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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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this is the beginning of friendship. this is the beginning of love, right? like getting somewhere we can really break through the barriers studio. be unscripted on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah o i marianne demising. welcome to the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes by jerry is saying on groups of killed 200 people in sam far estates in reprisal attacks from military strikes on their high doubts. west african leaders, head back imposing tough sanctions on molly after its military rulers put elections back for years. in kazakhstan health ministries, ang,
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164 people were killed in the protest that rocked the country. almost 6000 have been arrested. 19 people are dead after a fire breaks out in an apartment block in new york, 9 of them, a children. and i'm peterson into a hall with all the spool, sees host nation care. marine are off to a winning store to be africa. couple measures through, through and when over bikini fair. so that more on the way later in the program. ah hello, welcome to the program. our top story is in nigeria government. there is saying that at least 200 people have been killed. thousands more displaced after multiple raids by gunman in the north west of the country. this week. people returning to their damaged villages, the sang violence was retaliation for as strikes on the attack. as high doubts or
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mass barrels have been held in sam forest stay off to hundreds of gunman on motor bikes. reportedly attack 10 villages earlier this week. that followed as strikes on monday, which the military side killed a 100 bandits as they're referring to them, including 2 of their leaders. well, dozens of hostages were rescued on tuesday after being abducted by armed groups 2 months ago. president mohammed bari is saying the army has been given extra equipment to track down the criminal gags alger. there was ahmed address reports on this now from a boucher this happened because of days of intense bombardment of binded high doubts in the zone for a state and other neighboring states. remember this conflicts taught it more than about a decade ago, and we haven't seen increased military activity until the last 3 years when the president ordered that the military be deployed to tackle what was then a growing threat. i just then it has little forced into a monster that to
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d today we've been massacres. was that this before in zone for a state we've seen recently about 40 travelers were burned to live in a bus and attack blamed on this bended. so right now, what's happening in the 10 villages typed by the bandit with the president said, what are treating from these strikes? what carried out in 10 villages? so the villagers are actually not going back to the villages. some of these villages have been completely destroyed. the men of my in school hearts and things like that. they're only going back now to recover buddies as a 24 hours ago, 100 more than 150 such bodies had been recovered. some of them have been burned or mutilated on recognition. so at the moment, what is happening is that we are expecting to see more burials, and as the recovery effort continues in the 1st state. meanwhile, 13 i, jerry and students and
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a teacher has been fried by gunman after 7 months of captivity in the northwest and state of cabby. while the 100 people were taken last year when attack a storm, the college and the town of yavari, several rescued at the time while others are released in october, asked that parents negotiated with the captors. i mean you mohammed louella is chairman of the sound, far circle community initiative, a non governmental organization that helps people have been affected by violence in the region and joins us now. and so we're reporting 200 people have been killed in sound far estate, but do we have all the information? do we on the strat? understand that the true extent of violence in the area? we don't own the casualty. figures are still being compiled,
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but we become grievous to believe that you watch 100, although the government has given its own figure of about 58, which we believe is grossly don't late. but at the moment, nobody can tell you the exact extent of the of the college undergraduates. you figure are attacks on villages and mass killings getting worse. yes. we are the, the, the, the community of different villages and i was attacked with a truly, it depended, imposed finds on them millions of near our village. so most of the villages could not come up with the money and that, but it's actually a target. so when, when ever a village could not come up, would believe the bell will impose on monday attack them? so we have reasons to believe that this attacked i getting worse by the day. yes.
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now the government has responded with asked, strikes in the region, but that doesn't appear to have affected the, the capability of these criminal gangs because they are still able to carry out attacks on villages. yes, i've got an interest in the book as sites on the, on the different part of the teach book. these are tags read the recent attacks actually to move in on it completely different part of this teach on monday actually of the more well. so they move around during the day and the, the lights are military. how do you keep up with a b s tracks which are actually very short. you really are in between unload largely, i'm not effective in handling what needs to happen to try and get to the roots of all of this because it's
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a number of different things have been playing out for years. you have that competition for resources amongst different communities. you then have criminal gangs and other groups that have been taking advantage of the vacuum and, and the insecurity. what else should the government be doing? and we believe there is completely a complete absence of governance at the grocery de luca government, which are not functional. there is a complete absence of basic infrastructure. i'm but the images are de grossman, and these are some of the factors that contribute to the recent escalation of insecurity on the bundle. actually took advantage of the breaking created by the absence of government to, to move over the, the communities b, the funder felt it. well, thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. i mean a mohammed lo are joining us there. or humanitarian groups of suspended activities
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in ethiopia is nor then take why region because of because of the threat of try and strikes at least 56 people were killed in an air strike in the town of dead a bit late on friday, united nations as a lack of essential supplies has led to the near total collapse of the health system that the agency is again urged all parties to immediately facilitate the free movement of 8 workers. fighting between the government and local forces has been ongoing for more than a year. when other stories were falling, the west african monetary union is suspending molly from its institutions over its delay and holding elections after the 2020 military code this after the economic community of west africa. se so eco was imposed new sanctions on molly. as an extraordinary lead, estimating gone up, the measures include boarded closures, spending financial transactions and withdrawing their own passages. the sanctions are in response to molly's military leaders saying they plan to stay in power for 4 more years. instead of holding an election next month, eco, i says, call this an unacceptable delay. when it was in august 2020,
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that kind of see me going to let a military coup in briefly detain, presence of brain lupe, a car cater after st protest against his rule. katy was then forced to resign after 7 years in office under threat of sanctions. the army eventually agreed to restore civilian governance. elections was set to be held off for an 18 month transitional period, but going to stage to defacto 2nd coup in may 2021. forcing out the interim civilian government, it was met with widespread condemnation and disrupted the election time table. the eco is still insisting that molly, hold a vote in february. earlier, i spoke to a manual quote, the earning director of research at the cofi on an international peacekeeping center. he says that the time table for elections and molly was never realistic. i think the moliere regime i really wanted to hold a free for inclusive election to do it. but they are not time table by a co asked about relating to the election in february 21st just more realistic.
