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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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i go, a horse will pull into the ravine. how families look like. the water is highly contaminated. bolivia in the clouds. rescan it all out, is there the u. s. o was of impressed the people around the world. people pay attention to walk with lot here and i'll just, he was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news. how alive from joe? ha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, because act president, cold days of anti government violence and attempted coo and says he will announce and you government on tuesday, us and russian diplomats made in geneva as tension grows over russia's troop filled
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up on the border with ukraine, me and mas as did later. unsung suit, she found guilty. she now faces an additional full use in jail, and no red carpet, no stars, and no audience to globin, golden globes. when is our announced on social media? it will tell you why. i'm trying to get roscoe, we've got extensive coverage of novick joke, which is australian visa battle a news and sports. the tennis star has pulled off a court victory to be released from detention. but it's legal rally to play at. the australian open may not be over. ah, we begin in kazakhstan where the president has described a days of anti government protests, says and attempted crew cuts from germany to cairo. says he'll announce a new government line up on tuesday. russia's president vladimir putin says
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peacekeeping troops sent to quell the violence in the former soviet state will stay until the situation in his words, stabilize, is completely at least 160 people were killed and 8000 arrested during last week's riots. bunch by seen fuel prices and authoritarian rule used to please use a group of armed militants who were waiting in the wings joined the action. the main goal became obvious, the undermining of the constitutional order, the destruction of the institutions of government, the seizure of power. we are talking about an attempted coup d'etat morales cross lived to our reporter robin forissi, a walker, who seemed to play c, georgia. sh. hello there, robin. you've been covering developments for a number of days. now we've just heard from the presidents of kazakhstan and russia, what were the main takeaways well, president took i is speaking there about this qu, they top,
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but he gave more details, interesting details about the c s t omission and what's supposed to have transpired over those few days where the, the largest city in kazakhstan, l mati appeared to be completely empty of security services with, with armed groups in control. he said that or the now had been restored. but at the time, the so called terror groups had taken 9 regional fences and marty, and that only after the 1st c s t o croft had arrived had landed where they then able to sort of re muster their forces and re take control of marty. so, so interesting details decided me to team also gave his contribution in saying that basically this has been a successful mission and that they needed be brought in to prevent another
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color revolution from, from happening a reference to the revolutions that brought down on popular governments in ukraine in cust, neighboring kingston and also here in georgia. so for now, all that left it seems from, from the official narrative, is for this anti terror operation. clean, clean up operation to continue. this is the narrative on cassock state television, around the clock operation to catch or kill up the 20000 so called terrorists, responsible for the recent unrest with seizures of weapons and hard liquor. regretfully, peaceful demonstrations in almighty, in some other regions were hi jag, by perpetrators and both local and external terrorist groups. speaking foreign languages there, which slow new so missiles. needless to back, those claims,
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state media, broadcast of foreign nationals, public confession. he says he's unemployed. and from kyrgyzstan, who accepted from unknown persons, the equivalent of $200.00 and a plane ticket to fly to al marty and take part in the violence. but it's fiction. the man is victrum rosa horn of a celebrated jazz pianist with $27000.00 fans on instagram. finally, governor, we are expressing out outraged that the cadillac special services in government are manipulating the cast people. and showing key gets people as enemies with, you know, if this really bad them to say we're shocked about, didn't that we graham is well known. well, what about the people are not so well known. some mark won't
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be officially more than 5000 people have been detained. worry there could be torture, use gets them, but also they should be need to be given access to lawyers. relatives should be able to visit them. there should be people should know where they are. who is in detention where this is vital because expand to have some sort of shred here, but with its human rights commitment as much as if i call the king. so sorry, he said there was a crime released. they say he traveled to matthew with his mother for music performance. they may well be evidence, criminal groups were involved in the violence. the catholic charities appear to have chosen the wrong man to build that case. well, we are hearing from the kid gets media reports that the cream roots a corner of the jazz musician in that report is going to be released,
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but no official confirmation yet that he's been seen back in cag, if. but what it proves or demonstrates is that there are questions to be asked about the operation and about the official method narrative we're hearing from because i call thirty's. and, and the people want to say, well, how many other people among those 8000 that has been arrested, just ordinary people like the crime rosa who love? well, there are plenty of moving parts of the story. we appreciate the update robin garcia, walk in tbilisi for us. ok, let's bring in marie struthers amnesty international director for eastern europe and central agency joins as live now from london. hello, emory. thanks for joining us on the news. our we've heard from our correspondence about what the president had to say this morning. he's talking about a large scale counter terrorism operation. what you make of this blanket use of the
