga, topple, and is capital. but didn't stop there, they were observed in summer as largest island to my american samoa, and several islands of van, or 2 warnings remain in place in new zealand for low lying parts of the north island. and 4 chatter,
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mark the extent of the damage in till it is unclear phone lines. the still down waves higher than one meter. also hit fiji. fiji venue out to and americans versus say, and the russian was so strong, it was felt in japan and the united states competing authorities to issue warnings and advisories that but they have since been lifted zealand, which was also an alert, has reported some damage. it was livable, it's on board next to my boat and they had no warning. they heard the noise and people were running down the spangled only by telling them to get out. i had no idea that this was happening and they probably hit that out of the bike to see a red catamaran going over the top of my boat. i hit the tide coming in and got out like sages and they had crashing. and so a catamaran guy, those of those grants but so we jumped on the jump in my car
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and zoomed up the hill. yeah, no warning from some of the things, nothing. you know, sirens. well, the ceilings, prime minister says this unami his cool, significant damage to tongue his capital is in there are then promise to help the islands. as it recovers, officials are in contact with trauma. authorities on priorities to through the aid, the ministry of foreign fees in the deep and other nissan agencies are working through for the e and c options to get to toner. the government has also approved an initial half a $1000000.00 to be able to respond to request for assistance from tang and authorities . this would include cost of release supplies and technical support, as well as supporting local responses. please let me be very clear. this is very much a staffing figure and the government will provide additional assistance is required . let's say now from simon mess up his report with tv and said he's got more now
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from oakland. some communications have started to be reconnected with at least the area around the capital of tongue, nicole ofa. but for most of the last 22 hours, the many, many thousands of pounds living in new zealand and elsewhere around the pacific. i've been in the dark, extremely concerned about what happened in their homeland, what we've known. because of that, it's really very hard to know at this time to give you an official overview of the extent of damage or injuries or do what we know is that the volcano wrapped about 5 p. m. local time tunnel? yes. but i the waves arrived within, we told 15 to 20 minutes, but the images that some tomlins were able to record and post do shows some people leaving the coast. people asked to evacuate to higher ground. some people were caught unawares. you've seen pictures of people inside the homes with waves, especially against the windows, people in the church. literally the ways to wash him to the inside of the church
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and through the pews, even here in new zealand. some hours ago, you cylinders were warned to stay away from the northern and eastern coasts because of surges and strong currents. one very popular holiday spot up in the north of the country, known for boating, had moorings and boats damaged by title surges. so it's really very much await to get more information from the ground as to the extent of this disaster. when the effects of eruption were also felt along the western coast from north to south america, cause a widespread flooding. 2 women are reported to have been killed by strong waves near perused northern coast. no soon, army warning was issued in the country. the waves had said to have reached it 2 meters high. love you may know me. i didn't notice the 1st wave. given the 2nd one, people started moving more towards the shore. it was with the 3rd wave when it reached the wing on the 4th, ever shingle flooded and the water reached up to my knees of endearment. to thank
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when the ports are definitely being closed. as a precaution for the vessels, the closing of the ports mean, we raised red flags that indicates that bathers must not enter the sea. well, let's explore this further. we can speak not robin andrews who's a science journalist, vulcan ologist, an author of super volcanoes. he joined us live now from london at robbie. we seen some extraordinary images of this thing. exploding. tell us more about what we're witnessing here. yes, this volcano has been a rot singing since the 19th of december. and these are volcanoes in this region of rocks. why moderately explosively on. so what it was doing for a few weeks was not unusual. but in the last 24 hours, there was a big optic in violence of explosive activity. there was a record breaking amount of lightning. i think it's produced more lightning per hour. than in the last 24 hours and ever been recorded the one point there's 200000 lightning strikes and an hour, which is just a crazy amount. and then yeah,
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unfortunate that was this giant explosion, which scientists thing is one in a 1000 year event list or volcano it takes about a 1000 years fully reach. and so we just happened to be around the point where is unleashed a vast amount of its magma in a really explosive way. and that's what created that giant explosion that kind of pushed the atmosphere out the way, in fact, where i'm in the k. eventually the shockwave made its way all the way around the u . k. like 10000 miles away from the volcano. so it's going around the entire world and was probably one of the energetic explosions of the entire 21st century so far . and it's not things that a walk cause the see not only but the app and i'm needing now, this jain explosion. so whether that was, you know, part of the volcano collapsing into the water or, or it was an explosion. underwater or a combination of both remains to be seen, but yeah, it's been quite a cataclysmic 20 for hours. so i was going to say, i guess it's hard to tell because it's so rare in terms of human history, if not earth history. but what could it be a precursor of resist the main event?
