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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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ah ah, the catholic president calls days of anti government violence and attempted to and says he will announce a new government on tuesday. ah, i'm nicholas this is al 0 live from to also coming up a legal victory for tennis down there by duke of h. a court rules that he should be released from detention and its fees are reinstated to play in the australian open. their mouths asked to lead to ang santucci, found guilty. she now faces an additional 4 years in jail. no red carpet,
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no stars, and no audience. the golden glow, when is announced on social media, will tell you why. said the president, cuz it's don as described days of anti government protest as an attempt to crew chasm. jemma ta give also says hill, announced a new government line upon tuesday. russia's president vladimir putin says peacekeeping troops sent to quell the violence in the former soviet state will stay until the situation in his words, stabilize, is completely a place arrested almost 8000 demonstrators, angered by rising fuel prices and authoritarian rule. it's cost life to robin forest, a walker, who's into play c, a ga, monitoring the situation because it's dawn and robin the president was speaking at an emergency meeting with vladimir putin. tell us more about what was said.
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well, it looks very much like a double act with talk i have talking about the attempted coup that took place within the country is claimed. and vladimir putin backing him up by saying that color revolutions would not be allowed to be repeated. the color revelation would not be allowed to take place in catholics. and that's why the c s t o military contingent is that, that's a reference to those revolutions which took place in ukraine and here in georgia, and also in kick storm, where a large scale protests brought down and unpopular or storage area and governments. so if it, you know, in a sense vladimir putin showing he is given, he's backing very much to president. so kind of and he said that the mission would, would, would,
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would only withdraw once once its mission was complete. we have confirmation. now, originally we were told that they were going to be $3600.00 troops on the ground with at the moment that slightly less, 2030 personnel on the ground most have been russian. special russian trained russian forces russian troops and tell us more about the broader situation on the ground across the country now. well, given the anti terror operation, clean of operation that's been going on. now. we understand that as you mentioned, something like 8000 people in detention. i mean that is a huge number. when you, you consider that the president took, i have to say that 20000 terrorists, you call them o bandit with foreign funding and foreign support were had been able to take hold
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of 9 regional centers including out marty. and their, their aim was ultimately to take the capital and to, to bring down the government here. and that, that is that narrative. of course, a lot of questions being asked, where is the real evidence that these terrorist groups were operating? how come if it's true, they were able to, to carry out their plans without any anybody becoming aware of them and stopping, stopping, what happened? but this is the narrative. it's a familiar one, ready to come from these kinds of authoritarian states in, in this, in this part of the world and central asia, the external forces were to blame without so far, any real shred of evidence to prove that this is indeed what was going on instead, a lot of comments, a lot of people think that perhaps this was more an internal affair and in an elite
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power struggle for control of catholic stop. or i will, even if a mon, to run the 1st year will cover putting for me to be seen george on the situation. and because it's done well during that meeting with because he does need to rush as president vladimir putin said, as robin was just talking about moscow will not allow revolutions in the region. russia relationship with his neighbors is at the center of talks in geneva, seen us and russian officials of air to discuss the ministry filled up around ukraine. washington and its lines of threatened to impose tough sanctions. if moscow invaded neighbor rosters, demanding guarantees that ukraine will not become part of a european military alliance. we're going to listen to their concerns. they'll listen to our concerns and we'll see if there grounds for progress, but to make actual progress. it's very hard to see that happening when there's an ongoing escalation. when russia has a gun to the head of ukraine with a 100000 troops near its borders,
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the possibility of doubling that on very short order. so if we're seeing the escalation, if we're seeing a reduction tensions that is the kind of environment in which we could make real progress. and again, address concerns, reasonable concerns on both sides. but i mean, some does not get to the same because the americans should get ready to reach a compromise. the russian side came here with a clear position containing a number of elements, not to my mind understandable and have been so clearly formulated, including at a high level that deviating from out approach is simply not possible. well, generally monitor inventors from london. the agenda is an important moment they see a crane. tell us more about what's at stake. well, in this increasingly 10 standoff between russia and the west, the u. s. a nato standing up effectively for ukraine and trying to prevent an invasion of that country. it is a critical moment. it is a moment when negotiate is can begin to test the real extent of russia's intent.
