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tv   Al Jazeera World The Love of Books  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm AST

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while the water, when we listen design is, are making serious effort and just dropped the trend we need use making stories on how to ah. ready the news. hello, i'm emily. i'm going into how these are the top stories on al jazeera than i. jared government says the death hole from attacks in the north west has risen to at least 200 people. bandits attacked villages in them far a strange following as strikes by the military on their hot ounce of egypt has more from boucher what's happening is search and recovery effort about 10 to 48 hours since the attack buddies are still being recovered. i am, i said yesterday afternoon at least 150 costs were recovered. some of them
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mutilated, some of them, but beyond recognition and were buried in better than just the attacks happened in at least 10 villages in the zone for a state russians. the media says 164 people have been killed during days of violence, anti government protests in conflicts done authorities. they confirmed the rest of more than 5000 people, including former security services shapes career met maximum. robin forest fear walker has more from simply c dost television? it's a russian independent tv station. we're outside a morgue. they reported how they had, they seemed to masked men, armed in dressing, black, dragging away a suspect. when they started filming in that direction, shots were fired at them, a warning shots were fired. we seen a social media or also if people pointing their cameras at the military in the streets and again having to duck cover. because of course we know that the security
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services have a shoot to kill policy. so it's, it's a frightening time if you're a civilian in kazakhstan right now, and you want to be out getting back to your daily lives. but with this huge security presence, it's very intimidating which is have been closed around sedan capital cartoon to stop more protests against the military government. the main pro democracy group has rejected you in efforts to get to dance, transition to civilian rule back on track. the un off i followed the resignation of prime minister general hum duck china has reported its 1st locally transmitted omicron case in the northern coastal city of change in 2 hours from the capital. the winter limpid games are due to begin in beijing and new by venues in under for wakes. katrina you is in the capital with move. the main problem for chinese authorities is it's passivity to beijing. it's only about 3 hours drive away o one allied by high speed rail. there is a loss of frequent commuting between the 2 cities and aging authorities are on high
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alert that anxious to make sure that there is no outbreak in the capital before the beginning of the beijing winter olympics on february the 4th. so as i mentioned, change residents have been ordered not to leave their homes until they are tested and then they cannot leave their city unless absolutely necessary. those who work and aging the work from home and all of those in aging, who have traveled to the affected areas in change and in recent weeks, must begin home quarantine. now this outbreak that we know so far with these 2 content on the con cases, the 1st locally transmitted a cases of the on the con, variance have been centered around a school community. and this is really going to test china 0 tolerance approach to curve at 19. they're already about 14000000 people in china under severe locked down in the provinces of sun. she and her and, and province. and these infections are continuing to spread to other areas as well
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. now this is really going to be a test of china as current lockdown policy. it's not testing reactions here. and we're going to have to see whether this on the kron variance is going to spread here. what is concerning to authority so far is that they have not nailed down the origin of the virus. when it comes to these cases, intention, india has reported another 160000 new cases in the past 24 hours a 7 month high. it cities have introduced restrictions including night curfews as it battles, a surgeon, only con infections. the africa cup of nations kicks off in a few hours in cameron, but carbon 19 testing procedures are being described as a scandal by the became a fessor tain coach 5 of his plays tested positive on the eve of the opening game against the host. those are the headlines i'm m language. the news continues here. accent al jazeera will stay with us. ah
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ah, yes um how to latino amana blog was the is i did it to the garcia was living. will it be blue? thank you. more than isa media assistant for legacy off the above. is it blue? some say pretty hard to you. is us the 50 blue take? lia block. i can call us to my car, toyota. ah ah
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ah, you know the piece, the love seat provided with the needs of buses from the man is nika, and in a one a gauzy, who sort of dick? we him all oh good alma, which site that i was with god. the said i also am against it. so it's you is glad you know your gift. this is the your sally jam. you wrestle, eat the beauty. it was a is which i line islam sky you through, you know, got equal me at this lemon on you about the blue there got awesome. he elemental with the way the beauties
