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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2022 12:00am-1:00am AST

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right, like you, she channels plus thousands of all programs. award winning documentaries, and in depth news reports. subscribe to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news. our lie from london, thanks for joining us, coming up in the next, that 60 minutes. the all micron very and spreads through europe. the w h. o warns more than half the population will be infected within the next 2 months. with us hospital wards that capacity and not enough test to go round. the biden administration is accused of failing in its corona virus response. an unprecedented
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appeal. the un says $5000000000.00 is needed to escape a humanitarian catastrophe. in afghanistan and growing criticism of ethiopia, government has more civilians are killed in military air, strikes an arm he descended in tow with your schools defending champions algeria draw their opening match with the african couple of nations and more questions to answer for nova joclett, your head of the australian open of the country's government looks into whether he lied on his travel for ah, europe faces a west to east tidal wave of cuba. 19 on the crohn's very end to the world. health organization is warning. it predicts more than half of the regions population could be infected within 2 months. well the w a chose
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a europe regional director says the virus is quickly becoming the dominant variant in western europe and also spreading in the balkans. dominic cane begins our coverage from berlin on the face of us, a very bleak assessment. indeed, that's 50 percent of the population. depending on which numbers you go by and the you more than 400000000 people live here in the u. around 700000000 around the you, it's periphery countries and that sort of thing. so we're talking potentially hundreds of millions of people that this individual from the world health organization is saying might well find themselves falling foul of the arm across variant of the corona virus in the course of the next couple of months. remember, it's deep winter here, right? now, and so all those conditions which militates in favor of further transmission are in place, it's cold outside people tend to congregate together inside if they're not wearing appropriate masks as we were hearing from the w h o. in another part of
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a statement made by the individual concerned that it's masking vaccination and that sort of thing in the absence of those. and it's very clear that the world health organization is making pretty difficult and dangerous suggestions here. hundreds of millions of people might find themselves as a se falling fall of on the kron in this deep winter phase of 2022. that's the really fundamental question here. right now has only crohn managed to dislodge. the delta vary the preceding particularly dangerous variance of covey that had been running right. what like wildfire across the continent, here in germany, the latest estimate suggests somewhere around 50 percent of all cases of ami chrome . but in other parts of the continent then army corners really taken hold and is starting to really push delta to one side. or meanwhile, in the u. s. the number of people admitted to hospital was coven 19 has reached
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a record high news agency. reuter says there were 132646 people in wards on monday more than the previous high reached in january last year. my can and joins us for more on that at now. so i might just tell us how bad is the situation in the us right now? well, that figure people hospitalized is just increased to 140000. that is a record for any single day, even higher than during that massive peak that was experienced in january a year ago. so this is particularly disturbing when one reflects on the fact that infections are now at record. number's 750000 are recorded in the 24 hour period. and so this is particularly disturbing, given the fact that the hospitalization would generally follow on the infection rates by some 10 days. if what i'm saying is that the hospitalization rate is
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likely to get even higher in the next few days or moving to new record levels. this of great concern to health authorities, given the massive strain that it is putting on hospitals, bearing in mind to add that hospitals are increasingly understaffed because health workers themselves are so coming particularly to the army kron variant of the virus . so this is in effect, a perfect storm with regard to what is happening in the nation's hospitals. as in fiction, rates and hospitalizations continue to rise. and mike, a u. s. senate committee has met here. the federal government take on how it's handling the pandemic. so what's come out of that well, there was a lot of criticism from senate members in terms of the federal government's response under the bite and administration, in particular, senators picked on the issue of the promise that the biden administration made off
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a test being available to every household in the united states at now transpired in the senate, hearing that only 50000 of some 500000000 tests have now been bought by the federal government. so it's going to take days, weeks, possibly, even months before the administration makes good on. it's promised to provide testing to every us home. also questions from senators about the cdc, in particular, are the directors comments about quarantine? for example, some senators arguing there's be mixed messaging from the cdc, particularly with regard to the recommended 5 day quarantine period, which came into effect a week or so ago. a coming down from 10 days. but also the cdc giving mixed messages about whether or not people should be tested at the end of that 5 day quarantine period. should they be a symptomatic. so from all sides, this questions of the bite and administration in terms of what he's doing, the only possible bright spot
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a doctor antony felt she telling the senators that it does appear from statistics to date. that ami crown is a far less severe, a version of the virus. then the delta and previous versions that knew the less he says the strain on hospitals is immense. and the fact that the virus may be ela had less severe side effects, doesn't take away from the fact that hospitals in the u. s. are going to continue to come under immense strain i can or with the latest from washington d. c. mike, thank you. and asserts city in china is now locked down the 5 point. 5000000 people in and young are not allowed to leave their homes. following the discovery of 2 cases of the on the con variant there, but 20000000 people are now locked down across onion sheehan. and you show katrina, you reports from dungy row in hine province, announced 5000000 residents have been ordered not to leave their homes until they
