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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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moment in the 19 sixty's atkinson emma was born filmmakers will on away of the dangerous to come ah talk some attention spiraling over ukraine. u. s. and russian officials are due to meet in the coming hours. you're walking on the 0 line from headquarters in south hines, ending obligated also coming up as a forces cracked on on chris. esther is rounding up thousands after wave of anger against the government. this is a whole roof. big rip, big,
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painful, molded. 19 people dying of fire and a high rise building in the heart in new york. and will he play the australian open and melbourne court hears tennis star novak joker, which is appeal against deportation after a row over his coven 19 vaccine exemption. ah! hello, senior us and russian officials will meet in geneva becoming ours. and the 1st leg of high stake talks in 3 european cities. the diplomats met in an informal dinner before discussions begin relations between the 2 countries are at their lowest since the covered war. cold war, excuse me, ended 3 decades ago, presidents joe biden, and vladimir putin exchange warnings over the crisis in ukraine and a phone call. last month. we're going to listen to their concerns. they'll listen to our concerns and we'll see if there grounds for progress. but to make actual progress, it's very hard to see that happening when there's an ongoing escalation. when
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russia has a gun to the head of ukraine with a 100000 troops near its borders, the possibility of doubling that on very short order. so if we're seeing the escalation, if we're seeing a reduction tensions that is the kind of environment in which we could make real progress. and again, address concerns, reasonable concerns on both sides. but i mean, some does not go to the same because it's the americans should get ready to reach a compromise. the russian side came here with a clear position containing a number of elements, not to my mind understandable and have been so clearly formulated, including at a high level that deviating from out approach is simply not possible ahead of the talks for testers, martsen ukraine's capital. here, there is growing alarm over russia deployment of troops to the border on speculation over president prisons next move. they also voice their anger against moscow, support to the contact government and crushing massive protests. demonstrators appealed for strong support from the u. s. and other allies. world leaders will be
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exec, drawn in their response to a russian aggression and the army on the border needs strengthen our lives and our dream. she ever thompson has more from washington. the russian, deputy foreign minister said that the prisoners per preliminary talks is very wide ranging talks that they had over dinner were complex. but this is like the out of that, this is report to them, the russian, russian media say my translation. i mean, you know, i'm not entirely sure, but it says he does, the russian w farmer said he doesn't think you will be a waste of time in vain hopes will be a waste of time in vain or something very about in translation. so that's quite interesting. and actually blinking, despite that sort of rhetoric that we hear from him all the time. and you know, they all be severe cost, russia and so on. he did give some sort of understanding of the parameters of the talk. so least aware. initially the u. s. seems to sound because they have said
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that we have these russian red lines, get us miss 1000. and i was out of the area around the russian borders and reduce the military footprint of nature close to in eastern europe. now the us is that it is willing to talk about future deployments of the cells and it has been talking about liberating nature military, the size of the valley. and lincoln was quite relatively specific about what do you mean by that? in some of the interviews, even giving on sunday. so he was talking about reviving the intermediate nuclear forces. so this is the treaty, the bound, the deployment in europe, or in russia of medium range nuclear missiles. and that was scrapped on the trump. and so when he was talking about revising that treaty, and he's also talking about revising an agreement on the deployment of conventional forces in europe to keep military exercises from, from, from russia's border. so that's some, some leeway there, robert hunter, as
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a former us ambassador to nieto and he thinks we're seeing the beginning of the end of the diplomatic crisis between the us and russia. we are now a little from a time where it is really dominated by threats and moment particular by the russians are military equipment and men to a time when they're sitting down to the table and talking about it. i think both sides no more or less what they want here and i'm going to be working together. and i expect the crisis in the not just in future is going to seem to be the crisis that has been i don't expect the russians to take any more action against your group and they have already done and are doing their job. they might carry on with cyber that might killer with energy was the idea of actually putting more tropes in and evading different parts of your grants would be absolutely stupid on the part of mr. brewer and he's not stupid. he's actually very smart. what he's done is he
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bided his time and tell russia, regained a good, you know, of the power that it's lost in the cohort. it's now got a lot of military power. he's usually in a way to try to be intimidating. mr. by mark. doctor, she says, we're not going to use force, but there are things to do and for the united states. the most important thing in terms of our protecting our allies and working with our friends, is to get the rest to remove the troops from the frontier in terms of countries joining nato. i do wish to limit already. it was never a possibility, never a possibility that ukraine would join nato, the unrest, and carfax don is also expected to be on the table. during the talks, the u. s. says question, the presence of russian peacekeeping troops helping the government to quote massive protests, more than 5000 people have been detained since the unrest began. robin for
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a walker has more. this is the narrative on cars state television, around the clock operation to catch or kill up to 20000 so called terrorists, responsible for the recent unrest with seizures of weapons and hard liquor. regretfully, peaceful demonstrations in almighty, in some other regions were hi jag, by perpetrators and both local and external terrorist groups. speaking foreign languages, the roach, slow new. so missiles meaningless to back those claims, state media, broadcast of foreign nationals, public confession. he says he's unemployed and from kyrgyzstan who accepted from unknown persons the equivalent of $200.00 and a plane ticket to fly to al marty and take part in the violence.
