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ah, oh, oh, be the hearing with washer who? ah, top russian officials meet nato representatives in brussels. those tensions continue russia's troop billed off on ukraine's buddha. ah, hello, i money in sight. this is al jazeera life of doha. also coming up 25 men accused of plotting the 2019 east of bombings were turned to court inter lanka, nearly 270 people were killed in the attacks. doing the best we possibly can.
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top us health officials faced tough questions out the senate as a country hits a new record for coven 19 hospital admissions. on the unemployment crisis in india grows, despite the government, saying, the economy is bouncing back. ah . the russian troop build off on ukraine's border is dominating security talks between nato and officials from moscow. the meetings are getting underway in brussels. nato is concerned about a possible invasion or continuing efforts to de escalate the situation. but russia wants guarantees that nato will not accept ukraine as a member. on monday talks between us and russian diplomats in geneva made little progress as go to dawson, jabari, his long for us in moscow. dose of the issue of russian troops on ukraine's border
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has been an ongoing concern for some time. now. what is the significance of today's meeting? well, this is significant meeting between our russia and nato, because it's the 1st time they'll be taking place since 2019. and that is because, according to the nato secretary general, the invitation to russia has been open for a year and a half. but this is the 1st time that they've accepted to have this meeting. and the russians for their part say they want to hear guarantees from nato, that ukraine and georgia will not become part of the 30 member. i cause organisation. they say that this is an absolute imperative for russia, is something they will not accept. and the americans for their part have said that the russian demands are nonstarter for them, that they don't accept to russia. dictating who can and cannot join nato, which has an open door policy according to the u. s. deputy secretary of state
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wendy sherman. so it's important for this meeting to take place. it is led by the russian deputy foreign minister alexander roscoe. and it is going to be significant because we're going to see what will come of it for the russians, for their part. they don't believe that anything significance will be achieved, but it's important to continue having a dialogue and discussion. and as long as that is happening, there is hope that the situation will not escalate dose if they happen various attempts to deescalate the situation over the last 6 months or so. i just, yesterday we had talks and dig between the us and russia without a breakthrough. do we expect any progress and nato today? well, we don't expect anything major to happen, but what it, it will be important is that they're talking. i think this is significant because as long as there's dialogue,
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there is hope that the situation can deescalate the russians for their part have said that their troop movements along the border with ukraine is well within their sovereign right. they can move their forces anywhere in their own country and, but there's been cause of concern. it's been cause for concern by nato because they want some kind of guarantee that the russians will not invade ukraine. the russians have said that that is certainly not their intention, but it's significant because this week is all about i'm holding talks between russia and various different governing bodies in europe to try and de escalate the tensions in ukraine. and the main significance of that is because russia has said that they're at adamant that ukraine cannot join nato, and this is serious at point of contention for them. it is unacceptable and never be accepted by the russians. there is also another meeting to be held in vienna later on thursday, and we're also going to be hearing from the russian foreign minister surgery love
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rob, who will hold a press conference on friday here in moscow. so we'll have an better idea by friday where things stand from the russian perspective. but for the most part we're going to see in the coming hours, what will come from this knee to a meeting in brussels. thank you. dosa jabari there for us in moscow. the trial for 25 men accused of organizing the east to bombings in shall, lanka, has been adjourned until march. any 270 people were killed in a series of attacks on churches and luxury hotels and 2019. the defendants faced $23000.00 charges between them. the government is facing criticism for the investigation. michelle fernandez, explains delicia. fernando, her husband, anton, and their 3 children were attending easter sunday mass at st. anthony's church when a suicide bomber struck. now below the end of it was now one look, valera napoleon. then in a moment, there was a loud noise and fire started raining down from the roof. i told my girls to head
