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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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from us, common impacted countries, the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. 8 now it's not our responsibility. please give unlocked, can get it to this, completed back. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to, to get back to the last page. this to you are now to sierra, ah, this is al jazeera. ah, it's 1300 hours g m t 4 p. m, here in doha, on come out. santa maria, welcome to the news on tennyson of joke of it. she is back in detention the once again fight. steeple taishan from australia. the broken spectacle of
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a prime minister bided the seat of the suction and unable to lead goldsboro for the u. k. prime minister to resign after more revelations of parties at downing street during covey lockdown. when there isn't an actual crisis to suit their needs, they'll make one. pentagon says russia is planning an operation to justify an invasion of ukraine. moscow dismisses the accusation and famous for just about anything we look at how young celebrities of cashed in big on youtube and as for morocco seal their place in the last 16 of the africa cup of nations, they joined coast that cameron and the knockout round after to no victory, although camara, oblivion ah . as another joke of ich saga rumbles on, he is back in detention that i may ation hotel and melbourne after his visa was
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revoked for a 2nd time. the tennis star is expected to appeal the decision at a hearing on sunday is the day before the australian opened begins. you remember joke of his visa was 1st cancelled after questions arose about his visa note his vaccine exemption. the decision was overturned, though, prompting an intervention by the immigration minister, who argued, joke of his presence, could be a health risk and encourage anti vaccine sentiments and took talk more about all this in a moment. stopped though with an update from sarah clark and brisbin. no joke of which is legal, tame took the visa stuff back to the federal court in a last minute bid to stop his deportation. on the eve of the australian open, the tennis champion has been granted a temporary reprieve. as long as this matters being played out in court, he can stay in australia. the federal government canceled his visa for a 2nd time, arguing that joke of which poses a health risk. and his presence here in australia, fans anti vaccination sentiment and might encourage others not to comply with
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public health measures. brokovich, his lawyers cited an online poll as evidence of widespread support for him in a strata. with 60 percent of australians wanting him to play in the estrella and open the tennis champion, his back in detention. the critics including the former labor prime minister, kevin rud argue that scott morrison is using the visa saga as a distraction. as a country records a record number of daily 1219 infections, joking, which is on court. rival, rafael, a doll has also white in arguing that this ongoing court battle is a distraction to the mind game. how strongly and open is much more important than, than any player. so if his playing finally. okay, if he is not playing, i, i'll tell then obama will be a great, that's another open with or without him. that's. that's my point of view. this saga isn't over yet. the matter is scheduled to return to the federal court for a final hearing on sunday, on the eve of the australian open. and novak joker, which is set for the 1st round of the tournament on monday, a half
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a world away. the decision to revoke joke of its visa for a 2nd time has drawn fierce reactions in his own country, serbia, support and say, the sterling government has politicized the issue and just turned it into a witch hunt. the belgrade born player is considered a national hero. yes this with and i thought a wonder why the government was heading high if you wasn't on you didn't deserve this is fighting for serbia for sport, for tennis. little bit more background on how we got here. we talk of it got there
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by playing, and he was denied entry into australia because he didn't meet the coven requirements authority, sent the tennis star to an immigration detention hotel in melbourne. he then appeal the decision, arguing his coven 19 infection in december. men, he was exempt from vaccine requirements, and so a court overturned the immigration ministries decision and ordered his release. and organizes of these trading opened, went ahead and included him in the drawer for the tennis championship. but then on friday, immigration minister alex hawk used his discretionary powers to cancel a joke of his visa once again on health grounds with us from perth in western australia is daniel estron and immigration lawyer. nice to have you with us to talk about a situation which is almost got nothing to do with support anymore. what's been your take as far as the visa situation goes and whether this has become not just politicized, but over politicized. it's a very good question. certainly immigration wise, where all i bloated screens and go to the social media, say, what's happening,
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not glued to the light fades from the course. it is rather fascinating in some ways . it's extraordinary. in some ways, it's not. we see the minutes that use. he's all her power. he's at the time what frequently to overton decisions or rather to make any decisions you feel she doesn't like the decision that was my by the probably in the course. so that in itself is not unusual. it may seem strange to the try and all that the minutes to can just sort of sleep in and say now to unlock the person. and i think there are risks to the community. therefore, i'm going to cancel the spot to department having gone through the process. i did not cancel for the despite of court having actually cost citizen. so it's, it's remarkable in that respect. but it is extorted because we have number one will supply if it's all extraordinary, because we've had such a fast turnaround of revenge, the beta was cancelled on friday and we have a full federal court hearing the 3 judges on sunday. that is extraordinary
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extraordinarily fast, and i think the court deserve i. i recognition for that particular access to justice in, in this instance, it is remarkable, however, that the minister has made a decision on vastly different grounds as the original delegates at the airport. the municipal basically said, i'm going to assume that mr joker, which did everything correctly. i'm going to assume that he had all the right emissions, travel exemptions, etc. but i still think he's a reach to the community. yes, he at my, of the flat of the roles in relation to the travel exemption. sorry. rather, the travel declaration, critical of his model was appearances this by being it's a positive car, but however, i'm going to accept and giving the benefit of the doubt and cancel philosophy. different right near that is very, very smart for my ministerial safety because i mean delays issues in relation to vaccinations that is travel exemptions are going to be agitated. gosh, it's fast. and i think it's really interesting. let me just let me just structure
