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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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non caliban figures make up a parts of with that american. you can report within the taliban and leave it. there will be a powerful itala baldessari the inside story podcast. a frank assessment of the days headlines subscribe. now. however you listen to podcasts. ah and under see volcanic eruption of toner triggers, tsunami alerts across the pacific from japan to the u. s. west coast. ah. hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera la you from to ha also coming up. tennis, dont know that jokers which is fate hangs in the balance as the judges decide whether to let him play in the australian open. the 1st report in case of omicron
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in beijing prompts must testing and the neighborhood locked down just 3 weeks ahead of the winter olympics and refugees shelters near the u. s. border and mexico are running out of space as more people arrive, lean gang balance. ah, appleton army as hit b pacific nation of tongue after an undersea volcano erupted, the extent of the damage is still unclear. as many phone lines are down, waves more than a meter in height, it fiji van o. r to and american saw more warnings and advisors are still in place for parts of japan and the western united states. what tell us king has been moved from his palace to safety people on a small island nation, had to scramble to reach higher ground for level reports from los angeles, where an advisory is still in place. it only took minutes for the waters to arrive
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tanya's main island. on the top, you being hit by a tsunami. the result of a massive volcanic eruption in the pacific ocean even from space thousands of kilometers away. you can see nature's strength. ah, there would be warning signs. this was coming. the who gets hunger, who the high party volcano has been a rough thing for days. on friday it said dash 20 kilometers into the sky. saturdays eruption though. so violet, they felt it more than 2000 kilometers away in new zealand. but it was tomba that caught the of it says like us explosions in town. i guess it was from her. okay. no any like literally popped out here. jonathan. everyone just rolled the ash cloud, turning daylight sky's as dark as night. people fleeing in their cars. from above, you can see just how enormous that cloud is. please head to higher down if you are
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in danger zone waves. more than half a meter high reaching american samoa japan seeing high water, 2 smoking warnings in fiji and thousands of kilometers away in the us. particularly here on the west coast. normally it is earthquake for that main concern here. but soon, all these caused by events far far away are also a real risk right now. the supposed to be staying off the beaches out of the water . but clearly, that isn't happening. i was shows like you're in a tori for the circling of all which eyes probably is pretty an unusual for west. well, so right. something soon army related, but so far we're still here. oh, very same. yeah. even if like a one foot wave frontier, that smile then went here. so i'm more worried about my mom and i to why my go there thing when there is it's in amy further up the coast, northern california. so some choppy, a waters the bay area waves up to
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a meter higher than normal flooding in santa cruz 2 and hawaii getting strong waves and some minor flooding. this very much a watch and see situation and a warning of disruption. 7 times more powerful than another one from the same volcano in december may not be the last or the worst. fill of al jazeera los angeles. meanwhile, new zealand as offered assistance to tell her officials are in contact with tom and authorities on priorities for food. the aid, the ministry of foreign fees in cds and other nissan agencies are working through for the e and c options to get to toner. the government has also approved an initial half a $1000000.00 to be able to respond to request for assistance from tang and authorities . this would include cost of release supplies and technical support, as well as supporting local responses. place that may be very clear. this is very
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much a staffing figure and the government will provide additional assistance is required for some massive as a report of a tv and said he has more now from oakland. some communications have started to be reconnected with at least the area around the capital of tongue, the call ofa. but most of the last 22 hours that many, many thousands of commons living in the field and elsewhere around the pacific have been in the dark, extremely concerned about what happened in their homeland. what we've known. because of that, it's really very hard to know at this time to give you an official overview of the extent of damage or injuries or do what we know is that the volcano wrapped about 5 p. m. local time tunnel. yes. but the waves arrived within. we told 15 to 20 minutes, but the images that some tomlins were able to record and post do shows some people leaving the coast equal to evacuate to higher ground. some people were caught
