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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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0 lou, this is al jazeera. ah hi there, i'm kimbell, this is ben hughes all live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. cuz that sounds president promises to fight against what he calls terrorists is the former intelligence chief is detained. the treason reports of an air strike and ethiopia, northern tig ry region. at least 56 people die off our camp for the internally displaced his head. at least 22 people die and a resort town in northern america saw him after being stranded in their cars during the snowstorms. there you see the launch of the area 5 rocket. it was an absolutely
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perfect launch and the world's most powerful telescope marks a major milestone of to blossom office space to study the universe is 1st galaxies and stuff about be disseminated, restored murder, talk of its lawyers fight against these deportation from australia called documents reveal botanists are called coven 19 again in december, which is why he was granted a medical exemption for the australian open. ah! gothic sans president has promised to keep up the fight against what he calls it. terrorism, after days of violent protests, already say that arrested the former national security chief on suspicion of treason. the unrest began after a sharp rise and fuel prices on january. first, a demonstration spread to the biggest city. a marty president, cousin german buckeye authorized forces to file
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a protest is without warning says the anger against his government is being orchestrated on what he calls armed bandits. he's told russia's president vladimir putin, that while the situation is stabilizing. what he described as attacks were continuing more russia. lead forces have arrived in about 2 and a half 1000 soldiers and there were some god and government buildings in the capital. nurses home before us. their walk has moved from tbilisi in georgia on the significant performance secured chief detention what appears to be emerging is that kerry must seem of the head of the security services of cause it's gone. he was fired from his post early this week, but so was all of the government under the president. but now news emerging that he's been arrested and charged with treason, indicates that there appears to be a political power struggle that has been going on in kazakhstan between president
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and the former president north, who can never by of who, despite having handed over the presidency back in 2019 continues to wield significant power in the country and must seem of was one of his guys. now it seems that tough talk i have may have the upper hand having dismissed my theme of arrested my females and dismissed other figures from their rows including the former president as a buyer, who had the roll. it's head of the chairman of the security council. now it seems that the curve has the upper hand, and he's doing that. it appears due to his agreement, clearly thrust out with vladimir putin who had the security block that has been able so quickly to deploy to kazakhstan. so having russian backing behind him appears to be a signal to all those in the political elite and cause extent. that's okay if he's now the manager really in charge in control of all the leave of power in,
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in the country. let's bring in matthew brother. he is non resident senior fellow at atlanta counsels eurasia center. he joins us by calling from stumble. i think of your time, mr. brian. what do you make of the detention of the national security chief? what do you think that i was trying to do in terms of distancing himself from the former president? well, i think i took, i have, has really thrown down the gauntlet in arresting. curry must seem of a took, i have knows that must seem of was not simply the head of our classic st on security services. he's not simply an associate of nozer by of curry must seem of was the key transmission belt between nasir buyer who, let's face. it retains all the or retained all the real power and cost on an truck . i have to kind of was largely a figurehead president who was nominated by nasir bye of because not by, of considered, took i of loyal and a, a safe pair of hands in somebody who was
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a career diplomat. yes, he had served his prime minister, but he never, he never indicated political ambitions. so when i took, i have, i think panicked a few days ago, removed nazzo by of a, by the way, illegally according to context on the law. from being the chair of the national security council, he declared political warranty, nasir by, of, and massey, mom as the one who was put in place by nozer, by a to oversee, took i of apparently had to be removed from psychiatrist perspective and accused really not credibly of committing treason. do you think that those nerves to distance himself from our, from the president nozzle by have well, have, ah, they did there the desired outcome, will it? will it appease, protest is do thing and make and feel as if instead of taking out the finance out of i have remnants, if you like i don't think so took i have his answer by a remnant he was never elected to any office. he was appointed by hussar via to be
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president. so the street protests and that discord that organic, that sincere the discord, any anger with because extended government will continue. what sockeye of his now done is back himself into a corner. because he again, he's part of the nozzle by him system, but he has just accused of treason the most important actor in that nasir, by a system that's otherwise still intact. in other words, tokai has declared political war on those are by of but he has to use nasir buyers, political and governmental system to wage that war. he's in a corner, and this is why he reached out to russia to, to try to save his on political and physical skin. speaking all reaching out to rush or attempt to russian president vladimir putin. how do you think that the u. s . is going to be viewing these developments. yes. so a, as you heard from secretary blinking and, you know, the u. s. looks, of course, really negatively from a geo strategic perspective on, ah,
