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and much more problematic than we thought. a dos was the lessons learned from the global pandemic, could lead to positive change the close of the hill, all hail the locked down, expose it to privilege and poverty during a crisis on our j 0. ah, illegal blow for britain's prince andrew. so now face a civil case in the u. s. over claims of sexual abuse. ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera alive from london, also coming up the world's forgotten war. as fighting continues, the un warns most of yemen population requires humanitarian assistance. crank and open discussions, but still no break through russia and nato failed to find common ground. during
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high level talks over ukraine, i want to apologize and an admission and apology from the british prime minister over garden party he attended while the country was encouraged of ours lockdown. se now going to do a decent thing and resign. ah hello, begin in the u. s were a lawsuit against prisoners prince andrew, is moving forward after a judge rejected efforts to dismiss a sex abuse claim. virginia jeffrey says she was 17 years old when she was traffic to have sex with the u. k. royal prince andrew's lawyers trying to have the case thrown out. citing a 2009 deal she signed with convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein. a 61 year old prince has consistently denied the claims. but the case will now be able to proceed in new york. gabriel is under,
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john does live from there that could we see under in court. well, probably not, but that doesn't mean that there will not be a trial because there probably will be a trial. so it's a little complicated, but i'll explain that before. but before i do that it's, it's important to point out that this is really, you know, always uncharted territory. it's not that often, quite frankly, that a british royal is facing such serious legal charges here in the united states for such serious charges against him. but it's, it is complicated, so he's a lot of uncharted territory here. bottom line is with this latest decision by this judge saying that the case could go forward. that means in short, yes, we are moving full speed ahead towards a trial. and i say we, i mean the justice system here in the united states and the prosecution. they've already set a date of july 14th. the judge has of the 1st date, when the lawyers on both sides have to start exchanging documents among themselves
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for a potential trial. trial would be probably later this year. well after july, but before 2023, that's number one. number 2 is, do we expect prince andrew to be at the trial? the answer to that is no. well, they say, well, why not? that's because this is a civil case and not a criminal case. in a civil case, the court cannot force someone to show up in court unless they live here in the united states. and in this case and prince andrew obviously does not. he's in the u. k. and there is no there is they can't extradite the u. s. or the court can't extradite him to the united states for this trial, so he likely will not be in court. he does not have diplomatic immunity, though the only people who have diplomatic community would be the queen in her immediate household. and he does not fall under that. bottom line is this is a huge setback for the prince and his,
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his legal team. they really wanted this to go away. that's why they were fighting this so vigorously in core, as verbage, virginia defray and her legal team. they see this is a huge victory. they put out a brief statement saying, this is an important step in virginia, the fries heroic and determined pursuit of justice as a survivor of sex trafficking. bottom line is we'll be hearing a lot more about this case in the coming months. and just one is how that the case got to this point. yeah, well it's when virginia go free, she's 38 years old right now when she was 17. she claims that she was sexually assaulted on 3 separate occasions by prince andrew in 2001 once in london. once in an island in the caribbean. and once here in new york, the prince would have to repeat, denies, disfigure it vigorously these, these charges against him. this but then virginia godfrey also claimed she was sexually assaulted by jeffrey epstein, who's
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a long time friend of the prince. and she signed a, an agreement with jeffrey epstein to settle her civil case against him for half a $1000000.00 that was in 2009 in that agreement. it said anyone else potentially involved also would be shielded from any sort of further civil cases. but it did not spell out who exactly anyone else is, and that's why the prince's lawyer said they thought he was covered. immunity if you will, by the agreement in 2009 between godfrey and, and jeffrey epstein. that's where it was a central crux of this judge's ruling basically said no, this case, prince andrew and virginia grew free. her try her case against him or civil case can move forward. and that was really the crux of why we've gotten to this point. and how we've gotten here. okay, really thank you very much. the
