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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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into the universe as maybe about a 100000000 years after the big bang. and what it's going to do is look at in for a red light. and so that's like the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that we feel as heat. and so, stars and galaxies, planets whenever they form are very, very hot. so the telescope is going to look for those heat signatures. as far back, you know, as a 100000000 years after the big bang, which is incredible. so we could not only see some of the 1st stars and galaxies, but it can also do things as sniff out x o planet atmospheres to see what kinds of chemicals are in there. maybe even to find you know, other habitable, habitable planets out in the universe. ah, again, the headlines on the 0 after week of anti government on russ cause exxon's,
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former intelligence chief carry muscle has been arrested on suspicion of treason. it's fueling speculation of a power struggle in the ruling party. robin forest here walker has more on what's behind the arrest. his departure today really cements this idea that cousin jo month, so kind of the president is, is purging the government, the system, the leads of all those figures who own allegiance to the former president know sometime as a by that it's really quite an extraordinary picture. i'm a difficult to explain in a nick, but inside an enigma why this would, would have happened. but this really explains the dog nature of cows or politics, internal politics. the rest the departments as condemned an air strike in ethiopia, northern te gray region, in which at least 56 people were killed. aid workers say the attack could account for a displaced people. the bodies of 9 victims of
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a snow storm and pucker. some have been brought to islam and bad. at least $22.00 people have died in total. the number of people in hospice on the u. s. cobra, 1900, is raising, driven by the army. kron variance. it includes more children under the age of 5, a group not yet eligible to be vaccinated. the number of covered 1900 infections in india has had a new 7. 1 tie with the late as daily toll, more than a $140000.00 the capital new delhi is among the worst at regions and is under curfew. south african president seral wrong post us as the governing african national congress needs to rebuild popular support. he was addressing a celebration of the parties, $100.00 and 10th on a verse, read. the amc has been damaged by allegations off corruption. those are the headlines on al jazeera up. next is the listening post. thanks for watching by the latest news as it breaks and new men with it added
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a fleet of these giant done for us having more woven power. these being able to extract more cool more quickly with details covering everywhere you look there is this section the source survive here. tell us like will never be the same again for them from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison. the question the jury has to decide now. he should she ah, trigger warning. india is alarming escalation in haste. it's a story the mainstream media have in the new year. new shutdown play, drinks cracked down on journalism in hong kong. continue to fly informants, doing the kremlin splitting and putting news organizations on russians. black ah hello, i'm richard ginsberg and you're at the listening post where we don't cover the news
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. we cover the way the news is covered. we begin with india and a social media space that is teeming with hatred, directed at muslims. messages that are often accompanied with calls for violence. 2022 began with the emergence of a mobile app conducting a mock auction online listing the names and the photographs of dozens of prominent muslim women put up for sale, actresses, activists, journalists, all of whom have spoken out on lima phobia. and the notion of hindu supremacy, what's known as hindered that auction app appeared online just after 2 hindu fundamentalist conferences were held in northern india. where speakers urged their followers to attack minorities in speeches that were tantamount to cause for genocide against muslims. yet, as is the pattern in the world's 2nd most populous country, it took journalists working outside of mainstream outlets to expose those stories,
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forcing establishment news organizations and the indian authorities to do what no longer seems to come naturally. their jobs are a starting point this week is new in today's india or religious gathering can turn into a call to our an invitation for him to worshippers to hate the other. there were 2 such meetings last month to race shop who runs a far right hindu nationalist news channel, attended the one in new delhi where he urged his audience to take the money that same weekend, 200 kilometers to the north in how to walk the message was no less explicit
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the the them or indian was the how did wire conference was organized by a hindu pri, yeti, nothing hon. and nothing on him is an engineer educated in russia, and he is now a him, the priest and a rabble rouser. what he says is not as much his speech as an outlet called for genocide. if i did it all, his features appeared to go wider because he has obviously struck abroad in society . and that he does as robert, i was english nor hindrance from the government that his twitter account has been suspended. and his youtube account was also locked because it violated community guidelines. but if you do a quick google search and find his videos flashed across various various channels, it was forgotten. easter monkey is the founder and the editor asked is used
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generally caused the notion use. they are blatantly islam of 4 big ang, pylee when shops, especially when it comes to their shop videos. if so kill it, you know, might be around. what's that? what also to act that your monkey high, nearly half a 1000000 followers on twitter. it is certainly something we need to be concerned about, but i think we also need to understand the on fixed in which there were a lot of hindu roofs have indeed become radicalized because of what they see is a one sided narrative. what in the secular parties and in the global media, which they are now reacting to and don't agree with the language that they use. but i certainly believe understand where they're coming from. that is a very organized ecosystem of hid. they are instigated rollins, they spread fake news and that ecosystem is organized by houses, perhaps millions of people who are allied with the government. they're all over