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here we heard earlier over the weekend from secretary of state antony blinking. you heard of it of him that he went on to say, look, it's a moment for russia to decide whether they want confrontation or diplomacy. and the diplomacy is now underway. it progresses through the week to take in nato and the o. s. c. but for the moment in geneva, it's us and russian negotiators at a senior level deputy secretary of state and deputy foreign minister level. they have, as a sort of starting point for these talks, if you like a text draft treaty presented by the russians that contains a slew of demands that the american se substantially affect the security infrastructure all the europe. and therefore, unsurprisingly, the key demands of already been rejected, ruled out, namely, legal guarantees that the russians would like to see. the crew will never become a member of nato. they want to see limits as well. and the numbers of us troops deployed on european soil. the west says no, there are points potentially,
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of some agreement, limiting missile deployments, limiting military exercises in proximity to one another. but these, frankly, for president putin are small in his state today of ensuring that ukraine remains firmly within russia's exclusive sphere of influence. now, no one is expecting immediate agreement here. these talks are likely to end in success at the end of the day, or even at the end of the week. it is an opportunity, like we'll hope to present each other's concerns. listen to each other's concerns. i think to find out what happens next. listen to the press conference at the end of the day today, listen to what's being said during the course of the week. if russia continues to hold steadfastly to this demand of security assurances of the ukraine future, which has already been made a firm red line by native of the u. s. well then, i think will be seen as
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a clue that the russians and president putin perhaps intend these talks to fail to be used instead, as a pretext for war. or jonathan about jenna hall reporting from london and australian court as a return the government's decision to cancel, never joker, which is visa. the tennis door has been released from immigration detention, meaning he can compete in this trailing open next week. his lawyers had argued he should be granted a vaccine exemption to enter australia because he'd been infected with a current of ours for the past 6 months. however, we should add the immigration minister could yet still intervene. the decision of the delegate to cancel the applicant, temporary activity, sub class 408. these are made on 6, january 2022. the cost to the respondent pay the applicant cost bracket, including any reserve cost bracket commer as a grade or assist $3.00. the respondent is to take all necessary steps to
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cause column. you line 3 point one, the applicant to be released immediately. and forthwith from immigration detention, that's jones, or o'clock, is falling the case from brisbin in australia and tell us mold sarah, this is the end of it. and this certainly is a developing story. and just a couple of hours ago is when the federal court judge in melbourne decided or overturned the bees or revocation and demanded the joke of each be immediate release immediately released. and within half an hour of that decision, we've seen images now of jock of ritual. man, we believed to be joke of each being whisked out in a white car. and now we blay, the lightest development. as we, we've seen images of a large police presence around his lawyers office in melbourne, this suggestions unconfirmed reports. i should state that a joke of which may have been re arrested and bessy that's on the grounds that the immigration miss and now holds
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a reserves derived from the power to remove jock of it from a study that's despite the decision in the federal court on monday, and they have the right to cancel a 2nd visa, which has just been reissued. so it's certainly a story that is developing a, by the moment that the train is that the legal counsel representing at the federal government. he noted in court that the government will comply with orders, but a personal power of cancellation was still being considered. and throughout a mondays court hearing, it was a, a long hearing. but it was a full of various twists adjustments, some technical issues, but trans who's representing these training government had requested more time to put together they case. and the federal government on the weekend also requested that the hearing be adjourned to wednesday. sit because i needed more time to put their case together. so a's a developing story. the government does hold the right i'm according to the federal government, and immigration minister holds rock, missouri, the power out to remove a jock of it once again from australia. so to cancel that visa which has just been
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reinstated, there also reports that from jock of his father and serbia that he says his son has since been re arrested in the wake of his court decision. and the reaction has been global already. we've seen a people in savvy, the front pages of the, the newspapers rejoicing the fact that he's been released from the hotel detention where he was for the last 5 days. it was or had fans around the federal court in melbourne, rejoicing and greeting the news that this a decision had been overturned and his visa had been reinstated. but it is a developing story. and we get to see what the government does at the moment. as i said, unconfirmed reports that there's a lot police presence. number one at there, his law is office in melbourne, but potentially the government does have the right to revoke that visa. once again . all right, evidently, still an unfolding situation that sarah will be back with you as things developed thanks a lot. still had her an out 0. we have more on what you sanctions on molly will entail following a dispute with military leaders?