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russia now having troops on the ground and cows, it's down in that, that says to the united states that whereas previously kazakstan was following a policy by the way that was really operated an engineer by curry must see more of equal distance between washington, beijing and moscow. now, alma ostena, a nurse latan, whatever we call the capital catholics on, now has thrown in its lot with moscow. of course, washington doesn't like that and is uncomfortable. that's why secretary blake inside, you know, once you invite russian troops into your territory or once they come into your territory, it takes them sometimes a long time to leave. that all said, i think washington has been careful not to chew size in this titanic fight to the death between took i of another by of these are 2 sets of leaders who are running in a, a political system that is not fully democratic to say the least and one in which there is tremendous discontent at the elite having failed to deliver for the
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population over the course of these last 30 years. and that situation, washington is being neutral, other than opposing moscow's involvement. or i always really good speak to matthew advisor, that non resident senior fellow at the atlanta council's year, aisha said at least at 56 people have reportedly been killed in an air strike in india, v as northern to dry region. according to aid work, as the strike had a camp for the internally displaced people and the town of de deb, it's now the era trained border and the attack comes as if the government announced it was releasing a number of high profile political prisoners, including members of the 2, ryan rebel forces, officials in the capital of the south of all say it's time to promote national dialogue. after more than a year of conflict in the north take like every michael is a writer for take off dot com which documents war crimes and tick right. he says the prisons renee says nothing more than a pianist don't. why are we offset some numbers in the international community? went into party mode, saying that this is in the right direction and that the price that they have been,
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they have been mounting and i'll be hot bone out. truit on this was positive news, a signal. what is to come? but i go to ruined the party a couple of hours later, which was that he sent his newly acquired drones into weston, to great and rain bombs, stealing 56 people and wounding. done. i think 80 people strike. i think it's important to see that release of the political prisoners and is profit over the past month. tens of thousands of grounds and aroma around was have been j, a known by releasing about, i think, 6 people 73. yesterday, he tried to create a positive environment around him to kind of president roosevelt international community that he was interested in the go see ation. resolution does not complete
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why. in fact, he continued doing what he had been doing, which is bombing on trying to advance about me. totally interested, right? speak on. the troops are trying to enter into the right, just that the, to grant. i've managed to, to want to resist, walketh, stones, military has been called up to help with rescue efforts of the 22 people died in the snow storm. many had ignored warnings advising them not to go outside. thousands of the less stranded in the mountainous town of murray. about 30 kilometers ne of his i'm about electricity supplies have been disrupted. come all honda has more from the sum of all dens of thousands of papers decided to go to the station, mary, and i did also of a popular tourist destinations, especially during the winter when people come to watch that know. but this also is an example of that make failure because according to the board about
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a 100000 way code rain to that have station, i have a station that has narrowed roads. they were warning of heavy snow. and that led to our daughter catastrophe because people was stuck in their way. her entire family we're getting report care because of the reading, read the record robot. heaps of know, and this particular read the system, had nerve damage in the doctor along the quarter. larry. but particularly up in the mountains because we have report at 3 to 4 feet of snow had been reported in certain areas. the average lawn chair and the land slides have blocked the road and didn't help. god had led to the chief minister now declaring an emergency. they've got it in the interior minister gordon. the pattern military bought it in the military to come and help rescue people and of course stopped more people from going to that his station. i did my head on the news,
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i'm tooting ah, celebrations in south africa as the governing agency party celebrates its 100 and 10th anniversary and internal divisions and allegations of crops. and we'll tell you why these people vote traffic to a standstill on the busiest highway in serbia. then they transport will hear from the p. s g coaches he awaits the return of their now messy from over 90. cor documents have revealed tennis donna, that jock of it's tested, positive for coven, 19 last month. and sawyer say, that's why he had a vaccine exemption to enter australia, the trying to appeal a deportation order, so that he can play in the australian open next week. alexia bry reports a mask. las novak jock of ich, pictured at events the day after his lawyers say he tested positive for covert 19.
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the world number one was seen hugging children at a tennis center in his native serbia and spoke at an event for his foundation. his lawyers say the positive result on december 16th means the tennis power house had a medical exemption to enter a stray leah to play in the open. later this month. he thought, along with the guidance from tennis australia who told players that one of those that were vaccinated bomb b wise, i could get around our entry into australia wasn't tested posting in the past 6 months and they were exempt form getting backs. and i didn't could answer the country without foreign st. but on wednesday, esther alien border officials told jock of it. it wasn't enough for an exemption. he was stopped at the border, his visa cancelled. and is now an immigration detention and melbourne ahead of a hearing on monday. o. protest is have gathered outside
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the hotel, pledging the support for the 34 year old athlete. the longer it goes on a we're not, is not re joker that has never revealed his vaccination status and has been a vocal opponent. vaccine mandates. the visa controversies led to a sporting and diplomatic dispute. a serbia accusing australia of treating jock of it like a prisoner. he had all the assurances that his visa paperwork was in order and confidently announced his departure for melvin. during his 24 hour flight, things took a dramatic turn and it appears that his arrival became a political hot potato between the victorian state governments and the federal government to both wanted to rid themselves of responsibility for his visa.