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out, my son was thrown by the impact. he's the one who found my husband dead. a total of 7 suicide bombers struck 3 churches and 3 hotels, all within an hour. 270 people were killed and more than 500 injured. the government blamed an obscure local group the national town. he d remarked. but many people don't accept that explanation of position in b. r in fernando is one of them. biggest question for me or who benefited out of these? and why con the goldman when we are as christians on sir? philander says rightly information uncovered by both the parliamentary committee and residential commission has not been investigated. the catholic church has been scathing about the investigation cardinal malcolm runjun, the archbishop of colombo. as frequently criticized the slow place of the investigation and implied that people now in government may have been involved in
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the attacks. government representatives and the police deny those allegations. they point out that hundreds of suspects have been detained. an indictment issued in a dozen cases, lawyers for some of them have told al jazeera that their clients had no involvement with the bombing. meanwhile, elisha and dozens like her face and long wait for justice. now i know that i will politically, but coddling advantage that only i think i've told god only you can show me the way to secure a justice because people keep exchanging allegations about who did us while the years go by. we can't live with peace of mind, leon les stating a get a gun and they can only hope their prayers are answered. now fernandez has his update from outside the court in columbia. we had the some of the lawyers making appeals to court,
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and some of them said that they wanted to meet bill applications because obviously this is going to be a long drive $23000.00 charges. they said they wanted to submit applications for bail. however, they were told by judges that a bill applications by a number of those who wish to make them, would be taken up at the next hearing, which has been fixed for the 3rd of march. but there were other things like there was one lawyer who brought to the notice of the court that 4 men claiming to be local police from his grinds area, had gone into his glance, how spoken to his mother, who was alone at the house at the time demanded to know who the counsel or lawyer that was representing her son was and how much he was being paid. he said this was out of order and shouldn't have been done. or there are other sort of a request that had been made of the court for some of the prisoners to be given quote on some of them and had the court on to read while and rem on prison. but you know, when they had been transferred around this hadn't been taken as well as the final
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thing, the translations of those indictments still not ready in the tammy language, which a majority of these suspect speak and the government, the lawyers said by the next hearing they would are brought of be pretty sure that these charges would be made available, so they understand what they're being charged with. you as president joe biden has defended his administration's response to a surgeon army con cases. more people are now in hospital with coven 19 than ever before. and infections, a hissing, an average of 3 quarters of a 1000000 a day. a u. s. senate committee has question. federal officials on the handling of the pandemic had to call him reports. another new covered record in the us, more than 145000 people hospitalized with the var still u. s. president joe biden is sounding optimistic on top of that. we're on the right
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track. back polls show much of the country disagree. one problem casting this is boston and here in missouri long lines to get a test and results are taking longer to come back. everywhere we've been, it's been a lot like this is we're testing looks like in most of the country. the other option at home tests, but they are expensive and really hard to find. same with masks, the government says i'm a crohn means everyone needs better masks if you can find and afford them. so some local government you have begun giving and i was going to get the mask. i can't find anyone and was thought that i got a 95 just sold spence in take 2 or 3 weeks they did on at this senate hearing the focus was supposed to be and how to make it all better. but it often got contentious with republicans launching personal attacks on the nation's chief cobit adviser, who says he is receiving death threats because of it. so i asked myself,
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what, why would sen want to do this? so go to ran poll website, and you see fire doc to found she was a little box that says contribute here. you can do 5 dollars, 10 dollars, 20 dollars, a $100.00. so you are making a catastrophic epidemic for your political gain. so here's the problem, case numbers are extremely high, but hospitalizations usually follow those by about 3 weeks. and hospitals are already stretched. this one, several times has had simply tell ambulance drivers don't come here. we're just quite out of beds. the bind administration says they're ramping up the production of medicines, math test, but those are weeks maybe months away. and the situation is getting worse by the day. and after saying it wouldn't be needed. a stories admit they are working on a vaccine for the amok ron variant and working on others that could work on the