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united nations as many 4000000000 dollars is needed this year to help millions of people in war torn yemen. the un security council has held an open meeting on the country's 7 year conflict. it estimates 80 percent of humans population require communitarian assistance with 13000000 people at risk of starvation. the you in special invoicing. yemen says any solution to the crisis needs to start with a de escalation of violence between the 2, restarting on a challenging the military escalation i described in this counter last month has accelerated as the part is dumping down on military options. 7 years down the road of war, the prevailing belief of old war insides seems to be that things sufficient harm on the other will force them into submission. however,
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there is no sustainable long term solution to be found on the feed. therefore, i will continue to stress that warring parties can should and indeed must talk even if they are not ready to put down their arms. out of the vatican to james phase was monitoring the meeting from the national nations in new york. well, it's very grim picture from yemen. remember, the country has been in turmoil for more than a decade, and war has been raging in the country for almost 8 years. well, with that backdrop, what has happened in the last month? things have got much worse. they say there has been a deterioration of the humanitarian situation, an escalation by all sides of that military action. and we also heard from a senior humanitarian official from the united nations. again, briefing the security council saying that over 15000 people have been displaced in the last month. and the number of civilians that have been reported killed is 358
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that's tied for the highest figure at any point in the last 3 years. very grim news from yemen often described by people as the forgotten war. but it's a war that continues to rage. nato sector general has warned of a real risk of conflict in europe. after high stakes meeting with russia ended without breakthrough. both sides say significant differences remain after what they described as frank and open discussion is in brussels. oscar forced the west to the negotiating table by massing tens of thousands of troops near the ukraine border toaster by reports from the russian capital. a meeting nearly 3 years in the making . as high ranking members of the russian foreign and defense ministry join nato officials in brussels, the meeting lasted longer than expected. but nato secretary general remain steadfast, that he would not accept russia's demand that ukraine will never become
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a member of the alliance. this crisis is, is, is the making of russia. and therefore, this important dave, deescalate ukraine has the right to self defense ducks and shrine. and you am a family talker angle for so many dollars when they, than they dollars, unless it'll help them to uphold that. so, right to, to self defense, despite the united states, assurances that it wouldn't talk about ukraine security without ukraine being present. it says this meeting was a chance for the 2 sides to begin repairing their relationship. a relationship that's been going backwards since russia annex crimea in 2014 and nato's expulsion of 8 russians after accusing them of spying. no, but it was the reverse with of would nate to opt for the policy of the term russia? we will respond with measures of counter deterrence, or if it uses the policy of intimidation,
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we will respond with counter intimidation. if it looks for vulnerabilities in the russian defense system, we will look for nato's vulnerabilities. it's not our choice, but we don't have other options. if we don't overturn this current very dangerous course of events who senior would use alumni thus. so despite the lack of an official agreement, the talks are being seen as a success, if only because they didn't ends in acrimony, despite rushes continued to insist that he has no intention of in vain. crane there seems little sign of an immediate end to the crisis. the small book, a security problem, sir, for its neighbors. ivy's neighbors are also free. i in the choice or are actions and definitely this is not a win win situation, but other laws, lucy haitian ukraine is moving closer to ne asha is like near to mall. i see resources, so it's western warner. and in the end of the day,
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both sides are likely to lose after 4 hours of talk between nato members and russia . yes, stoughton berg said his organization would not let moscow dictate security arrangements to other countries. the secretary general warned that those a real risk of armed conflict in europe and by continuing to press what is clearly at red line by western countries, russia may be showing its hand. the president putin may not intend this week of talk to succeed, but rather to be used as a pretext for war door such a worry al jazeera moscow. the u. s. is urged the russian president to remain at the negotiating table more on this. let's go to our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit took. so committee deputies after state wendy sherman saying the door remains open. yeah. that for our meeting, where the us secretary of state, or rather the deputy us secretary state along with representatives from 30 other