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precisely because when people have just the power, the, i guess i'm willing to relinquish with that that 12 months and be jumped in by my have been smart enough by giving this fight yet timetable as she. and if you knew of still kodak, why does there are active ability. my assessments is that both echo us and our meeting and i tried to day and mildly airy g r e g laying for a middle level. you which both parties don't drew speech back once. fine, yes. the regime of the west leadership is seeing go. we can't allow that. i think the are back going. it was issues or you want to find at middle ground. we moved to see don. now protexture has been killed in the country after being hit in the neck with a tear gas canister during the latest demonstrations against military security
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forces in the capital hart him up and fire to disperse people who gathered near the presidential palace or then 60 people have died in protest since the army ceased pallet in october. the main pro democracy group is rejected un efforts to whole talks with the military and effort to get sedans, transition to civilian rule, back on track. i'm and while is in her tune with more on the sydney's protest movement, they have new tactics. they say, which is like surprising, surprising the security forces with new approaches, new avenues are for these demonstrations today. for us, we were in a particular st which she, they used to march through every time, but today they did not show up there. they showed up somewhere else on the managed by that tactic to get ready close to the presidential polish through the city of body. instead of crossing straight into captain from dormer, they tried to cross from by and you created
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a challenge for the security forces. so those switches to they will overcome to them and the biggest happened in body and in cartoon itself. and they got close to the presidential polish, but as you mentioned, they were pushed back and heavy use of t. a gas was involved in that. and also even bullets, one person at least was killed. this comes at a time when the u. n. is stepping in and trying to bring all the parties to the negotiation table. but the reception they received so far, the reception, the harvey's lukewarm to reject to 2, a one of rejection. this is the committees behind. these are protests, the resistance committees. as they called themselves, they said they have not yet been approached directly. they have not yet been handed any details with regards to this you and proposal. but even if they receive the details, they're not going to sit around the same table with the military home they call
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killers of innocent unarmed civilians. you're watching the news ally from london much more delayed for you on the program. a city, a city bordering bay, jane starts mass testing. it's 14000000 residence after detecting 2 cases of the only cron variance a baby who has lost him at the chaos of the august ella from afghanistan is found and reunited with his relatives. andrew, as for the australian government, se novak joker, which was not a shirt, his medical exemption for the australian open would be accepted. we'll have that story later in sports. ah now cuz it sounds health ministry is saying that at least $264.00 people were killed during the rest which rocked the country recently. this is a significant rise from previous figures, and it includes at least 2 children,
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16 police officers, all members of the national guard are also known to have died. you as his urge president costume jermarta chi of to rescind is shoot to kill policy. another 2200 people have also been injured since protest triggered by jumping. the price of fuel turned violent on tuesday. more than $1300.00 police and security officers will also heart. and 5800 people have now been arrested in connection with these demonstrations to kai of has branded all of those involved as criminals and murderers. while jw there is robin forest here walker is reporting on the story now from tbilisi. this is the merits. if on cossacks the television around the clock operation to catch or kill $20000.00. so keep terrorists responsible for the recent from rest with seizures of weapons and hard liquor. regretfully, peaceful demonstrations in almighty, in some other regions were hi jag,
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by perpetrators and boss, local and external terrors, groups speaking, foreign languages, village slow new. so missiles will need us to pack those claims in state media, broadcast of foreign nationals, public confession thing here. he says he's unemployed and from kyrgyzstan who accepted from unknown persons the equivalent of $200.00 and a plane ticket to fly to l. marty and take part in the violence. but it's fiction. the man is victrum rosa, horn of a celebrated jazz pianist with $27000.00 fans on instagram. finally, governor, we are expressing out outraged that the cataract special services in government are manipulating the catalog people. and showing key gets people as enemies of that good risk. you know, if this really bad them to say we're shocked about,
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didn't that we graham is well known. what, what about the people who are not so well known? some mark won't be officially more than 5000 people have been detained. worry there could be torture, use gets them, but also they should be need to be given access to lawyers. relatives should be able to visit them. there should be people should know where they are, who is in detention, where this is vital to expand, to have some sort of shred here, but with its human rights commitment hasn't much difficulty with the case. so he said there was a crime released. they say he traveled to l. matthew with his mother for music performance. they may well be evidence. criminal groups were involved in the violence, catholic or thirties appear to have chosen the romance to build that case. really