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yes m. o. in archer, velma art on his will be or so you should look some be a part of your eyes will slowness calling us though some so my home he osha. 7 lodging brought them in the image assist. e julia sunday's been reduced will got i'm at the woodson. mike you? he tuck was on the show side. i gosh, it was the room of this. well to see all the excel you're the ssl did. i'm his thumbs. can oak julia them with him. occlusion keegan. all this
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in ah. in terms of proof of really pre approve mr. what do you know? the 1st thing that i provided there to was that you said no, said the interior the ah ah clear the 1st you do not use that is you need some of this and i should be there
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both duncan aliya would you and it was in. it could us and illuminate it and if you get no certain are good enough status quo. nice. nice to turn any dentist column. nick patalouski organizer. does he who sort of a glove the take a saw the she obvious. not. pontine. you again that had to yup. posted nice. there's a here to good dina brickle stoughton hinder, b b o t h q u d anita coitus etsy will not be sierra p negative face. so negative all baghdad, choir per piece saw touching negative zak of cost him at a probably come
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a danish new query, a poor pseudo o cool, purely cheat though both sides have plenty teeth as she will. i paused, can ye video decoy your port that we did? the quarter, multi disciplinary last moved in. that's your now last multicultural most oh yes too late or are there some monkey there thought i can get to dolly pommy b charlie eden copies. are they annie some 0 our mean? does miss shami? yes longer so largely quite a lot of the story you look at all dog shadow
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is amnesty today in oakland abuse a bridge. it is tuesday now. goodness, nino, pronounced none yard or sure, or it is called that door that own that door door that need i'm taking a tube, negotiate team to open the door on i on. i never did that. the pre post, even though does it this is sure. give us new the mood to accommodate chrissy threatening to leave you a lot. ah
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ah, that yellow becky generation study. zappa cherry had to be a pa guardian on pity. agnes kidnapped boston ah ah, you see them as much as a sort of you on a historian, boston yellow, empty cell on a touch screen. but underneath the inner part of it then i was asking is if you can
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pass me it cut us more literally darn stamp are more likely a world of soda. lanier may as a moral feel. they had them wanted enough. the model cook, j. yosh puller nika, yes, that nickie the yellow hulu room he a bit shall she that you me to a but as of last yes on the soul you are the on are motion talk with you. how did you ah no breakage of i, he's told he had to what of all he thought you boss they or dollars,
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scott or slang. b. i jumped it. sam will blood that we know austell guess i'm moving. keep what a dog i should be. your keith doughty chad pulled toward nikki, studied chad. b a, b, b. i take got it. 3 of it's what i did you more miss stan? tobacco got done. what seems to be painted so i can get done or to pay it done. they said to red che tech what a peach really small is that a record double copy yo to go natalie. global plus global audi age body edge. and i had chinese throughput attorney.
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but he a garza who's him, they got nearby locust. yes. he said a couple sad i talk of near go. they've lavine kirsten. he's too w argent. got dunstable that he's got good. did have at no circle k i b last me, ashton, out of your say, dana snazzy, stop, prowess, lavin, et cetera. i with so sexual naga equal to
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login. no. vit university is risky on a levy or said i will go more. st. louis, missouri east is our father. ah he still yesterday by you still have to let on. she said i will promise little plus nugget. sit to watch him nor get another cheer. ali sada away, et cetera. but as ye beulah is that only is he said i am a dishonor. not ethan's coupons, not a league is quickly pardon us will be of some really pretty looking. so being conscious deco boucher mandate
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b lay in that subscript florida. sacrament. 7 email la villa, correct now. ah oh the with a oh god. but come out with a guy with nissan yet about that glum. she had come. she, marsha, between that viet need 7 viet over that trivia control vehicle, much abt started kinetic with
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edna said no more mazda tanya mold, wrote for g at either. he has a dentist there with this. it will be able to name scheme. that's the analysis of holiness that i put a more clever sheena soraya nissan was. okay, well that should be taught me some bunch of keywords should be that poor nimble. uh huh.