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that's really hard to tell. i mean, the hope is that that was the main event and now we're just kind of continued to get calmer. an explosion of that magnitude um, generally happens when you come again, decapitation of the part of the volcano that's kind of just around where the mcmurry reservoir is, is kind of fueling the russian and the eruption that happened in the years prior. where like, almost magland leaking out of the, of the main supply. so hopefully that was about main event baby remains to be seen this or octave activity happening. so yeah, at the moment it's too hard to say whether it's over it's declining, but yeah, the hope is that that was the main, the main event, so to speak, but yeah, to be continue. volcanic activity in this area is well known is jam packed with volcanoes. isn't it? yeah, there's a pacific checks on it. it's kind of diving under the australian technology plate that releases water from the plate that melts on. something called the mantle,
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which is a 100 across that create lots of. so sticky gas rich magma is known to erupt, exploit selena, but underwater volcanoes that route explodes in those on land. this just happens. we have particularly explosive one. i mean, he really is quite staggering how energetic this reaction was, in fact, it displace so much air, but the air kind of crossed over to the other side of the curve to the caribbean and hit the water and create an a minor c nami, just from the air just from a shock wave alone. so it's a good, incredibly energetic event is quite extraordinary, but obviously very horrible. if you're, you know, in the king's tongue right now. yeah. and the devastating of the power of nature. robin andrews, appreciate your expertise. thanks for that analysis. thank you. thank fan me. a hostage situation inside a synagogue in the us state of texas is over the texas governess has all 4 hostages, have been rescued and unsafe. the suspect is dead according to local police. it's
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not clear how he died. the incident took place in a suburb, dallas, lisa, the suspect demanded the release of a pakistani neuro scientist who was convicted for trying to kill a us soldier in afghanistan. i do not have any information right now that indicates that this is part of any kind of ongoing threat we obviously are investigating. we'll continue to investigate the hostage taker didn't investigate his contacts. par investigation will reach. we have been in contact already multiple f b i li, gets to tell me in london. i want to say the taxes or something is something that you don't ever have. you know, the rabbi is a personal friend of mine. he's a close friend of mine, and so obviously it's very personal. so i had here an out 0. find out why migrant shelton's along the us mexican border turning away desperate families. and
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will tell you how kenya is leading the charge in renewable energy in africa. ah, the and away we go with your weather update for europe in africa. hello everyone. good to see you. high pressure really in charge across much of the continent. so things fairly settled, but there is some turbulent whether it's a pick out. we've got some showers dancing in to the low countries. we'll see the winds pick up that pivots into germany, and same goes for pulling. then we've got a shield of snow across the baltic states and because you're temperatures right around 0, we could see some icy conditions as well. off to i barrier right now, weather alerts in play for northern sections is spain. overnight. temperature is could dip down to about minus 6. that's of course,
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over the higher ground. but certainly a cool pool of air in play here and madrid just a high of 10 degrees for italy and the bulk in temperatures in some cases above average here. so with that warmer air at the surface, we could have a foggy and missed the start to the day for many of these areas. snow across turkeys, black sea region, once again over the higher ground. so some showers for tribes on with the height of 5 degrees. when this weather report in africa, the risk of sand and dust storms around the western sahara. same goes for more attain yet new oxide has a high of 30 degrees and cool in the northeast cairo. just 17 on sunday. that's it . that's all we'll see again soon. take care. the frank assessments this crisis where you continue to recon luca shanker, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning that it was informed opinions, i think on addition will now be under incredible pressure from the young people.
