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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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about money take matches to really facilitate a take right. in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on al jazeera ah. ready illegal victory for tennis ta, never chalk, which a melbourne caught rules. he be released from detention, and his visa restored to play mister of in a ah, 11 o'clock. this is out 0 live from to her also coming up. a guilty verdict for me and mars ousted leader, ang santucci. she now faces 4 more years in jail. for high stakes talks in geneva is russia masses, troops on ukraine's border,
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and no red carpet, most dolls and audio. the golden globes winners are announced on social media. we'll tell you why. so we begin with breaking news out of australia where a court has overturned the government's decision to cancel novak jock, which is a visa. the tennis star has been released from immigration detention, meaning he can't now compete in the strain open next week. his lawyers argued he should be granted a vaccine exemption to enter australia because he had been infected with current virus. in the past 6 months. the decision of the delegate to cancel the applicant, temporary activity, sub class 408. these are made on 6 january 2020, to be quashed to the respondent pay the applicant cost bracket, including any reserve cost bracket commer as
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a grade or assist $3.00. the respondent is to take all necessary steps to cause colon, you learn $3.00, the applicant to be released immediately. and forthwith from immigration, detention was our clock is falling the case from brisbin in australia as a service. so we have a decision. tell us about that and is this the end of it doc? root canal play? well, and it's been a day of delays adjournment. so technical glitches that they live, a network site where we're all tuning into a collapse on a number of occasions and the germans had been happening every hour. we had expected this court hearing to go on potentially for days, but certainly into this evening. but the judge has come back and said he wants jockey, which to be released immediately from his attention and he found the decision to cancel his visa was simply unreasonable. and as you mentioned, he's also ordered the doctor,
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which is costs be paid by the government. i also ordered these passports and other personal items, the rhetoric returned. so i should say that and when they say are ordered to be released immediately that he's got 30 with the government's got 30 minutes now to release jock of it from his a detention hotel and carlton in mel and melbourne to trans who's the the lawyer, the legal counsel representing the government, he has noted in court hearing this afternoon or that they will comply with these orders, but a personal power of cancellation was still being considered. so trent had requested on a number of occasions in the hearing on monday that they get more time. they also, the government requested more time on the weekend. they wanted this hearing to be on wednesday, simply to gather more evidence and get more submissions and delay this hearing simply by the sounds of it because i didn't have a strong enough case tennis, australia, but we were coming this decision, obviously, jock, which is a draw card for this. they had tennessee australia last week had made the announcement, the medical as an exemption which was approved by 2 independent medical panels. it
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had been approved on wednesday. of course. that's when the he arrived in the prime minister and bought a force offices intervene and of course, jock of which was detained for a number of hours. a tele marine airport before his visa was cancelled. so this is certainly a surprise and the judge has decided i enjoy is 5 are and he is now allowed him to be released from his detention. right. so what you're saying is that the government council across the trend, he can sanctioned the immigration minister, alex hall. oh, that it's what the immigration minister can now consider whether to exercise a personal or power of personal judgement or counseling to be the result still possible. yes, it is that so the soccer is definitely not over yet. so the government said is looking at the next steps. a christian, as we mentioned, is the legal counsel for the federal government. he says the immigration minister at now holds the writer reserves the personal power at to remove jacob. it's from australia and it's the immigration minister because the home affairs minister was
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privy. you're part of monday's, a federal court hearing in melbourne. and so this ruling doesn't guarantee the job which will be able to compete in the astray in april open, which is 19 times the government has worn in court or that it may still cancel. jock, which is visa a 2nd time even after this court decision. so the saga is ongoing, but the government here will be fighting to uphold it's very tough at border restrictions, which require a double vaccination for non citizens. so the saga is ongoing. all right, sir. thanks for that to. so o'clock there in bridge, we falling that cation live at joker mich. let's take this on, we can bring an eval ribs was v, who's an immigration policy specialist, and former deputy secretary of australia's immigration department joins us now from camera. i will resume good to have you here. let's just leave the governance role in this aside, just for a moment. we'll come on to that in a minute or outside of that unravel this if you would do you think the immigration minister now will come in and invoke his power to still cancel
