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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2022 3:30am-4:01am AST

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at science objectives, and then on top of that you had the mirror unfolding. and all of that is just a significant achievement. so it is going to look very far back into the universe as maybe about a 100000000 years after the big bang. and what it's going to do is look at infrared light and so that's like the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that we feel as heat. and so stars and galaxies, planets whenever they form are very, very hot. so the telescope is going to look for those heat signatures as far back, you know, as a 100000000 years after the big bang, which is incredible. so we could not only see some of the 1st stars and galaxies, but it can also do things as sniff out x. so planet atmosphere is to see what kinds of chemicals are in there. maybe even to find you know, other habitable,
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habitable planets out in the universe. ah, hillary on the headlines when i was 0, after week of anti government on russ cuz exxon's former intelligence chief carry muster. mom has been arrested on suspicion of treason. it's ruling speculation of a power struggle in the ruling party. robin forced air walker has more on what's behind the arrest. his departure today really cements this idea that cousin jo month, so kind of the president is in purging the government, the system, the elite, of all those figures who owed allegiance to the full, the president nautical term as a by that, it's really quite an extraordinary picture and it difficult to explain in a nick, but inside an enigma why this would, would have happened. but this explains the dog nature of cause at politics, internal politics. through our say,
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department has condemned an air strike in ethiopia, northern region, in which at least 56 people were killed, aid work or say the attack had account for a displaced people. the number of code 1900 infections in india has had a new 7 month high. with the latest daily toll, more than 140000. the capital new delhi is among the worst regions and is now under curfew. travelers arriving into the country will need to corn seen at home for a week. the number of people hospital in the u. s. would cover 19 as rising driven by the army kron variant. it includes more children under the age of 5. a group not yet eligible to be vaccinated. bodies of 9 victims, if a snow storm pakistan have been brought to islamic, at least $22.00 people died in total. those are the headlines inside story is up next. ah,
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calm returns to kazakhstan after days of violent protests. the president says the situation is stable. thanks to russian lead troops. what will moscow gained from the intervention? and what happens now to the cause of people's calls for political change? this is inside story. ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm a hammer, jim jom, kazakhstan. cities appear to be calm. for now, after days of violent protests triggered by high fuel prices,
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the issue ignited people's longstanding grievances against inequality, corruption, and lack of democracy in the former soviet state. the government called the protesters terrorists and asked a russian lead military alliance to help stop the unrest. president cassandra mar took. i have thanked rushes. vladimir putin for sending 2500 soldiers. the troops are from the regional collective security treaty organization. the leaders also discussed holding a video conference with other members of the block to kaya has ordered cars like security forces to shoot without warning, and authorities have arrested the former national security chief on suspicion of treason al jazeera is robin forest de walker is monitoring developments from tbilisi in georgia, the rest of kerry must be moved. the head of the security services is a very significant development has ex dog. because my cmos was an associate of the former president pen as a buyer,
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who is officially yo by the leader of the nation in catholic storm. this kind of jewel authority that has confused perhaps many cars x over the years since i came to power now it seems that it's finally purging himself and his government of this old gods. because now as a buyer, it's no longer in charge of the chairman of the security council. this was an important body advising on issues of security for the president. he's gone, his nephew has been also removed from the security services must seem of is no longer head of the security services. and this cements president. so kind of grip on the leave as of power. all the leave is of power in kazakhstan, and he has now said that the situation has stabilized in the country. he has, of course, the support of russia. now that the contingent of troops from the c s t o. 3 and
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a half 1000 bro and troops, most of them russian are deploying to cause extern to prop up his governments in his administration. the question now for many cars acts will be, what role will they play? how long will they stay, and how much credibility the president took on himself, have to have called in this, these peacekeeping mission led by russia. and they will also will be expecting him to accept that changes are needed in kazakhstan, he has said he will address those needs. he will outline his plans for reforms on the 11th of january. this is robin 1st year walker, the inside story, the u. s. is allowing its non essential consulate staff to leave the city of almighty, where the biggest protests took place. secretary of state anthony blink, and added to global calls for com. and question collect sounds decision to ask for russian military help. we are encouraging everyone to find
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a peaceful resolution and constructive resolution to a situation. when it comes to the cfo. we have questions about the nature of the request. why it came about were seeking to learn more about it. it would seem to me that the conduct authorities in government certainly have the capacity to deal appropriately with, with protests, to do so in a way that respects the rights of protestors while maintaining law and order. so it's not clear why they feel the need for any outside assistance. ah. all right, let's bring in our guests in geneva, chalk, horn, or rosa, be cover director of the bullet institute for peace innovations in moscow. maxim such called a specialist on russian policy and foreign affairs at the russian international affairs council and in brussels. theresa fallon, director at the center for russia,