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elections. this is a, a rip big pain mold. i will find out what caused a deadly apartment for the heart of you sitting with hello. here's a look at your world whether and for the 1st time this season. tropical cyclone has made landfall on mainland australia. this is tiffany. it's starting to slow down right now. as him for northern areas of queensland, we could pick up to $350.00 millimeters of rain. but as it slows down that threats over the top and looking like maybe half a meter of rain, by the time it's all said and done, we've also got some drenching rain to be expected for southern areas of new south wales right into victoria. and for this southwest purse up to 37 degrees. not good
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news. when you consider western australia has been part there is also a tropical cyclone wobbling in between new caledonia and fiji below. get all the rain. it's wrapping around into fiji. so the risk of flooding there also a flooding risk per se, asia in particular, southern sumatra rate across java. and same goes into borneo on tuesday. go the ski hills and resorts will likely be busy in japan. again, as this weather maker moves in snow over the higher ground, we've got some showers for tokyo with a high of 8 degrees. but look at this. it's also drying in a lot of cold air. so sol at minus 4, but you've got a blustery northwest wind. you're certainly going to feel that on tuesday that your weather update will see again soon. ah, from the al jazeera london centre t special guests in conversation, this is the chance to start the revolution. unprompted, uninterrupted,
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we moved to do away with the word evil because it stops conversation. where should we get? i land to put on meet i asia. i can be. this is the beginning of friendship. this is the beginning of love. we're getting somewhere. we can really break through the barriers studio, be unscrew date on al jazeera lou . ah again you're watching out 0 reminder how top stories this and because like president cast up your monitor tucker live, has described days of anti government protests as an attempt to keep it says hill announced a new government lined up on tuesday. more than a 160 people were killed and almost 8000 others detained. russia's relationship
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with its neighbors is the center of talks in geneva seem the u. s. and russian officials are there to discuss the military build up around ukraine. washington has threatened to impose tough sanctions. if moscow invades its neighbor and its trailing corridors overturned, the government's decision to cancel know about job, which is visa, tennis dog has be released from immigration detention, and plans to compete and is fairly open in a week. but the immigration minister could still intervene according mamma has convicted, ousted lita ang santucci on 3 criminal charges. she's been sentenced to 4 years in jail. so she was on trial for legally possessing walkie talkies and breaking corona virus restrictions. human rights watch is called the charges against uci, bogus and politically motivated. they're trying to pile up charges against her the make sure that that she never gets out. i think they want to hold her indefinitely . they see her as a paramount political threat to their efforts to try to get control of the country
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and they're going to throw every charge they can against her. you know, there's, there's no shame. it is a kangaroo court that is proceeding in may be door against her. and we're going to see more of these convictions going forward. let's in our from tiny chang who's falling the story from bangkok. this is just 2 of the chances of a man, a large rafter charges she's facing her this particular centered on the possession of walkie talkies, illegal walkie talkies. the court alleged which i found in her house, when the military rated on the eve of the february, the 1st military coup. she was found guilty of possessing those, of importing them illegally. and of using them on illegal telecom's, frequences. if the charge which many people have questioned walkie talkies were in possession of her security detail who were appointed by the minute interior
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ministry, who according to man mars constitution had to be under the control of the army. so some appointed of the actually, the army should have been investigating itself, none the less, she has been found guilty 2 years for that and 2 years for breaking covered regulations. it's just one of many charges that she's facing, as i said. and i think the feeling is here that the court, presumably under the control of mia mars military genta is just going to stack on charges. she still faces more cases against her, which could amount 89 years in jail. and it's clear that with her success in elections, the military gender is just not going to feel secure if she is released again. so they may well intend to keep her in detention for the rest of her life. health care workers and people aged over 60 in india cannot receive a current of our us booster shop. the country reported its highest number of daily infections on monday. on the convention, fractions of behind the surge experts have warned upcoming religious gatherings
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could lead to a repeat of higher fraction seen last year of natal has more from you day. oh, this is one of the millions of most of those are being rows out in india as of now front line workers and people about 50 with underline health conditions are eligible to receive these 2 vaccine for this. the indian need after very hard for overseas and the home going vaccine calls. kovak says people are advised to get the same vaccine. they got the last time i didn't, they said that important for you to get vaccinated because the cases aim using and as it's a 0 hypertensive patient. so we don't want to take any time. i think the booster will be helpful in boosting because we were the 1st that you're working with us runs to get to the vaccine. the completed more 9 months. all of us have completed a month. and so i guess it makes sense for you guys to get the total jobs in india have now cross one and a half 1000000000 just last week. teams between 15 and 18 started getting there.
