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control of the message is crucial, the it for public opinion or profit. the listening post examines the vested interest, bind the content you consumed on al jazeera ah, tennis donna, that talk of it is back in detention as he fights deportation from australia. ah, hi there, i'm kimbell, this is algae. they're alive from dough off. also coming up the brokerage spectacle of a prime minister by the deceived to such an i'm unable to lead calls grove, the u. k. prime minister to resign, not to more revelations of parties at downing street during covered 19 lock downs.
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when there isn't an actual crisis to suit their needs, don't make one else. the pentagon says roger is planning an operation to justify an invasion of ukraine. moscow dismisses the accusation and soon army waves have hit the shores of the south pacific nation of tomba after an underwater volcanic eruption. ah, that jock of it is back in detention at an immigration hotel after his visa was revoked for a 2nd time. the tennis tower is expected to appeal the decision at a hearing on sunday. that's just a day before the australian open begins. talk of witches visa was 1st cancelled after questions about his vaccine exemption. but the decision was overturn prompting an intervention by the immigration minister. he argued jock, of which his presence could be help risk and encourage anti vaccine sentiment.
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sarah clark as follows, developments from brisbin. now the joke of is, legal team took the visa stuff back to the federal court and the last minute bid to stop his deportation on the eve of the astray and open. the tennis champion has been granted a temporary reprieve. as long as it matters being played out in court, he can stay in australia. the federal government canceled his visa for a 2nd time, arguing that brokovich poses health risk and his presence here in australia, offense and he vaccination sentiment, and might encourage others not to comply with public health measures. token which is lawyers cited an online poll as evidence of widespread support for administrative at 60 percent of astrology. wanting him to play in the strolling open the tennis champion, his back in detention. the critics, including the former labor prime minister, kevin rod argue that scott morrison is using the visa saga as a distraction as a country record, record number dally type of 19 infections. joking,
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which is on court. rival, rafael. a dial has also white in arguing that this ongoing court battle is a distraction to the mind game as an open is much more important than, than any player. so if case playing finally ok. if he's not playing then open will be a great open we. so without him that's, that's my point of view. this target isn't over yet. the matter is scheduled to return to the federal court for a final hearing on sunday, on the eve of the australian open. another joke of which is set for the 1st round of the tournament on monday, in jock of which his home country serbia, the president, has given him his full backing. because the curly if you wanted to, by nova jock a veteran winning his 10th australian opened trophy in melbourne, why didn't you deport him immediately? why didn't you tell him that it was impossible for him to get a visa to your country? why do you harassing and not only harass him, but his family and a whole nation? libertarian and proud? is that necessary to win an election?
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is that necessary to make your citizens like you, president from a small country as a period you can say to a great prime minister from a large country that was for how did we get here? well, earlier this month, stroke which was denied entry to israeli, because he didn't meet the covert 19 requirements. already sent the tennis down to an immigration detention hotel in melvin. which appealed that decision, arguing that his coven 19 infection in december amendment, he was exempt from vaccine requirements. a court that overturned the immigration ministry decision and ordered his release, and organizes of the trailer and open included him in the tennis championship. but on friday, immigration minister alex hawk used his discretion report as to cancel the joke of which is visa once again. this time of health grove can bone is an immigration lawyer based in melbourne. he says the government invoked executive power. is that a difficult to challenge? the grounds that the minister personally cancelled mister jack witcher's face or on
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friday were different to the grounds upon which his face with cancel when he tried to enter the country last week. the strain of mister ferry regression is essentially conceded the health risk point and they focused on and he's presence in australia potentially stoking anti vaccine sentiment. he or if your phasers canceled here in australia, most phase or applications in the future, do carry a criteria for the grants that you will be bod, from re entry to australia, less compelling reasons exist that affect the interest of a stria. and look, that way is extremely difficult to obtain. one could argue, obviously, given is to drop the 2 status and also his participation in the strain open, which is one of the biggest sporting events here in australia that he's present. he would obviously bring certain economic benefits to australia that might rise most
