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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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to repair the corner, me to take it all to the scott opted to criminal all you gotta type or fool fool fooling. and 2nd, because he will be able to leave the distribute to wealth 2, or make certain that all these social gaps in socially, with what consortia injustice if you will be able to. so this is the best way of healing. there's much healing to do wide spread damage to both the private and public sectors. more than a 160 people have died, thousands injured. this is a traumatized nation, hoping the nasa by era is drawing to a close. but wary of what comes next. from in 1st year walker al jazeera. ah, this is our desert easier. top stories. the trial of 25 man accused of organizing shoreline cars, east to bombings, has been adjourned until march. nearly 270 people were killed in 2019. the
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defendant's face $23000.00 charges anal fernandez, has latest from colombo. we had to some of the lawyers making appeals to court, or some of them said that they wanted to make bill applications because obviously this is going to be a long trial. $23000.00 charges. they said they wanted to submit applications for bail. however, they were told by judges that a bill applications by a number of those who wish to make them, would be taken up at the next hearing, which has been fixed. for the 3rd of march, north koreans claiming the successful launch of another hypersonic missile state media released images of late kim johnson, observing the 2nd launch in less than a week. the russian true build up on ukraine's border will be at the center of talks on security between nato and officials. from moscow, the u. s. and nato are concerned about
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a possible invasion efforts on the way to de escalate the situation. you as president joe biden has defended his administration's response to a surgeon, omicron cases. most people are now in hospital with coven 19 than ever before. and infections on hitting an average of 3 quarters for 1000000 a day. joe biden has called for you as voting right reforms to expand access to polls. democrats, elijah republican states are trying to suppress black and other democratic leaning voters. but in once the senate to abandon its super majority rule to possibility. as such is underway for more bodies in the nigerian states of some far away. at least 200 people were killed by gum and last week about 10000 others were driven from their homes by the violence. okay, they see headlines. news continues here now to 0 to the stream. i joined dodge zero's part of the launch team in 2006 full just as of goal for
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a 1000000 mom. march him up time. i've covered wars revolutions, elections on military coups, from, for venice of correct us. so the battlefields are on most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. i hi, anthony ok. on today's episode of the stream, we are going to be looking at some dance challenging transition from a revolution to democracy. let me remind you that back in a poor 2019, there was a huge uprising. the military government and the civilians decided that they would work together for a period of transition period that would go all the way up to 2023 for democratic elections. last october. it was a military coup. by minister abdullah hum duck was top port reinstalled and then back in january, he resigned. meanwhile,
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protest has continued to ask for democracy to happen for the transition process to get back on track. this is what degree told us area period is our new thing operate on of this country i of this year notice that were killed and injured. paid for protest is an attack on a medical facilities and media offices. this is not an appropriate amount. we see in them protect protests that were a counselor, i had a former region with no injuries reported no tear gas even as they were camped right outside of us. and she'll what is the state of see dance transition to democracy? we've been invited back 3 guests who not about sedan in the situation. dan is ring roseanne, hulu. good to have you measuring please. how it is here you are and what you do
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um. hi ads. and so, you know, same amazon is activist. i went into my 1st illustration against the previous regime back in 2012 and we are back into that square. unfortunately, right now after the mid rico, i am generally an environmental ankle. i'm an activist and i work as advisor for the secretary general. right. thanks for joining us. misery was and welcome back to the stream. remind our audience who you are and what you do. hello and thank you for having me again, honey. i'm was in a near. i am a fellow at that institute for middle east policy. i am and one of many, so then he's protesters industry. it's so nowadays in for a long time by no right. good to have you lead please greet the stream audience. get to see you again. thank you. hi everyone. i am a little heard another little comment eater and the managing director of
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a think tank in harlem inside strategy ones. we also invited the military to be part of this conversation. they didn't respond to any of our requests, but we are live on youtube and the comment section is there for you. put your comments, your questions in the comment section, and we will put part of those to our audience and also share them with our panel as well. so the protests have continued. march is rallies against the military for a week after week after week. i see you nodding, miss anne, can you explain what the strategy is as an activist going out on the street facing violence, but still continuing to do it well, yeah, exactly. as you explained that as control then announce, protest, have been going on since the cool, on october 25th there organized thing called formed by the resistance committees.
