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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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is being collected, whereas it being stored highly re, looks at the limits of time and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face, track it when tech to go viral. episode 3 of all hail the locked down on algae 0. me the me this is al jazeera. ah hello, i'm emily, angling. this is the news allen live coming up in the next 60 minutes because exam detains its former intelligence chief on suspicion of prison. after days of violent protests. at least 16 people phrase, to death and thousands more stranded up the heavy snowfall in northern pakistan. a weekend, if you is imposed in new delhi as india report,
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the highest number of corona virus infections in 7 month an easy open government pod and the number of high profile political prison is saying it's time to promote national dialogue, a 3 year 5 javin actually has no joke of his lawyer, israel, the wells tennis number 1900 again in december they found a case in australia to show you how to vaccine exemption and was clear to travel before his visa was cancelled and he was to tank ah, we begin in kaz, it's don where authorities say they've detained the former national security chief on suspicion of trays and after days of violent protests because the president says, the demonstrations against his government are orchestrated by what he calls the bandits but cast him enjoyment to kaya has told russian president vladimir persian,
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the situation is stabilizing. will we live without report robin for your walk into place shortly? but 1st we begin with his report. tom has returned to the center of al mattie. though the signs of violence are everywhere on republic square seen of the worst of the clashes security forces have re taken control of gutted government buildings. but they've been food shortages and cues at cash machines and petrol stations with residents venturing out only for essentials. them a solution has got to go to taylor at night when we hear explosions. i'm scared it pains me to know the young people a dying assertion. you go cuz as you go through, so we're scared, not just for ourselves, but for our children and other people's children. yet we never expected. such things could happen, especially in our matty gunfire could still be heard on friday as military
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units raced through al matty streets. oh, in the eastern city of tell the cold gun or sat you of the 1st president, mosul 10 as a by of was pulled down, the euphoria has now evaporated. oh, a police loud speaker, wounds people to stay indoors while an anti terror operation gets underway. oh, are you president casem, doom out talk? i have shown little sympathy for the protesters. all calls becomes cousin for priscilla to have been called abroad to put apart usually to move the negotiation sugar to a peaceful resolution of you. what nonsense, or kind of negotiations can there be with criminals? with no durish force, we had to deal with armed and chained bend at both local and foreign company. the claim without evidence that protesters are foreign backed terrorists was the
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pretext to invite the moscow lead security block to send in its forces. 3600 c s t o soldiers. most of them russian peacekeepers are being deployed. democracy activists have expressed dismay that their colds for change have gone unheard. the banner reads, we are citizens, not terrorists. how peaceful demonstrations are still taking place. this is jan i was in, in the west of catholic storm, but legitimate protests. now risk being stamped out by shoot to kill policy. ok, let's cross live now to robin foster. walk into play. see, hello there robin. tell us more about the latest development. the rest of the security chief this is major news. the arrest the chief carry mess. the most why? because he is the old member of the old god of,
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of newfoundland as a by the previous president. i was seeing a picture emerge with the rest of my field, the firing noted by the nephew from deputy of the security services early in the week and the removal of notify them by as himself. he checked the security council, important positions which indicates that there has been a power struggle within the count that can be going on with this. may him and chaos spotted by those protests at the beginning of the year. the beginning of this week in the west of the country, which then spreads out to you and we saw all that violence. so where does this leave us now? well, as we've been hearing,
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the president has said that the situation is stabilizing. we are seeing military on the streets of nazi and other major cities in kaz extern. we have now that russian lead military block contingent, which will be up to 3 and a half 1000 troops. most of them russian took i have had spoken seems to me to change. we understand today and that they are now going to place you now the role with those troops will be playing the discuss video conference with the needs of the nation to contribute to the soviet republics. quickest on tajikistan better. ruth, russia, of course. and i think this is, this is what we're seeing now. sadly for those people who wanted big changes, those protested with grievances that it will be eclipsed by the militarization. and
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those forces involved in the violence that do not be to be connected to those genuine demands for change. although i should add that president has said that he has listened to the peaceful demands and he will be fleshing out his plans for reforms on the 11th of january. plenty of moving parts of the story. thank you for that update robin far as i walk in tbilisi for now the us secretary of state antony blinkin says he has concerns about the needs a ration lead troops in catholics done. we are encouraging everyone to find a peaceful resolution and constructive resolution to the situation. when it comes to the cfo, we have questions about the nature of the request. why it came about were seeking to learn more about it. it would seem to me that the conduct