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compelling interest, but still it's a discretionary grant and it will be very difficult for mr. drucker beach to obtain a visa, if he's not successful in these, in these proceedings. more revelations, the u. k. government parties during lockdown are emerging. the daily mirror newspaper says weekly drink gatherings took place more than a dozen occasions have now come to light on wednesday, jones and apologize to parliament of attending what he called a work event. at a time when social mixing was banned, senior government civil servant is investigating. let's bring in the dean, barbara, who's that downing street, all right, and the dame just how much trouble is the prime minister in well, he's clearly in a lot of trouble and it's increasing because of what friday brought in terms of new revelations that you were referring to tearing down the street and the surrounding area known as white hold on government premises. it's understood now that sue gray,
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this senior civil servant who's investigating the matter is looking into perhaps as many as 13 polities in downing street and its surroundings. now on friday, the reports of 3 leaving parties to have happened in april last year. the night before the funeral of prince philip, the husband of queen elizabeth, who can forget depicted of her in moaning on her own, at the funeral service because of be covered 19 regulations. and it's just a reminder of the sacrifices that people had to make. and why there's so much fury towards the government over the perceptions of rule breaking wake. hearing that a number of conservative members of parliament have now heard from the loyal constituents that cancelling that party membership is very worrying for them. and
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on friday night there was an opinion poll which put the operation labor policy on 42 percent, 10 points ahead of the conservatives or the labor leader. kiss down there on wednesday, a prime minister's questions finally cold for boris johnson to resign saying he wasn't fit to leave the country. and just in the last hour or so, he's been referring to the trouble that the prime minister is in as well. ralph and concentrating on getting through the pandemic a bring into a waiting list. this self indulgent tory party is having a fight about a leader who they should have no from. the start is not fit for office where we're witnessing every day. the broken spectacle of a prime minister minded deceit and deception and unable to lead. but whilst the tories becker and fight each other on what's up. i want to look to the future. i
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nadeem what about fx ah, from within johnson's own party to replace him? well, christ, this discussion to clearly happening this weekend. conservative the conservative party leadership holding an m p. 's holding a series of meeting the zip code to try to limit the damage. now they know about it because the mt getting angry emails and phone calls from constituents who do traditionally vote for the tory saying that they have had enough calling for johnson to be replace. that would need 50 full members of parliament to actually put in letters saying that had no confidence in him who so far. it's just a handful of m. p. 's who have actually publicly called for boys johnson to resign . the includes leader of the conservatives in scotland, but it is
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a relatively small number, but behind the scenes they'll be wondering what stage does bar is johnson really become a vote loser? that's what they're talking about right now. mostly political commentators expect him to be in position at least for a few weeks until su gray, that senior civil 7 finishes her investigation. and that certainly was for johnson cabinet colleagues. just saying, let's wait and see what she says before we cause judgment. but the public largely has already cost its own judgment on guard. is johnson a huge majority print, but he did not do the right thing over those parties and the party know that. thank you for then the dean barber there live for us in london, new delhi is observing another weekend curfew to curve arise in covenant in infections or non essential activities have been put on hold poverty, baton reports from the indian capital. and once again,
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the streets in the national capital are empty. this is the 2nd weekend of you here in new jersey, which means that on saturday and sunday, most people have to stay at home only essential services like hospitals and food deliveries are allowed. earlier this week daily, so it's highest this pipe. since the pandemic began, the positivity rate here is 30 percent, which means that every talk, geoff is positive. now other restrictions continue through the weekdays and night go. few schools have been closed. restaurants are only open for deliveries, and most people are working from home commodities until you know, so it's a big loss for us. a full lockdown is actually better because at least we can go back to a village and on their own. during these we can confuse we don't on anything right now, of course the country, several cities like new jelly and one by having cases dis slightly. but that's because of testing which has dropped. authorities are now prioritizing death for