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get tested. the coven, 19 non essential. businesses have been closed and old private vehicles have been ordered off the roads. mass testing is underway in the city. now, the province of her none where identity is located is home to about 100000000 people. they've been facing an outbreak of primarily the delta variance since the beginning of the year in the city of an young, they've identified since the beginning of january at least $400.00 cases. but what sparked concern is this weekend was the discovery of at least 80 cases of me, very infectious on the chron variance. now these cases have been linked to students who traveled from the port city of tinge in another city in china, which is under defacto lockdown. now, authorities are very concerned about the 10 gin cases because this city borders bay gene and officials there have promised to see loft hinge in order to protect the capital. all leaders in china are under enormous pressure to prevent any infections
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from reaching the capital baiting before the beginning of the beijing winter olympics, which opens on february the 4th. and this is a very dangerous time for the virus here in china. we're just heading into the lunar new year period or chinese new year, where typically many people travel across the country. there are hundreds of millions, true of trips made here in china as people travel home to see relatives for the most important public holiday. here in the country now officials have discouraged travel this chinese new year because of these outbreaks and officials are saying that they are staunchly committed to maintaining time as 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic. despite the fact that already 20000000 people here in china are affected by very severe locked downs all pandemic restrictions. ringo chiller is making plans to administer a 5th at corona virus vaccine dose. as the roll out of the force begins this week,
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she lands who are immunity compromised can now receive their 2nd booster, and in the highly vaccinated nation, even those in the animal kingdom are being offered a dose or latin america editor lucy, a new n reports from santiago susannah fuentes arrived early for her 1st dose or her 2nd booster shot. she's a recovering cancer patient, so like others here with underlying health conditions. she's more vulnerable to coven 19, or to be offered a visit, that i've had breast cancer 3 times. so obviously i have to be even more worried about protecting myself. although everyone in fact has to worry about it. one year after chilly began a massive vaccination campaign against coven 19 it's begun rolling out it's fort dos. even for the age of free and older are being vaccinated here in this country. unlike in most, in the region, there is no shortage of vaccines. and the secret,
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according to presidents of us, young fietta is at chile began purchasing them even before they existed. woodward, we were inviting a small group of correspondents for coffee. benita told us that he bet on treat laboratories that seemed more likely to cross the finish line 1st, including pfizer and senior back it. it will be anointed. the government began taking measures at a very early stage and with strong decisions to buy vaccines and to begin vaccinating very early, even with the 3rd dose. and he says, arrangements have already been made to guarantee a 5th dose if necessary. sunday, although in chile they've been mil reported cases of animals being infected, the health ministry is taking no chances this weeks and i became the 1st tape to be a knock, elated at the blin zoom that emma has sunday when the camp last sunday is a unique specimen in south america, only pure bornea rang a tongue with such an important reproductive potential for the species,
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which is why we focused on immunizing him 1st and also immunizing the big cats. which amount to be naturally prone to this problem. be they 4 or 2 legged patients, health authorities, say hospitalizations and deaths from coven 19 have dropped significantly since the aggressive vaccination campaign began. but there's also an awareness that until every one can be equally immunized on every continent, chileans will likely have to prepare for many more jobs. before this pandemic is over. to see and human al jazeera santiago, coming up on al jazeera, this news, our garden party. all war can meeting or strong on faces, renewed criticism over claims that he broke the coven rules. a new prime minister is appointed and russian back to troops are scheduled to leave soon as this the end of the crisis and causes kazakhstan and nigeria make a winning start in the africa cup of nations. peter will be here with all the
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action in sport. ah, the united nations has launched its largest ever humanitarian appeal for a single country. it says it needs about $5000000000.00 in aid for afghanistan this year to avert a humanitarian catastrophe. the u. n. 's humanitarian agency says $4400000000.00 was needed within afghanistan. it would be used to boost the delivery of food and agricultural support, health services, water and sanitation, and the emergency education. the aid would help the 22000000 people more than half of the population facing acute hunger. a further $623000000.00 was needed to support afghans seeking safety in 5 neighboring countries, including iran and pakistan. it will help fund 40 organizations providing relief to
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the 5700000 displaced afghans as well as the local communities hosting them. the u . n. c. monetary in chief says he is most worried about children's welfare. the figure of a 1000000 a 1000000 children potentially suffers for acute monitors. a 1000000 children in seekers are so hard to grasp and that this kind of size, but a 1000000 children in afghanistan at risk of that kind of mount attrition. if these things don't happen is a shocking one. we also know from the food insecurity, there's up to 8000000 people in afghanistan again, still in afghanistan, who are endangered in terms of food security, who are at a level of food and security that will eventually lead to severe