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1st year was out there. 19 people including 9 children have died after a huge fire broke out in a high rise apartment building in new york. around 60 people were injured in the plays which started shortly before mid day. in the bronx. some 200 firefighters help put out the flames. not know what caused it, but officials are saying that this is one of the cities was fires and recent history units arrived here this morning. within 3 minutes of the pool require i was in a duplex supports plan was to include in the whole, with this for very small rehab requires you to push this small piece entire hide with unusual members or do sir was taking them out cardiac and respiratory and most of thousands
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of people have been left homeless after a fire swept through a camp, housing rank refugees in bangladesh. around 1200 hearts were destroyed. mergence decreased for to get blaze under control. in cox's bazaar that raced through shells has made of bamboo and top poland, or no reports of casualties. for shells have been preventing refugees from entering camps. india is experiencing its highest curve at 19 infection rate in 7 months with almost $260000.00 new cases reported in a 24 hour period. several states have now imposed new restrictions, including curfews and political rallies have been suspended ahead of state elections next month. poverty may tower ports from the deli, usually bustling wood shop laws, market in new delhi, emptied as the weekend called. you started. most of the capitalist shut down as your landlord, dedicated lighting fixtures, least a 7 month high. the new clubs followed the city imposing a night called view,
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as well as closing schools jims and cinemas a few weeks ago, loans at other. i'm more scared of the log those because if you're gonna leave at home for students like me recently graduated, it's been very difficult to get a job with people who are recently lost. a job are also looking for jobs, but in vain, or it's very frustrating. as infectious serge nationwide, other states have title restrictions for not got in sudden india is imposing the curfew for the next 2 weekends and sunday locked downs, upland in san milan, marashi which is in does hardest hit state, will have a night go. few schools and colleges have already been closed for a month as have jims and salons and heavy day fam. no cases have been doubling every 2 or 3 days. such a robert surgeon, colonel notices concerning the people are getting infected, even when they come in contact with the vision for a short time. in
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a further effort to stop the infection, spread election organizers have suspended rallies and restricted public meetings as well as door to door campaigns for a week. hundreds of millions of indians are due to vote and state elections next month. and mass gatherings like these have been heavily criticized for violating coven 19 protocols. and in fact, even for the 2nd wave, i don't think it was the last dawns that prevented infections. on the contrary, it is the mos gatherings that actually exacerbated infections. so you don't need to have locked on, you just need to not have mos gatherings. the government has tightened rules. what international arrivals they now have to quarantine at home for ruby that follows hundreds of passengers from italy, testing positive at an airport in northern india. with relatively few patients of hospitals, particularly among the north, polluted the vaccination drive is being increase for total jobs crossing one and a half 1000000000 this week on top of that health care workers and those above 60
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with underlying health conditions. we'll start getting the booster shots on monday . partly with the al jazeera, you jelly. meanwhile, in china, the coastal city of tan gym, which for dispatching has started testing. it's 14000000 residents after 2 local cases of the highly transmissible. only con, very was detected. people there have been advised to stay at home until tested and only get the green health code needed to travel after they get a negative result. china has stepped up at 0 tolerance cove, its strategy with at less than 4 weeks to go until the winter olympics begin in beijing. katrina us following developments from the capital. the main problem for chinese authorities is it's passivity to beijing. it's only about 3 hours drive away o one hour by high speed rail. there is a loss of frequent commuting between the 2 cities and aging authorities are on high alert that anxious to make sure that there is no outbreak in the capital before the beginning of the beijing winter olympics on february the 4th. so as i mentioned,
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change residents have been ordered not to leave their homes until they are tested and then they cannot leave their city unless absolutely necessary. those who work and aging the work from home and all of those in aging, who have traveled to the effected areas in change and in recent weeks must begin home quarantine. now this outbreak that we know so far with these 2 content on the con cases, the 1st locally transmitted cases of the on the con, variance have been centered around a school community. and this is really going to test china 0 tolerance approach to curve at 19. there are already about 14000000 people in china under severe lockdown in the provinces of sun sheet in hearne and province. and these infections are continuing to spread to other areas as well. now this is really going to be a test of china as current locked down policy. that's not testing reactions here. and we're going to have to see whether this on the kron variance is going to spread