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and this by the escalating violence that were that some examples of it was it was mission. michael eden by when the scene is killing me, stay for his house, kill over 63 for the stores. by now over the past 2 months, there are internet and called shut down, closure of streets of bridges. bridges are closed on every process, day by shipping containers piled over each other at the entrance of every bridge and the port this keep going on there. that includes the upcoming process on the 12th, the 17th, the 24th and the 30th of this month. they're also the ongoing strikes and a variation of acts of protest and civil disobedience in reject of the policies of the government and rejects of the call itself. and basically those protest and acts of disobedience have managed to successfully stop from stabilizing the country under, under a tool or given any i mean,
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being able to show, in any way to, to fake any sense of the ability or innocence of acceptance by, by the people we are all to see in protest against the policies of the cooler itself. as i told you, 2 main points right now. the main road between then in egypt is closed by farmers and villagers for the us and a 500 percent increase the violence in an extra city prices that was announced last week. with trend there is there form the thought lawson pushes them into poverty. so what we're seeing right now is that many people are rejects in the military rule, 3rd party violence. and 2nd for the promises of the prioritizing people and, and, you know, and prioritize in the investments or so on. and since these are the reasons of the ongoing process, we can tell now that these people will not support this and until this is change until the military is out and then feel there is a government that privatize is the well being of the people over anything else, so on one side you have to people and the other side,
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you have the military. i my missing any nuances. ms. rain. yeah, well actually it wasn't just mentioned that there is a 500 percent tom increase in the liquidity. and here i am in the car because we have a black hal truck right now in my, in my town. and actually there is a huge a now and luckily, now there is only 2 sides, which is the military and every one who's supporting the military and the street or all of the government workers are done. they don't know what to do. and there is a lot of decisions by br hon. um, who is the current head of dave's hovering counsel and a he a, he dismissed many as civil workers and also returned many civil workers who were actually part of the previous region. so now they're view women from the government
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perspective from the civil workers. he's very vague. they don't know actually what to do. and uh for a very funny i'm her notes and very fine. in fact, to day 2 of the very of. 2 2 corrupted people, they were assistant for out of the sheer they got cleared from all of the charges against them. after disappearing of 4 of. 2 49, a document of from the court. so. 6 everything is actually going backward, let me say, and everything is they are trying to reverse everything that we worked on, not only in this boss, 2 years of the transition period, but also during the demonstration. so it's very clear now we have the military people and people supporting them. and we have of the people in the street and the rest of the spanish people. and now that you and have this a, let me say initiative to have all of the people discussing together. and actually
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this discussions are between 5 people who are present the military and the rest of the nice people. so we will never be in the same balance. it will never be balanced in your character. have 5 people to ballas, the whole population of sudan. and this is the career situation. i want to bring in the swedish ambassador to sudan, hulu. them, i'm going to play this clip and then i want you to react to it and tell us the reality of, if you go out to a demonstration watch your fate may well be the ambassador. it was commenting on a situation where the military not only were violent against protesters, they followed them into hospital and then beat them up even more. there he is, the ambassador for sweden to sedan. and i must see i'm very disturbed. oh, listening to the stories about hiring of tear gas walk into emergency wards are the doctors and the nurses not being able to see anything. they have
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a chance to patients out door to able to treat them enough if the case to this is ably reach on basic human rights. so that was actually the norwegian ambassador, little cranky. and she, i think, is witnessing what we've all sort of seen for a long time now. which is that the crew was a watershed moment. i think any sort of idea that we could return to a post pre could excuse me. status quo is sort of gone and that transition is effectively over. so we are being sort of hamstrung by this insistence by many in the international community that of this idea of a return. in fact, we should be looking forward to that and didn't need to put them on the project is want to move forward. and i think already we're seeing this tension between what
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the entire committee is pushing for and what there is some committees and other problem august groups are pushing for. and i think unless that is reconciled, meaning unless international for me to get on board with what per marty groups want, this whole process will be dead in the water adults even starting. what's interesting about what the norwegian ambassador has witnessed and said that she is sort of the only one who seems to be trying to pinpoint the key areas where the ministry is showing signs of increased repression is showing that it's saying by the playbook. i would like to see the, you know, other members of the international community follow that lead. but so we're seeing a lot of sort of paralysis linked to a lack of imagination. i think from the international committee about what to that could look like going forward. that needs to change if i can jump here, i don't think it's only lack of imagination. i think it's a local faith. ah,
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i remember after the step down off of this year or after the cool or up to wherever we can call it. on the 12th of april, we had a meeting with the previous british ambassador and he told us that this is an unexpected win. ah, so for me, it's not the lack of imagination. it's a lack of, of, of thrust off so that he's people and it's a lack of vision. and unfortunately, also a lack of interest. and by like of interest, i mean that every penny, every country around sudan and even a away from sudan of a certain interest incident, either the gold, either the cotton or the rest of the crops or the agricultural land and everything . so every country is now more worried about their own interest without, with incident than the interests of this, than these people. and i think this is our main problem of the troika had a very long statement. and for me, it was very weak statement because if you are not actually saying that the military
