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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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have to find 2021. so what's in store for 20? $22.00. we have a grand profit, johns of the heart of china's economic woes. were beijing bill to revive growth and going mainstream. is it another begin the crypto currency? counting the cost on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. a this is al jazeera ah, oh i, marianna mossey, welcome to the news our live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. unrest in kazakhstan, security forces are told to shoot to kill without warning. as the president moved to crush the opposition,
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life sentences are handed down to 3 white men convicted of killing a mode, operate in the grips of a mega drought, but could latin america's 13 year dry spell becomes a new normal job to create the passage of actor activist, groundbreaking star of stage and screen tributes flow for sidney parties who has died at the age of 94. in sport you information that unvaccinated players may have been given misleading information by tennis, australia, of a joke, of which his mother says her son is mentally very stable as he waits a court decision on his possible deportation. ah, hello, welcome to the news. our will begin. developments in kazakhstan where the president
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has told his forces they can shoot to kill without warning, as he tries to and days of violent protests against his government. costume jermarta chi of address the nation, declaring they'll be no negotiations. with those he calls armed bandits, dozens of protest as and security personnel have been killed. and more than $3000.00 people detained as protest against fuel prices of now escalate into calls for regime change. it comes as thousands of maley russian troops stream into the country once being described as a peacekeeping mission robin far, sir walker reports now from tbilisi and ga. come has returned to the center of val matty. though the signs of violence are everywhere on republic square seen of the worst of the clashes security forces have re taken control of gutted government buildings. but they've been food shortages and cues at cash machines and
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petrol stations with residents venturing out only for essentials. that has done with list has got the girl with the della at night when we hear explosions. i'm scared it pains me to know the young people a dying assertion. you google's as you go through. so we're scared not just for ourselves, but for our children. and other people's children, we never expected. such things could happen, especially la mattie. ah, gunfire could still be heard on friday, as military units raced through o matthew streets. in the eastern city of tell the cold gun or statue of the 1st president, mosul 10 as a by it was pulled down, the euphoria has now evaporated. a police loudspeaker warns people to stay indoors while an anti terror operation gets underway. or you president casem do mouthed talk. i have shown little sympathy for the protesters or
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coals for comp coverage of to had been called abroad for the parties are ordered to move the negotiations to a peaceful resolution. but nonsense, kind of negotiations. can there be with criminals? with no durish, therefore he had to deal with armed and chained bandits. both local and foreign companies. the claim without evidence that protesters are foreign backed terrorists was the pretext to invite the moscow lead security block to send in its forces. 3600 c s t o soldiers. most of them. russian peacekeepers are being deployed. democracy activists have expressed dismay that their calls for change have gone unheard. the banner reads, we are citizens, not terrorists. oh, peaceful demonstrations i boss doing in place warmer he, this is jan. i was in the west of kazakhstan,
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but legitimate protests. now risk being stamped out by shoot to kill policy robin 1st, see a walker al jazeera. let's just take a closer look at the russian lad military alliance, sending troops now to cause it's dawn school, the collective security treaty organization. it was formed in 1900 to 6 months after the collapse of the soviet union, and has often been described as an eastern response to nato. the group includes russia along with 5 former soviet republics, armenia, batteries, cause its don caregiver on and to g, kissed on they conduct training exercises and oversee on sales. but this is the 1st time in the organization's history where it's agreed to deploy troops to a member state, to refuse several requests in the past, including one from kyrgyzstan in 2010 and in armenia last year. article 4 of the charter says it will only do so if one of its members is threatened by an external
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force will be u. s. x ray of state is saying that he is concerned about the need for russian lead troops and context on we were encouraging everyone to find a peaceful resolution and constructive resolution to the situation. when it comes to the cfo, we have questions about the nature of the request. why it came about were seeking to learn more about it. it would seem to me that the conflict authorities in government certainly have the capacity to deal appropriately with, with protests, to do so in a way that respects the rights of protestors while maintaining law and order. so it's not clear why they feel the need for any outside assistance of full strong scales as senior fellow and the russian eurasia program. the canadian down there for international peace joins us live from washington by skype festival this
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morning from the president. that that is a shoot to kill policy in place. what impact is that likely to have on the rest? well, it certainly is very concerning. i think the shoot to kill a policy is, is particularly geared towards the violent protesters. there's 2 types of protesters here, and there's those normal people that you showed in your, in the very end of the clip. these are, you know, young men, young women, old older, you know, bob, grandmothers and other people like that, who really want deep systemic change. and then protests about us been hijacked, particularly in the city of almighty, by a group of violent thugs, probably criminal elements. it's not quite clear who these people are, but they're using the protests as a means to sort of terrorize the city and loop the city. and so there's basically 2 different movements. there's a peaceful protest movement and a non peaceful protest movement. and sadly, it seems like the government because it's done, is merging those $22.00 groups together. what does that mean for the peaceful protest as, as a likely to be further loss of life?
