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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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are making serious separate and destruct terminal because we need to make a stormy stand on how to i ah cossacks, dance government crackdown continues after days of widespread violence. unrest on protest with the former intelligence chief, arrested for treason ah, be watching al jazeera life from a headquarters in delphi. i'm daddy navigator. also a heads, at least 56 people had been killed in an error strike in ethiopia, northern t guy region on a camp for internally displaced people. heavy snow in northern pakistan leaves at least 22 people dead and 1000 stranded and freezing conditions. a weekend locked
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down and curfew in new delhi is covered 19 infections, rise to a 7 month high in india. hello, authorities in kazakhstan, have confirmed the arrest of former security services chief carry must him of who has been charged with high treason for his alleging role and anti government protest this week. robin foresee a walker, reports on growing evidence of a high level struggle for control of the oil rich country, long queues with fuel and the food. as the public comes to terms with reality after the breast. a picture is emerging of a power struggle with in cassock stones, political elite in protests. this week i'm good was directed at
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independence, has its dance 1st president 81 year old, nor so tan as a by an old man get out. they taunted with those protests turned violence. the now mattie, that's a boy was removed from the powerful position he still occupied chair of the security council. now his loyal associate curry must seem off by it from his role as chief of national security has been charged with high trees and merged nother by hand picked casem jermarta took i have as his successor in 2019 but did not relinquish power. both men played a leadership role attending international meetings together as recently as last month we're that has now changed we know entry the took i. ready era, like if this guy is gonna be in charge because he's not going to put his shown man
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in charge of his own government in charge, so he got to read over all the people were hanging over for the chrysler jeep the swift deployments of c s t o security forces. $3600.00 russian lead troops is a clear sign to kaya has moscow's backing. they are now helping to strengthen his position in north, so turn the capital renamed often as it by of state media no longer mentioned his name. intimate blackouts have made it difficult to gauge public reaction. i finally reached a political activist by a telegram. he didn't want to be named just informational chairs. but i know last because we have a lot of rumors. it was, it was out of her as with his rarity and there's an hour shift.
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all the stories and theories are based on this lack of information. rumors, unofficial propaganda. those rumors only adding to the uncertainty that dominates life kazakstan robin 1st year walker al jazeera paul murphy's a member of the irish parliament of the people before profit party. he was previously a member of the european parliament involved in human rights issues in kazakhstan. he says long existing inequality is a fuel. the protests looked on as a country with enormous natural wealth in terms of oil and gas reserves and exploited by not only russian oil companies, but also western companies, chevron and so on. and also of course, exploited by or the benefits of which go to those at the very top of this i think cause there's massive well on the one hand side by side with extreme poverty,
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including for those workers who are actually generating at this well. and i think that body is the backdrop combined with a very brutal authoritarian regime. brooks, no disagreement, no opposition parties. and so really that the fuel price rises, as i understand is we're the straw that broke the camel's back. and now you have an uprising to attempt to overthrow the dictatorship, obviously, of games now within the dictatorship of different factions, trying to maneuver for position. and, but certainly defeating us, i'm guessing from the ground is a sense to us. the whole regime has to go. that the oil wealth should be under the control of an ordinary people, working class, people in cars, expanding use for their benefits. i think it is really a place to the end between the regime and the uprising. i'm security. the regime is very concerned that's reflected in the internal struggle with other taking place,
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but also the brutality with which they are prepared to respond. so why was russia so quick to send troops to cassock stano? both former soviet states have extremely close. historic ties, many of which do remain today. russia shares of 7600 kilometer long, long wind border with cars like sun, where half the 900000000 strong population speak. russian is their 1st language. it has major oil and gas deposits, as well as precious metals. russian oil companies import and process, the majority of cars, ex tons, crude oil or russian space missions take off and land from the bike and spaceport in complex done cuz exxon is a lot last, the latest excuse me, of the former soviet nations bordering russia to be hit by social unrest. armenians revolution brought regime change in 2018, but the by the russian president, alexander lucas shank, managed to hold on to power by force in 2020 the us state department has condemned
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an air strike. and if you appear northern to region in which at least 56 people were killed, aid workers say the strike had a camp for internally displaced people in the village of the debit near the era tray and border. the fuel government hasn't responded to the report. now the attack comes as the if you open government announced it was releasing a number of high profile political prisoners, including members of the grey and rebels. forces. officials in the capital of the saba say it's time to talk after more than a year of fighting in the north checkley gibber. michael is a writer for got dot com with documents war crimes. in t, brian, he says, the prisoners release is nothing more than a p r stunt by abbey. at night. some numbers in the international community went into party mode, saying that this is pip in the right direction and that the price that they have been, they have the mounting can be hardball. now truth about this was positive news and its signal and what is to come?