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but it's fiction. the man is victrum rosa hoon of a celebrated jazz pianist with $27000.00 fans on instagram. finally, governor. we are expressing our outraged at the cataract special services in government are manipulating the cast people and showing he gets people as enemies with, you know, if this really bad entity, we are shocked about didn't that we graham is well known worldwide. what about the people whoa. not blocked, so well known. another one tomorrow won't be officially more than 5000 people have been detained. to worry, there could be torture, use against them, but also they should be immediately given access to lawyers. relatives should be able to visit and they should be able to more well they are who is in detention where this is vital because it's found to have some sort of shred of i'm at here, birds with its human rights commitments. frazzled matching it because the key gets
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all 30 say they're working to get any crime released. they say he traveled to l. matty with his mother for music performance. oh, there may well be evidence, criminal groups were involved in the violence. the casual doroty appeared to have chosen the wrong man to build that case from an 1st year walker. ouch. is there at least 19 people, including children, have died after fire war through a high rise building in new york. dozens were taken to hospital after suffering, smoke, inhalation, and other injuries during the blaze in the bronx. at least $200.00 firefighters work to contain that fire and many are still at the scene. units arrived here this morning, within 3 minutes of the cold wire was in a duplex subordinate span floors 23. they were met in the hallway, which is very heavy, small,
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very heavy units pushed in. this small extended the entire height of the building unusual members around victims. or sir, we're taking them out in cardiac and respiratory arrest. and we're going to be here for this community to help them navigate through this. many of these young children went to schools. we will have a social and emotional support at their schools to help the classmate aware here as well, with the red cross in o e m. i was going to coordinate together to get housing. and also some of the emergency needs that the people who experience this trauma experience. patty park has this update from new york. officials say that this is one of the deadliest fires in new york city history. it happened just before 11 o'clock this morning. and this 19 story apartment building behind me were told that the fire broke out
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just before 11 o'clock this morning. at 120 firefighters were on the scene. at this time we can tell you that 1900 people are confirmed dead and 9 of them being children, 10 adults does is also suffering from smoking. elation right now the investigation is underway, but initial report suggest that the fire was far by a malfunctioning face. heater right now, we know that dozens of families are displayed and red cross is on the scene to help them. lawyers for another joke of edge have told in australian court they believe his recent recovery from cope with 1900 exempted him from vaccination for entry into the country. the deportation hearing was delayed after a huge surge and people trying to watch the live stream calls that the crash, the world number one tennis player who wants to defend his australian open title was denied entry and detained when he landed in melbourne last week. officials say it's because he's not vaccinated against code. 19. sarah clark is following the
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case from brisbin in australia. so obviously huge interest in the story. sarah, talk to us about the arguments that are being put forward by both parties. well there was a 45 minute delay to the initial start to this hearing, as you mentioned, to technical glitch, and the thought crashed a call. these delays joke of is team up 1st allowing out the tice arguing that he did meet the criteria for temporary exemption. and nicholas wood is chuck of which is legal counsel. he stating that any conclusion that jock of its breach, the malaysian is simply incorrect. he's noted that they do provide evidence before boarding the plane as well as on arrival. now on january 1st, they've noted that he received correspondence from the home affairs department at noting the head. he had met the requirements for quarantined for a travel at to australia. they've also accused the government of what they've described as at a paucity of evidence as to what grounds they have to cancel this phase. and now government defense,
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the home affairs department that will be represented this afternoon in the federal court in melbourne at central to their case is that that particular email, the department's email was not an assurance that the so called medical exemption would be granted. and that jock of ich and his team would be scrutinized on arrival in melbourne. and now they are also they've also noted that the home affairs minister has the overriding power of cancellation. so to be able to revoke at that visa, the judge in his hearing has just ordered that a joke of which be taken out of a hotel detention at 2 locations specified by his lewis or he can watch and take part in his hearing. but as we know at the moment of the tennis tournament, which is set to start next week, as well as jock of inches, role or participation in a tournament at remains in limbo. yes, area. so what happens if jokers, which is appeal fails? well, there are a number of times scenarios that could come about saw due to this quote case number one, he could win and be given the, the right to remain in australia and play in the estrogen. i've been tournament,
