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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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kristin salumi al jazeera, bowling green, kentucky forbes magazine has released its list of richest youtube stars. the highest earner is 23 year old prankster jimmy donaldson, better known as mister beast, is $10000000000.00, pos views on youtube earned him $54000000.00. the science top 10 highest earned has made an estimated $300000000.00 in total awe. watching alger is there a reminder now of the top stories? no joke of it is back in immigration, detention after his visa was cancelled for a 2nd time. the tennis tao will appeal the decision at a hearing on sunday. a day before the australian opened begins. sarah clark has more from brisbin. there presented a 268 page document stating that he may fan or fuel anti backslash and sentiment.
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here in australia, at the lawyers also that had that due to his high profile presence here, he may also encourage people not to comply or with the measures that are in place to try and deal with the pandemic. and a number of a daily number of cases here in australia. and he's potentially undermining at the pandemic strategies have been put in place by the federal and state governments. now joint ventures, lawyers are obviously rejecting this claim. they want to stop this deportation. and this is their last bid or last minute bid to try and stop him being removed from australia. india's capital new daily is observing another weekend curfew to curve arising number of covered 19 infections. all non essential activities have been put on hold. the country has been recording more than 250000 cases per day for the past week. more revelations of u. k. government parties during lockdown are emerging. the daily mirror says weekly drinks gatherings took place. a senior government civil servant is investigating the matter. the office of the prime minister, apologize to the queen on friday for an event on the eve of her husband's funeral.
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the us is accused russia of planning a so called a both flag operation in eastern ukraine in an attempt to create an excuse for an invasion. russia says the claims are unfounded. a fire in southern power g y has killed hundreds of animals as it burned through 10000 hector's forest carcasses of cattle, sheep, and horses line it's trail firefighters have been working since wednesday to control the fire. already say it began when garbage was set, life lodge waves of the shores of the south pacific nation tongue are often under water volcanic eruption the island 2nd soon. army warning following a series of interruptions from the volcano which began on friday. an advisory has also been issued for new zealand. the headlines when you hear on al jazeera right after the listening post, see as soon bye bye for now. news
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. ah, ah. the stair down on russia's order with the crane. the story gets the cold war and needs an update election season is coming in from the president. and one of the challenges have messages for the meat grief, the growing issue with kennasoft and the patriarchal problem, news outlets need to get past flux. how a problematic tennis player put the spotlight on australia's mistreatment of refugees. hello richard. just read on your, at the listening post where we dig into the coverage and look at how news is
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reported. moore has been described as politics by other means. russia has been preparing for one of those things while practicing the other. with nearly 100000 russian troops perched on the border with ukraine, its diplomats met with officials from the u. s. and nato. they are out to prevent ukraine from joining the western military alliance. the prospect of another russian invasion of the former soviet state along the lines of the one in 2014 is very real . with both moscow and washington drawing lines in the sand on nato expansion to the east president vladimir putin has long claimed that historically, ukraine is part of russia. he has allies on the russian airwaves echoing that position. western media coverage tends to default to language that's reminiscent of the cold war. when states like ukraine were soviet republics caught in the middle. their futures decided in places like washington and moscow. our starting point this
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week is the border that lies between russia and print. 100000 russian troops, a mass on or near the border with moscow and washington, both sticking to their positions in negotiations over nato. expanding to the east, out of the west headline, reminding us the stakes are hot and russia state approved me. if not beating, at least having the drums of war on the surface, it all sounds very 2014. when russian forces invaded ukraine and annexed to crimea, only a lot of things have changed since then. absolutely, you don't have the sort of war frenzy by you did in 20141. the state, the host really cropping at the mouth over you franklin. and there are a few reasons for that. firstly, the, the magic crimea does, but that works well for the son, his approval ratings. her record levels for
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a time is really, we're not because of the circumstances have changed, was much more of a focus on the rising inflation falling and comes and the pandemic. this whole mess around your brain and around your brain. a so called integration to nature is that in my opinion, connected to land internal popularity and his ratings, which are not very good and funny how russian stake media covers the situation. because to them, the main goal is to cover anything except internal. anything except the violation of human rights or chilling of sleep rest, it's going back to the old playbook. it happened of 2008 with georgia. right. when you look at anything bad happening in russia where there be a to me, whether it could be a wide range to be, the best thing to do is to rach nationalists. and so if you could draw my rhetoric that would drive support for him in that regard, will do it if it's not broke. why not continue to use?
