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we can really break through the barriers studio be unscripted on al jazeera oh play an important role protecting you and i. ringback put your face. mm mm. ah . top russian officials meet nato representatives in brussels as tensions continue. i have a rushes, truitt build up on ukraine's puerto. ah, a money inside the sound. is there a lie from dove all or so coming up? we're doing the best we possibly can. the barden administration faces tough questions of the senate. as the u. s. hits a new record for coven 19 hospital admissions. north korea announces
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a successful test launch of a hypersonic miss thou as leader kim johnson as his command as to step up and military muscle such continues for victims of a massacre. nigeria, in which at least 200 people were killed. ah, high stakes security talk saw on the way in brussels as tensions persist over the russian troop build up on ukraine's border. the nato, russia council meeting for the 1st time in 3 years, effort to de escalate. the situation happened on going with fears. russia could invade ukraine. moscow once guarantees, nato will not accept its neighbour as a member. well, we have to correspond this covering by size of the story in a moment. we'll have more native concerns with natasha butler and paris fest. let's
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get more in the russian perspective. with door said jabar, who's in moscow for us. so most so dos of the issue of russian troops on ukraine's board has been a concern for some time. now, as i've been saying. so what is the significance of this particular meeting? well, it's significant because this is the 1st time since 2019, that's nato's meeting with russian officials and the delegation that's there from moscow include high ranking officials from the russian defense and foreign ministry, as well as thrushes, former ambassador to nato, as well as the russian deputy foreign minister alexander grew sco who has said that this is a very important meeting and that it is significant because it is a moment of truth in russia. nato relations. and the position here is that the russians considered unacceptable for ukraine to even consider joining the 30 member block led by the united states. they say that it is not something that they would
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accept and that they want reassurances that that will not take place. and the russian deputy foreign minister is also said that it's important to continue talks and as long as they do, they will have a chance of de escalating tensions. and in terms of the troops build up a wrong, the russian border with ukraine. the kremlin position is that they are moving their own forces within their own country, and it is their sovereign right to do so. but when it comes to nato expanding and including ukraine, it is something that the russian say is unacceptable. and of course, americans have said that of what the russians are asking for is a non starter and that there is no way they can dictate who cannot, cannot join nato, who has an open door policy to all the countries in the world. ok, thanks for that dosage about that for us in moscow. let's get the perspective from paris and speak to natasha butler. natasha. they have been various attempts to de
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escalate the situation so far. most recently, us talks with russia, which have ended this week with no break through. do we actually expect any progress with nato today? will ask a question. those talks on monday between a u. s. and russian officials ending with no breakthrough, but it has to be said that a hopes of any breakthrough for this meeting in brussels between nato members and russian senior negotiators are extremely low. the mood is far from optimistic. in fact, one kremlin spokesperson said that there was very little room for optimism. and the real reason is that you have 2 sides on one side, nato, on one side, russia and their positions have only become even more deeply entrenched. if you like. on one side, you have russia saying that it wants nato to store its eastern woods expansion. it doesn't want ukraine to ever become a member of nato. on the other side,
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you have nato say, well, that's just unacceptable. in fact, the a, u. s. sam baset her to nato on tuesday, said that not a single nato member would agree to have the terms of nato membership dictated in such a way. so you have to very opposing viewpoints. even though this is perhaps the most significant of the many meetings that are taking place this week, her we heard from you and so to both as well, the secretary general of nato, before this meeting. and he actually said that he thought a good out come would be an agreement to continue talking. so he's sessing the ball pretty low. you have to say a more talks i seems to be, where are these this meeting is going? that seems to be the possible result or outcome of this meeting and both side saying more talks in the future at least as some a way of moving forward, even though it seems and nobody's talking about any great breakthroughs at this