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those are, all of this comes as corbett, 19 cases, fuels by the omicron variant surge across the country, fronting many states to step up restrictions. authorities have also suspended election valley ahead of state falls. next month, no hospitalizations from coven 19 have remained relatively low, especially among the vaccinated. while most eligible people have received their 1st dose, many often to receive the 2nd. so bridging that gap and getting more people to be fully vaccinated is the big challenge and focus for the government. molly has condemned what it's described as a legal sanctions imposed by west african regional leaders that coerced announced a range of economic and diplomatic measures that came off to molly's military rulers, said they would stay in power for more years. instead of holding an election next month, this promised again b as this report,
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west africa is regional alliance equis meeting in the gwinnett capital across the issue being discussed. what if any new sanctions should be imposed on molly? because of delays to its democratic transition. equis chairman and president of gone and made his view clear in his opening statement. it is my expectation that we will take the appropriate decision that will advance the future molly and our community. nashville, regional, and international stay gold. all awaiting the result of our meeting. the lead is announced a raft of new sanctions on molly, including border closures, suspending financial transactions and withdrawing their ambassadors. the measures are in response to molly's military leaders saying they plan to stay in power for 4 more years. instead of holding elections next month, love rural garcia, i'm glad you did let i saw sank up as much as we are aware of the complexity of the situation in this country. we are convinced that all political,
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economic and social reforms aimed at rebuilding of molly could only be carried out by democratically elected authorities. when gingerly to colonel is timmy glitter was swooning. last july, following 2 military coups in less than a year, he sought to unite mullins and promised presidential elections would be held this year. but then 2 weeks ago, conference charged with recommending an election time table said the pole should be delayed by between 6 months and 5 years. echo us is already imposed sanctions of molly and officials. so will a new round make any difference, some analysts or skeptical. so i would have thought that request is lead as would i view the batch more nuanced engaged approach ah, with the my yeah. lead as i'm not too sure. and particularly on this. but as i, she has re, re, re, jim, is going to be very successful. molly's lead is selections can't be held next month
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because of security concerns. they also want time to draft a new constitution and put it before voters in a referendum. echo us as the delays are unacceptable. it's activated it stand by force and says it will be ready for any eventuality. victoria gay to be al jazeera, after 3 months of political unrest to rags, newly elected parliament has held its 1st session. mohammed al hood was, he was really the speaker, but the day was marked by tension and scuffles murmured afterward, has more from baghdad. the 1st session of iraq's newly elected parliament began with the ceremony, but quickly turned in an angry. it's 1st job was picking a speaker. a mother had 2 competing, she are blocks, the solder was to movement, and an iranian bagged coalition. each claim to have a parliamentary majority. at one point, the debate became so heated that this simple is temporary leader. memorial much had annie,
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had to leave the chamber to seek medical attention. eventually the former speaker mohammed al hel bossy was re elected along with deputy speakers from the southern us to movement and the kurdistan democratic party. but the day's events showed that little has changed since last october's elections. for we are the hold adequacy of the way political blocks and the parliament with an old rivalries. and ideologies and practices in mind indicates a lack of harmony and reflects a hostile message conveyed across under iraq spoofs saddam hussein constitution. the parliament now has 30 days to elect the country's new president who will then ask the assemblies largest to block to form a government. the speaker says he wants to do all this in just to have that time. but choosing a prime minister, it will be difficult because she, i cleared it, looked at the solder. and the iranian backed parties have such different agendas