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authorities and government certainly have the capacity to deal appropriately with, with protests, to do so in a way that respects the rights of protesters while maintaining law in order. so it's not clear why they feel the need for any outside assistance. ok, let's bring in chop and or rosel beer, cuz i who is the director of the board on institute for pace innovation based in geneva. she joins us live from there. hello there, hope and thanks for joining us on this news our. let's go back to the beginning. these originally started over high prices, but it's about a lot more than that. tell us about the political situation and cause extent. hello . thank you for having in. yeah, i don't think the stuff that extra them it's, but of course it's about the same amount that was accommodated to didn't get pre approved by experts. it didn't, the bio people had low health grievances in the country. for example, corruption,
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lack of political choice, the freedoms and ordinary people of to be struggled to make and mean why the light of life at the beginning was processed as people have economy and political the month. but mainly about true high prices. they had also political demand, like for example, the chunk, the show kids didn't each in that speech move all dimensions go. they need another buyer who is now 81 years old. because if i moved the country for 2 years through the collapse of the union and never to entry an action and after 30 years and finally, he talked for power to the 10 big companies or my pocket. but otherwise, not much power was over. they continued to guide opposed to making behind the stance. she had a special type of the and had of it could come for them to kind of get the money and had limited power these in the country. so i would like to talk about
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complication from just from this company. the company computations compared to neighboring clinical experience, bulletin city revaluation, because of them that have positions they don't who can unite and guide and negotiate. they also did use or position readers elegantly. margaret said the country and 2nd, publications from competition comes from high school power between the wife and different thought. part of the total of the fibers to, to close on for children. i'm sorry to interrupt you, but we just, we're going to run short of time. i want to get to the military intervention before we run out of time. are you surprised that they see s t o in 2 feet and one impact is the military intervention having yes, of course, it's very surprising because you have not deployed its forces in
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a conflict in another country. and it was all based unable to react to the conflict that a less baker from cedar but but legit to make people ok considering the racial and conflicting emotions. and that is also kind of a but i have to highlight it looking to article full of the she has your chart. this is the only tool to help a member states if you could, or somebody is literally extend of course. so even using melissa intervention in the company shortly for me and to actually at the very 1st usually they should cut such kind of rapid reactions and live in the course. so that's why i think,
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i think because there's no b and the company will be releasing this through most of the company. i will say russia wrote you a picture in the, in the funds while we appreciate your inside. thank you very much help and are they are cover from the blind institute for pace innovation. appreciate your time. pakistan's interior ministry says at least 16 people have frozen to death as they tried to watch the country 1st snowfall this winter. many had ignored warnings, advising them not to go outside. thousands have been left stranded in the mountainous town of marie about 30 kilometers north east. all of it is lemma badge and electricity supplies has been disrupted. come out, honda is covering this story for us from is lemma bad. hello the come all. it's an
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absolutely her refill situation. people freezing to death. what more can you tell us? well in day the picture that have been appearing on the social media platforms have shown that then dive fire malays for their dead and day re code ritual stranded on a narrow highway that leads to the town of murray. now unfortunately, although there were warnings from the major logical department that be poacher devoid travis daddy, tens of thousands of people congregated and murray, many of them were then stuck because of the heavy snow for the snow, piled up body. and some of george re goes this of course points to systemic failure because it should have been taught to do and the local administration doctorate have ensured that such a large number of people do not turn up in marjorie
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a given the fact that they will read the warnings and also the fact that most people who are traveling to door daddy are not ready prepared, they're going to have proper gas. and they're traveling and motor cars, which are not suitable for snow conditions. come out, is there more bad weather to come and will people be able to cart? well, the emergency service has been activated and focused on i usually activated, right? it should be too late. but that dire situation? the military had been called in the interior minister. i called about a military force in the realm of got a show that's why jury that government all fish age and for like a should be open for the public who are stranded there. there where the department expecting more snow tonight and i have a station about we'll have to see what happens. however, this is going to be
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a slow process because that are the regular stock. and i've got darrow so causing problems regard. it's very difficult to move heavy machinery and drain area, which has already clogged up with a lot of traffic. all right, thank you very much for that update. stay safe, come on high to live for us in islamabad. plenty. morehead, on the news hour, including mexico is government, is accused of negligence as the country reaches $300000.00 corona virus, death colors. all the important thing for this is assistive. what is europe tad, who ought to be for their future after an e. u. in span and delayed his strategy and replacement returns to his cricket to put the home side on top in the 4th ashes test against england, jim will have all the details.
