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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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no cut the cost of can you afford them? short films about and aspiring solutions to address on algebra with because our president calls days of anti government violence and attempt to coo and says he'll announce a new government on tuesday. ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is out, a 0 live from doe house are coming up us and russian diplomats made in geneva as tension grows over russia's trip builder on the border with ukraine. mia mas asked lita uncensored. she found guilty. she now faces an additional 4 years in jail. and
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molly vows to retaliate after west african countries impose tough sanctions over its political crisis. ah, we begin the program in kazakhstan where the president has described days of anti government protests as an attempted comb. casem jermarta took, i have, it says he'll announce a new government line up on tuesday. russia's president vladimir putin says peacekeeping troops sent to quell the violence in the form of soviet state will stay until the situation in his woods stabilize his completely. at least 160 people were killed in 8000 arrested during last week's protest, sparked by rising fuel prices and authoritarian will. you still use a group of armed militants who were waiting in the wings joined the action. the main goal became obvious, the undermining of the constitutional order,
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the destruction of the institutions of government, the seizure of power. we are talking about an attempt to do who they tell us. robin dorothea walker has been following developments from tbilisi, georgia. this meeting that took place between the heads of the c s t. i remember states i was really about showing that they consider this deployment, that catholic st onto has been overrule. rather, an important success story for the security president took, i have said really that he owed it to the arrival of c s t. i a military contingent, the 1st aircraft because they had prevented the so called armed groups of bandits and terrorists from progressing further with their it's attempted coup and taking control of administrative sensors around cause it's done. now it really remains for president because as far as he's
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concerned for the so called anti terror operation to continue it's clean up. and it's to suits of all those people accused of involvement in the violence that we saw take place, you know, marty, and in other cities across cause it's done earlier this week. and during that meeting with cousin stanza later, rushes president, let me put and say to moscow will not allow revolutions in the region. russia's relationship with its neighbors is that the center of talks in ga them, us and russian diplomats have kick, started awake of diplomacy, aim to deescalate the crisis on ukraine. florida. moscow has spent the last few months building up its forces on the eastern flank, rising fears about an invasion. both sides have already cautions against a breakthrough. this week ahead of the talks, russia demanded guarantees that your crime will not become part of the nature of military alliance. it also ones nato, to reduce its troops and weapons in eastern europe. the us and its allies have
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rejected prudence demands as non stop is. but they say they are willing to discuss restricting military exercises and miss l deployments in the region. washington has threatened to impose tough sanctions if moscow invades its neighbor, us, russia relations are at the most to tense. since the cold war ended the 3 decades ago, rosalind jordan is covering developments from washington. they say hello, there was. these are certainly critical talks and i've been going on now for several hours. if you are a fly on the wall, what's slightly happening? well, probably another round of, of very tough discussions is getting underway after about an hour or a long lunch break. this is really a case for the us and russia to try to deal with what washington says are important bilateral issues, dealing with the placement or removal of intermediate a range of missiles by russia, which is a violation of a bilateral treaty,
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for example, trying to basically find out what are each countries concerns about their security posture in the middle of europe, and whether or not there's any possibility of trying to find compromise in order to resolve those complaints. now, some of the things that russia has said it wants from the u. s. which is a inducing nato to of essentially pull back. it's a florida leaning, a posture near russia's borders, trying not to admit any more former soviet states to the nato alliance. those sorts of things, washington says, are non starters, but the u. s. has said, while it's expectations for success this week are low that they are looking for areas where the 2 countries might be able to work out. some sort of resolution. the overall, the f effort is really to one try to establish a pragmatic relationship between the u. s. and russia. one that the president joe
