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tv   Witness Gallok  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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how families look like the water is highly contaminated. we're living in the cloud risk in it all, al jazeera. what we do it al jazeera is try to balance this story and leave the people who allow us into their lives, dignity, and humanity. ah, hello, i'm down jordan dough with the top stories here on al jazeera u. s. president joe biden has defended his administration's response to a surgeon alma con cases. he says he's confident that countries on the right track . the u. s. senate committee has met to question the federal government on how it's handling the pandemic. more people are now in the hospital with cobit 19 than ever before, and the infections are hitting an average of 3 quarters of a 1000000 each day. the world health organization is wanting of an approaching
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tidal wave of infections across europe. it says more than half the population is likely to be infected by omicron in the next 2 months. dominic cane is in berlin with more on the situation across europe. on the face of us, a very bleak assessment. indeed that's 50 percent of the population depending on which numbers you go by in the year. more than 400000000 people live here in the u . around 700000000 around the periphery countries. and that sort of thing. so we're talking potentially hundreds of millions of people that this individual from the will have organization is saying might well find themselves falling fall of the on the ground variance of the corona virus in the course of the next couple of months . remember, it's deep winter here right now. and so all those conditions which militates in favor of further transmission are in place. it's cold outside people tend to congregate together inside if they're not wearing appropriate masks as we were hearing from the w h o. in other parts of
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a statement made by the individual concerned that it's masking vaccination and that sort of thing in the absence of those. and it's very clear that the world health organization is making pretty difficult and dangerous suggestions here. hundreds of millions of people might find themselves as a se falling fall of on the chrome in this deep winter phase of 2022. that's the really fundamental question here. right now, has omi crawl managed to dislodge the delta, very of the proceeding, particularly dangerous variance of covey that had been running right. watt like wildfire across the continent. here in germany, the latest estimate suggests somewhere around 50 percent of all cases of only crime, but in other parts of the content then of course has really taken hold. and it's starting to really push delta to one side. quebec could soon become the 1st canadian province,
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the tax adults not vaccinated against corona virus. premier france while ago says b unvaccinated, placing a financial burden on the health care system. he announced plans for those without a medical exemption to pay a healthcare contribution. yes, president joe biden was called for voting rights reforms to expand access to poles . democrats alleged republican states trying to suppress black and other democratic leading voters biden wants the senate to abandon it. super majority rule to pass the bills right to vote. and that, that vote count. it is democracy's threshold liberty. without it, nothing is possible, but worth it. anything is possible. while the denial of fair and free elections is on democratic, it is not on precedent. it a trial of 25 men judge in connection with shrill anchors 2019 east of bomb attacks has resumed. they faced more than 23000 charges relating to the blast that killed
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many, 270 people. prosecutors of cold, more than 1200, to testify michelle fernandez as more from columbia almost half of them when the trial started a few weeks ago did not have any legal representation. this, this lot sort of is drawn from all walks of life. there are pavement, hawkers, dera, essentially, id analyst, there are taxi drivers, and some of them just cannot afford the legal representation. we had the bar association offering to, to help mean a, some lawyers that would help with this legal representation. so it's a little bit of housekeeping at this state. and north korea has released images of leader kim jong, who and observe in the countries latest missile tests is the 2nd the firing of the hypersonic missile. they are less than a week. japan and south korea condemned the test out for detecting its launch. kim jones says he wants north crews military to be bolstered. those were the headlines . the news continues here now to sierra off to witness statement. thanks so much
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bye for now. oh i oh, i thought i would put them homeless and they were going in north atlanta resources. people always get them to a social and nobody tells you you've been ordered about a thought to get a hold of somebody. no scholarship, but actually buddhism. and throw that would open it in 10 steps. going to stop for domain the tongue metal. so i'm going to have all it check it
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from the board. i was like, i don't go to go to florida still when i get a hold of him. i know it's going to be the same thing to them, some whatever, whatever you call the inductor room to do the spit out. that's not what you have on the go to. the kid are good amount of the spring and you put in a unit on the to my all renewal for me. and if it's not community motor huda with some handy and i'm told on the hand
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the so me and how to read attention and run some text and because on there about it are not check due to so mr. fiddle sca, we'll skip them back ups which could be today. face turnover, choice channels subordinate the
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you can see you got that up to you and then you know, go ahead. oh oh there the top learned but i bought some last name in some in
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or so lance last the last system and looks like in the start and length with the name of and it not on the shirt but on the fisk and a show had a buzz, yes, adam with tom tow company said his cut fist javion to one of the long for the sun in the bath lease was still with us. and then that then the moon about oh, that would hurt like you're sort of here. got the canal just said an old today oil. that's a phone to the most all tool. it sounds like a plan with us and so nice
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with the students that would throw it on them for the body discuss group would all get be will mining. i faith of it all down, put a gun mouth is stop. could vote no call before the informative to come home and you do at the bleeding. cause i show this slide primarily to people in the u. k. an island because one of the big major questions i get is, what are the local people going to go ahead and say about this project?