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court documents have revealed tenants. diane nowak, jarvis tested positive for clover 19 last month and his lawyer said that's why he had a vaccine exemption to into astronomy, a joke of which was denied entry after landing in melbourne. the way to play in the stallion opened his lawyer is trying to overturn the cancellation of his visa legal papers show. he tested positive phone, december 16th is now being detained in a melbourne hotel. meanwhile, supporters of jug of which have gathered outside that hotel, the stallion, serbian, the chamber of commerce says his detention is due to failing by both the victorian government and the federal government. it also says officials are trying to rid themselves of responsibility for the resulting in its cancellation and check a double play. renata war cova was detained in the same hotel as jock of which has voluntarily departed the country. she says she also had permission to play in the
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open but has dropped out of the tournament due to limited possibilities for training. for more on the story. let's bring in andrew mccormack who joins us live from melvin. he's a 70 sports generalist. hello the andrew, thanks for joining us on the news. our tell us a little bit more about this latest development. that joke is tested positive last month. what impact does is have on the whole situation, it was just a couple of al guard here. around 7 o'clock, melding signed by about 35. i use it. court documents were released pertaining to that job. beaches die in court, which is a monday here at 10. i am documents, it is revealed for the 1st time that he tested positive. so corona bar on december, the 6th thank he thought, along with the guidance from tennis trial, yahoo and bing revealed the last couple of hours, as i told was that one of those that went back and i had one of the ways i could get around entry into australia was parked in chicago in the past 6 months,
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and they were exempt for getting backs and i did in the could enter the country without foreign saying. now that is the case sticking points here in georgia, which says that april i tennis is probably gone and he did everything that he was told to do. and when he thought he had drawing border official said no, just because you detest due to probably in the past 6 months, that is not a good excuse. and that is not a valid reason for entering the country without foreign painting. so that is sticking points here. and interesting it off in the past couple of hours. it's being revealed, obviously the new testing positive on the 6. thank these movements around that time and me december. how come on the scrutiny on the graham you can say him housing for photos. we'd be an official accepted stamp in he's on up just the guy asked that he supposedly tested the borrow page, ya test in serbia grading with various officials without social distancing or
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without any math involved. so why did that di tended, and event for you stand ation at a preschool as well mixing with children teachers, doors without sorry to distance or any math. so, but that is the speaking point here is whether or not that know back to reach. he believes he had to get into the country in a ticket to be traveling, and he's travelling, immigration department, decent grades. what an absolute mess, andrew. so what's next for the tennis star? they are supposed to be a court hearing on monday. abilene. yeah, that's right. 10 am monday tommy's data is for me to, as you said, is county stocks and about a $100.00. not room in a hotel, same room with other refugees and other a migrant whiting status on their own entry into astrology sites. 4 1 is a bit tricky, given the high profile nature of the case, you would suggest that it does get resolved pretty quickly. it is an open court hearing in the federal court,
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meaning anyone can log in and view the virtual proceedings online. sorry, we've already saying several attends and dozens, and sometimes hundreds of supporters of no, that's talking to john hardy's hotel, even at the board when he roger was being detained in support of him. i'm sorry, not at those able. one of the voices heard on the quarter speech said he's open to anyone of the public who wants to view it online. it's on, i'm not. and yet whether each bullet hand will show up at the hearing of virtually barbie. i think you sell or you let his legal team to the holding, but that is do a number of outcomes potentially against waiting for the country. and they allow him why news trailing open could be sent back and on a flight deployed adam, astrology, on that very died record hearing wraps up on monday. the other couple of all that if it's not resolved on monday, it could be granted exemption to while that court hearing is ongoing and it goes longer than 24 hours,
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he could be out and trying and prepare for these journaling. i've been or could be stuck in the status quo in the, in the trash can drag on and you'll be stuck in quarantine. but 10 am on monday. the whole world is going to be watching this video link, which fonts the ease of right supply in the drawing industry, of course, going for a record $21.00 grand slam titles. thank you very much for that update, and no doubt we will cross back to a straight layer on monday to find out what happens. andrew michel mac, a life for us in melvin. a 7 you sports journalist governments around the world. us scrambling to introduce a new measures to control so whoring corona, virus infections. india has hit a 7 month high for daily new cases. more than 140000 were recorded on saturday in a be to control that outbreak. the international travelers will now have to quarantine at home for awake british health minister sergeant java is that warning of a consenting rise in hospital admissions in england, especially among the elderly. he says the national health service has
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a rocky few weeks ahead. while in germany, infections have more than tripled in the last week. they will now need to get tested before going to bars and restaurants unless they have received a booster shot for more. and this will get more on the pressures facing the u. k. health system. we pull brennan in london shortly, but 1st let's go to peggy mitchell who is live for us in new delhi. hello. they have me. thanks for being on this and use our tell us a little bit about the situation in the capital and what's it like and being under a curfew. it looks like there is absolutely abandoned streets find you you know, on any other saturday afternoon, it would be nearly impossible to find a place to stand in what is one of the busiest markets. but today, as you can see behind me it's absolutely empty. deserted as is the rest of the city shops are closed and the roads are also easily empty. and that's because starting
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this weekend on saturday, saturdays, and sundays daily. we'll have a we can call you. now practically what this means is that unless the police have to get out, they have an emergency, you know, possibly have a flight to catch the house to stay at home. of course, essential services and essentially work like health care workers and people doing food deliveries are allowed to be out. now, delhi already has the maximum number of restrictions in the country and these restrictions continue to the week. and night coffee was imposed a couple of weeks ago. the government also closed down schools, restaurants and cinema halls and restaurant capacities have also been slashed. now the government says that the cases have been rising at an exponential rate and expects the number to cross $20000.00 today. that's not something we've seen in the city for several months. have a what about the situation more broadly across india and numbers are clearly surging at the moment. that's the latest