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biden has previously called predictable. and also to try to reduce the tensions most notably around of the eastern border of ukraine with russia. something that has been of real concern here in washington for several months now. and yet ross, ukraine's not at the table and the europeans and i the us and what can possibly be achieved at these tools. well, probably nothing is going to be achieved at thea talks in geneva because the u. s. is trying to keep these, taught very much focused on russian behavior and on russian concerns. but there are more meetings coming up later this week in brussels and in vienna. and that's where the us says that the matter of russian troops, some 100000 reportedly of stationed on the western border across from ukraine will be taken up. and importantly,
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you will see all the tow ukrainian officials will be involved in those discussions . the u. s. is trying to be very careful not to speak on cubes behalf. it says that there is nothing can be done about the crisis involving ukraine without ukrainian input. certainly an important wake ahead. thank you very much for the update. rosalyn jordan live for us in washington day say the nighttime military lines you set to hold its own talks with russia on wednesday as we had from our correspondent and ahead of those discussions secretary general yann's stolen. beg again warned moscow about it's true build up. he met with ukraine's foreign minister in brussels . russia submitted to build up continuous with 10. so tulsa salva combat the read, the troops armed with the have the capabilities on friday night thought 40 minutes is called again. russia to remove its forces from ukraine on them from your
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borders. demonstrate transparency on the escalate. any further aggression against ukraine would come at the high political on economic price. aggressor is not in a position to put conditions until the russian tanks is out of ukrainian border. we see as russia attempts to shift the discussion by threatening with the new war without moving any step forward peaceful settlement with within men's can normandy formats. what thrushes doing is trying to impose its agenda is stand of returning to the negotiation table. andre cotton of is the director general of the russian international affairs council. he says the us and russia can settle small issues. but a big breakthrough in their relationship this week will be tough. a number of issues that are they can at least try to resolve one of them are isa the, a challenge, or for a new generation of,
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for our middle arranged massage to be stationed in europe. within next couple of years and i eve, they agree or to have a moratorium on these me sized deployment that was already be a major accomplishment. i think that the russia with also raised the issue of the r u. s. a ukrainian military cooperation and it would likely united states to make commitments to exercise prudence and our self contain, especially in supply. now you cain are the most sophisticated weapons that can be used in don boss. apparently, the united states might touch a foreign, the canyon issue though, indirectly. i and i hint of that, or it would like to see some kind of desk collation at the ocean. ukrainian border of the current russian position is pretty tough. are they wanted to get legally biden commitments or by nasa that it will not move to the east? we don't know of what they're had lines are. and our how rigid the russian position
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will be on wednesday, or we can only hope of death, or there might be a some agreement. because if you look at the current plans of the atlantic alliance or that there are no plans to engage ukraine or any other post soviet state or into the alliance at any time soon. so d factor are nater has a moratorium or needs or expansion to the east, but definitely it would be hard for nato to make any legal biden commitments that it will remain the case. to me, a man now in a court has sentenced ousted later unsung sir che to, for he is in jam said she was on trial for illegally possessing walkie talkie radios and breaking corona virus restrictions. his sentence comes on top of a t h. l temp handed down back in december. 20 chang reports that she caused her balance in 2019 election. it looked as if me on mars.
