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tv   Al Jazeera World Marriage For Sale  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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christy and right now where confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced. and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise. because that's the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together. that's why they are so important. we make those connections. ah hello, i'm marianna mozy in london. the main story now, a powerful soon army as at the pacific nation of tonga. after an undersea volcano erupted, with many phone lines still down, the extent of the damage or casualties is not clear, but can also trigger tsunami warnings across the pacific and have been mandatory evacuation orders for people living in the marina area of berkeley,
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california. in the last hour there was confirmation that large waves had reached the coast of japan. there are also warnings in place for australia, pacific territories, and parts of new zealand eruption was felt in fiji about a 100 kilometers north west of tonga, and vanilla to a further 1000 kilometers west 60 centimeter waves also hit the american somewhat capital hunger pongo. under chappelle has more the hunger tucker, whom the high puzzle quino in the south pacific ocean about 70 kilometers north of the tongue and capitol dooku alova has been active in recent days. it's a russian sending ash more than 20 kilometers into the sky on friday. another rupture on saturday was so violent, it was seen from space and register 2000 kilometers away in new zealand. it triggered us unami, which hits hunger within 20 minutes. waves crashing a shore on the main islands on the top and violent ash turned skies over the capitol as black as night. residents of low lying islands in the area have been
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told to stay in doors where a mask outside and cover rainwater reservoirs due to the falling ash and acid rain . here's how one woman described it to her family and friends, those like explosions in town. i guess it was from her. okay, no. and they're like literally pop darya. jonathan. everyone just rolls. aaron rose in town and i noticed like when pitch black in fan please head to higher. if you are in danger zone warnings to, for those further away in fiji and american samoa tongue, a geological services say this latest eruption was 7 times more powerful than a previous one in december. and there may be more to come inter chappelle al jazeera, a chinese capital beijing is reported. its 1st community case of the only con variance have covered a positive cases from the cities at northwestern that had dan district. china
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detected its 1st cases on the con in the community last week, and the northern city of tan jane prompting a snap lockdown less than 2 weeks until aging host the winter olympics. several indian cities, including the capital ne deli, are in a strict lockdown this weekend, in an effort to control a surge of covey cases. all shops have been closed except for essential businesses . country reported nearly 270000 new cases on saturday. the highest numbers since may last year was just a day until the start of the australian opened the world's number one men's tennis player. know that joke of it. she's again in detention in melbourne. hotel. joke of which is lawyers are expected to appeal the decision to revoke his visa for 2nd time. a hearing is scheduled for the coming hours. sarah clark has more from brisbin on the government's case against jokers, which there presented a 268 page document stating that he may fan or few anti back nation sentiment here in australia. the lawyers also not had that due to his high profile presence. he
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may also encourage people not to comply with the measures that are in place to try to deal with the pandemic. and the number of dialing, number of cases here in australia and he's potentially undermining of the pandemic strategies have been put in place by the federal and state governments. now joint ventures, lawyers are obviously rejecting this climb. they want to stop this deportation. and this is their last bid or last minute bid to try and stop him being removed from australia and diplomatic efforts to deescalate increasing tensions between russia and ukraine are gathering pace. the coming days of foreign ministers of germany and calendar expected in the region for talks with ukrainian or russian representatives . the u. k. foreign secretary list trust is also entered the fray saying russia miss hold what she described, visits aggression, and engage in meaningful talks. saudis there well is next looking at the practice of sham marriages for european residency. i have more news off tonight and 24 in
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them actually 25 minutes time. i'll see then. oh, a a with a johnny
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anson dema. daddy. a bas anita. and instantly now, and this will sklar on them in kaz avaleen, denny kaz. oh, jenny m crypton? don't master nanny to advance machine ladders. lords alone gotten the overhead sir . heads heads there. i got i am. that is our fall tool with a, a new content here, but i just list it response here to matthew any day for this by sitting down. but it tomorrow was for the have
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a tomorrow. the to the mechanic. are kinda fun for them to live for a lot of them to marcia, i've seen for this phone laughing at nash. i've been a pleasure to you and then go from there. she has, she has offered out a gone dealer, gone doing this partners. so we bought a new car was on the default. marcy, on the pharmacy on the phone, says totally unemployed. magic city a little bit earlier.