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here. what is concerning to authority so far is that they have not nailed down the origin of the virus. when it comes to these cases, intention, thousands of people have protested against coven 19 restrictions. in the belgian capital brussels country has been reporting its highest caseload since the pandemic began. people have been ordered to work from home for at least 4 days a week and night, continental sporting centers of also been closed hospitality. venues require visitors to show a digital cove its safe ass, while the belgium prime minister said he is now considering mandatory vaccinations . and then israel has reopened its borders to all vaccinated tourist is by battling a record number of corona virus infections. cases have been rising sharply this month with more than 22000 confirmed on saturday. government is issuing free at home test to protect vulnerable and students. israel is the only country so far to administer a 4th cove at 19 vaccine dose with the booster available to those over the age of
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60, about 60 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. stephanie decker is in west truce lemon has more on the measures. israel is taking, has kept his boarders close to foreigners, for most of the pandemic, really close them again in november. but what it says now, and it's, it's, it's interesting really, because, ironically, the numbers are all time high here in terms of daily infections. but what they're saying is that simply the spread is so among the community that travel in and out is not really going to make a huge difference. as of today, the borders are open to vaccinated, foreigners, i'm israel is really pushing the idea that it is the vaccine. and the booster that is the best bet against this virus. they were the 1st country to to use a 3rd booster last year. they're now already administrating the 4th booster to those over 60 years of age, there's research going on whether this is going to be effectively administered to the entire population. but it is
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a situation where you have high numbers testing centers. i think as in other countries are really at breaking point. that's why it's also changed some of its demands in terms of p c r testing. now if you have been exposed to someone with the corona virus, the homework on variant, if you are vaccinated, you only need to take advantage in test. also, they're cutting down on quarantine time whether you have it or not. because they say simply, a variant doesn't seem to be as serious in terms of causing illness, particularly to those vaccinated. and also they don't want to have hundreds of thousands of israelis in quarantine when it comes to the economy. so i think, you know, this is how they're deciding to move forward. there simply isn't any proof at this point in time that closing borders and closing restrictions and increasing quarantined times, it's actually going to limit the spread of this variant. will mexico given emergency approval to coven 19 antiviral pill made by the pharmaceutical company muck? clinical trials show that none of her of air reduces hospitalizations and deaths by
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about 30 percent max co put in more than 30000 new infections on saturday. has been under his manual of has over door says that phases acts lovitz pill will also soon be approved. both treatments call the green light in the u. s. last month africa's talk football tournament is kicked off in cameroon. but there is some criticism over the host nation street cove. it measures fans at the africa cup of nations must be fully vaccinated and provide a negative test to attend any games we can, if i so captain has described the testing procedures as a scandal. after 5 of his teammates tested positive 24 hours before the opening match, can, if i so was filed a formal complaint alleging mishandling of pre match tests. nicholas hark has more from the car in san ago. some of the european teams had told the organizers that if there weren't the sufficient measures in place to prevent the spread of cobra than they wouldn't sent their players, that didn't happen. they're all,
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they're on the ground right now. but according to what happened for burkina faso, dave launch an official formal letter of complaint to african, the, the african confederation of african football. and in that letter, they denounced the double standard. the aston villa striker bethel highway said there was a double standard in the way that they were treated in that other players were treated. they were woken up late last night at 10 o'clock to get it to be given, antique and tests. and 5 players tested positive that's a blow to this team. so they've been launch at an official complaint there denouncing a double standard. they wish that they had given out p c r test to the players that that's for the players. there's also the, a test happening on the ground for those participating. you're watching that games the though those that are making their way to the stadium. so there are anti 10 tests, p c, r test. and also vaccines offered to those that attend the games. remember,
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out the african continent has the lowest rate of vaccination at the moment. and while cameroon, yesterday just announced that there was only $280.00 cases of coven, that is, according to health act experts. just the tip of the iceberg. there's a real fear that this event could, could a further spread the coping variant. alma kron in cameroon. and beyond is our life from london, still head for the iraqi parliament. first sessions is october elections. he's a heated debate in term speaker taken to hospital and i was new sub defiant court band might be republican service because national day with nationalists songs and the provocative parade. done that now by the finish english cricketers in the 4th ashes against australia.