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but i go to ruin the party a couple of hours later, which was that he sent his newly acquired drones into weston, to great and rain bombs, ceilings, 56 people and wondering what done. i think 80 people in the strike. i think it's important to see that we list of the political prisoners and it's proper contact over the past month. tens of thousands of grounds and around was being j. something about unknown by releasing about i think 6 people 70. yesterday, he tried to create a positive environment around him to kind of route to that international community that he was interested in. the go see ation on resolution does a complete why in fact it continue doing what had been doing, which is bombing on trying to advance about me. totally interested, right? speak on. the troops are trying to enter into, to write,
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just to grant money is due to want to resist me. the number of people in hospital in the united states would cover 19 as raising, driven by the army. kron very. and there were more than 900000 cases reported in the last day in 2615 deaths, health regulators, or warning that more children under the age of 5 who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated. are now being admitted to hospitals, which are already short staffed. okay. i'm on this from she opportunities join us and washington. you've been looking at the statistic, she hub, and specifically the rise in the number of children being hospitalized. what's behind that? there are several factors. it seems, and this, and this is actually consistent with, with a general arrive in in hospitalization. is that because all the con is so
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infectious that when you, even though the call is not delta, it doesn't lead to hospitalizations and severe disease. in most people who get it, but when you have this many people, when it's a spike, it is like through the through the screen. but as you can see, them even the, even a small percentage of that spike. it amounts to a large number of people and that can overwhelm hospitals with children. yes, we went from 2.5 hospitalizations and 100000 people 24400100000 people but but there also, there are also several other factors here as well. which is what we're hearing is a lot of those children who are being hospitalized. i've actually been a going to hospital in the 1st place, but different issues and then being tested at the hospital and then being diagnosed with cobra. so that's actually, that's what i'm into dental cove and patients have actually sometimes one of the
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reasons why they may have been hospitalized was because of conditions that made the more susceptible, perhaps, to carpenter. they're all, there's only sort of small print and contextualization that perhaps needs to go with with some of these numbers. and we should remember that as far as we know when it up to now anyway, if children, if i do get it that very unlikely to have any kind of severe disease. but obviously if you have online conditions then then you will have severe disease. so we have to look at those statistics but also take into account the context of what we're saying. the context of mac on itself. yeah. got it, and she about how much concern is there a generally over the spread of on the chrome right across the country. and that increase in hospitalizations. i would expect a should as if judging by what happened in south africa. what seems to happen in the u. k. again, it's all very difficult to tell you case, probably a better example for us we see a big saw to it's kind of spike and then things go back down again. so there's the expect taishan, the next 3 or 4 weeks will be particularly difficult for hospitals. but once again,
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with the statistics with adults there is that sense they, that a lot of those, i mean there was some reports in the new york times and from some hospitals around the country that maybe maybe half of those who being diagnosed with carpet have gone into hospital with different conditions they brought in for different reasons, but then that once they're bad, they seem to be covered too complicated positive, and so they are now officially cobit patients. but when, when such a large amount of the population is being infected than an average of those who are going into hospital will have, will have the virus. it's, so we have to pass this 6. i think what we're looking for, and we don't have them yet. from the last week is how many i see you beds are being used. how many ventilators, what, you know, what was cruel, specific treatments are being a being undertaken in these hospitals, which will give us a better sense of how much severe illness there is in the countries results of this current search. thank you so much. she returns from reporting from washington, d. c. well,