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europe, asia studies. a warm welcome to you all and thanks so much for joining us on the show today. teresa, let me start with you today. how does the unrest in classics on impact russia, and what does the kremlin want out of kazakhstan? well, russia, because it's done and share one of the biggest orders in the world. so what happens in conflicts and really affects what happens in russia, but we have to ask ourselves why couldn't move so quickly. we had this request, he immediately sees on it. this is the 1st time the c s t o has been used in this fashion. so cause excel is an enormous country with key energy issues, and it has practice a multi vector policy. so that means that they are just in the russian orbit any longer. it's the country for 30 years. they've had this kind of interesting relationship. and china has made incredible inroads of influence in cause it's done as well. so it's a country where between 2 major powers of russia and china,
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and it's a key player on china's belts and road initiative. and she can pig signature policy and to build kind of an idea of the old road and have economic instruments. but the other key aspect about this is the energy cousin sent a huge producer energy and the export by pipeline to china. and during that heyday, when i was in moscow, in the old guy coated kosky was actually put in prison because he had the temerity to try to negotiate building a pipeline, an independent pipeline from cause it's done to china, directly circumventing russia's kind of monopoly on pipelines. in the old soviet union. so this was a red line for putin and 100 kosky ended up in prison for 8 years on that. so this get put in an incredible opportunity to see some leverage on china's energy exports from cause extent. and we see beijing's response to this because
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caustics and the leader of the current leader because it didn't reach out to the cooperation organization. the su, he and he rather reached out to moscow through the c s t o. so clearly he sees closer to the ation with raw. so this is kind of a lot for china in the chinese press. there's a we were together, yes to you and the su to work together so it doesn't get your head out of this major power move by by putting max him you her theresa. there. talk about the fact this was the 1st time that the c s e o, that's the collective security treaty organization that it's been deployed in this fashion. i'm curious to get your point of view about 1st of all, how significant a move that is. but also, i'm curious to get your point of view about what russian president vladimir putin, what his position was, when all the unrest 1st began in kazakhstan, would he have wanted to intervene, or would this intervention have been a reluctant one? well, i think what is different between policymakers and political analysts is that
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political analysts enjoy a more time and rather election vironment in which we can analyze events while policymakers should these top level have to react quickly to the unraveling event. so i think what we've seen and happen in, because it's done over, over the since the beginning of the year was an incredibly swift wave search of protest activity that spans most of the country at least major cities in the country. and in some of the cities we've got really violent, so we did raise a lot of concerns in russia over potential prospects for what will happen in context on whether the steep institutions will collapse. whether, whether this is kind of in interest struggle between the leads or there's some form involved them, they're all kinds of versions. i think we're, we did and, and when the request came from the president of cars exxon for the csc on monday to intervene. and these keeping that i think was interesting in itself because the,
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the mandate that the c a still invoked was exactly the peacekeeping force, even though it had other types of troops including anti terrorist activities. so on the one hand you have because leadership talking about, you know, 4 elements and then calling the protests versus terrorists. on the other hand, you have see steel invoke and not the anti terrorist mended. but please keep in mind that which is quite interesting in itself. but the, the present so far has shown to be rather limited. i think moscow is aware of all kinds of pitfalls and challenges them are on the way. meaning, you know that, that the c s t o may be seen and has already been seen in some factions that cause ex time as, as a problem rather than a solution to the crisis. so russia wants to move rather cautiously and not to participate in quality for protesters, but rather and safeguarding key security infrastructure facilities. make sure that
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its involvement is restricted in time. so the c a c o general secretary says it may last from called several days to several weeks, but it depends on the situation in the country and upon the decision of the president of the town. so, so far, i think that has been pretty cautious making sure that the country stabilize and it does not get spill over to the neighboring regions, including in russia, given what my colleague previously mentioned about the big border chill for president took kind of has said that the situation has now been stabilized, is that the case? are things back firmly under government control and context on oh, thank you very much. so he has no people as skilled and human. and so i have colleagues and friends and it's, it's really hard to reach them out as because i've been cut internet and mobile phones just and they're thinking very chance to ask them if they are doing well. and people are scared and they're seeing it only. there is uncertainty and they
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said they can come in and resources they have passed and they sit for days, there's no access to internet. and then sometimes they have internet for sure. thank you. so it's kind of cation, so they can target the child, their families, friends, and vocal humans decided funding that you can hear, you know, what the ceo shrinks. now it's mainly to warn people not to approach underneath korea or some additional checks. and to actually answer a friend who did in the streets that in some buildings and streams. and so the situation is town hall county today. but so in general, and that to comment why this situation is very complicated, you need to understand that that 2 events happening because it's been called county must antique environmental government has this has happened 1st, but holds them both to for power isn't the highest issues of power,