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that is one of the most types of things come out of this critical debate. do you think a should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give me a child once. inside story on al jazeera lou. ah, and again, you're watching out 0 reminder of our top stories and tennis dot net job which has lost his fight against deportation from australia. the federal court announced that decision just a few moments ago joke which had appealed against a decision to cancel his visa. the pacific island, the toner, has been cut off. often under c volcano erupted triggering a powerful su,
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normally power has been restored in some parts to now hostage crisis inside. as synagogue in the u. s. state of texas is over. the government says all hostages have been rescued, and the suspect is dead. it happened in a suburb of dallas. bangladesh is seeing a shot rides in cove at 19 infections. cases have tripled in a week to nearly 4 and a half 1000 a day. the government has introduced new restrictions. public gatherings are now suspended, and masks are mandatory in public areas. target child re has more now from the capital of dr. well, the government is fair enough that the us infection has spread to the community level 2 areas, the capital doc, a city, and the southeastern district of rung. maddie has been declared as a red zone because of the high infection roads. although if you walk around the city, it appears to be quite normal. our people are going about their daily business as,
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as you can see on my left side, shops are open, traffic's, on normal. but when we went to some of the shopping centers and kitchen bazaars, we saw a lot of people on not abiding by that social distance saying all by the mosque mandate, the government for that measures put up mobil code across the city to enforce this regulation. among the 11th point regulation, i public transport, people who only can boil a half capacity. the drivers and operators have to have vaccine cards for students who are going to school have to show vaccine cards. so there's a lot of restrictions on. there's a fear that the infection was read much more than what it is right now. the government said them unless people abide by the new regulation, they might even consider a lot done. not as of right now, but they want to see how things progress beijing has reported his 1st community infection of the omicron variance. the positive case is from cities. north western heidi and district of the chinese capital is hosting the winter olympics in less
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than 3 weeks. public health experts say the new varian praises the biggest threat to the countries 0 k with strategy hospitals and intensive care units and peru filling to capacity because of the omicron and delta variance. the number of new infections is now at its highest, ever soaring to 30000 a day, half of the cove. 19 patients in peruse, hospitals are unvaccinated. the country has highest current of ours death rate in the world. or the number of or micron cases is up all across south america from guitar and it's under ramp yeti as the latest from region. this was the many ways expected in particular, after the recent holiday season, as christmas and new year's eve when people were probably less careful. and after the 1st cases of the only con, variance were discovered in december throughout much of latin america, there was this expectation that in january and probably throughout this month and
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in february would have seen a rapid spread of this variant across latin america is what we're seeing that happening now with the doubling of the numbers of daily infections in most countries, but fortunately so far with the exception in part of peru in brazil, the rest in the rest of the region. the consequences of that so far at been a mild, at the main issue as being a lack of a testing. dat, as many countries have seen with the rise of request of people looking for a test that has been the case in mexico for example, argentina, partly here, but not as the as much. the other issue has been with airlines, many flights being canceled daily here in columbia for example, 40 flights are being canceled every every day but so far. and the majority of the country's hospitals are not a fool. this is obviously
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a very good. and if you ask experts, they'll tell you that a lot of it has to do with the high levels of vaccinations across much of latin america, which is now the highest vaccination vaccinated the region. in, in, in the world a prominent sudanese pro democracy group has conditionally accepted the u. n's offered to broke her an end to the political deadlock protests as have been marching against the military since it over through the civilian led government in october. members of the forces for freedom and change will meet you in officials on sunday to present their terms. another group, the sudanese professionals association, has rejected the you and mediation, legalist and magazine, where atlanta for real. at the year, the center console of the forces of freedom and change decided to accept the invitation i made by the united nations, a delegation from the center console with me to the u. n. mission on signed it and deliver a written document, wireless diplomatic efforts to deescalate tensions between russia and ukraine and gathering pace. the foreign ministers of germany in canada are expected in the
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region in the coming days for talks with leaders in kiff. and in moscow, it comes after washington accuse russia planning a false flag operation in ukraine to justify an invasion. a criminal has denied the allegation. dawson jabar has more on moscow's reaction. the russian foreign minister said a lover of during his annual press conference on friday, stressed that russia's patience with the actions of the west is running out and that they are no longer going to wait around to have further talks. as far as the russian government is concerned, there will be no more dialogue with the united states in the coming weeks or months . they're now waiting for an official response from nato, about their concerns of ukraine or any other country joining the 30 member alliance . the russian foreign minister also said that they, his country, has intelligence or reasons to believe that the us and natal are likely in the