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stage. many thanks for that, natasha butler there for us in paris and explosions. rock somali as capital mogadishu? killing 8 people, according to ambulance services. authority say a car bomb targeted a convoy a bullet proof cause it's not been reported yet. who was in the convoy or who carried out the attack was on a road leading to the airport. he was president joe biden has defended his administration's response to a sergeant on the con cases. more people are now in hospital with coven 19 than ever before. and infections are hitting an average of 3 quarters of a 1000000 a day. and u. s. senate committee has question, federal officials on their handling of the pandemic. haskell, hang reports,
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call them another new covey record in the us. more than 145000 people hospitalized with the virus. still u. s. president joe biden is sounding optimistic on top of that. we're on the right back pole. show much of the country disagree. one problem casting. this is boston and here in missouri long lines to get a test and results are taking longer to come back. everywhere we've been, it's been a lot like this is we're testing looks like in most of the country, the other option at home tests. but they are expensive and really hard to find. same with masks, the government says i'm a crohn means everyone needs better masks. if you can find and afford them, so some local government, you have begun giving en route. i was just going to get the mask. i can't find anyone and was like, ok maybe by just so expensive. take 2 or 3 weeks to get on at this senate hearing
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the focus was supposed to be on how to make it all better. but it often got contentious with republicans launching personal attacks on the nation's chief cobit adviser, who says he is receiving death threats because of it. so i ask myself, what, why would sen want to do this? so go to ran poll website, and you see fire doc, the voucher with a little box that says contribute here. you can do 5 dollars, 10 dollars, 20 dollars a $100.00. so you are making a catastrophic epidemic for your politic again. so here's the problem. case numbers are extremely high, but hospitalizations usually follow those by about 3 weeks. and hospitals are already stretched. this one, several times has had simply tell ambulance drivers don't come here. we're just quite out of beds. the bind administration says they're ramping up the production of medicines, math tests,
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but those are weeks maybe months away. and the situation is getting worse by the day. and after saying it wouldn't be needed. authorities admit they are working on a vaccine for the amok ron. very it and working on others that could work on the next variant that comes after that alma crohn is likely not to be the last curve ball. this virus throws at us nearly 2 years on. and once again, hospitals are stretched, lives are being lost, and every day new signs that life is far from returning to normal. petty clean al jazeera, maryland, u. k. prime minister will face and tough questions and parliament and around. and alice, time as he faces calls to resign. new evidence is emerged that a government garden party was held during the height of locked down the cave in 19, in may of 2020, a leaks email for british bro costa, i t. v. knees reportedly shows boris johnson's principal private sector invited
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around a 100 government staff drinks, exclaim johnson, and his wife, attended. as in barbara, has moved from outside parliament in london. we know that and the leader of the opposition labor potty care stomach is now out of isolation of that he positive tested positive her covet 19. he'll be confronting the prime minister here at his deputy angela raina has been on the i wage in the last few hours. again, saying that if boris johnson broke the ministerial code by misleading parliament, previously, when he said that no rules were broken, no kovic 19 regulations were broken, then he will have to go. so there is a, there is equivocation yet. if he has misled parliament previously, he has am told parliament that no rules were broken during gatherings at 10 downing street. they were referring to events. a late in 2020 this
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e mail. this garden party was in may 2020 in much tougher restrictions. and that's what's causing so much anger. let's not forget that it was the 1st lockdown people around the country had relatives, for example, in hospital who were dying, who they could not go and see. they could not attend funerals and so on berries. a lot of anger in the country also among tore m p 's. and what really will be crucial is how they assess boris johnson's performance. he is likely to try to argue in a few hours that this gathering was a work do that it was at the end of the day. it was not a party. the opposition has already poo poo that idea. north korea is claiming the successful laurent of another hypersonic missile stake media release, images of liter, kim john, and observing the 2nd launch in less than a week hunter sonic missiles can more easily avoid detection and interception and ballistic. once him set his near aim,