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junker, which isn't the only athlete, has been caught up. jake player renata ber, cova was detained in the same hotel. she left the country after her visa was also revoked. following issues with her medical exemption joker that she had travelled to australia seeking to win his record breaking 21st grand slam singles title. he's asked for alternative accommodation, so he can still train for the event. that request has been denied. alexia bryan, elses era. the number of covered 19 infections in india has hit a new 7. montoya reported more than 140000 davy cases. it's capital you dally is among the worst hit region and is under curfew. the only con variant is now dominant across all the cities. travelers arriving in the country will need to quarantine at home for a week. probably baton has the basis for new day when one of jellies business market that today back to look at the rest of the city because laws shop public
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parks are all closed because starting this weekend which is saturday and sunday in india, there is a weekend for you, in the national capitalists, what use is that unless people have an absolutely important reason to step out like going to the hospital or traveling, they have to stay at home. of course, essential services like hospitals and food deliveries will continue, is now delhi already has the maximum number of restrictions in the country. a few weeks ago the government imposed in nice caf you and also closed on school cinema halls. and jims, the city also slash restaurant capacity because of the rising rate of over $900.00 infections. other states have also set up tubs, so in sudden engender seat of thumb allowed will have locked down on sundays. and the fate of good not to go, which is also in sudden indo we'll have a weekend talking like today for the next 2 weekends. the state of marashi has the
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highest number of over 900 cases. many of these are coming from in just financial hub, which is mon, by what's really wanting authorities is in many of these cases are coming from the cities poorest. the city is home to a shows largest lum, which is seeing its highest single. there's 5 ship beginning off the plan damage for now, the government that has rules out a complete loss processor being held, and the french capital against the government moved to tighten restrictions against unvaccinated people. there is anger over proposal to change the health ass into a vaccine pass. it would allow only those who have the job to enter public places and replace the current requirement of a negative test. the bill is up for debate empowerment and see if it's proved. it's expected to go into effect next saturday, side as in the u. k. say a 4th covered jab is not necessary. several countries are offering the extra shot to people with weak immune systems. for brandon has more from london. what the
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scientists here in the u. k. have been examining is how best to maintain the level of protection and immunity and the level of antibodies within the population here in the u. k. and what they found from looking at specifically the over 65 year old age group is that actually the booster shots are working pretty well at maintaining protection. so the statistics from the u. k. h s a the health security agency said the 3 months after the booster shot protection against hospitalization remain up a 90 percent, which is pretty good for people, a 65 plus. now that doesn't mean that you're not going to get to run a virus protection against mild symptomatic infection. dropped to around 30 percent around 3 months after you have the boost shot. so you can see you, it's still possible that you can get an infection with covert even if you've had the booster shot. but the likelihood of it being a severe infection is going to put you in hospital. and by put strain on the national health service here in the u. k, it's very small indeed,
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10 percent or even less. now what that has been extrapolated by another acronym, the j. c, v i, the joint committee on vaccines and immunization, a government advisory body, is to say that rather than put effort into a 4th boost shot, which has been mentioned by some politicians as rolling program of continuous boosters, perhaps year on year. it's probably best and more effective to concentrate on getting those people who perhaps have no shots or just one or just 2 shots so far. getting them vaccinations because the advisory from the metrics is that that would have more effect than pursuing a program of continuous rolling boosters for those who are already of the mind to get the south african president, serial from opposed to the governing african national congress party needs to be renewed and rebuilt, he was addressing a celebration of the a c 110 of us. 3. several issues continue to tarnish the party's image,
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including allegations of corruption. earlier this week and inquiry found that state decisions made under former president jacob's una, influenced by private interest. not only was states kept a systematic attempt at siphoning off public resources and funds. it also destroyed the capability of the state and led to the departure of paperwork people from public institutions. as they resist that state, capture thumb were fired, some were forced to resign. let's take a closer look at the history of the a and c party, which was founded in 1912 and boom. fontaine is the south african native national congress. its primary objective was to oppose white minority rule and end the apartheid system. decades 8 and nelson mandela brought the policy to power in 1994
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when he was elected president. in the country's 1st democratic election, the agency has been reelected since then. that support for the party is declined in recent years because of allegations of corruption and deep divisions among its leaders. woodspring and william good mer day. he is associate professor at the school of governance at the university of whitfield to sons. he joins us now by skype from cape town. thank you very much for joining us on the news. ella. what's your take on how the agency has gotten to the point that it is to day dealing with corruption and, and with declining support? good evening and a good evening um to your viewers. yes. you know the, i didn't see us because oldest liberation movement really is in a crisis. i think the golden. yes. now we're looking back. the golden. the? yes. the answer really was between 949099 when now. so my dad was the president, i mean there are say has it been down here has been down of the couple of reasons. i think the most important one is that the agencies become really systemically