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word terrorist and all of this. this is a little song book being said. again, context on how to send some of the change in prism its political opposition. blogger, journal effectiveness for using these counter terrorism. an extra large and very broad and vague, whatsoever. it's deeply concerning this, of course, if you course on the says, there are, according to the ministry of the interior, a close to a 1000 people to change now in color were very concerned about or the child that they have access to a lawyer or a choice as soon as possible, but i'm afraid that what we've seen so far doesn't point to to a very good future. i'm in touch with a blog or a satirical longer,
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who are similar prosecutions were having the lighthearted jokes about the president several months ago. so really it has expanded a reporter was citing one of who wants to hang on to any human rights petition. it's not to make sure that the, both of the chain to have access to a fair trial and that the government start lane in the media and human life determined behind this gender much protest one that started as a peaceful one, but then turn and then we've heard also from the president, he's made the announcement of a new government tomorrow. do you think that will quell the public's discontent? is that enough? i don't think the public content or will be well until justice is wrong to those who have been detained, perhaps killed. there are many reports,
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as you might know, of people protested having the gun down in the street and we should days and you're probably aware actually that the president gave them organ without warning. while trying to maci meaning worries. one is never supposed to open fire without wanting unless it low enforcement officers. i agree with the nice thing and danger or those close to them. so that's really recipe for disaster. and as i said, the president also and support inside says to me, this is also part of a well known song in the region, blaming color way through the lucian's which are actually the people process for people to ask for that to leverage and then to production the trickle down of
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benefits, some of the oil, you gosh, which stayed away from a small, political and economic to the country. people. and among those security forces is russia or russians. what are the ramifications of russians continued involvement in the situation and cause it's done? i think very worried some i keep saying expression, this is some interest songs sheet. we've seen russia support either economic charity or on media terms, situation in better roof and in crane. not to speak about the current build up or rushing through some change border, and that hasn't been good as, as, as you can see either for an eastern project, ukraine, according to information we received. some of those numbers from russia are heading, others, collect the security group. the military group have worked extensively in chechnya,
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and we've seen many, many trustees, unfortunately committed by russian troops in those regions. we're not seeing any evidence to date, of course, in cut back some, but it doesn't go well for teaching what we appreciate your insight. thank you very much, marie struthers amnesty international director for eastern europe and central asia . thanks for being on the new south. and during that meeting with cause, it stands late o rushes, president vladimir putin said. moscow will not allow revolutions in the region. russia's relationship with his neighbors. he's at the center of talks in geneva, us and russian diplomats. i kick starting a wake of diplomacy aimed at di escalating the crisis on ukraine's border. moscow has spent the last few months and building up its forces on ukraine's eastern flank, rising fees about an invasion. both sides have already cautioned against a break through this week ahead of the talks,
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russia demanded guarantees. ukraine will not become part of a european military alliance. it also once nato, to reduce troops and weapons in eastern europe. the us and its allies have rejected a russian presidents hooton's demands as non status, but they say they are willing to discuss restricting military exercises and miss al deployments in the region. washington has threatened to impose tough sanctions if moscow invites its neva. u. s. rush relations are at their most tense since the cold war entered 3 decades ago. following developments, he's join a hell live for us in london. hello there, jonah, a critical moment for ukraine security. what's at stake in these talks? it is, undeniably the beginning of a crucial week in this increasingly 10 standoff between russia and the west, the united states and nato standing alongside ukraine and trying to prevent an invasion of that country. it's a moment when western negotiators can start really to test the extent of russians
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intent. and for russia as us secretary of state antony blinking, pointed out to decide whether it, once confrontation or. ready diplomacy? well the diplomacy gets under way in geneva, on monday us russia talks, as you outlined there they have is their starting point. this draft treaty presented by the russians to the u. s. a. nato containing a sway. the demands that the u. s. se would fundamentally alter the security infrastructure of europe. therefore, not surprisingly, the sort of headline demands have been ruled out. crucially, that demand for legal guarantees that ukraine will never become a member of nato. there are some points of potential agreement in any future deal that 2 sides might make to do with missile deployments and military exercises in close proximity to one another. but all of that ranks far, far below. what president putin really wants to achieve here,