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the number of covered 1900 infections in india has had a new 7 mon pie with the latest daily tall more than 140000. it's capital new jellies among the worst had regions and is now under curfew. i'm a cron variance and now dominance across other cities. traveler is arriving. the country will need to corn tina home for a week of new metal. how's the latest from the deli, when one of the jellies business market best to day back a deserted look as does the rest of the city? because the laws shop, public parks are all closed because starting this weekend, which is saturday and sunday in india, there is a weekend for you in the national capital. what we use is that unless people have an absolutely important reason to step out like going to the hospital or traveling, they have to stay at home. of course, essential services like hospitals and food deliveries will continue, is now delhi already has the maximum number of restrictions in the country. a few
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weeks ago the government imposed in nice car fuel and also closed on school cinema halls. and jims, the city also slash restaurant capacity because of the rising rate of over 1900 infection. other states have also set up tubs, so in sudden, in the seat of thumb allowed will have locked down on sundays. and the fate of good not to go, which is also a sudden we'll have a weekend caution lighting for the next 2 weekends. the state of marashi has the highest number of over 900 cases. many of these are coming from in just financial hub, which is more, but what's really wanting authorities is that many of these cases are coming from the city's poorest. the city is home to a, chas largest slum which is seeing its highest single. there's 5 facial beginning off the plan damage for now, the government that has rules out, it can be locked down. in the united kingdom, the number of people killed by the virus and the started, the pandemic has passed
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a 150000. the country reported $313.00 new deaths over the last 24 hours. that's an increase of 84 from the previous day. over the past week, more than 1200000 people have tested positive for the virus arise of over 10 percent from the week before. thousands of people had protested in the french capital against the governments moved to titan restrictions on unvaccinated people . a proposed vaccine past would allow only those who have the job to enter public places. the bill is up for debate in parliament. if approved, it's expected to go into effect next saturday. and italy's new coven laws are prompted demonstrations. their hundreds of people protested into ruin. against the rules that make vaccines mandatory for anyone over the age of 15. tougher laws are also coming into force for unvaccinated people. from monday they can no longer use public transport or visit restaurants. still has on al
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jazeera why the opposition and venezuela hopeful it can defeat the governing socialist party in the home state of google. chavez called us all. the important thing for this is just between is why year of tattoo, our fear for their future. ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with the sponsored by capital airways. hey, there are getting going for sunday, january the 9th. good to see you. here's your weather forecast for asia. we're going to begin in northern india. some bursts of rain close to the himalayas, and of course, the higher you go, that's going to turn into snow. we've got some thunder storms for much protection to eastern areas of my harass strep. it's really moon by south. we're in the clear,
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so karnataka into carolie. ok, a few showers popping up for carol to be expected on sunday. i did want to show you this. the bay have been golden ne monsoon is steering some heavy rounds of brain into sri lanka. so the risk of flooding for southern areas where we had seen flooding is across the northeast of march. that rain still falling west java, east java and through papa, what island? all of these places we have seen flooding and the ritz that we could see some more as well. ok, the ne monsoon also picking up again. so we're seeing more showers for coastal vietnam from hanoi to just north of home in city on sunday. central china right now and the showers, well, they're starting to peter out in between the young, see and the pearl river valley and mostly cloudy day and shanghai with the high of 8 degrees winds have shifted around. so that's popped up the temperature and tokyo still some snow over areas of honshu and whole cargo on sunday. and that's a snapshot of your weather season. ah,
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the weather said by katara ways. frank assessments this crisis please continue to recon luca shank, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning that it was informed opinions like think on edition will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most types of things can come out of this critical debate. do you think a should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give me a chop swans inside story. on our jazeera, ah, ah, a fellow again, the top stories on al jazeera, after a week of anti government unrest, contact on former intelligence chief carry,