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the russian president signaled his intentions on ukraine last in july and not by conventional media. then issuing a press release or holding a news conference, the kremlin, posted up 5000 word essay that it said, was written by vladimir putin himself on the historical unity of russians and ukrainians. that essay was posted in 3 languages aimed at 3 audiences. russian, ukrainian, and english speakers essay the history lesson about what he says was ukrainian, and russian unity. but in reality, it was an essay of business from mason. that component language for unity is basically we were united because we colonize you. and because we subjecting you to our power, it has nothing to do with the drug. the centuries in which you have in moscow has had a relationship. it's been one of russia, it's here in, in kit,
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in there. and president put himself in his essay last summer. he wrote that you pay your brains and russians are one people. so the russian position is that basically a denial of ukraine sovereignty my character as you go to the most in russian, russian. they actually say, well ukraine, there is no such country and it's just a historical mistake, which should be corrected. the ukrainian president, a lot meters lensky is a former comedian whose response to this essay came laced with sarcasm. numerous john was seen or was ross nozzles lost and she even nozzles dish miss. was them all agreeing that she's confident i t z. she's nevister change also over his number issue a person is i'm sure that that a chance he chose is that
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a semi cher isn't thought zalinski laid his name, playing a fictitious ukrainian president on television before getting elected to the real job in 2009. 0, under zalinski, kiev has taken a hands on approach to the news media. it cannot stop russian news channels like r t from beaming into the country. but early last year it took 3 ukrainian news channels off the airways, $11.00 to ukraine, news, one and zip. we're all linked to the same pro russian oligarchy. victor medford truck are ukranian. so i, i, and when you have a war with the country, you can't have that. it's on the machine of that country in, in your home still, i think it was a mistake decision. i am against any kind of shut down
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anyway. and the keys shutting down r t in europe, in spite of the fact that they are up again, the machine is, this is not a democracy. this is not a european way of development. this is how the freedom of speech works. well, i tend to disagree with this assessment because ukraine's probably one of the countries of the it's most heavily by a formation and again, that a part of russian sample hybrid war against ukraine. so, along with military tactics, it washing uses this information till we can ukraine's resilience and to we can ukraine's a support in the west. zalinski government was conspicuously absent from this week's talks on ukraine's future and not by choice. first, the russians met with the americans in geneva than with nato in brussels. as a former soviet republic, ukraine is accustomed to having its fate determined in distant counties. this weeks
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talks would have felt all too familiar by, you know, this is a 21st century stored and flooded with a 20th century cold war complication that shapes the coverage and the terminology from the headlines on down. and that does the ukrainian people no favors. this think about the key negotiators. yep. joe biden. and you have learned marapoo. there are babies or the cold war. so it makes sense for them to look at this political framework that miss. so it's not completely wrong. you have reporters who lays li refer to that because that's something that a lot of americans can relate to, right? when you look at yourself, you allow them or not millennia to my and so you're going to use reference that people can relate to crate. even though there are many cases contextualize what the contemporary issues are. so basically the challenge is how do you move beyond that?
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it takes a, it takes the intellectual and a political paradigm shift. while i think this is how russia wants to present to wash and rationally can russian actions, they are aimed to frame all the debates, wrong ukraine, in the context of geopolitical struggle between the right followers. and that's actually worrying the talk this week are held without ukraine's presence, and that was russia's goal to exclude ukraine. the fact the whole situation sometimes portrayed in the media in terms of the foggy while we're saying this cold war optics plays into the hands of russia because that's called moscow, called like c. as for how this conflict will play out, one does not have to go back centuries as vladimir putin would suggest, to see what may be coming, or even back to the 19 ninety's when the soviet union fell apart. there is some more recent history made in 2008 another conflict between russia and one of its
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former republics. that provides a model that the kremlin and its essayist in chief, probably having mom. one of the, her people, mitchell was in russia is the georgia war in 2008, which was only 4 days long. but it was, it was efficient to essentially and georgia, euro atlantic operations. and what happened in georgia after the war is very much what russ would like to see happen in ukraine, florida. i limited a military campaign that takes out ukraine's a military capabilities. gracie back on the ground, forces you brain to make more concessions. ultimately just like in georgia, you have some sort of book acceptable. russia, brantley oligarchy. france is on our radar this week elections. there are just 3 months away and 2 candidates for the
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presidency began the year speaking to the media about the media, tara nava has been following the story. thanks richard. this past week president emmanuel macaroni set out how he intends to stop the spread of disinformation and conspiracy theories in france. he pledged to hold online platforms on influences accountable in the same way that john the saw. soon as possible. closely sauce. it puzzled, hit billable to you. the skis, akina devoted, and worked on it or done them. books said it is searcy producer. diffuse enough. i'll miss you. microns commons came off the back of a government commission study into how to deal with online propaganda. the recommendations include a teaching children how to question what they see on social media, as well as suggestions on how to discipline those who spread fake news. micron also talked about the role of the mainstream media and debunking disinformation someplace sonnet. have a deville, if she gets shown, is a form as shown. if was