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high risk patients. so asymptomatic contact of cobra, 1000 patients have been asked to simply self isolate. so even though it looks like cases have plateaued, positivity rate has gone up. now, amid all of this log scale gatherings or religious gatherings rather have continued, even as most of the country has been under some form of restriction for some time. now, west been gone, which is hosting the largest gathering, has seen its highest single day spike since the beginning of the pandemic. now, the courts there are asking authorities to consider postponing upcoming civic pools because of the corona, of our situation in the state. still ahead on al jazeera millions of radians, struggle to survive is soaring, inflation drives, food prices beyond their reach and will tell you which african country is leading away and renewable energy. and it's on track to be completely self sufficient and under 10 years
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ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored my cattle airways. hello, we got more when she weather the forecast with japan over the next couple of days. we had a little bit of arrest bite through saturday, snow showers, gathering once again the north, wesley wind, driving its way across the sea of japan. more of that sea effect snow coming in then into western parts of honju, pushing up into a good part of a kind of at sunday's pitcher come monday, that snow becomes more extensive, more widespread. and as we go on through this week, we will see significant snow for across a similar area. some parts could see another meter of snow over the foot next 4 or 5 day. so that will cause some disruption to what we've already seen south that generally dry and fine over towards south korea. not too bad here. little dry
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weather and some sunshine, dazzling sunshine there for northern parts of china. heavy rain though, gathering across southern parts of china, had some heavy rain recently around ne, in parts of india or bangladesh. now pushing over towards and myanmar we'll see some outbreaks of wet weather coming in here. ne monsoon starts to pick up once again. so was he some showers just coming back into algebra dash more so into what html nato and also into sri lanka. but to the north of that, this cold, it is dry temperatures in new delhi at 17 celsius, with snow for north and pakistan. oh, the weather sponsored by casara ways. you have to choose between your site and feeding your family. what do you do? yeah, i mean what happened was because we don't keep ourselves healthy when your son could face death from a dog bio. what do you do? every luca, the index, where can you afford them to short films about inspiring solutions to global health
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challenges? ha. select on al jazeera. ah ah, you're watching out, is there a reminder of our top stories this hour that i talk of? it is back in immigration, detention after his visa was cancelled for a 2nd time. the tennis style will appeal a decision at a hearing on sunday. the day before the spreading of begins. more revelations of u. k. government parties during the lockdown are emerging daily. merit says we clean freaks gatherings to place. the leader of the opposition has again called for bars. johnson to resign as prime minister the as capital new delhi,
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as observing another weekend curfew to curve rising number of coven 19 infections. all non essential activities have been put on hold. the u. s. is accused russia of planning a so called false flag operation and eastern ukraine in an attempt to create an excuse for an invasion. the pentagon says this evidence russian agents might already be in the contract, carry out acts of sabotage and blame ukraine for them. a kremlin spokesman has dismissed the reports as unfounded. my can reports. after a week of negotiation in 3 european cities, there are no signs of any diplomatic breakthrough. and a warning from the white house at the ukraine crisis could escalate even further. with the claim that russia is planning to create a pretext for an invasion, we have information that indicates rush has already pre positioned a group of operatives to conduct a false flag operation in eastern ukraine. the operatives are trained and urban
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warfare and in using explosives to carry out acts of sabotage against russia's own proxy forces, wrote the allegation was echoed. ready by the u. s. defense department, we already have in addition, indications russian influence actors are already starting to already starting to fabricate ukrainian provocations that in both state and social media to again try to justify in advance some sort of pretext for incursion. claims to that. russia was behind a cyber attack con, ukrainian government websites that shut them down for a period of time. the words be afraid and fear the worst. we're also projected on several official sites. but any scheduled annual news conference, the russian foreign minister dismissed the allegations and maintain that it was the us and its allies that were stalling the diplomatic process by not responding to
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rushes demand that nato membership for ukraine be taken off the table. as you say, we are waiting for the written reaction. we have reasons to believe that our partners have understood the necessity to react quickly precisely and on paper. and they have understood that we are not going to wait forever. but of course, there are plans to drag it on and on. the us senate is continuing to debate imposing sanctions on russia. and while there's bipartisan agreement on the need for strong action, there's disagreement about the details. the bill is not passed. democrats rejected a proposal by republican senator ted cruz to sanction a gas pipeline from russia to germany. probably every single one of us in this chamber agrees that the united states must be strong and confronting potent and his the stabilizing tactics in eastern europe and in ukraine. but my colleagues as my
