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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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so guess in conversation, this is the chance to start the revolution, unprompted, uninterrupted. we moved to do away with the word evil because it stops conversation . where should we get allen to per ton meet. i easier i can be. this is the beginning of friendship. this is the beginning of love, right? like getting somewhere we can really break through the barriers studio. be unscrew date on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello malcolm. i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news out live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. high stakes talks in geneva as russia builds up troops on the border with ukraine. u. s. and russian diplomats begin a week of diplomacy aimed at deescalate intentions. i don't think we can expect
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that these meet these to solve all the issues cassock. starnes president describes the recent antique government protest as an attempted coo and says the security threat has been quashed me in mars. i'm still leader exxon suit. she is convicted of a legally possessing walkie talkies and sentence to 4 more years in prison. also ahead. nicaragua is set to swear in daniel ortega for his 4th term after elections that opponent say were rigged. about pete estimate with your sports, know that jacobin managers a somewhat surprising victory in court. the woman milan is released from immigration detention, but his legal battle to play at the a straining open may not be over all the details later in the news our ah
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new us and russian diplomats have now started one week of diplomacy aimed deescalate in the tensions on the border with ukraine, moscow has spent the last few months building up its forces on ukraine's eastern flank raising fears about an invasion, the u. s. and its allies of want of strong measures. if russia launches military action ahead of the talks in geneva, moscow set several conditions. it once guarantees that nato will not accept any new members, and that ukraine will not be allowed to join the military alliance. aggressor is not in a position to put conditions until the russian tanks is out of ukrainian border. we see as russia attempts to shift the discussion by threatening with the new war without moving any step forwards, peaceful settlement would meet with them. manson normandy formats what russia is doing is tries to impose its agenda is down of returning to the negotiation table. will nato a set to hold its own talks with russia on wednesday and ahead of those discussions
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. the secretary general yann's dalton berg again, want moscow about that for build up no rush, us military build up continuous and with 10, so 1000 us over combat the read, the troops are and with the heavy capabilities on friday night thought for a ministers called again, russia to remove its forces from ukraine on them from your borders, demonstrate transparency and the escalate. and the further aggression against ukraine would come at the high political and economic price live now to washington, and our correspondent tracking that end of this story. rosalind jordan rose, how high or how low is the bar when it comes to success here? while i'm not sure whether there's a standard for success, there certainly has been aid tempering of expectations on the american side. a real
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sense that child, they're not going to be able to find a real breakthrough on a number of vibe, convoluted conflated crises of the top of which is the situation with ukraine. but the americans are saying that they're hoping to at least establish the turf for continued discussions. now of course, they have been meeting of face to face the deputy secretary, a, wendy sherman for the americans, sergey rubicon, the deputy foreign minister for the russians in geneva on monday are those meetings are still under way, should be wrapping up. we think in the next couple of hours, but the real concern is trying to one figure out where they can actually try to deal with, with each other's demands. the u. s. does not want to see an invasion of ukraine, but it also does not want russia to continue other destabilizing activities, including its deployment of medium range missiles along its borders,
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are facing western europe. as you noted, the russians want to the u. s. and nato to bassett, basically back away from madera, from the russian borders, and not at mit, any more countries, particularly those countries that used to be a part of the soviet union. now, while these talks are not supposed to focus specifically on ukraine, certainly it is hanging over those discussions. but there are going to be more meetings on wednesday and thursday where the us, where members of nato, where ukraine will be able to engage with the russians on this question of 100000 russian troops sitting just across the border. the eastern border from ukraine. does it mean though, rose, that when it comes to russia, essentially saying we will decide who joins nate, so or not? cuz that seems to be the case. it seems that the kremlin is asking for power of veto if you will, over where and how nato expands to the east. that presumably for nato,
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for mr. blinking for the united states state department is completely unacceptable . that is completely unacceptable to every member of the by the administration, including the u. s. president joe biden. and that's because of the u. s. is view, is that nato and not just the u. s. decide who gets to be a member of this security alliance. and certainly, while it has been widely reported that vladimir putin, the russian president, has long been opposed to the expansion of nato, after the collapse of the soviet union back in 1991. there really is any, there really isn't anything that he can do to prevent countries such as ukraine, if they want it to join the alliance to i'd go through all of the hurdles in order to become a member of that alliance. it's not an easy thing. it's not a done deal. and so what you see is that the u. s. is not going to give up any of
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its security or any of its promises to its allies in western europe. and certainly the russians have a need to show to their allies, into their citizens, that they are trying to protect russian interests in that region. so really, the most that can be expected is that the 2 sides to decide how to proceed in a relationship. they, there certainly isn't a desire to try to go to war. we saw just a week ago, a statement coming from the 5 nuclear powers, including russia in the united states saying that any sort of nuclear war is simply not a viable option for resolving crises. so this is very much a tense moment, but what the americans are hoping for is that they can try to give the rush and something else, but certainly not the things that the americans say are just no go. busy areas rose, thank you so much. rosen. jordan, i talking to was live out of washington. let's bring in petrochemical epsky is