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corrupt. i mean, it was inquired in the last 3 years route, which is the pause came out on this week and a gets a inquiry, recommend our recommendations. and co cruisers were very damaging, saying that under the jacob zoom a presidency. who was president re foster? i'm a poster on the states was yours for correct purposes. and i'm so really, this is astonishing. back slides from the days of nelson mandela. the 2nd thing was to do when terribly wrong crazy is that this state is child desire. we can state has lost the capacity because the answer have been about improving its own colleges . because the cartridge, the answer africa is stent of competent people. so people based on loyalty and they are hollowed out of state and has made it really, really difficult for the govern government to govern effectively. and maybe, you know, more recently covert 19 crisis is also brought up as big as finance. so crisis in
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a generation. so with no stay capacity to deal with it for the agency and total this, does this ray were state of corruption, not only of the instant visit over or so, so africa broadly talk through the internal divisions facing the agency right now. and how do you think that are impacting that their trajectory of the party not a big is you're not the biggest issue right now is that he a and see last year, november for the 1st time in los angeles. and so there was a local governments election, so the 1st time, soon as you can peer into power, 1994. now president emsella, i'm a poser, is under severe presser by agency parties, leadership because under his leadership, the answer is now last me and elections. we are having our next national elections in 2 years time and if everything stays the same, the answer is very likely to lose
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a lesson and be out of power in opposition. so that an issue, it's a real because it is a real battle. some nc members are calling for several i'm opposed to resign as agency leader. now this year, the end of december of 2022 to is a half an elective conference with i'm a pause. i will have to be re elected to stay on. so there's a lot of opposition against him from within the party, particularly from people who are under investigation of corruption and also from the former african president of jacob's 2 months before ill, pre, pre 1994. the agency spent years as an exiled opposition movement. how did the party then i compared to the party that we see today. i mean, if you look back before 940 a similar price and move a very effective one. but then there was only one priority, one policy one because that was to get the policy government out. now, you know,
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being in government is much more complex, much more complicated. now has to put together policies. now days they have strong, over even under montela presidency to have coherent policies because the i n c. and the movement before he came to power, it was a really broad front hot, you know, mark. so they had to capture those rights being conservative leaders and kings. now i think governing party of course, you know, to be effective, a party needs to have a set up yet and policies. now it has been very difficult because the amc has tried to keep itself as a unifying liberation movement instead of becoming a much more effective governing party. like, for example, you know, the governing parties like the people's action party and senior for example. you know, what is the world's most effective for independence parties became
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a governing party. i thank you so much for analysis. breaking it all down for us. the william committee associate professor at the school of governance at the university of wood water. some still head on al jazeera, i never doubted it, and i knew that today would come. 3 white men, a sentence to life in prison for the murder of a black dog in your state of georgia. colors are the important thing for. this is a, this is the quantity is white. europe's tattoo artists here for the future. there's a lot of finger pointing going on. a lot of blaming going on, but i can show you our team has done an unbelievable job. at the head of tennis australia, praises is organization. elite video coming under fire over the novak off of it's. these are miss ah
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hello. the weather looks like you drive across much of the middle east. at the moment. a change is on the way we got more cloud to spilling out of that is the side of the mediterranean coming out of turkey. and that's it will have will some wetter weather through the levant. more parts of the middle east over the next couple of days. for sunday, it's generally dry. not bad. here in dough are 23 degrees celsius. 40 batch, around 2021. as we go 13, monday. mr. fog. an issue over the next couple of days. but it stays dry. here is that wet weather coming out of that eastern side of the med, serial, lebanon, jordan c's, cloud and right. sliding across a iraq running down across northern parts of saudi arabia. and that wet weather will be across at western side of saudi arabia as we go through this week. i suspect here in cutter, ill state ry plenty of hazy sunshine, even into a good part of the weeks, are not too much right in the forecast here. not too much reading the forecasts
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across north africa. we've got that where to where the just scraping the coastal shores of libya heading over to ward sir parts of egypt soon as you're still seeing some lively showers. much of north africa is dry and fi because the seasonal range, of course, they're running across the tropics, some heavy down poll, spilling out of angola. sab, you're seeing some heavy showers, mozambique, still pretty wet with wet weather, for madagascar. ah, ah, a selfless act as human bravery, and 10000 precious pieces of literature, rescued from being burnt to ashes in a besieged, sorry ego. ah, al jazeera world meets the bozeman women, and men who risked everything to save their written heritage. ah, the loving books on al jazeera era is here to report on the
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people often ignored, but who must be hurt. how many other channels can you say? we'll take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas. of course we cover major global events, but our passion lives and making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like how this find libya. yemen has saddle ridge and and so many other we go to them, we make the effort. we care. we stake lou . ah ah, you're watching out, is there a reminder of our top story, this all authorities and tells us on said of detained the former national security