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count. of course. 19 infections is 140000 new cases. that's again, a 7 month high. now the government has imposed new mandates for international travelers who now have to florentine at home for a week and then pick a lab test on the 8th day domestically many states off stepping up restrictions in sudden india the stage of some a lot already has a nice stuff you and will also go into complete locked down on sundays. it's capital city tonight is also imposing a vaccine mandate. in low constraints cannot go, which is also in southern india is going in for we can come through. so the next 2 weekends. and in does northeast the seat of a son is also imposing a vaccine mandate for people wanting to go to public places and restaurants and shops. and it has also extended its night a few hours. the most worrying situation is in the western state of marashi. the
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capital city is moved by, which is financial and a broken record more than 20000 new cases have been close in that city for more than 2 days. now what's wiring is that many of these cases are coming from the poor areas, mobile home to issues, largest slums that has seen its highest single the fight. but for now that government has ruled out a complete lockdown. thank you very much. have me middle live for us in new delhi with a very loud dog behind her. or i live cross to poll brennan now, who's covering developments across the u. k. and europe pull physically tell us a little bit about what experts is saying about getting a, a for the job. is it being something that were suggested to get at the, at the moment? no. and what the scientists here in the u. k. have been examining is, is how best to maintain the level of protection and immunity and the level of
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antibodies within the population here in the u. k. and what they found from looking at specifically the over 65 year old age group is that actually the booster shots are working pretty well at maintaining protection. so the statistics from the u. k . hetcher say the health security agency said the 3 months after the booster shot protection against hospitalization, remain up a put 90 percent, which is pretty good for people $865.00 plus. now that doesn't mean that you're not going to get corona virus protection against mild symptomatic infection. dropped to around 30 percent around 3 months after you have the booster shot. so you can see you can, is still possible. you can get an infection with covert even if you've had the booster shots, but the likelihood of it being a severe infection is going to put you in hospital and thereby put strain on the national health service here in the u. k. it is very small indeed. 10 percent, or even less. now what that has been extrapolated by another acronym, the j. c,
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v i, the joint committee on vaccines and immunization that government advisory body is to say that rather than put effort into a 4th boost, a shot which has been mentioned by some politicians as a rolling program of continuous boosters, perhaps a year on year it's, it's probably best and more effective to concentrate on getting those people who perhaps had no shots or just one or just 2 shots so far getting them vaccinated. because the advisory from the medics is that that would have more effect than pursuing a program of continuous rolling boosters. for those who are already of the mind to get them in day, that makes sense and pull all this comes though is protest plans against vaccine mandates across europe. what can you tell us about that? well, i mean, clearly there's a majority of people who accept the vaccines and accept the various governments will to, to get those vaccines and the encouragement from doctors to get those vaccines. but
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there are plenty of people who have all kinds of different objections to that. and we're going to see protests in europe today in paris at lunch time. we're going to see a demonstration against, sorry, against the, the vaccine certification. now that the french scheme, in order to get into night clubs, bars, restaurants, those sort of things. the you going to have to show that you've been vaccinated? previously, it was that you just had to show that you a negative for example, with the lateral flow test. so the extension of that is not going down well, philosophically with many french people and in italy. later on this evening, you're also going to see a demonstration there against mandatory vaccinations. now clearly mandatory vaccinations where the government basic compels people to get vaccines that that's not come down well in many quarters. so those who are adamantly opposed to getting vaccines as a matter of choice, certainly do not support the idea that a government should force them to get vaccines. and it is an ongoing debate,
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quite heated debates among the monarch minority of people who have so far chose not to get vaccines across europe. all right, well we appreciate that update as always for when in life for us in london. thank you for joining us. is nice, our still head down al jazeera. i never doubted it. and i knew that to day would come. 3 white men sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a black jo guy in the us days of georgia. there's a lot of finger pointing going on and a lot of blaming going on that i can show you our team has done an unbelievable job . the head of tennis israeli appraisers, he's organization in a linked video up to coming under fire for the joke visa case, more on the tennis, does vice coming up with gemma info. ah
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hello. the weather remains very messy across much of europe at the moment. we've got an area of thunder showers lingering around central parts of the mediterranean . so southern italy, pushing over towards greece, seeing some heavy and foundry showers has been stuck there for the past few days. and things tiny, little more mobile up towards a north west with mall to rest stream. a game with these weather systems. bring some outbreaks of bright and some pretty strong winds, but at least it is mild temperature, getting up to 10 celsius there in london, 9 degrees the paris lot of wet weather though, coming through as you can see that runs its way down across the low countries through france into the bay of best gay, some snow still, where on the leading edge, still some snow into central parts of europe up towards the baltic states. still those thunder showers lingering just around central and eastern parts of the mediterranean. if anything to become more widespread, as we go through sunday last no farther north, that will make its way over towards that western side of russia. things quietly
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down up around england, whiles into scoffing. but some showers coming across republic of ireland. still staying very disturb, just around about this guy to see some snow once again, just around northern parts of spain that disturb weather in the made that will bring further showers across the coastal fringes of to nicea, nor the parts of libya pushing his way towards egypt ah, with the americans are increasingly se authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command it seemed like tried to cover what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong? that to me is political malpractice. the bottom line on us politics and policy and the impact on the world on al jazeera, this city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades. and this is another change to get used to. and one that's boss from easy about a situation from now. it's not clear all the people are just lost and confused.