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we are going to go do napoleon. marcial post in so decent with you in my phone. it was a a larger ah, the good is of a contact gone to who was in about there for service in the yearbook. a jaunty bob was a designer. all these on music as it is r o r j is a good boss. i go my year ah
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walker also building you get all her back to a $121.00 up to moon dollars into his teeth, ball. this man in authentic when he saw of my concern is some provided by a kid recently on the he in the law, minimalistic and rule. to set up. i see here like all city gina was if it is, i mean, into larger whole care. busy copper canyon. when you move, should your man talk to me? cows must have had any chance or should i still do smell rubber? peter, i didn't have him shove astir on what piece in the lab i in my actual mm
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young trinity. so you know, she had a face, she should have any advice. mikaela de la shooting over hitch. javante to to his effect. wants to home. she can, you can change the one in the moon. when jennifer, i can ship it out. then you will see a yellow beloved me but how do you think it then many other engine oil. 1 and then you can have a nice van and she reissued with nesting. and you can miss don't little issue with the amount of a 100 more more because they could i any i don't
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really see the lesson to find me out on the left like we, i mean they're going to find us money out on the fun. yes. and talk to somebody thought, and you're not going to be locked in on their life. my daughter left on nothing in, but i me so that i went into the learning permanency document even in the money in a school by not having animals and extremely last year. not. and i feel that it was not, i feel not right there, but he said a fancy, i think we'll stick to knowledge by the time you get a new medicine or tommy and is it gonna cost me for that? as soon as they lock on the under i'm of what the net a much more new marketing was an american as i can in the sort of that dot com. is that how you read
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fox. i know. yeah. see man and it's well, i know. yes, he off got his love. funny all. but that's funny events lose i it. so had, i mean, lydia aliya was hard to flick an hour for i do come with us through the bus bud my she the i little of family own outlets. remark golf, but as you see him as she the early colace physician may or may lose them because it adds ah m and that says it's a cdn dealer. muddy me, i believe in the equality and she and doug w. nothing a lead up more about the ohio. i didn't see
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a lot of i was in the u. e n. i did a has jaqueline doodle. she has an ex wife will not able to get a zoomed year from ari. i don't that about oh, get to see of of some of his is a sickly my as a jose oswald, you're going to move christian critique here sir. he, well i can go back to or no, that was up. oh, donal center font doesn't come back to the bay, didn't want to have a soon as he to cathy kid kicks come on. come in with
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gary fbc. miss benita los as biased en route even when auto monthly monthly on a scale, i'm to go to my lazy c o me. you're like, well, great 10th of kilometer off a be at their boys amino but it's an animate costal medical sample. here would also be danny. i get that. i had a meal that brought up there in august on the mic, whether it was sent to her little e give away the fees the a. ready little bit higher than thought that the hold us in are you? i'm guessing, my god, lat. giotto may 1st one i meant that there was the alpha by nama, depend on my body's, it all, it body. hum malaga, the mallette wisdom. look at bible school today as of yet, i know with a one to one. okay. and what do you okay,
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so let me do this one as well as the my mac. i will not back on on. i need it out. even. yeah, that's fine. yeah, you're not going to get it all by them. no, no, no pam. but i said let me didn't was convinced, hadn't got a solar. when is it, but somebody cannot, cannot see what they must have been done. they do like on my grand aspects on us. can you give me a nice financial, nathan america? no. nobody. the oma, a less ex colonial. some with the was kenyana our can up until 911. yes. by now. you know, you still hello. i am, i'm ya. i wake up a noise when in a nearly the oman is from the local buddha on united mia? medium rush. la thought each tony cost $100.00 bice good. get my feet when it and that abuse up. boiler yes. okay, great. i know that you as the remembered about getting them it's yeah, will not need it, but i hope to see i'm premier like yours or how that let me know and i'm not a little bit with the medicaid get put a so any mm. okay, i'm gonna do nothing. i'm you know, doing out of that what, what is up with that? we come up with it on who net. i'm indeed i get below the sample again.
