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tv   People Power The Cost of Cobalt  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2022 2:30am-3:01am AST

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the outstanding charges she still faces could remove her from the political stage for the foreseeable future. ah, but a new generation of protest is taken to the street since the military coup. their persistence suggests they'll continue the fight for democracy with without it, tony chang nozer. when a 1st for a medical science doctor's in, the u. s. have transplanted a pink's hearts into a patient to save his life. the heart which had undergone gene editing was used to reduce the risk of the patients body rejecting the organ signed to say, cracking the use of animal organs could get round. a shortage of human body parts donated for transplants. ah, hello. the headlines on al jazeera u. s and russian diplomats have wrapped up the 1st meetings in a week of diplomacy and the di escalating detentions on ukraine's border. russia as
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deputy foreign minister, called a discussions complex from washington. rosalind jordan has more on how american negotiators were at at reacted to the meeting. wendy sherman's assessment was that to the meetings on monday about 8 hours worth of talks with the survey rubicon. and his delegation were useful. they were frank, her language. they were of straight forward again, wendy sherman's language, but she said this wasn't a negotiation. this was really the attempt. she said for the u. s. and for russia to take the measure of each other's concerns. sense of the meeting last summer, between presidents windermere potent and joe biden. russia's president has claim victory and defending neighboring kazakhstan from what he called a foreign backed uprising. more than a 160 people were killed during last week's anti government protests. the us and european union have imposed new sanctions on nicaraguan officials after elections
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that have been described as rigged. it comes on the same day. president daniel ortega said to be sworn in for a 4th term. european union is under pressure to relax a rule that forces airlines to use or lose their airport landing slots of tons of says it will have to fly 18000 unnecessary flights this winter. it's, it's imply opponents of the policy say, the so called ghosts flights are a major generator of carbon emissions. the united nations held meetings in hart june to find a way to end violent pro democracy process of paralyzed to done since in october a military coup. but some groups like the sudanese professionals association are boycotting the u. n. lead talks. they're demanding the removal of the military from power as a precondition. you're up to date with the headlines on al jazeera, more news at the top of the hour, coming up after people and power. intelligent and playful, alters are in high demand, is packed in japan. but concerns are going over the illegal smuggling and
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irresponsible breeding of these wild $11.00 east investigate on 0 the the democratic republic of congo is the world's greatest producer of cobalt metal. a huge demand for batteries, helping to combat climate change. but there's also mounting evidence that total mining is poisoning the environment with di, health, consequences for those living and shadows. we've been to investigate ah,
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her in the heart of containing a province democratic republic of congo. these miners are digging for a mineral, essential for clean energy the mineral, we need to make the batteries for electric cars. ah,
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quality cables is playing a key role in the battle to reduce carbon emissions and slow climate change. most of the world's reserves are in d, l. c, and ot as on mine those light wednesday extract about one 3rd of the countries output in this way. one control working underground is dangerous, yet global demand for cobbled is insatiable. for many here it's their sole source of income. mm. but most of the dio sees cobalt is mind on an industrial scale from vast, open pets like this owned either by the state or by large multinational corporations. and there's a problem because many of these mines are adjacent to towns and villages.
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now research is showing that the methods used in such places to produce this mineral could be poisoning the environment with di, health, consequences for the population ah, at university hospital in tank as capital leave and bashi mariah and her husband galore have brought their 2 children to see a doctor here in dow, i know found your dea by both the mother to me on my cell. a big one on my front toilet. when you did, you did it while find his actual figure. i shall see him when i'm ready. when i for my food, for some of the day, will bless my door, but i've been in
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a digikey dear sim, good as it is on the sebastian embry loosens i is a pediatric maxine facial surgeon, who's become a specialist in repairing birth defects, douglas begins years that i'm thinking girl of for many countries, i'm awful nations many from it is now are coming to see us are the beginning. it was very hard for them because they didn't know where they can go with their child or their children. if they are good, going to with a muffled missions, you ship it to my name is alan and me. michelle and i need name some of the done as early glaze. how much alarm address any more wash as she gave me the only wash gambling regional bank accent. ben, 3 years old and jessica 14 months were both born with clef palate. this is a birth defect found throughout the world and can be linked to mother's exposure to
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environmental factors. early on in pregnancy, we were asking some questions for parents to people when they are living to see if we could fall a link between one environmental, fucked off. which can be linked to those multiple missions that we are seeing in bishops with amber in fun manenda. of course that daily timing was in my kitchen because i will not sell my car. yeah, we found that there were means between my inductive it is us off or if i felt like for example, and for that we found out father or mother walking in the money companies. sometimes 3 or 4 times
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at least to have to then we've all fossil cliff me, but somebody only by a few colored young mom one of them, they've got a similar formation. i think we can make also to leave off problems left pallets and not the only birth defects that are being found in newborn babies . at university clinic, lubin bashi, neonatal nurse, nadine and gala is about to start the night shift. she seeing many babies born with such serious malformations, that they need emergency surgery. but some of the babies have such serious birth defects. they cannot be saved. and ive, where are you for gaming you or her boy?