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a senior fellow of the democratic initiatives foundation. he joins us on skype from kia petro, welcome back to the usa. is russia essentially here? just testing the thin ice to see how much unity there is on the part of those key nato allies. yes, so that was the, what to say is true. i see you that 3 major goes a pro rational national today. the 1st on it on the mine in the united states, among the european countries, and try to show that the united states is ready to discuss. very important, serious security issues that was defined behind the scenes was it offers. secondly, that russia wants to show defiance of any future sanctions and also wants to demonstrate that you are implemented that there is a late selectively to the selected european nation like germany, easily reducing all cutting,
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both by supplies and one of the most important goals right now. on the russia, in these negotiations is so discouraged the united states from army central european nations that joined need to optimize united 7. and that was why today very clearly that was this message was made today were literally disconnected states army sandstone europe. nations will the chance of not a breakthrough, but a positive direction to travel if you will, will the chances of that be increased? not so much when nate, so or the us state department starts talking to people from the kremlin. might it come when ukrainian officials start talking, either face to face, or in a proximity sense to officials from the kremlin because if they were able to de escalate this, that surely would give the ukrainians time to, to rebuild. and they could put memories of what happened, what 20142015 further behind them. well,
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you see the problem is that a rush through good night that it is part of part people because they use the ukraine. you try to pretend that it's who are you going to try to hide the, the presence of the regular russian troops on the ground. so that means that there be on docs that can, it's done only after the moment. then rush, i recognize this, actually it's a part of the conflict. and this is the most difficult stock for the american, for the band diplomats to persuade russians that gets better to recognize that we are in war right now. them to deny the fact and to continue preparation for the new invasion when you talk about and you invasion is the west, introduces new sanctions before they think an invasion might. and i stress might happen. does that make an invasion less or actually more likely because what mister
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putin does ultimately is always, always something of a variable. yes, there is a reason in your word about that of 2014, 2000 band showed that both spanish and the sanctions that implemented the aggressive acts, they have to work the traffic continued aggressive behavior. and therefore, i believe that the really serious preventive tension can show that there is really a real concern about dress and plans. and that can change calculations around relation and not only of the counselors, but also the substantial military component like a military drill in the country. that's become became a members to media
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and so the combination of tensions and the military action and military fields and delivery and enhanced military equipment to the nathan members on the eastern plan can really change populations of grammar and deter possible invasion very, very briefly. patrick's, i think we might be losing the degrading skype line as you were talking to us there . is there a sense in ukraine this is really kind of gallows humor if you will. this is not a question of if russia invades it's the question of quin russia in base because the reality is this ukrainians are telling me this. the reality is russia wants to get its hands on the oil. it wants to get its hands on the gas. yes, right, and when we expect the going to happen in january, the beginning of february, but still we think 2 factors best to deter invasion 1st. they live in russia and secondly, the gram and wants to sell more, get an oil,
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and minor invades that get loses this possibility. ok, we must leave it there. petro, thank you so much. petro macowski, they're talking to us from key. if the president has described days of anti government protest as an attempted coup, casem german class says he'll and i'm a new government line up on tuesday, the russian president, mister putin says peacekeeping troops and to quell the violence in the former soviet state will stay until the situation in his words, stabilized his completely at least 160 people were killed at 8000, arrested during the protest of last week, spunk by rising fuel prices and authoritarian move is still a group of armed militants who were waiting in the wings joined the action, the main goal became obvious, the undermining of the constitutional order, the destruction of the institutions of government, the seizure of power. we are talking about an attempt to do who de tell us? kazakstan has confirmed, as we've been hearing,
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nearly 8000 people were arrested after the days of protest against the government. the u. s. is questioned. the presence of russian peacekeeping troops helping the government to quell major demonstrations. she is robin frisky walker from the georgia capital to please see this is the narrative on cataract state television, around the clock operation to catch or kill up the 20000 so called terrorists, responsible for the recent unrest with seizures of weapons and hard liquor, regretfully peaceful demonstrations in almighty, in some other regions were hi jag by perpetrators and balls, local and external terrors groups, speaking foreign languages, the roach, slow new, so missiles. needless to back, those claims, state media, broadcast of foreign nationals, public confession. he says he's unemployed and from kyrgyzstan who accepted from unknown persons the equivalent of $200.00 and
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a plane ticket to fly to al marty and take part in the violence. but it's fiction. the man is victrum rosa, horn of a celebrated jazz pianist with $27000.00 fans on instagram. finally, governor, we are expressing out outraged at the cataract special services in government are manipulating the cast people and showing key gets people as enemies with you know, if this really bad them to say we're shocked about, didn't that we graham is well known. well, what about the people who are not so well known to santa was not one to mark one officially more than 5000 people have been detained. to worry, there could be torture used against them, but also they should be immediately given access to lawyers. relatives should be
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able to visit them, they should be the butchered mo, well they are. who is in detention where this is vital because expand to have some sort of shred. i'm at here birds for this human rights commitments fragile matter to pick up the key again. so 30 say they're working to get the chrome released. they say he traveled to l. matty with his mother for music performance. oh, there may well be evidence. criminal groups were involved in the violence for the casual thirties appear to have chosen the wrong man to build their case. caught pos, the are still to come here on the news are for you. the dutch government is sworn in our for almost 10 months of coalition talks. use it or lose it. the you rule, the airlines say is forcing them to run $18000.00 ghost flights across europe. and a well finished the nfl regular season. the recipe action later in sports news with them it in about 30 minutes.