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cuz i do want to get a couple of other questions where one is sort of all the players involved in nothing to do with tennis plans, but immigration minister, prime minister, custom immigration, people on the ground at the airport tennis australia, bic, tori and government. how did it come to be that so many players were involved and it seemed there was just huge communication breakdown between all of them. again, it's a regular question. i think i think something went wrong with some point, and i think you should have stuck which get a get a vision and time exemption in the 1st place. i think it would have been a fossil parts if you can. we've been refused evasive because we didn't requirements and even if you didn't have a travel exemption, it didn't want to contain for 2 weeks. but in terms of politicizing, the government and the minister embrace. she has done this on the number of occasions, but what she continues to be on a non grata that was david earlier in the holocaust denial. it was that molly and lessons of all black commentators, they were all decided not to be rather to talk to be a threat to the,
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to the 2nd community or risks of community. and they, for the minister decided to cancel. there is a degree of politicize ation. is no doubt about it now. that's not a profession, but i've been given novick joke of which has had a visa cancelled once or twice sexually will that's affect his ability to come into the country again for next year. striving open for example, i wouldn't think so. there's a lot of speculation that's been made in relation to the 3 year band. yes, there was a 3 a band if the razor is, is canceled. and cancellation is not attend by the court on sunday, rout smart, a free event can be waived if, for example, it's in the interests of australia. and i think having this government can pay in straight in the financial benefit to the strider economy, i think would certainly make those factors that i'm not too worried about is rand trade. even though you know, be the right person i. she status a lot. several exemption, et cetera. what i'm more concerned about is whether he actually has
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a chance of winning and participating at this friday. i've been obviously the chances of watched him. well, let's see if we can get some tennyson amongst all of us. hi, daniel estron. thank you so much for your time, really appreciate it. thanks having on 2 other news and more revelations of u. k. government parties during locked out the daily mirror. the newspaper says weekly drinks i gatherings were taking place more than a dozen occasions which had come to light on wednesday bars. johnson apologized to the british parliament for tending what he says, he thought was a work event at a time when social mixing was banned. a senior government civil servant is investigating not im baba reporting for us today from westminster and london. actually the fact that it's a saturday, it is a saturday, isn't it? yes and you are, they are reporting on politics on a week and tells you how big this story is. exactly how much trouble is embarrassed . johnson in, at the moment. huge trouble come out
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as you are saying, it's through weekends and her every single day. there have been more reports in the press, in the media of different parties, either at 10 downing street or it's her other government premises in the area of white hole near here. and friday brought revelations of a to leaving parties in april of last year, which happens the night before the funeral of prince philip, the husband of queen elizabeth, of course. and we'll remember those photographs of the queen on her own sitting on her own in morning at the funeral service because of the coverage or regulations you are talking about what happened in the spring of 2020. that was during the 1st locked down when the guidelines were even tighter. and that is a reminder of why people are so angry because people were going through huge sacrifices at the time, not able to see loved ones who had dying for example. now,
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this civil servant suit grey is looking into 13 parties now. she said to have been blindsided by friday's revelations. and this latest report that you were quoting from the daily mirror suggests that there was something basically known about by everybody in downing street called wine time fridays, where they would take a suit case to a supermarket, fill it with wine and alcohol, bring it back to downing street, forrest johnson, he said, to have known about that and encourage staff to let their hair down to unwind, although he didn't attend those events. he was at that garden party that you were talking about, which he admitted on wednesday, and which brought a call from care stammer, the opposition labor party leader for johnson to resign. now, in the last couple of hours, stormer has again said why he thinks johnson has to go and put it into the context of the fight against pandemic. rather than concentrating on getting through the
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pandemic and bring into our waiting lists, this self indulgent tory party is having a fight about a leader who they should have no from. the start is not fit for office. where we're witnessing every day. the broken spectacle of a prime minister minded deceit, a deception, and unable to lead. but whilst the tor is becca and fight each other on what's up, i want to look to the future. that sort of reaction and deem from kia, samar, in fact, any member of the opposition is entirely predictable. i'm wondering more about the reaction from within the conservative party and whether there is a growing movement against boris johnson from within his own ranks. well, there is a movement we'll get to this feed in a minute. that's what matters. public opinion is strongly or hostile to what's happened and hostile to bore as johnson polls are putting labor. now,
