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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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fray, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. the listening post examined the vested interest behind the content. you could see you on al jazeera. oh, ah, ah, the german cords convicts a former high ranking. so in security officer of crimes against humanity for overseen murder and torture on an industrial scale. ah hello there, i'm harlem, he's in this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, a senior military official is killed during protests calling for a civilian rule in sudan. plaza, we have tons of millions of people will knock your racks there. we're going to have
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4 hospitals. u. s. president springs in the military to help the hospitals deal with the record number of cove, with 19 hospitalizations and russia. my troops vacant there withdrawal from cast stone after helping us governance contain last week's violence. anti government protests. ah, we begin with the 1st conviction from the war and syria of a former high ranking intelligence officer for crimes against humanity. a german court sentenced, i'm war ruslan to life in prison. he was head of a security office in a notorious damascus detention center where detainees were tortured and killed. victims and relatives or some of those murdered have been giving their reaction. and i say in ohio law, in my comma, i think that this trial is the smallest step. we walk towards justice and justice
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for us. as family members of those forcibly disappeared the detainees, the missing our loved ones who were killed by the regime. justice will 1st be complete when we know their fate, when the dream for which they went to demonstrate in the 1st place is achieved. that syria becomes a democracy or a state of justice, a state of equality as our hester shirts, and certainly does in design know us. it matters a lot to me because i have a feeling that justice is starting to open its doors. it's a small step towards justice that we hope will be re holding all those who committed violations. those criminals were killed. my son who killed a syrian youth accountable. now daddy and where russell was found. guilty of murder, torture re pansy. the charges, prosecutors say he personally oversaw the murderers of 58 people, the torture of more than 4000 others in 20112012. brutal acts were carried out at the isle hottie prison, damascus,
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also known as hell on earth. the conviction in this landmark case was made possible thanks to germany's universal jurisdiction laws. well, it fits his senior policy officer, it opens society justice initiative. he says the verdict springs some justice to the victims for some victims of systematic torture. in charlotte, syria, this will bring some measure of justice, some measure of solace. germany has the ability to prosecute crimes that crimes against humanity and war crimes that happened outside of its territory . under the principle of universal jurisdiction. the information came to the attention of the authorities and my son was, was recognized by some of the victims of torture branch, 251 where he led intelligence operations and really over saw the
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regime of torture in that intelligence branch. and once that information was brought to the authorities, there was a tremendous effort by syrian activists and civil society to collect information and bring that to prosecutors with the help of some international n jose. and this trial really validates those efforts over over several years now. to a, to hold one well, really the most senior official today from the government of charlotte side to, to account for the torture of over 4000 people. breaking news out of the dawn were security forces of shot and killed protesting. this comes ours, after a senior military official was killed, showing a demonstration in cartoon, thousands suits of the straits against the crew that has plunged the country into
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political deadlock. have been in ports of multiple injuries, protested once military leaders, and to return to civilian governments. let's get more from home and fall. he joins his life on the seat in these capital work. he tell us about this latest fatality a protest are killed and of course a member of the police killed. awesome. yes. hollow the what esther has been killed in the city of bar, which is one of the 3 cities composing the. so then his capital, and that came one or 2 hours after the announcement of the death or the killing of dr. brigadier in police. and the police announcement did not give many details. it announced the death of his high ranking officer and condolences to his family into the nation. and he said that he was killed during, during his duties, trying to protect the protest of interestingly. but the announcement did not point
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a finger of accusation to anyone. that's interesting. the speculations about about who did this i was, i managed to talk to some of the testers. all that is this was committees. and they denied categorically denied any involvement in this coming and they said their history is clear. they have never carried knives or weapons during the demonstrations and nothing has changed in that respect. however, there are fears that ah, could be 3rd party or could be a plot to change the, the year the, the direction of these protests. these processes have always been so far have always been a peaceful despite the high number of report as those that have been killed. now, over of a 60, some slur october 25th, a fears among the sudanese that this could derail, or the home or the whole conflict or into some dangerous directions and
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create problems for the country with everything problems that could create more problems. indeed, because this is of course, a very fibro situation in c done, of the process of searing the country towards some kinds of civilian rule. it's further from now than ever. marriage. it just give us a sense of how you think this is going to impact the ongoing situation and just tell us what things are like. can see down right now. i think we have lost the connection to mohammed val. i will try and bring you an update on this story or in the news or which begins 18 hundreds, a g, m c. but that was mohammed fall there bring us up states from the city in these capital. after that breaking ye say, protest her has been killed after
