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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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from their homes, and we see those storms bubble up through the amazon bees, same brazilian rate into rio de janeiro and out toward the south atlantic. now south of this, it is all about the heeds by jablonka has a height of 38 degrees in the sunshine on sunday. stay cool, that's it. we'll see again sir. ah, ah, cossacks don's government crackdown continues after days of widespread violent unrest on protest will be former intelligence chief, arrested for treason. ah, not, is there a light from the headquarters in del heim, denny navigator also a heads. heavy snow in northern pakistan leaves at least 22 people dead in 1000
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stranded and freezing conditions. b, a and c celebrates its 100 and 10th birthday, but the parties overshadowed by internal divisions and corruption allegations and a telescope vacancy further than any other is deployed into position to peer into the universe is 1st galaxies and starts ah, hello authorities in kazakhstan, have confirmed the arrest of former security services chief carry, massimo who has been charged with high treason for his alleged role, an anti government protest this week. robin forest here, walker reports on growing evidence of a high level struggle for control of the oil rich country. long queues for fuel and the food as the public comes to terms is reality. after the
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unrest, a picture is emerging of a power struggle within cassock, stones, political elite. in protests this week, anger was directed at independent as it stands, 1st president, 81 year old, nor so 10 as a buyer. old man, get out, they taunted with those protests turned violent in our mattie. as a boy was removed from the powerful position he still occupied chair of the security council. now his loyal associate kerry must seem off fired from his role as chief of national security. has been charged with high treason, very difficult matter by of hand picked casem jermarta took i have as his successor in 2019 but did not relinquish power. both men played a leadership role attending international meetings together as recently as last
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month were that has now changed. we now enjoy the talk i an era like it. this guy is gonna be in charge because he's not when a book is shown man in charge for a research on government in jobs. so he got to read older. people were hanging over for the cry regime. the swift deployments of c s t o security forces. $3600.00 russian lead troops is a clear sign to kai of has moscow's backing. they are now helping to strengthen his position in north. so turn the capital renamed after now that by of state media no longer mentioned his name, internet blackouts have made it difficult to gauge public reaction. i finally reached a political activist by
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a telegram. he didn't want to be named just informational camps, which i know last because we have a lot of rumors. it was, it was out of her as with his relative lead, angie, there's an hour shift. all the stories and theories are based on this lack of information. rumors and official propaganda. those rumors only adding to the uncertainty that that dominates life, kazakhstan, rubbing for his dea walker al jazeera. paul murphy is a member of the irish parliament of the people before profit party, and he was previously a member of the european parliament involved in human rights issues in kazakhstan, his as long existing inequalities have fueled the protests. i looked on as a country with enormous natural wealth in terms of oil and gas reserves and exploited by not only russian oil companies, but also western companies,
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chevron and so on. and also of course explorers by or the benefits of which go to those at the very top of the society context. so this massive well on the one hand, side by side with extreme poverty, including for those workers who are actually generating at this well. and i think that body is the backdrop combined with a very brutal authoritarian regime. brooks, no disagreement, no opposition parties. and so really the fuel price rises, as i understand is we're the straw that broke the camel's back. and now you have an uprising to attempt to overthrow the dictatorship, obviously, of games now within the dictatorship of different factions, trying to maneuver for position. and, but certainly defeating us, i'm guessing from the ground is a sense to us. the whole regime has to go. that the oil well should be under the control of an ordinary people working class people in context on use for their
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benefits. i think it is really a place to the end between the regime and the uprising. i'm security. the regime is very concerned that's reflected in the internal struggle that are taking place, but also the brutality with which they're prepared to respond. let's get more analysis on kazakhstan and bring in william courtney who's an adjunct senior fellow at the round corporation in 1997. he was appointed by president bill clinton, a senior director for russia, ukraine, and your region affairs. he's joining us from washington. d. c, welcome to al jazeera sir. so there are really 2 events that are happening here and kind of expand or the anti government protest under power struggle. and you say what started as a popular uprising against an autocratic or a government has turned into an elite competition for power. talk to us about that part of the story. so what we've seen is really a widespread peaceful protests that broke almost all over the country very quickly
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. and that happened. sometimes it happened. we're pension reform protests couple years ago and russia for example. but factions, the elite apparently became scared. and so some of them are continuing against each other. there could be $23.00 factors clear, and it's not clear what the oil is are. for example, my see most the head of the former head of the national security council was very close by a family of i. f is urged people to rally around trying to clear that there's a separate take hire versus a bias faction for example. so it's a situation that is motivated just by politics inside because it's strong. russia has played really low role stimulating these divisions. what is the significance then of the arrest of the security chief on suspicion of treason?