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10 points ahead of the conservatives, but of course it's up to the conservative party. what happens to boys johnson? they will be under pressure though, as they meet their constituents this weekend, back in their constituencies, they'll be hearing how angry they are. and there are reports that some m p, some conservative m p 's are being told by a lifelong tory voters, that they're cancelling their party memberships. they'll be feeding this back into the the party leadership of course. but for the moment is only a handful of conservative m. p. 's have come out and said that johnson should resign. it will take 54 of the conservative m p 's to put in letters of no confidence to trigger or a leadership context. so we're far from that, we think at the moment, but the pressure is still growing to fight it. johnson has reportedly started something that he himself has called operation. now please try not to laugh operation save. big dog would involved getting rid of the coffee regulations like
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mar, squaring, and recommendations to work from home. and it would mean lining up certain officials to be sacked, basically, to save his own skin. it's remarkable that that was even put on to paper that i was able to be leaked, but there we are. that's what he is planning to do. it's not in his nature to resign. he has been sacked twice in the past, from previous jobs for lying. this time, the impression that all this is creating has really damaged him and his party has to decide soon how long it's going to take before it damages it damages their electrical chances as well. come out operation side, big talk. yes, thank you for that name. nadine bother reporting from london. extraordinary, isn't it? let's move on to the cove and use. india's selection commission has extended a ban on political rallies and several states ahead of elections in february is increasing concern about
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a rise in the number of corona virus cases. you deli itself observing another weekend curfew apartments on our reports. and once again the street and the national capital are empty. this is the 2nd weekend go. if you hear in you jelly, which means that on saturday and sunday, most people have to stay at home, only essential services like hospitals and food deliveries are allowed earlier this week, jelly. so it's hi, is this quite since the pandemic began? the positivity rate here is 30 percent, which means that every talk test is positive. no other restrictions continue through the week. there's a night curfew schools have been closed. restaurants are only open for deliveries, and most people are working from home. i'm out of gillian, so it's a big loss for us. a full log don't is actually better because at least we can go back to a village and there during these we can confuse and we don't on anything right now for the country. several cities like you jelly and one by have seen cases did
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slightly, but that's because of testing which has dropped authorities are now prioritizing death for high risk patients. so asymptomatic contact of cobra. 1000 patients have been asked to simply self isolate. so even though it looks like cases have plateaued, positivity rate has gone up. now, amid all of this log scale gatherings or religious gatherings rather have continued, even as most of the country has been under some form of restriction for some time now. west been gone, which is hosting the largest gathering, has seen its highest single day spike since the beginning of the pandemic. now, the courts there are asking us forties to consider postponing upcoming civic balls because of the corona, of our situation in the state. 17 minutes past the news i has what's coming up in under water volcano, could be seen from space erupting nearly on to tongue ascending soon army wides
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across the south pacific. millions of iranians struggling to survive at soaring inflation, drives food prices beyond their reach. and sport, one of the world's best young footballs keeps his team in contention. this is for the german lead time. ah, the united states is accused russia planning a so called false flag operation in easton ukraine. in an attempt to create some sort of excuse for an invasion, the pentagon says there's evidence russian agents might already be in the country to carry out acts of sabotage and then blame it on ukraine. kremlin spokesman is dismissed, the reports is unfounded. this report is from montana. after a week of negotiation in 3 european cities, there are no signs of any diplomatic breakthrough. and a warning from the white house that the ukraine crisis could escalate even further
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. with the claim that russia is planning to create a pretext for an invasion, we have information that indicates rush has already pre positioned a group of operatives to conduct a false flag operation in eastern ukraine. the operatives are trained and urban warfare and in using explosives to carry out acts of sabotage against russia's own proxy forces from larry. the allegation was echoed. ready by the u. s. defense department, we already have in addition, indications that russian influence actors are already starting to already starting to fabricate ukrainian provocations on that that are in both state and social media. to again, try justify in advance some sort of pretext for incursion. claims to that, russia was behind a cyber attack con, ukrainian government websites that shut them down for a period of time. the words be afraid and fear the worst. we're also projected on
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several official sites, but any scheduled annual news conference, the russian foreign minister dismissed the allegations and maintain that it was the us and its allies that was stalling the diplomatic process by not responding to russia's demand that nato membership for ukraine be taken off the table, as you say, we are waiting for the written reaction. we have reasons to believe that our partners have understood the necessity to react quickly precisely and on paper. and they have understood that we are not going to wait forever. but of course, there are plans to drag it on and on. the us senate is continuing to debate imposing sanctions on russia. and while there's bipartisan agreement on the need for strong action, there's disagreement about the details. the bill is not passed. democrats rejected the proposal by republican senator ted cruz to sanction a gas pipeline from russia to germany. probably every single one of us in this
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chamber agrees that the united states must be strong and confronting potent and his the stabilizing tactics in eastern europe and in ukraine. but my colleagues as my colleagues made clear this morning, senator cruz, his bill in our opinion, is the wrong answer at this time to deter a president hooton's aggression. the white house insists that sanctions against russia should not impact on allies like germany. walking a tightrope as it attempts to define what form sanctions should take my kinda ultra 0 washington more on this one. now with dos, a jibari voting from moscow dasa. i start to wonder if, by the end of this week, when we had all these talks happening between russia and various groups that were actually, you know, further back from where we were at the start of the weight, all these new allegations and things, it just piles more pressure and, and more stonewalling from both sides. certainly