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yeah, my phone, my cie, by skirt my 4, my sam mean get in a quicker burger. now. ingen, the donkey, given a shindig. keesa. yeah. what about mikaela by my local now my frontal ability. long . my for my shower up up on the lama obama for myself. why channa yamini, clinicians a seeing spine the before the organs outside the baby's body, a neural tube defects where the brain has failed to develop that. by mean you may gonna talk on in mouth for she ask why chan? banging on a dog, boise being on book, i'm why she calling when you all are goal washing mining always equal was on me. big one are we are my mindful my seattle dog amazon. come on. i figured to my biologist for gun drug, we were and he goes on kindly by not the gay we met at god
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system in it's orthodox. if they bought a book, we've gone to the go mark, one of them, they're hooked me. we have to call on us and we'd go there. we fall. festival doubt . many families were living near some mining companies. of many cases of multiple missions that from word will be gone. i will, the siege, ah, not far from the hospital is the university's department of toxicology, where professor sell esteem panza, heads up a small team of research scientists. they've been studying the effects of this mining pollution for over a decade in collaboration with the university of love and in belgium. lucille was on page them. i did look in my lazy faith. the sick boy shoshua,
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left lumpy willow is here to confront about, i guess get on the very problem, but up or up will be shortly. me. can you spell that shortly? you fell at my lady. you saw doctor andre. bye. like he saw it, but it looks pretty sure i assume it looks ironically, cobalt is essential for human health and is found in bittman b 12. it's needed to make red blood cells and for healthy neurological development . but in anything other than minute doses, cobalt and other heavy metals found during the extraction process, a highly toxic and damaging to the human body. ah, push off it, but i may if i should have it lost, somebody should cut anchor properly. so if you need a battery pushes the exact so that hasn't already made us all flip excited to be so yeah, the pacific bond,
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none of that one month. it don't suffolk the population adult. oh, yeah. it was year they had a few, may no see missouri, a candidate that had led me. so suki alibi about that up on the sell it the lunch on it. the best on give you a new dealer. if his goliath was of lot have a but his office you, if, if it will up when you show me. yeah, she of, it'll actually need a month from us on godaddy that the team know this is a complex problem and a continually investigating the multiple causes. they're currently working on a new analysis that's about to be published. law. they said in the catalog, raphael ellis, on kiss oil respond via the levine, mercy, the don't. if you listen to the publisher, the siegler tony came, bay is a doctor,
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and toxicologist, and is leading this new research. currently we are working on one design, which is called the incidence of going into more formation, the title and needs these. i know we map different mining in global marashi to see if they are close and thorn. where we are both be door where we men are going to deliver new ones. what the scientist finding from the data is that in lubin bashi, the proportion of babies born with birth defects is higher in the 5 health zones. the red areas that contain mines and smelters than in how phones with no mining activities, the green areas ah, the team must collect samples of vegetation, soil, and water to test for toxic metals. and they're on their way to residential areas,
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close to mines, processing plants, and smelters when tables is mind here, 2 processes are used. pyro, metallurgy, using heat, which produces smoke and hydro metallurgy, using liquids causing waste products which is stored in large tanks. it's these processes that the scientists believe may be at the heart of the problem. we know that if we have mining of d, v d, like i draw mythology, it mean that the use are said to produce or to get mentors and is what the remaining was can be or used in the system that we called drainage. they explored the population when they sprayed these acid. this dropped c substance in the varmint of the population. when we update the rain the open, the day,
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and this substance toxic substance are spray in the army and this population are living in the vicinity of lives. might complain. awfully as exposure. lucy, for young miss already dear, keep again with muddle girls. except for the nigger. it's chris russell. did there say della chief soccer at them are parallel? shut them with the sun de la bruise for beauty. be said that their fair got on my back, then they could've done it again. ah, night jungling. a man made lake located between the 2 largest mining towns of this region.