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unawares. you've seen pictures of people inside the homes with waves, especially against the windows, people in the church, literally the way to washing to the inside the church and through the pews, even here in new zealand. some hours ago, you cylinders were warned to stay away from the northern and eastern coasts because of surges and strong currents. one very popular holiday spot up in the north of the country, known for boating, had moorings and boats damaged by title surges. so it's really very much await to get more information from the ground as to the extent of this disaster. until women are reported have been killed by strong waves along peruse northern coast. no synonymy warning was issued there. the waves, a center of reach 2 meters high judges in melbourne, quarter considering arguments to decide if tennis don know that joke of it can play in the australian open oh, be deported. well, number one's appealing the decision to revoke his visa for 2nd time plants visa was
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1st canceled after questions about his cobit 19 vaccine exemption. sarah clark, as more from brisbane sh for the federal court hearing i in melbourne, has just adjourned for the afternoon. we've had 5 hours of legal arguments are presented by both sides being docked village to document his team. and alex hope, the immigration minister and the federal government's side. so 5 hours of arguments, the judges have said, it's a full bench. i should note that 3 judges have said that they will notify will reconvene potentially on sunday afternoon with their decision or potentially out monday morning. they also have ruled out re listing the case if they believe it deserves to have more hearing. oh, more arguments presented from both sides. so dr. which is tame, is challenging the validity of the federal government's cancellation of the visa at the main argument. they from this side is it, it's a logical and irrational approach and that the government has cited no evidence to suggest that to the world. number one amends tennis player i poses
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a public health risk in australia. you've got the government's case, they all signed, they made this decision in the public interest, and that he does pose a health wrist, not simply as an individual, but because of his high profile status as a, as a world ah, no tennis champion. the court has adjourned. a we had thought that we would get a decision on sunday from the full bench, but i have notified the public as well as by saw that it could be still on monday morning. of course, that's the 1st day of the australian open. and in the next hour, we expect the australian open organizes out to again look at their draw in case they have to make changes. because jock of it, you sit down to pay the 1st round of the to on that on monday evening, bangladesh is seeing a shop rise in covet $19.00 infections. cases have tripled in a week, almost 4 and a half 1000 a day. the governments introduce new restrictions to try and control this red public gatherings are suspended, and masks are compulsory in public places. lisco live to tanveer chandry in the capital dak, our town v. as
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a new cobit restrictions have been brought in by the government. tell us what's been happening while the government is fair, now that the infection has spread to the community level 2 areas, the capital doc, a city and the southeastern district, got rung. that mighty has been declared as a red zone because of the high infection gods. although if you walk around the city, it appears to be quite normal. our people are going about their daily business as, as you can see on my left side shops are open, traffic's on normal. ah, but when we go on to some of the shopping centers and kitchen bazaars, we saw a lot of people on not abiding by that social distance saying, are by the mosque mandate. the government for that measures put up mobile code across the city to enforce gets regulation among the 11 point regulations. i public transport. people who only can go in half capacity. the drivers and operators have to have vaccine cards for students who are going to school. have to show vaccine
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cards. so there's a lot of restrictions on. there is a fear that the infection was spread much more than what it is right now. the government said them, unless people abide by the new regulation, they might even consider a lot done. not as of right now, but they want to see how things progress and tell the is there a feeling this new search is perhaps called the country off? god very much. so the country just recovered from the loss july. so august a major outbreak on the delta variant which really devastated they commonly from november the content barely started recovering, particularly the small business owners the daily way. janice, what that made is that very much a surprise that another possible infection and pandemic is on that way because it is damned by the hearts most. now. lot of people, although don't know that this is not as deadly. we spoke to some of the people that seems to be aware that said, it is not as douglas or when yet not so wanted
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a bodied. the government has taken up major initiative from beginning of this month to vaccinate. as many people as a and so far what we know that 32 percent of the population are fully vaccinated. that's about 50000000 out of 170000000 people. the government wants to vaccinate 80 percent of the population by joan, but the real fair is the economy. the garment sector, which is the 2nd largest exporter, it could hide through the supply chain because it's a global reaction. what may happen that is a feared for the economy and also, as i said, the small business owner and the wage anders were much more fearful about this new prend damage coming. all right, i tend to charge you live there in dock. i 10 v. a. thank you. of beijing has reported its 1st community case of the micron variant of cove at 19 the positive cases from the cities northwest and high dion district. beijing is one of the venues for the winter olympics, which is less than 3 weeks away. patrick falk has more now from beijing.