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things have really gone from bad to worse, but there was hope with the start of the talks in geneva and between the deputy foreign secretary of state and her russian counterpart. but as those meetings got under way on monday and various other meetings took place, things just became much more clear that there remains huge gaps between what the russians want and what the americans are willing to compromise on or give into. in terms of where things stand now, we are from the russian foreign minister on friday, who said similar allegations were made against the americans and nato. a certain law for all said that russians have reasons to believe that nato and the u. s. could be building up their troops alongside the russian border and using there could be hostilities with ukraine as a pretext to do so. and that is something that rushes very much concerned about in terms of their own troops movement within their own country. the foreign minister
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said that it is well within their sovereign right to do so, and their red line very much for this country is the possibility of ukraine joining nato. the 30 member alliance. there is very much seen as a threat to russia and they believe that expanding nato could be seen as an aggressive move against them. the kremlin has said that if the united states imposes any sanctions on russia, it will be comparable to separate ties. so all this rhetoric to came out this week in terms of, instead of making things much better, it was clear that the 2 sides are very much so far apart from one another and things that have actually escalated further. and there is very little hope that they will calm down in the coming weeks. but we do have the german foreign minister coming to moscow on tuesday and holding talks with various officials in the hopes of trying to de escalate the since with ukraine and the united states. thank you
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till such a barry in moscow were bright things on further with scott lucas ameritas, professor at the university of burning. and always good to say you scott, can i suggest that talking is not achieving anything here and that actually on the rise and all the raise is more talks. well, i just simply give you the quote from winston churchill jaw is better than world war. i don't think anybody expected a breakthrough this week from the talks d, the america's my clear at the start of the way that they just simply wanted to get dialogue going. because while hawks are going on, it's very difficult even for vladimir putin to launch direct military attacks into ukraine, wouldn't look very good. so it's buying time if you will. the issue here is, is that now that those talks have run their course this past week, whether it be with the you, us with nato, with the organization for security and cooperation in europe. the russians have white openly pursuits and very aggressive tactics. the cyber attacks,
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which took place in the ukraine on friday, and some very aggressive language survey lab ra saying we have run out of patience . deputy foreign minister react cough, who carried out the negotiations warning that military action might be taking place very soon. and what the united states is dawn by pointing to the idea that there might be a false flag attack as a pretext for an invasion, something the russians did in crimea. 2014 is all right. if the russians might be pursuing aggressive action, we're going to call them out on it here. and now, because we want to effectively try to prepare in the court of public opinion as well as politically and militarily for proteins. next month, you mentioned yes. like i love it was they said we're running out of patience here . we've run out of patient sam's just struggling with that one because he was, i mean, he thing we run out of patience with you over so many things. nature being one of them. but that's russia trying to tell nato who they can have in their own club. it just it, it doesn't make sense, quite frankly, with you. i mean,
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you just hit the analytic nail on the head. what russia is asking for in the dies of security guarantees for moscow is a veto over ukraine's defense arrangements that ukraine cannot deal. donnelly with any nato partners. they can't deal with individual countries. they can't have training provided by the u. s. or by europeans. they can't have any type of defensive weapons by the us or europe. and for those who might be sympathetic to moscow, you point, ask yourself, if you crane told russia, we want a veto over your defense partnerships. whether it be with china, with india, with russia's immediate neighbors like cons, extended belarus, when moscow accept it. absolutely not. but the russian tactics here, or even while they're being very, let's call it assertive. if you, you will. many pressure on ukraine has to always portrayed themselves as the victim always portrayed them. the cells, as they're the ones that are basically need to be supported in this crisis. out of
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old groups have had talks with the russians this week. is there any orac facts, any who haven't? is there any one group body person you think who has a slight advantage to make a difference? hey, you know we had, we had night i, we had the u. s. we had the o. s. c a as well. i actually think that the little bit of a different angle here because i don't think anyone has an advantage. i think the importance here is, is that russia has not been able to drive a wedge between the u us and europe, and between us nato. what moscow wanted was they want to just the bilateral talks with the americans and nothing else to try to sort of maneuver with biden make him possibly appear like he would give way on certain conditions and strand ukraine. the americans have fallen for that. the question has been rather not who is involved in the talks with the scope of the talks, what the americans and the europeans want is. look, we're happy to discuss a strategic framework with you. we'll discuss nuclear weapons. we'll discuss
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conventional deployments. we'll even discuss as it were, mutual guarantees, which is not basically camping out on each other's borders with large numbers of forces. now will russia, except those talks on strategic and security frameworks, or do they keep hammering away at the immediate issue or eastern ukraine? scott lucas, so it's a pleasure to talk to you and to get you of his thank you for your time. thank you so much. now, a tsunami has hit the pacific nation of toner after and under c volcano erupted. now, just to show you a bit of geographical context on the google maps here, tongue is a pretty small place. in fact, the biggest island is only 35 kilometers or so east to west, a population of a 106000 in the capitol. nicole, offer them 70 kilometers away just to the north. this is where you've got or the volcanic island in question hung a tongue, a ha pi, which relatively speaking very,