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i hope not from what i hear particularly now my to you the big city where the violence is occurred. a lot of the peaceful protests have just gone, gone home and they're hunkering down. but you know, for the long term, you know, i do think there's a clear desire for greater systemic change coming from the people cause like stung . and i, but there's also a desire to return order onto the street. and so what i think you know is going to happen is there will be order returned of the people will, will probably appreciate that. but then in a couple months, they're going to expect some sort of answer to their calls for systemic change. and we'll see whether that comes about or not. conflicts on has a long history of promising greater socio economic equality, promising, improved governance, promising opened opening of society. but they've never lived up to that promise. and in fact, it's become more oppressive over the last few years. and so, you know, that's really what is driving the anger on the street. and then there is this
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violence element that is really unclear where it came from. interesting remarks from secretary state antony blink. and earlier on trying to strike a balance between the need to restore law and order in some kind of stability while at the same time, protecting the rights of peaceful protest as how will the intervention of russia affect the prospects systemic change you talk about i think it's going to complicate the prospect for systemic change for the 1st reason. when the government, whenever the government of, of conflicts on is going to look like in a few months. it's going to be more dependent on russia. russia is the country that came in in his short up the government, presuming it it's days and power. and so they are going to be no more beholden to, to, to russia. that could complicate any desire and any real initiative to push for the changes. there been some harsh words coming out, you know,
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not only against the so called terrorist, these criminal groups. but also again, some of the more moderate opposition coming from the president as well. so he's promised numerous times already to open up the political system, but he's numerous times failed. he's promising that that might be in the cards again. but his rhetoric doesn't, doesn't, doesn't really follow that. and the fact that, you know, russia is involved with russia is she, you know, showing up harsher authoritarian regimes. it doesn't give a whole lot of optimism to me that they're really move ahead. but the systemic changes. can i increase the level of violence on the streets, potentially, to what extent is that the, the, the violent unrest, dimension of, of the protest movement being fueled by a struggle for leadership. i think there's a lot of concern, a lot of lack of clarity over who is in control of these violent groups and who is backing them. so what appears to be happening is there appears to be both
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a bottom up of protests in the bottom up descent, and then there are, you know, elite and there's a big, there's been a big power reshuffle in the country. mr. to kai, of the current president has removed virtually all the people who are loyal to his predecessor from the government. so this is more than just a bottom up roles. there's also a lot of the lead politics, you know, shifting here. and it's not quite clear it looks like, you know, mr. kyle is, is the one who's, who's ahead. but you know, down the road. there's going to be a lot of other decisions about how the economic resources are going to be divided. so we really don't know how this is going to pan out, but i think you know, 1st they need to restore order and then conduct start is going to be on a very long trajectory to try to build up and re stabilize the country. thank you very much for joining us from washington. paul, strong sky of the carnegie endowment for international peace. thank you. will in all the developers, nato's true gentle, is warned that the russian threat to its member nations remains high. for minutes
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to spoke about, the russian military build up on the border with ukraine on a video call. tension has been rising and recent months between russia, the us and european nations president let him push in is expressed unease about the organization's expansion and weapons deployments. in some former soviet states, the russian military buildup has not, not stopped. it continues, and there are gradually building up with more forces, more capabilities. we see armored units. we see artillery, we see comma to the troops. of course, that center message. that there is a real risk for a new on conflict in europe. but that's a fact they want is so important. engage in dialogues. algebra is jona hall has more details on this now can stolen those comments throughout that press conference . very much pointed to the substance of the foreign ministers meeting