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hunger with some more to is with unicef in afghanistan, she says, freezing winter temperatures have added to the crisis. as kind of then is descending into the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world. the scale of suffering is quite unprecedented. and as you see, its children and women, those who are least responsible for the crisis who are facing the brunt of these challenges. around half the population. also going to found 23000000 people are food insecure, which means that they cannot find or afford you tricia's food. and as you see over 1000000 of that number, our children and what use f is predicting that without urgent action, those children will suffer from severe acute malnutrition, which puts them at risk of dying in 2022. we think that without action
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one into children will be acutely malnourished. so the problems are huge. on top of that, i've got this done is facing the difficulties of climate change. we are experiencing the worst drought that the country has had for 27 years. we've got rising food prices, we've got tripling poverty. we've got rising unemployment. and all this against the backdrop of winter, you know, last night was minus 6 degrees centigrade. and i keep hearing from, from mothers, from villagers that they don't have money for rudy recall to keep their homes warm . and it is children who are suffering the most the suffering of mothers and children. and i've got a son will a group of afghan women have marched through the capital, kabul, demanding equal rights. women in afghanistan have been waiting for months to attend
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school and to work the taliban lead government pledge to provide them with access after its takeover in august. but most female government employees have been told to stay at home, while girls were banned from going to school after the 6th grade it. taliban officials have said they need time to create gender as segregated facilities. an air strike in ethiopia as t gray region has killed at least 17 people. it happened in the southern town of might sabri and also left dozens wounded. this fall was an attack on a camp for displaced people in that a bit to where at least 56 people were killed on friday. the violence halted aid work in the area. the government previously denied targeting civilians in the 14 months conflict. for more, here's malcolm web. the pin federal government air power is widely seen as something that turn the tables in this conflict. in recent month, the conflict began just over a year ago. now, just a few months ago,
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the t p l. f and allies were advancing towards the capital, addis ababa than last month. the government successfully fought them back. and a lot of observe as a tribute to drones that the open government has recently bought combat drones, which certainly proved effective militarily. but these, the deaths of civilians in the asteroid is at the same time attracting, growing criticism from the international community. us president joe biden spoke yesterday with e. c, a. p. and prime minister abbey, i made the statement from the state department said at a biden, was critical about the strikes. also expressed concerns about the human rights situation in ethiopia, including the very many people have been detained under the state of emergency. people have been detained for a long period without trial in large numbers that bite and did say that he was pleased with the recent release of political prisoners, but certainly with the release of vertical printed on one hand,
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but then continuing conflict through even escalating conflict in the case of the civilians being caught up and strike on the other hand, that's gonna certainly leave a lot of people thinking that these extensive mediation efforts maybe aren't necessarily bringing this conflict any close to close. the president of cause extern has announced the withdrawal within 10 days of the moscow led c s t o military block in a speech to parliament. he said his country security forces would be over hold any also came at his predecessor and was sort of tunnels that by of just stays after the country was racked by nationwide protests that then turned violent robin for fear walk of reports. the people who looted this al marty shopping mall knew no one was coming to stop them. not only did they steal new shoes, they had time to leave their old ones behind. oh, so that the store owner estimates the damage. is it over a $100000.00?
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must go. hm. moscow. chase did our program come later? the guys who did the looting? mostly men. right. but i still took all the lingerie. everything's gone off. so shorter than grabbing lucille has given. on tuesday, the president archive did not say how he would help business recover from an estimated $57000000.00 in losses. but he did promised social, economic and political reforms and strikingly a crack down on the countries oligarchy who must pay into a new national fund. loretta appear pretty gentle. he about sir. thanks to the 1st president el paso, a group of very profitable companies and ally of people rich even by international standards have appeared in the country. i believe that it's time to pay tribute to the people of kazakhstan and help them systematically and regularly as no relatives of former president nor sultan, as a bye of have amassed fabulous wealth in taking it abroad. it's estimated that his
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daughter and son in law own properties in london alone worth over $350000000.00. slightly more than half of natural wealth is held off shore is probably a reasonable estimate. so you're talking about more than half of all the well from the country is outside the scrutiny of the government. and therefore, if the owners of that wealth decide not to participate in the new national fun than that wealth will not participate in the national front. there's nothing the government can do about that. took, i have says foreign troops will leave within 10 days. he seems confident he no longer needs the moscow backs military force to hold on to power. from the prime minister down the coil, deputies are being appointed. dickie issued to what extent you will be able to repair the economy to pick it out of this got opted to criminal all you gotta type of full, full forwarding. and 2nd, me how he will be able to receive redistribute wealth, tore, make certain that all this is social gaps and socially for the consortium injustice