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good deal. what search and what the status of it or put the subsequent voice comp. we are in lsu linoleum, but it is your pre annisa last i stepped ali jamia butchered out casual night but he so i bet is this analogy opposed. grandma that's club if you missed the mark he gotcha. you promised for 7 national life that's got me is don't delay but i'm actually lots of contact
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with us. there is no story progress. no better when we did he minute booted to? yes, that is us in our product. villa, villa, surgeon, and theater course in villa. quite a does shop. beersheba shows
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on southern oda. i only pushed geisha to yasu most and was told to renew some teofila, which will they do was about to go in and manually push dental, told her grad equate to premium oh, ghost table. i would have to ask the body, listen, we need to push through. so we grab that is said, it's all got but he left it she it's not you read it porto that all. i think it up
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boots for the next quite possible. and you know, we're down south to not near me below god cachimba bade, i'm glad manet, bella might be a dead said looked at him in a may. mia e my. i poked to epcot, eastman recal it from namely, odds about at them. i opt out at the impact
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level i'm glad allison clam. she'll one me at a cult. least in the speech give you that i do. so they said i was a good one. which summer yeah, i mean some day clinic young and i pushed i'm sad. i on that team swanny could and he said busy that code they did an a p o. couldn't let smocks night, long kiss suddenly dashed rubia crispy in my chin. could an awe
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diamond where keep the lackey study, yen, do club piece. oh, so you're almost done. got some. yeah, actually i didn't put my to like get a baby. ok. subscribers k ah well just as a future sandwich, cyber. fortunately, so i really can't get on a to you, donna zapata in a civic. no good, good. other yasandra zane, thus ours fucking don on. thus it nursed us national. let us see people,
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your taste little pieces was annella's in miss but dr. daly, so he's looking isn't any more watching after you just came without seeing that either with seneca call all the clear. got it all i well i guess i thought it was still but up now these us as a sheila the jo chelson instead to discuss another with butcher has yet to now go to organize unequivocal donna, small ease, misty, little. copious little will cause little blizzard toilet cushman and others
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recover. he goes out or at no, we'll get to till supposed of no coolness the to him. what at the improv, easier than what the sellers with and our as national was hoping to monitor the most of okay. it's dollars, it's still with oddly buffer. please visit us in at wanted to reach out to me. ah. oh um yeah, no,
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no. you wanna do is most view . there's such a blog who says, who love such the silence has been distinct. denise, this eden is one of scandinavia largest iron or deposits. and it's driving a wedge between those seeking wealth and those defending their way of life. gallop, a witness documentary on a, jesse it. some people marry for love, the others. it can be
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a commercial transaction. i mean, we're 3700 euro payment just for the march concord algae, 0 world meets men and women using marriage as an illegal passport to europe. we know history so they can be arrested for attempting to organize a sham marriage and a financial and emotional cost. but then he left me for a woman 33 years older than him. marriage for sale on al jazeera. mm mm. you want to help save the world, sneeze into your own. one of the fastest growing nations in the world, ah, on a contract, needed to open and develop the whole entire national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and tough for trade and money skillfully enough re key is up to about
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filling up from it. the connecting the world connecting the future got cut to gateway to whoa trade. ah hello i mainly i'm going into having the top stories on al jazeera than i. jerry government says the death toll from attacks in the north west has risen to at least 200 painful bandits attacked villages in them far as dang following as strikes by the military on their high downs. an interest has more from boucher. what's happening is search and recovery effort, about 2048 hours since the attack buddies are still being recovered. i or i said yesterday afternoon at least 150 corpses were recovered. some of them be too late
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to some of them, but beyond recognition and were buried in fayetteville. they just be attacks happen in at least 10 villages in the zone for a state to sedan. now, where security forces have 5 gas into crowds, protesting against the military government, earlier bridges were closed around the capital cartoon to deter demonstrate his the main pro democracy group has rejected you an effort to get students transition to really enroll back on track. russians say media says 164 people have been killed during days of violence and he government protests in cause it's done with our he's back and then the rest of moving 5000 people, including former security services chief, can wim maximum rushes, wrote out making any concessions a day before holding secure. he talks with us. diplomats with a meeting in geneva to discuss rushes trip build up on the border with ukraine. the