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chief on suspicion of trees it on the days of violent protests because our president has promised to keep up the fight against what he calls terrorism, at least 56 people have reportedly been killed, an air strike, and ethiopia, northern to grier region. eva who say the strike had a camp for internally displaced people in the town of de divots, near the eritrea border. court documents have revealed tennis. tar novak talk of it's tested positive for coven 19 last month, as always a. that's why he had a vaccine exemption to enter australia to play in the grand slam, later this month. the trying to appeal a deportation order. security's been stabbed off of the border between causing song and neighboring kirk is done. i'll just there is ronnie dradian, there been a thought thought lucas asked and he had to, although authorities in kazakhstan had repeatedly confirmed that order has been restored. we've been receiving reports that situation is still unstable and
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volatile from spread at clashes to protest at various locations. apt to recurrent gunfire in and around al matty. we spoke to a number of coke as dani citizens who passed through the border crossing point behind me. they described the intensive security presence across the cities and streets of kazakhstan, extensive search and erased operations have not been interrupted with a total of 4 and a half 1000 people detained. so far. the cook hassan is we spoke to confirm that they themselves had been searched and their passports verified. otherwise they would have been de paint. it should be noted that the former president, nurse alton, as a buyer, who has been absent from the political scene, is confirmed to be in the capital, according to his press office. he's called on the people to stand by the side of the incumbent president to cave, to brave through the current crisis and maintain the countries unity. in addition, it's been announced that next monday will be a national day of mourning. an egyptian palestinian activist who had been detained in egypt for more than 2 years as arrived in france for ami shaft was released on
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thursday before being deported. he was the co founder of a pro palestinian group in egypt, was accused of having ties with an outlawed organisation. champ was forced to renounce his egyptian citizenship as a precondition for his release. 2 and a half years later, i still have all my resolve and my determination to continue. i am continuing my way. i am assisting on freeing my friends and my comrades in from egyptian jail. i'm insisting on human rights in egypt and insisting for a free palestine. i am insisting that this will continue and they will not stop us through what happened. 3 white men have been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of black jogger in the u. s. state of georgia, the judge said 2 of them father and son, would spend the lifetime without the possibility of parole. ahmad aubrey was hunted down while he was out for a run in a mostly white neighborhood in 2020 chaper towns reports. bruce was the verdict,
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armored r. bruce probably had hoped for that is life plus 20 travis mcmichael and his father gregory give him the maximum sentence for murdering 25 year old aubrey to chasing him to a georgia neighborhood. in february of 2020 william roddy brown. who joined in the chase was given a mandatory mud, a sentence of life imprisonment, but with the possibility of parole. after 30 years. the judge said that he, unlike his co defendants, had displayed some remorse. all 3 can appeal their sentences, but also faced a federal hate crimes trial. next month, before the sentencing members of abra family made their case. a man who killed my sy as 7 is called rome every single day. next to his father, i never get the chance. 6 next, my son elbow. again,
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an arbor, his mother addressed her son directly. i made a promise to you. today a lady tress. i told you i love you. and some day, somehow i would get to justice. the presiding judge said he thought deeply about the case even paused in silence for a minute to suggest how long aubrey had been running in fear of his life before he was murdered. a fraction of the time that a mod armory was running in satilla shores and rendering his verdict. the judge alluded to the racial fault lines of this community in the deep south. i argue that maybe a neighbors more than the people who just own property around your house. i believe that is also believe that in assuming the worst in others we show our worst character outside the court aubrey's mother. thank lucy, supported her family and made reference to one of the most shocking moments of the
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trial. when one of the prosecutors alleged her son was not a victim, but a criminal quotes with no socks to cover his dirty toenails. the law townhouse though she law in i'm no longer mine, she, she failed in making it a mile, was lying in illinois with a big hole in kit outside the quote there was celebration that accountability for the murder of a black man by white men in the south so many of them still haven't gotten anybody arrested for killing their child. so busy about all of us and no more no more, no more. but it should be remembered that in the aftermath of abra killing the police and local authorities did nothing. excepting the word of those now convicted of murder. that aubrey had been up to no goods. only when video evidence was released, weeks later, did state authorities act. she ebert hansi alger 0 ahead of sundays, 33rd africa comp of nations, post country club road has launched
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a major vaccination campaign against colored 19 saw her has more football teams are rising income or in the south african cup of nations on sunday to attend again, the vaccination and show a negative case at 900. authorities have sets up hundreds of vaccinations and through the course several cities on the fed good as well as apart from the fact the vaccinated people will see the matches. they will be protected against the complications of the disease to protect their relatives and their environment covered 1900 could end if the majority of people are vaccinated. the tournament has been used as an incentive in the football my nation to encourage vaccine skeptics and youngsters to get vaccinated bonuses to do it is necessary to be able to have access to the stadium during the african couple of nations. so this is what pushed us camera unions to come here and if you forgot to like i won't, if all of the camera unions are vaccinated, we encourage all of the rest of the countries that are coming for the africa. caught up with the camera with strips of hosting the african camp in 2019 the
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stadium construction delays and security threats in some parts of the country. many countries in africa are experiencing their 4th wave of corona virus with on the chrome variant, causing an enormous challenge to come a room. less than 6 percent of its 27000000 population is fully vaccinated, while many simply don't want to get the job. infections continued to disrupt preparations for the african cup of nations. egypt has cancelled training and delayed its place arrival to the tournament, and guinea has has to leave 3 plays behind after they tested positive bouts. cameron hopes that this vaccination campaign could be its most successful, yet while promising a safe to ha, not a hired, i'll do the most powerful telescope ever launched into space as successfully completed its 2 week deployment phase. the james,
