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tv   People Power The Trial of Anwar Raslan P1  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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movie style is will in, in order to mount money for performing in films every single year. and what is essentially happening is these youtube is all doing that, but i doing it online. great, huge ordeal. so if i can contextualize this to building us across the world, log on to youtube every single month. so that is a launch moving some mutual parent company, alphabet, which is for me known as google ins. billions of dollars through advertising revenues against the huge with themselves take around the 55 percent cut. so then suddenly this amount of money starts to make maybe a little bit more sense to want to be youtube is they want to be astronaut and not is because they have seen the importance and the power, not these people have. they have huge sway, and they live in massive mansion. so ultimately, in same way that we saw the reality tv drivers barely to 1000, we're seeing something similar with digital create as now. and i think it's partly
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because of how we live all bodies here. we tend to youtube and other platforms like it instagram or tip top for entertainment, and what you've done increasingly, instead of traditional tv, or netflix, or amazon prime or any other of those live streaming video platforms. ah, hello, watching al jazeera, these stories were following this out. the u. s. has accused russia planning a so called full flag operation in the eastern ukraine in an attempt to create an excuse for an invasion. moscow says the claims are unfounded. novak joke of it. she is back in immigration, detention after his visa was cancelled for 2nd time. it will appeal the decision and a hearing on sunday just a day before the astronomy and i can begin more revelations of u. k. government parties during locked down are emerging,
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the daily mirror. newspapers says weekly drinks gatherings took place on wednesday . prime minister boris johnson apologized to parliament for attending what he called a work event. at a time when social socializing rather was the chinese capital by, ging has reported its 1st community case of the only con variance of carver dine team. the positive infection is from the cities and northwest in the high dion district. the country is less than 2 weeks away from staging. the winter olympics with beijing is one of the venues for the game. so now the wives, if he shows of the south pacific nation tongue after an underwater volcanic eruption, it follows a series of interruptions from the hunger tongue. the hunger pie volcano which started on friday, and advisory has been issued for large parts of the region. those are the headlines i'm language state you now for people in power. ah ah
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ah, the coast of the syrian civil war, thousands of people have been detained, tortured, raped, and murdered by the regime of sasha said, for several months, one of his intelligence officials. and while roslyn has been on trial in germany, accused of participating in those crimes, as the co native verdict reporter nina donna, he went behind the scenes to meet the victims and prosecutors determined to get justice. this is the 1st of 2 special reports. ah
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ah, i am seeking justice committee wrote many people as usual. it's not the job for me. it's my life. ah, so she is human rights lawyer and why albany practice in a country that doesn't respect human rights. his maverick practice is no longer in
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damascus. it's here in berlin. i visited many thing, my family, the my brothers, uh, my sister that arrested without any reason. they hide thinker for 2 or 3 years just because they opposite the regime. and the 1st people who i defended them, my brother and my francois understood to day that quest for justice is taking him into the german heart land, where he hopes to see his people vindicated bonnie has experienced the iron fist of the assad regime in south zurich. nub, me from 5th street in front of my home. they just come, you know like chicago gum or fast. god stop was in front of you suddenly and open doors and come for guy and got chew, lung,
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do cover you and put you in the car between her bag and in front of shit and tipped over. ah, mooney was in prison for 5 years for openly defying the regime. as the arab spring reached serious street in 2011, he was still behind bars and witness 1st hand the consequences for those who like him were calling for democracy i law. i saw peace from, from the station in the detention place. i so how much they feel, daughter, how they deal with them as enemy? it's crazy question. nobody can imagine how it was. celia's illusion not come from. oh, it's good life. there is no light. the
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street filled with hateful protest is no one could escape the eyes and is of the secret police, the prison security machine, or history to the bond and cart down and conducted mass arrest siri as an extremely difficult situation. that's where the worst atrocities of this 21st century are being committed and un stop counting the dad about 7 years ago when it reached 400000 masters is steven rappe is building cases against a side into his regime, rob, prosecuted war criminals and rwanda. and liberia, and was president obama's global envoy for war crimes. he's never seen anything on the scale and horror of present day syria. we have mass crimes of the
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kind that weren't committed in other conflicts. i mean, the tax on hospitals has been against international law for a 150 years. was a norm that was followed even during world war 2. it's violated every day by the assad regime of the disappearance and, and detention and torture of people by the, literally, by hundreds of thousands. it's happening in syria as we speak. and certainly more than a 100000 people been tortured to death. and then we have the use of poison gas, something the world stop doing after world war one. ah, in time residential areas have been leveled. many civilians forced on to ground by relentless beryl bombing and shelling for finally, impacting in our world in terms of not what's happening in syria. but elsewhere, it's tearing up norms and giving license to other dictators and regimes to do horrible things to their people. it's endangering our world in the 21st century.