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there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to clean punishments for certain crimes. everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again from rats. now together, that feeling their way forward into the new reality. ah ah ah, you're watching, i'll just 0 reminder about top stories with them. with our, he's in kazakhstan, say they've detained the former national security chief on suspicion of treason
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after days of violent protests. because the president has told russia, laid it, the situation is stabilizing. pakistan's interior ministry says at least 16 people have frozen to death. if they tried to watch the 1st night for the winter, many in an northern region had ignored morning to binding them not to go outside. and india has recorded more than 140000 valley club and 19 cases. 7 months high, it's capital, new delhi is among the worst hit regions and under the p o. p and government has announced it will pot and a number of high profile political prisoners including members of the rebel to grind people's liberation front. officials in the capital, addis ababa saves time to promote national dialogue. after more than a year of conflict in the north lea, a having explained a law in fighting has made way for potential dialogue. the if you up in government
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is pardoning a number of high profile political prisoners, including members of the rebel to gray people's liberation front. the government has been fighting the t p for more than a year amid ethnic and tribal tension. prime minister, i'll be asked meds, government says the pardons purpose is to paved away for a lasting solution to ethiopia as problems in a peaceful, non violent way, especially with the aim of making the all inclusive national dialogue a success. it was not immediately clear how many of those granted amnesty have been freed. all the war in the north has claimed the lives of thousands of people and left hundreds of thousands more facing famine conditions. integrate, which is under what the united nation says is a de facto blockade. un secretary general antonio gutierrez, welcome. the news of the pardon on twitter, saying i will remain actively engaged in assisting ethiopia to bring an end to the fighting and to restore peace and stability. the pardons coincide with orthodox
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christmas, a day widely celebrated by christians in ethiopia. it also overlaps with a visit by us envoy, jeffrey feldman, who was pushing for talks. the conflict has threatened to tear apart africa's 2nd most populous state and to stabilize the horn of africa region. but can the nobel peace prize winning prime minister negotiate a solution in his country divided by war? we harding al jazeera. ok let's bringing william davidson and senior ethiopia analyst with international crisis group. he joins us from london. thanks for being on the news. our william, we heard in that package that the prime minister says this move to pod and a number of high profile political prisoners will pave the way towards a peaceful solution for a t o p. is he paying to optimistic the certainly a long way to go,
1:36 pm
i think what we've seen had the 1st serious substances steps towards political reconciliation through these and or i'm listed. i think if there was reason for hope, it's that the plan national dialogue is now set to be a more inclusive affair with the release of the school needed. but still there was no assurance that the groups will be taking in that dialogue. and indeed, there is still a very long way to go to resolve the issue that are driving the violence both related to that take right crisis, but also in, or me as well. whether it's a serious insurgency. william, when you speak about this national dialogue, what is needed during that discussion to move forward? i mean, is this pardoning of prisoners enough when the national dialogue will be a multi year process and bo bang, not just political politics,
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but a whole cross section of stakeholders from ca, decided it's just taking shape that the government announced the commission to sort of manage it recently, so we have to see what sort of form that taken in the purpose of it is to address is chronicler, school disagreement, which part of the about is imperial history and legacy and the role of ethnicity and the rights of regional states potentially could lead to program a constitutional reform. so it's a much needed process to address vision. they wouldn't necessarily bring peace on any areas where it is commonly glenn. william, i understand you're in london, but know that you have peas in ethiopia. how are your opinions reacting to this news? given the humanitarian crisis, which has been engulfing the region for the past year. well yeah, it's a little bit hard talks about, obviously, the supporters of these religious political leaders and that families stopped it.