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very close. and then even from there in turn within an 800 kilometer radius of bat, you've got a whole lot of other islands including there's fiji to, to the west. up here you've got american samoa and the island of somewhat as well. and then if we zoom out even further, obviously it's much further away to get to places like new caledonia in australia, new zealand museum and 2000 kilometers away in fact. but there were even warnings there of increase swells and waves. andrew chappelle has our report the hunger tongue who the high pub oqueeno in the south pacific ocean, about 70 kilometers north of the tongue and capital dooku alova has been active in recent days. it's a russian sending ash more than 20 kilometers into the sky on friday. another option on saturday was so violent. it was seen from space and register 2000 kilometers away and new zealand. it triggered us unami, which hits on there within 20 minutes. waves crashing a shore on the main islands on the top and violent ash turn skies over the capitol
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as black as night. residents of low lying islands in the area had been told to stay in doors where a mask outside and cover rainwater reservoirs due to the falling ash and acid rain . here's how one woman described it to her family and friends like explosions in town. i guess it was from her. okay, no. and they're like literally pop darya. jonathan everyone just wrote. aaron rose in town. a slice when pitch glasses. please head to higher ground if you are in danger zone warnings to for those further away in fiji, in american samoa tongue of geological services say this latest eruption was 7 times more powerful than a previous one in december. and there may be more to come into shapell al jazeera. just extraordinary, isn't it? ok, before we grab a break, here's the weather with everton hollow, it looks like when to really has set in across the middle east. now it seems very
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heavy. rain is the western parts of iran recently. that's just to the east of q 8. they're more reading the forecasts. we've had a few spots of rain in here in doha, just about an hour or so ago that where to weather would flirt with this. as we go on through the next day or so, actually sinking little further south, which as we go through sunday, but do expect to see a few showers across the gulf. states pushing down towards a u. a 8 will destroy the for moos popping up once again. across southern parts of iran and then another band of wet weather to sliding out of syria, iraq, she across the caucuses, back towards the northwest, around cold enough behind to 7 celsius for damascus. and also for jerusalem. and it's cold enough to across northern parts of africa. little bit of a northerly breeze here, just pagan, those temperatures back 17 celsius in ben garza and in cairo, little tri are just around the or the gulf coast. they're just around the gulf of kinney, but we have got some very heavy rain now pushing into southern parts of cameroon,
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easing across gabon, easing into the democratic republic of congo, and sliding further eastward. it will make its way across the rift valley, some heavier rank coming into kenya, along with your gander and tanzania. thank you, folks, are plenty more hit on this news hour. we will tell you which african countries leading the way in renewable energy and is on track to be completely self sufficient in 10 years. and your sports moves australia amy, to finish the ashes series against england with another wind. santa will have that a little bit later on. ah, the virus is indiscriminate, that those living in poverty are far more vulnerable to the dangers of cove with my g alley re examines the reasons for this disparity, the social and economic inequality that surround us. how much deeper and much more problematic than we thought i'd asked whether lessons learned from the global pandemic could lead to positive change the close of the, of the hill,
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which all hail the locked down expose of privilege and poverty during a crisis ala j 0 al jazeera sets the stage, this, there is a type of animal you could ever imagine thing. explore an abundance of wealth cloth programming. we need that double sort of got into. and sharon, of vaccines designed to lean forward, motivate and, and sy, why are journalists under attack? because democracy is hunter the truth tellers. see the world from the different perspective on allergies here. lou ah,
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this is the news all from al jazeera and these are our top stories, novak jock of it, back in immigration detention in melbourne after his visa was cancelled for a 2nd time. the tennis style will appeal decision at a hearing on sunday. a day before the spreading often begins, there are more revelations of u. k. government policies during lockdown, emerging. the daily mirror says weekly drinks gatherings took place. the opposition leader has again called for bars. johnson to resign as prime minister and an underwater volcanoes erupted off the coast of tongue, a triggering su nami, waves across the south pacific authorities as far away as new zealand issued warnings, but has been no reports of major damage so far. let's look at mexico, where migrant camps and shelters are running out of space. as families continue arriving at their doles, the pandemic has brought the u. s. asylum processed to a virtual standstill and things now getting even worse. after a controversial trump era policy was re implemented,
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manuel rebelar report 70 juana it's suppertime at a migrant shelter in tijuana, mexico, and both space and food for every one is limited. the shelters, director says there's been a significant increase in the number of families arriving. and she's been forced to turn many away. oh, home. it's very painful to see women with children arriving at our doors and asking for shelter. large influx is of migrants stretching the limits of the services shelters can provide is not a new phenomenon here. but the coven 19 pandemic, has made things more complicated. for more than a year, the u. n. international organization for migration has been using a hotel in downtown tiquana, as temporary housing, and a quarantine new arrivals. but it wants the us and mexico to do more to help those shelters that are able to receive families are