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the sole edifice of international criminal justice basically is being torn to shreds by, by, by serial. ah, here in copeland, a small city in the german hot land on the banks of the rhine in the move. so the balance of international justice is being restored. colonel law roslyn is the 1st theory and officer frank on trial for crimes against humanity committed in the name of and on the direct orders of president by sean patrick, many people will be asking why is this taking place in germany? the core reason behind this trial happening in germany is the existence of the principle of universal jurisdiction that is based on the strong belief that there are certain crimes that cannot go unpunished. patrick creek, or is
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a lead lawyer for the prosecution, representing 9 alleged victims upon wall roslyn. any crime in the world that amounts to genocide, war, crime, crime against humanity, or the crime of, of aggression can be prosecuted and be brought to trial in germany. the other reason why we have the trial in germany is because of the presence of unwise are in germany, colonel roslyn or n was or is he is referred to under german law, was a senior figure in serious general intelligence operators over seeing a detention center in damascus, anyone who just finds the regime could be arrested and brought to al cutty hall branch. 251 are indicted as a in perpetrator who really held things in his hand. so to see the trial now in its final stages. again,
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in april 2020 the charges crimes against humanity. $4000.00 counts of torture and $58.00 cases of murder, rape, and sexual by them are, is charged when it comes to all these crimes for giving the aud off, or at least over seeing everything that happens. he is therefore an important co pauper traitor of the people that basically laid their hands on the injured persons themselves. and this also m is true for the crimes of sexual assault. that is true for the killings. legally speaking is the decisive point. did you have it in his power to prevent these crimes and also to let them happen to, to order them basically. and the answer to that, this is my opinion based on the evidence that we have heard clearly as yes. of course he did. ah,
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his protest turned into civil war. civilians were targeted with shilling ariel attacks and seeds rule for one of the was hit was the vons john. look refugee camp in damascus homes. the launch is palestinian population in syria. ah, in one of the trials, most prolific voices comes from co. plaintiff was seen, looked at as a believer of branch t 51. i was studying both music and medicine at that time. but then in 2012, i realized that the, the need for a medical help, especially in your mac after an air strike and in order and may the ext lifted that asian. i was presented with the question, should i keep myself as
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a musician and play music for people or should i had put them stay a life and then the choice was very clear for me. but yeah, it also leaves scars on your source. ah, i was part of a small group of doctors who volunteered to help with the asian. there were around 150000 people and it was disastrous. there was no electricity, no water, normally for supplies, nor food. there is a mortal, was written on or no water in front of that main entrance office look very big a georgia order broker, which means you either suffer either hunger or surrender.