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what are the local people going to go ahead and say about this project? i show them this picture, i say. what will it will be? what will it will be the circular at on the surface, histone hurt the whole ness grounds for your just own that. don't with the about. yeah. so the, in the, in the whole now the hand that are in to the heavier, this couple will get so it's going to also offensive school mother earth on us land model. the only send the rooted days if you feel that
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you're going you know, they had spoke to stuff. i don't know. it's all if you have the full amount of detail and the comment of really the, the lead to the or the legal what the show them. and they told me they had a bad on the man added most although whole they do other bit hall road or than 3 in the city and love some legal but i'm going to get an additional them snap for by less than i live. and i don't know the intersection of the i get are they the least long it on the
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safe them or that 1st order to have all the spectators for talk color on the circuit man in the kid. but suddenly contests that all of them is playing. must animal toys? manhattan. so 2nd thought i heard i don't think the development gifts sprang stan summoning to talk to vote. madame a concealed all do yes, i am told it almost severely. comments. well victor, no, no rush has kept it.
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biscuit who thought i do the thor border. i never bought a wooden google example can i believe adam holton. stella hes. so ok. my dear is gonna be in get, is that the blaring you collect the conversation about a thumb tall dot. com. thank got up there, discovery. tiffany: a come up to tier law taco model. might mean that all from mark young. the ticket here. okay. fair enough. may other cool august car, so she all local norms car here and see don't quality conformity of the odd effort . just so truly our hope bus your, when the 1st on your boat log out, garland, director of my can be got a lot to start or so the reason google you haven't had it. oh me. can i say the to stick handler now you'd expect to go to see if they made
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a dollar or took up the barometer whenever you proposals and the some border. dan shirts are tourists, me all america, some day of upon a to and about for the surely the vehicles to be hauled transferred out the fiscal yacht pedal my face shield. so may i hopelessly, art man m dot is the therefore i read your book. i read my saudi well, so had added all at you know to get up. those on it told on the eve, buddha will gutted stick in your bed of old house and should feed montague, but they only get solve. it should be that out. so they had a if to been not possible, said thought man, hard, you want and where, and am or damn quit you. then when fans did an i'll drop, peck dig as no fee. now, stead a ring, me at me at up then call me at on if that tool order going,
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the monkey sky been plug it in to stick. and you also had, if we caught with ah, no madison middle school all the way you enter in a motel thing. a fancy are then in the back of it to you the whole, here's how my letter reckless. if he can't allow for the car, corbin's reinstall culture ball, do sell, things will take in the hope that the comment of time i am on the way i can do that. i can submit the means that my phone, the operation will not at all will make us literally sure.
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what do you live in aid on the home? we are in the fire. camille standing up very close to work on. so marie a little 2nd. so staying busy and stuff for woocommerce eric at the, in the stack. i'm a service, i'm able to wonder the pin for a handful of cancer. come up and see, and mark a sort of r b. a lot of those early a deck a allows been central all and most the players with cancer be thought they will be a little untrue. 3rd, cousin murphy, i bought a car, the human most
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discovery, a story. yeah. mom's fin the here to take this patrol shop as in the hands on my car back. so if bought a whole month, just take your company and get it for some help for have a day. you make, it comes from the middle of the day of both on the market of emanating them. so or then today that the some of the coleman coleman coleman coleman being in the on on we have to get it because we'll talk later.