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a visa kinds of louisa once again? well, he certainly does have the power. the question is whether he will exercise and my fear is that the response, the government has given may have been more in anger than in a conceited source. i think when the minister has some more time and the government has some more time to think about this, it may choose not to accept that discretion. right. and as far as the government's role in all this is concerned, but your view of that and have they kind of expedited this problem for themselves. all look at the policy in this area until and including the 5th of january, 2021 was clearly different to the policy on the 6th of january 2021. on the 5th of january, the prime minister made very clear the policy was the government accepted the medical exemptions provided by state governments. and in this instance the victorian government and did not go behind them. that is the accept them at face
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value. but then on the 6th of january, the minister for home affairs issued a press release signed. no, it was going to go behind the medical exemptions and it was not satisfied with the medical exemption. it would cancel the visa, the prime minister followed up and state rules rules, and he supported her minister that night or early the next morning, jock of each of these, it was cancelled after you arrived at the airport. you know, with jock of it was the 1st person to feel the effects of the new policy. right. so, and you could argue that there's a big question over the initial decision to a grant joker, which is ability to play. well, there was the initial, these are the joke which was given that was granted on the 18th of november. secondly, joker, which was given a response to a stroke in travel declaration which was positive. thirdly, he was allowed to board
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a plane to australia. it was not only until he arrived in australia, and indeed he arrived in australia very soon after the policy was changed that he was affected. but in many respects, you could argue he was very unlucky to many unlucky on you can understand that they may well be wondering why there is even an argument about this job which has not been vaccinated and shouldn't be allowed into the country under the rules. well the rules do provide for exemptions and of each and tennis a straight sought to clarify with the israeli government those rules. they tried to clarify how that would overwrite to the best of their royalties. and indeed that's what the judge found. the judge found that joke of it had done all that he possibly could to clarify his right to ensure a strategy. what are you do wonder what exemption he would have been allowed in on? because if it was me or anybody, any ordinary person,
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if you want to put it that way, they would be rejected out of hand. well, it would not be rejected until you got to australia. if, if you answer the questions that you had an exemption, then you would not be reject until you would have got to read it. that's the current process. and that's what the job which went through. and he does argue that he had coverage on the 16th of december and was you may be skeptical of that for the serbian public health authority says that he did test positive on that day. he's using that as a basis to submit for medical exemption. the medical exemption was granted by a number of medical experts, and that is the exemption that he was provided. that exemption is something i believe in either turn by an official in australia border force. right. it's certainly a very complicated situation. a little bit cloudy,
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bitter apple receive your. appreciate your expertise on this. thanks very much. thank you. you're welcome. according miramar has convicted as deadly dang santucci on 3 criminal charge. and she's been sentenced to 4 years in jail since she was on trial for legally possessing walking. talk isn't breaking crone of arthur. attorney jane is following the story from bangkok at so tiny bit and unsurprising outcome. tell us about the verdict and where anthem through g goes from here indeed, well this is just 2 of the charges of a man, a large rafter charges she is facing this particular centered on the possession of walkie talkies, illegal walkie talkies. the courts are alleged which are found in her house when the military rated on the eve of the february, the 1st military coup. she was found guilty of possessing those, of importing them illegally. and of using the mana illegal telecoms. frequences is
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a charge which many people have questioned walkie. talkies were in possession of her security detail who were appointed by the minute interior ministry, who according to man mars constitution had to be under the control the army. so some appointed of the actually, the army should have been investigating itself. none the less, she has been found guilty 2 years for that. and 2 years were breaking covert regulations. it's just a, one of many charges that she's facing, as i said and, and i think the feeling is here that the cause presumably under the control of mere mars military genta is just gonna stack on charges. she still faces or more cases against to which could amount 89 years in jail. and it's clear that with her success in elections, the military gender is just not going to feel secure if she is released again. so they may well intend to keep her in detention for the rest of her life. and it was a backdrop to all of this was, has been as violent, quite done by the military isn't there has,