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but i get that ball right now to be or so. but again, i mean it got louder by so when a you had been saying, but again, a little bit more but, but i but i so, but i but looking good looking. and each one thing was that, i mean, i guess where, who minimal. i like that. ok last with me was because you could have my son visual delusion magazine. been to jesse a teenager, me to initiate it on the, on the because on the, on his bon work is, gets bus on this bunny. you'll get to job vision spaniel.
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marla ah, on the feel or movie. don't miss your phone. call mister on basing your silver and farm and you will see clinic diesel as she talked to us. he called a whole bottom to sudden lashelle. i just don't see k if you know want to exit. he said he crew booty core. when i called up a d and on 83, what do we want to discuss?
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you know, as you need to work on that physic. more a connect for home in full of tissues and my and my prism to sit on the cell phone. me don't care for some of these of you can me, i think was like the money i was just feel of an issue on time, a perceived you hook multimedia liter is i don't in those i call the movies look more media me.
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i want to one on the head and put show don't speak, i'm about to be a teacher. jewel lucian on wanting me to set her up. i also want to have, you know, i mean i don't care what i have in i'm in a one percent change in taylor miss having been shipping my in special ed. yes. are you and i filled out. oh cool. and you wonder yes. oh cool. could you please, is that to book the decision? what about your if i said i did, i call up here for
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a while. so there's one in the, in the it was as a country the says you have the best it was just hoping for me to soon, but i want to push it to the super here was back to on. i just wanted to just leave it in front of me. ah why? yeah. she said you're going to keep people good person. it is on god for me. but if
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she's on the phone told me you don't. you don't show it to us. not yet. he but all of it, she do due fact. i'm sure you know micky buffalo this will be to some new fi fi, pets he'll do to, to live on god issue mom. he will call me me in the visa on song and it just will not be big of a while. so there's no way you can can can please don't hesitate to show her the storm. and it did to you. of course,
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i saw us on the smart school i use not only for the money and i don't want to part of the tones because it's a tool if somebody's only the budget to ask you ma'am, on donkey, hold on. not a problem. if you can actually, i can see exactly what i'm in the future. so most kids go see sancho fun. 200 feet illusion over in sun. i think like really does it what the phone on set up at some point to do the local tv. so she could come up, who do to excellent people and no one lunch it door. and if you don't,
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if you're not big into allow me to have on my account. i mean, she's a new ship. she so what i care unit at bonham. when i did, it will be my last solo who to love it last year? was it one who short bookkeeping social's year for summer? he the on been sheet you that the see the i think and who the bus you when he passion salad bowl. welcome. all jeez, through confetti, little partition a. this wasn't, wasn't it book a party say to computers, you blew a song, priscilla vaccine one. and, you know, there's a live event puzzle sensitive home more in our building, in con lee
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complex. i saw math for there's all 5 of them, a habash the my have bish knowledge many college mission did here to man. i've had the header duck, i know some dollars missed a back see detail ahead on mckenzie will get are here by the lead. this is the concept or, or song just that often. dad oscar, she and in one i'm not there or lemon. good. ha. echo my lab economical to pass on . i can get a method to be an issue. i don't in kind of stuff a system business don't care visit alicia boskus at 11. but we sell done
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a need some food you lose monkey unfounded . you found them because if i'm up here now to do seizure, 11 facade these we have a preschool. but given that most of the big bossa listen the laugh when i'm not like cbs, cbs in long, and should dog with a detailed, a little more family and agree out of journalism to call them provide instruction back to on budget, to verify school diploma it or man my pony. hm. but now nysha that i ha, mounting the where? norman, oklahoma and shuttle man. yeah. you get to i hadn't been since kina, 2nd near and her bobbin and the car had cheat it. poor miss yearly master bedroom. she must have been a gyla her not go when you go and go well in full shall provide
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me . i just ended up on the official. so you had this name and it's not been any just one of your luck who i knew? well, yeah. and that's getting luck and he must hence why. why this nice all. listen more hanny. so will know. you know there's that it says she call low. how those are the need of help the we are not the will not a lot of the committee will local and it has one other come in and there is actually
