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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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level, and the people who live in this is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in how quickly things contract award winning documentary is that also a perception witness on i'll just the euro. ah, a german court sentence is a former syrian intelligence officer to life in prison in the 1st have a conviction of an official of torture and mass murder and serious war. but i'm darn jordan. this is out as they are alive from go, are also coming up the man who assassinated us presidential candidate robert kennedy, 54 years ago is denied parole by california. governor ponens foreign minister says the risk of war in europe is at its highest and 30 years due to the crisis between
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russia and ukraine. and the leader of a far right group has been charged with seditious conspiracy of last year's attack on the us capital. ah, a form assyrian colonel has been jail for life in germany for torture and murder during serious civil war. and while ross lamb is the 1st syrian official to be convicted for such crimes, he held a top position in a prison where detainees were tortured and killed before seeking asylum and germany in 2014. dominic came reports from berlin 10 years ago. unwashed osland was a senior officer in the syrian government forces. now the former colonel is starting a life sentence for crimes against humanity convicted by a german court of multiple counts of murder, torture and sexual violence. all carried out during his time in charge of the al
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hattie prison, near damascus, dang o'clock to lie in titus. as the defendant was a part of assistant. at his instigation, thousands of civilians were brutally tortured. he's also responsible for murder of at least $27.00 people. the evidence we put forward proved fat unambiguously present. ruslan defected to the syrian opposition in 2012 before eventually coming to germany. 2 years later where he was granted asylum, it was only in 2018 that police began checking out his story. when they realized the extent of his crimes, they decided to prosecute. in bringing this case, the germinal forties have invoked the principle of universal jurisdiction. effectively saying that some crimes are so serious that it doesn't matter where they take place, nor does it matter for the victims and perpetrators on not german. what matters is the justice be done. outside the court on thursday, relatives of those killed in syria gave their reaction to the verdict. yeah,
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they haven't shown that yvonne, that's yeah, we were actually expecting this verdict and were of course, hoping that this would be the word it. of course, this doesn't bring back our loved ones and doesn't get our loved ones out of prison . we have to keep talking about it and keep reminding the world that there are still a lot of people in syrian prisons. emma, in on the human rights campaign, is welcomed the sentence. i think it's quite okay for, for their survivors. their syrian how are affected with these crime? so i hope that he said the sentence and his, their little b as strong pays for her future war. and water aslan was not the 1st former member of the syrian government forces to be jailed in germany. and if the government here continues its prosecuting drive against those suspects of war crimes, there, he seems. unlikely to be the last dominant cane al jazeera berlin,
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california governor gavin newsome has denied parole for the man who assassinated us presidential candidate, robert kennedy. sir, i'm sir hon. a palestinian refugee has been serving a life sentence for the 1968 kenning. robert kennedy's murder came just fight is up to his brother, president john f. kennedy was killed in texas. rob reynolds report from los angeles, the man convicted of killing robert f. kennedy. more than 50 years ago will remain behind bars. california governor gavin newsome rejected parole for sir, han b. sharice your hon. a palestinian immigrant found guilty of assassinating kennedy . in 1968 kennedy was a democratic us senator and younger brother of the assassinated president john f. kennedy, he was running for the democratic party nomination for president and had just celebrated winning the crucial california primary at a rally at the ambassador hotel in los angeles. i thank to all of you and now it's
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on the chicago and let win now. as kennedy and his entourage made their way back stage in the kitchen area of the hotel, sir, hans struck fatally wounded kennedy with a bullet to the head. dozens of people witness the shooting. it was an act of violence that changed the course of american history. in august of last year, a california parole panel recommended that sir han who is now 77 years old, be released, saying he had expressed some remorse, but newsome has the final say on pearls. in a statement he called sir hans assassination of kennedy. among the most notorious crimes in american history, he said sir han still poses a threat to the public. sir han initially said he was motivated to kill kennedy because of the senator support for israel. he never denied the crime, but later claimed he remembered nothing from that night. although 2 of robert kennedy's children urged sir han's release,
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many kennedy family members said they were deeply relieved by the decision. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. when the u. s. supreme court has blocked the biden administration's vaccine, no testing mandate for large companies. the plan forced around $18000000.00 americans to get the corona virus jab or take regular tests if they work for a company. with more than a 100 employees, the court voted 6 to 3 against the mandate sang. it's an improper imposition on the lives in the health of those affected. but they have ruled health care workers can be mandated to get the job that makes it a legal requirement for more than 10000000 people in the sector for the routing is came as president biden announce more military medical personnel be sent out, staff hospitals, white house correspondent, kimberly help get reports. i know we're all frustrated as we enter this new year.