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democratic future was assured, 14 months later, hunks answered, she may well spend the rest of her life in detention. thou is indeed 2 hours at the latest round of sentencing amounts to an extra 4 years. in addition to a previous sentence, 2 years, 2 of the cases in which he was found guilty with the legal possession of walkie talkies. the charge that some say is an example of how trumped up the accusations. against her, all those walkie talkies belong to the body. guards provided to her by the ministry of home affairs and guest who runs the ministry home affairs. it's a, it's a ranking military officer per the 2008 constitution. so, you know, the military should be actually charging itself with malfeasance in bringing in on license walkie talkies rather than the person who's a house. they happened to find them in uncensored, she and her party, the national league for democracy, of one every election in myanmar since 2012 by a substantial margin. if as the military government has proposed,
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new elections are held, she would be a very difficult opponent to beat. although her international reputation was tarnished when she appeared to defend the actions of near mars military fritz cracked down against for a hang of muslims. she remains an icon for democracy at home, but despite her detention for the past 11 months, resistance to the military coup, remain strong. whether it be all sheltered, she or the president of me and more or any one else with thousands and thousands who have been arrested into chain and are facing trumped up charges. ah, i enough is enough. this is unacceptable. and will not be accepted by, by the international cri age 76 anson. so she has already spent decades of her life and attention this latest sentence. and the outstanding charges she still faces could remove her from the political stage for the foreseeable future. ah, but
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a new generation of protest as has taken to the street since the military coup, their persistence suggest they'll continue the fight for democracy with or without for tony chang houser. still head on al jazeera will have reaction from novak joked edge and his family after the well 10 assemble. one pulls up at court victory to be released from detention. and the dutch government is about to be sworn in after almost 10 months of coalition told. ah, with hello there way we go with your weather report for asia right here right now. good to see you will begin in india. we're central areas toward the east. we've got some thunder. downpours with the threat of hail. so this includes for the indian states, a, b, har was spain gall rate,
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into otisha. on tuesday, i want to show you what the ne monsoon is doing to sri lanka. it's still driving rain here. that is bad is what it was on monday, but it's still coming natur through tuesday. we've got concentrated rain over sumatra, dose with rain rate across java, and same goes for borneo. so the very real risk of seen some flooding here. a slug of rain is sliding down the coast of vietnam from then right through to denying did angst got to have 24 degrees clouds to start the day on tuesday for many areas across central china. but throughout the day, those clouds will float away 7 degrees. the high for you and shanghai will. the ski resorts are going to be busy again in japan, we've got snow coming for the hills. once again, some showers for tokyo, the hills really of honju and right into hawkeye. don't know. this weather maker is wrapping in some colder air right across the korean peninsula. so look at this p on yang minus 8 sole, minus 4, and you've got a blustery northwest when so you're certainly going to feel it on tuesday. and now
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you're in the know we'll see you soon. ah, with while the water we listen, design is are making serious effort in order to stop the trend. we need to use making store and we know what's happening in our region. we know have to get to places that others and not as far as i said, i'm going the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. ah ah,
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hello, you're watching out here. i'm emily, angling. and reminder of our top stories. his alum, because our president has described days of anti government protests as an attempted coup. on the 160 people were killed and with a 1000 others to change. got some, jo much says he'll amount a new government line up on tooth brushes. relationship with its neighbors. is that the center of talks in geneva, c. u. s. and russian officials are there to discuss the military build up around ukraine. washington has threatened to impose tough sanctions. it must go in by his neighbor and according to me and my has sent him to else. and later on stanford, she, one additional full years in jail. she was on trial for legally possessing walkie talkie radios and breeching corona virus restrictions. molly has condemned new sanctions imposed by west african regional leaders and bound to retaliate within hours. on sunday, it was announced
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a range of economic and diplomatic measures. that's after molly's military rule is said they would stay in power for 4 more years. instead of holding an election next month, as promised, victoria gave b explains west africa is regional alliance, equis meeting in the gone and capital aqua. the issue being discussed what if any new sanctions should be imposed on molly because of delays to its democratic transition. equis chairman and president of gone and made his view clear in his opening statement. it is my expectation that we will take the appropriate decision that will advance the future molly and our community. nashville regional international spiegel. all awaiting the result of our meeting. the leaders announced a raft of new sanctions on molly, including buddha closures, suspending financial transactions and withdrawing their ambassadors. the measures are in response to molly's military leaders saying they plan to stay in power for 4