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ah okay. the changing winter weather, which i think everyone's experienced throughout europe now carries on a pace. there are areas of coal, this is one areas of war that come in to replace it temporarily. and everything moves roughly speaking from west to east, but it's a slow movement. however, you're fill it in scotland and it olive attempted to double figures, rain rather than snow, rather mar whether cross english with a few showers, and just touching the north front that's coming in to what is a cold area. and rightfully cold is time to yes, i'll be more snow for sweden and for norway, rain to the south of that running to low countries, but not much of it. he's not making much progress. this is where the real action is taking place. that cold air has been pushed out of the way from further north means
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they circulation develops and central met is relatively warm water. so that means heavy rain, stormy conditions, snow the apolline snow for the pyrenees potential for a bit of flash flooding. i think in southern france here, but it's got to be worse for the south and that'll effect all the north african countries as far as egypt eventually with quite possibly bank ozzy being in the focus bottom, we get to tuesday with some improvement in italy. there were the, all the action down there and in turkey it means most of the rest of europe is quiet. but of course, still cold. ah, ah, a selfless act of human bravery, and 10000 precious pieces of literature rescued from being bent to ashes in a besieged cerebral. ah, al jazeera world meets the bosnian women and men who risked everything to save
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their written heritage. ah, the loving books on al jazeera, with blue blue blue ah ah,
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i'll come back. the main story is now, at least 200 people have been killed and thousands more dis, at thousands more. have been displaced off to multiple rights by gunman in northwest nigeria. this week, he presented that damage villages say the violence was retaliation for the military's as strikes on the attack. as my doubts, mine has been killed in sudan after being hitting the neck with a tear gas canisters during demonstrations, against military rule security forces in our to my and fight, disposed people gathering near the presidential palace. and because it's down the health ministry there is saying that at least 264 people are confirmed to have died following several days of unrest. the u. s. is aj presence causing jermarta chi of to resend his shoot to kill order to security officials now have been reports have gone far in afghanistan. capital with witnesses telling al jazeera to rockets . if it's a police hospital and cobble is reported. lead on going battle between the taliban
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and the attack as taking place. but in all developments in afghan baby has been reunited with his family off being lost during their chaotic evacuations and cobble following the taliban takeover. so hale, i'm mighty, was 2 months old when he was handed to a soldier over a prompt. why offensive cobble apples in august to stop him being crushed by the time his family made it to the other side to bore to flight for the us he'd gone missing is now been returned to relatives in campbell. after weeks of negotiations with the taxi driver found him and took him in, they hoped to reunite him with his parents and siblings were evacuated to the u. s . a massage the home. it is a historic day for us as i received my grandson in front of the media. i'm so grateful to the media who helped us to locate and receive this child family in the family that cared for. the boy explained how they found him. what the hell am i
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going to them quicker for me? i entered the airport and saw baby lying on the ground in a very bad condition. i showed this child to many people, but i couldn't find any one who was related. i called my wife at home. i brought the child home, i brought him milk and we have been taking care of him ever since. then. she's younger sister and i love this child a lot, but we can't be his mother and father. he has to live with his parents. oh, roads have now been cleared around the pakistani resort town of murray. after a deadly stone snow storm left $22.00 people dead including 10 children. they were trapped in their vehicles overnight or in a blizzard, which started on friday. thousands of flocked to the mountain town near the camp. as i'm about to see the snow. now to iraq's new parliament has elected its next speaker mocking a significant step towards establishing the government mohammed al. lucy says the process of selecting a president is now under way. the 1st time empties of met since elections 3 months
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ago. earlier in the session, there was an altercation in the acting speaker of parliament had to be taken to hospital according to political tradition in the country. the position of speaker is filled by a sunny man would under why it has more from baghdad, a sort of a hustle that happened the heated argument between a members affiliated with enough to the so the who's block, the southwest movement, one, the majority of seats on the one hand and those who belong to that, what is so called here, the coordination framework which includes the pro irin, shia political parties. the conflict happened over who has the majority of c t who has the biggest block in the parliament because by virtue of the iraqi constitution, in this session, the biggest majority of the parliament should be identified should be named so that
12:36 am
it will later be assigned with forming the government. now, what happened is that the coordination framework, which includes the up she a political party which are affiliated to iran, that last many seats in the election, they submitted a list of $88.00 members, claiming that they have the biggest to block than they were confronted by the pro solder members and then the heated argument started tension was rising. and then the temporary speaker ma hm. would that much had any who was in the middle of that tension. he was later or taken to the hospital because at some sort of say he fainted. other say he was literally beaten by the bruce other members. now in venezuela, people have been voting for a 2nd time in 2 months to choose the governor of bar in us state as part of a wider battle for power between the opposition. the government of president
12:37 am