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it's height between decline of and now the kind of that he has support of russia and see us says to your organization, his parent asked them to call. so coroner's advice, for example, today was that it must seem of was it twice as prime minister and he's seen as a long time associate of former president doesn't binds. and next complication comes from the absence of identity. political filters compared to neighborhoods. for example, kinds of stuff does not have any opposition leaders who can guide tonight, professors, and negotiate with their i was not, it is at the same time that will take the rush of so this is the situation we have today to reserve literally, as you could anybody have anticipated that all of this would have happened as quickly as it did in concert on or was the region and the world taken completely by surprise. well, there have been rumblings of protests for years now and we've seen a the government,
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the current government has made up pledges to do reforms and it's been kind of simmering around that. the government hasn't made the reforms that it has promised . and i think that this was just the last straw on the camel's back when they double the price of fuel. and it was shocking how fast it went across the entire country were talking about the country, the size of western europe. so that does happen so rapidly, there has been speculation since there's been an outage, the internet there that always leads to rumors. and as the my previous colleague mentioned, you know, this idea of there are all sorts of rumors circulating that you can fled to china. so it's unclear what's going on there. it's not perhaps just the protesters, but maybe a gym for marketers. we don't know, it's a lot of speculation, but it was so serious that they had to call to russia quickly. and russia didn't did, or they immediately came in and from which i've seen a sense 70 fight planes,
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military planes and carrying tanks and all sorts of serious defense equipment into the country. so i think that the stakes are very high and because of this news blackout, we're not really clear of what's happening. but they key to try to show the world and impossible investors and, and countries that have already invested in cause it's on that they've got a grip on things and everything is coming down. so that's the key message that they need to get out a trip on let me ask you the fact that former president or buyer is no longer in charge of the security council. the fact that carry ma, some of who was the former head of cause exxon domestic intelligence agency, was detained on what's being called suspicion of high treason. does this say to you that there is a purge that's being conducted by president chi, other people to rid the political elite of the supporters of former president as or by of is that what we're seeing play out right now? oh, you know,
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initially ordinary people they wanted to the change of the regime the only one thing they wanted to reach. but of course in the 2nd part of their purpose this, this kind of crunch of cons, emergent. but it's a, it's certainly a difficult to say something at this moment, but it seems that there is going on a bottle between is this to crumbs because it's, you know, another by stepping down. but he was like a guiding old policy making behind the send. and maybe it's the chance for talk i have to get rid of the does that i have gone. and so this proctor also very complicated that situation and this, you know, now people, public opinion, for example, was mainly it is the meeting that is ation of this concrete initial as a voltage in continuous sticking. this change of the, to him,
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that's all. and now people understood that the kremlin and why this r o c s t o n position that they are. so russia wants to keep the kind of in the po, power and needed that intervention, turn it down, people's aspirations for t regime change. and people now are disappointed and scared and so many inside and outside of kazakstan see that placement of frame talks in the country is sacrificing its sovereignty. and you know what shocked me and also many other people who are surprised that is a cost and also how to kind of go, they're gonna turn out to be very big. the government failed to negotiate his own people and take control of the situation. and so now i kind of has taken a very political push calling and it is she booklet that him, it's to kill without working. maxime, u. s. secretary of state, as anybody can warn, the catholic psalms government warned cousins,
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government rather that once russians are in your house, sometimes it's very difficult to get them to leave. from your perspective, are we going to see russia continue its presence in kazakhstan for the long term? well, 1st of all, i think that the statement came from the us state. secretary is kind of interesting because, you know, people in syria, iraq and afghanistan would perhaps have to say a lot about, you know, american stating for longer than we're supposed to. but the very perception, you know, apart from what lincoln had to say, the very perception that we're talking about the people of son i think of the russian troop presence is based upon 2 major sources. one, the soviet interventions and hungry and czechoslovakia, back in the day. and the 2nd is the russian to present in the early days of the post soviet era in moldova, and a positive self, a city in particular. what i think may be different in an m. c,
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maybe because we're sort of the early stage of that. what is different is that neither in the so during the civil time of the governments of the countries that this of its invaded authorize not, not invited. this of the troops unlike took i did. and in 1990 s the, you know, it was russia, russian own and involvement. here, even though everyone understands that she is still, was pretty much the euphemism for russian military presence. we shouldn't entirely disregarded because there was a lot of political significance that it's a collective region effort. the safe, one of the key members of the region, economic union and of the raise your asian space. so that, that is, that is very important, that the mandate is a collective and b has to be restricted in time. but obviously, i totally can understand from kind of the people's perspective why these may be problem. and it's very important for the russians as well. to make sure that they're not perceived as an occupying force and are therefore very concrete,
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very limited missions and to bring stability. and then, you know, leave it to, to cause us to decide about the democratization and other than credit processes in their country. teresa, i just want to focus once more on thing you brought up in your 1st answer, which is the importance regionally a politically economically of kazakhstan. and i want to talk a bit more about china and get your opinion on how concerned china must be right now. seeing what russia is doing, there are strengthening its hand in a country where china has also been vying for more influence. exactly. this is the key if we do me out of it and look at the bigger geopolitical picture i was talking about and emerging by 32 in the us in china. but then we can actually pull other countries forward. so we said back into it, it's an area of influence, and that is what happens here. instead of having the multi vector policy of china,