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. if you will be able to the so this is the best way of healing. there's much healing to do widespread damage to both the private and public sectors. more than a 160 people have died, thousands injured. this is a traumatized nation, hoping the nasa by era is drawing to a close. but wary what comes next? robin 1st here, walker al jazeera human rights organizations are calling for the release of 600 refugees and migrant protest. her is detained in libya, one person was shot, one security forces rated a city nina, at a u. n. community center and tripoli overnight on monday. the migrant families have been camped there for the past 3 months following a crackdown on asylum seekers. they're demanding better treatment at the hands of libyan authorities. now that we have been attacked, people vulnerable women,
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disabled mentally disturbed individuals who were seeking savage, who were thinking protection of the office have been attacked at night out of nowhere. and they had no escape route. they are now bagged invitation centers, where in human treatments awaits death rape excursions. torture is the vision. everything in human and unimaginable. my humble requested international community is to intervene. farmers in sudan protesting against higher electricity prices are blocking the main road link with egypt, leaving hundreds of vehicles stranded protest. her as in animals, taca in north and sudan, demonstrated for a 3rd consecutive day sedans, ruling military council has promised to review power prices. the protests are not connected to the current political crisis and sudan with the military rulers, under international pressure for a return to a civilian government. however,
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morgan has more now from the capital cartoon. while we're protesters are asking for is for the government to reverse a decision they're made with the thought of the year 2022, which is an increase in the cost of electricity. now, previously a person was able to purchase a electricity for about a dollar or $2.00 just enough to suffice their needs. but would they used to get for that amount? now they have to pay as $6.00 or 6 times more. and for farmers in the northern state, this is that will affect productivity. so what they've done as for the 3rd consecutive day, they love the highway that needs, that connects the sudan and all of them state to the border crossings in egypt. and that is going to affect trade and that is the point they're trying to make. they want to show that the government decision is going to impact their productivity and their farming season, and therefore they will try to destroy the government's economy as well. so sedans, government has formed a committee to look into this price hikes that,
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that has been imposed by the government itself. and to see the impact on it will have on the farmers and to try to come up with a way to, to, to subsidize electricity. specifically, for farmers so that the farming season is not affected, but the association informed the calories in the northern state right now say that if the government does not review that decision and reverse it, or at least set a different, raised for electricity, for farmers in the northern states, they will continue to block the highway that connects to down in egypt, affecting trade between the 2 countries. the u. k. prime minister boris johnson is facing renewed calls the step down after new revelations about a party held. it is official london residence during a corona virus lockdown. johnson has repeatedly denied breaking lockdown rules, but a leaked e mail about a gathering at 10 downing street appears to suggest otherwise, that the baba has more. how many garden parties is a garden party too far?
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this image shows bars johnson at a gathering behind 10 downing street during the 1st lock down in may. 2020. his office is always claimed. this was a work meeting. now he's under intense pressure. after press reports, he attended another gathering here 5 days later, along with dozens of colleagues, an email from one of his advisors to a 100 members of staff said hi all after what has been an incredibly busy period, we thought it would be nice to make the most of the lovely weather and have some socially distance drinks and the number 10 garden this evening. please join us from 6 p. m and bring your own booze. and i know that people are also eager for news of the same day. the culture secretary was on television, telling the public they shouldn't meet more than one person from another household . in parliament on tuesday, the opposition was granted an urgent question because a prime minister to make a statement on the party been held in the county street garden on the 20th of may, 2020. maurice johnson didn't turn up, leaving it to
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a cabinet collie to fend off repeated calls for him to resign crime. i apologize again, unreservedly fully upset that these allegations have caused the problems to has asked for an investigation to take place and the terms of reference, the investigations that are underway have already been published in recent months, the press has been full of reports of social gatherings in downing street where covered 19 regulations were broken, but this time it feels different. johnson has refused to deny anything saying only that there'll be an investigation by su gray, a senior civil servant, or the reaction of the former head of the scottish conservatives was particularly a survey on tuesday. she said, nobody needs an official to tell them whether they were utter boozy shindig in their own garden. well apart from su grey's investigation, the police here now say they're in touch with the cabinet office is with those reports of a garden party. the government official number of people who died from covey 19 has
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just passed 850000. no surprise then, that the air waves have been full of people who lost loved ones in 2020, and weren't allowed to attend their funerals condemning the prime minister for his johnson's popularity. ratings have already slumped in recent months. whether this latest scandal translates into any real attempt by his party to replace him is less clear. nadine barber al jazeera london stealth come this is our, the french resistance. who will new laws persuade frances vaccine hesitant population to finally get their covered shots? the gateway to libya's ancient history, tripoli breeds new life into a 3000 year old city. and that table service for the difference will show you how robots are helping feed hungry and journalists and beijing. the winter olympics. ah