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where the telescope is so big, it had to be folded to fit into the rocket that carried it to space. unfolding of the mirrors was a crucial milestone. the $10000000000.00 telescope can see the 1st stars and galaxies formed more than 13000000000 years ago. it's now heading to it's orbital point. 1.6000000 kilometers from earth. but it's bring antonia harrison. she is a fellow at the outer space institute. she joins us by scott from washington, d. c, tanya. i love this story because i just love space. anything to do with out of space . the origins of the universe i'm in, but when we're talking about the story with my program editor, gloria earlier, she kind of went, why should i care, tanya? this is our moment. why is this exciting? so this mission in particular, is really exciting because we're going to get the chance to look back at the very earliest stages of the formation of the universe. further back than we've been able to look with the hubble space telescope, anything else we've ever created,
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and it's going to answer a lot of those key questions about how the universe formed and how it evolved to get to the point that we see today. right, how could they not be exciting so, so tell me and, and in obviously correct me if i'm wrong, but i think we know what was happening about 400000000 years ago. but there's like a gap of like 300000000 years or something that we just don't know what happened there. right. that's about the time when star started forming galaxy start forming . but we don't really have a great understanding of what happened between the big bang to kick off the formation of the universe and how we got to this point where we have all these things that we can see around us in visible light. and that's really the key of the james web telescope is that you can look into the infrared, it's looking at thermal wavelengths, and that's something of the hubble space telescope wasn't really designed to do. so we can peer back farther in time to really get a glimpse at what these early stages of the universe looked like before we even had stars and galaxies in the 1st place. okay, so obviously when i said 400000000 years, i'm well wrong. this is way, way, way,
9:40 pm
way further back and explain to me why i was reading as no cameras on board. so right now with the pictures we've been showing a 3 d images, why? i've been no cameras on board. julie, they could just put a little girl pro on there and would all be looking at what's really happening. so they were concerned that the deployment of all the different pieces of the telescope, you know, the unfolding of the sun shield the deploying of the beers, which is what locked into place this morning or i just a few minutes ago. actually, i finally got successful confirmation of that. they didn't want to add any extra complication and so that would add weight. it would add power requirements. and so even that would be really wonderful to see this unfolding and real time. they just didn't want to take any chances with stuff that would be considered a necessary. okay, we said earlier, you know, it was so big it had to be folded up to get to space. but this, i'm a you is saying that it's the size of a tennis court and, and traveling very, very fast. right?
9:41 pm
so in order to fit inside the rocky, like you said before, it has to be all bunched up so that it can actually fit. and there it gets a des space as to unfolds, that tennis courts size. and so that's been the most complicated nail biting thing of this whole process is hoping that every single piece of that deployment happens correctly. and there were over $300.00 separate pieces that had to deploy flawlessly for the entire telescope to work. and luckily we've gotten through a little over half of those successfully so far. so now the telescope to these, to make it to its final home, it will be called the la grunge to point, which is out past the earth and the moon. so that it's not really getting disturbed by the light that's coming out of the moon being reflected off the moon and the earth. so it can actually just peer straight out in the space and see what it's but it's going to see i'm to saw again that there are smart people at you out there in the world doing cold stuff like this. pushing for human knowledge is awesome. hey, thank you very much for your time, tanya harrison. thanks so much to sylvia. now, where environmental activists have blocked rows and highways says they try to stop
9:42 pm
the opening of a launch and lithium mine boy on us. so young of ej has more from novice on environmental groups are protesting across serbia this saturday as well. activists are blocking growth and for the 1st time in history, the highway in the largest city in serbia novice thought activists are protesting. again, 3 of dental company and he's planned lead you mind project there against any project that will lead to pollution of land and water. the prime minister of the country on the beach said that they are close to for feeling their demand. and the activists are planning to continue with the process until company react info, leaves therapy on products. the girls are started in november last year. protest is in south korea, started a movement 30 years ago to bring attention to the plight of so called the comfort women that demand in compensation for koreans who was sexually enslaved before. and
9:43 pm
during the 2nd world war, some activist fair, the survivors may never live to see justice floor. and so it reports they were called comfort women. a term used to describe women and girls forced to work in brussels run by the japanese military. it's estimated up to 200000 girls and women from asia was sexually enslaved. they enjoyed rapes, beatings, even murder. those who survived often had to live with the stigma. a significant number were from korea, a former colony of japan. and it's here in south korea that the walls longest running, protest continues to take place each wednesday around noon survivors activists and ordinary citizens have gathered in front of the former japanese embassy in soul to demand an apology and compensation from the japanese government. this year some survivors sent video messages as cove at 19 concerns prevented them from attending
9:44 pm
in person. oh, japan insist that it never forcibly dragged us out of korea and never made us suffer. but i demand they stop lying and be honest. thou only 13 of the women still alive in south korea, 100 buildings, grandmothers passing away without receiving a proper apology and compensation. let's fight until the japanese government gives an official apology and legal reparations are made so that the lives and cries of the grandmothers are not in vain. 6 years ago, japan and south korea reached an agreement. japan apologized and provided nearly $9000000.00 to a fund to help survive little. but that deal has largely fallen through. survivors were critical of it saying it prioritized money over a more sincere apology from japan. and when president moon j in took office, he effectively abandoned the agreement, signed by his predecessor, calling it seamlessly flawed relations between south korea and japan took