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are kidding their own people, then the statement doesn't mean anything. because this is the fact in the line. i hear a stake i at least 2062 until military protest were been killed. this 62 are not just numbers. these are people who have families. and unfortunately, almost half of this number are kids under the age of 18. and today, the 11th, we had a big demonstration. oh ha, hauled by the mothers off. not only the mottos was also the mothers of at the expected mortars, because every time we go outside to the suite emptiness rate, it's not protest anymore. this is a civil resistance, again, is the military forces that he's not the people military forces anymore. this is different major forces by different people who have different interest and all of their interest doesn't close to that. are so many people. all right, so meanwhile those and i need to add something to want nadine shirt shaw and. and i
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have to look around me and actually just going back to the initiative why, but you and that has been mentioned earlier. now that this initiative is there's so much one with that. it's almost comical. first of all, it presents equal treatment for the protesters presented in resistance committees and the criminal military or who are killing them in the streets. second, it attempts to create some kind of a way around the clear slogan of negotiation, no partnership, i normally get them to see by some kind of ward games and ridiculous phrases. that said it's not negotiation if they're not in the same room. but basically trying to blurred the fact that by a private participate in the process that treats that military criminals equally. it's basically legitimize and emily's demise in their co, on their woollen. and so that 3rd, to assume that there is any kind of a common ground between the people and their killers is an attempt again to blurred the reality of the struggle of it's important that all to have any chance. yeah. all right, so joe cut puffy, is the u. n. special representative to see dan,
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and he is aware of your very strict demands. this is what he said on january the 10th and gentlemen, uh huh. billing was distance committees of said, which is not new. that they would checked sitting with the military at one table, but we're not inviting them to sit with the military. we're inviting them to sit with us. we know that they will interact with this initiative. some of them said that if it is just some consultations with the united nations, there is no problem with that. we know that there is the big slogan of the 3 nos, no negotiations, no partnership, no bargaining, ronada for no say, applaud. right, ms. i know negotiations number part to share no bargaining. how on earth are you going to get through to a transition? if you refuse to do any of that, how do you, how do you get to democratic election in 2020 say no, no, no. actually the question is, how on earth can we get into
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a decent life by compromising with our killers? there is no. that's why people do not compromise with commerce and do not compromise with their if the focus is clearly gone beyond his official mandate to try to gaslight one side of the struggling sudan. so i guess like this is nice people for the benefit of legitimizing the other side, which is the military. now if you search his name, if you search focus name in arabic on social media. now defense results you'll get is a photo shopped photo of his face on a military uniform because that's how he's seen by 4 sisters on by the general public incident as part of the military rule. as a facilitator of the military who, a few minutes ago, i actually read this phone at the current at the national community policy at ward . so then as no different from the appeasement diplomacy, of the governments of superpowers adopted it in dealing with nazi germany and fascism in italy. hello. yeah we, yes we have, we still have you for, for, for a moment there. all right, so, so no compromise, no compromise. if i may,
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i can go ahead. yes. what they're doing is not different from the appeasement diplomacy. literally that they use with germany and practice. i'm in italy. this is a diplomacy that they use a piece criminals to avoid conflict and prioritize the lives of nations that were victims of these criminals. this is what's happening right now, and then there's the prioritize in our lives for some kind of fake stability. this is an approach that history showed it's swung, it will fail, it's unethical, and it's condemned by the entire world. by now, we need to remember also that previously soccer and uniforms have invited the resistance committees for meetings which there this committee is just asked that the meeting should be live broadcast that well. and they refuse that we only tell those that resistance committees are showing a commitment to transparency and inclusion of the public while the un into that is showing a shameless commitment to close to him diplomacy. this can only be explained as an
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attempt to call up and corrupt and divide unconquered. there is a basically focus and the you when are being facilitators for the military room, for them, not facilitators or any kind of dialogue. so early me just let me just bring us a thought, you know, rena abouts of this thought, and then you can pick up of the back of it on the l guy is a lawyer. and he is very clear that there should be consequences for the military action. they have to be accountable. this is what he told us. i have a listen. and then response, millions of sudanese have been marching for the last 3 months, demanding freedom, justice and peace, and more importantly, demanding than the military wants and for all exit political life. in return, the peaceful demands have been met with brutal oppression. with murder over 63 people had been killed with rape and sexual violence. the international community so far has responded with mere rhetoric. they must realize that the people sedan
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are not going to go back. and that sudan is ungovernable for the military hunter. therefore, individual sanctions need to be impose on the cool leaders. the international community must explicitly demanded. they step aside and must facilitate dialogue among the pro democracy movement to electron alternative leadership for student like just kindergarten, israel in that. is there anything else every day that i'm out the pick up? is that yes, well, i just wanted to give a small history on the 3 nose. well now this one is people on the street and the young people, especially field saw naive. we believed before that we can have an actual negotiation with their, with their, with the military, and then have a stable government. and the same and institutional, documentary institutional agreement that we had was actually negotiated by the military. we both agreed on the same things as of stated that part that there are