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ah, gotten me in my a sentence, the out state leader on son suit she to for years in jail said she was on trial for illegally possessing walkie talkie radios and breaking corona virus. restrictions the sentence comes on top of a 2 year jail term handed down in december is tony chang that she cast her ballot in 2019 election. it looked as if me on mars democratic future was assured, 14 months later, hans and so she may well spend the rest of her life in detention. darwin indeed, 2 hours after the latest round of syncing amounts to an extra full years. in addition to a previous sentence of 2 years or 2 of the cases in which he was found guilty with the illegal possession of walkie talkies. a charge that some say is an example of how trumped up the accusations against her are those walkie talkies belong to the
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body. guards provided to her by the ministry of home affairs and guest who runs the ministry home affairs. it's a, it's a ranking military officer per the 2008 constitution. so, you know, the military should be actually charging itself with malfeasance in bringing in on license walkie talkies rather than the person who's a house. they happened to find them in anson sushi and her party, the national league for democracy, of one every election in myanmar since 2012, by a substantial margin. if, as the military government has proposed, you elections are held, she would be a very difficult opponent to beat. although her international reputation was tarnished when she appeared to defend the actions of near mas, military fritz, cracked down against, for a hang of muslims. she remains and i come for democracy at home. but despite her detention for the past 11 months, resistance to the military coup remains strong. whether it be also should she or the president of me in more or any one else of the thousands and thousands we have
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been arrested in detain and are facing trumped up charges. ah enough is enough. this is unacceptable. and will not be accepted by, by the international cri age, 76 ounces. so she has already spent decades of her life and attention this latest sentence. and the outstanding charges she still faces could remove her from the political stage for the foreseeable future. ah, but a new generation of protest is taken to the street since the military coup. their persistence suggests they'll continue the fight for democracy with or without ro, tony chang how deserve to europe. it's been 273 days in the making. but the people of the netherlands finally have a new government parliamentary elections were held last march. but a coalition wasn't announced until a month ago, after being sworn in the immediate to ask for government leaders is whether or not
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to extend europe's toughest coven 19 restrictions. because of the surge and army kron infections, step barson has more for us from the hague, nearly a year then atlanta has had this caretaker government off the previous government had to step down and it's a childcare benefit scandal. so the longest negotiation since in history basically basically has taken place since the election has been nearly 300 days now. now this government is being sworn in right behind me at the palace in the hey, the main issue here is that the main that the prime minister is going to be the say . and the for coalition partners from the previous government are still the government today. menaces are also, many of them are the same. some have, have moved around to have different positions, but it's still very much a similar cabinets as the malins have before. so the main question is, what change can they bring? and also the damage of course,
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has been raising really hot here in atlanta. one of the issues is can this trust be restored? that happens during this political crisis. but also during this been that make, the government has been criticized for not having a vision here, a strategy during this cope with that megan the last 2 years. the knowledge was also quite late. with the fascination policies there is a strict are locked down in place in the netherlands compared to other european countries. one of the reasons for that is that the boost the campaign was also fairly late to start. so there's a lot of need here for, for the vision. now, leaders in somalia have reached a deal to complete parliamentary elections by the 25th of february. the votes being delayed for months, threatening the country stability relations between the president, mohammed from maggio and the prime minister. mohammed robel our tents for march of suspended robel last month. but he has refused to step aside and accuses the president of violating the constitution. hood uneasy is an economics lecturer at
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the university of buffalo school of management. she says the election is a good move forwards for somalia, but it won't resolve all its problems. somalia is a relatively young country, but it's, it's recent history has, has been impacted by the manufacturer is including post colonialism dictatorships, civil war, natural disasters and computing international. and yes, um, so my lease on borrowed time, there is no more time to continue on the same broker. we'll do all our x in the election basket for that matter. in the political basket. it is significant to have election in february because the whole country is stagnant, stagnant waiting for an election, a paradigm shift, whoever the guy will is to come will come. but things have to move, move in this uncompromised corner. i situation that and finds itself today. you