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social media helping to amplify bigotry, of a kind that we have never seen before. that bigotry comes in many forms on new year's eve. a new app showed up online fully by presented itself as a human auction. it was fake, but the victims were read more than $100.00 muslim women. actors, journalists, public figures, including the pakistani nobel laureate, malala you satellite, offered up as would be servants for their hindu masters. the goal was to shame those women to silence them. muhammad zubair is a journalist for a site called alta news. his reporting was crucial in exposing those hindu gatherings in delhi and harry dwan. zubair has also helped police in their investigations of bully box, which has been taken offline. some of those allegedly involved have been arrested in was added on or something similar to your not,
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these are white with these people can be actually, even if it was according to them or not as an english them as beeping. basically, i'm particularly also in touch with the wait list in helping them investigate the case and which is still going on with it. but i would say the or not it all upon it being late. the dates in loose feels that losing demographically even within the context of india, which is the only country which has a can do majority. but other 15 muslim majority countries, a 100 percent, percent majority, and people who do not protect your culture and heritage in the one country. whether you are a majority, then i think you're going to lose the battle in terms of protecting what your inherited from the cost. so this is the broader context in which all this is happening ah,
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what stands out most. and the coverage of this story is the lack of it, and it's not for a lack of resources. india has more than 424 hour television news trucks, more than 100000 newspapers, and countless new sites. most of them have fallen in line with the ruling d. j. p. party, and prime minister. no rent remote to many news outlets are dependent on the money modi's government spends on advertise here will in such a competitive market. they are as reliant on the majority hindu population for clips and ratings as that b j. p r on hindus for votes. so they gave the stories of those religious gatherings and the soon army of anti muslim messaging online. short shrift. national newspapers, burying reports of hate speech on the inside pages, while surrendering part of the front page to the b. j. p. 's, nationalistic messaging, bought and paid for by the indian taxpayer. the indian express is the best selling
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daily in india. now, the advertisement that came on the front page were shocking. a man who had a gift, seattle around his neck and looking bay, evidently, was pulled like a bachelor ball in his hand. that's the image the showed of what it was like that would be to be gaming power in 2017. now the next image showed the same man after 2017, with his hands folded, begging for mercy. this is extremely derisive spelt baganda, and it also reflects on the state of the mainstream media in india because the mainstream media have either been a brow beaten into silence, or they have am aligned and the government. and they have almost entirely become journeyed as of the government and the ruling party, the men television channels, the ones that i support, the government have almost completely ignored that meetings. and it's not just me
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saying that the party don't speak new factories a few years ago. home minister, i'm a child who is the 2nd most powerful man in this country, addressed party workers and what he called social media of what he is. this is what he said. we are capable of delivering any message we want to. the public was a sweet or saw, true or fake because we have 3200000 people in our what's up with the other institution was failure to condemn amounts to a form of complicity. is the indian government, the evidence of incitement? is there online for all to see rhetoric that verges on the genocide, yet those responsible almost never get arrested. having parent to hindu supremacy when campaigning for votes, the modi government has enabled extreme normalized their views, and some b. j. p. figures like this member of parliament can sound just like it,
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demanding the conversion of non hindrance bono, don't the info for us to be brought back a little bit and brought it back to the mother of pain. the m p later withdrew that statement. but the video remains on his youtube channel. it's still making the rounds on social media. it's not just the media that's supposed to be the watchdog . it's also the executive. it's also the judiciary. it's also in the file in the legislature, other parties, other institutions that are also supposed to act on job now is to continue to do what we can ask tonight. question, seek accountability because this so as an archives of what's happening in india. the only people who can stop this writing transformation that's going on in india and induce themselves. but it is not easy to convert to come
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with that in america. we have seen it in so many other countries, the media have a very important role to play, but the mainstream media, we know, substantially sold out or have been prompted by the government. so if you're asking me, what is the answer for that? i don't really know. i just know that people like us in the independent media must continue doing what began. but there is no one on for us to watch. another media story that's on our radar. this week comes out of hong kong where a couple of prominent news outlets have been forced to shut down. mean oxy robbie is here with the details. thank you. richard stuff, news and citizen news were 2 of the last pro democracy media website's still active in hong kong. they're now gone and some say it's one of the final nails in the
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coffin of hong kong, once active and outspoken media space. later december stanz news room was rated by 200 police officers. several staffers were arrested on suspicion of confiding to publish what the authorities call seditious material. on december 27th, the outlet throws down that how does it affect a week later? another outlet, citizen, news, shut down. chris young, the founder of citizen news, had this to say. the invitation is clear that overall media is facing a pace and increasingly tough environment. and for those who are being seen as critical or troublemakers, they are more, they are more on the revolt. and that's why we made that decision. it's worth going back a bit to understand the political context to this. in 1997 britain, which had colonized hong kong handed back control of the city to china. beijing