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must have mom has been arrested on suspicion of treason, shilling speculation. if a power struggle in the ruling party, the u. s department has condemned an air strike and if you know the region in which at least 56 people were killed, aid workers, they account for displaced people with heads when number of people being admitted to hospital in the u. s. and chose 19 is raising driven by the army cron variance house regulators or warning more children under the age of 5 who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated. are now being admitted to hospice. all the bodies of 9 of the 22 victims of the snow storm and pakistan have been brought to islam. about 8 of them were from the same family. mourners lined the street to the ambulances, carrying the bodies drove past temperature, fell to minus 8 degrees celsius. overnight on friday, and pakistan's military has been called in to help with the rescue efforts. many people ignored warnings advising them not to go outside. thousands have been left
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stranded in amounts in santa marie about 30 kilometers ne of his lama bags. electricity supplies have been disrupted, come hider has more then of power, then the paper decided to go to the station. mary, and i did also of a popular tourist destinations, especially during the winter when people come to watch that know. but this also is an example of that make failure because according to the board about a 100 hours in waco rain today i have station, i have a station that has narrow roads. they were wanting heavy. no. and that led to our daughter catastrophe because people were stuck in their way. good entire families, we're getting report care, they call them the reading, read the record robot heap. so no, and this particular read the system had never damage into our daughter along the
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course. but particularly up in the mountains because we have your board that need to be off. know, i've been reported in certain areas. the average lawn chair landslide has lost their health. god had led to their chief melissa, now declaring an emergency. they've got it in the interior minister gordon. the pattern military voted in the military to come and help rescue people and of cluster stop more people from going to die at his station. the run, as all, instead of very near us, has become the latest battlefield between the governments of nicholas maduro and the opposition. a vote for a state governor takes place in a re run on sunday. it's the result of a dispute over elections there in november, terrorism reports on what's at stake. yeah. it's the home a former socially is precedent to watch iris a place of enormous value for the government of nicola mother. that's why who
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had yes how, what one's been will a foreign minister is hoping to become the new governor of readiness. here we are making a commitment together because we are going to govern together, right? we're going to govern together. you can't leave me alone. we're not going to walk away anymore. we're not going to disconnect from the people ever again. to be out of yes, i kissed a copy of the sort of independence. he will see mom while you are and brought the power of the state to help him went on sunday. during last november's local elections in which the governing party won in most states voters, the muddiness showed ample support for the opposition candidate to venezuela. supreme court, we true actively disqualified him and called for a new election after an apparent defeat of the governing parties. candidate, chavis' brother out of his chavez. now both parties have elected new
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candidates, said hillary though, is hoping to become the 1st governor of bad enough in more than 20 years. who does not bear the chavis last name. this is a massive demonstration from the people who are enough and we're going to win next january, the 9th. in spite of the differences, we have, the government has all the resources of the state money resources coming from drug trafficking. even we have the people with the people who are in us. we are going to win next january, the 9th. be assured, this would be the case. god is with us. the election in november when money toward to buy the european union for the 1st time in 15 years, your position ran divided and was unable to defeat the governing socialist party. most states. but anybody nest the situation was different is the will. the government was desperate to gain some credibility internationally to try to get the reduction of some sanctions to be able to sit and be able to maneuver in some crucial offices internationally. but they still went ahead and dismissed the past
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election in bahrain us in spite of it all, it could become an inflection on whether elections or a way out of the current crisis in the country. later, venezuelans have been struggling with a devastating economic crisis that has affected every aspect of their lives. this sunday voters in body mass will test once again the country's electro system. the results will show whether the ballots will help them in the fight for change. that is, i will, as jessica, an egyptian palestinian active as detained in egypt for more than 2 years is arrived in france. for army shots was forced to renounce his egyptian nationality before he was released and deported on thursday. he was the co founder of a pro palestinian group in egypt and accused of having ties with an outlawed organization. 2 and a half years later, i still have all my resolve and my determination to continue. i am continuing my