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as you know, that seems to result from jackie among factions, and perhaps seen of a concert to be coming to powerful and one faction. so another more dominant faction had him arrested. and how loyal you were, you were mentioning loyalty just a moment ago when you, when you look at the security forces, is it possible to gauge how loyal they remain to the elite western causing some of the security forces decided to go over to the side of the peaceful protesters regime or the lead to compare competing for power, are concerned about a lot of security forces. and this could be one reason why the forty's called on russia to set in their troops because they wanted to show the russia had backing, was backing the the leaders in the regime. and of course,
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rush on catholics share a long history, because extension is a long border with russia. it has a sizable ethnic russian population. will that russian involvement be welcomed by all invitation. russia send troops will be very unpopular among fox and f. russian troops were to shoot because ox that would be extremely popular and could alienate conflicts on from russia. something like what you're crane of spin alienated from russia. so i think the russians will want to keep their troops out of shooting situations. for example. another concern is that alter nationalists in russia would like to bring 2 or 3 or 4 of the regions. and the northern part of cars that have large ethnic russian minority this like to annex them into russia. so if those russian troops were expanded, number were to go to the boss this to create
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a new crisis. how do you think this situation is going to unfold in the coming days? so what's next? are not easy to predict. probably among the lead factions competing for power, there will be some settling down. but it's not clear how soon this will happen. but whichever faction takes power, it will be important for that faction to find some way to calm people down who been out protesting in the street, especially against the irish go said, you know, a lot of people have been living not very well, despite tremendous energy. well, so whoever comes to power in cost is gonna have to deal with that. thank you so much. courtney for joining us from washington d. c. they're welcome. now at least 56 people have reportedly been killed in an air strike in ethiopia,
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northern cheever, i region aid workers say the strike can account for internally displaced people in the village of debit near the era tray and border the government hasn't responded to the records the bodies of 9 of the 22 victims of the snow storm and pakistan had been brought to islamic bad. they died after getting trapped in their vehicles overnight. victoria gate and b reports. moon is line the streets in islamabad, as ambulances, carrying the bodies of 8 members of the same family drive past friends of naveed, a bar, or in shock. they say the police officer and his family were well liked members of the community. come on, we don't want to put the lagrano. i still can't believe it. even after i heard about this tragic incident, the whole country is grieving along with the family mavita. if paul was a very nice person, this is a kilometers day. but albuquerque, your comment about temperatures fell to minus 8 degrees celsius overnight on friday,
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in the mount. in town of murray, around 30 kilometers, ne of his lam, about thousands of people had traveled to the resort to see the unusually heavy snow, ignoring extreme weather warnings. some reportedly died of hypothermia after being trapped in their vehicles. overnight. witnesses say others were crushed by falling trees. lord, god, you can load your hair will do it on board. some tourist zayden cause trees fell on the cause and cause their deaths. i'm just back from the area on monday. the armies doing rescue work for the highway police and the army would have to spend another day completing the rescue work was for the traffic jams are bad either. well, award or the military's been called in to help whiskey, thousands of people who are still stranded that bad weather is making their job difficult. pakistan's interior minister arrived in murray on saturday to see the rescue operation for himself. he promised that every one still stranded would be rescued soon. outside he got rig without garcia. yas,
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in regarding all government rest, houses have opened on the instructions of the chief minister of punjab. we are starting a helicopter service as soon as the weather clears, but still the weather is bad. if some people are strand in forests, we will rescue them. prime minister in wrong con says he is shocked and upset. he is ordered an inquiry and is promising to introduce new regulations to prevent a tragedy like this happening again. victoria gate and b al jazeera. the head on al jazeera will tell you why these people brought traffic to a standstill on highways and serbia. the testers and south korea were demanding compensation for women who were sexually and slaves during the 2nd world war. ah, ah, look forward to burritos, guys. with sponsored by capital airways. hey, there are getting going for sunday,
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january the 9th. good to see you. here's your weather forecast for asia. we're going to begin in northern india, some bursts of rain close to the himalayas, and of course, the higher you go, that's going to turn into snow. we've got some thunder storms for much protection to eastern areas of my harass strep. it's really moved by south. we're in the clear . so karnataka into carolina. okay. a few showers popping up for carol to be expected on sunday. i did want to show you this, the bay have been called ne monsoon is steering some heavy rounds of brain into sri lanka. so the risk of flooding for southern areas where we have seen flooding is across the northeast of march. that rain still falling west java, east java and through papa, what island? all of these places we have seen flooding and the ritz that we could see some more as well. ok. the ne monsoon also picking up again. so we're seeing more showers for coastal vietnam from hanoi to just north of home in city on sunday. central china
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right now and the showers. well, they're starting to peter out in between the young, see and the pearl river valley and mostly cloudy day and shanghai with the high of 8 degrees winds have shifted around. so that's popped up the temperature and tokyo still some snow over areas of honshu and okay, oh, on sunday, and that's a snapshot of your weather season. ah, the weather. sponsored by katara ways. a copay to culture, of knowledge, openness, imperialism, world wide obs to reward, merit and excellence, and encourage creativity. the shape, tomato, ward for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged that road and strengthening the bonds of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and world coaches. ah, ah