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publicly committed to allow a certain level of autonomy, but bit by bit has failed to live up to that promise. instead, the chinese communist party has been typing its grip on hong kong. would see this implications for democracy in free speech this since 2020, when china introduced a controversial national security law, at least for news outlets have been forced to close. more than a dozen journalists have been arrested while the authorities have ordered a complete overhaul of the public broadcaster r t h k. but it's not just news outlets. the enforcement of the national security law has been used in a manner that squeezes all kinds of dissenting voices and curves. discussion let alone debate on sensitive topics. take the pillar of shame, and i clinic statue in memory of the victims of china. $18910.00 men square massacre. for the past 24 years, it stood on the grounds of the university of hong kong. last month, the university's management decided to remove it, citing legal advice and risk assessments. the disappearance of the statue came as
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no surprise to hong congress, but it had been seen as very symbolic, a marker of just how dramatically the space for expression has not owed in hong kong. thank you. mean? in may of last year, russian authorities embarked on a campaign that threatened to snuff out critical news coverage in the country completely. dozens of journalists and media outlets were classified as foreign agents or worse, undesirable. these are labels that are reminiscent of the country soviet past and practically speaking, they can have a ruinous effect on reporting, making it dangerous for journalists to worked in russia as well as deterring both their sources and their advertisers. some news outlets have been forced to cease their operations completely fronting this effort to criminalize critical news outlets is a handful of so called patriotic activists. working for kremlin friendly organizations . they provide a facade of an active civil society. russia is the country not short of under
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reported news stories, taboo topics such as the abuse of power are not hard to come by the listening post tough now for now on some of the news outlets targeted that have revealed graft and wrong doing on the part of the rational, as usual, i knew you'd be proclaimed design desirable. it literally means different lenses and then in your family can and from him, i mean it is an upright. does that mean or median completely split into 2 and one green carries its work out. honestly and in good faith about me and i find out when i see him the others
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and tries to the country for a client. the client is well known, the us state department and the ca the release of the speed with which this unfolded. it was like someone high up simply said, you know, someone who was done with independent journalist in russia. he just woke up one spring morning in 2021 and decided let's just put an end to this up and ship me. since then, it's been open season on gender. dozens of nice organizations and reporters have been blacklisted. classified as foreign agents, undesirable or both. nobody knows the sites and what spoke your story to act. it could have been the botched poisoning, relaxing a boundary like now imprisoned. his opposition movement outlawed,
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for which the kremlin faced few. consequently, perhaps the authorities were triggered by what they thought in neighbouring belo roof, where the government with hunting john les down. or was it the logic context, the series of investigative bombshells that have exposed russian officials revealing rampant corruption of vladimir putin in a circle and beyond? we tried to touch the most doubled the most. under reported topics. we did a series of articles on the secret families of russian top rank officials. thoughts was mister putin. there was a story on his secret wife and his previously unknown daughter. we established that they had really enormous wealth. the story, it was like a big bump in russia,
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so we don't know for sure what was the immediate story, which made them angry, but i guess all of them in july last year pro act a non profits registered in the u. f. was labeled an undesirable organization. rahman badani who is also labeled a foreign agent, learnt of his new status on holiday with his family and made a decision not to return to russia. one of the more curious aspects of the case brought against play. the role played by pro criminal act of f like vitale body. but at the end of the former employee of russia, interior ministry, who once could vladimir putin, his political idol, he's active on instagram, where he share photos of himself rubbing shoulders with rushes elite. but it in made the complaint that kick started proceedings against project in it,
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he cited verbatim an article from stay tuned for costa r t, which alleged product had received foreign funding a little follow. we saw the investigation on our tea. we saw that roman banyan does not hide his links with a u. s. and decided to consult the prosecutor's office to check project funding and list these journalists as foreign agents. these people who are trying to create the so called revolution in this country are completing an order from the american and tell services. and they aren't hiding the fact, this is what they're doing. in 2020 cracks exam in the close relationship between the director of russia, the foreign intelligence service, a nascar billionaire property developer, god, nathan rushes talk, fine monster seemed bumping 5th to the business man after taking a swim in his personal talk. but it says that investigation cross the line,
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because the people who worked on a story about the head before an intelligence are almost the same as terrorists. show me one country where people are deliberately running around filming heads of state, filming the intelligence chief. but then it is lucky that our authorities are special services. let him and journalists like him leaving peace, the russian authorities, and they need to have a full who make the complaint that we are breaking the law of these guy was mr. but i didn't know if he does something for the russian authorities and he received some benefits from that. some money, sam and saloon leslie, i run an organization which represents the interests of the community of our citizens. what does it mean for some kinds of snitches for the kremlin? who calls me back? a position media. why doesn't army dear call me back?