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he could lose and then face a media deportation. and obviously this is what the government anaheim affairs department once at the case, could also be drawn out and jump, which could also get special permission to play in the australian ivan while the case is being reviewed. and the final case which has been considered is that it's drawn out and joked, victoria is a st time because simply because the case is taking so long that the decision on the appeal was expected to be finished by about 4 pm today in line with the deadline was granted to jock of ich, who, the basic they fight as if i say faces deportation or the prospect of deportation at 4 p. m astray in time of melbourne time. but this case could also go on for many dies. okay sarah, thank you so much. sarah clark, reporting from australia still heads on al jazeera, iraq's new parliament meets for the 1st time after general elections picking a speaker after tense moments. that included an altercation also will have more on
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what new sanctions on molly will entail. following a dispute with military leaders over its elections. ah, ah, look forward to pearly to skies the with sponsored my cattle at ways. well, we've had the heavy snow recently in japan, and i think we'll see the malware that's a let that happen grey's away. so we've got a quiet day, but just have a look at this bit of snow showing itself, maybe in the sense out of north korea that'll develop into a proper circulation. east of the korean peninsula, which is quite stormy. weather. turkey is a really cold air behind it, down to minus 3. and so it eventually will show itself once again as heavy snow in japan in china, fairly quiet weather the temperatures had dropped really low. and will hans coming up in the sun 2 plus 10 and hong kong hovering about 20 mark. the ne monsoon isn't
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blowing is how's it was in the seasonal range now. not so much affecting malaysia as indonesia, the orange tops, if focusing just east to jakarta, java on the far south of sumatra seems likely to get very wet. same is true sri lanka. there are showers are moving through the part of india is normally dry. this time of the year, but it means it is changed to a you know, what happens in northern pakistan, that snow has ceased temp to start to rise in the air called is much better in de leon banassi because of that change of where the type of be around for a couple of days and probably get worse again. but in the meantime, once this rain heading towards calcutta, oh, the weather is sponsored by cats are always running is one of the most accessible sports in the world else's era correspondent tandy richardson takes us on his personal journey of discovery. when you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere, and the run is hurting. why should not just stop exploring the growing popularity
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and science? he pushes the limit from kenya to the antarctic in search of answers to why we run eligible correspondence. ah ah ah, how are we going to stop stories on this? our senior us on russian officials are set to meet in geneva and the coming hours to discuss the rest of the trip build up on the border with ukraine. washington has threatened sanctions as moscow invades its neighbor. at least 19 people, including children, have died after fire tor, through a high rise building in new york. johnson and more were taking the hospice offered
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suffering smoke, inhalation, a faulty electric heater thought to have been behind not plays. lawyers for a ton of star. novak joke, adventure arguing his case for entry into australia. official say he can't play the australian open because he's not vaccinated against code. 19 a junk affair believes his recent recovery from the virus exemption from having to get the job. so after 3 months of political unrest, iraq's newly elected parliament has held us for a session. mohammed had booty was re elected as speaker, but the day was marked by tension on scuffles. but what of the head has more from baghdad. the 1st session of iraq's newly elected parliament began with the ceremony, but quickly turned it angry. its 1st job was picking a speaker. her mother had 2 competing, she are blocks, the sub was to movement and an iranian bagged coalition. each claim to have a parliamentary majority. at one point, the debate became so heated that this simplest temporary leader memorial much had
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annie, had to leave the chamber to seek medical attention. eventually the former speaker mohammed hill hel bossy was re elected along with deputy speakers from the southernmost movement and the kurdistan democratic party. but the day's events showed that little has changed since last october. the elections for we are the whole viable course here. the way political blocks and the parliament with an old rivalries and ideologies and practices in mind indicates a lack of harmony and reflects a hostile message conveyed across under iraq's post saddam hussein constitution. the parliament now has 30 days to elect the countries neil president, who will then ask the assemblies largest to block to form a government. the speaker says he wants to do all this in just to have that time. but choosing a prime minister, it will be difficult because she,