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russia, us, which they have been handling quite well once investment from all these have american oil companies there as well. but now they feel it appears as early stages that they're maybe closer to the russian orbit. we must keep in mind that the population is only about 60000020 percent of that population is russian. and so there is some speculation that the concentration of the russian population in the northern part of the problems is what it's going to ask for in return for keeping the current government in powers. and there is some speculation that was part of that. and that's an oil rich region, so that could be a brilliant move back. we always talk about the marriage of convenience between china and russia, and that kind of paper determined that they have because everyone is concerned about russia. china dragon, bare type of approach to the world. you know, this is a massive power,
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but we're seeing some divisions now between russia and china. and so i think that by polarity is more complicated rules. now with russia kind of acting in ukraine, bella root complex. it's almost, you know, kind of vision to try to pull together the influence area. we saw the, your economic unions which really have much tractions, but now we're seeing, he's trying to do that. and i said that you know who you get a call when you are or jerry and, and how problems people are turning to happen. and we're seeing that no one can that gets put in a great hers. and lastly, it's also sends a message. you know, we saw lots of, it was kind of his retirement plan and now he's been removed. i mean, it's early days. we don't have all the faster we haven't heard from results on those or bias, but the main city name was turned to nurse all time in his honor and now has it. some press reports have returned it to its old name. so i think that there is
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another by, it has fallen out of fever, and this is the message here is for is you're not going to be able to retire and show pon from your perspective. what happens now? what happens going forward with because ox peoples calls for political change? oh, i see all the whole health grievances will, they'll be they'll have consequences in several years in a me because i took i a few years at this challenge and sir got a support from foreign troops. but cuz i think people will continue demanding the change. i think and it's impossible just ignore but he wants to soft people for many years. maybe it might be several years. but anyway, the change should come. i think people had a right to,
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to kind of try to get rid of that option and they cut up to a lights and they have a right to freedom. and so i think, i hope that, as i've stated people this aspirations, they'll come to one day maxime, you've spoken in some of your previous answers about what a difficult line this will be up for russia to walk when it comes to their presence in kazakhstan, i want to ask you more specifically, what are some of the potential drawbacks when it comes to russians, rushes involvement in kazakhstan. while i'm in any crisis, especially the one that rushes been involved in, is both a challenge and opportunity for, for moscow. and i think right now, there is a very reason and desire in the kremlin to make sure that russia extracts more benefits for itself in this particular situation than,
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than face as challenges to i think they're important last. and so, of course, from what's going on in kazakhstan for russia's own power transition in 2024. we also have to make sure that that we're seeing right now, and that's very important for the future of because the russian relations. so kind of will be almost $79.00 by the time of the next presidential cycle. so perhaps he's and perhaps he's not there to stay for for a long time, but still very important. the drawbacks, as i mentioned, to make sure that the russian presence is not perceived by the people as an occupying force and a have to say that it's not just old. the people in the sun are against life and against the russians. many look at the russian and she has the presence as a, as a stabilizing force. most important thing for the moscow to ensure that the image maintains to make sure that russian is not participating in fighting with very protesters, the making sure it's also kind of, i think, you know, this is,
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he is your presence perhaps is, is, you know, will have to be decided what comes next, but the, the brother washing ethnic presence is very important. so i think what is now we're in moscow that the ethnic russians are not subject to or target to attacks by those who are displeased with c s d o presence. anyone associated your presence with ethnic rush, and so a lot of things i think that are on the table for moscow to look at that so far. i think that was learned to me a rather cautiously we'll see what happens next. all right, well we have run out of time, so we're going to have to leave our conversation there. thanks so much to all of our guests show up on rosa cova maxime switch cause and theresa fallon and thank you to for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com, and for further discussion, go our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. you can also during the conversation on twitter,
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our handle is at ha, inside story from him. how much am jill and the whole team here, bye for now? ah, ah. running is one of the most accessible sports in the world else's era correspondent tandy richardson takes his on his personal journey of discovery when you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere and run his hurting. why should not just stop exploring the growing popularity in science? he pushes the limit from kenya to the antarctic. in search of answers to why we run
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al jazeera correspondence. ah, this is al jazeera, i'm getting obligated with a check on your world headlines. authorities in catholics i have confirmed the arrest of former security services chief carry a muscle of he's been charged with high treason for his a legit role an anti government protest this week. robin forest walker reports on the growing evidence of a high level struggle for control of the oil rich country, long queues, the fuel and the food at the public comes to terms with the reality of the abreast .


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