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which is to ensure that ukraine remains exclusively within russia's sphere of influence, as he would see, it happen. that's not going to be given away. and therefore, there aren't great expectations of success of an agreement here. it may will fail in acrimony, but the hope will be that this is an opportunity to exchange views, to exchange concerns. and i think if you find at the end of this day, and at the end of this week that russia is still holding firmly to this idea of wanting legal guarantees of ukraine. well, that would be assigned or taken as a sign that really, president putin has no intention of these talk succeeding and would rather use them potentially as a pretext for war. okay, we'll make sure and keep us across those developments. john hall live for us in london. the nato military lines is set to hold its own talks with russia on wednesday and ahead of those discussion secretary general yann's stone burg again
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warned moscow about its trip. build them, rushes, military buildup continuous with pencil houses over combat, read the troops or with the have the capabilities on friday night thought foreign ministers called again russia to remove its forces from ukraine on them from your boarders. demonstrate transparency on the escalate. any further aggression against ukraine would come up a high political on economy price. plenty more ahead on this news hour, including the west african regional block, unveils new sanctions on molly will tell you what they mean for the region. the dutch government is about to be sworn in after almost 10 months of coalition tool. and it's a wild finish to the nfl regular season. joe will have the best of the action
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coming up in sports. ah, tennis diane nowak joke of ej, has won a court battle to stay in australia following his visa cancellation, but the immigration minister could still intervene. there's a large police presence outside his lawyers office in melbourne. chuck of edge wants to compete and defend his title in the australian open at next week. the decision of the delegate to cancel the applicant, temporary activity subclass 408. these are made on 6 january 2020, to be caution to the respondent, tie the applicant cost packet, including any reserve cost bracket, comma as agreed or assist. 3. the respondent is to take all the necessary
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steps to cause, colon you line $3.00, the applicant to be released immediately and forthwith from immigration, detention. these alive pitches on the straits of melvin's cbd, of joker, which is supportive gathering. ma'am. that welcomes the court's decision. but some say it doesn't rectify the government handling of the situation with no one with the with the work freedom sarah clock is following the case from brisbin estrella. hello there. say, i mean this is the story that just keeps on giving. once the latest out of melvin tonight will we all seen is extraordinary scenes of the
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supporters surrounding this black car, which we believe holds a jock of it, which is leaving his lawyers. offices are in central melvena and extraordinary st. lots of supporters and they support that not just in australia and they've been surrounding the federal court all day awaiting this decision. but we're also seeing a lot of support, obviously coming from serbia, the front pages of the paper. there are supporting this decision to overturn the visa revocation. so we've had a long day of some twists, many a german and of course a number of technical gaffes with this particular case with tens of thousands of people tuning to watch and listen to this hearing. now the judge, i've a turn the decision by the federal government to withdraw his visa, as i described, the case as being unreasonable. now this isn't the end of the sag, or i should note this to the decision has been overturned. the passport has been returned and they've also he requested or demanded the joke of which be immediately released from that hotel detention where he's been for 5 or so days. but the
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government still can hold or holds reserves, the power to once again cancel this visa. so the visa has been returned, but the government said they still have the right to cancel this 2nd visa. and they're basically saying that the immigration minister reserves the power to still be able to remove dr. bitch from australia. so the saga certainly isn't over yet, but we're seeing extraordinary scenes, a joyous scenes from the supporters. but the federal government hasn't ruled out taking the next steps which we expect to develop in the next 24 hours. okay, so what does this all mean going forward? ahead of the astronomy and open but just so happens at this decision on monday evening to wait for basically, for the return his visa at a job which is does actually make the deadline for the australian tournament at which ends tomorrow on tuesday. so it's good news for him, but again, we're all waiting to see what the federal government does do. does do we've heard
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a in the court today from christopher tran who's been representing the australian government that the immigration minister who was privy to the court hearing on monday. and the immigration minister can still intervene. and the scenes that were seeing at the moment in melbourne, there's been some unconfirmed reports that potentially the government could re arrest or certainly detain a joke of it on monday evening or in a bid to try and once again revoke that 2nd visa, which has just been issued by judge kelly in the federal court. so it is an ongoing saga. and of course, the fight is not over yet because the government will be also pushing to uphold these very tough a border restrictions and covered restrictions which have been in place of the last 2 years. and i'll be fighting to, to uphold that. and again, the brain, so read and stated there warning in the federal court on tuesday that they could still take the next step which be were revoking that visa, which has just been returned to the world level one men's tennis us star champion.