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so yes, asian used and is using siege and hunger as a weapon for while seems decision to whole entire as a medical you see thousands in 12 was remarkable. he knew the level of risk. he'd been arrested a year earlier and was known to the regime. they found us on the streets and that was enough for them to a duct us. and then they started hitting us with their fists with their feet, with their weapons. they burnt our hair, they paid on us, they hit us with metal stuff. i don't know what it is because we were blindfolded was seam and his friends were brought here. the syrian general intelligence branch, t $51.00 also known as our cause. he spread over 2 buildings and populated
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residential area of downtown damascus. ah, many inmates of branch 251 never saw daylight. again, these images are just a few of the thousands taken by an official police photographer known by the pseudonym caesar tossed to record. there is brutalized and murdered by the regime. ah, than torture started the very 1st movement. there is no connection with the outside world. no family member knows where we are. it's. it's as if you disappeared. no, you don't exist anymore. ah, no. i wasn't to the gated 3 times. every time i was blindfolded, the 1st thing i do is i put my hands under my chest. they cannot access my fingers,
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was important. it's a way to, to make resistance without them knowing that i am resisting them. the 1st thing in the interrogation i heard from and what was plan was lay on your belly, which means and raise your feet, which means take the position and not have to be hit. and then he directly ordered another member to hit me whenever the answers didn't to. so to him or he wasn't satisfied with answers. oh, in court. roslyn has refused to personally answer such allegations, exercising his right on the german law, not to speak to protect himself from identification during was seems interrogation . he was blindfolded. the 1st time he set eyes on his torturer roslyn,
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was in court. when he gave testimony. when august 2020, i was giving my testimony and our, our eyes crossed. and i need to say that the emotions were a complete, complicated emotions. there was anger. but there was also a feel of relief. while rosalind is present during was seems interrogation is not disputed. he is a different version of events. his lawyers claim he treated was seam and other inmates very well. back then and was none. he managed to hurt me a lot break me i believe. and i am taking part of this trial, not because i am broke. i am taking part of this trial because he did
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something bad to me and 2 others. and i need my justice back. despite the testimony of was seam and others, roslyn has appeared unmoved by the evidence presented against him. some witnesses of said that roslyn comes across as being cold, the ice or sure experience of dealing with an inside that court when a moment when he didn't show any reaction. and i really think as opposed to every one else in this courtroom where when the cesar photos were presented, i mean, this was obviously for me for all of us. and i really think for everybody, probably the toughest moment. and also the most emotional moment during the trial, you could physically see it on every one that was in the courtroom, how it was as training, except for an hour. ah,
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i do, despite his experiences at the hands of roslyn, was seam, has rebuilt his life and livelihood. now a successful musician in his adopted city of berlin. i am living kind of a quiet life respected from neighbors and from friends, respecting neighbors and friends. and then my new home offers me this opportunity to to bring a criminal court hurt me to trial. so 1st my feeling i am proud of this system. i need to say because sir, it recognizes people suffer even if it's not on the german choice or
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not, no german is participating in the whole story. ah, germany is the 1st country to spearhead efforts to bring the syrian regime to account where 800000 syrians now cool home. one of them is on la albany. he arrived at marie and filled a refugee camp on the outskirts of berlin with his family. in 2014 as was medicine. we lived here about 6 miles. a strange twist of fate brought on while bunny undone, while rosalind face to face a decade earlier, rosalyn had arrested him. one dawn, i don't remember exactly. it's was raining gone. and i,
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so guy was his wife or so walking inside. iraq applies. i knows his guy, but i didn't remember who is he looked to me and i fin. he like applies me from his looking. i was fill shame. i didn't to put one that lies him because he had a nice me and i did. and so i came, ignore him and the keep cooling after about 2 weeks. one of my friend thought me go, you know, and with his line here and readily and you know, he is in the same high you are this woman i back to my remedy under my zone zach guy. i saw him. that was an officer.