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and sundays drama points toward an even more difficult time. when it comes to picking a cabinet, said, have wilma, committed to hardy, the losing parties are expected to take legal actions at the supreme court again shot and deployed the supporters to the streets died. but that will not change anything. what the iraqis have waited for long to see the new house of representatives in session, but some feared that real change may once again be derailed by sic terry and differences. some iraq, is it see the newly elected parliament as a chance to and corruption and begin a new era. but in a landscape market by uncertainty and political rivalry, it is not clear whether this new legislature is able or willing to address those concerns with abdullah had alysia that
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a 40 electric heaters being blamed for an apartment far new york city was killed 19 people including 9 children left 60 others will take the hospital many with life threatening injuries. barbara and cooper has his report. oh my god, this michael joseph, lived in this affordable housing block the 6 years. it took him 35 minutes to escape the fire as the smokeless. i think i've never seen the light is i don't know what causes their fire tag broken up like this, but is really tried to get 9 children died in the fire, and many families have lost everything. the new york mary's preparing to support a community in grief. many of these young children went to schools. we will have a social and emotional support at their schools to help the classmate or were here as well with the red cross. and oh yeah am. i was going to coordinate together to get housing and also some of the emergency needs, ah,
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most of the people who lived in the town block when muslim and some of them and moved here from gambia. they're being urged not to fair asking for help even if they don't have the correct immigration status. know that if you need assistance. oh. busy you, your name would not be turned over to eyes or any other institution or we want people to be comfortable and come in for it. oh, got a medium compensation fund is being prepared for those affected by the fire, but this cause may take longer to heal barbara anger per al jazeera. a take a look at this. the pilot of a plane has heard a lucky escape in california, and metro train plowed into his aircraft, which had crash, landed on to the tracks after losing power on takeoff. please to say, please manage to pull the pilot to safety seconds before the impact. he was taken to hospital in los angeles for medical checks,
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or please have been hailed as heroes for saving his life. now that she is golden globes are turned dark for the 1st time in decades usually started event was not broadcast. life and public relations crisis took the event completely offline. reynolds reports on how the globes lost their lustre. the glitter and glamour of the golden globes. the hollywood foreign press associations annual awards blow out was one of the film world's favorite events until that is an enormous controversy blew up over the h f. p. a's near total lack of racial diversity and questionable ethical behavior among its members that sent alias stars, fleeing sponsors, opting out and it's broadcast or dropping the ceremony like a hot rock. so for 2020 to no red carpet, no celebrity audience, no host, no tv show, and not even an internet live stream. pardon me, feel so bad for them because they can't quite seem to get on the right foot. make
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it as james ralph say they can't get on the go through. you know what? i me the h f e a has announced changes including expanding its membership, just like the academy of motion pictures did after the oscar. so white outrage in 2015 with studios including warner media, netflix and amazon cutting ties. some in the industry think the organizations days are numbered. there's been so much damage to the organizations, reputation in the membership and this and that, that i'm not so sure they can recover from this. as for the awards themselves, the power of the dog, one best picture, drama, close and place out here. p swing whole kidman in being the ricardo is one best actress. sorry. i got a lot for a 2nd hand. the best actor in a drama ward went to will spin for his role in king richard marquis 3 golden globes
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. non ceremony which happened at this swanky hotel behind me was more bad news for the film industries. traditional business model with a new survey showing nearly half of all pre pandemic, moviegoers, and not buying tickets anymore. and some of them will be staying home for good. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. ah. so this is out there at these are the top stories and cassock. a president tuck i have, has described days of anti government protests as an attempt at cooper. he says he'll announce a new government line up on tuesday. more than 160 people were killed almost a 1000. others detained. robin forced her walkers morphin to please in georgia. it looks very much like a double act with talk i have talking about the attempted to that took place within the country as he claimed.


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