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it certainly is a mess on a global stage, and we have a huge survey in as sterling community, so we will watch this face. thank you for the update sarah clark. they're a call to me and mom has convicted, asked and later on. sun sued she on 3 criminal charges she's been sentenced to forty's in jour. fritchie was on trial for illegally possessing walkie talkies and breaking corona virus restrictions. human rights watch has called the changes again, food. she bogus and politically motivated. they're trying to pile up charges against her, make sure that she never gets out. i think they want to hold her indefinitely. they see her as a paramount political threat to their efforts to try to get control of the country . and they're going to throw every charge they can against her. you know there's, there's no shame. it is a kangaroo court that is proceeding in may be door against her. and we're going to see more of these convictions going forward. tony chang is selling the story from
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that bank car. hello there. tiny. what's been the reaction to this light has sentence i think to a certain extent, outraged that these charges have been that she's been found guilty on these challenges that were quite clearly trumped up. and yet, i think this is very much the expected outcome we for, it's already seen her sentence to 2 years for covert related charges. these extra 3 charges are just a part of a whole sequences, sequencing of sentences that she faces in the next couple of months. i think it's very clearly designed by the military and her to get her out of the way. and it's very predictable that the, the walkie talkie charge in particular, i think his course a lot of outrage sees for walkie talkies, which were held by her body guards. who put in place by the interior ministry. which very clearly, under the 2008 constitution is under the control of the military government. so in
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effect, the military should have been investigating themselves. there are a number of flaws in the case, like when, when they found these will, he took his, they didn't have a warrant to search our residents, but i don't think that's going to be of any serious consequence. there may be an appeal process, but given the conditions under which this trial has taken place, it's unlikely to make any difference at all. and all this comes tiny as air strikes were carried out by the military. what more do you know about that attack? yeah, those are ongoing strikes which sir started on friday in the capital of kaya stayed loyal gore, we understand continued over the weekend, attacks of some severity evolving attack helicopters and jet fighters and from sources on the ground. i understand that many of these cities population have fled seeking sanctuary. some good moving towards the tire borders, others up into shan state. but according to some reports that between 30 and 50000
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people. and the other problem with that is it comes as hon soon. cambodian prime minister was in napier door speaking to the senior general men on lie who had assured him that there was a cease fire in place until the end of february that the military government said they were in fact extended until the end of february. while he was saying that his jet planes were undertaking these attacks, which i think is embarrassing for her and son who had gone there very much as a piece m boy for our psion. but also it illustrates just in the extent to which the generals are prepared to say something to the outside world, while doing something completely different within their own boundaries and assuming that they can get away with it into thank you for breaking it down for as tiny chang live for us in a bank hoc. all right, let's take a look at who unsung sued. she is, her sentence could mark an end to a woman who was once regarded as
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a symbol of paste resistance in the face of oppression. sir che spent 15 years under house arrest for challenging the army generals who ruled me in mount for decades. in 1991 while still under house arrest, she was awarded the nobel peace prize. 5 years after her release sued cheese n l day party won the 2015 general election. she assumed de facto leadership of me and my as the constitution bought her from becoming president in 2020 the an hour day party won the elections with the lance. i'm majority, but me in mass military disputed the results climbing election fraud. the military seized power in february last year and arrested sushi, the coo, triggered at nationwide demonstrations for more analysis slips, bringing that debbie south. i'd who is the founder of the alternative asian network for burma. it works to support human rights and democracy in the m that she joins us from bangkok. hello there, debbie, thanks for being on this news. our. these latest convictions will no doubt deepen
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this nation wide discontent. what has the reaction been there? i think there's really a huge amount of domestic outrage, although most people did expect that on thanks who she will be sentenced or will be subjected to further jail sentences. but i think what was shocking was that the, who in duck controlled court actually posed these sanctions barely 40 hours after who since controversial visit. this is me who said the chair ikea and asked him itself a laughingstock. how can it just returning to more of the public's reaction? how can the public protest given the correct crack down? will we be seeing tactics like the banging of pots and pans to showing ango, which we've seen in the past. what we've seen over this whole weekend, and probably all of this week is the continuing continuing process. and what people are doing, the site is banging pots and pans, which they've been arrested,
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is also what we call slash marks, and lightnings. what we call lightning strikes, where people all over the country has actually gone out on the streets to wave bennett. and some places which were being bombed, people actually having what they call in the strike, where they actually showed up and post the cell fees of them. so holding protests in their homes, if the heat from bomb attacks certainly is a frightening situation. there's this understanding those searches to time it is politically motivated. so what does the future hold to the struggle for democracy in me and man this summer will go on. there's been a whole wave of new activism and new young leaders coming up incredibly brave and incredibly progressive. let's not forget that. in the month of december we saw a blue again and the official more than 20. no, the officials were sentenced to the gym. so we do need to understand that shutting
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down the, the not the end of the movement, in fact, this movement is stronger than as well. okay, we appreciate that positive note to end on. thank you very much. debbie still side, the founder of the alternative a network comes in still ahead on al jazeera victory, venezuela's opposition in the battle for rainy days. this is pe, hold with moment to find out what caused a deadly apartment fire in the house of new york city. and there's monkey business on the ice in the n h l and the joe will tell you what that's all about in sport. ah