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ah, as early as 2011, the federal prosecutor had started investigating international crimes that were committed in syria. so when they learned of the presence of and why are in germany and they were in, they're in a good position to start investigating that case. and relatively quickly, they could actually make it or to, to an indictment basically which of them are, which was brought to the, to the corrine's court. this the apartment i live, and this the shop when i oh, come to buy and so and what a slot invested. i'm a groceries through to avoid. mooney was shopping for groceries when he spotted roslyn. again. the 2 men were neighbors. roslyn had been granted asylum and was living incognito alongside his victims of the many
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factors that lead to this trial, i would say that unwise boonie is definitely one of the most important ones. he has done this work off of documenting crimes, but also as being available as you know, the lawyer and activists are for so many syrians for such a long time. monotonous public look, i've been unbiased by i now mentioned organic. that's the one here in padre cracker is continuing this work with an want, bernie taking the fight for justice. far beyond germany's borders. their training displaced syrian lawyers to prosecute other regime war criminals. now living in sweden, austria, belgium, and the netherlands. for when we started working on this case, it was very closely together with unwise boonie, and we brought forward many, many witnesses. and it's amazing the important or, you know, because he has such a standing in the syrian community of people trust him. and so he was really instrumental in building this case. we need that in general. and now
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despite the international communities, condemnation of athens crimes, there is no political will to act. yesterday morning we awoke to pictures to children, foaming at the mouth, the suffering convulsion being carried in the arms of desperate parents, if drawn several comparisons between the nazi regime and the side regime. but the nazis was some accountability at nuremberg. are we going to see anything comparable for syria? it's been a situation where the international community is not been able to do anything and the justice area, but when it comes to syria, security council is, is blocked by russia and chinese retails. the truth is that assad, russia and iran had no interest in peace. so we don't have the idea of the
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ability to create it to be like we did for sloppy or wander even send it to the actually she and so horrible crimes. the worst of the century, and we can't do anything about it under the sun, kind of a system that we began to establish at nuremberg and then re establish through the united nation. so at the end of the cold war, i would hope that the germ experience wouldn't inspire other countries to do the same, to, to have laws that are as broad as the germans and to, and to, to bring cases forward with the trial coming to a conclusion all involved are aware of its significance. this is actually a really good case because we have somebody that actually is not only involved in these crimes but is directing these to direct the prison torture prison. that is somebody who is really part of the backbone of the syrian torture system. this is
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only the 1st case, i mean, and this is very important for us. we, you know, we cannot stop here quite the opposite. this is just the beginning. we need to take the further i don't see his future posterior or any other war inflict community without just because the wants are so big. you cannot hate them only by talking about forgiveness. don't you? don't give you. don't forget unless there is justice. antoinette beaks, kate, anwar albany, will go to cobblins for the verdict, is focus is not just on the man in the dark. he sees a much bigger picture, you know, liberal, the issue for me to click and williston go. it's not about him personally. it's not about mikey's or my feeling against him or not. i so happy because
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somebody ripleys in this lesion ripleys in the system now and go to court now, and they're watching from ports or i don't care her to do it to him or, or charge him benson. and if he will chat of as baton. i don't care i, i focus about charge as part of that. he gene the 1st ever war crimes trial for a syrian high ranking officer came about through a combination of witness statements and documents, documents that could potentially incriminate to the entire assad regime. in the 2nd part of his people and powers special report will go inside the covert documents gathering hope ration exactly how high to these documents go up. these documents
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lead us all the way to the top on the ceiling regime up to and including president aside charged with crimes against humanity. 4000 counts of torture and 58 cases of murder, rape, and sexual violence. people in power trucks, the 1st ever war crimes trial over syrian high ranking officer. i am thinking part of this trial because he did something bad to me and to others as verizon. i don't good. i focus about jobs as part of that. he's in the trial of on world slim part to on i just either. ah and
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you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. the listening post examined the vested interest behind the content you consume on al jazeera ah, a large on to see volcano, a rob sneed tonga. it's sending synonymy waves across the south pacific and warnings is far away in japan. and the u. s. west coast ah, hello, i am emily angry. this is al jazeera live from dough house coming up. the 1st all micron case detected in china's capital with the winter olympics in beijing just weeks away. russia has dis.


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