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a police officer. it was also killed during the ongoing protests. ah, yes, president joe biden says, additional military medical personnel are being deployed stout staff hospitals across the country. he says the government is also acquiring more cove at 19 tests . it comes as hospitalizations reach in all time high. and the health system struggles with shortages of frontline workers, thousands of federal medical personnel have already been sent to state struggling with the keats stuffing shortages. it's been a long road, but what's clear as we get through this when everybody does their par, no matter where you live, no matter your political party, we've got to fight this together. unfortunately, our military stepping up as they always do. they're either sitting on the side much
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and we're standing in the way we haven't gotten vaccinated, do it, elizabeth, and carries associate professor of american studies on political science at george washington university. she says, the owner can variance is only one part of the problem behind the latest search. the problem is definitely with the administration, it has been slow to respond. it gets out conflicting messages. of the problem is also with the us health care system. on the one hand, we have a lot of it is regulated at the local level, so you might have mask mandates in one city and then the next city over doesn't have mask mandates and that's incredibly confusing for people. and i think last and really importantly, is that so much of the us health care system is outside of the federal government. it is privatized, it is for profit. so having the government coordinate everything is, is quite difficult given that so much of our health care is not meant to be coordinated at this level. so the biden administration has to overcome
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a lot like deploying the military even just to get doctors and nurses the support that they need. but part of what we see biden's challenge is that he has not coordinated the federal response in the way that i think a lot of people would have liked, for instance, getting masks out earlier, getting testing out early or even deploying 1000000000 tests is really only a little more than 2 tests per member of the u. s. population, and that's not enough for people when they feel sick or when they're not sure if they've been exposed. so we need a lot more ramping up. and they also think the bargaining ministration has to do a lot more to counter act, the really strong anti vaccine anti vaccination movement in the united states. the fact that so many people still don't even believe that cove it exists. it's seriously problematic in one place. they can step teachers in france of walked off the job and a nationwide strikes protest against the government's handling of corona virus. they say the measures in place don't go far enough to protect them from this. one
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of the countries was affected by the on the con, variance in europe. the number of infections is increased by around 45 percent in the last week. it's ayesha butler has more from the rally in paris. hi, justice. i've been telling us that they are very upset indeed with the french government covey rules in schools. now they're not against restrictions in schools, but what they say is that the rules that have been put in place, or too complicated or unmanageable. and what small are they all they say putting them at risk in the classroom even more of the virus than in previous months. they say it, especially, that's difficult at a time when the viruses circulating so widely in france were having nearly records a daily new kind of infection rates here in france. now they want simpler roles, clear roles. they want more time to be able to put any new measures in place. they
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say at the moment that's just not what not happening. they also want things like more masks, more protective measures, but schools are still open and that is, well, that's one of the main reason for government says that it is necessary to put these rules in place because what the government all saying is good from the beginning of this pandemic, they have made it a priority to keep schools opened or worried by education. they're worried about young people and their futures. they say it's essential the schools remain open and in fact, the prime ministers on capstone has actually just announced just a few moments ago that he will meet a trade unions leaders. he'll meet teachers to try and talk about how perhaps the situation in court schools can be improved. so it is easier for teachers and say that they feel more protected. i had such a difficult and vulnerable time here, oscillation, period in england for people with cove at 19 as being reduce. the british al secretary says that starting next week, those in quarantine where we're able to get out of isolation after 5 days. if their
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test is negative, the policy shift comes to see corona virus case, the surge to record levels. india has reported it size number of cove with 19 cases since may last year. was $250.00 thousands in the last 24 hours. is follow the global trend of a sharp increase in amico infections. but hospital admissions and debts are lower than previous waves. more than 100 1000000 co. 19 vaccines were rejected by poorer nations in december, united nations agency. unicef says the jobs from the global program kovacs were turned away mainly because of their rapid expiry dates. poorer nations have also been forced to delay supplies because they have insufficient storage facilities. still head on al jazeera lebanon's dave wage is protested, shut time, major highways to show their anger against the world's worst economic crises. we
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are in nigeria, some far a state or criminal gangs have been attacking villages in this report. see 200 posies ah hello, great to see you. thank you for joining in your world. weather report begins in the middle east and energy has moved from the eastern med rate in said the la van. so we're seen some soaking rains for our bill. it was just last month, we were dealing with deadly flash flooding. now that's also moving into western you drawn on friday, but here's something else i wanted to show you. a band of rain stretching from the red sea right through to the gulf are also getting a southerly push here. so what it does, so the temperature and ria, $27.00 degrees now by saturday. i do think some of these showers will be in doha, and that's going to cool the atmosphere. so we've got just