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now winter in most of europe is turned no actually quite quiet from any temperature bit below the average of the european plain most declared north and south and some of it wrapping right. a storm system, this one in particular. so there's the big picture that we still go to, the atlantic is not as cold as it could be in the british isles, or in the scandinavia. that's where the rain or snow will fall. mainly it's going to be in norway. so this suffering sometimes from morning fog temperature bit below the average, but sunshine is predominant for the most part. now there is an area, particularly cold air in ukraine, just gone through into western russia. that's heading slow, the sas to the black seal effect, the higher ground in turkey, which isn't helpful because it's this area which is going to be the most stormy. by wednesday, the central, the storm is the suddenly g and more or less, which when you go normally breeze increasing the code is, you know,
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being slow to the mountains of this pump, turkey, and particularly in the east. and the whole system is going to carry on on thursday, then spread south into syria and lebanon, for example, was beirut being particularly sherry bigger picture though, into north africa. apart from the wind in this part is quiet and quite hot. for some especially nigeria. ah, the virus is indiscriminate, yet those living in poverty are far more vulnerable to the dangers of coven 19. ollie re examines the reasons for this disparity, the social and economic inequality that surround us. how much deeper and much more problematic than we thought, a dos where the lessons learned from the global pandemic could lead to positive change because of the, of the hill. all hail the locked down, expose a privilege on poverty during a crisis on
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a jesse era. the latest news as it breaks, and humans with it added a voice of these giant dumb having more moving power. these being able to extract more goal more quickly with detail covering everywhere you look, there is this section so, so survive your telephone line will never be the same again for them from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison. the question the jury has to decide now. he should she lou. ah, ah, reminder now the top stories on al jazeera, the world health organization says more than half of all europeans are likely to be
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infected with the only one variant of coverage. 19. within the next 2 months, 7000000 new cases were the texted on the continent. in the 1st week of january. more americans are in the hospital with corona virus now than at any other time. during the pandemic, $140000.00 are currently in wards that's higher than the previous peak. last january. and the united nations has launched its largest ever humanitarian appeal for a single country. it says it needs about $5000000000.00 in aid for afghanistan this year. to avert a humanitarian catastrophe. the w h o is urging governance not to distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated people, even as countries increasingly limit the number of public places on vaccinated people can visit. among them is france where senators are debating
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a proposed cobit 19 vaccine pass. the legislation would prevent any one who hasn't been vaccinated from entering public places such as bars and restaurants. natasha butler reports. the southern port of mac say is in a region with one of the highest unvaccinated populations in france. until recently, nico call was among them. when we 1st met him a year ago, he didn't want to cove it vaccine because he worried about possible side effects. but he has since changed his mind and just had his 2nd job. i would prefer, if i had many questions about the vaccines effectiveness, what's in it? it was a personal decision and i decided to say no to be vaccinated, but the situation has since evolved as a 5th wave. the own convent, renown, or children are a major source of transmission, and my wife is a teacher. her environment has changed. and on balance, i decided it was better to get vaccinated. very quickly. frances registered record numbers of new cove. it infections,
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doctors say most people in hospital with the virus are unvaccinated, so the government wants to pressure those who are not immunized to get a job by introducing a vaccine pass for most social activities. last week, french impedes approved the pass. after days of face debate. people in france after have a covert hell, pause if they want to catch a train, go to the movies or even be in a restaurant like this. it is a q r code that most people have on their telephone, but effectively shows whether you've been fully vaccinated or have a recent negative test. or the government wants to change the rules of it. only people who are vaccinated will be able to access the path, which means people on fax later will no longer be able to do things like this. the measure his infuriated people who are against the coven vaccine, on saturday, thousands protested in paris against the pass. and against the french president who recently made controversial comments about on vaccinated people fell at anchor and
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it is an attack on our freedom. i am not vaccinate. emma crohn does not respect the constitution. he has insulted me as a citizen. this opposition m p says the pastor is an erosion of roy. it's and the wrong approach, would you be resolved that those should be put to get vaccinated? you have to respect them. this, we have a, i have a clinician rates, nearly 90 percent between it to convince people who are and vaccinated. some are not necessarily because they are against it, but because they don't have enough information. well, some say the vaccine pass is divisive. emanuel macro battle, most people in france supporting it because the majority are immunized opinion. polls suggest he was right. 3 months before the presidential election. my course hoping that is risky. political calculation will pay off. natasha butler out to sarah ma say well, several nations have gone a step further than france and made vaccinations mandatory. they include austria where people face fines if they're not fully vaccinated by the 1st of february.