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a former school nacory dupree soccer, been those little girl. so my question, the sincerity of those complimentary remarks, given microns fractious relationship with the media. the french president has only held 2 press conferences during the pandemic. he proposed to deliver speeches from behind a desk where he can go unchallenged one man, challenging my crown for the presidency, former journalist and pundit eric the more also have a pretty dim view of the media. this week. the mod berated his former colleagues, describing them as the most hated people in the country. shebra shred the shock, sheila, very theater that we did a d as it was sweat the volley, b, or 8. that was the year he dealership the posse offer, or chat more powerful men. saw c d at a priscilla salons, confirm his little sweat. big, sexy lamita's. pre zix dog moved civil sweat. they pause shawnee eric the more there. a man who made his name, puddling, racist, and toxic ideas,
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offering advice to reporters. he also kinds his election would somehow signal to renee, thoughts of french journalism extra. it took a while, but exactly one year ago. the me to movement finally came to the forefront in greece since then, issues faced by women from sexual harassment to domestic violence have been making headlines, including the ultimate form of gender violence. fantasize the intentional killing of women simply because they're women most often at the hands of current or ex partners. in 2021 grease reported 18 cases of sam aside. a 50 percent rise over 2020 grease is one of europe's most patriarchal societies in ranks dead last in the e used gender equality index, and that is reflected in the countries news media which has placed the mainstream media's coverage of these stories under the microscope, the listening post flo phillips now on fem aside in greece and the sometimes
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detrimental role that journalism has played there in the way such crimes are see 1st came the pictures, a family in morning. then came the words spoken by the widowed husband. that's awesome. oh wow, good. a funeral tribute from a young father to his murdered wife as he held the baby. the baby's mother was a woman named caroline crouch. and as the story went, she was beaten and strangled to death in athens. home by a gang of ruthless foreign runners. it was a crime story made for television with elements of glamour and go almost to script and to be believed. and the greek media feasted on it. it cannot be also let the
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stell to let this lady nicky say deny it. satisfied all of greek society stereotypes. a beautiful family, the bread winner babe's handsome, successful pilot and his wife caroline. good, just, i mean, i mean, i know it, well, that was the thing that they did this book of elliot, grandma, all they lived in a beautiful mesa, naturally where they were bringing up their beautiful baby daughter, or that would be enough to fulfill all societal norms of what a family should look like. but then this perfect family is under attack by who, by armed flooring burglars a little bit. the greek media turned that material into juicy content and the viewers into collected mourners based on all yep. with us in then everything came crashing down. it took $37.00 days for the real story to come out in the losers. michigan. i knew, you know, she knew about
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a horror. the revelation that crouch was in fact murdered by her own husband, left greeks wheeling. and yet the mainstream media, they weren't ready to let go of their narrative. so what offices the coverage of the facts was problematic. there was a reported on sky t v, who after bobby side confessed to the murder steele, referred to him as the alleged suspect. the federal versus voracity. each regret was better. good, better because did he say, selina, you're legally en route. i'm awful. she stated that at least he didn't talk to rob . he was almost like he was given the suspect the nanda by, instead of calling him out for these heinous crime uncles it done yet. and in that happened because bobby's was the son in law that every one in greek society wanted to have. it's just that he turned out to be a murderer. the more conservative wing of the greek media, we're eager to justify his actions. no, no,
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he doesn't go to line. it doesn't. i'm going into the golf hammer or you don't decide as a horn. a severe dement dark got given, sada steve jo, bobby. suddenly tara line was depicted as a foreign woman way to dynamic and vocal that he did me a weight 50 paper should be booked up with that. he think if he stays the followers law and according to a tv psychologist bobbins was the one who had the ideal online profile that would get him many followers. the lips holes, but free all 9 gender determines how the media research and report on a story. and it ends up being entirely confusing. it feels like mainstream media here often focus more on the woman, forgetting the actual criminal. the victim was pretty. she was a kind person, a young mother, greek television usually chooses to stick to journalistic cliches. to put it in at the sooner the better because of him and on my dad and by choosing not to refer to these killings and some sides. we end up with coverage that murders at the victim
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for a 2nd time. jessica, it's got all the family have if that if what are you looking to lease in on one or the impact of famous side goes beyond the loss of life? these are crimes that tap into a collective fear. all. so how the media treat them really matters. unfortunately for many years now, the greek media heaven helped to bring about a 0 tolerance coach, f agenda violence. just the opposite. uh, we're going to for like, sound bites that a sympathetic to the murderer coming from the police department, the duty staff ross balice gas is a senior officer on the caroline crouch case. a black box sound bites came to be known as the last gas doctrine. advice delivered on camera, on how to escape true justice. a life sentence if you murder your wife, just call the police and confess right away. there was no follow up from the
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journalist. no pushed back. was it any coincidence then, that in the weeks after more men came forward confessing to killing their partners? oh ma'am me afford ours, then we'll be up against the kia is a yet another example of us journalists been caught by surprise. we weren't aware of the incredible social impact the statement would have and we should have emphasized how important it was to address it. the journalist never questioned the statement or even triggered a dialog. me no history along. the murder of caroline crouch should not be seen in isolation. feminist groups estimate that over the past 10 years, gender based violence has tripled in greece. and currently, at least one woman died at the hands of a man most often her partner, ex partner, every monkey. like got a family shot akhil pushed up the full a gun that was cliff by her boyfriend,