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overwhelmed by a record number of i'm a crime infections, us president joe biden, and now he was deploying more military medical team to at least 6 states. it's a surge bite and blames on the millions in the u. s. still and vaccinated right now, both vaccinated unvaccinated people are testing positive. but what happens after that could not be more different. public health officials report the majority of us hospitalizations and deaths were made among the on vaccinated to help control the i'm, a kron very spread by then has announced a new plan to distribute mass nationwide. next week will announce, well now how, where i'm making high quality mask available to american people, the american people for free last month, the white house also announced it was ordering 500000000 co with 900 test. on thursday. biden announced his administration was doubling that number,
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but as for when americans could receive those tests, his vice president commer harris, couldn't say shortly though they're going to go out really, we've been ordered, they've been ordered. we have to look at the current information, i think is going to be by next week, but soon absolutely. the lack of availability has led to widespread frustration with the biden. harris administration's response, especially when last month, the president ward, he expected a high number of cobra infections. we are looking at a winter of severe illness and americans were asking why more wasn't done sooner. one analyst points out america, that unique system hampers the response. so much of the us health care system is outside of the federal government. it is privatized, it is for profit. so having the government coordinate everything is, is quite difficult. the 1st batch of ad home covered tests are expected to be distributed by the end of the month. on friday,
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the details of how americans can access those tests through a new government website are expected to be made public. kimberly healthcare al jazeera washington, many nations in latin america have stepped up, their vaccination drives, cuba chilion brazil, a now among the 10 most inoculated countries in the world. but mexico is lagging behind down, struggling to cope with the, on the chrome variant. john holeman, ripple cove, its returns to the attack and mexico downing more than 500 flights in the country is allowing stuff of got infected or mass with the virus the general population suffering to wimbledon 200000 active cases. i mean, when i was not president lopez over the door, we saw he was one. this was him. amassed in his monday morning press conference. yes, i'll get tested later, but i think it's a flu case. it wasn't. and when he tested positive for cove, it,
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there was criticism of a leader who somebody has taken the virus lightly from the star. but even the president's infection hasn't provoked the same interest as it did the 1st time. he caught cove it a year ago. levels of alarm over the virus in general have gone down, and that's probably because even though january, so the highest daily number of people infected since the virus began a lot less people are getting seriously ill or dying to does that mean a mix code? the war is one, the vaccines working and the virus is week is elsewhere. the expert search caution a or her last up we are sitting. hopefully this is their logo of upon them. we're not sure because he, they all micro body and came out. so can all others in the cap to some seem to be taken that warning seriously. there were long cusick government testing boost. well, i took the test to take care of my children and my family. we can't take the risk and think it's just simple flu. i must take my medication cues for the vaccine,
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also stretched out in mexico city. here the majority came to get all the jobs they can as fast as possible. not so in some other parts of the country, particularly the poor states, in which the vaccine hasn't arrived at some far flung communities. well, they've simply been reluctant to get the shot from mexico, but could spell trouble to was not matters of whether the much needed are the main reeks were, would themselves because they could get far more seeker and eventually for the population. because of the possibility in these group that new strains come up for for external. but for now the countries running as normal, with no new governmental restrictions. trying to ride out the latest attack of a now familiar fo john hohmann out is eda metzger, city. china is facing a test of its 0 coven policy ahead of the beijing winter olympics. in february, the nearby city of john gin is under strict locked down with 41 locally transmitted omicron cases reported on thursday. travel in the amount of the area has been
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severely restricted. ralph, here's the outbreak, could disrupt the winter games, and also the upcoming luna new year's celebrations next month. which clinic has the latest from all. the focus of china's covet efforts is in 10 chin. now. they're not exactly sure what the source is and change in, but they do know that the chain of transmission looks to have gone through primary school kids. now change in to give you an idea is just about a 30 minute train ride to bay jing where the winter games will be held. so that's why this alarm around this cluster in change in they are taking no chance with the olympics. there's a closed loop system, so that athletes and travelers will be separated from residence there. and authorities of also now announced that they will be ramping up more rigorous checks for inbound travelers into bay ging. there is also a suspected case of coven 19 in the southern district of phone ty, that's believe to be linked to the change in cluster, as well. as we know,