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colleagues made clear this morning, senator cruz his bill in our opinion, is the wrong answer at this time to deter president putin's aggression. the white house insists that sanctions against russia should not impact on allies like germany. walking a tightrope as it attempts to define what form sanctions should take. my kind of ultra 0 washington to meet your garbage is a political analyst for us here thing on deer, a russian state own news media company. he's skeptical about the u. s. claims. little knife as they went, probably agree with allstate, agent many times before. just remember iraq in 2003 and many other instances. there's a very express and full flag that we usually use by conspiracy theory because this is something that you can most rule would disprove. in this situation, the story with a cyber attack again, is very strange because a cyber attack situation where we can just rely on the statement. so all the bring
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in government and the brain and come and live and showed himself to be corrupt. so many times before, i mean your correspondence said that there was a message fear the war, but he didn't say that officially. the harker said they were from poland and they were, they can revenge for they actions or ukrainian procedure were nationalists against the 44. again, i would not believe it because hackers can do anything, but unfortunately, the ukrainian government also can they can claim anything they want about be in effect. i mean, why would that mean it's your sports. why would russia, the nice jo, sports of your brain that doesn't make any sense to russia? security service says it's shut down. the ransomware crime group known as are evil . on behalf of the us,
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the rarefied cooperation. several members of the group were arrested are even, was behind the hacking of the largest oil pipeline in the u. s. last year. john andrew has the story. the, the scene was not uncommon. russian beliefs and intelligence agents harshly taken down more than a dozen men. all played out on television. the reason was extraordinary. the russian government tells the biding the administration. the operation dismantled. a group of hackers inside russia on behalf of the united states security agents took down, alleged hackers from the ransomware group are evil that over 2 dozen addresses seizing millions of roubles vehicles. and among those arrested alleged ring leader roman muranski appearing and coordinate cage and andre, but of both wanted by the us, the f. b i in november offered a $10000000.00 ransom for information leading to the group. the u. s. blames for
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the ransomware attacks that shut down a number of us targets, including the colonial pipeline in may. the colonial pipeline ransomware attack also demonstrate a growing trend of companies and even government agencies being held hostage by malicious cyber actors. these cases demonstrate the broadening scope, scale and sophistication employed by some adversaries that had caused gas shortages along the us atlantic coast route again. sorry, i've been waiting here for 45 minutes just to get the group is also accused of hacking g b. yes. the world's largest meet packing company. us authorities have long believed that there was a tacit agreement between the government of latter mere prudent and hackers that they could target westerners with impunity as long as they didn't act against target within russia. now it's clear if there ever was such an agreement, there are exceptions, whether the anti hacking operation improves us. russian relations in the long term
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likely depends on what happens on the russian border with ukraine. john henderson, l g 0, chicago. iran has the highest inflation rates in the world, thornton nearly 60 percent since 2018. and while its new government says improving the economy is still a priority. many struggling or so. 3rd reports from iran. these shopping bags get lighter with each was it as your arm betters with inflation. it is this people that suffered the most valuable, not often enough. prices have gone up so much that we're not able to buy basic things. even buying simple cloth is not affordable for me. i'm not from tehran, but even in my own city prices are an affordable prices of chicken, meas, rice, and so many other foods are increasing. day by day. everywhere in the country is the same. iranians have had to endure sorta inflation rates for decades. and while they may complain, there is very little they can't do. but the annual inflation rate announced in
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september was the highest since 1995 at $45.00, a person and the figures hovered around say, mark says down with some food supply cause seeing triple digit increase customers on only wants to soften him. some small shops ought to respond, went out of business, magic by the cells carpets into ron's grand bazaar for 5 years. he says he has witnessed a steady decline in business and is now struggling to survive. either porcelain along the way they're going to hold. another thoughtful compared to last year, prices have kept increasing this year. even 3 times we have had an increase in prices. it's had an impact and our business income has decreased rent, fees have gone up again. my income now is half of last year. how many shops have been shut down? the cause of the highest inflation rate in more than 25 years could be from the mismanagement of the company's economy to, to fall out from the corner widest pandemic. but many would argue it is the creepy