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over crowded right now. they're over a 100 percent capacity. a lot of them have 3 or 4 spaces, but the families are still coming. the u. s. asylum process has been at a virtual standstill since the start of the pandemic leaving hundreds of migrants stranded as conditions at migrants shelters. if you want to become more overcrowded, many who can't find a place to stay, have ended up here a make shift migrate camp right on mexico's border with the united states. but space has also run out, and local authorities have fenced off the area. i the sound of children practicing the violin, breaks through the platter. the parents of this aspiring musician tell us they've been here for more than 2 months, but say returning to their home in southern mexico where they feel gang violence. and extortion is not an option. if you see list that i see being here is difficult,
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we're not here because we want to be who would want to live like this. further complicating the matter is the re implementation of a u. s. policy known as the migrant protection protocols or n p p which forces asylum seekers to return to mexico. wilder cases are processed with n p. p. scheduled to be reinstated in more cities along the borders. it's feared overcrowded condition shelters and migrant camp. only get worse. manuel did up a new houses here i want to mexico. iran has one of the highest inflation rates in the world has risen to nearly 60 percent since just 2018. and while a new government, this is improving economy is a priority, so many are still struggling. russell soda has more in this report from tetra, this shopping bags get lighter with each with it as you're on betters with inflation. it is these people that suffered the most valuable and we got prices
4:38 pm
have gone up so much that we're not able to buy basic things. even buying simple cloth is not affordable for me. i'm not from tehran, but even in my own city prices are an affordable prices of chicken, meas, rice, and so many other foods are increasing. day by day. everywhere in the country is the same. iranians have had to endure sorta inflation rates for decades. and while they may complain, there is very little they can't do. but the annual inflation rate announced in september was the highest since 1995. at $45.00, a person and the figures hovered around say, mark says down with some food supply caused seeing triple digit increase customers . autumn only wants to soften him. some small shops ought to respond for an out of business. majesty by the cells carpets into ron's grand bizarre. for 5 years, he says he has witnessed a steady decline in business, and is now struggling to survive. oh, as the poor flung melissa, going in
4:39 pm
a hole in our thoughtful compared to last year, prices have kept increasing this year. even 3 times we have had an increase in prices. it's had an impact and our business income has decreased rent fees have gone up again. my income now is half of last year. how many shops have been shut down? the cause of the highest inflation rate in more than 25 years could be from the mismanagement of the company's economy to, to fall out from the corner widest pandemic. but many will argue it is the creepy sanctions imposed by washington over iraq nuclear program. that is, the real cause of the crisis. in 2015 western powers had agreed to leave some sanctions against iran in exchange for restrictions on his nuclear activities of the way. but in 2018, do united states under president trump's administration pulled out of the deal. and washington imposed additional sections on iran is tad handle. iran's president abraham bracy has made reviving the 2015 deal
4:40 pm
a priority. but 8 rounds of negotiations in vienna have yielded nothing so far. iran wants sanction lifted immediately and are guaranteed that the deal will endure beyond the biden and administration before its reduces its uranium enrichment program. the u. s. has so far we 1st met at a it had that wrong bring inflation under control is the demand of the people. so we're taking measures to address that. and based on statistics, inflation rates are in a downward trend. it's a good beginning. they could lead to a drop in high prices, but those measures are in having an impact in the neighborhood stores yet. and for most iranians, the struggle to put bread on the table continues. chris will say that ultra 0 to her. well, not 1000000000 is yet, but the top styles on youtube do attract billions of views each year and enough cash to now have their own forbes list. the magazines released its list of the richest youtube celebrities after the site at boom. during the pandemic,
4:41 pm
the highest erna, jamie donald centers better known as mister beast, 7 is $10000000.00 plus views of earned and $54000000.00 in the last year. is 23 years old and it is among the world's highest paid entertain has made more money last year than bts or kim kardashian. ah, there isn't any one formula for success that has to be said. are the top owners made millions by and doing on boxing videos, selling merchandise, cooking, or just playing video games? in fact, a 7 year old called nastier, earned in 28000000 dollars last year. a bit more than 10 year old ryan kaji. collectively these you tube is made around $300000000.00. oh my goodness chris stoker walker with us now a youtube trends expert with us from new castle. i'm sorry. what are we all doing? i i'm a little bit flabbergasted by those numbers. i hadn't seen all of them tell me into
4:42 pm
how is this become so lucrative? well, it's because it's replaced traditional television, and i think that when you put it into that context, these numbers do start to make a little bit of sense. you know, that hollywood movie stars will in inordinate amounts of money for performing in films every single year. and what is essentially happening is these youtube is, are doing that, but they're doing it online and to huge ordeal. so if i can contextualize place $2000000000.00 of us across the world, log on to you tube every single month. so that is a large rolled use and if you choose parent company, alphabet, which is formerly known as google and billions of dollars through advertising revenue against those videos, the youtube is themselves take around a 55 percent cut. so then suddenly, this amount of money starts to make maybe a little bit more sense. hello, i are with you 7 year olds earning that amount of money is incredibly seriously. m
4:43 pm
o r. we now reaching a point where being a, quote unquote, youtube or an influencer, or whatever phrases you want to use is actually a korea. yeah, more children want to the youtube is than want to be astronauts. and that is because they have seen the importance and the power that these people have, and they have huge sway, and they live in massive mansion. so ultimately, in the same way that we saw the reality tv drivers, clearly 2000, we're seeing something similar with digital craters now. and i think it's partly because of how we live our lives. here. we tune to youtube, another platforms like instagram or tick tock for entertainment, and would use an increasingly, instead of traditional tv or netflix or amazon prime or any other of those live streaming video platform. so i get it right. i get your kind do your size and your confusion and what my incredulity. credible. yeah, exactly,