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italy is made vaccination mandatory for the over fifties last week. in greece, it's compulsory for the over sixty's. meanwhile, germany's new chancellor. all of shots is planning a vote on the policy next month. or joining us now by skype is dr. andrew jones or post doctoral fellow at the lex atlas project and coarser of the article man, the tree cove at 19 vaccination and human rights in the medical journal. the lance had dr. thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera. so we've just talked about how different countries are a sort of dealing with the issue of certain percentages of their population, just not wanting to get the vaccine. what do you make of the ideal a vaccine passports of effectively telling people that are in vaccinated? you can't access certain public spaces. good evening, you're my view is a most dependent on the design. so while these on games, and these are schemes that are highest in the lower than for parliamentary scrooge labor out a consultation process which is open and haven't clearly stated,
12:37 am
ain based games really have a potential to answer right. countries population, but conversely badly designs games and schemes are rizoto decisions simply made by a communist over president. but entry parliament, the consultation process is closed or in some cases, non existent and important. don't have a clearly stated, i will write up a potential talent for outcomes essay. you think that basically the more legitimacy it has, the more it's likely to convince the people that are still skeptical about vaccines . yeah, think, well, how the consultation process would be engaged with people vaccine hesitant. and that doesn't necessarily mean that by nice people have an exemption but, but of course, there's situations in all countries where people might have a distrust to the government. and he says, i engaged without, without saying, you don't need to get a vaccination. how would one in for says, for example,
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in italy, they've now said that any one over 15 over the next few months has to get a vaccine. but actually the fine is only a 100 years, which isn't nothing, but it's not an enormous amount of wedding. someone doesn't want a vaccine. i mean, ultimately, are any vaccine restrictions really possible to enforce? i mean, you're, the police is going to come to your house in and inject you by force. are they now it is important to say that it will not, in many cases, well, in no case at all, are we talking about compulsive forced vaccination? is mandatory vaccination schemes are very different and there's always the opportunity for people to how to free to not have a vaccinations but you know there's, there's outcomes to back decision. so responsibilities and rights go together in terms of it being enforced well, because what, well, design schemes, again, they're gone through the process of parliament but have more legitimacy are more likely to, to be at here. and we might compare it to things like and res drinking laws which
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are very effective for preventing younger people drinking bars and cups because noncompliance is punished in a reasonable. but still strict way. i mean, obviously one of the reasons behind this is that we're, we are seeing with the on the con variant both in this country, the u. k. in other countries, is that the percentage wise, it's a much higher percentage of, of non vaccinated that actually end up are both being hospitalized and there and, or in intensive care. you know, what would you say the solution is if we get to the point where restrictions are still in place for, for nations when actually it's a small percentage of the population that is still vulnerable. and arguably with some people would say, well, because they choose to be yeah. and this leads back to what we write about an article in terms of who's human rights that we talked about. sure individual rights are protected but was also long recognized rights to work. education as you say,
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to a function in house system and and as i said, it's important to remember, right? so always come responsibility and the question of a harvey should an individual's right to refuse the vaccination, take priority and some others to avoid lockdown workers is an access to how service and i see because tend to saver in b outcome over the schemes are proportional to an i'm, then there's a long history of mandatory vaccinations, games been deemed in compliance with human rights law and even in new york and brazil. more recently with 90 mandatory games course themes on compatible with human rights. i mean, you mentioned mandatory vaccines. it's such a novel idea to be forced to have the vaccine. i mean, i certainly remember there were parts of the world i couldn't travel to unless i had vaccines for particular diseases. so why do you think there is such a hostility to some of these are covered vaccines?
12:41 am
i think it's a case for mandatory autonation games are pretty boring until it comes to the point where you've got to have one and you're absolutely right to say one to 2 vaccination schemes are a long history and actually just before kind of it there was a case in the czech republic, which deemed that mandatory vaccinations, games for children with for a lot for quite a large list of childhood diseases was deemed with human rights. definitely an issue. we will be talking about her for months. the can dr. andrew jill is postdoctoral fellow at the lakes at this project. so thank you so much for sharing your views and expertise with us. thus, real anchors government is imposing rolling power cuts because the state run electricity board can't afford to pay for fuel. a worse in economic crisis has already led to the rationing of gas. food supplies and petrol swelling has been experiencing severe debt and foreign exchange problems for several months. michelle
12:42 am
fernandez has more now from colombo. some people are looking at the possibility of power cuts a one hour a day according to what has been announced by the salon electricity board. that the said electricity provider, the headquarters, that you see are just behind me. now, the government is very conscious that this is going to be inconveniencing people because the power card will be coming during peak demand and that's during the evening hours. we had the minister yesterday saying that there will be no power cracked, but a few hours later we had the former law official shadow of power caught being released by the electricity board. now, the government is conscious that this all comes at a time where people are being essentially wacked by all sides are the prices of angel items are skyrocketing that are shortages of mid powder of gas. and this is
12:43 am