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next variant that comes after that or i'm a crohn isn't likely not to be the last curve ball. this virus throws at us. nearly 2 years on and once again, hospitals are stretched, lives are being lost, and every day, new signs that life is far from returning to normal. petty clean al jazeera maryland. around 14000000 people in a chinese city will undergo coven 19 tests for the 2nd time. this week. on sunday, mass testing was carried out in john gin. after 2 cases of the only con variant was detected, the city is next at the counter. beijing and authorities are concerned an outbreak could pose a risk to next month's winter and then picks. a sounds president announces the imminent with all of russian lead forces, as well as a political and social reform. and the humble noodle becomes the latest korean
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trend to spread globally. ah, there's a lot of flooding this rainy season in india, malaysia. the focused area now which takes the rain away from singapore and call a number away from versus mattress. and the heavy shells are going to be around this western side of bonia, probably java and southern sumatra. with the monsoon. when they're from the northeast, there are quite few but very light showers in the philippines on the coasts of vietnam as well. the heaviest us for the south and east cycling season. so australia is the focus. tiffany: as a tropical storm when to cross the open answer. is that going across nolan? tertiary to take the next 2 days to do it is dropped about a 100 meters of rights. that's widespread. fatty shallow flooding and the we saw
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effect in di when i think shouts the science as well in victoria new south was not too severe. and cody, the other obvious storm is open water heading slowly. sas to wasn't easy. it's cool down in person. it was day about that cool. 28. 20 now. so 10 degrees down. last couple of days. his tiffany still showing itself on friday night. raining in west australia as well. north of it. as for new zealand, when does the rain get to you? not on thursday, a cold breeze means 18 christ church back up to average. temperature was on friday and the rain still hadn't yet reached. ah, the 2 stories are strong willed with challenging traditional female stereotypes in a male dominated society to make a difference. if i go, of course, we'll pull into the ravine. po, families look like the water is highly contaminated. bolivia in the class.
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risk in it all. al jazeera hulu. ah, welcome back. you watching al jazeera lined up on top stories this, our senior nato, russian officials, all meeting in brussels. russia wants guarantees. ukraine will not join the alliance while nato was concerned about a build up of russian troops on ukraine's border. a trial of 25 men accused of organizing shoreline, cuz east of bombings, husband adjourned until march, nearly 270 people were killed in 2019. the defendants faced $23000.00 charges.
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us president joe biden has defended his administration's response to a surgeon on the cong cases. more people are now in hospital. will coven 19 than ever before on infections? a hitting an average of 3 quarters of a 1000000 a day. while some people are still resisting vaccinations, one south american nation is leading the world to lance. are lining up this week for their 4th dose. their president told al jazeera 5th dose could even be on the way a latin american edison. lucy, a newman reports. susannah fuentes arrived early for her 1st dose or her 2nd booster shot. she's a recovering cancer patient, so like others here with underlying health conditions. she's more vulnerable to coven 19 o for, for the other devices that i've had breast cancer 3 times. so obviously i have to be even more worried about protecting myself. although everyone in fact has to
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worry about it. one year after chile began a massive vaccination campaign against coven 19 it's begun rolling out it's fort dos, even for the age of free and older being vaccinated here in this country. unlike in most, in the region, there is no shortage of vaccines. and the secret, according to presidents of us, young fietta is at tillie, began purchasing them even before they existed. we were inviting a small group of correspondents for coffee. benito told us that he bet on 3 laboratories that seemed more likely to cross the finish line. first, including pfizer and c, novak and bobby anointed. the government began taking measures at a very early stage and with strong decisions to buy vaccines and to begin vaccinating very early, even with the 3rd dose. and he says, arrangements have already been made to guarantee a fist dose if necessary. by. although in chile they've been no reported cases of
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animals being infected. the health ministry is taking no chances this weeks, and i became the 1st ape to be a na collated at the windsor that emma has sunday when they have like, when it sunday is unique specimen in south america. barely pure born leon wrong, a tongue with such an important reproductive potential for the species, which is why we focused on immunizing him 1st and also immunizing the big caps. which amount to be naturally prone to his problem. be the 4 or 2 legged patients, health authorities, say hospitalizations and deaths from covered 19 had dropped significantly since the aggressive vaccination campaign began. but this also in awareness that until everyone can be equally immunized on every continent, chileans will likely have to prepare for many more jobs. before this pandemic is over. lucy and human al jazeera santiago such as on the way nigeria