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authorities have taken steps to try and i can say the situation they been and such a with more than 2000 people that they know were in contact with this woman to try and get them tested. and also they sealed off a residential compound and sealed off her workplace as well. but you know, it's a bit of a race against time right now. you know, a lot of people will tell you though, that they will be thinking that it was only really a matter of time before the omicron there and spread to beijing. as we know that in case reports and tension tension is right beside the capital. there are many, many people that are traveling back and forth between the 2 cities every day and it goes without saying really that it comes at a very bad time. just out of the lunar new year, holidays and the winter olympic games. there were 2 cases reported in tension. at least 2 cases reported that lisa cover case were quoted in hearne and province as well. and authorities of all ready said that there were other people that were
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infected by those individuals. but for whatever reason, right now, they seem to be taking that time telling us, or confirming whether or not these were on the chrome cases as well. that may simply be because they want to avoid any panic, particularly before the spring festival holidays. when a lot of people, of course, are going to be traveling back and forth, trying to return to our families or for the re. but we do know that there are confirmed on the current chron cases and 4 provinces in china, i should say, locally transmitted on a con, cases were including important case as well. reports are saying that now, half of all provinces and municipalities in china have been affected. jennifer, so pray care now to sierra when we come back, you goals a prime minister who has lost the bowl authority to lead, crush announced on british prime minister bombers johnson to resign alto revelations of more parties at downing street during lockdown. and we'll tell you
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why a mining multinational is facing a public backlash in serbia. more than the steamers. ah hello there. thank you for joining in. here's your world's weather report. nice to see it will begin in the middle east where we do have energy moving across the levant with them, soaking rains. same goes across the northern sections of the rock, impacting floods stricken areas of her beal and that energy has shifted into southern iraq. we're not too long ago, we also saw some deadly flash flooding there. round the gulf, the risk of sundry downpours to be expected across cats, are into the u. a. e on sunday. and there's that feet of rain through so there need ron. the darker the blue, the more intense the rain is falling through pakistan, smooth sailing here,
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both in the south and north. plenty of sunshine to go round karachi, a high, 24 degrees and out of activities through afghanistan. so showers over the lower ground snow over a higher elevation now for turkey, snow through the black sea region to be expected here, but some showers for tribes on at 5 degrees. really chilly and nippy air across the la vans from all of us. a high 7 degrees temperatures of also come down across hot tombs. so just a high of 29 degrees on sunday. and showers and storms have really cooled the atmosphere and didn't talk. it's a high 24 degrees, but we do have storms bubbling up from johannesburg. great into the eastern cape on sunday season. ah, my name is new put melbourne. i've always thought of yoga as part of my indian heritage. understand it to be about transformation. the joke to the transforming western mentality is
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a lot about that. and that's very different than what yoga was originally. yoga should belong to everyone, but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that so commercialized politicize yoga on al jazeera lou. ah, welcome back. a quick recap. lots of stories here at this hour. a said army hit be pacific nation of toner. often undersea volcano erupted, but is no word yet on casualties. as many phone lines are still down and army alerts, some advisors are in place. the parts of japan and the western united states, judges and melbourne, caught our considering arguments to decide if tennis don,
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no back jock, of which can play in the us trailing open or be deported the well, number one is appealing, the decision to revoke is visa force and beijing, as opposed to its 1st community case of the comic on their end of cobra. 19 the positive cases from the cities northwestern high beyond district, the countries less than 3 weeks away from staging the winter olympics with beijing as one of the venues full. the gates will hospitals and intensive care units in peru are filling to capacity as cases of the micron and delta variants. both search, the number of new infections is now at its highest, ever soaring to 30000 a day. half of the kobe 19, the patients in hospitals are on vaccinated with a number of amazon cases is up right across south america in bogota. alessandra patty has the latest from the region. this was in many ways expected in particular, after the recent holiday to years christmas and new year's eve when people were
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probably less careful. and after the 1st cases of the only con variant were discovered in december throughout much of latin america, there was this expectation that in january and probably throughout this month and in february would have seen a rapid spread of this variant across latin america is what we're seeing that happening now with the doubling of the number of daily infections in most countries, but fortunately so far with the exception in part of peru in brazil, the rest in the rest of the region. the consequences of that so far at been a mild, at the main issue, has been a lack of testing that many countries have seen with the rise of request of people looking for a test that has been the case in mexico for example, argentina, partly here, but not as the as much the other issue has been with airlines. so many flights being canceled. bailey here in columbia, for example,