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u. s. has threatened sanctions if russia invades moscow says it doesn't intend to invade ukraine, but once guarantees, nato troops won't get closer to russian borders. china has reported it 1st and locally transmitted to only chronic case in the northern coastal city of t engine, which is near to banking the winter. olympic games are due to be held in the capital and the 5 venues in under 4 weeks. india has reported another 160000 new cases in the last 24 hours a 7 month high. if cities have introduced restrictions, including not curfews as it battled the search in ami con infections, the africa cup of nations kicks off in a few hours time in cameroon, but covert 19 testing procedures being described as a scandal by the became a fessor team coach 5 of his plays tested positive. those are the headlines st. you now for al jazeera will me each and every one of us has got a responsibility to change our patients. by
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the way, we could do this experiment and a lot of us could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. but he had any idea that it would become a magnet who is incredibly rest. asking women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here in kitty. pick up the collect, the segregate, to say the reasoning. this is extremely important service they provide the city we need to take america to try to bring people together and trying to deal with people who have been left behind me. ah
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with me on the verizon. i saw that. do it for me. that's good. got it. all yeah, oh, more square. yeah, well nobody is able to take it on it, but you should be able to put on a real nasty logic individual, any smaller group in the copy of the group below parcel to from oral surgeon
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down melissa could deonna shake down, update on those thought i with yes ali's was did i did, i did really buddhism. right. as you would such a good though,
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she cut a bully assembly into tundi gazelle secondino. any good? it was yielded steady luther peppers, news, news you is you would the g d. o you know, those will be sh. did as will be shown on to live chevalier. savanski chill. yes. fuck is you what he had knock lydia, the civic . how can you go? vakio copays yet nacley heavier than those would see if it is our disgusting which ed dusting,
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and we just we actually put those human i'mma liam lubbock. niga morales must. we ship won't, though, but at the esteem was roddy . but i'll tell you. smoke. oh, cookie said or darkness. though she was only a mattress. yet garza was obimenwabi blue. tinker. yet he also wanna walk. fiddle he slaymen in a dressy west in dallas, ella will toys. glad to go, surely. ah, yes,
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and bill prelude said that says makin upon a cut malebranche plugin where you command, he don't put it in virginia to not let them cackle. i pro stood is not sad. i am a pod i yoga not 10 mean by such k mathias caseworker. there we go to a below pod, anya or he a door. she play a below either. gonna key down. nicole mush as evil mesa doesn't in arches tunnel. the keys she is the saddam kilometer. the liquid, the blue dig. tuck with some use. mitchell googe. are you sure? what about elecom grad school girl? ah. oh my god. sent that aside,
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iowa also, but the so please who would sell it the sniper. all im was dimansky nation is any cancer needs some mo, gauze, kleiner, to try those up as a sniper? he so please deborah. that was to it was act. he's attached to a bill that was some movie, a 3rd shaw for him up prowess, arnold ellicott to the school girl. all
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ideal good all day and night. plus these ephra ali. so that's yeah, that's so odd. annella's in a village. now there will be permanency taco, thus amolla, belmont loc. second is all the spa, monica ah, ill digital as you? oh, good odds. oh, bichon will kaji this a different analogy. that'll go pc julia. julia moved it up within a p a t. ali, can you go check when a much any, cuz it's not clear
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. yeah. misty beard rush. she fits. yost. good us individual. good. me. hamish live you love it. should be local furniture. dentist, full admonished, peaceful day with the woody ears. ah what my something up or something about forgot his house ever leticia?
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ah, if you're some oh bullshit, just the best force. ah circle poodle, you're the one out of the story. it was worse than coalition vehicle mature made and with that you know to go. but you look at photo plumbing you some best from which intrusion america goes check into something to which i was for. so what did you want to and as to what i did quit he's ah
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ah barbara. she knew centimeters. oh nice i'm you susan. ah
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ah, oh immune god, in the summer our sons comes, the men's kanethia, j. d. a nasty, a jesse nevada receive our garage evoke busty. a survey had a bad idea either to see ny is super sweet dancing or all math mean next year. now, i mean my nina lou carlswell nelson. nice, i'm not sure. my oldest son in the nissan nissan was to return your business. no, only. well, did you with a voting talk and then thursday, you're good with the video choice
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ah capitulate video to take it on that some i'll shoot you a possibility of the summer that production that this is the furniture by the name. what kind is ito, premier's tanya auto plaza? in what i was, when was it said no, but there's a lot of the lab that your past due, although it's free, it's up for what though, emoji only. so i actually had that group on that each i implemented that me unless you monocle bucket. the banana
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ah, 5 casual did the on the you my, you banana on the now monday cuba major theme casa, authentic with you. but through the store, gates are no. normally they have not been, i was stunned. i'm not going to go to get started. can you get me school? it was said as a job search at that moment of desire though i yeah. is i'm gonna be all adjusted it honestly go is it, was you what i said you had on a night, but in the there's the neighborhood. the aurora with our
