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men and women compete separately, but under the same flag, you know, i can't do a story about pair shooting and not jump out of a plane as we climb on. the teams mentally prepare for their job. i try to do the same then minutes later, once the earth is just a blur below, it's time to free. ah, high stakes talks in geneva as russia builds up troops on the border with ukraine, us and russian diplomats begin a week of diplomacy aimed at deescalate the attention. ah, i'm p, toby, this is al jazeera, alive from doha,
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also coming up casks. don's president describes the recent anti government protests as an attempt to coon and says the security threat has been quashed. mean mazda leda anson, so she is convicted of illegally possessing walkie talkie radios and sentence to, for more years in prison. ah, and celebrations with a tenant sta. novak joker that shot for court in australia overturns the government's decision to cancel his visa. ah, us and russian diplomats said wraps up the 1st meetings in a week of diplomacy aimed at deescalate, in the tensions on the border with ukraine. the russian foreign minister called the discussions complex. moscow has spent the last few months gathering its forces on ukraine's eastern flank racing fears about an invasion. speaking a short time ago,
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the u. s. deputy secretary of state said russia assured her it would not launch military action. john hall is falling that story out of london. so jonah day one, has it been a success briefings in the last half hour by both sides indicate that they have not achieved any major breakthrough on monday. not that any breakthrough was particularly expected here, but noted the talks ended abject failure, which causes an achievement of sorts. this was an opportunity to exchange concerns to listen to one another, to gauge the seriousness of each side and to look for common ground such as they was they did spend a lot of time talking about arms control. but to the extent they talked in any, sometimes substantial way about the ukraine crisis, it does rather feel and seem as if they are little closer than they were when the day began. briefings, as i say from both sides, the russian deputy foreign minister. so gay re upped calls said that the u. s.
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approach brushes concerns seriously. the talks, as you said, were complex. a professional. he said he did stress, but russia has no intention of launching an armed incursion into in ukraine. there was no need for any apprehension about an escalation on that front. he said, however, he did reiterate rushes for key demands and end to nato's eastwood expansion guarantees of security of rushes border, the removal of threatening military hardware. missiles deployed in europe able to reach russian, sol and crucially that crucial demand that nato never allow ukraine to become a member. without these 4 essential and absolutely necessary areas being met. he said the whole question would be in doubt, wendy sherman speaking almost simultaneously. the u. s deputy deputy secretary of state said she'd often to meet russia again. she said the 2 governments would talk at the end of this week of talks after meetings with nato. and the o. s. c e,
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she reiterated again the absolute red line that the u. s. a nato would never close the door on nato expansion. and she said, if russia discuss walk away from this task at this point, then it will be clear that they would never serious about diplomacy. so as i said, as far apart as ever, they were at the beginning of this week, but there is more talking to be done. john, many, thanks to whoa correspondent, they're tracking those discussions. taking place in geneva. nato is set to hold its own talks with russia on wednesday earlier, the secretary general young stilton berg repeated its warning to moscow about that . true build up. russia submitted to build up continuous and with tens of thousands of combat, read the troops armed with had the capabilities on friday natal for him in this is cold again, the russia to remove its forces from ukraine and from your borders.