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know, as you know, there is a, there is a, a conflict between the president and the prime minister. and for a while, there's been a stop go relationship, one them, they are because style and then something breaks, which is characteristic of a country like somalia, that is have many years. many, many years of trauma ties polarized population. nonetheless, whether we're going to have a good election, fair on 3 election is out of the question. the current difference between the prime minister has to do with the way election is supposed to be handled and has to do with who is going to be in charge of the security for the country. let's just say summer latest life thinks is coming to us out of new york because there a faulty electric heater is being blamed for an apartment fire in that building in new york, which killed 19 people including 9 children. a be 60 other people were taking the
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hospital many with life threatening injuries. barbara and go per reports. oh my god, this is michael. joseph, lived in this affordable housing block for 6 years. it took him 35 minutes to escape the fire. as the smith, i think i've never seen it like this. i don't know what causes their fire tag broken up like this. this lady tried to get 9 children died in the fire, and many families have lost everything. the new york marys preparing to support a community in grief. many of these young children went to schools. we will have a social and emotional support at their schools to help the classmate a were here as well with the red cross. and oh yeah, am. i was going to coordinate together to get housing and also some of the emergency needs, ah, most of the people who lived in the town block when muslim. and some of the men
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moved here from gambia. they're being urged not to fair asking for help, even if they don't have the correct immigration status. know that if you need assistance, you, your names would not be turned over to eyes or any other institution. or we want people to be comfortable and come in for it. oh, got a maybe a compensation fund is being prepared for those affected by the fire, but this cause may take longer to heal barbara anger. pat al jazeera dennis saw no bank joker, which has won a court battle to stay in australia following his visa cancellation. however, the immigration minister could still intervene with the decision expected on tuesday. lodge cries of support was gathered outside his lawyers. office in melbourne. brokovich wants to compete and defend his title at the australian open. next week, the supporters welcomed the court's decision, but some said, it doesn't rectify the government's handling of the situation. almost if you're
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angry and sad to demolish in every way of the human being. the certainty that no one is with this country is built by human immigrants. this is not the way you should see. people that come to this people didn't come here to kill the steel or to work with hippa freedom man. we've heard from the tennis player and his family pizza. we'll have more on that coming up a little later in his sports bulletin at about quarter to still to come here on the news for you. victory for venezuela's opposition of the battle for a key state. and no red carpet, no stars, no audience. the golden globes winners are on. i'm on social media to tell you why . there was monkey business on the ice in the n h. l. more on that in the sport. in about 20 minutes. ah.
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hello, thank you for joining in your world. weather report begins in the middle east and we continue to attract that energy as it moves further toward the east. we've got some showers for a buck that with a high of 21 degrees that is above average. as we go into the gulf states, we'll look and see if we see any precipitation here, maybe for areas around the area, but nothing major. it's going to be dry and the nama with a high of $22.00 degrees. same goes for door at $24.00. through pakistan it's still quiet. the temperatures are below average in karachi with the height $23.00 degrees at disturbance in the east or met is just chuck in rain around all sides here, especially for southern turkey, is going to be breezy through the boss for a system. but you can expect to see wind gusts of about 60 kilometers per hour. on tuesday, we skipped the still got that belt of heat running from heart to rate into juba as
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it goes through bungie lago sand. boucher. in fact, boucher could set a new temperature record this week for the month of january. i did it a few days ago, but you could do it on thursday with a height of 37 degrees. almost a month's worth of rain and 24 hours produce this flooding in the eastern cape, and we've still got those storms coming natur round the su, too. as we head toward durban and right into the eastern cape on tuesday. sure weather up they will see again soon. ah, the running is one of the most accessible sports in the world. al jazeera correspondent tandy richardson, takes us on his personal journey of discovery. when you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere in ronnie's hurting. why should not just stop exploring the growing popularity and science? he pushes the limit from kenya to the antarctic in search of answers to why we run
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al jazeera correspondence with ah ah ah ah, looking back with the al jazeera news hour,
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it's rapidly approaching half past the hour. these are your top stories, because act president as described days of anti government processes and attempted coup more than a 160 people have been killed and almost 8000 others have been detained. casem jamal took i f says he'll announce a new government line up on tuesday. russia's relationship with his neighbors is at the center of discussions in geneva, senior usm russian officials are there to this. the military build up around ukraine. washington has threatened to impose tough sanctions if moscow invades its neighbor and caught in me in my sentence. the answer to the unsung suit she to an additional 4 years in jail. sushi was on trial for illegally possessing walkie talkie radios and preaching corona virus restrictions. health care workers in india, as well as the over sixty's and are eligible to have a corona virus booster. shots, army kron infections are being blamed for the highest number of daily casey's being reported so far. experts via