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it's a little star trunk. well, they are just front men. put forward to create the illusion that there is a big group of actors fighting for freedom of information and information sovereignty already. great, i'm not sure the scheme has worked. and if you meet them, you realize that these people want one person powers and they use these strange methods of complaining about independent media to get power for themselves. and the issue with clue, lillia, you're part of a, is a moscow based correspondence for medusa is headquarters are in latvia, the consequences of being a foreign agent thing designed to slowly kill off the business model that allowed medusa to become russia. most popular independence, media outlets. medusa sold advertising to funded journalism, including to stay turned company through bolted after of lifted of a foreign agent. the outlet last more than 95 percent of advertisers in
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a week. foreign agents are required to post this warning along fight whatever they publish. this also needs to be included on personal posts on social media. the label, foreign agent, not only does have advertisements, but also thought of and contributed. however, it doesn't appear to have put off medusa. as audience. donations from a 100000 readers have kept the outlet afloat. for now, there's only english election to do that. i'd say our audience even got slightly bigger because everyone was suddenly interested in how this russian fought an agent . twice this repression made, people have compassion for us. and we had a successful crowd funding campaign. if this whole story of enemies of the people, foreign agents, and undesirable organizations had been put in motion 5 years ago, when people still trusted the government, it would have had an effect. but now i think it's very limited. unfortunately,
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shalise, blue ballads, russian news consumers with the choice journalism produced by what the kremlin fif of loyal patriot or that produced by traitor. the foreign agent law 1st adopted in 2012 and expanded federal type thing is being used against almost anyone to receive money from abroad and both a political opinion. ah, but many of the critically minded new found that targeted now emerged off the previous government effort to control tv on the press. they know how to adapt to survive based on my experience based on soviet experience, i believe that russian journalism can survive the future and survival of rational, independent investigative journalism in potential calibrations we all
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under attack and the only way to survive this attack is to be altogether, i'm going to get a lot of media outlets or surviving on the subscription model. and as far as i can tell, medusa isn't about to close despite the depression, enough subscribers. so i can only conclude that russians are prepared to pay for the news to keep informed, to get insight into what world looks like. as long as they have this wish, i think we will definitely survive the vision. and finally, back to hong kong, the assault, our freedom of the press there. the problem with news headlines about things like media closures or the rest of journalists, is that headlines disappear just as quickly as they appear. and the bigger picture can get lost, but add them all together on a timeline for instance. and the story becomes far more clear for more than a decade now, china has been shipping away and more recently,
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hacking away at free speech in hong kong will leave you now with a timeline that we've put together on this story. and we'll see next time here at the listening to me i choose choose choose in
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hi, and we're to technology can help tackle the spread of cov 19, but our tech solutions, the best solutions, we're starting something that seems like it's in public health, it very quickly becomes about measuring people what data is being collected, where is it being for it? ali re looks at the limits of tech and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues. we face truck it when tech tools go viral. episode 3 of all hail
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the locked down on al jazeera play an important role protecting human 9. 0. ringback 2 at your face, m. ah, after days of antique of them protest, cossick stones, former intelligence chief, is arrested on suspicion of treason. ah, i'm wrong on the sub 0 life and death also coming up. and i strike in ethiopia, steger region hits and camp. i eternally displaced, killing a lease 56 people. 22 people have died in northern pakistan are being trapped in that cause in heavy snow.


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