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demonstrate transparency on de escalate. any further aggression against ukraine would call at the high political on economic price. petro book of scale is a senior fellow at the democratic initiatives foundation in kia. he explained to me earlier, what russia wants to achieve from these talks. i see you, that's 3 major goals. rational actions today the 1st on is kind of mine in the united states, among the european countries and try to show that the united states is ready to discuss. very important to us security issues. there was also defined that behind the scenes to get it off. and secondly, that russia wants to show defiance of any future function. and also wants to demonstrate that you are implementing the regulation selectively to the collected
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european nations like germany, utility reducing all cutting off. i got supplied and one of the most important goals right now for the roster investigation is to discourage united states army central european nations that join me to optimal united. and that was why today very clearly that was this message was made today were literally about discovered, united states army sandstone, european nations. russia doesn't recognize that it is part of part people because they use that your brain. you've tried to pretend that it's civil war in ukraine and to try to hide the presence of the regular russian troops on the ground. so that means that there be all dogs that can start only off to the moment. then russia recognize this. actually, it's a part of the conflict, and this is the most difficult task for the american. and for the fam diplomats to
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persuade russians that gets better to recognize that we are in war right now. then to deny the fact and to continue preparation for the new invasion. the president of kensington has described days of anti government protest as an attempt to qu, casem drama. to cough says, is an ensign, you government lane up on tuesday, the russian president vladimir putin says peacekeeping troops and to quell the violence. in this form, a soviet state will stay until the situation in his words stabilize, is completely at least a 160 people were killed and 8000 arrested to the process last week, sparked by rising fuel prices and authoritarian rule. if a group of armed militants who were waiting in the wings joined the action, the main goal became obvious, the undermining of the constitutional order, the destruction of the institutions of government, the seizure of power. we are talking about an attempt to do who de tell us to robin christie. walker has more for us from tbilisi in georgia. this meeting that took
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place between the heads of the c s t. i remember states i was really about showing that they consider this deployment, that catholic stones has been over rule rather an important success story for the security president took, i have said really that he owed it to the arrival of the c s t o military contingent the 1st aircraft, because they had prevented these so called groups of bandits and terrorists from progressing further with their attempted coo and taking control of administrative senses around catholics. now it really remains for president because as far as he's concerned for the so called anti terror operation to continue it's clean up. and it's to suit of all those people accused of involvement in the violence that we saw take place,
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you know, marty and in other cities across cause extern. earlier this week now caught in me in my, her sentence, the ousted leader on san sued. she to 4 years in jail, so she was on trial for illegally possessing walkie talkie radios and breaking corona virus restrictions. the sentence comes on top of a 2 year jail term handed down in december. 20 chang reports. as she cast her ballot in 2019 election, it looked as if me on mars democratic future was assured, 14 months later, hunks and so she may well spend the rest of her life in detention dollars a day, 2 hours at the latest round of sentencing amounts to an extra 4 years, in addition to a previous sentence, 2 years, 2 of the cases in which he was found guilty with the illegal possession of walk, he took his a charge that some say is an example of how trumped up the accusations against her
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are those walkie talkies belong to the body guards provided to her by the ministry of home affairs and guest who runs the ministry home affairs. it's a, it's a ranking military officer per the 2008 constitution. so, you know, the military should be actually charging itself with malfeasance in bringing in unlicensed walkie talkies rather than the person who's a house. they happened to find them in hung, san sushi and her party, the national league, the democracy of one every election in myanmar since 2012 by a substantial margin. if as the military government has proposed, new elections are held, she would be a very difficult opponent to beat. although her international reputation was tarnished when she appeared to defend the actions of yeah, mars military fritz crack down against for a hang of muslims. she remains an icon for democracy at home, but despite her detention for the past 11 months, resistance to the military coup, remain strong. whether it be all sheltered,
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she or the president of me and more or any one out of the thousands and thousands who have been arrested in the chain and are facing trumped up charges. ah, i enough is enough. this is unacceptable. and will not be accepted by, by the international cri age 76 anson. so she has already spent decades of her life and attention this latest sentence. and the outstanding charges she still faces could remove her from the political stage for the foreseeable future. ah, but a new generation of protest as has taken to the street since the military coup, their persistence suggests they'll continue the fight for democracy with or without . so, tony chang out reserve still to come here on out to 0. the dutch government is sworn in all the almost 10 months of coalition talks and use it or lose it, the e u rule that airline sees forcing them to run 18000 ghost flights across europe