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wants to improve north korea's defenses. united states as north korea's weapons program is a threat to the international community and that dialogue is the only way forward. the launch clearly does highlight the dca life destabilizing impact of the dpr k. solicit weapons programs, i it violates multiple un security council resolutions. it poses a threat to the d. p. r k. as neighbors are in to the broader international community. we continue to call in the d, p r k, to refrain from further further provocations. and importantly, to engage in sustained and sustained and substantive dialogue at what we have been open to. and in fact, calling for for some time now bung young check. as the research fellow is chief, the north korean studies at young c university, he says it's time to take north korea's improvements in weapons technology
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seriously. the world has consistently underestimate the ingenuity of north korean scientist and weapon development. and the lady is the true test fighting mister prove that the north koreans are really determined to strengthen the national defense capability. as he was announced in the 8th party congress last january, january, 2021. so all of these are part of the grant plan to strengthen its capability with long term plan. so the bad news is that this is not going to be the last time that we're going to witness north koreans testing their weapons. north korea as a moving ahead on its own schedule until it reaches the goal set by the midterm. you know, mean take capable of the development of this pony is
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a great threat to the national security of staff. because the type of hypersonic mythical by north korea can reach from capital city of north re upped, hung out to assault the capital city of south korea within 1000000. so it'll be increasingly difficult or they just think of them deployed in south korea to have a complete and reliable b cell defense. to land on al jazeera employment crisis, and india grows defined, the government saying the economy is bouncing back on the humble noodle becomes the latest korean trends rather locally. ah, ah, look forward to burritos, guys. with sponsored by capital airways is
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a fair argument said the snows no longer fun in japan. there's been a lot of it's been snowing for about 3 days now in hong she and hawk honda and there is more to come. but it really is dumping adding up to a meter, so it's going to be been unstable. avalon risk will be high eventually. be lovely for skis, but i think now just a bit too much and the cold as driving it gives you minus 13 in harvard and minus 12 in front of our stock. not much of a breeze. so plus, 3 invasion most to china is settled and sunny, including hong kong. there is some unusual weather around though that's what's happening in india. you shouldn't see showers up through west bangle bang jason, up towards assignment this toms is that she dry and the which is part of the will, but not of this time of the year. so those showers are all now be around for a day or so. then a disappear and then to be more normal to get rating algebra dash. but again, a bit more than you might expect. i think settled weather in new delhi in the whole snows, there are falling attempts are rising. yeah,
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quality will be dropping hastily re be implemented, sheila well is more active weather coming out of the eastern bed so that we shall levant for iraq and significant ones across saturday, reaching towards the gulf, eventually probably hitting cutters. oh, with sponsored by casara, always. some people marry for love, the others. it can be a commercial transaction or funding for the $3700.00 euro payment. just for the march concord out there, a world meets men and women using marriage as an illegal passport to europe. you're not necessarily committed to before attempting to organize a sham marriage at a financial and emotional cost, but then he left me for a woman 33 years older than him. marriage for sale on al jazeera. ah
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ah! you're watching out. as a reminder, our top stories is our senior nato and russian officials are meeting in brussels in an attempt to deescalate months of wising tension. russia wants guarantees, ukraine will not join the alliance while nature is concerned about and build up of russian troops. on ukraine's border. u. s. president joe biden has defended. his administration's response was sergeant on the con cases. people in our hospital with coven 19 the never before. on infections, a hissing, an average of 3 courses of men in the u. k. prime minister will be facing some tough questions and palm as soon as cool was go for him to resign. new evidence as a merge that bars. johnson attended a government god and policy showing height of lockdown in may of 2020
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such is on the way nigeria for more bodies in the state of them far where at least 200 people were killed by gunman last week. about 10000 others have been driven from the homes by the violence. the raids on villages is said to be reprisal attacks of the government as strikes targeted, the high doubt of criminal gangs amid address has moved from the town of the south in nigeria some far state to update us about the situation here in some for a state is the commissioner for information a brian mcgee door sarah, can you talk to was, can you update us about this situation in hearing them for a state, the victims? what is their condition now? what is being done to help them? because it's been 5 day says will latest her cycle of policy happen. and thousands of people have been displayed from more than 10 villages here in san for us it