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ah, how are we on the top stories on al jazeera after a week of anti government unrest because exxon's, former intelligence chief carry, mazama has been arrested on suspicion of treason, fueling speculation, of a power struggle in the ruling party. the u. s. department has condemned an air strike in ethiopia as northern t cry region in which at least 56 people were killed. aid worker say a camper displaced people was head. the bodies of 9 victims of the snowstorm and pakistan had been brought to islam about at least $22.00 people died in total. temperatures fell to minus 8 degrees celsius overnight on friday. with court
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documents, surgery, old santa star nova stroke of it's tested positive for cove with 19 last month. his lawyer say that's why he had a vaccine exemption to enter australia, and they're trying to appeal a deportation order so that he can play in the australian open next week. alexey or ryan reports a mask. las novak joke of ich, pictured at events the day after his lawyer say he tested positive for covert 19 the world number one was seen hugging children at a tennis center in his native serbia and spoke at an event for his foundation. his lawyers say the positive result on december 16th means the tennis power house had a medical exemption to enter a st railey to play in the open. later this month, he thought, along with the guidance from tennis estrada told me that one of those that were vaccinated, while the wise i could get around our entry into australia was tested positive in
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the past 6 months. and i were exempt on getting vaccinated and could answer the country without warrenson. but on wednesday, as trillion border officials told joker that it wasn't enough for an exemption. he was stopped at the border, his visa cancelled. and is now an immigration detention and melbourne ahead of a hearing on monday. oh, procedures have gathered outside the hotel, pledging the support for the 34 year old athlete. longer it goes on, i went on one is not re joker, which has never revealed his vaccination status and has been a vocal opponent. vaccine mandates. the visa controversies led to a sporting and diplomatic dispute. a serbia accusing australia of treating jock of it like a prisoner. he had all the assurances that his visa paperwork was in order and
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confidently announced his departure for melvin. during his 24 hour flight, things took a dramatic turn and it appears that his arrival became a political hot potato between it, victoria and state governments and the federal government to both wanted to rid themselves of responsibility for his visa junker, which isn't the only athlete has been caught up, jake, player and out of are a cova, was detained in the same hotel. she left the country after her visa was also revoked . following issues with her medical exemption. jock of the chad travel to australia seeking to win his record breaking 21st grand slam singles title. he's asked for alternative accommodation, so he can still train for the event. that request has been denied. alexia bryan, elses era. the number of people in hospital in the united states would cover 19 as
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rising, driven by the army kron variance. there are more than 900000 cases, reported in the last day in 2615 deaths. health regulators are warning that more children under the age of 5 are not yet eligible to be vaccinated. are now being admitted to hospitals, which are already short staffed. and the number of code 1900 infections in india has hit a new 7 month high with the latest daily toll, more than 140000, its capital, new delhi is among the worst hit region and it's under curfew. the on the crown variance is dominant across other cities as well. travelers arriving into the country, we'll need to corn jeter, home for a week. in the u. k, the number of people killed by the virus and they started. the pandemic has passed 850000. another 313 deaths were reported over the last 24 hours of 84 from the day before. more than 1200000 people have tested positive for the virus over the last week, arise and over 10 percent. from the week before,
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thousands of people had protested in the french capital against the governments move to titan restrictions on unvaccinated people. over posed vaccine cost would allow only those who have the job to enter public places. if parliament backs the plan, it'll go into effect next saturday. and italy's new covered laws are prompted demonstrations there. hundreds of people protested, intervene against rules that make vaccines mandatory for anyone over the age of 50 . tougher laws are also coming into forests for unvaccinated people. from monday they can no longer use public transport or visit restaurants. to serbia now were environmental activists, a block roads and highways as they tried to stop the opening of a large lithium mine. briana sturdy, young, which has more from novi, sad environmental groups are protesting across serbia the saturday as well. activities are blocking growth and for the 1st time in history,
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the highway in the largest city in serbia, navi side, activities are protesting against 3 of the info company. and each plan lead you mind project their against any project that will lead to pollution of land and water. the prime minister of the country on the beach said that they are close to for feeling their demand. and the activities are planning to continue with the process until the company re a team lead serbia brought this, the girls are b, i started in november last year, and egyptian palestinian active is detained in egypt for more than 2 years. has now arrived in france. rami shot was forced to renounce his egyptian nationality before he was released on deported on thursday. he was the co founder of a pro palestinian group in egypt and accused of having ties with an outlaw organization, south african presidency, roma post us as the governing african national congress needs to rebuild popular