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i cleric milk to the solder. and the iranian backed parties have such different agendas and sundays drama points toward an even more difficult time when it comes to picking a cabinet theater will immaculate it to hardy. the losing parties are expected to take legal actions at the supreme court again shot and deployed the supporters to the threats that. but that will not change anything. what iraqis have waited for long to see the new house of representatives in session, but some feared that real change may once again be derailed by cic, terry and differences. some iraq, is it see the newly elected parliament as a chance to in corruption and begin a new era. but in a landscape market by uncertainty and political rivalry, it is not clear whether this new legislature is able or willing to address those concerns with abdullah had
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a 0 brother coming in nigeria being blamed for killing at least $200.00 people in the northwest people returning to their damage, villages say the attacks were retaliation after airstrikes on the attackers height outs mass burials of at helen's. i'm forrest state, after hundreds of gunmen on motor bikes, reportedly attacked. 8 villages on tuesday that followed airstrikes on monday, which the military side chilled. a 100 bandits, including 2 of their leaders, and dozens of hostages, were rescued on tuesday after being abducted by arn groups 2 months ago. after the races and a boucher, it describes the military situations i'm far a state. this happen because of the days of intense bombardment of binded high doubts in the zone for a stage and other neighboring states. remember this complex trotted model about a decade ago, and we haven't seen increased military activity until the last 3 years when the president ordered that the military be deployed to tackle what was then
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a growing threat. since then, it has metal forced into a monster that to d today with the massacres was than this before in zone for a state we've seen. recently, about 40 travelers were burned to live in a bus and attacked blamed on this bended. so right now, what's happening in the tent really just typed by the band in school. the president said, what are treating from these as strikes? what carried out in 10 villages? so the villagers are actually not going back to these villages. some of these villages have been completely destroyed. they're made of mud in school, hearts and things like that. they're only going back now to recover buddies as a 24 hours ago, 100 more than 150 such bodies have been recovered. some of them have been burned or mutilated on recognition. so at the moment what is happening is that we are expected to see more burials. and as the recovery effort continues in some prostate
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security forces. and so don, have fired tear gas into crowds, protesting against the military rulers. one man was killed when he was struck by it's your gas canister. at least a dozen more were injured. the main pro democracy group has rejected un efforts to get sued on transition to civilian rule back on track. west african regional leaders are imposing new sanctions on molly, including border closures suspending financial transactions and were drawing their ambassadors. the sanctions are in response to molly's military leaders saying they plan to stay in power for 4 more years. instead of holding an election next month, victoria gayton, b reports west africa, his regional alliance equis meeting in the gun and capital aqua. the issue being discussed what if any new sanctions should be imposed on molly because of delays to its democratic transition. equis chairman and president of gone and made his view
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clear in his opening statement. it is my expectation that we will take the appropriate decision that will advance the future molly and our community. nashville, regional and international stay gold. all awaiting the result of our meet. the leaders announced a raft of new sanctions on molly, including border closures, suspending financial transactions and withdrawing their ambassadors. the measures are in response to molly's military leaders saying they plan to stay in power for 4 more years. instead of holding elections next month, love rural garcia, i'm glad you did let i. so i think of as much as we are aware of the complexity of the situation in this country. we are convinced that all political, economic and social reforms aimed at rebuilding of molly could only be carried out by democratically elected authorities. when gently to turn, the semi glitter was swooning. last july,