nicholas madura, his ruling socialist party as controlled the home state of missouri's predecessor hugo chavez for more than 20 years. sunday's re run is the result of november's disputed election. supreme court ordered it be held again after disqualifying the opposition candidate. or you, it will be, i fear not at all or what is it it brought up today is a day of celebration for all the people at bahrain us and for all the venezuela. i am accompanied by freddy superman, who as you know, as the governor elect, after the folks in november with him together with all these beloved people, we are going from victory to victory to day. we are going to ratify what happened on election day or well. terry's a boy joins us live now from when his iris. why are the elections and very nice so important well for many this elections and we are important not totally because they're happening in the state where the former press and chavez was born. it's also a place where for the past 23 years,
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the chavez family has been empowered, but they're also important because of what happened during november's local elections in the country when freddy. so the battle and that's the opposition candidate during the elections in the state of bad enough, was disqualified under countries highest code 4 called for a re run for, for many in the country. this elections in aware an example on whether free and fair elections are possible in the country. and this, of course, raises the question of whether, when the government can decide when the elections happen and who is allowed to run in those elections. and this is something that divides the opposition on one side, there's many who believe, but the way out of the current political system in, in venezuela, the gulf, my little government is through election. so presenting themselves in different elections in the country while others say that the government cannot be trusted, but there's no rule of law, no judicial independence, and the elections shouldn't happen. and that's why they continue to support
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opposition leader one way though, and they want the international community to continue pressuring the government to continue imposing sanctions in the country. as a way out of breath, for pressuring nicole towards a negotiating table and towards so that free and fair elections can actually happen in venezuela. and the government went to great lengths to try and show the elections in november were free and fair is the same thing. happening this time round? well, that's a big question. let's not forget what happened in past november. it was the 1st election in years to happen with major opposition parties participating in it. it was also the 1st election in 15 years in which the european union morning toward that election with a $130.00 international observers at the time you were opinion union said that they worse no rule of law, that there was no judicial independence, but that this were the most organized elections in many,
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many years. what we're searing right now is that at least 25000 security forces were deployed to the estate of a 600000 people or so that there was a full preference of the state of the socialist party. of the candidate hall here re assa who's a former vice president who's a former foreign minister who's the father of over chavez grants. and so what we're seeing is that the governments presence is very, very important in that state. many, i was saying that there was intimidation, but this time there is no presence of international observers. what we're hearing right now is that the voting process continues, even though the polling station should have closed about half an hour ago, that the results will be announced in the capital in ga. gov instead of in the state. the opposition is saying that what culture right now is the turn out that they are able, in a way to challenge the government through the vault. so the big question here is what will happen in the next few hours?
12:41 am
thank you. from bonus iris to raise about rusher, saying it won't be making any concessions during security. talks with us on monday . diplomats will meet in geneva to discuss rushes, truitt build up on the border with ukraine. washington threatened sanctions of moscow invades its neighbor, or she's dep, she foreign minister says he's disappointed by what he's heard from the u. s. in europe ahead of the talks. moscow is denied any plans to invade ukraine, but once guarantees, nato troops won't get closer to its borders. your secretary say anti blinking, says russia, we'll have to choose between dialogue and confrontation. we're going to listen to their concerns. they'll listen to our concerns and we'll see if there grounds for progress, but to make actual progress. it's very hard to see that happening when there's an ongoing escalation. when russia has a gun to the head of ukraine, with a 100000 troops near its borders, the possibility of doubling that on very short order. so if we're seeing the escalation, if we're seeing a reduction tensions that is the kind of environment in which we could make real
12:42 am
progress. and again, address concerns. reasonable concerns on both sides. both halves in republicans rifka have defied a court ordered band to celebrate what they call state had de january 9th marks the day to 900. 92 and both mean subs declared independence, triggering a war which killed a 100000 people. this year celebrations come at a time of height, intentions with balls, and you had to governor a very possible succession plans for the inside lead a mineral dudek is facing us sanctions for calling for the regions independence. well, it was office 3 and a half years of war that the 995 date and peace of causes formerly created. and it broke out 2 separate governing entities within both in the special and ethnic and territorial lines. one is republic, assert, sky, located in the north and east with a majority population. the other federation of boston has governor in the center of the country, dominated by muslim balls in the acts in catholic croats. they are linked by shad
12:43 am
statewide institutions and a 3 person presidency with representatives from each ethnic group. miller, i don't. it was among the senior officials who attended the military parade and bonnie, luka of us. oh, there was always, i mean you'll gathering here is the best answer to those who challenge us who say we cannot celebrate january 9th. when we say we can little those who constantly send us some sanctions. to me, this is proof. i've listened to you that i was elected on your behalf, and i am not here to do what the americans wants, but what are people once liliana's marriage has worn out from the city of angelica . while this a day, our ver republic, a sub scott, is a dispute for many years, the hearing bars in her sabina, but decisions of the constitutional court of bosnia herzegovina are clear, ripple because of sky is entitled to celebrate the day of the public. a subscribe. just not on the january, the 9th. so there is