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sanctions imposed by washington over iran's nuclear program. that is the real cause of the crisis. in 2015, western powers had agreed to leave some sanctions against iran in exchange for restrictions on his nuclear activities of away. but in 2018, united states under president crops administration pulled out of the deal. and washington imposed additional sections on iran is tat, as ish mandel, iran's president abraham bracy has made reviving the 2015 bill a priority. but 8 rounds of negotiations in vienna have yielded nothing so far. iran wants sanction lifted immediately, and i guarantee that the deal will endure beyond the biden administration before it reduces its uranium enrichment program. do you asked has so far we 1st met at a it had that wrong re, inflation under control is the demand of the people. so we're taking measures to address that. and based on statistics, inflation rates are in a downward trend. it's a good beginning that could lead to a drop in high prices,
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but those measures are in having an impact in the neighborhood stores yet. and for most iranians, the struggle to put bread on the table continues. crystals out of that alters era to harass a soon army. as had the pacific nation of tongue after an undersea volcano erupted, it's still unclear. the extent of the damage is spinning. phone lines are down, warnings remain in place for some want fiji vento also and parts of australia as you chappelle has more the hulu, hunger, whom the high puzzle keno in the south pacific ocean about 70 kilometers north of the tongue and capital. nuclear loafer has been active in recent days. it's a russian sending ash more than 20 kilometers into the sky on friday. another option on saturday was so violent, it was seen from space and register 2000 kilometers away and new zealand. it triggered a soon army which hits hunger within 20 minutes. waves crashing a shore on the main island on the topic and violent ash turned skies over the
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capitol as black as night. residents of low lying islands in the area have been told to stay in doors where a mask outside and cover rainwater reservoirs due to the falling ash and acid rain . here's how one woman described it to her family and friends. those like explosions in town. i guess it was from her. okay, no. and they're like clearly pop dalia jonathan. everyone just rolls around froze in town. and in a just like when pitch black in fan, please head to higher. if you are in the danger zone, warnings to for those further away in fiji and american samoa, tonga, geological services say this latest eruption was 7 times more powerful than a previous one in december. and there may be more to common inter chappelle al jazeera kenya is stepping up its efforts to reach total energy self sufficiency by 2030. the country already gets 90 percent of its solid tricity from natural sources
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including solar power and has the largest single wind power facility in africa cut . and so i report the blades of $365.00 turbines rotate on the edge of lake to cana. this wind farm, the largest in africa, is perched on a stretch of rocky desert in north and kenya. yet it is key to the country's plans to have a fully green energy supply by 2030, with a capacity to dispense $310.00 megawatts of low cost power. it will increase energy supply by 30 percent. those who leave and work in masa bit home to the wind firm can't wait to be connected, but some are not happy. it's not already happened. season of clear thought you lot of problems will end telecom. we're told the wheat mit will help us when it comes, but is taking too long to reach us. how sad that is, one of the theory does in pain is still running on generating people here. say they
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want to go green and benefit from the wind farm. many are increasingly using solar energy to power. the whole renewable energy from natural sources, including geothermal, weaned solar and hydro electric account for about 90 percent of kenya's electricity needs the country. the electricity company is also diversified by using geothermal, steam for other uses. it's like a direct impact in agriculture because we have the greenhouses, we are growing our hot cutter. we have fish. that is also agriculture. we have drying of crops. if we didn't want to get too large skill farmers, even people who are doing commercial life, we have to feed them adjustment to uh give them a fill. all this makes kenya a global leader in climate change. but some analysts say that in itself may not help you. the developed world does not do better option one is to continue investing in claiming mechanisms for the already polluting industries. option 2 is
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to invest a new renewable technology, unclear technologies in africa. i'd make use of the clean millersville africa, that is the cheap, the cheapest option we should sell now, and that's what the wild features. jafar abduct man says. all he wants is a clean and a more reliable pass horse to run his business. catherine saw alta 0 or sabot, kenya. ah. the selves there are, these are the top stories that i talk of. it is back in immigration detention come to his visa was cancelled for a 2nd time. the tennis star will appeal the decision at a hearing on sunday. a day before the australian open begins. sarah clark has more from brisbin. there presented a $268.00 page document stating that he.


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