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a high of $22.00 on sunday, which is where he should be for this and the year of the pakistan. plenty of sunshine here and things pretty well where they should be as well as lama bought a hive. 19 degrees. next stop turkey. we're looking at this low temperatures for is stan ball 4 degrees. there is some of that activity popping up around the levant. so ramallah, some showers for you with a high 9 degrees temperatures have lowered across heart tomb to just 34 degrees on friday and we've got our seasonal summer storms widespread falling in this area, so from harry right into the eastern side of south africa durbin scott high twenty's have degrees on friday, and now you're up to date soon. ah, the informed opinion. there is a need for avi, our lead federal government to take action to really facilitate aid right. in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on al jazeera. it's one
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years since joe biden was swarming as president of the united states, against a backdrop of rioting on capitol hill from navigating the plan demick to the withdrawal from afghanistan. we'll look back at his policy, wins and losses, and examined the challenges that remain special coverage on al jazeera. ah ah, this is al jazeera, quick reminder, over the top stories this, our former serene intelligence officer has been sentenced to life in prison in germany. the courts convicted anwar ruslan for crimes against humanity for peace is answers detention center in damascus 220112012 protest her has been killed and sit
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on during a day of rally's against the military hours earlier. senior military official is killed during those demonstrations, in cartoon, thousands to, to the streets against a coon that has funds the country into political deadlock and years president joe biden has unveiled to you federal steps he fights fioma con variance include sending military medical personnel to help or specials, deal with the search of cove. at 19 cases. russian led forces said cassock stand to help curb and rest have begun withdrawing at least 160 people were killed showing anti government protests. those is more have been detail of enforcing walker before it's oh, after just a week in kazakhstan and barely a short fired in anger. the russian led military force of around 2000 troops is on its way hope. its role protecting power stations and other infrastructure seemed as
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symbolic as the parade ceremony. mocking its departure. look, it all depended on the peacekeeping mission of assisting the brother people of kazakhstan has been successfully completed steps on empty abuse. bullshit, observers believe the c s t o his mission was actually to show that president kasim jermarta archive had russian backing. this deployment was very much at the request to the cause, externally government the president took care of and clearly he needed this force to stabilize his own internal situation. once that was stabilized, once they understood that his own domestic forces would remain loyal, then they c. s. t o deployment was no longer needed in the city of al marty, where the troops were earlier deployed. what the authorities describe as an official terrorist threat remains. anti government protests had led to the worst violence in casks dance, modern history. more than a 160 people died,
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including peaceful protesters and police officers around 12000 people have been detained. friends and relatives are anxiously waiting for news of morgan. glad my friend, i can even call him a brother sanderson. i keep of it was detained on january, 4th. he was firstly held at the district office of internal affairs like then they told us he was in an internal affairs department since january 6. we've been here and we don't know whether he's alive or not. activists say those detained aren't being provided with their rights. you are on dust elvish, no misty to ne. neither lawyers or relatives, no one's allowed in sight, yet lawyers should be present during interrogations. the checkpoints block the access for lawyers and relatives to see what's going on in there. we don't even have a list of the detainees of brady ah, that's not in to with the c s t o 's note of mission accomplished. foreign troops
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are on their way out, but much remains to be resolved in kazakhstan, robin 1st year, walker algae 0 to another potential flash point involving russian colon says, talks to defeat the crisis any sing ukraine have yet to reach any breakthroughs. russian troops have been gathering on the ukrainian border raising fears of an invasion. the o se talks in vienna are the latest round of negotiations this week. she try and deescalate tensions between moscow and keith. the polish foreign minister is currently sharing the group. he says, the stakes are the highest they've been in decades. it seems that the risk of war in the are always c area is now greater than ever before. in the last 30 years, military analysis have pointed to a major, military buildup in the region. we have recently heard
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a demand of security guarantees related to an important part of the oversee area. and the renewal discourse about spheres of influence. all of his aspects require a serious international assessment and the proper reaction, public transport workers 11 and on strike drivers of in blocking roads across the capital bay routes are angry about increasing fuel prices and the sharp t evaluations the currency st harder reports. they tried to paralyze the country, public transport workers blocked roads across lebanon, and the hope the authorities will improve their living conditions. and international increase in fuel costs is adding pressure to their financial challenges. but it's the rapid depreciation of the local currency that may petrol on affordable for many. is the phone a lot going on as we demand,
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they fixed the dollar rates, so we can live, we can survive with the fuel prices. we can't feed our children, we are in pain. lebanon's inflation has reached triple digits and is among the highest in the world that lead to fuel consumption, falling by nearly half as many people are no longer able to afford using their cars, filling them with fuel costs more than their monthly minimum wage. that's now worth 20 us dollars. he kinda went to work is cheaper than using my car, but i still have to pay one ford of my salary for transportation. a few months ago, they nearly bankrupt, the government lifted subsidies on fuel because of a lack of foreign reserves and public transport costs increased by 400 percent. le mom. i know people who walk in for kilometers because they can't afford to pay for the ride. everything is too expensive. the economic crisis is likely to worse than as politicians blame for years of corruption. don't have