12:44 am
a dispute about the date because for serbs here in this part of bosnia, herzegovina, 9th, january of 1992 is a date when at a public, a subscriber of started to exist. and that is something sacred than important for them or something that, as they say, ah, guarantees a liberty for them and a best condition to live in bosnia herzegovina. on the other hand, for bottlenecks living in this part of bosnia herzegovina, the same date means something completely different. the start of the war, horrors that they endured in the public as that scar during the ninety's and layer on war crimes and genocide and southern usa. so there's a lot of dispute about that, but this year it's even worse because we've been in a serious political crisis for over many months. and we keep our listening to me, laura, daddy who is saying that if bosner has given or is not functioning in accordance
12:45 am
with the constitution of the country, he will begin the process of declaring a republic, a sub scott as an independent state. and he also announces that he would a, bring back some levels of authority from bosnia herzegovina, terrible because of so, which means that he would, again, form the army of republicans subscribe. and that he would completely control the tax system. and the traditional re at anna miller van novick is director of the post conflict research center and sorry, over a from where she joins us now. do parades like the one we saw to day of stoke ethnic tensions and to some extent on the minor, fragile postwar balance in the area. just thank you for the celebration today. i just have to say this has not been
12:46 am
a one day event. this year is sort of started on, on january 7th, which is the orthodox christmas day. it started with several celebrations that became more local. now this is the parade and we saw the video from is from bio luka, the one of the largest city republican service. however, over the last 23 days, we've seen more local celebrations that turn into in our media. is it called incidence, which they basically included very hateful messages, songs propaganda, a lot for crime, denial, ism and war crimes, global glorification of sort, coming from the national nationalistic communities toward minorities, indoors in those communities. and what, what's important here to know is that the celebrations as horrific as they are and
12:47 am
is your correspondence and you know, foreign minority groups in these local communities in republic services. and there may not even just be minority groups of basically for boss. yeah. and some crime members as well. they did january 9th, march the day when war crimes started happening when genocide started developing. and so, as i said, the celebration itself as horrific as horrible as it is. it's a part of larger system that's brought about by the nationalistic political parties, from a public history. that is also supported heavily by the republic of serbia, and currently also by russia and china. in this larger system, we're trying to remind you already of last year as a unified country and contribute to the a common goal of the so called serbian world. which basically is incredibly dangerous fascists and discriminatory ideology than one group of people just
12:48 am
because they are members of one ethnic group are in some way supreme to the other group. and so this celebration today and the localize celebrations that we saw in the communities basically carry those messages that somehow the service groups are, are holy and more special. that good leon bosnian serb leader miller. dick, who i think was once described by washington as a breath of fresh air has gone from reformist to now that something very different him. he's downplayed the 1995 massacre and has said that, i mean nothing. nothing is going to stop him. how. how will he proceed now in terms of his policies in many media as a in many media news lent these last few days. i've read a couple of his statements and during this parade today, he also gave
12:49 am
a special statement, saying basically that within the next 5 years, his plan is to see a republic, a service guy as an independent country. now people who have lived through the ninety's know what that meant. no one basically happened to moment a republican service, guy declared in dependency. no, that streamlined of events was very bloody and left a very bloody trail on this country. what is worry here and personally to me, to the 2 people that i worked with in the research is that we work with is to ceremonies. celebration today. this horrific event was a very i gathered a lot of international presence in when you look, you know, and gather the ambassador of russia gather and diplomatic members from china and gathered several friends to additions who are actually
12:50 am
a members of the european parliament. meaning that basically there are a parties and, and individuals and institutions in this world who are right now supporting this hatred and division in bosnia. and that is basically this giving more wind to the fresh wind from the well well thank you for putting that into context boys, titanium donovan short director of post comfort research center. and sorry of a thank you. with the news, our life from london still had back from injury and back to his winning ways are a found adult claims. another title at the australian open. aah! with technology help tackle the spread of cov 19. but our tech solutions, the best solutions we're starting, something that seems like it's aimed in public health,
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very quickly becomes about measuring people what data is being collected. where is it being stored? ali re looks at the limits of truth and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face. target when tech tools go viral. episode 3 of all hail to lockdown from al jazeera. our coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of . every time i travel there, whether it's east or west africa, people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate coverage. and our focus is not just on their suffering, but also on the more lifting and inspiring story. people trust on to, to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and unbiased. and as an african, i couldn't be more proud to be thought of, you know? ah,
12:52 am
ah, ah, peters here now at the sport. thank you, mariam host nation cameroon, are up and running at the africa cup of nations. thanks. 221. when ever burkina faso, however, the home team had to do with the hard way. and yo and day, the book and hobbies took the lead and the 24th minute through gustavo sunguard. a however that lead only last until the 40th minutes communion, captain vance on abaca suffered a penalty to restore parity and then 5 minutes later abaca converted another spot cake to one the final school to the team nicknamed the indomitable alliance. manuel cape food, defeated ethiopia, and the other crew pay game on sunday, also in yellow and day at the same venue as the opening game. julia tavares with the only goal of the game, a one the wind for the team known as the blue shocks. and 19th premier league match