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support. he was addressing a celebration of his party is 110 danverse. re several issues continue to tarnish the and sees image including allegations of corruption earlier this week. and enquire, found that state decisions made under the former president jacob summa. we're influenced by private interests. not only was states kept a systematic attempt at size, funding off public resources and funds. it also destroyed the capability of the state and led to the departure of a people, people public institutions. as they resisted states, some were fired. some were forced to resign. william good, my dad's associate professor at the school of governance at the university of the witt water surround. he says, a and c has a lot more to do to rebuild trust
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b and c f. because oldest liberation movement really is in a crisis, and i think the golden years now we're looking back. the golden, the years of the answer really was between 99 for 999. when now my dad was the president. i mean, there also has been down here will be down here for a couple of reasons. i think the most important one is you just become really, systemically, could rub, i mean, never seen quite a last 3 years route, which report came out this week. and that's an inquiry recommend recommendations and cruisers. very damaging, saying that under jacob's rumor presidency was present every also i'm a post h was yours for correct purposes. i'm so really astonishing. back slides from the days of nelson mandela. the 2nd thing was when terribly wrong. p a c is that the state is child decided because states has lost
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the capacity because he had been employing his own colleges because instead of competent people. so people faced on loyalty and they hollowed out his face and has made it really, really difficult for the govern government to govern effectively. and maybe, you know, more recently code but nice in crisis is also brought. so not because biggest financial crisis generation. so with no stay capacity to deal with it. but in total, disarray were state of corruption. not only in disarray, but also for africa. rosie protestors in south korea started a movement 30 years ago to bring attention to the plight of so called comfort women . they are demanding compensation for koreans who are sexually enslaved before and during the 2nd world war. some activists fear the survivors may never live to see justice florence louis reports. they were called comfort women. a term used to
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describe women and girls forced to work in brussels run by the japanese military. it's estimated up to 200000 girls and women from asia were sexually enslaved. they endured rapes beatings, even murder. those who survived often had to live with the stigma. a significant number were from korea, a former colony of japan. and it's here in south korea that the walls longest running protest continues to take place. each wednesday around noon survivors activists and ordinary citizens have gathered in front of the former japanese embassy in soul to demand an apology and compensation from the japanese government . this year, some survivors sent video messages as cove at 19 concerns prevented them from attending in person. oh, japan insist that it never forcibly dragged us out of korea and never made us
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suffer. but i demand they stop lying and be honest. thou only 13 of the women still alive in south korea under tremendous grandmothers passing away without receiving a proper apology and compensation. let's fight until the japanese government gives an official apology and legal reparations are made so that the lives and cries of the grandmothers are not in vain. 6 years ago, japan and south korea reached an agreement. japan apologized and provided nearly $9000000.00 to a fund to help survive little. but that deal has largely fallen through. survivors were critical of it saying it prioritized money over a more sincere apology from japan. and when president moon j in took office, he effectively abandoned the agreement, signed by his predecessor, calling it seriously flawed relations between south korea and japan took a further dive. yet week after week, year after year,
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protest is remain undeterred in their quest for justice. as the demonstrations continue into a 3rd decade, a new generation of activists have taken up the fight for florence li al jazeera. at least 7 people had been killed and lay furnace in brazil when a slab of rock broke off from a cliff falling on nearby boats. take a look at the fire department says over 30 people were injured and 4 are still missing. the navy has deployed divers and helicopters, heavy rains may have contributed to that massive rock coming loose. the most powerful telescope ever launched into space has successfully completed its 2 week deployment phase. james webb, telescope is so big, it has to be folded to fit in the rock. they've carried it into orbits. unfolding the mirrors was a crystal milestone. the $10000000000.00 telescope can see the 1st stars and
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galaxies for more than 13000000000 years ago. it's now moving to it's orbital point, 1600000 kilometers from earth. amy lynn thompson is a florida base space in science journalists rates for space dot com. she explains the significance of what's been achieved so far. it's incredibly huge achievement. this telescope has been 25 years and the making and scientists are so ready for it to get to the point where it can actually send back pictures. and these were the crucial stops that had to happen to make sure that that works. it has a sun shield which is basically the size of a tennis court and that has 5 different ultra thin layers to it. so just those alone had to a unfurl and b tension. so that way it would actually keep the telescope cool enough to complete at science objectives. and then on top of that you had the
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mirror unfolding. and all of that is just a significant achievement. so it is going to look very far back into the universe as maybe about a 100000000 years after the big bang. and what it's going to do is look at in for red light. and so that's like the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that we feel as heat. and so stars and galaxies, planets whenever they form are very, very hot. so the telescope is going to look for those heat signatures as far back, you know, as a 100000000 years after the big bang, which is incredible. so we could not only see some of the 1st stars and galaxies, but it can also do things as sniff out x o planet atmospheres to see what kinds of chemicals are in there. maybe even to find, you know, other habitable, habitable planets out in the universe. ah,
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again the headlines and al jazeera.


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