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for more bodies in the state of them far where at least 200 people were killed by gum in last week. at 10000 others have been driven from their homes by nevada's. the raids on villages is said to be reprisal attacks after government airstrikes targeted. the hide out of criminal gangs on that address has moved from the town of south in nigeria, some forest state to update us about the situation here in some for a state is the commission of for information a brian mac id or sarah. can you talk to us, can you update us about this situation here in some sort of state, the victims? what is their condition now? what is being done to help them? because it's been 5 days since the latest cycle of violence happen and thousands of people have been displaced from more than 10 villages here in some for us it what's being done to help them. what the situation here is be managed by the government of the state. when the incident happened, the governor went himself with
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a team of hades of security, and also members of his executive council to visit the theme of the incident and also con door with the people he ordered for the assessment of the damages done to them. and also order for the houses that bond in the top. now, how bad is the situation here in terms of security? how bad? oh, exposed these villages are honestly, it is a terrible thing. our people who in the rural area is on that for it. and also living in and potentially because of the activities of the abundance. and one particular problem we're facing is the shortage of mum power in terms of security. as well as the caution or rather the
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infiltration of the community into the activities of the bandits in terms of informants, people who supply them with their needs. and people who supply them would say food stuff, and other necessities like there we points. now that's my get you to the commissioner for information in some sort of state. now we expect the military chiefs to be here anytime from now, but what people i expecting is action more action and the ground to stop this kind of from continuing. as it stands, president cassim jamal took a yes, has announced the withdrawal of russian led forces from the country. it will leave within the next 10 days following the worst unrest in decades talk. i have has also appointed a new government and taken aim at oligarchy. links her former need at north fulton, not by f. robin for she walker reports. the people who looted this al marty
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shopping mall knew no one was coming to stop them. not only did they steal new shoes, they had time to leave their old ones behind. oh, oh, that will the store owner estimates the damage. is it over a $100000.00 more school. hm. moscow chested our program. it the guys who did the looting, mostly men, right. but they still took all the lingerie, everything's gone off so, so rather than grabbing lucille as given on tuesday, the president archive did not say how he would help business recover from an estimated $57000000.00 in losses. but he did promise social, economic and political reforms, and strikingly a crack down on the countries. oligarchs who must pay into a new national fund wherever they appear. presently, uncle he about sir, thanks to the 1st president, l passing, a group of very profitable companies and ally of people rich, even by international standards have appeared in the country. i believe that it's
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time to pay tribute to the people of kazakhstan and, and help them systematically and regularly asked my relatives of former president nozzle turn as a bye of have amassed fabulous wealth and taken it abroad. it's estimated that his daughter and son in law own properties in london alone worth over $350000000.00, slightly more than half if natural wealth is held off shore is probably a reasonable estimate. so you're talking about more than half of old, well from the country is outside the scrutiny of the government. and therefore, if the owners of that wealth decide not to participate in the new national far than that wealth will not participate in the national front. there's nothing the government can do about that. took, i have says foreign troops will leave within 10 days. he seems confident he no longer needs the moscow packed military force to hold on to power from the prime minister down that loyal deputies being appointed, vicky issued to what extent you will be able to repair the economy, to pick it out of this corrupted to criminal law all you gotta typo full, full,
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full, rolling. and 2nd, me how he will be able to do the re distribute the wealth tor mega to narrow this social gaps and socially, what consortia injustice if he will be able to the so this is the best way of healing. there's much healing to do widespread damage to both the private and public sectors. more than a 160 people have died, thousands injured. this is a traumatized nation, hoping the nasa by the era is drawing to a close. but wary of what comes next. from in 1st year walker al jazeera unemployment is on the rise in india as night curfews, and we can lock down signpost because of an increase in corona virus cases. the government says the economy will grow by more than 9 percent this year. but financial experts say most people won't see any benefits. elizabeth per annum reports from you delhi. the village of oak who in indian administered kush me to