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way. i am assisting on freeing my friends and my comrades in from egyptian jail. i'm insisting on human rights in egypt. i'm insisting for free palestine. i am insisting that this will continue and they will not stop us through what happened. at least 6 people have been killed and lake furnace and brazil, when a slab of frock broke away from a cliff. ah, the fire department says over 30 people were injured and as many as 20 others are still missing. divers on helicopters, have been deployed, official se, heavy rains could have contributed to that collapse. the e. u has been thousands of unregulated chemical substances in tattoo inks. scientists
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say many can cause cancer or other serious illnesses, around 12 percent of people that you have at least one tattoo in germany. they are big business, met, his dominic came reports from berlin. some fear the band could hurt their livelihoods. daniel calls or discusses today's jobs with his colleague, lena, he runs the classic tattoo cows or shop these other tools of his trade inks and chemicals which have been in use for many years, but no longer get new colors. but in the moment we have round about 10120 different colors, the new colors vendor colors coming in the middle of the year. we have just 30 cause does as the thing and you lose formed a quality 30 percent. it's precisely these colors which daniel believes all the life blood of his craft colors are the important thing for todd. this is a this is that what we is bring colors in the skin under the skin. the people come
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. i like to have this. i'm sort of colors are what you can do, tick just rock player 2 needles of this. this is the base to work. when you take the base you destroyed business, but to others, such inks are dangerous. the use says they pose a serious health hazard that these substances are actually also restricted in cosmetics. so you're not allowed to use them because metrics which are just placed on the skin. and now we are extending that of course to these materials which are injected under the skins. some estimates suggest around 12 percent of people across the you have at least one tattoo here in germany. that number is believed to be even higher, perhaps around 20 percent. so what takes place in the body when these now band inks come into contact with us. here at the german federal risk assessment institute. dr . michael, you told me one concern is what happens beneath the skin barrier?
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we know that not all pigments remain on the place where data to is being made or in the, to pick which is injected. we know that from studies that the link notes of the to the individuals are colored whatever the rights or wrongs of this particular issue, tattoos themselves remain very popular. especially for young people like casias back at the crowds or to shop. he's having a favorite cartoon character inked onto his arm for the moment snoopy will be there in just black and white. but castle says he's got plans for more colorful tattoos some day. soon. dawn came al jazeera bully. the most powerful telescope ever launched into space as successfully completed its 2 week deployment phase. the james webb telescope is so big it has to be folded to fit in the rocker that carried it into orbit. unfolding the mirrors was
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a crystal milestone. the 10000000000 dollar telescope can see the 1st stars and galaxies form more than 13000000000 years ago. it's now moving to it's orbit, so point 1600000 kilometers from earth. amy lynn thompson is a florida base space in fines. journalist rates for a space dot com. she explains the significance of what's been achieved so far. it's incredibly huge achievement. his telescope has been 25 years and the making and scientists are so ready for it to get to the point where it can actually send back pictures. and these were the crucial steps that had to happen to make sure that that works. it has a sun shield which is basically the size of a tennis court and that has 5 different alter thin layers to it. so just those alone had to a unfurl and b tension. so that way it would actually keep the telescope cool enough to complete at science objectives. and then on top of that you had the
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mirror unfolding. and all of that is just a significant achievement. so it is going to look very far back into the universe as maybe about a 100000000 years after the big bang. and what it's going to do is look at in for red light. and so that's like the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that we feel as heat. and so stars and galaxies, planets whenever they form are very, very hot. so the telescope is going to look for those heat signatures as far back, you know, as a 100000000 years after the big bang, which is incredible. so we could not only see some of the 1st stars and galaxies, but it can also do things as sniff out x o planet atmospheres to see what kinds of chemicals are in there. maybe even to find, you know, other habitable po.


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