12:53 am
has been postponed. lester's fixture had everson on tuesday. it's off because they have a depleted squad due to covert 19 injuries, and players away at the africa cup of nations and on the premier league side. doing a tough on sunday was arsenal. a totally different reasons. the gunners were knocked out of the f, a cap in the 3rd round by 2nd c, a side nottingham forest. louis grab him schooling the only goal of the game in the 83rd minutes. now to the lady, another jock of it shall abide by the australian government to delay the serbians appeal against deportation. has been rejected by a judge of seeing his case. the government had request the jock of its court hearing be postponed on a wednesday, but it will instead begin as scheduled on monday morning. the 20 time grand slam champion remains in a detention hotel is lawyers claim shock of which was given a vaccine exemption on the grounds of having recovered from colbert 19 last month. but footage has emerged of him during the headquarters of the serbian post office
12:54 am
on the day he legal team say he tested positive for the virus the following day. he was also pictured mosque las and he's tennis center with young players, tennis, australia, ceo, craig, tyler. he says he was caught in a conflict of advice between the state and federal governments. earlier we spoke to australian journalist, poor seco, who actually interviewed highly on sunday. it seems like he was hearing one thing from the federal government and tell him players another based on advice he was receiving from a sub national government victorian government who actually does not have ultimate power under federal law. so he's received a lot of criticism for this cry, tyler grayson dies, has been a school of thought that he was doing whatever he could to get giacobbe change, even though he was being told wanting by the federal government i knew was not certain that he would be granted entry, there is a sense that he tried to ronnie's loc, i guess, and keep track of the impression that he would be allowed in. and then at the
12:55 am
border, tyler, my maybe, according to one criticism, may have my id, the judgement that the federal government would not be so old as to block. one of the most well known people in the world really. but one of the best sports people in the world for mentoring is trailer and creating a, a local news event. in fact, that's exactly what i did and that's where we are now. so joking, which is participation in the australian open still very much in doubt. but i found that els preparation couldn't be going any better. the spaniel has when he 1st competitive to them. and since august madell who miss the end of last season with a foot injury, be american qualify maxine crazy. in the final of a warm up event in melbourne, former will number one, summer had up when the women's tournament full, her 23rd singles, title and faced and almost 18 months. the romanian defeated the number 3 seed veronica could a method of 6263 out of doctors one sit on our way to lift the trophy turned well,
12:56 am
number one, ashley body is also looking in good form. a head of yours 1st grand slam. yes. dradian claim, her 2nd adelaide international titling 3 is the straight sets victory of elena at ariba keena. but he also won the devil's events. england cricketers breathing a sigh of relief of to holding on for a draw against australia in the fall dashes test in sidney was a nail biting. finish with one ball left better. ben stokes could not bear to watch, but james anderson, tail amber withstood australia's burning attack to steer england a $279.00 of the gloves play. but that was a huge turnaround of the heavy losses in brisbin adelaide in melbourne. it also means that the english avoid a series of whitewash. the world's number one golfer john rom has moved into a share of the lead at the tournament of champions in hawaii. the spaniard tied the course record with a 61 on saturday to move alongside cameron smith, that the top of the leaderboard heading into the final round. later on sunday.
12:57 am
hopefully, a superb come back from new zealand free skier, nick o porteous. wool champion recovered from coven 19 just days earlier. and on saturday, you won the half pipe world cup event in california. in the women's competition, eileen gu wrapped up ho seasonally with a perfect record, winning the title and lifting her 1st ever crystal globe. and staying on the winter sports team, the u. s. a bag double gold medals of the snowballing woke up also in california. redmond, gerard, and jamie anderson clenching the men's and women's slope style titles. that's all sports is mary with back to you in london. now thanks very much peter. that's it for the nissan, but i'll be back in a minute with much more. the daisies round up, the top size coming up very shortly soon.
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ah ah and americans are increasingly say authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command it's you like tried to covered up what's your take on why they've gotten it so wrong? that to me is political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policies and the impact on the world on al jazeera war in afghanistan is now who will non taliban figures make up
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a part of that american root canal report within the taliban? and believe it, there will be a powerful itala baldessari inside story parker. i frank assessment of the days headlines. subscribe now. however you listen to podcasts from lagos, to jerusalem, to my am on the government. this plan to do my own home milestone man. history. my and background 3 short films that show how people take a stand against evictions in their struggling communities. the 1st time they arrested me, i was 11 years old, a j select on out is era we understand the differences and similarities have cultures across the world. so no
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matter how you take it out, 0 or bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you count his era. ah, nigeria says armed groups have kill some 200 people in sound. far estate in reprisal attacks from military as strikes on their high doubts. ah, lo, i'm mary m demising on the new watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. west african leaders hit back imposing tough sanctions on molly offers military rulers push elections back for years. cosmetic authorities broadcast what they say.


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