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over the winter. ah hello, thank you for joining in your world's weather report. begins in the middle east and we continue to track that energy as it moves further toward the east. we've got some showers for a buck that with a high of 21 degrees that is above average as we go into the gulf states, we'll look and see if we see any precipitation here. maybe for areas around the area, but nothing major. it's going to be dry and the nama with a high of $22.00 degrees. same goes for dough at $24.00. through pakistan, it's still quiet. the temperatures are below average in karachi, with the height 23 degrees. a disturbance in the east or met is just chuck and rain around all sides here, especially for southern turkey, is going to be breezy through the boss for assist stumble. you can expect to see when gusts of about 60 kilometers per hour on tuesday,
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we skipped the still got that belt of heat running from heart to rate into juba as it goes through bungie lago sand. a boucher effective boucher could set a new temperature record this week for the month of january. you did it a few days ago, but you could do it on thursday with a hive. $37.00 degrees, almost a month's worth of rain and 24 hours produced this flooding in the eastern cape, and we've still got those storms come natur round the su, too. as we head toward durban and right into the eastern cape on tuesday, that sure weather up they will see again soon. ah, with beyond the comfort zone, were assumptions or challenge travel to the ends of the earth and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live with strange situation. i've
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been involved in a contract award winning documentary, but also a perception witness on a just you know, ah ah, welcome back here watching al jazeera alive from tow. how your top stories this half hour us and russian diplomats have wrapped up the 1st day of security talks aimed deescalate intentions on the border with ukraine. the u. s. and his allies of warned, of strong measures of russia launches military action. the cassock president, as described days of anti government protests as an attempted to more than 160 people were killed and almost 8000 others detained. casem jamal took, i of says,
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kill, announced a new government line up on tuesday. a cotton me in law has sentence the ousted leader anson suit, she to an additional full use in jail. so she was on trial for illegally possessing walkie talkie radios and breaching the ruined virus restrictions. the faulty electric heater is being blamed for an apartment fire in new york city that killed 19 people, including 9 children. at least 60 other people were taken to hospital, many with life threatening injuries. his barbara ango. oh, my god. this michael j's. if i lived in this affordable housing block, the 6 years, it took him 35 minutes to escape the fire as the smell, cuz i think i've never seen it like this. i don't know what causes defy it. tag broken up like this. what is the lady tried to get? 9 children died in the fire, and many families have lost everything. the new york marys preparing to support the
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community and grief many of these young children went to schools. we will have a social and emotional support at their schools to help the classmate a we're here as well with the red cross in o e m. i was going to coordinate together to get housing. and also some of the emergency needs, ah, most of the people left in the tab block when muslim. and some of the men moved here from gambia, there being urge not to fear asking for help, even if they don't have the correct immigration status. no, that if you need assistance, oh you, your names will not be turned over to eyes or any other institution or we want people to be comfortable and coming for it. ah, lot of me compensation fund is being prepared for those affected by the fire. but this cause may take longer to heal barbara anger. pat al jazeera,
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thousands of ringo refugees have been left homeless after a fire got 8 parts of a camp in bangladesh. fully say, 1200 homes were destroyed in the fire on sunday. about 850000, bring a living camps near cox's bazaar in bangladesh. many of them escaped, the military crackdown in neighboring me and mouth in 2017 tennis start. novak jock of it shows one a court battle to stay in australia following his visa cancellation. he's tweeted a picture of himself on a tennis court and said he's grateful. the judge overturned his removal. he went on to say, he's focused on playing in the australian open despite everything that happened. that he, a large crowd as supporters gathered outside his lawyers office, celebrating his release from detention, but the immigration minister could still intervene with a decision expected. on tuesday, jacob, it was stopped at the border on wednesday night and told he didn't qualify for a medical exemption to enter australia because he's not vaccinated. that's despite
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paperwork saying he had recently recovered from coven 19. his family held a news conference in belgrade. they say they're grateful for his release we just have to think all. busy the people who, who have gathered in front of hotels were huge, stayed out for so many days and today for the officers of his lawyers for all. busy the supports for love and peace, they've been saying to him because that's one of the key points. and one of the main reasons why we actually are sitting here today and why he actually won the case yesterday. milan boss, get a chance more from belgrade. it's been a roller coaster for norma jock of a chan, his family, and they're graceful. i have to know like a winning a court battle in melbourne against the government of australia. now there's not a battle. they say that no one has to win on the court. and as the one where he feels the best against the best dentist players in a family