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it's the unesco to bias. it was a koya is a professor of public health and wanted to find out if some of the areas of his lake been affected by minute. pollution from the rivers that feed into this basin are these are all both with a lot fidgeting luck with all so what don das, i ship it live fish immune year. buick. them all dark lady j the big girl book a bit either before or you read in a region where most people live on just less than 2 dollars a day. fish,
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the best most affordable source of protein is relied on as a staple. professor koya collected fish from 4 different areas to be tested. we're not there yet. it was all the sums on the list to ship it up in the fisher from entre examination of all of our c low. it will multimedia ambition as from stocks and super personal saudi mach want them, you know, some stuff with surgeon sebastian them to a mrs. i is going to operate on ben and jessica to day to repair that cleft pallets
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before that might fit in with for this month for mission and not fitting way. sometimes what kidding. foods are coming out from knows it miss. they are not growing where art thou one and a half or 2 years old. why they began speaking? they're not speak very well because they're bennett, especially the soft bennett is opened and their muscle are separate. that's why there are some sounds which cannot be very well. well, now's the amount for missions were similar, but the boy were older of eclipse, of the heart and the soft, but by the girl as the cliff on it of the soft palate. and for this, we did 2 different procedures,
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many shown and then when epa barbara, i feel bad enough in binding on i dumb, fly me to a bath in melbourne. and when i meet the team, collecting vegetables that the local population eat, they will be tested for the presence of a range of heavy metals, including cobalt, manganese and zinc, all of which are toxic in anything but very low doses to the human body. this is the area where more i used to live the family were living or the bingo the pregnancy in the jig mine tal. it's in a little embassy balloon bud to come on. it's near one company which is called stirred and we're, we have got small and this is smoke which coming for mainly companies can also have some doxy components inside. and it can be linked to
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or official muffle missions. also her husbands working in a mining company while she was pregnant. it means many fuck those. busy environmental factors which were link and which was making very high risk of itself or functional multiple initial but for mariah and her husband gala. they were completely unaware of any of these risks. they threw me in the near for what they said. really, mom will visit and gala learn more than i'm on my mind. please give me, do want to for my money. while my chair, michelle,
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i with professor koya, published the results of his research into fish from lake jungle ailey and the rivers that feed into the basin in the scientific journal in 2016 at craig, i'm at the vehicle. is it possible? is of all to very it isn't that she's on federal said in the life jungle in that that isn't really he lip was all so content me. i knew it. i knew it among done it got more lip i saw so on time you may start to divest your life denique among local about l. o. p laska, long summer. and i saw it contact me and you're young. you're young. a mid the yes. you see that you're so la
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soccer babbler. the approval of the month of the month from now you're going to need your food. i shoot it. but it slack sample sunday the v dondo got out. don't put it on this. you mean the bad, the fit and use in mythology role? ah, professor panza and sebastian and emissions. i also wanted to investigate fish was up on. and it was okey dokey to keep this yankee piano and 23 mean. yeah, it was of course the lip was also too special. mon, i mean it back in the middle it took 6 till the left. lily is going to be larger
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for us on the plus or you saw she caught them in the middle. it took me mariah 8 the fish when she was pregnant with both ben and jessica. you found that people were hitting the official. we mean other to the 1st month of pregnancy. the then time up to the vincent time at this to head to vin with congenital mindfulness. o, ben and jessica are ready to go home. ah, one day they need therapy to assist in their full recovery. but at present there's no speech and language therapist in the been bashi.
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ah, that has been mining in this region for more than a century? yes, in the past decade. health problems including birth defects, being found to be linked to areas affected by mining pollution. fabian miami is working to hold the mining companies to account and to improve their practices. it's clear about what the for the be done. back in the practice mining companies are not meeting decor requirement on this out of the government. i can say official oral technique or services do in order to have sufficient means in terms of materials on how it i can conduct a fin inspections white and to find out soil easy for you. did you need to have
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good laboratories? so a doctoral, so he said he gave it challenges toward the us government. we asked but the aussie ministry of mines and the chamber of mines, the industrious trade body, to comment on some of the issues raised by this film. what more should they be doing to address the problems caused by cobalt mining? neither chose to respond, nor did any of the mining companies we approached for a comment. since the 1st study, professor bonsa, of his team, have found an increase in the incidence of babies born with cleft lip from pallets which may well be linked to the increase of mining activities in this region. nevertheless, they believe that all solutions especially presented for sama de la picasso, did want to be matilda. up with excellent algorithm of us like disease,
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autism it in movies is just this he people in the 2nd thing. yeah. it's edition. so did you say don, lives on the so that you don't? my mother is in yale, gothic. they've asked along, is she she also made that update? i mean ecology cable may be part of the global solution to climate change. but is it right? that con goes next generation should be paying the price in damage to that house. many a hoping that the more the world understands that plight, the more pressure will be put on the industry here to clean up its act. with
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oh and a with
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all new accounting, the cost inflation supply chain wires from all the crop up to fall in 2021. so what's in store for 20? $22.00. we have a grand profit. johns of the heart of china's economic woes were beijing bill. to revive growth going mainstream is another began the crypto currency. counting the cost on al jazeera americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, if you'd like, tried to cover what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong? that to me is political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policies and the impact on the world on al jazeera, when the news great site is tornado, destroyed everything. it touched in mayfield. when people need to be heard and the story, he has done his job to tell us what's going on with exclusive interviews and in depth reports i get on my right the wind. b, l g 0 has teens on the ground to where you are award winning documentaries and
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lives on air and online. ah, us says there has been no breakthrough in high stakes talk to russia. the crisis in ukraine. ah, you're wanting out, is there a life from a headquarters and ohio getting abigail also coming up, the russian president claims victory in another theatre of tension with the west. vladimir putin says moscow's intervention averted a revolting kazakhstan sanctions on inauguration day. the u. s. acts against entities linked to the nicaragua.


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