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while this is going on, the military and her itself has been engaged in fierce attacks. so down in the north, in the southeast of mer, my and kaya state, we heard 1st about this on friday at the air strikes has been continuing over the weekend reports of military helicopters, jets firing into the provincial capital ly gore. or to hard to get an idea of how many casualties there have been. people on the ground reporting that those air strike serv indiscriminately hit the city. but it's where we were hearing that between 30 and 50000 people have fled the city effectively leaving it almost deserted. heavy artillery being used as well. and this comes as a r c n. a was represented at miramar by the cambodian prime minister over the weekend. the 1st leader to visit mia mar, since the military coup he was being told by the senior general min on lie that
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there was a ceasefire in place, which the military would extend until february. well, clearly that was just a lot of hot air as his troops at that time were pushing in this very aggressive military advance down in these areas or 20 thanks, rap tony chamber. what? thank you. still a head heron al jazeera. this is a horrific rip. big, painful moment. yes. 19 people die in a fight in a high rise building in the hot new york. ah. okay, the changing winter weather, which i think everyone's exposed throughout europe now carries on a pace. there are areas of coast, this is one areas of warm that come in to replace it temporarily. and everything moves roughly speaking from west to east, but it's a slow movement. however,
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your film in scotland and it alum attempts to double figures rain rather than snow . rather mild weather, cross english with a few showers and just touching the north of france, that's coming in to what is called area. and rightfully colton is tom. yes, i'll be more snow for sweden and for no white rain to the south of that running the low country, but not much of it are. he's not making much progress. this is where the real action is taking place that cold as being pushed out of the way from further no means a circulation develops in central met is relatively warm water. so that means heavy rain, stormy conditions, snow for the app and eyes snow for the parent, ease potential for, but if flash flooding, i think in southern france here, but it's got to be worse for the south. and that'll effect all the north african countries as far as egypt eventually, with quite possibly bank ozzy being in the focus bottom, you get to choose to some improvement in italy that were the all the action down there. and in turkey, it means most of the rest of europe is quiet,
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but of course still cold. ah. the healing the debate, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on services across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future, it's now not a big piece. a lot countries is completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do to get the last bill was paid for this to you on out to sierra lou. ah.
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okay, you're watching out 0 reminder about top stories this hour and an australian court is overturned, the government's decision to cancel, never job, which is visa. chemistry has be released from immigration detention, and plans to compete in the street in a week with the immigration minister could still intervene. a court in memo has sentence asked adida santucci to an additional 4 years in jail. she was on trial for legally possessing walkie talkies and preaching to ruin virus restrictions. kazakstan has confirmed nearly 8000 people have been arrested after days of protest against the government. the u. s. has questioned the presence of russian peacekeeping troops, helping the government to quell major demonstrations from forest walker as mall. this is the narrative on cassock state television, around the clock operation to catch or kill up the $20000.00 so called terrorists, responsible for the recent unrest. with seizures of weapons and hard liquor,
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regretfully peaceful demonstrations in almighty, in some other regions were hi jag by perpetrators and balls, local and external terrors groups speaking foreign languages, the roach, slow new. so missiles when the lease to back those claims, state media, broadcast of foreign nationals, public confession. he says he's unemployed and from kyrgyzstan who accepted from unknown persons the equivalent of $200.00 and a plane ticket to fly to al marty. and take part in the violence but it's fiction. the man is victrum rosa, horn of a celebrated jazz pianist with $27000.00 fans on instagram. finally, governor. we are expressing out outraged that the cataract special services in government are manipulating the cast people and showing keegan,
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people as enemies with to know if this really bad them to say we're shocked about didn't that week romans well known, well what, what about the people who are not so well known, some mark won't be officially more than 5000 people have been detained. worry there could be torture, use gets them, but also they should be neatly given access to lawyers. relatives should be able to visit them. there should be people should know where they are, who is in detention where this is vital because expand to have some sort of shred here, but with its human rights commitment for as much as if i call the k g 30, say they're working to get the crime released, they say he traveled to l. matthew with his mother for music performance. they may well be evidence. criminal groups were involved in the violence. the