1:38 pm
and just to the fact that their belief needs to the political hope along the lines that we've been talking about. one crusade, processes of dialogue and reconciliation and the same time, i think a lot of people realize it is a long way to go. and indeed, this type of action does nothing to address that unitary crisis which is affecting something like 20000000 people nationwide. it relieves to her risk situation for the civilian. thank you for highlighting that william at davidson a senior ethiopia analyst for the international crisis group. thanks again on the out. 3 white men have been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a black jug or in the us state of georgia. the judge said 2 of them, father and son, would spend the life term without the possibility of parole. and ivory was hunted down while he was out for a run in a mostly white neighbourhood. in 2020, she had pretending reports. this was the verdict i'm at of res family,
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had hoped for that his life plus 20 travis look. michael and his father gregory give him the maximum sentence for murdering 25 year old aubrey of the chasing him to a georgia neighborhood in february of 2020 william raleigh brown, who joined him. the chase was given a mandatory mud, a sentence of life imprisonment, but with the possibility of parole. after 30 years, the judge said that he, unlike his co defendants, had displayed some remorse. all 3 can appeal their sentences, but also face a federal hate crimes trial. next month before the sentencing members of abra family made their case, the man who killed mass salmon is called rome. every single day. next to his father i never get a chance. 6 next to my son ever again. and albert,
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his mother addressed her son directly. i made a promise to you to day a lady tress. i told you i love you. and some day, somehow, i will get to justice. the presiding judge said he thought deeply about the case even paused in silence for a minute to suggest how long aubrey had been running in fear of his life before he was murdered. a fraction of the time that a mod armory was running, instill shores and rendering his verdict. the judge alluded to the racial folk lines of this community in the deep south. i argue that maybe a neighbors more than the people who just own property around your house. i believe that is and also believe that in assuming the worst in others we show our worst character outside the court aubrey's mother. thank lucy, supported her family and made reference to one of the most shocking moments of the
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trial. when one of the prosecutors alleged her son was not a victim, but a criminal quotes with no socks to cover his dirty toenails. the long toenails that he la in a log in n she, she fell to making that a mile was lying in zillow, with a big hole in the chest. outside the court, there was celebration that accountability for the murder of a black man by white men in the south. so many of them still haven't gotten anybody arrested for killing their child. so this is about all of us saying no more, no more, no more. but it should be remembered that in the aftermath of i'll breeze killing the police and local authorities did nothing excepting the word of those now convicted of murder. that aubrey had been up to no goods. only when video evidence was released weeks later, did stage authorities act. she everton see algae 0 j window. gordon is a trial attorney. he says the average sentencing sets an example for all cases dealing with the racial justice the press to that or
1:42 pm
killing of african american white race. so that extent we are very pleased with the outcome. i don't know, it was really going to turn the pain on the racial injustice in our system. but it definitely said a new crust of that and, and that's what we look forward to. we should try to repeat this one best like this verse. i repeat the same types of outcomes and type of bigger that he had for the arbor. there are factions in that community, even in our country, that no matter what the facts are, they are immune to hold their own accountable for injustice use this. so this early, it really turns the corner slight, ah, who let at least the world understand that there are some good and decent human beings facts and evidence in faith and make
1:43 pm
a determination based upon those facts. and that evidence and matter on prejudices and passions. and to that extent, i'm very proud of the jury and very happy about this is the way it turned out from these, with the sentences, from the since it's in jersey. because off times you, you will get up early, but you won't get a sentence that reflects the gravity of the car. in this case, we got a burdick and a sentence that we looked at the gravity of the car. and that's something that we don't see very often still in the us and the supreme court is designing. if the white house can enforce the vaccine mandate for large private employers. the rules apply to companies with more than 100 employees. that would require workers to get fully vaccinated against private 19 or be tested weekly. the decision could have an impact on as many as 18000000 people to mexico and the number of cov,
1:44 pm
19 related deaths has passed at 300000 is also bain arising. infections which some health experts believed is being fueled by the contagious omicron variant and largely spurred, bite tourism out there as men, while rap hello reports from mexico city. it's fun in the sun in the resort city of kain kuhn. but mexican health officials say a boom in international tourism has also led to a significant rise in coven 19 infections. a warning that doesn't seem to be much of a bother to foreign tourists. i would say fall, we haven't felt exposed their approach coles in place. and we've been wearing our masks and everything following the rules and washing our hands. vacation hot spots are the only places where contagion is on the rise. in mexico city, a sharp increase in cases has also led to higher turn out at vaccination sites.