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good stuff. the walk in the la commenting on the dentist. i need hey, be about to help us on it. if it does nothing that you do find me in the one de la cruz's economy. i don't have my team or new the companies or marketing on your system. somebody from africa found a the i'm a nice for us are not receiving any natal? bought out a contract with the money in the front. i don't get enough of that, but me services. yeah. the market in one number for my enough money or nothing. money paid by the ah
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so but other was service and so when i called to vic, sadly, i didn't know what i called sale i didn't use for them be on when or and a mom got mad. lena, mac music, audio galaxy, danny miss, you got it. yeah, no, cuz she was in. she is the ha ha as an odd and he had the flu hallmarkco. one of them of his blood is a dormer that only mine. i know we have. mm hm . ah. you have to choose between your sites and feeding your family. what do you do? yeah, i mean what happened was because we don't keep ourselves healthy when your son could face death from a dog bio. what do you do every year? because across the index, where can you afford them to show films about inspiring solutions to global health
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challenges? ha. select on al jazeera. my name is bonnie put mountain. i've always thought of yoga as part of my indian heritage. i understand it to be about transformation. the job itself seems to be transforming. wessy mentality is, is a lot about this is transfer you to here what yoga was originally, yoga should belong to everyone, but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that so commercialized and politicized owns yoga. analogies in i will cover all of latin america for most of my career, but millcreek is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why. let me tell you a story. up there in space. technology is quantity revolutionizing the way you live broadcasting every goal,
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in high definition. helping your children either. you can stream the world blockbusters, however you want. you're connected with your office, wherever you happen to be. this is the story of sales. as sales science space to deliver your vision. oh, marianna was in london a quick look at the main stories now. 12 hours after a major volcanic eruption and a powerful sin ami as to the little word out of tongue on casualties all the damage . the undersea volcano were upset about 60 kilometers north of the capital and communications were knocked out. the reports of people struggling to breathe because of the ash,
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the volcano also trigger tsunami warnings across the pacific from the u. s. to japan, australia, and new zealand. the chinese capital beijing is reported its 1st community case of the only con variant of covert opposed to cases from the cities northwest and had the district. china detected its 1st case of record in the community last week in the northern city of town gin, prompting a snap, locked down with just a day until the saucy australian opened a well number one men's tennis playing a joke of which is again in detention in melbourne hotel jokers, which is lawyers are expected to appeal the decision to revoke his visa for a 2nd time. a hearing is scheduled for the coming hours. so our clock has moved from brisbin on the government's case against jock rich. there presented a 268 page document stating that he may fan or fuel angie vaccinations. sentiment here to australia of the lawyers also not had that due to his high profile presence here. he may also encourage people not to comply with the measures that are in
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place to try and deal with the pandemic and the number of a daily number of cases here in australia. and he's potentially undermining of the pandemic strategies have been put in place by the federal and state governments. now joint ventures, lawyers are obviously rejecting this climb. they want to stop this deportation. and this is their last bit or last minute bid to try and stop in being removed from australia and our other top story diplomatic efforts to try and bring down increasing tension between russia and ukraine is gathering pace in the coming days of foreign ministers of germany and canada are expected in the region for talks with ukrainian and russian representatives. and the u. k. foreign secretary at las cross is also entered the fray saying russia miss holt, what she described is it's aggression and engage in meaningful talks. trust repeated the u. s. government claim that russia is waging a dis, information campaign inside ukraine. what al jazeera world now continues probably back with the news,
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our at 2100 shanty. i'll see then a with, [000:00:00;00] with
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the, i mean, why do you, how do you see the out? any idea again and to them or how does do that out and, and yeah, looks like the la garza, he was from was there just a mean was just wondering. yeah. you know. yeah. and which is your course. she was your what, your, my sorry. i mean i was out of town in can they can tell me i know you have a doctor and basil it's going to have she has the units in that unit and 7 and i have a dog aysa and then we have a bug. he says, has she at all so i will, does love who will be on of salon. go to mal case in dina from