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hello, good to see you at the start of a new work week. here's your forecasts for europe in africa, monday, january the 10th. we've got some driving brain for northern sections of spain, a, some snow for the parent ease, and a red warning in play for the threat of extreme flooding into the south of france. if we go to italy right now, some showers, rain, the potential of thunderstorms for southern areas. the boar wind is back for croatia, so we could see wind gusts here of up to a 140 kilometers per hour. then a shield of snow belgrade, sorry evo, sophia christina rate in to skokie. in the zone. we could see anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00 centimeters of smell, a disturbance in the eastern med, it's chuck and rain around all sides. so the northeast of libya through greece, a southern sections of turkey and cypress. we've got some drenching rain to be expected here after northwestern europe. right now, some showers for britain and ireland. i think rain more for scotland. and temperature is a bit lower here than they have been over the last few days,
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but they're going to pop up as we head toward tuesday. all of that act of weather in the mediterranean given us wide in windy conditions for the northeast of algeria . northern tunisia until the northeast of libya. so been ghazi, you have the threat of seen some flooding on monday. that's a look at your weather will see again soon. ah, ah. the silence has been distinct. beneath this edith ah, is one of scandinavia largest iron or deposits and it's driving a wedge between those seeking wealth and those defending their way of life. gallop, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah,
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ah, ah ah ah, ah, ah, ah, hello, you're watching. i was 0. i'm emily angland, a reminder of our top stories this alum cassock, president cuss him, germonti kaya has described days of anti government protests as an attempted. coon
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more than 160 people were killed and almost 8000 others detained. to kai of says hill, a mountain you government line up on tuesday. rush is relationship with its neighbors is at the center of talks in geneva, same u. u. s. and russian officials ave to discuss the military build up around ukraine . washington has threatened to impose tough sanctions if moscow in bay for its neighbor and tennis. don novak jokers, which has won a court battle to stay in australia following his visa cancellation, he's alive, pitches out of melbourne. the tennis time has been released from immigration detention, and plans to compete in the astronomy in open in a week. the immigration minister could still into vain. molly has condemned what it's described as a legal sanctions imposed by west african regional leaders. eco was announced, a range of economic and phlegmatic measures that came after molly's military rule is said they would stay in power for 4 more years. instead of holding an election
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next month, as promised. victoria gate and b explains west africa's regional alliance equity meeting in the gone and capital aqua. the issue being discussed what if any new sanctions should be imposed on molly? because of delays to its democratic transition. equis chairman and president of garner made his view clear in his opening statement. it is my expectation that we will take the appropriate decision that will advise the future molly and our community, national regional and international spiegel all away jim. the result of our meeting . the leaders announced a raft of new sanctions on molly, including buddha closures, suspending financial transactions and withdrawing their ambassadors. the measures are in response to molly's military leaders saying they plan to stay in power for 4 more years. instead of holding elections next month, love rural garcia,
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i'm glad you did that. i saw sank up as much as we are aware of the complexity of the situation in this country. we are convinced that old political, economic and social reforms aimed of rebuilding of molly could only be carried out by democratically elected authorities. when gingerly to colonel, a semi glitter was swooning. last july, following 2 military coups in less than a year. he sought to unite mullins and promised presidential elections would be held this year. but then 2 weeks ago, conference charged with recommending an election time table said the pole should be delayed by between 6 months and 5 years. echo us is already imposed sanctions of molly and officials. so will a new round make any difference, some analysts or skeptical. so how would our thoughts request his lead as would i view the batch more nuanced engaged approach ah, with the 1000000 leaders. i'm not too sure and to plenty on this,
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but especially as we re re, jim is going to be very successful. molly's leaders selections can't be held next month because of security concerns. they also want time to draft a new constitution and put it before voters in a referendum. echo us as the delays or an acceptable. it's activated it stand by force and says it will be ready for any eventuality. victoria gay to be al jazeera . ok, let's bring in gamma. damn a guy who is live for us in casablanca, he's a single is journalist, and a for my director of information at ico was thanks for being on this news. our. what's your reaction to imposing of sanctions has been condemned by molly's military government and it's now threatened to close its land borders. so our sanctions, the answer no, they are not the hello and the government was prompt to just to the to reject them and to population. not only in monument across africa, customs,
1:37 pm
the price by just extra c. a was looted with champions in brock, seen. talk us, you can do, or country leaders will close their eyes. one of the neighboring country of money was a listing and getting people in money for coating for democratization, a n b a. i think what happened? you know, who should on there? not really. the champion, the cost of the car, they want to be and it should be made with grace for the problem. does it sort of mean the problem that i'll really protect it and in model it's obviously something you are very passionate about adama. so this is all really about restoring molly to civilian rule. she think that is now looking more and more
1:38 pm
unlikely. good. the problem is the, it was a decision made by leaders themselves in an autonomous, we wouldn't accept the see an effort like african leaders, 201 problem. but we know that the thing has been masterminded by france, who for support managed to bring the francophone companies under the regional group we, which is one of the group we didn't go us to make this decision. and the 1st is that big for bringing a was to body get. so this will bring a lift within the, a west grouping. also the problem with race, economic and security challenges, not only within money, but across the region. there is a war across my the book you have for so yet even nigeria, why in the kitchen, can you on media show?