9:45 pm
a further dive. yet week after week, year after year, protest is remain undeterred in their quest for justice. as the demonstrations continue into a 3rd decade, a new generation of activists have taken up the fight for florence li al jazeera haiti's prime minister ariel only has vowed to crack down on gans after an attempt on his life earlier this week. and the murder of 2 journalists covering gang violence. please say the 2 men were shot dead by armed bandits just outside the capital of port. a print on thursday are reporting on the deteriorating security situation. so come in support. the well, number one continues have perfect more month ahead of the 1st grandson of the year . ah,
9:46 pm
with total technology can help tackle the spread of cold at 19. but our tech solutions, the best solutions we're starting, something that seems like it's in public health, very quickly becomes about measuring people what data is being collected. where is it being for it? poly re looks at the limits of trust and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face truck it when tech tools go viral. episode 3 of all hail the locked down from al jazeera. the silence has been distinct. beneath this eden is one of scandinavia largest iron or deposits and it's driving a wedge between those seeking wealth and those defending their way of life. gallop witness documentary on a j 0 ah
9:47 pm
ah, the e u has band thousands of unregulated chemical substances and test to inks. find to say many can cause cancer or other serious illnesses. around 12 percent of people in the you have at least one or 2 in germany down big business that has dominic came reports from berlin. some fear the band could hurt their livelihoods. daniel calls or discusses today's jobs with his colleague, lena, he runs the classic tattoo cows or shop these other tools of his trade inks and chemicals which have been in use for many years, but no longer get new colors. but in the moment we have around about 10120
9:48 pm
different colors, the new colors vendor colors coming in the middle of the year. we have just 30 cause does the thing and you lose formed a quality 30 percent. it's precisely these colors which daniel believes all the life blood of his craft colors are the important thing for tots. this is in the system. what tattooing is bring colors in the skin under the skin. the people come, i like to have just, i'm sort of colors are what you can do. tick just rock player 2 needles with this. this is the base to work. when you take the base, you destroyed business, but to others, such inks are dangerous. the use says they pose a serious health has these substances are actually also restricted in cosmetics. so you're not allowed to use them because metrics which are just placed on the skin. and now we are extending that of course to these materials which are in it under
9:49 pm
the skin. some estimates suggest around 12 percent of people across the you have at least one tattoo here in germany. that number is believed to be even higher haps around 20 percent. so what takes place in the body when these now band inks come into contact with us here at the germans federal risk assessment institute. dr. michael, you told me one concern is what happens beneath the skin barrier? we know that not all pigments remain on the place we're data to is being made or in the to pick which is injected. we know that from studies that the link notes of to the individuals are colored whatever the rights or wrongs of this particular issue, tattoos themselves remain very popular, especially for young people like cassius, back at the crowds or to shop. he's having a favorite cartoon character inked onto his arm for the moment snoopy will be there
9:50 pm
in just black and white. but the castle says he's got plans for more colorful tattoos some day. soon. dawn came, al jazeera, berlin are not sports people can thank you, has we've been hearing another twist and another talk of which saga, lawyers say the war number 110, a speckled coded 900 for the 2nd time in december. just why it was gone through the medical exemption for the australian open court documents claim he had a valid visa and clearance from the to an organizer, as well as a document from the australian government. confirming he had made the requirements quarantine free travel shock, which remains in immigration detention in melbourne, head of a hearing on monday off to having his visa cancelled on arrival. the 20 time grand slam champion has also requested alternative accommodation, so he can train for the event chunk of her chest never reveal these vaccination status. and it's a merge that australia's department of health wrote to tennis australia warning them that players who had caught cove at 19 and not received the vaccine would not
9:51 pm
be given medical exemptions. their chief craig tale has spoken about the situation . in a leaked internal video to staff. we empathize reply 1st event. we sympathize with the situation we currently have and are working closely with novak and his team and allison, a team that are in the situation. and i want to assure you that we are in a position we would like to share with you all information. and we will, we've chose at this point not to be very public with her. and simply because there is a pending law suit ah, related to entry into australia for a few. and once that is seen us run its course, there it will be able to share more with you as well as a lot of finger pointing going on. and a lot of blaming going on, but i can show you our team has done an unbelievable job and have done everything they possibly could. according to all the instructions that they had been provided, chaka, which has earned himself an unlikely ally and australian player in a curious, the to clashed over quarantine conditions at last year's australian open. but now
9:52 pm
curious, spoken out about the situation, thinks it will only serve to fire up the world. number one, if he's cleared to play honestly i, i hope that he'll get solid as soon as possible. like for the sport, we need him here. it's that simple luck. he's one of the most influential sports people. probably of all tom, i think you'll have no problem preparing. i think that this is just all added fuel for him. i'm sure he's overcome a lot more challenging times. um, than you know, spending a couple more extra days in hotel room is gonna be like very determined to play well and stick it to every one of what's going on. an auto on any bar of that novak while the african couple of nations kicks off on sunday, host nation cameroon will be looking for when the trophy in front of their own fans . the counter indians who are nicknamed the indomitable lions. last one, the title in 2015 and have actually been champions of africa 5 times previously.