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countries, meeting with russian officials really didn't result in any major breakthrough. but according to the secretary of state, rather deputy secretary of state. what she said was, in fact, that there is still this invitation from the west to continue diplomacy to continue negotiations. and that door remains open. essentially what she said was, that is the sort of team of countries has issued a bit of an invitation to russian to do 3 things. number one, de escalate detention, something that they have been asking for for quite a bit of time. choosing diplomacy. again, something that has the west has been pleading for and also to bring about solutions for security for all parties involved. know the feeling of the united states isn't all of this. if russia is to walk away from this invitation, then it was never serious about negotiations in the 1st place. and of course, the big concern for the west is the russia will make good on sort of the apparent
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threat to invade ukraine with that. amassing of troops along the ukrainian border, so the united states is continuing to prepare for every eventuality. it says, and also has continued to say that there will be punishing financial consequences if russia takes the action. but at the same time, the binding ministrations in very vague and what that might look like and can be the democrats want to impose new sanctions on russian individuals including president putin. yes, so the democrats, so we should point out president biden's party in the u. s. congress in the upper chamber have said, in the absence of this lack of specificity on the consequences, russia could face that. they have drafted legislation that outlines exactly what they would like to see sort of the punishing consequences be, should russia invade ukraine? and what they've signalled is that they want to sanction, not just top government and military officials, but in fact,
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the russian president himself, vladimir putin. we should also point out that in this legislation there is bolstered security for ukraine and also an effort to ensure that the nordstrom to gas pipeline from russia to germany that is currently not in operation, that it does not progress. so the message that the senate is saying is that the united states is serious about this. they are fearful of the escalation, and they are already taking actions. putting blood procedures in place in the form of legislation, should russia follow through on the threats to potentially invade ukraine? something that the west is strongly opposed to. kimberly, how can thank you very much indeed. still to come analogy, era, future food security concerns in the u. k, as the government tries to sold the delicate balancing act between the environment and foaming. ah
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hey there, good to see you. here's your weather in a minute. 15 wednesdays. rain will become thursdays, smell for is stumble, 2 degrees. we got a wind at northwind coming down the boss 1st, so that's dragon down your temperature not only dare but through the gene as well. so i think just the high of 6 degrees and we've got wet weather coming into the lamp and this will be pulsing heavy rain at times. back to the stumble, i think maybe a centimeter of snow. so not bad last february. you had that huge down, not going to see it this time around, but with this, your temperature is also both by day and night will be below average after italy right now, and we're in the clear, we are still hanging onto our bore a wind. so what that means for creation, we could see when goes up to 165 kilometers per hour. that's some damaging when further to the west, we go both for portugal in spain. we're in the clear say for a few showers in valencia with the high of 14 degrees. and you know, for norway,
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we've got high temperatures, that's melting the snow, but also heavy rain here. so that's given us the risk of flooding right across norway also has a high of 10 degrees. well, and it's farther reports in africa right now, and we're seeing that weather dropped down for northern areas of algeria and to need to know has a high of 13 degrees on thursday. and now you're in the know as soon the living in a war zone is a risk not worth taking for most but for a 10 year old boy, there is nowhere else to go. in the absence of his parents, his grandmother dedicate herself to his upbringing. never knowing whether the next explosion or echo one step closer to the place they call home the distant barking of dogs. a witness documentary on al jazeera.