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with emmys. what was feeling a little what is auto predominant, abbas to get to watch? oh gosh oh. c a today
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i like the diane latino said, the nic and the nature godinez who is glad i live near below. utilize suite for billy health coverage. ah ali need yes. the general nice haemoglobin deity. then the a t sat than yet dash me can at the day about for the pseudo. yet the jelly flood for cache. that's where she ah
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voicing went on like the last few days with our ut yet. that last 2 hours. yeah. dark. so it will show vehicle if i just ski oshea for you. i got the video that the name of the ship nick out for the little guy an arch, another national. what are the other sick and are going to our system to load the systems to what are the on that some wanted to doug or booker? i'm aunt, formally. so nameless on a daily bill, a bigger part of this. her super e visa another boy, the beauty ah
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ah, what is you on you a little copy? saw he, lou, do more than he a premium and ali more than what you talk cause that teeth, can you guess him a boston i, it hoodie and nash is that she this pushes the nambla selection as to this other shasky now with with
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where with and serve you want the same thing. i want to stop slaughter. they want to put an end of the violence war. they want to give their children and their grandchildren a chance to lead a normal life to de site god, the voices of those people with me. for nearly 4 years, 830-0042 1000000 refugees, the produce bosnia glacier answer has reached a peace agreement in the war in boston. ah,
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physically though it allowed them to take us basha ali. yet not can you go to any of those a a ne, 7 beneath them yet, and i love that to re shepherd or cheat. goodbye b a yeah, and is m w a dog deal stuff that i was good j a
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a a couple of new stuff some stuff but ah yes, with grades i'm done year late, sky you that yeah,
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the divide that say technique i hey, you made your team cny gallon. labella somewhere way. ah, cultural jackie. diabetic? yes, it was the regional up mazda malloy. it but at napa n o mo vacated ah
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ah yes, i am suited alan, my industrial gods. you could say big take he pled that'll i got the the total total. yeah, he's on his up like new . yeah. awesome. nickel buddha. so he pulled shawl with the august the until measured the nika nissan. we'll go, i'll present garage and i will not go more than, you know, obviously. necklace, i'm jasa b o y and chris i. sybil. b. edu. yet, subs, are they not? shall be blue at the eco box. ah,
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not she closer squad quiz. that'll on it. we may, bogart is, i hope she had the little ah, he's thought he was, they put us even up that, that can. so sleep was thought, ah, a little busy, nice with emily, sweet them. you're us. ah, those in special on u. b. b, you take spa sharma, equal to northern, asked is special on yeah, good. good. any it does. do you know which are yet my mom be gene? he still goes to show an issue with
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ah ah ah ah ah, some people marry for love, others, it can be a commercial transaction. i mean, 3700 year payment just for the march $100.00. i'll just there will meet men and women using marriage as an illegal passport to europe committee for a time to organize a sham marriage and a financial and emotional cost. but then he left me for
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a minute 33 years older than him. marriage for sale on al jazeera. ah, ah ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with the sponsored by cut on airways. hey there, good to see you. thank you for joining in the us. set a new record for the number of confirm tornadoes in the month of december 244. and that threat continues in january here on sunday. right along that border, eastern texas into mississippi. we'll see some severe thunderstorms here that could spawn tornado and see some large hail through the mississippi valley into the appalachians. that energy moves toward the north and the east,
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around the mid atlantic. this is a cold front, so it's going to knock down temperatures. and in that process, we could see a prolonged period of freezing rain along the i 95 corridor was found we go bit of a breather from the snow for vancouver, your temperature at 5 degrees. it's still below average. we've got some rain for high, y and snow for the northwest of british columbia dry off across washington state after that record rainfall. and we've also got com conditions across california. los angeles, 21 degrees. the tradewinds are scooping up some moisture given it toward the leeward islands, through the caribbean sea. and along that caribbean coast for central cow, we're running the risk of seen some showers still heavy rain toward the northeast of brazil and also that southeast in the zone. we could pick up to about a 100 millimeters of rain. south of that. temperatures are hardened up by no sorry is closing in on 40 degrees on tuesday. for the weather, sponsored by katara weighs in pakistan's largest city. climate change in water
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shortages are driving some residence to desperate measures. one 0, one east, meet the waters of garage on l g 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, nigeria government blames armed groups the killing 200 people in days of reprisal. attacks in the northwest is m far as dice cassock.


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