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okay. it's going to work on that marketing this manda. i'll show you this near the august monday that i may have gotten some, some of them, a dispute for them in the front of you. all right. so how does this put up with with your phone book, we can do them on a 7. okay. so i'm going to get it on business for me. so someone will be with you monday and i
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was adding it on so excited about solomon floyd. so me so that on there, hopefully you'll get sweet. take it down to best to come and talk about that too about moving to see something. so i still wanted that so that i'm not safe a was wrong such a winning globe with the board. yes
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more and more doable, cut off his head of attica. so miss bird saw me at we saw it on a thick thought down some helmet and sets about me so alarmed that them on the chance couldn't blame this afternoon. he thought of the sudden the oak, so for the afternoon do unless of a sudden a slack thing offensive. scala from inevitable shall they put us 3 stairs. so i saw mischika had not to lift something. it can sit under a manager ticket at constant appeal in the afternoon to talk to the
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in man, they are in the home or they feel the modem. we don't really have the book to. so miss coming up with the function. notice next thing at the end and we stay in a horse. take the heads up. so i just missed a 2nd. told the but i don't symbolic. don't don't tell. told it as dogs telephone seattle sounds familiar. they come to the, come in here in the softening,
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ask me for their i i, i, i, i use yes that's not enough
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to get off of them and they're not shown on the to them, but you get and then our lab now. well, there was some stuff, a stand, a single woman. it no longer went on the see it on that the comment on that up through know the whole community sanity and the can scope this time just to be in the city, but just bring up your us playing the ghost. but i'm a big sit else baton construction woman married because i'm alone and play. i got
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school on the get you in there so. so it sounds good to go. we'll tell david looked up the order. so don't i mean up to speed on you to, to atlanta next florida. so sort of the habit of putting through the only have the order that you order the mainly the the pulse and on but i didn't have a lawyer. let's come thank you. 5th, you know, yes sir,
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let me i i don't recall years old here also full month here or cause it's a little bit more outage with
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with a, with a money order with
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with the phone with us during the debate, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from of common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future rates. now. this is not our responsibility. if people log concrete responsibly, we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we had the tools to do to get act. we must build all this stream on al
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jazeera, coveted beyond wells. taken without hesitation, fulton died for power defines our world, alons lou babies were dying. i did it nothing about it's neglect and babies to deck people empower, investigates, exposes, and questions the use and abuse of power around the globe. on al jazeera, the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and of vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground. in the
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world and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w h l, making a healthier world for you. for everyone. lou, i'm daren jordan dough with a quick reminder, the top stories here on al jazeera, you as president joe biden has defended his administration's response to a surgeon omicron cases. he says he's confident the country is on the right track. a u. s. senate committee has met to hear the federal governments take on how it's humbling the pandemic. more people are now in the hospital with cobit 19 than ever before. the world health organizations warning of an approaching tidal wave of
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infections across europe. it says more than half the population is likely to be infected by omicron over the next 2 months. quebec could soon become the 1st canadian province to tax adults, not vaccinated against corona virus. premier frost's all ago says the unvaccinated up placing a financial burden on the health care system. yes, president joe biden has called for voting rights reforms to expand access to polls . democrats alleged republican states are trying to suppress black and other democratic leaning voters biden. once the senate to abandon its super majority rule, to pass the bills right to vote. and that that vote count. it is democracy's threshold liberty. without it, nothing is possible. but what if anything is possible? while the denial of for elections is on democratic, it is not on breasted in it. a trial of $25.00 men charge in connection with shall anchors. 2019 east of bomb attacks has been adjourned until march. they faced more
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than $23000.00 charges relating to the blast that killed nearly $270.00 people. prosecutors of coal more than 1200, to testify. no fernandez as more from columbus. almost half of them when the trial started a few weeks ago, did not have any legal representation. this, this lot sort of is drawn from all walks of life. there are pavement hawkers. there are essentially id analysts. there are taxi drivers and some of them just cannot afford the legal representation. we had the bar association offering to to help name a, some lawyers that would help with this legal representation. so it's a little bit of housekeeping at this state. a north korea's raised images of leader kim jong noon, observing the country's latest missile test. it's a 2nd firing of an apparent hypersonic missile down less than a week. japan and south korea both condemned the launch. those are the headlines. the news continues here now to 0 off the witness station thanks for watching by