1:45 pm
concern is also spreading among parents as millions of children returned to school from the holiday break. this, i'll go to him which up with other but here we have to be very careful because this is affecting the children more than before. so we need to have more safety measures, but with the support of us all, and the teachers we should be. all right, well jack with more than 4000000 cases of cov 19, have been recorded in mexico since the start of the pandemic, according to data from johns hopkins university and deaths from the virus, have surpassed 300000. with such a staggering death toll, the government has been accused of negligence in it's handling of the pandemic response buckle. and despite a steep rise in new cases, mexico's president has denied the country has entered a 4th wave of contagion. is danella guardian thing is this new variance is very contagious. luckily, it is not requiring hospitalizations,
1:46 pm
nor have we registered and increasing the number of deaths. and that is the most important thing. mexico's government has not yet released official numbers of infections linked to the article on various policy. analysts say this isn't the only area with transparency is lacking. well, not caught in the name of one thing that we still don't have in mexico, and it would be very important for the health ministry to publish is a day to be on the progress of the vaccination campaign. we have daily reports. yes . and what we don't have the database that can be analyzed, mexican government continues to face criticisms over what many c as he relaxed attitude toward contagion, and for not requiring a negative cobit 19 test for foreign visitors. this recent surgeon corona virus cases is not limited to mexico, but rather a trend being experienced by countries all across latin america. manuel did up a little al jazeera mexico city, haiti's prime minister arielle own ray has vowed to crack down on gangs after an
1:47 pm
attempt on his life earlier in the week. and the murder of 2 journalists covering gang violence. police say the 2 men was shot dead by armed bandits just outside the capital. port prince on thursday are reporting on the deteriorating security situation to the you now, which is bands thousands of unregulated chemical substances into 2 inks. scientists same many can cause cancer or other serious illnesses. around 12 percent of people in the u. a, you have at least one tattoo in germany. they are big business, bad as dominic cane reports from berlin. some fear the band could hurt their livelihood. daniel calls or discusses today's jobs with his colleague, lena, he runs the classic tattoo cows or shop these other tools of his trade inks and chemicals which have been in use for many years, but no longer get new colors. but in
1:48 pm
a moment we have around about 10120 different colors, the new colors vendor colors coming in the middle of the year. we have just 30 cause does the thing and you lose from the quality 30 percent. it's precisely these colors which daniel believes all the life blood of his craft colors are the important thing for it towards this is a this is that what we is bring colors in the skin under the skin. the people come . i like to have just read. i'm sort of colors are what you can do to just rock player 2 needles with this. this is the base to work. when you take the base, you destroyed business, but to others, such inks are dangerous. the you says they pose a serious health, has that they use substances are actually also restricted in cosmetics. so you're not allowed to use them because metrics which are just placed on the skin. and now we are extending that of course to these materials which are injected under the
1:49 pm
skin. some estimates suggest around 12 percent of people across the you have at least one tattoo here in germany. that number is believed to be even higher, perhaps around 20 percent. so what takes place in the body when these now band inks come into contact with us. here at the german federal risk is spend institute, dr. michael, you product young, told me one concern is what happens beneath the skin barrier? we know that not all pigment to remain on the place where did that to? is it being made or in a did to pick with is injected. we know that from studies that the length notes of tattooed individuals are colored whatever the rights or wrongs of this particular issue, tattoos themselves remain very popular, especially for young people like casio, back at the crowds, the tattoo shop. he's having a favorite cartoon character inked onto his arm for the moment snoopy will be there
1:50 pm
in just black and white. but castle says he's got plans for more colorful tattoos some day. soon. dawn cane al jazeera berlin. still ahead on al jazeera, the freestyle skiing world cup continues in canada. gamma will have all the best action in sport after the britain ah, informed opinions, there is a need, fabulous federal government take action to really facilitate aid, right? in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines inside story on al jazeera, january on a just i, we look back on us president joe guidance thus dealing office 12 months on from the capital building by the part of the stream and join our social media community.
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as sierra leon's, recovery from civil war continues. we marked 2 decades since the end of one of africa's most political complex, the bottom line. steve clemens dives headlong into the u. s. issues that shape the rest of the world. as we enter the 3rd year, having 19, we go back to woo hand, where it all began, and investigate how far we come into the pandemic. january on a just the lot. oh, a. tom apple ford, he's gemma, and the drama continues with jock. manage him. it doesn't really,
1:52 pm
that's right. our lawyers say, well, no one tennis player court came with 19 for a 2nd time in december, which is why he was granted a medical exemption for the australian open court documents claim. he had a valid visa, clarence from the tournament organizer, as one of the documents from the australian government, confirming he met requirements for quarantine, free travel, joke of it remains, and immigration detention, and melbourne had a hearing on monday. after having his visa canceled on arrival. the 20 time a grand champion is also requested alternative accommodation joke, which is ever revealed his vaccination spaces on his emerged. but australia is a department of health, a right to tennis australia, warning them that plans who court k with 19 and not received a vaccine would not be given medical exemptions. that chief craig tyler has spoken about the situation and then leaked in tunnel video just off. we emphasize were play 1st event. we emphasize with the situation we currently have and working closely with novak and his team and other than a team that are in the situation. and i want to assure you that we are in