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one case in china is one to many. there are around 140 cases every day in china at the moment, and that is causing some concern in the country. now chasing cove is 0 is something that we know a lot about here. and hong kong to there currently are under around 10 local cases . every day, but there are some districts that are more alarming than others. the western district of chin moon that is under mandatory testing right now because 2 nurses have tested positive, they're time for so break, you're not 0. when we come back anti military demonstrators in sudan refusing to back down, we have a report from the capital county and the race to rebuild towns and kentucky of the tornadoes cause billions of dollars in done this morning. ah, ah,
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look forward to brighter skies. the weather sponsored my cattle airways. hello there. looks like winter's ready set improperly across so much of the middle east. march of the southern pastel on the, on the warm side. it further north z, a fair amount of cloud, rain, sleet, and snow. particularly around turkey. the levant, just around the caucuses sinking further south, is in this long line of cloud, and re stretch right across saudi arabia. and on into the red sea, further south, this is where we got some warmth around 26 celsius here in dough. how a 27 there for re add, we'll see those temperatures just started a dip away as we go through sass day. this system does weaken somewhat, but it does slide a little further southwards. as we go through saturday on into sunday, and the temperatures will fall away accordingly. more snowy weather there around the high ground into iran, pushing up towards turkey. cool enough, just around the levant. jerusalem itemized celsius over the next couple of days. 4 or 5 degrees below what they should be. few showers to just around northern parts
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over libya may be in too much news year as well. cool enough there in kyra. just 15 celsius, we've got some wet or whether they're just around the gulf of guinea stretch across coastal fringes of west africa. plenty of showers into central africa, some heavy down, pause there into se positive angola. right the way through mozambique and madagascar. oh, the weather sponsored by casara ways. some people marry fella others. it can be a commercial transaction, which in your ass i'm in florida. $3700.00 euro payment just for the march country algae. 0 world meets men and women using marriage as an illegal passport to europe . we know history, so they can be arrested before attempting to organize a sham marriage and a financial and emotional cost. but then he left me for a woman 33 years older than him. marriage for sale on al jazeera. ah
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ah, welcome back at her comment about top stories a at this ella. a former syrian colonel has been jail for life in germany for torture and murder during syria's civil war. unwell ross law as a 1st syrian official to be convicted such crimes. he moved to germany as my son. i'm seeka in 2014 california governor gavin newsome as deny parole for the man who assassinated us presidential candidate robert kennedy 54 years ago. so home, so hong palestinian refugee has been serving a life sentence for the 1968 kenneth and the u. s. supreme court is blocked, a federal vaccine or testing mandate for large companies. the plan would have forced millions to get the coven 19 job, or take regular tasks. napoleon says,
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talks to defuse the crisis and eastern ukraine. have yet to reach any breakthrough . russian troops been gathering near the border, raising fears of an invasion door such a bar reports from moscow. this is what russia says is within its sovereign right to do hold military drills in the southwestern region, neighboring ukraine. yeah. these drills were held on wednesday as representatives of russia and nato met in brussels for talks of security. the 1st in nearly 3 years. since late last year, the west has been concerned by russia building up a force of nearly 100000 soldiers near ukraine, demanding that washington pledge never to let you crane joined a 30 member of military alliance or expanded eastwards, appoint the united states, refuses to accept and at the opening session of the world's biggest security
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conference, the organization for security and cooperation in europe. a star warning from the incoming chairman, the risk of war in the always sea area is now greater than ever before. in the last 30 years for several weeks, we have been phased to have a possibility of imagine a man at the escalation in eastern europe. while the polish foreign minister went on to warn that tensions could up end the post cold war order on the continent. moscow continues to maintain, it has no intention of attacking ukraine. after the borrowed schnell would get killed was put in you much. we should abandon a vicious cycle of treating russia as the enemy. we propose mechanism of agreement, consultation, et cetera. our written ideas for the american side and for the nato alliance are aimed at preventing the scenario through diplomacy, consultations, and not through raising 2 inches and the use of military instruments diploma at you