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supplies 90 percent of the wood, houston indian pencils, the moisture levels in the regions. poplar trees make them perfect to right wed, but with schools being closed, for most of the past 2 years, demand for stationary is down, and many workers and across factories have lost their jobs. in america, i am a university graduate, but there are no jobs available. thank god that we were hired to work here. so many have been fired and other factors. and it's impossible to get a job in these tough times. unemployment and india votes to a form on pi of nearly 8 percent in december. the softer, more states imposed restrictions to slow down the spread of the corona virus. fueled by the army, kron variant gaetano, he did for english meal. the situation is always denzil called the last 2 years is the 1st time schools have been shocked in india and other countries to why riches impacted us. bad one ahead of the business has started to recover in december. but
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with this new golden baby and we are back to square one, it's a sentiment being shared by business owners across india. jim own it should arg seti says james had been forced to shot for 9 of the past 22 months. all the dom orders were already in a burden of dick. okay. but now with this lockdown, it is actually breaking no, not back, because not even had more money lip. no bank is giving us any loan. we have soared that julie will are weiss on mothers, people of swords, really, people are for the cause. people have begged the board or whatever they could do to just sort of i of the last long he, despite the downturn, the government says, did a condominium grow by nearly 10 percent this year? but economists say it's too early for optimism. i don't think that these estimates are factored in one micron echo and so what you're likely to see is black, there will be o division in the secondary launceston work which would come out at the end of february which will be done and quite maybe quite seriously don't woods,
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depending upon what happens when next couple of months. as the government prepares to release its budget next month, the queues in the capital of daily wage labor was waiting with their tools, hoping to be selected for work. keep growing longer. elizabeth quantum, al jazeera, you deli rat, seen as a hero in columbia, for slipping out land mines, has died. magowan, a giant african pouch rat, detected more than a 100 land mines during his career. he was light enough to avoid tripping explosives and able to cover an error in minutes that would have taken humans days . south korean say it has become the latest export from the country to see a rise in popularity. it's cinnamon music industry have already swept the globe. and now the pandemic is pushing sales a korean instant noodles, especially in the west. laura berman
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in the street market and so these spicy rum, your noodles pack, a punch, a stable, the south grins. the now winning over palate for round the world. since the pandemic demand for oodles of the spicy noodles have food leading south korean manufacturer. a non shim says the pandemic helped us be a, had a k food wave in america, canada, and europe. and that expanded noodle sales by 24 percent last year over 2019. ah, the noodles have become a latest trend in a growing western appetite for all things south korean. that's including k pop k drama, and k movies. non sham sales went up after the oscar winning film parasite presented a made up dish could jap, a gory using its product. green brown, some young rahman,
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full sales, reached new hiv after it with youth in the popular netflix show with game and caper band btn pushed international sales of monday or dumplings by 90 percent of the team members got into a fight with food, a korean wave. how you play a huge role in the popularity of korea noodles and things like b t. s. like the world wide sensation, b t s. and just seeing rami in korean drama has played a huge role. people see it and they see that it's not just something that we eat out of convenience or something that broke college students. it. they see that it's something that people really enjoy. the humble in the new door isn't new to american society. it's the main se in prisons as much as it is on the students
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plate. but south korean foodies claim their brands taste better and say there's only one way to eat it. that brings out that spicy flavor. i think it goes to the satisfaction of eating the noodles when you hear a good slope or whose watson is gone on korean food and culture. well, they also take up this experience why the shed on social media who are about manly algebra. ah, this is al jazeera, these, your top stories, senior nato, russian officials, a meeting in brussels. russia wants guarantees. ukraine will not join the alliance while nato is concerned about a build up of russian troops on ukraine's border door. such a barrier, the latest from moscow. well we don't expect anything mab major to happen, but what it.


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