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neck tardy. maddock. he stab 16 times by her strange husband or daughter had gone down by her former partner on the island and what also bought shewn into any of greece's many popular tv shows. and you'd be left guessing as to who the real victims are submitted. in the case of thora, the suspect uncle got a lot of time to enhance the keyless profile. maybe if you could give me a kiss or give me i guess, i guess the vote, i'm not going to see the greek media reflect the gender inequality that exist in society at large. and they always emphasize the fact that the suspect has never been in trouble. with the authority of holy success. here's the of the young game was publicly expressing the other side of the story. he came on my so and blamed
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the woman saying that her moral was questionable when you can ship the speaker. yes, he now my little because you know, to leave for those of us who present so like mine to be able to so viewers both sides of the argument you no matter how difficult a deal for us. certainly not because the coin always has to sign. the accused means his own to xena control you need doesn't minutes. how was she the host, hostile channel, and one of the country's most famous faces. for more than 3 decades. she has been part of the greek meteor establishment in a country were entrenched. patriarchal views have been slow to change. also at all what i believe that if all women unite and support the tavern men will follow to some extent that we are to blame for this current situation. when i present them aside, when my so do you know what they observe?
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i observe that if the blame is blazed on the woman, women stop walking, well man, see me. women don't have the strength of character to face their own tools. it's very important to be able to look yourself in the eye and tell yourself it's your fault that you are coming up with your husband. at least, it's not blame everything on the pay too. but godaddy to come out there look like that has failed on them. yeah, but when we talk about patriarchy 6 of it, toxic masculine, in greece, there's always the strange reaction. sometimes it's laughter, but some women get abused for bringing these issues up. and they're never mentioned on great television. i actually don't think i've heard the word patriarchy used, hungry tv, in years. yeah. as it happens, the word patriarchy comes from grief happening here. it means rule of the father
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uncovering women. the violence they suffer, remains a challenge for greek news organizations with their culture of male dominance to this day. and finally, novak's jock of at the tennis player who's been causing such a coven commotion, jock of it, showed up in melbourne, unvaccinated to defend. this is trailing open title. he had a vaccine exemption certificate, then had that exemption taken away. he had a visa and then did not do to his dodge paper work and an ever changing story on whether he had tested positive and whether not a fun week for the number one seed. now imagine spending 9 years in that kind of limbo, messy all it is a 24 year old iranian who scooped up at the same melbourne hotel jock of which was . he's among the more than 1400 refugees and migrants currently stuck in australian detention alleys. been tweeting, giving interviews to get those stories. the news organizations that seem far more
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interested in celebrities like chalk events than the larger issue and immigration system that's broken and needs fixing. what's the next time here at the listening post were joined by mattie. and i'm ronnie and refugee who's been held in detention by a strategy and authorities for 9 years luck sticking out, protesting against the cruelty and against the unjust treatments of authority. and kind of sat that's up to 9 years jacoby. she's been detained. all of this cameras around people trying to get in touch, especially generally she's trying to get in touch on the media. take attention about circumstances and our situation because we've been to misery. maybe. what do you make of all the media attention? yesterday, if you could call like facebook can switch up and they can be reached and they
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found out about our circumstance and they were shot hope detract. in fact, the addition and did she did she talking about that? keep attention on our situation. i hope i don't want to be awake. thompson goes americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, if you like, tried to cover it up. what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong? that to me is political mouth for the bottom line on us politics and policies and the impact on the world. on al jazeera, we town the untold story. ah, we speak when other stuff. ah,
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we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us. a fin, sir guy, my, i am power in pasha. we tell your story. we are your voice, your news, your net back out here. until just a while to warm. we listen, a zionist are making serious f rates in order to in t and disrupt with global news. talk about the stormy, stuck on how to see this wave of sentiment around the world. if you will actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries, and i think often people's voice is not heard because i just not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover the big stories and report from the big events that are going on, but we also tell the stories of people who generally don't have a voice. and then whatever the child,
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my dad never be afraid to put your hand up and ask a question. and i think that's what i'm really does. we ask the questions, the people who should be accountable, and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. ah, tennis donna, jock of it, she's back in detention as he fights deportation from australia. ah. hi there, i'm kim vanelle. this is al jazeera, long from doha. also coming up. i think he's been exposed other for awhile and nothing to british problem. it kind of had enough for me. kohls grow for the u. k. prime minister to resign. the optimal revelations of parties at downing street during coven.


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