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what's being done to help them? well, i am, the situation here is be managed by the government of a state. when the incident happened, the governor went himself with a team of heads of security and also members of his executive council to visit the scene of the incidents and also condone with the people. he ordered for the assessment of the damage is done to them. and also ordered for the repair of houses that were upon to go in the attacks. now, how bad is the situation hands for in terms of security? how bad, how exposed these villages are? honestly, it is a terrible thing. ah, our people in the rural areas on that threats and they are also a living in fears and apprehension because of the activities of the bundis. and one particular problem we are facing is the shortage of manpower in terms
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of security, as well as the in coaching or rather, the infiltration of the community into the activities of the bundis in terms of um, informants, people who supply them with their, their needs. and people who supply them would say, food stuff, and other necessities like their weapons. yeah. now that for you, brian, my get you to sorry, the commissioner for information in some for our state. now we expect the military chiefs to be here any time from now, but what people are expecting is action more action and the ground to stop discounted from continuing. the toil of 25 men accused of organizing the east to bombings in sterling. her husband adjourned until march. yeah, the 270 people were killed in a series of attacks on churches and luxury hotels. back in 2019, the defendants faced 23000 charges,
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but the government has been criticized over the investigation and al fernandez reports delicia, fernando, her husband, anton, and their 3 children were attending easter sunday mass at st. anthony's church. when a suicide bomber struck. now below the end of it was now one caballo napoleon. then in a moment there was a loud noise and fire started raining down from the roof. i told my girls to head out, my son was thrown by the impact. he's the one who found my husband dead. a total of 7 suicide bombers struck 3 churches and 3 hotels, all within an hour. 270 people were killed and more than 500 injured. the government blamed an obscure local group, the national town. he jermarta, but many people don't accept that explanation. opposition in b r in fernando is one of them. biggest question for me or who benefited out of these? and why con the goldman, when we are as christians on sir?
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philander says rightly information uncovered by both the parliamentary committee and residential commission has not been investigated. the catholic church has been scathing about the investigation. caught in a malcolm runjun the archbishop of colombo as frequently criticized the slow place of the investigation and implied that people now in government may have been involved in the attacks government representatives and the police deny those allegations. they point out that hundreds of suspects have been detained. an indictment issued in a dozen cases, lawyers for some of them have told al jazeera that their clients had no involvement with the bombing. meanwhile, elisha and dozens like her face and long wait for justice. now i know that i will call you to claim that god owning a vanity that only i think i've told god only you can show me the way to secure
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a justice. because people keep exchanging allegations about who did us while the years go by. we can't live with peace of mind unless dating a got a gun and they can only hope their prayers are answered. now fernandez has his update from outside the court. we had the some of the lawyers making appeals to court, or some of them said that they wanted to meet bill applications because obviously this is going to be a long trial. 23000 chargers. they said they wanted to submit applications for bill . however, they were told by judges that a bill applications by a number of those who wish to make them would be taken up at the next hearing, which has been fixed for the 3rd of march. but there were other things like there was one lawyer who brought to the notice of the court that 4 men claiming to be local police from his client ever had gone into his client house spoken to his mother who was alone at the house at the time demanded to know who the council or
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lawyer that was representing her son was and how much he was being paid. he said this was out of order and shouldn't have been done. or there are other sort of a request that had been made of the court to some of the prisoners to be given, crowns some of them and had a court on to read while in raymond prison. but when they had been transferred around this hadn't been taken as well as the final thing, the translations of doors, indictments still not ready in the tammy language, which a majority of the suspects speak and the government, the lawyers said by the next hearing they would are brought up be pretty sure that these charges would be made available so they understand what they're being charged with. unemployment is on the rise in india as night curfews and we can lock downs. i impose because of an increase in karone of ours cases. the government says economy will grow though by more than 9 percent this year. financial experts though say most people won't see any benefits. lisbeth per annum reports. the village of