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ah, ah, ah. one of the top stories here, 900, a u. s. lawsuit against britain is prince andrew, is moving forward after a judge rejected efforts to dismiss a sexual abuse claim against him. virginia jew phrased as she was 17 years old when she was traffic to have sex with the u. k. rule. united nations has nearly $4000000000.00 is needed this year to help millions of people in yemen. 7 years of war has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis, with 80 percent of the population in need of assistance. and nato's warned of a real risk of armed conflict in europe. after high stakes meeting with russia,
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ended without breakthrough. moscow forced the west and negotiating table by massing tens of thousands of troops near its border with ukraine. you k prime minister has apologized to the nation after admitting he attended a party at his london residence during the height of the 2020 current of ours, knocked down at the time forest. johnson's own government was enforcing strict measures confining millions of people to their homes. johnson insists he thought it was a work event, but he's facing multiple calls to resign. anderson has more awe, or if johnson has never been under such pressure from his own party, the opposition of the people who elected him he set out to try to defend himself. the key question, did he attend a party for around 40 guess in his back garden that appears to have breached cove restrictions? first, he tried to address the british people. i want to apologize. i know the rage,
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they feel with me and with the government i lead. when they think that in done in street itself, the rules are not being properly followed by the people who make the rules. and when i went into that garden, just after 6 on the 20th of may, 2020, to frank groups of stock before going back into my office 25 minutes later to continue working. i believed implicitly that this was a work event. with hindsight, i should have sent everyone back inside of the months of deceit and deception. the pathetic spectacle of a man who has run out of road and his defense, his defense, that he didn't realize he was, it's a party. ha, it is so ridiculous that is actually offensive to the prayer with the whole country was locked down. he was posting boozy party in town
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express. is he now going to do the decent thing and resign? johnson didn't say yes or no. i want her. i want to repeat that, i thought it was a, a work event and apologizing again and telling opposition leader care stammer. he should wait for the results of an inquiry into revelations of several parties in downing street and whitehall. i regret very much that we did not do things differently or that evening. stammer repeatedly rounded on johnson, the party's over prime minister. the only question is, will the british public kick him out? will is party kick him out, or will do the decent thing and resign. and johnson's constituency in north west london, many who watched wouldn't accept his apology. i'm angry and i just think he's a man that doesn't take responsibility for what he's done. civic,
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who power thing for it to be expect. vega, me, you found the come back with with, with something about whether or not it's true or noise. it's probably not true. this crisis is being called part again by the media. johnson is trying to write it out much rest though with the outcome of the inquiry into downing street and whitehall parties, and what the police do about the latest revelation. with more rest, though, on whether the conservative party decides johnson is now a liability and has to go. and through simmons al jazeera, the number of new kevin 19 cases hit a record high last week, according to the world health organization. 15000000 new cases worldwide is the highest number seen since the pandemic began 2 years ago. it's been driven by the omicron variant, which the w h, her insist, is still dangerous, especially for the unvaccinated. let's be clear, while ami kong caused less severe diseases than delta, it remains
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a dangerous virus, particularly for those who are unvaccinated, almost $50000.00 a week is $50000.00 to many kevin on teams, the leading cause of death for police officers in the united states last year, and the report shows that of the $458.00 officers who died in the line of duty. $301.00 were as a result of the crowd of iris that's almost 2 thirds. the next highest cause of death was assault with $84.00 fatalities and firearms which killed $62.00 as the 2nd year running the code 19 was responsible for the majority of us police deaths. despite that many forces have been challenging their vaccine mandates. morocco's government is trying to attract foreign medical workers and investment to pluck gaps in its health service caused by the panoramic. despite be africans, most vaccinated country danny cases are spite to more than 7000 hospitals near not
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32000 doctors and 65000 nurses and only around 1200 local doctors, graduate. every year, the health minister says he's considering wage increases and tax incentives. already removing many of a legal barriers to encourage foreign investment. lazenby to mobilize, you kill casserole. that's who foreigners used to find difficulties when they wanted to come to morocco, as did investors, and practicing doctors, even if there were moroccans living abroad today, we've removed all those difficulties. not extra calls by 33 votes to 21. now, by law, all foreigners were impressed at all. a doctors will be treated the same way as weber, rock and colleagues and is 8 people have been killed in a car bombing in the somalian capital. mogadishu, according to their cities, ambulance service, the bomb designated on a road close to the international airport with witnesses saying it appeared to target a convoy carrying foreign nationals. several more people have been treated in hospital