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more years. instead of holding elections next month, love rural garcia de la, you did let i saw sank up as much as we are aware of the complexity of the situation in this country. we are convinced that all political, economic and social reforms aimed at rebuilding of molly could only be carried out by democratically elected authorities. when gentle leader kindly, semi glitter was swooning last july, following 2 military coups in less than a year. he sought to unite mullins and promised presidential elections would be held this year. but then 2 weeks ago, conference charged with recommending an election time table said the pole should be delayed by between 6 months and 5 years. echo us is already imposed sanctions of molly and officials. so will a new round make any difference? some analysts or skeptical. so i would have thought that request is lead as would i view the batch more nuanced engaged approach ah,
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with the my yeah leaders. i'm not too sure and particularly on this, but as my she has re, re, re gene is going to be very successful. molly's leaders say elections can't be held next month because of security concerns. they also want time to draft a new constitution and put it before voters in a referendum. echo says the delays over an acceptable, it's activated it stand by force and says it will be ready for any eventuality. victoria gay to be al jazeera, ladies in somalia have raged to deal to complain. parliamentary elections by february 25th. the votes been delayed for months, threatening the countries debility relations between the president mohammed at farmer, joe and prime minister mohammed doorbell, our tents. farmer jo suspended were robel last month, and he's refused to step down and accuses the president of violating the constitution. it's been 273 days in the banking,
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but dutch people finally have a new government parliamentary elections were held last march and bought. a coalition wasn't announced until a month ago, after being sworn in the immediate task. the government leaders is whether or not to extend europe's toughest cove at 19 restrictions, because of a surgeon army cron cases step, fasten has the latest from the hack, nearly a year then atlanta has had this caretaker government off the previous government had to step down and it's a childcare benefit scandal. so the longest negotiation since in history basically basically has taken place since the election has been nearly 300 days now. now this government is being 4 then right behind me at the palace in the hey, the main issue here is that the main that the prime minister is going to be to say . and the for coalition partners from the previous government are still the government today. menaces are also, many of them are the same. some have to have moved around to have different
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positions, but it's still very much a similar cabinet as the alans had before. so the main question is, what change can they bring? and also the damage of course, has been raising really hard here in the novel. and so one of the issues is can this trust be restored? that happens during this political crisis. but also during this been that make the government has been criticized for not having a vision here. busy a strategy during this covert and that may get in the last 2 years. the knowledge was also quite late with the fact to nation policies. there is a strict or lockdown in place in the novel as compared to other european countries . one of the reasons for that is that the booster campaign was also very late to start. so there's a lot of need here for, for the vision. anyone using public transport in easley now have to show a vaccine certificate before they can travel. and the government tries to stop the spread of the corona virus. the travel passes are available to everyone who has had
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both jobs or recently recovered from over 19. the rise in the italian infection radius particularly concerning teachers and students have gone back to school after the christmas holiday. health care work is in india as well as the over sixty's age group are now eligible to have both to chance on the con, infections have been blamed for spike in cases expert fear. a repeat of last is high infection, right? as traditional mass gatherings of worship. it's a g soon. have me, metal has more from the capital, metallic death is one of the millions of both of those as being rows out in india as of now front line workers and people about 60 with underlying health conditions are eligible to receive these. there are 2 vaccine for this, the in the need ask, susanna are called coffee. she is and the home grown vaccine called callback. so people are advised to get the same vaccine. they got the last time i turn the seed,
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very important for you to get back to needed because the case is named using and as to 0 hypertensive patient. so we don't want to take any time. i think the booster will be helpful in boosting because we were the 1st that you're working with us runs to get to the vaccine. the completed martin at 9 months, all of us have completed and months. and so i guess it makes sense for your workers to get the total jobs in india have now cross one and a half 1000000000 just last week. teams between 15 and 18 started getting there. those are all of this comes as corbett. 19 cases, fueled by the omicron variant, have search across the country, prompting many states to step up restrictions. authorities have all to suspended election valley ahead of state for next month. no hospitalizations from call with 19 have remained relatively low, especially among the vaccinated. while most eligible people have received their 1st