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a repeat of last year's high infection rate. as traditional mask gatherings of worshippers are jew, very soon. our correspondent pompey metal has morn out from new delhi. this is one of the millions of most of those as being rows out in india as of now front line workers and people about 60 with underlying health conditions are eligible to receive these. there are 2 vaccine for this. the indian need ask, susanna ca, calls covey. she is on the home grown vaccine court call vaccine. people are advised to get the same vaccine. they got the last time i children, they said very important for you to get back to me because the case is, ain't easy and as it's a 0 hypertensive patient, so we don't want to take any time. i think the booster will be helpful in boosting up because we were supposed to have your work with us runs to get to the vaccine just completed martin at 9 months all of us have completed that months. and so i guess it makes sense for us to get the bills to sort of jobs in india have now
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cross one and a half 1000000000 just last week. teams between 15 and 18. started getting their doses. all of this comes as corbin 19 case is fueled by the omicron very have search across the country fronting many states to step up restrictions. authorities have all to suspended election valley ahead of pitfalls. next month, no hospitalizations from over 19 have remained relatively low, especially among the vaccinated. while most eligible people have received their 1st door, many austin to receive their 2nd. so bridging that gap and getting more people to be fully vacillated is the big challenge and focus for the government. millions of school children in uganda have finally returned to class after almost 2 years. they've suffered the wells longest disruption to education because of cove it. the presidency wearing the 70 credits. you can't as high vaccination rate for the reopening, but there are concerned some pupils won't be returning after they got jobs or the
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girls got pregnant. most public schools haven't offered virtual lessons since they closed in march of 2020 kitchen sector as been heat hot. ah, you know, it is one of the biggest sectors in the country. ah, having our own over 15000000 students in the country now are. but the ministry of education also tried to print our walk, which was a distributed country wait for the parents to see how do i cc ah, that should win? well at home. i think the schools have him have been closed and it has impacted us for so long and a lot. um, depending on which family you come from, the poor, the poor children from poor families have had to go long days working on the other . going to the market, see their parents?
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others are staying home alone looking after their siblings as their parents work. and we have seen the numbers of pregnant girls increase in number. anyone using public transport in italy now has to show a vaccine certificate before they can travel. as the government tries to stop the spread of cov, it, the travel passes are available to everyone who's had both jobs or recently has recovered from cub. 19. the rise in the italian infection rate is particularly concerning teachers and students have gone back to school after the christmas holidays. the european union is under pressure to relax the rule that forces airlines to use or lose their airport landing slots. the lufthansa group says it will have to fly 18000 unnecessary flights this winter to comply. before the pandemic airlines were required to use 80 percent of their slots or risk losing them to a rival airline. now that has been reduced to 50 percent. let's bring in staff under kiss mca, he's the european commission spokesperson for health food safety and transport. he
6:35 pm
joins us from brussel, stefan to kiss mca welcome to al jazeera at a time post cop 26 up in glasgow. when we're all aware of global warming. how we and our footprint damages the planet. this is faintly ridiculous. surely would you agree with that as a premise that 18000 flights i. e. $18000.00 individual aircraft journeys are not taking any passengers. any place. all. thank you very much for having me on the program, but it's very important that from the start, we get our facts straight here. of course, he doesn't make sense to have empty planes flying around the world does make sense economically. a doesn't make sense ecological that is clear. and it's exactly for this reason that the commission already 2 years ago has taken 2 very important measures to avoid empty flights. flying all over the world. the 1st measure is the fact that we reduce the so called slot rolls. normal times, air, air operators,
6:36 pm
heft, use 80 percent of their slots to keep them for the next season. we reduced this 4 percent that she the beginning of the pandemic, even to 0 cents. because in the beginning the pandemic, as you may remember, almost or even 90 percent of she will have. yea sion flights did not take place. and gradually this was again increased and now it's 50 percent that has to be used by the airport operators. that's based on, on scientific elements that we have from euro control. we know that in the winter, this winter, already 73 to 78 percent of the flights before the pandemic, half started again. so with our 50 percent, we are well below what is now happening. okay, and gentle. just suppose you there for a 2nd. if, if i may, sir, but if you've gone that far and going that far, isn't out there. good step. why not go all the way?