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following 2 military coups in less than a year. he sought to unite mullins and promised presidential elections would be held this year. but then 2 weeks ago, conference charged with recommending an election time table said the pole should be delayed by between 6 months and 5 years. echo us is already imposed sanctions of molly and officials. so will a new round make any difference? some analysts or skeptical. so i would our thoughts request his lead as would i view the batch mo, newest engaged approach. ah, with the milan leaders? i'm not too sure and to plenty of is that a strike? she is re, re, re, jim is going to be very successful. molly's leaders selections can't be held next month because of security concerns. they also won't time to draft a new constitution and put it before vote is in a referendum. echo us as the delays or an acceptable. it's activated it stand by force and says it will be ready for any eventuality. victoria gay to be al jazeera
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leaders and somalia have reached a deal to complete parliamentary elections by february 25th. the votes been delayed for months threatening the country. stability extensions grow between president obama for module and prime minister mohammed rubble from august suspended robel last month. but he's refused to step down, accusing the president of violating the constitution on disrupting elections to stay in office illegally. now tamar roon beat burkina faso in the opening match or the football africa cup of nations taking place in cameroon, the central african nation is facing attacks from arm groups and the spread of current virus with several players testing positive. nicholas hack reports. cameroon, indomitable line score again, bringing victory to the national football team in the african cup of nations, opening game against burkina faso, a hill. hoover milan, it's really reassuring. we're happy this proves that we live up to our name,
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the lion, the so we are really happy and emotional with this victory. while burkina faso put up a fight, some of their best players were not on the pitch put in their hotel rooms in isolation. after testing positive for coven health workers worked them up for test on saturday night hours before the game. much to the dismay of ricky analysis, team on jamaica console, ball on it. but then according to the african health protocols, if i'm not mistaken, the test must be carried out for 48 hours before a match. that if we did the tests yesterday at 11 p. m complex if my calculations are correct and we will not be within the 48 hours for tomorrow's match, that she just went on the killer players from several african nations, including the favorites. senegal have tested positive hours after the opening ceremony. it seems alma crohn is already overshadowing the event. the government spent almost a $1000000000.00 to host the african cup of nations, while fans are being tested before entering the stadiums containing the virus in
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a country where most are unvaccinated. and the health system is under funded will be a challenge. securities also concern english speaking separatists were responsible for bomb blast last week and limby where several games are expected to take place. there are also threats of attacks from book a harm in the countries north. additional forces, including the military, have been deployed to both regions, ponder son a controversy, ensure the measures are being put in place, but you should know that african will also take place under very good conditions. there are no worries. there is nothing to worry about. despite the spread of coven and the threat of attack of arm groups, organizers say, show month, go on camera and he's in the event and opportunity to unite camera. and for a brief 90 minutes. forget about the worries at home and enjoy the game. with hong al jazeera hundreds of bosnian serbs and republicans, serv. scott defied
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a core band to celebrate what they call state her day. it comes at a time of height, intention about succession plans from bosnia, bosnian serb leader miller. i thought it was among senior officials who attended the military parade. the faces us sanctions after calling for separation from the rest of bosnia herzegovina. an afghan baby has been returned to his relatives after being lost during the chaotic evacuations and capital following the taliban takeover. so hale, my dea was 2 months old when he was handed to a soldier at cobble airport in august. by the time his family made it to the other side to board a flight for the u. s. he'd gone missing in the home. it is a historic day for us as i received my grandson in front of the media. i'm so grateful to the media who helped us to locate and received this child in the family that cared for. the boy explained how they found him for them. i don't sure they didn't
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like. i entered the apple and saw a baby lying on the ground in a very bad condition. i showed this child to many people. i couldn't find any one who was related. i called my wife at home. i brought the child home, i brought him milk and we have been taking care of him ever since. she got i'm feel i love this child a lot, but we can't be his mother and father. he has to live with his parents. the american actor and comedian bob sagel has died. the orange county sheriff's office says he was found dead in a hotel room and orlando, florida. the 65 year old was best known for his role is danny tanner on the tv should come full house. ah, for the headlines on al jazeera, the sour senior us and russian officials are set to meet in geneva and the coming.


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