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for injuries, some of them serious a on group arshebra, which is affiliated to al qaeda, is claiming responsibility for the attack. searches on the way in the nigerian set of some pharaoh, where at least 200 people were killed by gunmen last week. about 10000 people have been driven from their homes by the violence and authorities expect to find more bodies. raids on villages are thought to be reprisal attacks after government airstrikes. targeted hind outs of criminal gangs residence in the northwestern state are organizing mass burials for the victims. hong kong is throwing up but more laws to combat what it calls crimes against national security. chief executive carry lamb made the announcement in the 1st session of the new legislature, which has been scrubbed of political opposition. beijing imposed a wide reaching national security law in hong kong in 2020, as a response to mass pro democracy, protests rights groups and western governments say the law has empowered
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authorities to conduct a sweeping crackdown on descent. you i on those o long use arms of hola, the national security law passed and june is an immensely well written law. it's been implemented for about a year and a half. its original function is to stop violence and chaos and returning to normalcy. now it's to act as an anchor to guarantee stability, to let people know there are consequences. the national security law requires us to prevent curb and punish crimes. if prevention is done well, we can punish left leg of the legislation of article $23.00 will be similarly well written. they will, by the u. k. government has announced the biggest change to agricultural land management and decades. farmers will be paid thousands of dollars for adopting an eco friendly approach. but unions, one, it could increase the u. k dependency on food imports in years to come near. barker has more from southeast england. this is to viagra ball. so this, this would have been winter wheat 18 years ago, and then coastal estate,
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they've been re wilding the land before. and one really knew what it meant. the soil to unprofitable to grow produce is ideal for handing back to mother nature. and now a welcome cash subsidy, courtesy of british taxpayers for continuing what they're doing. this is the most important thing for 40 years. i guess. i mean, it is a combination of years and years and years of thinking and, and discussing and hopefully influencing some of the decision making. but, you know, wow, it's amazing. it's the biggest shake up of britain's landscape in a generation. says the government, a $1000000000.00 funding scheme designed firstly to incentivize sustainable farming . and secondly, to reverse the decline of nature by paying landowners to re wilde their properties . all possible since the u. k. left the e. use common agricultural policy. that subsidized farmers depending on the size of their land, the new post breaks it funds designed to reward farmers for making environmentally positive choices. we have now legally binding targets for the environment,
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most notably a target to reverse the decline in nature by 2030. and we have a responsibility as a governments to ensure that the payment rates we make are attractive enough to incentivize the uptake of our schemes for their rumblings of concern. while he's, the plans will simply reward already wealthy farmers that have lambs to spare concerns to about the lives livelihoods of small a tenant farmers who could be kicked off land to make way for re wilding schemes. and what about food security? say farmers. britain needs more nor less farmland, to feed a growing population or run the risk of being increasingly dependent on foreign and potentially lower quality import. delivering food for the country is also an absolutely crucial part of what we do, so must be delivering food alongside environment delivery, rob van, instead of it's raise questions about the future of farming,
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how to balance sustainability and food production. this might be the answer, not an agricultural revolution, but something that's been done for centuries. small local farms close to urban areas. agriculture is at a crossroads and the more land that's handed over to nature in return for government subsidies and the coming years means that we may come very soon to rely upon local producers like this to feed our communities. we live in a world shape by food and the land. it's grown on nature's future is our future. ne park al jazeera southeast england, crowns in northern sedans, have blocked roads and bridges for a 3rd day in protest against the increase in electricity cost. farmers in the area say expensive bills are impacting agricultural projects. we're sitting blocked a busy highway to egypt, leaving hundreds of vehicles stranded sedans,
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ruling military council has promised to review power prices and the protests and not connected to the current political crisis. incident with the military rulers, on the pressure for returned to civilian government, a suspect has been arrested over the unsolved murder of a british family and a cyclist and the french ants. all 9 years ago, saddle healey was killed with his wife it ball and mother in law near lake and see in september 2012. a gunman sprayed their vehicle with bullets to young children, survived the attack. the family from sorry, were on a camping trip in the country. i 45 year old french syquest also died of to be shot 7 times. well, tennis number one, novak docker, which has admitted breaking crone of ours isolation rules in his native serbia last month. in an instagram post joker, which says he attended an interview and photo shoot after a positive covered 19 test and describing it as an error of judgement. the 34 year
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old had his australian visa revoked or to reviving in the country last week. you to questions over whether he met entry requirements. a decision has since been overturned by a melvin court, but the australian government has not ruled out further action. with amending catch up any time with all stories we're covering by checking out our website, our 0 dot com ah, what of short stories are to 0? a u. s. lawsuit against britain's prince. andrew is moving forward after a judge rejected efforts to dismiss a sex abuse claim. virginia ju fray says she was 17 years old when she was tr.


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