4:44 pm
but i think that you have to bear in mind that this is 2022. youtube has been around for 15 years. people have been making money off it for more than 10 years. and so really, it's not a huge surprise that there are these norm amounts of money going around. or i think those of us on the outside it is really, really difficult to understand. and i'm more than happy to be one of those people, the list itself. and this is more a sort of a social question. it is very much dominated by white men. ah, is that just still sort of the way of the world's these days, or is there something in there that someone suggested to me has something in the algorithm or that sort of the way youtube is pushing its content out to people a little way that you choose algorithm works is it depends on what we all watch and i think there will be people watching this program from all around the world. you will wonder why maybe some names familiar to them on, on this list. as you say, this is hugely white, hugely male, completely english speaking pretty much. and i think that that is testament to the
4:45 pm
fact that we have still an unequal society, of social media in many ways. likes to try and disrupt the old ways. but actually it more like home to mirror up to scientists, all of the issues that we have with it pre existing. so the fact that these are all white and pretty much all men and, you know, that replicates a large part of imbalance in our traditional society. i think is something that we need to work on. chris and i have a youtube channel. it just has a whole lot of my videos on at work that i do at al jazeera and behind the same stuff. and i've got, i think, 230 subscribers. how do i get more? i don't want to monetize it. i don't want to be rich of it, but i'm also wondering how do people get to a stage where i'd sure not even gonna be interested in what i do, but how to hit is that where people are interested in what you do. well, this is the thing, i think a lot of people equate being a youtube or any sort of digital content. create it with like being a celebrity. they only see the bit in front of the camera, but in reality,
4:46 pm
it's probably better to think of these people as if they're entrepreneurs. they are setting up businesses open a room. so mr. beast, who we tools found, leading the way on the top 10 list. he has a huge team behind him and he managers, those people. so i think we'll, what it is is people think not, this is overnight success. and they think that it's an awful lot of good luck and it is, but it's an awful lot of hard work as well. that has to go into maintaining your audience thinking up video ideas and also just managing all the business behind it . chris, i'm still incredulous, but i'm incredulous with context. now. thanks to you. really appreciate it. crystal walker joining us on your counselor today. fascinating isn't that right now? full central and south american countries have agreed to further protect one of the world's most important marine ecosystems. the galactic a marine reserve is home to many critically endangered species. ecuador, costa rica, panama,
4:47 pm
and colombia will now expand the area under their protection and ben fishing in some parts. and now kenya, which is stepping up its efforts to reach total energy self sufficiency by the year 2030, the country already gets 90 percent of its electricity from natural sources including solar power. in fact, it has the largest single wind power facility as well in africa. catherine soil's ball. the blades of $365.00 tar binds. rotate on the edge of lake to cana. this wind farm, the largest in africa, is perched on a stretch of rocky desert it north in kenya. yet it is key to the country's plans to have a fully green energy supply by 2030, with a capacity to dispense $310.00 megawatts of low cost power. it will increase energy supply by 30 percent. those who leave and walk in masa bit home to the wind firm can't wait to be connected, but some are not happy. it's not already happened. season of clear thought,
4:48 pm
you lot of problems, we will end telecom, we're told the wheat energy will help us when it comes, but it's taking too long to teach us that. that is one of the theory does in kenya's skill running on generator. people here say they want to go green and benefit from the wind farm. many are increasingly using solar energy to power. the whole renewable energy from natural sources, including geothermal, weaned solar and hydro electric account for about 90 percent of kenya's electricity needs. the country's electricity company is also diversified by using geothermal, steam for other uses. it's record data at impact in agriculture because we have the clean houses. we are growing our hot catcher. we have fish. that is also agriculture. we have drying off crops. if we didn't want to get too large skin pharmacy, even people who are rico my sure life, we have to feed them adjustment to your them a field. all this makes kenya
4:49 pm
a global leader in climate change. but some analysts say that in may not help you, the developed world does not do better option one is to continue investing in cleaning mechanisms for the already polluting industries. option 2 is to invest a new renewable technology's unclean technologies in africa and make use of the collegial africa. that's is the cheaper the cheapest option. we should sell now, and that's what the wild features. jafar. abduct. mine says. all he wants is a clean and a more reliable pass horse to run his business. catching sight altogether, or sabot canyon to australia, where an iceberg is melting in sidney harbor. and there are acrobats on it. they performing on a joint block of ice suspended 20 meters in the air. it's been melting in the summer, hate slowly shrinking the stage on which i stand. the stunt turned performance
4:50 pm
organized by local theater company is meant to spot conversations about climate change. spots news coming up and for that we're back to australia to hear what novick brokovich is playing. rivals have to say about his possible deportation. i had a few strategies ah, [000:00:00;00] with
4:51 pm
frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken luca shanker, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning there have been informed opinions . i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most of the things that come out of this critical debate. do you think it should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child. wants that inside story. on al jazeera lou ah, son has got, well, was gonna say, got more on the tennis, but clearly there's some cricket news happening, right. thank you again. you thank you very much. come all on the last hour i was
4:52 pm