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oak, who in india administered kush me to supplies 90 percent of the wood used in indian pencils. the moisture levels in the regions poplar trees make them perfect to right wed. but the schools being closed for most of the past 2 years, demand for stationary is down, and many workers in across factories have lost their jobs on i got your i am a university graduate, but there are no jobs available. thank god that we were hired to work here. so many have been fired and other factors. and it's impossible to get a job in these tough times. unemployment and india votes to a form on pi of nearly 8 percent in december. the softer, more states imposed restrictions to slow down the spread of the corona vars fueled by the army. kron variant gaetano, it is for english leave. the situation is always 10 so that the last 2 years is the 1st time schools have been shocked in india. and other countries to why riches
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impacted us back when it hits the business has started to recover in december. but with this new coverage gradient, we're back to square one. it's a sentiment being shared by business owners across india. jim own it should arg seti says james had been forced to shot for 9 of the past 22 months. all the dom orders were already in a board and optic. okay. but now with this logged down, it is actually breaking not back because not even had more money lip. nobody is giving us any loan b of sword that julie will are weiss on mothers, people of swords, really, people are full, the cars. people have begged the board or whatever they could do to just sort of i of the last long despite the downturn, the government says, did a condominium grow by nearly 10 percent this year, but a comma say it's too early for optimism. i don't think that these estimates are factored enrollment wrong echo. and so what you're likely to see is that there will be a division in the secondary launceston work which will come out at the end of february,
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which will be gone on quite, maybe quite seamlessly downwards. depending upon what happens when next couple of months, as the government prepares to release its budget next month, the cues and the capitol of daily wage laborers waiting with their tools, hoping to be selected for work. keep growing longer. elizabeth milan on al jazeera, you deli, sunstar, novak joker, which has admitted breaking isolation roles in his native sabi a last month and an instagram post joker, which says he attended an interview on photo shoot off to a positive coven 19 test, which he caused an error of judgement, south korean say it has become the latest exports in the country to see a rise in popularity. it's sediment, music industry have already spent the globe. and now the pandemic is pushing sales off korean instant noodles, especially in the west. laura bed and manly rebels in
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the street market. and so these spicy romeo noodles pack a punch, a staple, the south koreans there. now, winning over palate for round the world. since the pandemic demand for oodles of the spicy noodles have food leading south korean manufacturer, non shim says a pandemic helped to spearhead a k food wave in america, canada, and europe. and that expanded noodle cells by 24 percent last year over 2019. ah, the noodles have become a latest trend in a growing western appetite for all things south korean that including cape hot k drama and k movies, non sham sales went up after the oscar winning film parasite presented a made up dish, quote jacket, gory, using it's product green brown,
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some young rahman, full sales, reached new highs. alternate with youth in the popular netflix show with game and caper band btn pushed international sales of monday or dumplings by 90 percent of the team members got into a fight with food, a korean wave. how you play a huge role in the popularity of korea noodles and things like b t. s. like the world light sensation, b t s. and just seeing rami in korean drama has played a huge role. people see it and they see that it's not just something that we eat out of convenience or something that broke college students. it. they see that it's something that people really enjoy. the humble in the new door isn't new to american society. it's the main se in prisons as much as it is on the students plate. but south korean foodies claim their brands taste better and say there's
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only one way to eat it. that brings out that spicy flavor. i think it goes to the satisfaction of eating the noodles when you hear good solar per who's western is going on. korean food and culture. will they also take up this experience? why the shed on social media who are about manly algebra? ah, this is out there are these, your top stories, senior nato and russian officials amazing and brussels in an attempt to deescalate months of rising tension. russia wants guarantees, ukraine will not join the alliance while nate is concerned.


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