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door, many often to receive their 2nd. so bridging that gap and getting more people to be fully vaccinated is the big challenge and focus for the government to the u. s. and a faulty electric hater is being blamed for an apartment fire in new york city, which killed 19 people including 9 children, least 60 others were taken to hospital many with life threatening injuries. barbara and gap reports. oh my god, this michael joseph, lived in this affordable housing block for 6 years. it took him 35 minutes to escape the fire as the smokeless. i think i've never seen it like this. i don't know what causes death. why it tag broken up like this is when you tried to get 9. children died in the fire, and many families have lost everything. the new york marys preparing to support a community in grief. many of these young children would 2 schools. we will have a social and emotional support at their schools to help the classmate
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a we're here as well with the red cross and o u m, i was going to coordinate together to get housing. and also some of the emergency needs, ah, most of the people who lived in the town block when muslim and some of them and moved here from gambia. they're being urged not to fear asking for help, even if they don't have the correct immigration status. know that if you need assistance, oh you, your name would not be turned over to eyes or any other restitution or we want people to be comfortable and coming forward. i thought maybe a compensation fund is being prepared for those affected by the fire. but this cause may take longer to heal barbara anger per al jazeera act is in canadians in the you and say they devastated by the death of a colleague at bob sag. it is 650 was best known for his jovial dad. roland tvc
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come full house. american style was found unconscious in a hotel room in florida, hours after appearing on stage in a comedy show. an inquest is expected to determine the cause of death. he sees golden globes have turned dark for the 1st time in decades. the usually star started event wasn't broadcast, live above relations crisis, took the event completely offline, rob reynolds reports, and how the clothes lost their luster. the glitter and glamour of the golden globes. the hollywood foreign press associations. annual awards blow out was one of the film world's favorite events until that is an enormous controversy blew up over the h f. p. a's near total lack of racial diversity and questionable ethical behavior among its members that sent alias stars, fleeing sponsors, opting out. and it's broadcast or dropping the ceremony like
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a hot rock. so for 2022, no red carpet, no celebrity audience, no host, no tv show and not even an internet live stream. pardon me, feel so bad for them because they can't quite seem to get on the right foot. make it. as james ralph say they can't get on the good. you know what? i me, the h f e a has announced changes including expanding its membership, just like the academy of motion pictures did after the oscar. so white outrage in 2015 with studios including warner, media, netflix and amazon cutting ties. some in the industry think the organizations days are numbered. there's been so much damage to the organizations, reputation in the membership and this and that, that i'm not so sure they can recover from this. as for the awards themselves, the power of the dog, one best picture, drama, close and place out here. p. pushy, gonna swing. who kidman in?
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being the ricardo's one best actress. sorry. i got a lot for a 2nd. and the best actor in a drama ward went to will spin for his role in king richard marquis 3 golden globes . non ceremony which happened at this wacky hotel behind me was more bad news for the film industry's traditional business model. with a new survey showing nearly half of all pre pandemic, moviegoers, and not buying tickets anymore, and some of them will be staying home are good. rob reynolds al jazeera, los angeles, kenneth star novak the judge has won a court battle to stain a strategy of following his visa cancellation in the past hour. he's tweeted a picture of himself back on the court and said he's grateful. the judge overturned his removal from australia. he went on to say, he's focused on playing at the open despite everything that's happened early. a large crowds of support has gathered outside his lawyers office, celebrating his release from detention. but the immigration minister could still
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intervene with a decision expected on the same truck, which was talk to the border on wednesday night and told he didn't qualify for medical exemption to answer astronomy, because he's not vaccinated. that despite paperwork saying he'd race. and that was habit from cove at 19, some of the fam say the court's decision doesn't rectify the government's handling of the situation in every way the human being shouldn't be the no one of the countries bill by the way you see fit comes this is didn't come here to kill the hippa, freedom and joker, which is family, have held a press conference in serbia. they say they're grateful for his relate we just have to think all. busy the people who, who have gathered in front of hotels were huge data for so many days and today from
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the officers of the lawyers for all. busy the supports for love and peace, they've been saying to him because that's one of the key points. and one of the main reasons why we actually are sitting here today and why he actually won the case yesterday. ah, hello, you're watching al jazeera, these are the stories we're following this alum, because our president has described days of anti government protests as an attempted coup. with 160 people were killed and almost a 1000. others detained. custom german took i of says hill amounts and you government lineup. on tuesday, robin forest walker has been covering developments from tbilisi, georgia. that looks very much like a double act with kind of talking about the attempted coup that took place within the country.


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