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40 flights are being canceled every every day but so far. and the majority of the countries hospitals are not a fool. this is obviously a very good and if you ask experts, they'll tell you that a lot of it has to do with the high levels of vaccinations across much of latin america, which is now the highest the vaccination vaccinated the region in, in, in the world u. k prime minister bras, johnson's facing growing calls to step down, including from within his own conservative party. more revelations have emerged about drinks gatherings at johnston's official residence during corona virus locked down. more than a dozen such occasions have now come to light. the leader of the opposition labor party says boys, johnson is not fit for office. he says, the prime minister as lost the trust of the public rather than concentrating on getting through the pandemic and bring it down a waiting list. this self indulgent tory party is having a fight about
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a leader who they should have no from. the start is not fit for office where we're witnessing every day. the broken spectacle of a prime minister minded deceit, a deception, and unable to lead. but whilst the tor is becca and fight each other on what's up, i want to look to the future diplomatic efforts to deescalate tensions between russia and ukraine are gathering pace. the foreign ministers of germany and canada are expected in the region. in the coming days, the talks of leaders in kevin moscow comes after washington accuse russia are planning a false flag operation in ukraine to justify an invasion. the kremlin has denied the allegations. dawson jibari has more on moscow's reaction. the russian foreign minister, 2nd lover of during his annual press conference on friday, stressed that russia's patience with the actions of the west is running out and that they are no longer going to wait around to have further talks. as far as the
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russian government is concerned, there will be no more dialogue with the united states in the coming weeks or months . they're now waiting for an official response from nato, about their concerns of ukraine or any other countries joining the 30 member alliance. the russian foreign minister also said that they, his country, has intelligence or reasons to believe that the us and natal are likely in the coming weeks and months to be building up their troops alongside the russian border . with the, using the pretext of the tensions with ukraine as an excuse to do so. and he said very clearly that that is not acceptable to the russian government. and that is very much a red line for this country. this was a sentiment that was also shared by the criminal spokesperson earlier this week. following the 3 rounds of talks that various city european cities at between russia and the u. s. and european countries, a nato. the sentiment here is that the talks were not successful and that the
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kremlin said that any kind of sanctions imposed by the u. s. government on russia will be comparable to severing ties with russia rather than jordan. there's monitoring developments from washington d. c. the one thing that the biden administration says that it has wanted, has not come true. and that is follow on meetings with russian officials about the next steps to try to deescalate the crisis between russia and the west because of the $100000.00 or so russian troops stationed on the border across from ukraine, the u. s. and other countries, as you know, are very worried that russia is looking to invade ukraine in the coming weeks as a way of extending its influence in a central and eastern europe. and that is something that washington especially does not want to see of. there also has not been any development from washington side on responding to russia's request for rog. guarantees that nato would pull back it's
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of florida deploy troops of that to central europe away from eastern europe. as well as promising and writing that ukraine would never be admitted to nato, the u. s. has said it won't stand for any interference in nato's affairs. that countries that want to apply to nato have the right to do so, but they can only be admitted if they meet nato's stringent standards. but at the end of the day, the u. s. is not going to stand for any outside party trying to dictate how nato conducts it's a security affairs monning. group realty winters, plans to excavate with him. and serbia may have hit a snag. people are again protesting against the development of a new mine in their region. by honestly on of it she's in lots is not in western. so the environmental activists have blocked the roads across serbia this saturday
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as well. but for the 1st time, they have blocked the border crossing between serbia and bought me and had to go in there protesting against 3, attend to company, which is planning lead to mine project in western serbia during the protest, there was no reaction from the police. the prime minister, unable in a beach, said earlier that they are close to for feeling the demands of the activists. on the other hand, president alexander voltage thinks that the project is good for the people and good for the country. experts have warned that the plan lead to mine would destroy farmland and pollute the waters routine. to her said, it would adhere to all domestic and european union environmental standards at the site. serbia is a candidate nation for european union and 3, but little so far have been achieved with regards to improving the countries environmental situation. activists are now announced that they will continue with the protest until rio dean to accompany is definitely out of serbia facilities for refugees. and migrants and mexico are running out of space as families keep