all been exacerbated by a huge foreign exchange prices that the sri lankan government is facing. it does not have foreign currency for in port. ah, and that's to, ah, they've got to stretch and manage with what they do have. so in terms of the 2600 or 2700 megawatts of power, that shall anchor users urine. jo, ah, they do have the electricity board has a massive debt to the state fuel provider. and the said world provider has said they're going to stop essentially supplying the electricity board. or we do have basically coil fired power plants, but the majority comes from fuel fired power plant as well as hydro power. so the fact that we can source a lot of fuel to drive those majority fuel power plant is an issue. but in general, the electricity board engineers have said that one of the issues is that we have not been adding new power plant that year on year 150 megawatts also is increasing
12:44 am
in demand. but we just don't have the capacity. germany will need to increase immigration to prevent severe labor shortages from undermining the countries energy transition. it's climate and economy minister said robert habit made the comments while releasing a report that shows germany risks missing its emissions targets for 2030. he says there are 300000 job openings in the country which could climb to millions in the future caused by among other factors more people leaving the workforce than joining it. habit believes the workforce there for sidwell calls productivity problems including stalling progress towards renewable energies, but says measures including more immigration can help a heat wave has caused the power outages in argentina's capital. bernal's iris temperatures reached 40 degrees and higher in 2 major electricity distributors,
12:45 am
reported outages as a result. the national right national regulators said about 700000 people were without power. drinking water providers were also affected. the searing heat is expected to continue through the week 8 soldiers in burkina faso, including a high ranking command there have been detained on suspicion of plotting against the government. the prosecutor's office in the capital one doodle says they were arrested after one of them turned whistleblower. it's believed one of the detainees is lieutenant colonel in man was from granite, commander of forces fighting armed groups affiliated to i saw in the west of the country. triple is old city is rich in history and culture. the historic area of the libyan capital was established more than 3000 years ago and later developed by the romans been neglected for decades. but as melick trainer reports, that is starting to change. bob, as a deed,
12:46 am
is to western entrance into the ancient city of voya. it means new door, but it dates back thousands of years. oh yeah. was established by the phoenicians, nearly 3000 years ago. it then came under roman control and flourished in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, a d. it was conquered by the rush, she doing caliphate, and was renamed shipley in the 7th century. it's one of 5, eunice, go world to heritage sites in libya that are on its endangered las while it's been neglected in recent decades. that starting to change. local authorities with the help of residents have begun a renovation campaign to save the old city dinner. the mallet salesman, a lot of a old city is a symbol for all of lydia. the city hasn't seen renovation since the 1940 us all the governments that libya has seen since then neglected the city. it was on the
12:47 am
verge of collapse. but thanks to the association and the residency, we're seeing new life put into the heart of tripoli. hello, the bab! as you did, entrance has just reopened to the public with a new look. and shop owners like alamo brook couldn't be happier. shereka before there weren't many customers, but after the renovation, the market changed. new customers are coming in for people are visiting because they want to see the new learning about how the had yanna is on the board of directors of the old city association and has been supervising the renovation work . she says it's been her dream to breathe new life into triple is old city? yes. and super proud of her. i mean it's something, oh, it's a dream coming to and not even manually my father used to work in this organization . my father died. want to tell him, you know, i hope his looking, you know, same kissing you, we've done with her what you always hoped. so personally for me sir. yeah, it's
12:48 am
a big her, it's a big thing and they proud you can feel how the entire via the old city has changed with these new renovations. and locals now have a sense of pride in the cities rich history and a renewed sense of hope that it could return to its former glory name. i used to live in the old city. she found out about the renovation on social media. and i brought my grandchildren to see the history. this change is amazing. i hope they renovated the entire city. i mean, 40 years ago when i lived here, the roads and homes were falling apart. and this is in a crate, big meaning of colors. libya has seen relative calm since a nation wide ceasefire was signed last october. people here hope the hard one piece won't be short lived, so the work can continue to maintain lucas historical psych, latrina al jazeera, trebly 1st there was capable, then came movies and k drama. like last year's
12:49 am
t v slash it squid games. now the later south korean cultural trying to go global is k food. the pandemic has helped push the sales of south korean instant noodles to new heights across the world or a burden. manley looks at some of the reasons why in the street market, and so these spicy rum, your noodles pack, a punch, a stable, the south koreans, the now winning over the pallet for round the world. since the pandemic demand for oodles of the spicy noodles have food leading south korean manufacturer, a non shim says a pandemic helped to spearhead a k food wave in america, canada, and europe. and that expanded noodle cells by 24 percent last year over 2019. ah, the noodles have become a latest trend in
12:50 am
a growing western appetite for all things south korean. that's including capehart, k drama, and k movies. non shim sales went up after the oscar winning film parasite presented a made up dish could jap, a gory using its product. korean brown, some young rahman, full sales, reached new highs after it was used in the popular netflix show. with game and caper band bts pushed international sales of monday or dumplings by 90 percent of the team members got into a fight. so good food, a korean wave. how you play a huge role in the popularity of korea noodles and things like bts, like the world light sensation, b t s. and just seeing rami in, in korean drama, has played a huge role. people see it and they see that it's not just something that we eat
12:51 am
out of convenience or something that broke college students. it. they see that it's something that people really enjoy. the humble in some new door, isn't new to american society. it's the main se in prisons as much as it is on the students plate. but south green food is claim that brands taste better and say there's only one way to eat it. that brings out that by see flavor. i think it goes to the satisfaction of eating the noodles when you hear good solar per who's watson is good on clean food and culture. will they also take up this experience? why the shed on social media? for about money out there, a made me hungry or peter 0 now with all the sport. thank you, barbara. more questions to answer for novak jock, which is failing. government is investigating whether he lied on his declaration for when he entered the country. the world number one was spotted earlier on