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. this follows high level talks between nato and russia and brussels on wednesday, where the 2 sides clearly did not have a positive outcome. after a 4 hour meeting, president vladimir please spokesperson has called this week talked unsuccessful. the criminal says that if the united states were to impose sanctions on president foot and it will be comparable to severing ties with russia, it is now clear that dialogue and diplomacy have not bridge the gap between moscow in the west, but rather highlighted their unresolved differences sources safari, al jazeera moscow, the founder of a far right militia group is in charge with seditious conspiracy. over the storming of the u. s. capital by donald trump. supporters. last year, prosecutors say 56 year old student roads lead the oath keepers group to washington last year to try to stop the certification of job biden's election victory. 10 others have also been charged. chaper thompson, the latest from washington d. c. this is an i significant charges against anyone. some $700.00 people have
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already been charged and connected january the 6th, but mostly for trespass and for trying to impede congress is activity. but this is actually, this is the real thing with sedition. i mean, sort of where you have very often and one of the reasons why not is because the prosecutors and the pus, funny, very difficult to prove that someone actually was mounting of the seditious conspiracy. i'm not merely employing that culture useful right to freedom of speech . i didn't suckers with very active debate here in dc as to whether what we saw on january the 6th was part of some coordinated conspiracy to prevent certification of election or simply a demonstration that went awry not least because of the capital. so poorly put defended, instruct, you have informants in the crowd, you will times different, right? re militia group, the proud boy. he said that there's nothing organized in this is just happening. why now it seems that the d o j things have have evidence that there was something organized. and there's a suggestion that they may have the cooperation of various other members of europe
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. keep this in putting forward b this case, which involves a lot of emails from, from roads for example, as early as november 2020. we are going through this civil war to late for that. prepare your mind body and spirit that in december there is no standard political or legal way out of this. and then interesting the on january the 6 itself and right isn't actually q is actually entering the capital, but of directing his followers to put in motion this plan. so this is what he right then all i see trump doing is complaining. i see no intent by him to do anything. so the patriots are taking it into their own hands. they've had enough. some of the top universities in the us are being sued for allegedly working together to limit financial aid for students. yale, columbia and georgetown are among the 16 universities facing a lawsuit in illinois state. former students alleged the institution shared calculations on how much money it would be offered. lawyers say, as men as a $170000.00 students could be eligible to join the case. but jason nichols is from
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the university of maryland. he says many of the institutions have a history of excluding black and latino students. i don't think it's so surprising . we know that in many, for many years, people have gotten admission because they are connected or because they had wealthy donors as family members. so some elements of this case are not surprising. it is upsetting though. busy because using wealth to determine admission or limiting financial aid is fundamentally anti american. so many americans changed to were the trajectory of their families by getting a university education. so putting a university education out of the reach of some students and price gouging is a serious problem for the future of our nation. universities like columbia georgetown, which is in the washington d. c. area. i and a yale have a long history of not really changing the amount of african american and latino
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students and native american students that get through their doors. but people who make big donations, who may not actually be qualified to get in there, seem to get in. it sounds as though they have some really good evidence that that suggests that some of these universities are letting certain students in and, and are trying to, to fix the price. they are allowed to come together and determine those things. but they're not allowed to price gouging. and price out certain students the way the lawsuit alleges. so this is really true. this is really troubling, particularly at such prestigious universities. security forces in sedan have shot and killed a protest hours after siena. military official was killed during a demonstration in cartoon. chic gas was fought at protest as after thousands took to the streets against october's military coups, even more than reports from the capital. so called resistance committees into dance
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capital. her tomb have led the calls for a peaceful protests to continue. and on thursday, supporters were back on the street. the un mission and for dam launched an initiative earlier this week in an attempt to break the country's political deadlock. but the response has so far not been good, non wrong with it and whether or milan we reject the un initiatives, it sets the path for a base of compromise and negotiation with the military, which we refused to have in power because they came up the roku the military should be removed from power and then we'll reach out to the various parties and come up with the way to form a complete civilian government. but for now, we can not negotiate with the military law. a deal in november between the military and prime minister, abdullah ham doke failed to appease political parties or the protest movement. ham doke if, until he resigned earlier this month. well in mobile, that i and the with acted on with the head. we want to complete the civilian role. that's been the goal of this revolution since 2019, for 30 years,