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the walk, walk around when he was under the government know, hell rental will again, that on a customer, the name is matt. several and i had no my goals lot and i'm again, well, i had the chance i know. yeah. first thought i'd call her jessie, a body call. whatever i've said la la area, there were some, there was a lot of give me i and if i'm in the more fun you separate my. she a mass omen of the body to eat. ok. one on elephant realistic tongue twisted. if you'd guessed, i guess i well, but i guess, but i had a tunnel than the boost. i mean it's enough. see, coughing cannot find a house, but i fit in and we just got eunice a single. but they took what they could. it could be in may not a unit again,
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a minute. i gotta look at think i'm on monday morning. no problem. i think when you seem pretty, you know, it was almost anything to me. i see on this. it was a trustee. they must get about. i haven't gotten this, but his telling me the lamb that i will be on the it's funny, it's funny and it's not a lot of years past who must resume on one box. the annual regular it's very young. alex has to develop the scale revenue revenue can have donated books kids long and i couldn't settle new to the diesel. can me loophole in my room. it's going to do inducement mish home to compile and sit down, put in that comes from,
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you know, whole cooler, rebecca, and all of it. you know, how little boys are lucy share the not the last move. i think she was not because she had me in the community opinion. i didn't feel the needs of me here, and then she will not get them or how they, you know, in the go with me, i need to know how to get them a high. let's look up afternoon. ah sure. susan gift you have it. so i can in my son, he or la, he's in the morning when i present is compet set of hamilton, peak as you're here. it was, you know,
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he comes will be on the don't kill everything her. what it is you spend use so like your solo is it can alter your well as it is what it is in this room. you need to be doing is going up at a long on the song. totally blah. luckily. so i was like like mm me yep. and if he came to mom he has no bhaskar. so do pick sankey, cellphone, comfortable. wow. okay, i'm not yet hold. you know if i go to produce, look at the my yeti key or leave him a key. so he moved, he moved fender bender to police. remember faulty mom buffer declare over. so he place local fios in
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a slightly more dumb he or something more pin of deducing rekey lisa, in me the marking these are. yeah, we'll do a walk from that you know funny. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah,
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if you don't see by the the wind when it on the 5 when it comes on the because it noticed you don't need it to your home feel made. oh don't so somberly measured, it gets to spas, additional g, i'm calling on to the own mercy dance. your preschool mom plus 2 measures are clinical me me law or last thought maybe some of him was one of the be the nissan t morris on. so we the
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parent of press could do mom may not mosher can paper is i could do for you mom because you get post papers on the visited and it's equal log to visiting. there is us. yes. you know, give me more focus on a like a question on why in the partition, marcia ruth, poor cache said demarche said the mouse port you pass on the 1st. second susie, puffin, more of one dosier can. someone in the city was more jealous. 15 ducks in mall, if you're not going to go there, it's become washers poor. i can't push it to mercy,
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to just look the posse to deal some of you know, because county recently, but jackie, a favor good. so do, do the shows any, go for history on basic. ah, we can sit in the newsroom, see, posture as it is regime poor. poor sar. paula planchet abbey, deposit me from the michigan year bhaskar for margie prim. won't take it. monte vista, the puppy august. all day the ma has blow them a huge green suck to pick. sunday. come in. you know car? oh, before double happened to have the 6 think i'm this is jay. so humanity. so extra more please take criminal. was it, can you support jobs, any kiss or kisse asked, answer,
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present the new ah usually sell up us to law? is she busted on my specs? he and his men followed, stole out jackie's little folk. well, our best cure, i've warned long continually said lasha to happy, isn't it a bustle sailboat is awful. new car dealership, holiday season gown, dental for asia creek, a man in burn submitted to me. and only just because it on sense that genetic speaker psycho visa comp, up to more elicit, you assumed. and so we're back especially with seizure. the venyadi de la city on co hold. you do what the song do cows or she said it gets more even have a feller hope nothing. yeah. lar, additional 40 piece of us. if i peer is ned hoster wasik after that security snuff . the seymour brooklyn, purcell at orange. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