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catholic thirty's appeared to have chosen the wrong man to build that case. running 1st year walker out there in the company, our senior us and russian officials will hold talks in geneva regarding the military build up around ukraine. they'll kickstart a week at diplomacy aimed at the escalating the crisis. washington and design. i have threatened to impose sanctions if moscow invades its neighbour, russia is demanding guarantees that ukraine will not become part of the european military lines. it also wants nato to reduce troops and weapons in europe. we're going to listen to their concerns there. listen to our concerns and we'll see if there are grounds for progress, but to make actual progress. it's very hard to see that happening when there's an ongoing escalation. when russia has a gun to the head of ukraine, with 100000 troops near its borders, the possibility of doubling that on very short order. so if we're seeing the escalation, if we're seeing a reduction tensions that is the kind of environment in which we could make real
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progress. and again, address concerns, reasonable concerns on both sides. but i mean, some does not go to the same because it's the americans should get ready to reach a compromise. the russian side came here with a clear position containing a number of elements, not to my mind understandable and had been so clearly formulate, including at a high level that deviating from out approach is simply not possible. that's enough for me. she returns the who has more from washington the russian deputy foreign minister said that the printer's per preliminary talks is very wide ranging talks that they had over dinner were complex. but this was like the added, this is report to them, the russian, russian media, se my translation. i mean, i'm not entirely sure, but it's, it says he does the russian farm and said, he doesn't think you will be a waste of time. in vain hopes will be a waste of time in vain or something very about in translation. so that's quite interesting and actually blinking,
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despite that sort of rhetoric that we hear from him all the time. and, you know, saying all of the severe costs russia and so on, he did give some sort of understanding of the parameters of the talk. so least aware. initially the u. s. seems to sound because i have said that we have these russian red lines, get us, miss ellison, and i was out of the area around the russian borders and reduce the military footprint of nature, poster in eastern europe. now the u. s. i said it is willing to talk about future deployments of itself and it has been talking about limiting nature, military size of the early lincoln was quite relatively specific about what do you mean by that in some of the interviews even giving on sunday. so he was talking about reviving the intermediate nuclear forces. so this is the treaty, the band, the deployment in europe, or in russia of medium range nuclear missiles. and that was scrapped on the trump. and so when he was talking about revising that treaty, and he's also talking about revising an agreement on the deployment of conventional
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forces in europe to keep military exercises from, from, from russia's borders. so that's some, some leeway there. health care workers and people aged over 60 in india can now receive a korean virus booster shot country report of its highest number of daily infections . on monday, i'm a convent infections are behind the surge. experts of warranty at warned upcoming religious gatherings could lead to a repeat of higher fraction seen last year. malia has condemned what it's described as illegal sanctions imposed by west africa. regional leaders echoes announced a range of economic and diplomatic measures that came after marley's military rulers said they would stay in power for 4 more years. instead of holding an election next month, as promised. rhetoric denby, as this west africa is regional alliance. equis meeting in the gone and capital acora, the issue being discussed what if any new sanctions should be imposed on marley
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because of delays to its democratic transition. equis chairman and president of garner made his view clear in his opening statement. it is my expectation that we will take the appropriate decision that will advance the future of molly and our community. nashville, regional and international stay gold are all a wage. in the result of our meeting, the leaders announced a raft of new sanctions on molly, including buddha closures, suspending financial transactions and withdrawing their ambassadors. the measures are in response to molly's military leaders saying they planned to stay in power for 4 more years. instead of holding elections next month, love rural garcia, i'm glad you did let i saw sank up as much as we are aware of the complexity of the situation in this country. we are convinced that all political, economic and social reforms aimed of rebuilding of molly could only be carried out by democratically elected authorities. when gentle leader
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colonel, a semi glitter, was swooning. last july following 2 military coups in less than a year. he sought to unite mullins and promised presidential elections would be held this year. but then 2 weeks ago, conference charged with recommending an election time table said the pole should be delayed by between 6 months and 5 years. echoes is already imposed sanctions of molly and officials. so will a new round make any difference? some analysts or skeptical. so i would our thoughts request is lead as would i view the batch more nuanced engaged approach ah, with the marine leaders. i'm not too sure. and put to plenty on this, but especially as we re re, jim is going to be very successful. molly's leaders selections can't be held next month because of security concerns. they also want time to draft a new constitution and put it before voters in a referendum. echo us as the delays are unacceptable. it's activated it stand by