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a day seemed to be very optimistic. there won't be any more turnarounds about the whole saga has been happening for the last 5 days. a novice has been granted o'shelley and visa then it was cancelled. finally granted again. now that was practicing at rod laver arena, but the problem at the moment is there is still one person that can cancel the visa and as the australian minister of immigration, they hope is not going to happen. and that this story is over. there was super happy. they said that it's just gonna make normal joke, which even more stronger this. he's going to win 10 more grand slams that he never ever wanted to be a part of the politics, but only was fighting for sports and for his human rights. and this is a big win for him as they say. and he will proven attorney scores that this went well, not cause his with any problems on the tennis court, and he will continue doing what he is best. and that's playing tennis. it's been 273 days in the making. now the people of the netherlands finally have
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a new government parliamentary elections were held last march. but the coalition wasn't announced until a month ago, after being sworn in by the dutch king wilhelm alexander. the government will now decide whether to extend, what is europe toughest cubits 19 restrictions step vasa is in the hague. nearly a year then atlanta had this caretaker government off and the previous government had to step down and it's a child care benefits scandal. so the longest negotiation since in history basically basically has taken place since the election has been nearly 300 days now . now this government is being florida and right behind me at the palace in the hey, the main issue here is that the main that the prime minister is going to be the say . and the for coalition partners from the previous government are still the government today. menaces are also, many of them are the same. some have, have moved around to have different positions, but it's still very much
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a similar cabinets as the melons have before. so the main question is, what change can they bring? and also the damage have been raising really hot here in abilene. so one of the issues is, can this trust be restored? that happens during this political crisis. but also during this been that make the government has been criticized for not having a vision here. busy a strategy during discovery and that may be the last 2 years. the knowledge was also quite late with the fact to nation policies. there is a strict are locked down in place in the netherlands compared to other european countries. one of the reasons for that is that the boost the campaign was also fairly late to start. so there's a lot of need here for, for the vision for us and the european union have imposed new sanctions on nicaragua. and officials after elections that have been described as rigged, it comes on the same day. president daniel taker is sent to be sworn in for a 4th term. he was re elected in november in a vote that the u. s. and the
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e. you both called a sham, several opposition candidates were arrested during the campaigning and independent election observers were banned. you sanctions target to take as children who serve as his advisors, as well as the police force and the electro body latch in america, editor, lucy, and human. as mono from santiago in chile, the european union does not recognize the results of november's elections. neither does the united states, canada. it's a long, long list. i think. the really interesting question is, who is actually going to attend the inauguration? that is a representative of china, russia, iran, and venezuela, cuba and bolivia, as well as argentina. interestingly enough, just a short while ago mexico decided to pull out mexico usually does not get involved in these disputes. and since representatives turn observations of all countries in
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the region, regardless of whether the elections are considered legitimate or not. but what happened was that none of the competitive candidates were allowed to run. they were either most of them or the vast majority of them were imprisoned. or were forced to go into exile. and so the election was widely viewed as a sham. in fact, the ortega government said that it had won by 80 percent or more of the votes, even though they were there was a record abstention rate in that election. and it's so there really is very little credibility, but at this point, my impression is that the president, daniel ortega and his wife or asylum, what do you really don't care how they are being viewed abroad? they do have strong allies, as i mentioned, russia, china, iran are also a to an, a certain extent tricky. and of course, governments like venezuela that can help provide petrol to that country oil health care workers in india as well as the over sixty's and are eligible to have corona
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virus. booster shots omicron infections are being blamed for spike in cases. experts fear a repeats of last year's high infection rate has traditional mask gatherings of worshippers. aren't you soon? have the motel has more from new delhi? oh, this is one of the millions of most of those as being rows out in india as of now front line workers and people about 60 with underline health conditions are eligible to receive these. there are 2 vaccine for this. the indian need ask any car called coffee, she is, and the home grown vaccine cause call vaccine. people are advised to get the same vaccine. they got the last time i came in to see jeanette in boarding for you to get vaccinated because the cases aint using an as a to 0 hypertensive patient. so we don't want to pick any time. i think the booster will be helpful in boosting over the phone to have here working with us runs to get to the vaccine. the completed martin at 9 months, all of us have completed that month. and so i guess it makes sense for you guys to