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people have been living under an oppressive state. and the revolution that started was for a civilian government. we want the army out. what in this latest protest, tear gas and stung grenades are fired. the use of life emulation by security forces was also reported. at least 2 deaths were reported, including the death of a senior police officer, medics. they, several protesters were also injured, protest organizers, they, they'll only sit down to discuss the dance future when the military leaves the political scene and is off the streets. they appear united and thought contrast the political parties which are divided on whether to accept the you and effort and that ending the deadlock are rejected. the violence seen in this latest protest and death of a senior security official could delay any further diplomatic attempts to end the crisis. heap, morgan, alta 0 houghton, an 80 year old palestinian american who died after being detained and beaten by israeli soldiers has been buried in the occupied west bank. amara,
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sad was arrested after visiting a relative near the city of ramallah. do you estate department has asked israel for clarification, although we will no longer go alo, booking he was on his belly, him with his face to the ground enhanced cut. they cut one side of the zip caps of his hand. the other was still cut. i checked his pulse, there was nothing. we called the doctor, but it was too late. the soldiers didn't talk to us. they had their weapons pointed to our heads and saying, hush or we'll shoot. if i were to wave a fly away, they would have shot them. they were so aggressive. a soldier looked at him for others came while they whispered to each other and left after they checked him. britons prince andrew has been stripped of all military and royal titles. it comes just a day after a judge in the us ruled that a civil law suit accusing him of sexual abuse can continue the journey. as you fray pictured here, alongside the prince, said she was forced to have sex with him and other men when she was 17 years old.
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the palace says prince andrew will defend the case as a private citizen. the committee that awards the nobel peace prize as appeal to ethiopia as prime minister to end the conflict in his country. abbey armored won the award in 2019, in a rare critique of a former, went up. the norwegian nobel committee says he has special responsibility to end the war with degree. the committee general feigns, i'm commenting on the actions of its prize winners. the coastal town of onslaught in western australia has matched the country's hottest day on record reporting 50.7 degrees celsius. officials say the record was part of a long term warming trend driven by the burning of coal, oil and gas. the last time australia. recall that a day that hot was back in january 1960 what from well fast storms, extreme weather events in 2021 cost the united states around a $145000000000.00 and killed more than $600.00 people just last month. a string of
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unseasonal tornadoes across the midwest added to the spiraling bill. kristin salumi reports from mayfield in the state of kentucky. the destruction stretches for miles house after house, business after business. even the county court house in mayfield, kentucky, is damaged, seemingly beyond repair. the tornadoes that rip through the state and december, killing 77 people destroyed more than a 1000 structures. now the biggest challenge for us was trying to find a new place to live, you know, finding some place to rent, not possible. now if we want to stay in mayfield and everything is gone, clean up. cruise however are everywhere. with so much distraction, cleanup is not going to be quicker easy. they estimate that it will take another 160000 truckloads to carry away all the debris. throughout the state,
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local volunteers have sprung into action. helping provide everything from clothing to toiletries while fema, the federal emergency management agency. dole's out cash to those who qualify for emergency housing assistance of the $9500000.00 of removed disburse so far to family you $6800000.00 of that is for housing assistance that for that is the 1st option for families to find a place to live in the interim while they're rebuilding and i'm finding that that permanent solution, the mayfield grain company is among the many businesses that were destroyed, taking jobs with them. but duncan's pharmacy was able to reopen quickly and a new location. we're getting phone calls the day after the tornado. people calling, i apologize. not trying to be insensitive, i'm not a medicine. why do i do? the store has been part of may field for over 100 years and its current owner has no intention of leaving, or things used to be a certain way. they're not like that right now. just have patience and in love for each other in with tom i think would be able to grow back or maybe not like we were
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before, hopefully stronger, but what least be able to to rebuild, rebuild. they must, but it won't be easy. and the spring tornado season is just months away. kristin, salumi al jazeera mayfield, kentucky. and a quick reminder you can catch up with all the news on our website. air it is on your screen. the address on the 0 dot com that's onto 0. don't directly check on the top stories here. this are format. syrian colonel has been jail for life in germany for torture and murder during syria's civil war. and while ross lamb is the 1st syrian state official to be convicted for such crimes, he moved to germany as an asylum seeker in 2014 california governor gavin newsome.


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