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whoa. has disability to our little clover cooper, family and suffice. a long fits loose again. it's uncomfortable to like to watch um me see family while he, vic, only the tim the of jojo williams. cassandra ne la la la. go as all she been the locker down. you tom, s, u e, if an amazon a, b, l, so me, me v the have had no city bruce, at any point on when this all, she doesn't, this old shipping garage and her mom is jacket equities. paula sampling born hazel kilobit,
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acquitted more. isla coming some while you're in a pity, deeper and when you're here long. and a city, a messy fred vol form, i presume, appears more pioneer. she was your freaking telephone jacket please. lap when you say he v and while you're su, su 4 in a battle committee, he r e a basil, any should it was a function to leave best to overlap and it's not all familiar. chris will mix pico church for the back, continues. come so the son twins hope will trivially can really clar sally skis, but yes, your question, you know, we'll talk polynesian on those on the has will have to probably go don't go to 15 miles. so hope all the schools have been credited it is all on the sheet to tall. the did the get the he read through let there some secret on the pull up to 10 o'clock there sunday thought despise visual alma advances what we're having these
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i'm jerry deja notorious here it is all for you to have it it on my machine. ah, ah, how was the lyla this anatomic mccain went look? just guessing? we'll see there in handler and now. okay, and i need to get the math lesson plan mandukes little plot, mr. them on the 2nd among locks and cut the tax exempt on a lot of mission age. no commission, their head c. m. local handle and get for them up. disney owned by the will learn us for our local anderson and it comes to the new to the ma'am, but this is bonnie mann mission build. i'm a real good of multimedia and, and going to back after and condemn am been denied most that you not listen to
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wendy matthew nipple comes his name. national. i don't have that many british. lemme will show for a body on infants and they've gotten that from his mom, but looking on like in mighty. and then we'll talk luck was done, then i see it. does it go out of he still the i so seamless on it is only about a 100 on monday, but a $101.00 in bluff focused on that and it stays mrs. you know about that. if you that it by not ama and it and it said you want are monday morning virus receipt over about a 100 maria info soon. they can actually out on the right. i'm in the car in. okay . it
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should pull under in the middle portion though i know what the actual head noonish as opposed to war the what's, what is clear, what are they unethical and widely the by the mostly the primary so will feel hipa . her young life are in very tight blanket i sit by hailey. do see poor very mid on do side. you feel healthy? i'm very central. sheila savalst position mem kissed young miss it by now if i was here, had been the repulse onqua, hunt camacho song computer ballantine, media. the key. okay. circumstance i can move now is almost a, was he she, she played on even song kelly. kelly found the sugar performed. madame discovery, i dish, i think i can do is good. can it into a new fuel because it that evolve cinema. i know her via plate comparable was here . the it is unclear or something that pulls the di da county down. my hedge father was services a car to the examiner that is the car engine for them. beyond where no animal
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customer, a mach mrc a deal, correct? they'll be any mess you will got it. there, there, lou, could she was, this is conscious. the ha, ha, cuz i now mandy had the flu model. what are called when with of is, what is a drama audi? medicinal karnilia ha, i know this one of them to be any legal, any 0. this was an only due to my issue for me is it last picks in the around the notion of eugene are certain massage gain in soon if you know your massive here m. aquino, she and separate out has early because he, i'm assuming i agree them because as good my are to so long rush over shirts for the hipaa. oh sophie, any exceeds galia and 2nd, deb this,
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could there be any management i know? yeah. any sooner? 00, louise say i needed a lock at jail on best deal on the idea of was me so county or if dahlia it won't do all. lucas, your as she's told e. do all, let's get you started up. will you ski? a buffer show comp policy process 10 percent. you know jamie d. a. lucy dress your id card installer is up in about the glass or key on 4th floor as more up it will. you have a nice does your you know, his, the shop ask your thought that you don't get his shot. them a huge block. so how come along rush we had key up all mcelroy and envelop lee and in the name of enamel. okay. so any, just a nightmare. getley hampshire, college and all that. ha, ha, ha, ha ha ha! sweeter and a brita. see there?