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phone. ah, with
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school ah, the coma showed a less vila from tba medical and one of them could you call me back or let ms again in the shade that oh, dear mary beth then finally asked about la me me only a 100 percent. 60 percent. the dog will be
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off to the news. i me, i shall in or start on facebook. you open your ticket by your hand order in to me in the media activists that somebody needs to stay. and i would love for about food over the loan, because those are the minimum activity levels or don't some don't pool that even. i don't blame on all of
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them. well, 1st of all, not the main plan or the no commercial company in this and mine all the main act a my little horn or say i hadn't been lane so sure can be. there's a lack of article to hort, which was i, i guess the heartbeat ain't that there's going to be better. just going to be a good or all yourself ma'am. there on all these and pad and i'll do head quickly. who the bad did quit getting out was gave up at locker room 6. polacca was on y'all again. there, there are you. it's got depend on the word of it
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as a, a badge you, when you are your but the fact it may go to do that here for the sadie or fini land all africa. the think a big yellow, mildly swell poplar guy, a man after the most them on europe, drawing on them for a couple of the food and go to come and say, are they nasty deal, hulu, or the non bitterly touched on medical the year don't stolen all day on that and petty would after the wedding to make you monday about your obama ill then put it on. i think there is a problem with the country from store, from out to have all their, their little ny as a store. and they also made a move to admin mandate them order a and then the activist and i for many more no more here. you know, a couple minutes after this call when you get
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a moment though i them on the ohio is going on. so the story promotion when we had to vote and still hold it and all lead on her son carlos his own modem, and instead of a new new though man failed so much that matter. hello lou got to get up there. they be my dad and get off some legs on the i mean that's a tommy at the new jeep also . sounds silly on the phone, the toner, shut the toilet. or now if i comb percent going with the rock, girlie, who i allen them him and muscle tips. he has got a steady, ferguson pasco, than oh, yeah, of here let's mid ale. dollars or then let valid kill nick mater
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would and also into some out enough problem. my son hand then on thing or death. come i bought a speculate i put us on the top of common me. so maybe i neil's leg on time on the fam. silk shook, so maybe he'll look so can both of us if t as to what of a and i got a, a select killer. ca lummus. oh my goodness omen. carla said one of them ill and if somebody if i know is going to stop,
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the stella paused the man on the man he told me to think of that fact. so no ma'am, is not her son on i'm not on home in new york in gus pending i've out of it said that at all costs that girl demand tank up in a again, but i'm paid in found that out about no dance. hola
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less up the now omega call me and let us in for the regular i let everyone in that account justice for me to bet on her so miss scott is so phone it's leg can be off clothes, man, dollars. to put them on the put on for the rest of them. just look on a lot of functionality that told us that the photo can
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also be the suspect, you know, on the phone on the other go there. oh. 2 as a this is justin with oh yeah, yeah, yeah,
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i asked the cash city ursa not afford tiffany. okay. did you know that on the saw the matina its katira philip job talking to just like a little more serious with my money on this to hold on for both or can be done to pick a whole new vendor message ill city or someone can thank yes i yeah, you, you know, you need animal, we left a lot of your past lot federal beta. so costa for some stats
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absolutely come on very discounted. i looked at other barnett montana on one hand over. lisa ross, get a discount here for ya. let us or what i do notice from submitting it back to them. just feel no, they're slaughtered on them on how to prepare them. yeah, for now that i used spot your leave this go 1st convert? yes. on the water, dr. lynn's talk. man to long get on all day after my yeah, move ahead through us today and so that they have us some so much of school going no longer. excellent. and i thought it the, but i think it's a process that i know, but i'm having a good day about historical somebody, i don't know this to you will not, i'm not an idiot. put that in, take your show and then i'll hold it off that team the saudi padget on there. come
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a practice be okay. yeah. okay, great. well my mom told me before i stopped by giving myself some some longer say something. some, some red thing in fairfield who seemed to hit the new stuff, then it stored there. maybe it will be home out of that. trish, don't the bill to be to be atomic. you all screwed up it. me glad negha. let me pass. bosch, loud to a bunch of back to the table or with the bed and be here from viet vale did make a yeah. now thing with
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not a big lot a a with