calling. has announced that he is stepping down as in just test captain calia has been in the job for the last 7 years. he let india and 68 matches and has been his country's most successful captain. with 40 winds. colleague made the decision on the back of his team suffering a series of defeat in south africa whilst julia are looking good to finish the ashes that series against england with another when england were bold out of 400 and 88th on day 2 of the 5th test in pennsylvania. ha cummings. it took the key wicked to of a jo routes since then australia have built up a $150.00 to run a 2nd innings to lead there already 3 know up in the series. i found the dal says the australian open is more important than just one player and that he's getting tired of the no back joke of its controversy dominating the build up to the
4:53 pm
for years. first grand slam joke of it has returned to government detention and faces deportation of from australia after his visa was cancelled for 2nd time. well, number one, it will appeal against the decision in a hearing on sunday, he's due to start his title defense in melbourne. the following day. well i tell you one thing it's, it's very clear that no i can, jo garbage is a, is a, is one of the best players of the history without a doubt but days. no one plan he studied. that's the that's, that's more important than, than an event now because the plaza stays on then goes on. the north players are coming. not so no one knew. and roger novak myself a be on board who was amazing. got his time. santa dennis, i keep going. and i was throwing open is much more important than, than any player. so why if his playing finally. okay. if he is not playing, i was taught then open will be a great,
4:54 pm
that's not an open whistle without him. that's. that's my point of view about his image. i mean, everyone chose his his rotunda. i respect ah, himself as a, as a person of course and as a, as an athlete, without a doubt i. i respect a lot. no. so i wish him all the best and i, i, i really respect him and if, even if i am not agree with a lot of things that, that, that he did the last the last couple of weeks. well, some other leading players are showing a more sympathy for a joke of ritual number to dynamic with believes the case has been a bad be handled by the australian authorities. i want to say about another situation that it's, you know,
4:55 pm
where in australia it's their rules. but from what i know if, if again, he has a valid exemption to be in this country and to, to do what he wants than he should play. if the exemption is not valid or something else is not valid, well, any country can deny your answers. so i know that yesterday, prime minister, let's say said no, i didn't really read anywhere. why? so that's what interest me to know. the reason he had a visa, right? so i don't think he would have traveled here just by luck without him thinking that he would be able to play in with him having the right authorization to be in the country. so if you would have the visa, you would think that you would be playing. i think novak is a very big name and as a global superstar, and i think that he is someone that maybe you know, people think that they can make
4:56 pm
a big deal out of it just because it's novick for moral number one. and demari just missed out on his 1st title when and 3 years my is slowly rebuilding his career after a series of long term injuries. he was beaten in straight sets by russia as asked land current server. and the sidney classic final, the 34 year old that has been given a wildcard to play at the australian open for his reach the final on 5 occasions. football now moral cor, through to the last 16 of the africa coupled nations, they beat camaros at to nail. selim amola and sekoya book la, getting the goals for the atlas a lot lines to victory me as the north africans have 6 points from the 2 games in group see moral co are looking to win the torment for a 2nd time when a fire broke out at the end, oh,
4:57 pm
group sees other game at which so gonna suffer another set back to their title hopes gone oh, are looking good for the when the when the and the i you put them ahead the in the 1st half but gabon grabbed the late equalizer the 11 a drop leaf ghana, fed with just one point from 2 games up on our 2nd with 4 points. i'm allow we have kept their hopes of advancing alive after training against that is in bob way. they got back into the game or the great finish the celebration that followed was perhaps even more impressive. adobe in horse, you handle the score of that goal. he also got the winner and the 2nd half to on the final storm allow it fit 3rd in group b with 3 points from 2 games. erling had on that has been adding a yet more goals to his impressive collection. he scored twice in a 51. when the over in germany would to speaker the norwegian has now scored
4:58 pm
$78.00 in $77.00 matches for dockman. when moves his team to within 3 points of leg leaders, i munich. and that's a for me come up. but we thank you for that santa, we're back in a couple minutes time. actually another full bulletin of news here on out 0. i'll see you for that ah, take take to ships to democracies, activists to corporations, control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want you to hear. we care about the environment you do to you should buy our oil clear for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. listening post examines the vested interest behind the content. you can see on al jazeera, the comes here every year for you, the budget,
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a 5 day festival where everyone dresses in white men, women and children submerge and running water of the tigris river, depend their bodies and wash away their sins. this baptism is a monday and ritual, also known as civilians in iraq. they are the followers of one of the istic religion, which predates islam and christianity in monday is the 1st religion to the world. i believe in one vote and created life and easy, everlasting, are fully booking skins or a bomb. will the 1st books of prophet adam sheet and yeah, here. and they want to dispel the myth about which cross and magic being associated with the gnostic religion. zavion say their numbers are barely a 5th of what they were before the 2003 invasion because of iraq security. and there is being a close religion. one can only be born into the faith in marrying into their religion is forbidden, and the population has dwindled even further because thousands have taken refuge elsewhere for safety. oh, from the al jazeera london pro casenita
5:00 pm
t special guest incumbents ation. when you say a lie, a 1000000 times, it becomes you then can create whatever narrative you want and from dead uninterrupted. i realized i was working for something that was evil, you know, being a part of actually creating at maria. let them meet critically. the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio, b and square dates on how to sierra. ah tennis donovan. joke of it is back in detention as he fights as deportation from australia. ah, hello dan. i'm come out. santa maria here in doug, how they see the world news from al jessie. the broken spectacle of
5:01 pm
a prime minister abided, deceived a deception. i'm unable to lead cold, sorry for the u. k. prime minister to resign. after more revelations of parties at


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