6:37 pm
why not take it from 50 percent to 0.01 percent and freeze the slots as they are currently administered. and owned by individual airlines carriers or in this case, the lufthansa group again, but again, the 1st are measures heavy very much welcome to by all the stakeholders at the 1st want to see when you look at the flights that we constantly look at the flights we we had, we expect for this year, 88 percent of the flights of what we had in 2019. and this one interested in, as i said, between 73 and 78 percent. so a 50 percent minimum is a very fair present that you should all that miss not clear market that's, that's a very good answer sir. but it's not necessarily an answer to my question. if the e u civil aviation authorities plural, is as flexible as you are saying they are. and of course, you're right in what you say, why not take it down to 0 percent, therefore and,
6:38 pm
and freeze it so that individual carriers maintain caught ownership of those individual roots. those individual take off and landing slots. and that would be better for the planet because your own organization, the european union slash european commission wants to essentially be carbon neutral . in this fear of transport by 2030. if you were to take it down to 0, you could be one step closer, 50 percent closer to being carbon neutral by 2030 again. yes, the green deal is one of our most important priorities of this commission. so it isn't important that also information. we strictly follow our objects of the green deal, but let me throw in a 2nd measure that we have applied when that we are applying. that's what we call the so called just the fight non use exemption. that's a very difficult word to say that. airports are air line operators, do not have to use their slots when there are situations of a severe pandemic. as is the case now, in many parts of the world,
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the big majority parts of the world is considered to be a high risk area. so in any case, airlines can also invoke these justify non use rule to not make use of the sauce. so we have a whole series of measures that we have taken to guarantee on the one hands that we don't have empty flights. but on the young and also to ensure your and my connectivity transport is still taking place if aviation is still taking place and we have to make sure that if you can, can of course still take place in a competitive environment. ok, we must leave it there. stephanie to kiss micah. thank you so much for joining us from brussels. thanks. thank you. nick around you as president, daniel ortega is sent to be sworn in for 4th term. his opponents condemn what they say was his rigged reelection. victory in november, several opposition candidates were arrested during campaigning and independent election observers, as well as journalist band. the former leader of the sandinista revolution is
6:40 pm
eligible for another 5 years in office, along with his wife rosario marillo as vice president. joining us live here is latin america editor, the c and human. she's in the chilion capital, santiago, lexia. how much credibility does this process have today? then? it has very little of it, at least in the eyes of the majority of the international community. the european union does not recognize the results of november's elections. neither does the united states, canada. it's a long, long list. i think the really interesting question is, who is actually going to attend the inauguration that is a representative of china, russia, iran, and ben is rayleigh, cuba and bolivia, as well as argentina. interestingly enough, just a short while ago, mexico decided to pull out mexico usually does not get involved in these disputes
6:41 pm
and sense representatives turn observations of all countries in the region regardless of whether the elections are considered legitimate or not. but this time, at the 11th hour, they decided, as i say, not to do so, which is significant and also coincides with the announcement by the u. s. government that it is sanctioning another 6 nicaraguan officials, most of them are from the army. one of them is from tell border that the la communications company of nicaragua, so there is an increasing amount of pressure that's being put on the ortega government. but that will not, of course, really impact what is going to happen in just a few hours time when he swears in for a 4th consecutive term in office outside the region. and see if you get the sense that this means that nicaragua has kind of pivoted towards being some sort of tough guy or talk chrissy them if so many people weren't allowed to observe the process or we're literally taken out of the process. what happened was that none of the competitive candidates were allowed to
6:42 pm
run, they were either most of them or the vast majority of them were imprisoned or were forced to go into exile. and so the, the election was widely viewed as a sham. in fact, over the ortega government, that done, it had won by 80 percent or more of the votes, even though there were there was a record abstention rate in that election. and i, so there really is very little credibility. but at this point, my impression is that it printed and daniel ortega and his wife for said you would, you really don't care how they are being viewed abroad. they do have strong allies, as i mentioned, russia, china, iran. i also like to in a certain extent, turkey and of course are governments like venezuela that can help provide petrol to that country oil. the see a thank you very much the see a human there unless america editor talking to was life from the chilion capital santiago. the opposition in venezuela is celebrating an election when in one of the
6:43 pm
biggest strong holds of the ruling socialist party in a rerun vote, the opposition challenger. sergio karita beats jorge arissa to become governor of the state of berlin. us. it's the birthplace of the late president, lo, chavez. and it was ruled by his party for the past 22 years is to raise above, oh, disbelief and joy at the opposition headquarters in the state of readiness. people celebrated and to lead at night. the victory of the opposition candidate over that of the ruling socialist party in the home state of venezuela's former president award chavez. oh, really elected governor? said hilary, no said, but he never made history on sunday. i'm surely of the world has its eyes on burritos and we can show with strength and unity what we have achieved. we surpassed adversity in spite of the obstacles we encountered. i want to recognize the brave people of burritos for the ruling socialist party, one in mo,
6:44 pm