1:53 pm
a position we would like to share with you all the information. and we will, we've chose at this point not to be very public with it. and simply because there is a pending law suit related to entry into strata for a few. and once that is seen, its run its course that it will be able to see more with you as well. there's a lot of finger pointing going on. and a lot of blaming going on, but i can show you our team has done an unbelievable job and have done everything they possibly could. according to all the instructions that they have been provided . support the doc, eventual plans are hold more process in the sub in capital grade later while those in melbourne continued to maintain a vigil outside the hotel where he's being housed. you had all the assurances that his visa paperwork was in order and competently announced his departure. for melvin, during his 24 hour life, things took a dramatic turn and it appears that he's the rival became
1:54 pm
a political hot potato between the victorian state governments and the federal government to both wanted to read themselves off responsibility for his visa and these resulted in an i'm pretty, pretty good entity cancellation off the visa at the doorstep of the australian open joke of it has and himself, an unlikely ally and australian planet carry off the sea. the previously clashed, i have a quarantine conditions that last is australia isn't, but now kerry also spoken out about the situation and things that will any stuff to fire up the wall. number one, if he's cleared to play, honestly, i hope that you will get solid as soon as possible luck for the sport. we need him here. it's that simple walk. he's one of the most influential sports people, probably a vote on. i think you'll have no problem preparing. i think that this is just all out of fuel for him. i'm sure he's overcome a lot more challenging tom's than spending a couple more extra days in a hotel room. he's going to be like very determined to play well and stick it to
1:55 pm
every one of what's going on an auto on any bar of that novak despite missing manager pat guardiola. i'm several 1st team players with private 19 manchester city have no problems getting pos. swindon and the f, a cap, the premier league, ada's were up against the side as 72 places below them in the english, but blue pyramid. and they went 3 and a lot when elk island went to school this free kick, swindon a po, to go back the 419 year old of cold, fama rounded things offered to make it for one, sissy. and now it's a round by munich, had 9 plays missing with cove and 19 for that high match against versa, which in got back. but they went to the front row 11 of these and 20th that me going the season. but mid table, much in got back school twice in 4 minutes to shop. the gland is legal leaders to one by and they austin 9 points of clear at the top of the table.
1:56 pm
and then be a the milwaukee box. we're missing their coach due to current of ours health and safety protocols, but they did have stall, man ayana's, entered a combo. he saw them pass the brooklyn nets directly back after one game absence due to an illness unrelated to private 19. and he looked fully recovered, top scoring for the bugs with one points. he also added 9 assists into 7 rounds, and a 121 to 19 when that's now a 5th straight home defeats the net. c y without hiring irving as he's unable to play that games in you could you to being on vaccinated? yana, so that a cooper told her mom was are important. you know how much i wanted to plume play every game, but when i say i'm not for somebody to get a vaccine, that's not my thing. so he can play basketball. and now i'm not about to do this. explain to you why he chose and not to any acts where explanation name i place on thing. australia credit says a family in control of the 4th ashes test and sydney having handed england an unlikely victory target of 388. was mon collage. at court, his 2nd trip,
1:57 pm
the map to the all these if i had on $265.00 to $6.00, i'm if i know from a day watch and you returned to test crickets off the 2 and a half years as a replacement for travis had he tested positive for cobit 19 english who redeem on sunday without australian gopher. camren smith has extended his lead to 3 shots. the torment of champions in hawaii. smith has been having a while of a time. if you'll pardon the palmer after not seeing the events of $36.00 for record on friday to sit up 17 on the ball, he's 3 strikes ahead of daniel berger and was number one john wrong. and as time for some impressive pictures from the freestyle ski while cop event in canada were home favorites, mccalla kings re picked up his 2nd mobile victory of the season. the 9 time wild cut overland mobiles champion taught his standing by japan's. i'm re camera one the with that is the wheels bought from me. emily, i'll have more we later. just incredible pictures. thank you very much jim. and
1:58 pm
that's all from me at this news. al, but however is up next week when you say thursday with us, ah mm hm. from lagos, to jerusalem, to buy him on the governor's francis, my own home milestone, my own history, my background 3 short films that show how people take a stand against evictions in their struggling communities. the 1st time they arrested me, i was 11 years old, a j select on al jazeera the
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latest news, as it breaks, a new men's width is added a boy of these giant, dumb throbs, having more woven power. these being able to extract more gold more quickly with detail covering everywhere you look there is this fact said the food survive did collect life will never be the same again for them from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison. the question the jury has to decide now. he should she ah, a selfless act of human bravery, and 10000 precious pieces of literature, rescued from being burnt to ashes in a besieged cerebral. ah, al jazeera world meets the bozeman women, and men who risked everything to save their written heritage ah,
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the loving books on al jazeera. what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through here. it al jazeera, we believe every one has a story worth hearing. ah, has it's done to change its former intelligence chief on suspicion of treason after days so violent protests? ah, that i am. how am i he had seen this is al jazeera life from joe ha. also coming up at least 16 people freeze to death and thousands more stranded after heavy snowfall . a northern pakistan took court documents to reveal tennis. star novak joke of
2:01 pm
inch court covert 19. again in december as his lawyers fights against his deportation from australia and.


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