1:39 pm
because what was put on the table by the money was not something that i wrote, but it was something that was a proposal. a 5 years proposal, you could have come with 2 years, one and a half year negotiation. the name of the game, even in each of the way the government tried to force itself against the degree in or even around with. they are trying and it was a big united nations to negotiate. but these african west african leaders were not democrats puppets of come up with kind of solutions that we don't have money. i think it's a very, very serious blunder. and somehow it raises the prospect of an echo of losing relevancy in or not. because even the president of nigeria, the most powerful individual representing most g u, p,
1:40 pm
or the 40 in other countries and not the is a way of indicating that it was the decision made by the yesterday and in the mean and put them in the window. the assumptions they go in, the war choice is a blunder made by the course and the population, the people of africa. now a, okay, well, we appreciate your insights as always. adama gaia live for us in casablanca. thank you for your perspective. ladies in somalia have reached a deal to complain to parliamentary elections by february 25th. the votes been delayed for months, threatening the countries debility relations between president ma hm. and it from my jo and prime minister mohammed rebel, tens for my job, suspend, adorable. last month, but he's refused to sit down and accuses the president of violating the constitution. the opposition in venezuela is celebrating an election when one of
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the biggest strongholds of the ruling socialist party in a re run vote opposition challenger. sergio garrett obeyed jorge arissa to become a governor of berwin estates. it's the birthplace of the late president hugo chavez, and ruled by his party for the past 22 years to raise up our reports, disbelief and joy at the opposition headquarters in the state of readiness. people celebrated and to lead at night. the victory of the opposition candidate over that of the ruling socialist party in the home state of venice willis, former president award chavez o mooney elected governor said hilary jo said, but he never made history on sunday morning. surely the world has its eyes on burritos and we can show with strength and unity what we have achieved. we surpassed adversity in spite of the obstacles we encountered. i want to recognize the brave people of burritos. for the ruling socialist party won in mo,
1:42 pm
stay doing local elections last november. but this is the 2nd time people headed to the polls to elect local authorities in body. next, after another opposition candidate was disqualified by the country's highest court . and the re run was announced for january 9th, buddy nessie st. crucial state for the socialist party. it's the birthplace of all chevys and has been run by his family for over 20 years. you'll see my little government picked for my foreign minister, jorge arissa as the socialist candidate, and deployed more than 24000 security personnel to secure the elections. people in venezuela are going through a devastating economic crisis. 5000000 people have left the country and most of those who state are struggling with inflation and poverty is terminal john doe. we are fighting, not just for a change him governor, but also for a fundamental change in breanna society. venezuelan society, after the death of commander travers things have become chaotic. the government of
1:43 pm
nicola, my lauder is under pressure by the international community to guarantee free elections . and any say, sundays vote could be a turning point. if you do guessing up at a very the government has invested so much in this election, all their power was in, but in us losing it could inspire voters to go to the opposition and to stop believing that through elections, there could be change that of and were years away from the presidential elections, but this may definitely help them and the years ahead. oh to your position. the result is a significant victory. but he's still a long way from winning the presidential seat. it is. i will answer cedar and you don't. government has been sworn in nearly 10 months after parliamentary elections. a coalition was announced in december after the longest negotiations in the country's history. 273 days. it faces the immediate task of deciding where the high numbers of all mc han cases mean. it should extend europe's toughest coven 19
1:44 pm
restrictions from on the story. let's bring instep vass in who's lived for us in the hague. hello there, step. it's been almost a year and finally a resolution. so what can we expect from this new government? exactly, nearly a year than atlanta has had this caretaker government after the previous government had to step down amidst a child care benefit scandal. so the longest negotiations since in history basically basically have taken place since the elections has been nearly 300 days now. now this government is being sworn then right behind me at the palace in the hague. the main issue here is that the main that the prime minister is going to be the same. and a for coalition partners from the previous government are still ed the government today. menaces are also, many of them are the same, some half for have moved around to have different positions, but they're still very much