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coming weeks and months to be building up their troops alongside the russian border . with the, using the pretext of the tensions with ukraine as an excuse to do so. and he said very clearly that that is not acceptable to the russian government. and that is very much a red line for this country. this was a sentiment that was also shared by the criminal spokesperson earlier this week. following the 3 rounds of talks that various city european cities at between russia and the u. s. and european countries, a nato. their sentiment here is that the talks were not successful. and that the kremlin said that any kind of sanctions imposed by the us government on russia will be comparable to severing ties with russia. because of it has been savvy as national referendum from being held inside its territory. but it allowed ethnic stubs to vote by mail because it was parliament voted to stop upholding stations from being set up describing the vote as unconstitutional. serbia wants to make changes to judiciary, which is a condition for you membership because of
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a which considers itself a sovereign state. it's about $100000.00 ethnic serbs facilities for refugees and migrants. and mexico are running out of space as families keep arriving from central america for a few have been able to continue the journey north as this item process for entry into the u. s. as navy stopped during the pandemic, and as men will rep hello report now from the voters, if you've to one things could be about to get even worse. it's suppertime at a migrant shelter in tijuana, mexico, and both space and food for everyone is limited. the shelters director says there's been a significant increase in the number of families arriving, and she's been forced to turn many away. oh, home, it's very painful to see women with children arriving at our doors. asking for shelter. large influx is of migrants stretching the limits of the services shelters, can provide is not a new phenomenon here. but the coven 19 pandemic,
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has made things more complicated. for more than a year, the un international organization for migration has been using a hotel in downtown tiquana as temporary housing, and a quarantine new arrivals. but it wants the us and mexico to do more to help those shelters that are able to receive families are over a crowd. and right now they're over a 100 percent in capacity. a lot of them have 3 or 4 spaces, but the families are still counting. the u. s. a silent process has been at a virtual standstill since the started the pandemic leaving hundreds of migrants stranded as conditions at migrant shelters in the one i become more overcrowded. many who can't find a place to stay have ended up here, a makeshift migrate camp right on mexico's border with the united states. but space
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has also run out, and local authorities have fenced off the area. oh, the sound of children practicing the violin breaks through the clatter, the parents of this aspiring musician, tell us they've been here for more than 2 months, but say returning to their home in southern mexico, where they faced gang vines. and extortion is not an option. every facility that i see not being here is difficult. we're not here because we want to be who would want to live like this whole. further complicating the matter is the re implementation of a u. s. policy known as the migrant protection protocols or n p p which forces asylum seekers to return to mexico while their cases are processed. oh, with m p. p, scheduled to be reinstated in more cities along the border. it's feared overcrowded conditions at shelters and migrant camps. will only get worse. manuel revenue al
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jazeera, tiquana, mexico protested until i have gathered to voice the anger against undocumented migrants mostly from venezuela. they blame them for the rides of violence and the g entity. the quicker in a similar demonstration, last year, protest is burned down tense and items belong to the recent arrivals. the international organization from migration estimates nearly 1700000 migrants or engine can your is aiming to be fully self sufficient. in renewable energy by 2030 country already gets 90 percent of its electricity from natural sources including solar power and has the largest single wind power facility in africa. catherine soy reports not from most of it, where it's located. the blades of $365.00 turbines rotate on the edge of lake to cana. this wind farm, the largest in africa, is perched on a stretch of rocky desert it north in kenya. yet it is key to the countries plans
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to have a fully green energy supply by 2030 with a capacity to dispense $310.00 megawatts of low cost power. it will increase energy supply by 30 percent. those who leave and walk in masa bit home to the wind farm can't wait to be connected, but some are not happy. it's not already happened. season of clear thought you lot of problems will end telecom. we're told the wheat energy will help us when it comes, but it's taking too long to reach us. i found that is one of the theory does in kenya, still running on generating people here. say they want to go green and benefit from the wind farm. many are increasingly using solar energy to power. the whole renewable energy from natural sources, including geothermal, wind, solar, and hydro, electric account for about 90 percent of kenya's electricity needs. the country's electricity company is also diversified by using geothermal,
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steam for other uses. it's like a direct impact in agriculture because we have the greenhouses, we are growing our hot carter. we have fish. that is also agriculture. we have drang of crops. if we really want to get to a large scale from us, even people who are rico much of life, we have to fit them adjustment through as your number. feel. all this makes kenya a global leader in climate change. but some analysts say that in itself may not help you. the developed world does not do better option one is to continue investing in cleaning mechanisms for the already polluting industries. option 2 is to invest a new renewable technologies on lin technologies in africa and make use of the collegial africa that's is the cheap, the cheapest option we should sell now. and that's what the wild to choose. jaffar abduct mine says all he wants is a clean and
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a more reliable pass horse to run his business. catching sight altos, here are sabot canyon does not, in the direction of our website, al jazeera dot com is the address or the store is recovering. right back onto sir. ah, so this is our desert, these are the top stories and tennis don novick jock, which has lost his fight against deportation from australia. the federal court announced a decision just moments ago. joke, which had appealed against decision to cancel his visa. sir clark as more now from brisbin. finally, a decision before the federal court with the chief justice as stating the joke of which i must go. and this.


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