12:52 am
tuesday training in melvin talk of his claims. he had not travel for 14 days prior to arriving in australia. but social media posts of him in serbia and spain appear to show otherwise. and there's also video footage of the 20 time grand slam champion training at a tennis club in mar, bear on january the 2nd now spain's foreign minister says he does not have any information on where the jock of ich had visited the country before traveling to melbourne. was still waiting to hear from australia's immigration minister as to whether he'll use his personal powers to cancel jock a vicious visa again. we spoke to 7 news, melbourne reporter, blake johnson, who explained why jack witcher's battle to stay and play at the australian open. it's far from over. so we're not talking to drive the most reli. he had to set a fairly standard travel that garage and one of the questions was have you traveled in the past 4 dies and in the documents relates to the quote. you can clearly say that he has take the ny box, but we have vision of him training in spain on january. 3rd,
12:53 am
he was in said before that, not to mention the days that he spent mingling with members of the public while supposedly kind of a positive. and then he said to a strategy, decide that in itself is a, is a mistake, bit of information and providing false or misleading information in that form. so it can carry a maximum dow sentence of the very unlikely mr. brockovich would get that to that. but still it raises questions about his truthfulness when he was coming into the country. and we can confirm that australia voter force base got a nice new angle after their interviews with him in the able to be unreasonable. so could be tied to for the voter force with mr. john, give it to perhaps it's a really important to realize the judge that i did not confirm it's chuck, which was i kind of status or he simply role, but he's interview with voter post the it was unreasonable and therefore he's a cancellation should not have happened in the 1st place, that doesn't mean that he's, i kind of state another point to recognize it, never talk of it still does not make the requirements to having a vaccine exemption into a style yet. so i, having that,
12:54 am
i've had the immigration minister still has a decision to mike as to whether or not know that dr. beach can remain in australia, keeping in mind, not covered, vaccinated does not have the correct vac same exemption requirements to stay. he does have the correct back st exemption to play in the strand and i've been public opinion in australia. busy has been largely a gangs chunk of it, but also the curiosity criticize the ways countries dealt with the situation. got feel quite embarrassed as another, as an australian athlete. that's say what the school has done. you know, for us and you know, for the sport, i just don't think it's right. how we're handling it. carriers is isolating off to contracting corona, virus and concerns have been raised over tasting of competitors ahead of the australian open his fellow ozzy burner. tommy was playing in a qualifier in melbourne and complaints of the referee that it was coming down with cove at 19, but couldn't get a taste. ah,
12:55 am
although you didn't, it was you buy me believe nobody's getting around places to come up with to see yes. no official piece. yeah. emerald corners preparations for her australian open. debbie have not gone to plan in our 1st competitive match since recovering from corona virus. the us open champion was thrashed at the sydney international only managing to win one game against will. number 13 eleanor rebec enough from kazakhstan, that economy with some work to do ahead of next week's grand slam in melbourne. algeria have started the defense of the africa cup of nations title with the gold straw against sierra leone. in tuesday, 2nd match nigeria were up against the competitions, most successful side, egypt in gara. and they belonged to the super eagles. this good moved on the left
12:56 am
hand side was eventually finished by lester city, striker collette g e r natural. nigerians are aiming for a 4th continental crown, whereas egypt hold the record for the most titles. they have 7 immolate game. guinea. bizarre will wonder how they failed to beat today or look at this. this guy's name is pele. i promise that his real name. he missed the penalty when we get him to from pele, but in the follow up if it's also if the lot to be desired. no, no. the final school organizes of next month, beijing winter olympics have dismissed the possibility of postponing the games because of the army grown outbreak. world wide officials admit they are leaving their options. open around cove at 19 prevention and control measures during the events. china has stepped up, its strict 0 tolerance strategy in the region surrounding the host city ahead of the games which start on the 4th of february, the usual amend woody f. if
12:57 am
a mask cluster of infections happens, it will impact the games and the schedule for sure. i think with the efforts by the athletes from overseas and our domestic personnel, it means we should avoid this situation from happening. if the worst happens, it's out of our control. so we leave our options open. now how about this for a way to serve food journalists who have arrived early in beijing got to test out the canteen in the press center where the meals are delivered electronically. for the majors in place to help curb the spread of coven 19 at the games. the robots are not just placing up the food. they can apparently cook as well. okay, we'll even live in our barbara. basically. we landed here. thank you. and is that, is it for, this is our member, you can get the latest on everything we've been covering on the website. there it is. al jazeera dot com or stay with us. i'm going to be back in just a few minutes with more of the days news. thanks for watching.
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unscripted on al jazeera. if you have to choose between your site and feeding your family, what do you do? yeah, i mean that happens because we don't keep ourselves healthy. when your son could face death from a dog bio. what do you do? every new car, the cost of it actually can you afford them? films without inspiring solutions to global health challenges. age you select on al jazeera for did remy, they simply molina families to pain is unbearable for their relatives were killed last week during a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government, security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in combat and neighbors and family members insist they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's defense minister,
1:00 am
bloody made by the re, you know, said the armed forces were obliged to the friends that come through from irregular groups that added that human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. ah, the all mcclellan varian spreads through europe, the w. h. o warns more than half the population will be infected within the next 2 months. ah, hello barbara, sarah, this is al jazeera life from london also coming up with you as hospital wards at capacity and not enough tests to go around.


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