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managing it. there are as people who are not satisfied with the, with an institution like beaman, we status we, we say ok, we can accept this for now because we thought that it would be a transition that needed to the next step. what's happened in the 25th of october is actually breaking all of this throws breaking all of this negotiation. so why we should try. 8 again, the same things we tried before for me actually as mentioned, it's on different from to through is not different from b is not different from any one. we really need right now to be very clear that it's either a civil government without a military interference, or there is no government because unfortunately we don't have a governess structure. we don't have accountability structure and we don't, it don't make any easier. i lose. we have lots of questions on youtube. i want you to ask them and answer them speedily because each of these questions could take a whole show. so when i go to cose question, he co says that compromise is the key to democracy or no side will be happy pollute
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. i mean, you know, i do ideally, or in a, in sort of vacuum that may may be true, but saddam has a very recent experience with that hasn't actually panned out when was in the 100 percent. right. the fact that it po, democracy, groups are being pushed to recreate the exact same conditions which led us to where we are doesn't actually make much sense. on top of that, the generals are very adept as using these kinds of processes to their own games. something they learned very well from boucher oh. very specific question. half an essay asking how is the government common warning hunter restricting civilians ability to express their needs or disagree with the current state of the country? i felt like we've made that quite obvious during this program, but be specific, hulu, so that so the essay understands exactly what's happening. the short answer is in every way possible. i mean, if a physical restrictions, as moses said, closing the bridge using shipping containers to make sure that people don't cross
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on one side of the city into the other cutting of communication lines, cutting off internet lines so that people are unable to mobilize these of all proved ineffective because protesters have only double down on their resolve to continue protesting. so all of these things are really for naught, but they do show that the regime has no problem. i'm continuing the oppressing tactics and you know where there is criticism from the international community. it's very easy for them to evade that. because as i am at a daily said in your video, there are simply no consequences for them. docile overhaul mom or voice, and this is the voice of her need who is thinking about the vacancy that is currently available for the prime minister of sudan. it's really interesting that we haven't mentioned the prime minister for how to. i knew many so they show until the very end, which probably says how important that role is. i don't want to add to school with a surprise for what hamid has to say. so here years, although pam and sam duke was an instrumental figure and played important calls during the transition, he had no constituency or delivery of his own. so he became much less and of him
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the moment he lost the cost of it. he says, committees and key political parties and tickets over the place of the prime minister is not a very important question in my opinion, was really crucial. is that process that would lead to a new prime minister and a new cabinet? this 1st process must be inclusive and transparent and must be civilian led and civilian oriented and should have the demands of the people at heart. oh hello. did you get us started? i just want your brief responses to say this, this position that is available. how do the people as an influence, who gets that next up? well, i mean, i think the obvious answer is that the people listed and haven't been able to influence that so far. and it doesn't seem to be any sort of a pathway for them to under the current circumstances. what is quite clear is that student use politics now as, as the weight is lead to the street level pro democracy movement is not concerned with as singular titular figure in an a prime minister. so much so that we have
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avoided that of talking about that position for the whole of this episode. and so, you know, the movement goes beyond that goes beyond individual leaders and it's much more broad based on that. and it's about time that any sort of political programs or policy that on sedans reflects exactly that trend. there's a thought here that i wanted to share with you. and i'm just gonna ask you very briefly, rosanna and his reign to do to, to answer the question that we asked on this show, which is a see dance treasures transition to democracy. dude, i don't like that question. i don't like it because it means there's no hope. but what's the reality is that if i may start and this the nurse transition to democracy, the way that the international community want it to do, it is clearly not going to work. but regardless of their di, alongside their initiatives, but on the other side, the di looks that the people don't sedan are interested in,
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on the ongoing dialogue with, you know, resistance committees that are phrasing their individual and joint political, adequately declarations in maps. discussing how the resistance will click overpower, what kind of a state and government they want to create. and this is what matters. and this is what it is really relevant and you get from the smiles on our faces a few minutes ago that the irrelevancy of a singular position of the prime minister is something that we're glad we are finally get in there. and moving towards bill. when a whole country, i mean if you end up, let me give industry, not the last word, but the last sentence, misery, because we're will miss at the end of the show. go ahead. yeah, i will finish by a quotation from one of their statements by the resistant committee office avia. they said it's our destiny as generation to and the series of goals, and we will not delay this fight. can't believe it, van israel memorize everything, is reading amazon, hulu. thank you so much for helping us understand that rocky transition to democracy from revolution in c dot x. a watching. i see you next time. take half the body. ah,
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whole. oh, be the hero. the world news for washer, for. ah, top russian officials made a representatives in brussels, those tensions continue russia's troop build up on ukraine's border. ah, hello, i money inside this is al jazeera life of doha, also coming up. 25 man accused of flossing. the 2019 eastern bombings were turned to court. in sher lanka, nearly 270 people were killed in the attacks.


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