stay doing local elections last november. this is the 2nd time people headed to the polls to elect local authorities in body ness. after another opposition candidate was disqualified by the country's highest court, and the re run was announced for january 9th, buddy nancy, secretary of state for the socialist party, is the birthplace of all cherries and has been run by his family for over 20 years . you'll see my little government fixed for my foreign minister, jorge arissa as the socialist candidate, and deployed more than 24000 security personnel to secure the elections. people in venezuela are going through a devastating economic crisis. 5000000 people have left the country and most of those of state i struggling with inflation and poverty is terminal john doe. we are fighting, not just for a change in governor, but also for a fundamental change in breanna society. in venezuelan society,
6:45 pm
after the death of command, the chavez, things have become chaotic. the government of nicola, my ludo, is under pressure by the international community to guarantee free elections. and any say, sundays vote could be a turning point. if you do guessing that there is a government as invested so much in this election, all their power was in, but in us losing it could inspire voters to go to the opposition and to stop believing that through elections, there could be change that of and were years away from the presidential elections, but this may definitely help them in the years ahead o to your position. the result is a significant victory, but he's still a long way from winning the presidential seat. it is, i will answer cedar. the pilot of a plane has had a lucky escape in california. a metro train plowed into his aircraft, which is crash, landed on to the trunks after losing power on take off, the police managed to pull the pilot to safety seconds before impacts. he was sick . the hospital and alley for medical checks while the police are being held as
6:46 pm
heroes for saving his life. sport is on the way in this. these are including as serbian tennis band celebrate novak talk a bit. she's caught the crete and australia moral, not with pizza. when we come back, ah ah
6:47 pm
ah ah ah, taxes and comedians in the usa, they're devastated by the death of a colleague, bob saget. these 65 year old was best known for his jovial dad road in the t. v sitcom full house. the american style was found unconscious in a hotel room in florida, hours after appearing on stage in
6:48 pm
a comedy show. an inquest is expected to determine the cause of death. that she has . golden globes have turned all dark for the 1st time in decades. the usually star studded event was broadcast live. a public relations crisis took the event completely offline. rob reynolds reports on her, the globes of last. the last the glitter and glamour of the golden globes. the hollywood foreign press associations. annual awards blow out was one of the film world's favorite events until that is an enormous controversy blew up over the h f. p. a's near total lack of racial diversity and questionable ethical behavior among its members that sent alias stars, fleeing sponsors, opting out. and it's broadcast or dropping the ceremony like a hot rock. so for 2022, no red carpet, no celebrity audience, no host, no tv show and not even an internet live stream. pardon me,
6:49 pm
feel so bad for them because they can't quite seem to get on the right foot. make it as james ralph say they can't get on the good. you know what? i me, the h f e a has announced changes including expanding its membership, just like the academy of motion pictures did after the oscar. so white outrage in 2015 with studios including warner, media, netflix and amazon cutting ties. some in the industry think the organizations days are numbered. there's been so much damage to the organizations, reputation in the membership and this and that, that i'm not so sure they can recover from this. as for the awards themselves, the power of the dog, one best picture, drama, close and place out her p class again, a sweet hole kidman in being the ricardo is one best actress. sorry. i got a lot for a 2nd hand. the best actor in a drama ward went to will spin for his role in king richard marquis 3 golden globes
6:50 pm
. non ceremony which happened at this wacky hotel behind me was more bad news for the film industry's traditional business model. with a new survey showing nearly half of all pre pandemic moviegoers and not buying tickets anymore, and some of them will be staying home for good. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles, playing for sports, his peter p to thank you, will thought i know that junk rich, and that saga, the will number one has resumed his preparations for next week's australian open, after having a visa cancellation overturned by a federal court in australia, so which tweeted a picture of himself back on a tenant schools and wrote, i'm pleased and grateful that the judge overturned my visa cancellation. despite all that has happened, i want to stay and try to compete at the australian open. i remain focused on that . i flew here to play at one of the most important events we have in front of the amazing fans. you family spoke a nice conference in serbia
6:51 pm
a couple of hours ago and he's mother said he was subject to torture and harassment to them. the one has been released from detention and as you saw in the tweet you've already been back, encore training ahead of next week. so strange and open these supporters around the car, leaving in law teams offices earlier, which they believed was carrying the 20 time grand slam champion, but lawyers for the australian government. so the minister for immigration can still use his personal powers. 8 the cancel, jock of which is visa, here from john, which is brother at that news conference in belgrade at the moment. and the whole process was not about tennis and tournament and australian open. it was more about the justice being pulled out and above the things that they did in there. and you know, we're grateful for the justice system a whole surely. and i'm sure that you know, the justice will go on and. busy the truth will be, be truthful, all the way. we had a child as,
6:52 pm
as her father and my father stated, all serbian, we have just pure love for all the world will always share the nova closer. he's wanted so many times we've been we've been there so many times and will keep on coming back because we love the country. there's a lot of people from serbia on the reason in australia. busy we've got nothing vote and we just have to think all. busy the people who, who have gathered in for a hotel we're huge data for, you know, so many days in today for the offices of his lawyers for all. busy the supports for blowing piece they've been saying to him because that's one of the key points. and one of the main reasons why we actually are sitting here today and why he actually want to case yesterday. earlier we spoke to australian sports reporter blake johnson, who explained how jock which managed to win the case. a judge in the federal court