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arriving from central america. few have been able to continue their journey northwards as their san approaches for entry into the u. s. has all as stopped during a pandemic. and as manual rapid reports in the border, city of towanna, things could be about to get even worse. it's suppertime at a migrant shelter in tijuana, mexico, and both space and food for every one is limited. the shelters director says there's been a significant increase in the number of families arriving, and she's been forced to turn many away. oh, home, it's very painful to see women with children arriving at our doors and asking for shelter. large influx is of migrants stretching the limits of the services shelters, can provide is not a new phenomenon here. but the coven 19 pandemic, has made things more complicated. for more than a year, the u. n. international organization for migration has been using a hotel in downtown tiquana as temporary housing, and
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a quarantine new arrivals. but it wants the us and mexico to do more to help those shelters that are able to receive families are over a crowd. and right now, they're over 100 percent in capacity. a lot of them have 3 or 4 spaces, but the families are still counting. the u. s. a silent process has been at a virtual standstill since the start of the pandemic leaving hundreds of migrants stranded as conditions at migrant shelters in the one i become more overcrowded. many who can't find a place to stay have ended up here, a makeshift migrate camp right on mexico's border with the united states. but space has also run out, and local authorities have fenced off the area. oh, the sound of children practicing the violin. briggs through the clatter,
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the parents of this aspiring musician, tell us they've been here for more than 2 months, but say returning to their home in southern mexico, where they faced gang bands. and extortion is not an option. or they feel that i think not being here is difficult. we're not here because we want to be who would want to live like this. further complicating the matter is the re implementation of a u. s. policy known as the migrant protection protocols or m p p, which forces asylum seekers to return to mexico while their cases are processed. oh, with m p. p, scheduled to be reinstated in more cities along the border. it's feared overcrowded conditions at shelters and migrant camps. will only get worse. manuel, filipino al jazeera, tiquana, mexico, a hosted drama that dragged on for 10 hours in santa synagogue in the us state of texas is now over. the texas governor says all hostages, have been rescued and are safe. the suspect is dead,
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according to local police officials. the incident took place in kellyville, a sub that of dallas, the suspect of such a demand of the release of a pakistan in you're a scientist who was convicted for trying to kill a u. s. soldier in afghanistan, kenya is aiming to be fully self sufficient in renewable energy by 2030. the country already gets 90 percent of its electricity from natural sources, including solar power and has the largest single wind power facility in africa, govern sawyer reports. for most of it, the blades of $365.00 turbines rotate on the edge of lake to cana. this wind farm, the largest in africa, is perched on a stretch of rocky desert in north and kenya. yet it is key to the country's plans to have a fully green energy supply by 2030, with a capacity to dispense $310.00 megawatts of low cost power. it will increase energy
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supply by 30 percent. those who leave and walk in masa bit home to the wind farm can't wait to be connected, but some are not happy. it's not already happened. season of clear thought you lot of problems will end telecom. we're told the wheat energy will help us when it comes, but is taking too long to reach us. how sad that is, one of the theory does in pain is still running on generating people here. say they want to go green and benefit from the wind farm. many are increasingly using solar energy to power. the whole renewable energy from natural sources, including geothermal, weaned solar and hydro electric account for about 90 percent of kenya's electricity needs. the country's electricity company is also diversified by using geothermal, steam for other uses. it's like a direct impact in agriculture because we have the greenhouses, we are growing our hot cutter. we have fish. that is also agriculture. we have
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drying of crops. if we really want to get to large scale farmers, even before we commercial life, we have to feed them adjustment to a give them a fill. all this makes kenya a global leader in climate change. but some analysts say that in itself may not help you. the developed world does not do better option one is to continue investing in cleaning mechanisms for the already polluting industries. option 2 is to invest a new renewable technologies on lind technologies in africa. i'd make use of the community laquita. that's is the cheap, the cheapest option we should sell now. and that's what the wild features jaffar abduct man says. all he wants is a clean and a more reliable pass horse to run his business. katherine saw alta 0 or stop it, kenya. ah
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tucker, trick of the headlines here on al jazeera, a said ami as hit the pacific nation of tongue often under c.


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