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get the total jobs in india have now cross one and a half 1000000000 just last week. teams between 15 and 18 started getting there. those are, all of this comes as corbett, 19 cases, fuels by the omicron very, have search across the country. fronting many states to step up restrictions. authorities have all to suspended election valley ahead of state falls. next month, no hospitalizations from coven 19 has remained relatively low, especially among the vaccinated. while most eligible people have received their 1st doors, many austin to receive their 2nd. so bridging that gap and getting more people to be fully vaccinated is the big challenge and focus for the government. anyone using public transport in italy now has to show a vaccine certificate before the contract, as the government tries to stop the spread of corona virus. the travel passes are
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available to everyone who's had both jobs or recently recovered from cope at 19. the rise me italian infection rate is particularly concerning teachers and students have gone back to school after the christmas holiday. millions of children in uganda finally returned to class. after almost 2 years, they've suffered the world's longest disruption to schools because of the pandemic precedent. you a re mas 70 credits uganda as high vaccination rate for the reopening. but you can't, and officials expect to 3rd of children will not return. most public schools haven't offered virtual lessons since closure in march of 2020 education sector as been he had ah, you know, it is one of the biggest sectors in the country are having our own over 15000000 students in the country now are, but the ministry of education also tried to print our walk, which was a distributed country wait for the bed is to see how do i says g r. that should win
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well at home. i think the schools have in have been closed and it has impacted us for so long and a lot. ah, depending on which family you come from, the poor, the poor children from poor families have had to go long days working on the other . going to the market, see their parents? others are staying home alone looking after their siblings as their parents work. and we have seen the number of pregnant girls increase the number. the european union is under pressure to relax the rule that forces airlines to use or lose the airport landing slots. the left hand group says it will have to fly 18000 unnecessary flights this winter to comply. before the pandemic, airlines were required to use 80 percent of their slots or risk losing them to a rival figure has been reduced to 50 percent. steph, and the key,
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micah is the european commission spokesman for health, food safety and transport. he says the commission has been reducing airport slots to avoid having empty planes. of course, she doesn't make sense to have empty planes flying around the world doesn't make sense economically. a doesn't make sense ecological. that is clear. and exactly, for this reason that the commission already 2 years ago as thinkin 2 very important measures to avoid empty flights flying all over the world. the 1st measure is the fact that we reduce the so called slot rules. normal times air. air operators have to use 80 percent of their slots to keep them for the next season. we reduce this a slow percent that she the beginning of the pandemic, even to 0 over sense. because it began the pandemic, as you may remember, almost or even 90 percent of civilisation flights did not state police. and gradually this was again increased and now it's 50 percent that has to be used by
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the airport operators. that's based on, on scientific elements that we have from euro control. we know that in the winter, this winter, already 73 to 78 percent of the flights before the pandemic, half started again. so with our 50 percent, we are well below what is now happening very difficult words to say that airports or air line operators do not have to use their slots when there are situations of a severe pandemic. as is the case now, in many parts of the world, the big majority parts of the world is considered to be high risk area. so in any case, airlines can also invoke these justified non use rule to not make use of the sauce. so we have a whole series of measures that we have taken to guarantee on the one hand that we don't have empty flights. but on the other hand,
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also to ensure your and my connectivity. the pilot plane has had a narrow escape in california. a metro train plowed into his aircraft, which is crash, landed onto the tracks after losing power on take off the police did manage to pull the pilot to safety seconds before impact. he was take the hospital in los angeles for medical checks for the police to be hailed as heroes. having saved his life, ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, us and russian diplomats of wrapped up the 1st day of security talks aimed deescalate intentions on the border with ukraine. the us and its allies of want of strong measures. if russia lorn, she is military action, john hall has been following that story from london briefings in the last half hour by both sides indicate that they have not achieved any major breakthrough on monday
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. not that any breakthrough was particularly expected here, but noted the talks ended abject failure.


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