6:53 pm
did i decided to go to full officials at no one i did not give mister joker beach not time to consider his options when i detained him in the very early hours of thursday morning given it was 4 o'clock in the morning, locally, they said he had 20 minutes to make up his mind, or you're out of the country. we cancel your visa or you go to immigration detention. he asked for just a couple of extra hours to speak to tennis trailer and he's lawyers, initially that was granted, but a shift change by the board to force officials. so those rules were neg, and he was forced to make a very quick decision in the end that was enough for the judge to decide that basic cancellation should itself be cancelled. i think the wides, panning out is not particularly savory for everybody involved. the federal government, the state government tennis, another job which they had seems to be some serious mistakes or at least miscommunications might. and it's left, you know, one of the world's best tennis pies in limbo essentially. and now it's sort of boring between the cracks legally,
6:54 pm
and you could probably argue ethically as well. wrath on the dull has called jock overtures, visa controversy, a circuits ahead of next week's australian open. the spaniard told the spanish radio station a justice has spoken on following the court's ruling. rather believes the fair thing is to allow jacobin to play in the 1st grand slam of the year. one of the players who support a junk of it while he was in detention the curious as called corona virus. he's participation at the australian open is now in doubt of catching the virus a week before his home grand slam. at the africa cup of nations, highly rated, senegal had to wait until the 97 minutes to finally get past symbolic way. in monday's early match isn't bobbins held firm until the penalty was conceded with time. all but up in buffalo, some a man familiar to fans of the premier league. saudi oman, a stepped up to ensure a one mill wind for the team known as the lions of her anger. later, 2 heavy weights of african foot,
6:55 pm
we'll go head to head in group. see with morocco taking on gonna the moroccans, we're unbeaten in qualifying the looking to end. their 46 year weight for 2nd continental crown, while full time champions gonna last 2 algeria and a friendly before traveling to the tournament. but they kept it as confident any signs of fighting spirit. we didn't know till games in the grove sure is normal that they want to. she asked us about we take it took a lot of determination hunger to try to prove that. i'm gonna remember a day. so whatever happened in a day to day and it was a wild finish to the regular season of the nfl, with 5 teams jostling for the last 2 playoff spots in the a of see among them the las vegas raiders. we beat the ally charges on sunday with a field goal and the last player, overtime daniel colson, securing a $3532.00 winds at lynch, one of those 2 remaining hfc wildcard boots for the raiders. but the indianapolis
6:56 pm
colts must out when they suffered a shot loss were bleeds worst teams, the jacksonville jaguars, and also opened the door for the pittsburgh steelers to seek him for the pass. falling a wind over the baltimore ravens and in the nf c, the san francisco, $49.00 is earned a wildcard spot with a come from behind. when the ally rams will be gould kicked a $24.00 yard field goal with 2 minutes and 48 seconds left. and overtime that for the $49.00 is $2724.00 up rookie cornerback. ambry thomas then intercepted a pause in the dying seconds to secure that player place. australian gull for cameron smith secured a record breaking victory at the tournament of champions in her y. smith. made 8 birdies and did not drop a shot in his fine round to finish at 34 and the par. that's the lowest school in pga tour history. it beats the previous mark set by south africa's early else back
6:57 pm
in 2003. smith held up the challenge of will. number one, john rom, we finished with one stroke back. a long awaited return in the n b a. as clay thompson finally stepped back on the court for the golden state warriors of the more than 2 years away, thompson hadn't played since injuring himself in the 2019 nb a finals. but he was back in the starting line for the warriors game with the cleveland cavaliers on sunday. and he got golden states 1st baskets of the nice we school to to, to 17 boys. the healthy side to a 9682. and finally, it's pretty common for an in h l team to welcome a special guest to the ice for the ceremonial backdrop for the and i'm ducks took it to another level on sunday, bringing in a monkey for the moments los angeles. so rally mascot, dropping the skip the monkey business and did a swift job of delivering the pack to the 2 captains. that's went on to beat the
6:58 pm
detroit red wings for all 3 issues. allison with ha. okay, we'll even live in our beer again later for school season. okay. more news on the other side, the break. no monkeys just me and the headlines will see that ah ah. with doing the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now,
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this is not our responsibility to get people locked, can bleed back. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get back with all these patients. this stream on al jazeera al jazeera sets the stage, a type of animal you could ever imagine thing explore and abundance of well floss programming. we need to that global sort of guided and sharon, of vaccines designed to inform, motivate, and, and spy. why are journalists under attack? because democracy is under attack? you attack the truth tellers to see the world from a different perspective on algebra. 2 stories of strong willed when challenging traditional female stereotypes in a male dominated society to make a difference. if i go a course, we'll pull into the ravine. po,
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families with the water is highly contaminated. bolivia in the class risk in it all, al jazeera ah bold and untold stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera. ah, us in russian diplomats meeting geneva as tension grows over russia's troop, build up on the border with ukraine. ah, hello and welcome. you're watching al jazeera live from to ha. my name's peter toby, iraq. the top stories cassock stones president, describes the recent anti government protests as an attempt to coo and says the
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security threat has been quashed me and mazda of cedar anson suit. she is phontgil .


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