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force and says it will be ready for any eventuality. victoria gay to be al jazeera to somalia, where leaders have reached deal to complete the parliamentary elections by february 25th. the votes being delayed for months, threatening the country stability relations between president mohammed from maggio and prime minister mohammed. horrible are tense for madge is suspended rebel last month, but he refused to step down and accuses the president of violating the constitution . humanitarian groups, if suspended activities in ethiopia, northern to gray region because of the threat of drone strikes, at least 56 people were killed in an air strike in the town of debt a bit on friday. fighting between the government and local forces has been ongoing for more than a year. new york's fire commissioner has ablaze at killed 19 people, including 9 children was caused by a 40 electric heater. dozens were taken to hospital after the fire spread through
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a high rise apartment block in the bronx. bar. barbara copa this report. oh my god, this michael joseph, lived in this affordable housing block for 6 years. it took him 35 minutes to escape the fire as the smith also think. i've never seen it like this. i don't know what causes their fire tag broken up like this. but it's really tried to get 9 children died in the fire, and many families have lost everything. the new york mary's preparing to support a community in grief. many of these young children went to schools. we will have a social and emotional support at their schools to help the classmates are we here as well with the red cross and oh yeah am. i was going to coordinate together to get housing. and also some of the emergency needs. most of the people who lived in the town block when muslim, and some of the men moved here from gambia. they're being urged not to fair asking
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for help, even if they don't have the correct immigration status. know that if you need assistance you, your names would not be turned over to eyes or any other institution. or we want people to be comfortable and come in for it. oh, got a maybe a compensation fund is being prepared for those affected by the fire. but there's cars may take longer to heal barbara anger, pat al jazeera footage from the u. s. state of california has captured member passenger train collided with a plane that crashed, landed on a railway line. the air craft lost partially off to take off. police pull the pilot to safety seconds before the impact that he has. golden globes have turned dog for the 1st time. in decades. the usually star studded event wasn't broadcast, live a public relations crisis. took the events completely off line. rob reynolds
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reports on how the globes have lost their last the glitter and glamour of the golden globes. the hollywood foreign press associations annual awards blow out was one of the film world favorite events until that is an enormous controversy blew up over the h f. p. a's near total lack of racial diversity and questionable ethical behavior among its members that sent alias stars, fleeing sponsors, opting out and it's broadcast or dropping the ceremony like a hot rock. so for 2022. no red carpet, no celebrity audience, no host, no tv show, and not even an internet live stream. if you weren't an actual member of the association or one of its few invited guests, the viewing experience of this year's golden globes looked a lot like this. pardon me, feel so bad for them because they can't quite seem to get on the right foot. make
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it as james ralph say they can't get on a good. you know, to me, the h. f. e a has announced changes including expanding its membership. just like the academy of motion pictures did after the oscar. so white outrage in 2015 with studios including warner media, netflix and amazon cutting ties. some in the industry think the organizations days are numbered. there's been so much damage to the organizations, reputation in the membership and this and that, that i'm not so sure they can recover from this. as for the awards themselves, the power of the dog, one best picture drama rose and place out here, p. m. swaim who kidman in being the ricardo is one best actress. sorry. i got lost for a 2nd hand. the best actor in a drama ward went to will spin for his role in king richard marquis 3 golden globes
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. non ceremony which happened at this swanky hotel behind me was more bad news for the film industry's traditional business model. with a new survey showing nearly half of all pre pandemic, moviegoers are not buying tickets anymore, and some of them will be staying home for good. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles . ah, so this is out there. these are the top stories, and an australian court has overturned a government decision to cancel, never talk, which is visa at the tennis star has been released from immigration detention, and plans to compete in the australian opened in one week's time. but the immigration minister could still intervene. sorry, clark has been following the case from brisbin and australia. fran. he's the, the lawyer, the legal counsel representing the government. he has noted in.


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