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a movie. they don't put them in half a day again. they know, photo it on the proceeds talk to you the not a sound a get us so to how your so whole not on de bucklin, missouri again for yet. m a. cathy go to seda, depend the act, the so that don't hang the so cram shucks in mackelmerry and the boys i'm at a instructs and boa foot pounds up. take care of them. yeah. and the la
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jacked of his skin. they miguel them, sam. so monday, some in the sense jamaica. so miss monday would be promot stoneleigh feel m latiere mat initial media manager hoover enough to dance me. i don't like the oil mon home. simpson enough to
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do some of the money. you know that that could be the reason why you wouldn't want to get someone be in the morning that and out of it's gone. so then the knowledge in the that it for years to must be, even in the family, you know, for our base that all mean help protect the police. also go to a doctor. mindy a demand that yes and heather, for the vehicle for the future. you log in, log out things up there. most defeat to be sure. anything funny hailstones keep and emilio just 5 minutes left a coma. now comedy adding on folk stuffs markets and up colo heck, on to the, in the orthopedic or they have to stick to i'm scared or disturbed in upset of tech
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. can get that updating in may and yeah. center. just call them on that or to get out of and although mostly got them on the fence, they have to be fancy about not calling you back on the fields man to small. but i mean that all you to take him out they for then scrolling down, let the dep if amanda ah judge chief executive officer, i failed finding good morning. thank you for joining us today. now. has changed within the company hasn't in yes. so i think the leadership of, i will fundamentally changed and thought, but we building relationships with all the stakeholders of the project in 10 years
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. and we have done everything work on monday. we just for viewed it right on the other. leave a voice, beautiful. but in mobile. okay, so what, i'll go ahead i get thought of that, no problem with anthem to face with
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you. oh oh oh oh oh manager not to perform the going to which i saw a deal harder. my 3rd going that who told them to come gallop. oh, they over the had to some their family well, because of the if no pressure to sounds through the synopsis.
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a year with us from to the us of the eating so so a lot of the and then it it gets to make it easy to mean especially with that i'd
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love to get more of a yeah. but all that we that we have, we have no do not me can even handle it to them. i didn't meet with her on the go with a deal with
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lester. so say yeah, my phone about the whole if somebody had all the kids from your e mail. so if i'm looking at you know that yeah,
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not my my order. that's a lot of us to get that mass to that effect. so they will fix in post stuff in mood . me touchtone the fact if it's done well, then go to go look, have them on kill them. so i knew that thank you. don't take all dates for the stuff that of the up and thinking about it was on the on the stand on the pedal is the 100 of value that you then come to the top of the ball previous to have it on thursday.
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so you'll be able to publish it in the paper. would it be over the ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, living in a rosanne is a risk not worth taking for most. for
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a 10 year old boy there is nowhere else to go. in the absence of his parents, his grandmother dedicates herself to his upbringing. never knowing whether the next explosion will echo one step closer to the place they call home. the distant barking of ducks, a witness documentary on al jazeera. but at the time of the year, to watch out for rain in the ravine peninsula, the pot for a liberal clad the few showers. we don't see much of it yet, but we do see something very obvious around turkey in the eastern met. so storm system has been circulated for a day or so. it's gathering a great deal of warmth and then for rain potential will flow into cypress and sudden turkey bit of height and a bit of cold injected from the really cold north cross. a black sea means huge
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amounts espousing likely in the mountains of north i, particularly eastern turkey, and just over the border as well that this systems can be around for a couple of days, spread its largest sas, woods and east was so showered answered lebanon, norton, egypt and probably libya, tony crossed dalton, serena south, that looks relative, be quiet, but there will be an influence. i think this is friday's picture, which might bring shouting to key, wait, and then it links up and regenerates a shout about running from mecca eastwards through red towards the gulf. it's like you the dough howl, stay warm and quiet at 25 degrees. it's likely that most of iraq, afghanistan and pakistan will stay equally fine the summer thunderstorm to produce yet more flooding, the eastern cape of south africa. that could be a repeat procedure. ah, the talk to alger c o 2 wild alarm is,
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can we list a zionist, are making serious efforts in order to in t m to solve the channel because we meet with global use maintenance and talk about the stormy stanton analogy. ah $25.00 man, accused of flossing the 2019 east. the bombings were turned to the court and for lanka, nearly 270 people were killed in the attack. ah, hello money inside this is alex, they're alive from doha. also coming up. doing the best we possibly can.
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top us health officials face tough questions at the senate as the country hits a new record for cave.


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