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a recovery plan needed to unlock international financial aid. last year, i'm going to talk, we have to beg for money to survive. we are dying slowly. the situation is drastic . many people are also struggling with power outages, lasting 22 hours a day because the state can't afford to buy enough fuel. i'm this far. i pay 1600000 mirrors for private electricity. that is more than an average salary. what about the other bills? food inflation and lebanon is among the highest in the world. most people in lebanon are paid in the local currency at the official exchange rate of $1500.00 to the u. s. dollar, but the prices of goods and commodities are based on a parallel market rate. that's now more than $30000.00 lire, though doesn't seem to be a clear way out of the crisis. the government hasn't convened in 3 months because a political infighting. all the while. desperation among many is increasing in what
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was once a middle class country that are there, al jazeera, beirut springs and breaking news out of london. though buckingham palace has said that prince, andrew will give up all military titles. and patronage is this comes after a judge in the u. s. rules on wednesday that a lawsuits which accuses the princess sexual abuse will move forwards. virginia g free has brought a civil seat saying that when she was 17 years old, she was trafficked to have sex with the u. k. royal ants. other men. the palace says prince andrew will defend the case as a private citizen. prince andrew strenuously denies all allegations and a 2 year old palestinian american who died after being detained and beaten by israeli soldiers as been buried in the occupied west bank or marsan, was arrested after visiting a relative noon city of ramallah. your state department is asked israel for
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clarification. although we go no longer go who alo booked. no. he was on his belly, him with his face to the ground and hands cut. they cut one site of the zip cups of his hand. the other was chilled cause i checked his pulse, there was nothing. we called the doctor, but it was too late. the soldiers didn't talk to us. they had their weapons pointed to our heads and saying, hush or we'll shoot. if i were to wave a fly away, they would have shot to them. they were so aggressive. a soldier looked at him for others came before they whispered to each other and left after they checked him. he'd ever him has more and i from ramallah. these protesters are demanding israel to release. a 49 year old has been diagnosed with august of last year, but he's been a long florida. the family says that the diag
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a worth and the human rights organizations. i've been a medical negligence against both indian prisoners, a new york to know he's been given medication based on speculations and not proper medical testing at the end. israel bears all responsibility for the deterioration of his health, and we have the proof as well for years. and i only got to see him one after he was diagnosed with last week. a jail 100 of them are sick i how cancer. and they say that they're not receiving proper medical our apologies are there that was needed to abraham reporting on a separate story or involving a palestinian prisoner
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a being held. i will. her maids is suffering from cancer and those processed calling for his release. let's bring you some other news now. sexy people are confirmed dead falling raids on villages fly gun than in northern nigeria. search teams are looking for more bodies. the attacks came after government air strikes, targeted the high debts of criminal gangs. i'll just say or as a high degrees traveled to some fara. as dusk approaches these displaced women pound grades to prepare the meal, this families open kitchen is busy, which means its members will get to eat. but 10000 of others were fled. the violets of little food or shelter in nor muddle returns to our family empty handed. her 4 children will go hungry to day. but when at only as only there is nothing i can do
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about it, i have no options. but it breaks my heart to see them in such a situation. so members of our family are still missing more than a week after the massacres. there's been no contract, nor demand for runs. they are presumed dead. their bodies have not been recovered. mama is yet to overcome his grief. he lost 4 children and 10 of the relatives in the attacks loveable bobby old. the showed no mercy women children. the elderly were knocked down charter slaughtered children were yanked off their mother's backs and thrown into fire. wonder all holmes and granaries were burnt down. some forested governor says the time for negotiations with the criminal gangs is over. some of them are pushing put a dialogue. but let us allow the cabinet to go on fust. do delaware pushed? don't come up with genuine requests leashes that pu now,
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why not do for eat the conflictions and for i began this dispute over land and water resources between farmers and herders. but successive governments ignored the danger sides. it's now spread to most part of the country with criminal gangs and even bull quorum caching in thousands have been kidnapped for ransom, including school children, hundreds of whom are still being held by gunman. many villages, like these in nigeria, north are forced to make difficult choices, cooperating with criminal gangs, results in long prison terms. but helping security forces means death at the hands of the bandits for many poor vulnerable families. their reality is there isn't any way else to run to in december last year than our geron government declared those responsible for the deadly attacks terrorists and says they're committing more troops and equipment to end the bloodshed. oh,
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who do? i finally did a plan in there, but that's little comfort for survivors of the massacres. in the villages in nigeria, north was priority. now we survival while trying to find closure. our losses that don't seem to stop. edris al jazeera zapora, northwest nigeria. ah, this is our to see are these all the headlines? buckingham palace says prince andrew has given up oh, military titles and patronage is.


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