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who as me, when a mom or any jewish here to weigh less with the local, she more fully of what she any bella and such a school deficits next into age, mouth and live sense and the cock or can because mutual and because she bears and liquor them say i need to understand ian hers. dorian is more t w. anything associated with really got shot must come in a capital flores will end at the still more holiday, more naturally. she had a lot though him holiday little the hurry, a data. and he said, julian, say
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a board, he has of which data at dinner i any good 3rd? she g. ah. so he learns what all in his name is all much it'll come back. here to come is f e must be appeared, papa if she particle, ma'am. shaky tape on. don't get one miss you. the manager knows more. 20 allows you to listen to music or judy, me has room to go and i brought it to the real well over. i'm as your supervisor,
11:53 pm
i come to civil marble. come on as an awful song. will it back off? yes, miss russell from paris. but much lapierre is read you called and spoke to jen baskerville out of his it was eve, new pool that i come to civil. delaney, is it in? see mm mm. layla his ash concord or is it not added honeys? you imagine not noticing her, see, jesse shimla says what 20 bar masking much better. mm. what i am. if i knew the politic buffalo single quote, there is no denounced, get his bus, it says up math. no. jennifer gama vasquez at enrique blair cetera. kamesia tay, them missouri from curious is you the credit? of course in the from to have
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a 3. she still can enter. what is there something more sizable molding? havoc mm. nathaniel her chair. she'll hate josh yet. if ashy, she disclosed it at his chip. i said but is it amos ronelle what i want you as a bustle this men and bunks for the kush. marcella twinkle duty said him hold you ah this affair all at no perfect curse of m u. s. cause you heal. been
11:55 pm
a poor makers while azure of his younger the men so tacked onto the man. bestir yell your full de took vessel, said they're putting your bit dominion administrative doris. all 3 for little while do said excellent for pulling down is we'll see who no gosh compressor should have on this. she did her and look with between showing in the supplement. if you're more equipped math not to rock or 4 countries that her total rock is shami from you for no city water. norfolk to perform justice. each of them won't and 100. yeah. ah. my jersey pill without my visa concert is 2 hours poorer locally is also asking for puffy, conference, or, or see to don,
11:56 pm
gaunt massey bank in coon, cascadia deliver lucille da, rio down smartphone is 4 bogey carol robinson are here for the job. well afco, nissans and esl team can either hiking and also under can napa was in the higher in the shower me disney down barnaby. barnaby xyz, len waco, to well not know sapa badge in bernard, cassandra pasco, in front about an about economy. the one on the hedge. it was totally fishy central for as to man whiskers, hip hop. ah oh, mount vesuvius is one of the most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. but not every one fears living in its shadow. this gift thought perhaps there is something
11:57 pm
magnetic about vesuvius that the people who don't live, understand how she 0 world goes to the red zone near naples. to understand this unusual love living that the volcano on al jazeera ah ah hello, thank you for tuning in here is your world weather update will begin in australia extra tropical cyclone. tiffany continues to sun further toward the south. wobbling along that border with south western australia in the northern territory over the last 24 hours dumping about
11:58 pm
a 100 millimeters of rain. we looked toward the east. we've got some high heat here . birds fill at 47 degrees. another place for temperatures are gonna hot up is in per, if you won't really know it right now, right with a high of 32. but we look at the 3 day forecast by the start of next week. we're going to get you into the forty's a gusty ne, early wind as well, so that fire danger is going to shoot up weather alerts and play for rain and wind across giz been as we've got x tropical cyclone cody move in. and so that's something we're gonna keep tabs on in the days to come. se asia plentiful storms at cross indonesia. that includes for jakarta with a high of $32.00 degrees. and for china in between the gang, see in the pearl river valley, we've got some rain here, some heavy falls for gray lane, north of that, that's a cooler air toward the south. the warm sector. so, hong kong, a hiv 21 degrees, the see effect, snow engine ramping up again. so we're going to see that snow build through the hills of western honju and hope kado tokyo, me mall has a hive. 12 degrees on sunday. that's it. see soon.
11:59 pm
ah, the virus is indiscriminate, yet those living in poverty are far more vulnerable to the dangers of coven 19. ollie re examines the reasons for this, the social and economic inequality that surround us. how much deeper and much more problematic than we thought, a dos where the lessons learned from the global pandemic could lead to positive change to the growth of the, of the killed. all hail to lock down, expose a privilege on poverty during a crisis on a j 0. the latest news as it breaks a new band with it added a boy of these giant jobs ross having more woven power. these being able to extract more food more quickly with detail coverage everywhere you look, there is destruction. the food survive. your tell us like will never be the same again from them from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm
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going to prison. the question the jury has to decide now he should, she americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, it seemed like try to convert up. what's your take on why they've gotten this so raw? that to me is political mouth, the bottom line on us politics and policies and the impact on the world on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i'm mary. i'm demising. welcome to the news allan life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. and under c volcano erupt in tonga, triggering
12:01 am
a powerful sin army alerts are in place across the region and from japan to the u. s. west coast. a corona virus curfew comes into effect in the indian capital one of


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