9:53 pm
only egypt have won us on more occasions. home side will play bettina fasfa in the opening match in your own day. and the book and nobody's on not happy. big captain bertram troll, re says because of 900 testing he's team has had to undergo is scandalous and we were waiting for the department to handle our pcr tests. we waited all day this morning. we were told that some players are positive and therefore they cannot participate in tomorrow's games and i think it's a scandal. we cannot come and learn the day before the game that the players who are potential starters of our team cannot start the game and it's unacceptable for us. ok, let's go from africa to europe now where paris send a man remain hopeful that argentina strike alina macy will return for sundays, domestic game against leon macy has been away from the squad of the he tested positive for corona virus, and he's home country. now the origin time was away during the leagues winter break
9:54 pm
. p s g already without brazilian forward name or for a few more weeks because of an ankle injury. soon as you keep sending me know, either border or all teams have been depleted by missing players. because of injuries because of suspension, or because of code that the situation we're in is not much different from other teams. we have to adapt and that's the situation we are living. that offending australian open women's champion, naomi. a soccer has pulled out of a warm up event in melbourne because of an injury. she says returning from her break to play back to back matches has been a shock for her body. it means 3rd seed, veronica could a method get a walk over to the final of the w t. a event where she'll play 2nd seeds amount of the remaining shot at 1st. in 15 months off the holding of chinese qualifies in chain when straight, wide and fixed. i'm on a how and well them what actually both the advance of the final in a laid following astray says when of a former french open champion ego,
9:55 pm
she on tech, female faces back in from a complex done in the decider in the n. b a, the milwaukee bucks were missing their coach due to corona virus health and safety protocols. but they did have stallman yana center, the compo who sold them past the brooklyn nets. ja janice was back after one game absence due to an illness unrelated because he and he looked fully recovered tops going for the box with 31 point. he also added 9 assess, and 7 rebounds in a 121109 when that's now a 5th straight home defeat for the man who were without carry irving as he's unable to play the games in new york to be vaccinated. but he seemed lights on putting pressure on him to get the job total was, are important to know how much i want to play. i play every game, but when i say i'm not for somebody to get a vaccine, my desk, not my thing. so we can play basketball, and now not about to do that,
9:56 pm
explain to you why he chose not to any actually explanation name i place on thing the philadelphia 70 sixes made at 6 winds in a row with the victory over the san antonio spurs. joel m b had 31 points and 12 rebounds to become the 3rd player in the franchises history to school. 30 points in 6 straight games. san antonio, who were missing 6 players, you the corona bars, protocols have now lost 5 of their last 6. australia cricketers are firmly in control of the 4th ashes test in sidney. having handed england an unlikely victory target of 388 was my co roger. it's 42nd century of the match as the all these declared on 265 to 6 on the financing of day colacho returns a test written of the 2 and a half years as a replacement for travis head. we were tested positive for cove at 19 england will resume on sunday 30 without loss and still need 358 runs to avoid going for nail down in the 5 taylor series. australian gulf,
9:57 pm
a cameron smith has extended his lead of the tournament of champions in hawaii. smith has been sitting new standards in the pacific ocean islands. he matched the events $36.00, whole record on friday to sit at 17 on the bar. is 3 strokes ahead of daniel berger and will number one, john ron. and finding some impressive vision from the free styles ski world cup events in canada, where home favorites mikhail kingsbury picked up a 2nd moguls victory of the season. the 9 time will cut, oval and moguls champion topped the standings while japan's and lee cut mura won the women's event to go top of the leaderboard overrule. that's all believe it for now i'll be here again later with more sports needs kim. just on death defying that sort of thing, cuz i still have to pay to pay that for me for this news hour away and i am, the mozy will be here. my london book consented to city ah
9:58 pm
ah. the listening post cuts through the noise, we're talking about competing now seeing monday tools being used to perpetuate those competing narrative separating spin from fuck all 3 versions of the story and then some element of the truth. but the whole story remains and coaching, unpacking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening post, your guide to the media on a j 0. 2 stories of strong willed with challenging traditional female
9:59 pm
stereotypes in a male dominated society to make a difference. if i go, of course, we'll pull into the ravine. co families with the water is highly contaminated. we're living in the class risk and at all, al jazeera. ah, rivers are trying out greasing land is shrinking and some roots long. used by wildlife for migration have been blocked by human settlements to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with a corona virus pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from tourism isn't enough. here at the adversary, national park, an annual ceremony has been launched the ha parisha than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00,
10:00 pm
much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, after days of unrest, cause it stands for my intelligence chief is arrested on suspicion of treason, fueling speculation of a power struggle. ah . hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy in london, you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program.


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