1:45 pm
a similar cabinet as the netherlands had before. so the main question is, what change can they bring? and also the pandemic, of course, has been raving really heart hair in the madeleine. so one of the issues is, can this trust be restored or that happened during this political crisis. but also during this pandemic, and one of the other issues step is that the netherlands is the only country in europe, which has had this really incredibly strict locked down and still hi infection, right sir. how this new government handle the pandemic? ah, well, that's also a big question because the government has been criticized for not having a vision here, a strategy during this coven, than that may get in the last 2 years. the knowledge was also quite later, with the fact to nation policies. there is a stricter lockdown in place in the netherlands compared to other european countries. one of the reasons for that is that the boost the campaign was also very late to start. so there's a lot of it needs here for a, for a vision for
1:46 pm
a strategy. it's a minister of health and there's some hope that he might bring some changes here. but it's also a lot of for a set in skepticism or for this new government. will there actually be the change that the country needs okay. will keep us posted as to how things develop. thank you very much to fasten live for us in the hank. at least 19 people including children, have died after 5 toll through a high rise building in new york. dozens were taken to hospital after suffering, smoke, inhalation, and other injuries during the blaze in the bronx. at least 200 firefighters worked to contain the blaze, and many as still at the same units arrived here this morning. within 3 minutes of the pool of wire was in a duplex supports brand floors to include. they were met in the hallway, which is for very small where we had require units pushed in this small to
1:47 pm
extend the entire high with unusual members victims or to steer where they were taking them out. cardiac and respiratory roast still had done al jazeera sevien tennis ban, celebrating novak jokers, which is called victor in australia, will cross life to melvin for more in sports. ah, [000:00:00;00]
1:48 pm
with mm pool hulu. ah,
1:49 pm
it's been a busy day in sport, he's j. emily. thank you very much, was been hearing of chuck, of which has won his court case against his australian visa cancellation at least for now. well, it's best tennis player has been released from detention. these are pictures of what we think is the 20 time grand slam champion, being driven away from his law teams offices, surrounded by his supporters, but lawyers for the government and say the minister of immigration can still use his personal powers to cancel joke which his visa let's go straight to melbourne now and speak to 7 user port blake johnson blake. how did joke of it when this case? hello to you. so the judge in the federal court did i decided dr. border, false officials at no one. i did not give mister joker beach not time to consider his options when i detained him in the very early hours of thursday morning, given it was 4 o'clock in the morning. locally. they said he had 20 minutes to make up his mind or you're out of the country. we can't see a reason or you go to immigration detention. he asked for just
1:50 pm
a couple of extra hours to speak to tennis, his trailer, and he's lawyers, initially that was granted, but a shift change by the board of holes officials. so those rules were megs and he was forced to make a very quick decision in the end that was enough, the judge decided that basic cancellation should itself, we cancelled. what can you tell us about where jokers, which is at the moment it seems to be a little bit of a gray area. do we know that he's that she left that that law firm office. so i be a good question. mom wasn't always a joke. cheese or westminster, i always seem to have some problems there with saw communications with blake. we'll try and bring him back a little bit later on. but we'll move on now because 2 heavy weights of african foot, we'll go head to head in group. see as morocco take on gone a little bit late to morocco are beaten, and qualifying and looking to end their 46 year wait for a 2nd continental crown,
1:51 pm
or full time champions gonna last to algeria and a friendly before traveling to the tournament. for the captain, his confidence in his side, fighting spirit. we didn't go to a games in the group. so normally be one to see us on mobiles about where to get to get out of the termination hunger to try to prove that when i remember to whatever happens day to day. and there are 2 other games taking place on monday. guinea kickoff against malory at $1600.00 gmc and the final game of the day sees debutantes cameras up against gabon arsenal. strike happier america bombing young is one a fork upon players missing with corona virus. we'll let's go back now to blake johnson. we've managed to reestablish our communications with him. 7 news reports of their blake. you were talking to us just a minute ago about where joke of it is. can you and lighten us a bit further?
1:52 pm
yes, so he spent the afternoon at his lawyers office in the city. there was a 4 hour window on which the immigration mister, he could cancel his razor on discretionary rounds that hasn't happened to not so for the time being rich, the joker beach is a free man. however, that decision by the immigration minister could in fact be made to morrow. keeping in mind cruel this, that my bad joke of it still hasn't set aside the boat inch requirements that insist on people being double vaccinated against harvard being i was having a previous racing infection for cobra. non tang was enough for him to get an exemption to play the tournament, but not enough to play or to enter the country side. it remains the same what the federal government will do here. blake, finally, what to audrey? us. trillions make if this court's decision in this whole situation with joked edge, it's been a while abroad. let me tell you, when he announced earlier this week that he was coming to australia on a vaccine exemption that did not go down particularly well. and the country has followed with great interest the last 4 knots of his immigration detention. i think
1:53 pm
the wides, panning out is not particularly savory for everybody involved. the federal government, the state government, tennis estrella and know that chocolate which they had seems to be some serious mistakes or at least miscommunications might. and it's left, you know, one of the world's best tennis buys in limbo essentially. and now it's sort of falling between the cracks legally, and he could probably argue ethically as well. so i think the court of public opinion is quite split here. if he's allowed out to play, be very interesting to see the response he gets when he gets into court next week of interest. has there been any response from the joke of each camp and other players since this decision was made earlier? there has, i'm from his parents in belgrade, serbia, there was a missional report sit no joke, which had been arrested in knob. and those are untrue. ah, there was a heavy police presence outside the office of his lawyers and led people to believe that he might have been in a spot of immediate trouble. that's not so much the case. i know his brother hasn't spoken in serbia displaying
1:54 pm
a very sad moment to the family. i think that would probably be a little relieved to not but then again, there's no guarantee that he can play tennis tournament directors need to make the final call tomorrow. keep in mind its at 945-4955 at night side is not much time left for a tennis rally buses to finalize the drawer and it'd be a nightmare for them if they draw card player was not available. he spent those 4 days in the detention hotel. how do you think that will have affected his preparations when it comes to defending his title? albert can't be good. the hotel has been well publicized that it's not particularly glamorous. he's had trouble with the food has requested that the shift you know, makes micah meals appropriate to his dietary requirements. you saw him taken in refugees that i can time in may have complained about it for a while. so when you're a week out from a grand slam, i kind of mentioned that would be particularly good, but a strong imply material sit down the other day. he would not want to fight another
1:55 pm
joke of each in the 1st round or 2 of the assignment. i've been because he'll be fired up. i'm sure he will be blake blake johnson there from 7 years melvin. thank you very much for joining us. what just time for one last story is pretty common for an n h l team to welcome a special guest to the ice for the ceremonial puck drop. but the anaheim ducks took it to another level on sunday, bring in a monkey for the moment. the los angeles angels rally mascot skipped the monkey business and did a swift job of delivering the puck to the 2 captains. the ducks went on to beat the detroit red wings for 3 in issue towns was pretty cute, isn't it? emily? thank you very much, joe. all right, before we go, we have a story about this, these golden globes which have turned dark for the 1st time in dickens. the usually star started event wasn't broadcast, live a public relations crisis took the event completely offline. reynolds reports on
1:56 pm
how the globes last fair lustre the glitter and glamour of the golden globes, the hollywood foreign press associations annual awards blow out was one of the film world's favorite events. until that is an enormous controversy blew up over the h. f. p. a's near total lack of racial diversity and questionable ethical behavior among its members that sent alias stars, fleeing sponsors, opting out and it's broadcast or dropping the ceremony like a hot rock. so for 2022, no red carpet, no celebrity audience, no host, no tv show and not even an internet live stream. pardon me, feel so bad for them because they can't quite seem to get on the right foot. make it as james ralph say they can't get on the good. you know what? i me the h f e a has announced changes including expanding its membership, just like the academy of motion pictures did after the oscar. so white outrage in
1:57 pm
2015 with studios including warner media, netflix and amazon cutting ties. some in the industry think the organizations days are numbered. there's been so much damage to the organizations, reputation in the membership and this and that, that i'm not so sure they can recover from this. as for the awards themselves, the power of the dog, one best picture, drama, close and place out here, p. place again, sweet whole kidman in being the ricardo is one best actress. sorry. i got lost for a 2nd hand. the best actor in a drama award went to will spin for his role in king richard marquis 3 golden globes. non ceremony which happened at this wacky hotel behind me was more bad news for the film industry is traditional business model. with a new survey showing nearly half of all pre pandemic moviegoers,
1:58 pm
and not buying tickets anymore. and some of them will be staying home for good. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. and that's it semi emily anglin, seduce me, is our but don't go anywhere. mich clock will have more of today's news shortly. you can stab today by visiting our website out there to say with mm hm. with frank assessments, this gracious continue to weaken luca shan club, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning that it will expect for her informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from
1:59 pm
their young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think i should be facilitated? not choke it, right. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a tough swans that inside story on al jazeera. this one's feared war lord, during liberia's decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy he has done with treat children, has attracted their help like senator b as protected in effect from public prosecution. despite the recommendation is made by the truth and reconciliation. permission for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country. we're told technology can help tackle the spread of coven
2:00 pm
19. but all tech solutions, the best solutions you're starting, something that seems like it's in public, very quickly becomes about measuring people what data is being collected. where is it being for it? poly re looks at the limits of traffic and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues. we face truck it when tech tools go viral. episode 3 of all hail the locked down on al jazeera. ah, because the president calls days of anti government violence and attempted cue and says he will announce a new government on tuesday. ah, at 11 o'clock this is al 0 life. also coming up us said russian diplomats meets in


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