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a short while before, which was an opportunity for them to talk about russia and ukraine, but principally to align their positions against one of them. the british foreign secretary, this trust, called russia's unacceptable aggression towards ukraine. so that the secretary general could come out afterwards and project this sense of sort of unbending unity, strength and determination by nato. in the face of what he describes is the real risk still of a russian invasion. he pushed back again against russia's notion, this demand really by president putin, for legal guarantees to be given that data wasn't ever take ukrainian as a member that it won't expand any further east eastwards to take in other countries like georgia. and he said, you know, there was a pathway for dialogue and diplomacy to go along potentially a positive one. but he said it was important to, to prepare for it to fail. and for a clear message to be sent to mister putin. if,
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if they failed, the consequences would follow specifically politically economic and financial sanctions. as we've heard all of this preparatory really to senior high level meetings next week between russia in the united states in geneva, on monday, also between nature and russia council on wednesday, they haven't met for 2 years. a potential there to move things along. if this unity can be upheld and if this message can be clearly projected to president putin, the consequences will follow otherwise. and that's, i think what mr. stoughton set out to achieve this afternoon. or also watching ethiopia closely the government there is implied, there might soon be a breakthrough in the ongoing conflicts in its northern at tegra region. now, on a statement, the government said it will begin dialogue with to grime political figures. this after announcing the list of promo opposition leaders to be released from prison. a 30 mob conflict integrity between the army and rebels has divided the country left
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thousands of people dead and displaced millions. you're watching the news, our lie from london much more glad for you on the program. we look at india facing an upsurge in corona virus cases and now tied to restrictions as international travelers are told that they must enter mandatory quarantine. first visit of a regional head of state to me and mar since the military took charge almost a year ago. telling lies, causing controversy. and then in support, we'll hear from you casa united's 1st big signing. since the club was bought by a saudi backed consortium. ah, 3 white men convicted of murdering black man mar to our brand. new i stay of georgia have been sentenced to life in prison. a judge handed down the sentence to father and son gregory, and travis and michael without the possibility of parole. their neighbor,
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william bryan, was also sentenced to life that could seep parole after 30 years. the sentence is come nearly 2 years after the men chase down, unarmed, and nod aubrey before shooting him. a joke. well, le, let's just speak to mike hannah. he joins us now from washington. might tell us about the reaction to the sentencing. well the man day 3 sentence for felony murder, which is what these men were convicted of is life without parole. and that judge had to decide in the course of the sentencing hearing whether or not he was going to allow parole in these cases. now, family members address the court during the hearing, and they made very clear that they wanted the maximum sentence imposed. we heard from his father, from his mother and from his sister. and they insisted that the judge must impose
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the maximum sentence. they should be no parole whatsoever, while the judge chin outlining the reasons for his sentencing made clear that he thought that the 3rd convicted person william bryan showed some remorseless, made a bit of the difference in terms of the sentencing with the father and son pe, you sentence both of them to life without parole. once again witching, the wishes of the family, william bride though the 3rd convicted person, he presented to life but raised the possibility of parole. now the family members have welcome judgment as have the lawyers gathering outside the courtroom at the moment in the wake of the sentencing hearing. but the legal process is not over yet for the 3 convicted. they all hate crime charges which will be brought on a federal basis. next month. the judge has given them the right to appeal, which in all likelihood they would, however, the legal process will continue. and this time on
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a federal basis with hate crimes charges being brought against them in the coming month. all right, thanks very much from washington. mike, hannah, well, us supreme court is considering 2 major white house policies as covert cases continue to spike in the country. justices weighing out whether to block or rule enforcing vaccines and testing for large businesses. the outcome will affect more than 80000000 people. challenges. argue the rules exceed the administration's authority while government lawyers say they'll prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and deaths. nearly 207000000 americans are fully vaccinated and more than a 3rd of the people have received a booster shot. meanwhile, india is experiencing another covered outbreak with daily new infections there more than doubling in 3 days to a $117000.00 government is now imposing tighter restrictions including mandatory home quarantine for all international passenger arrivals. now these ties new
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measures apply even if travelers return a negative coven 19 test at the airport. the chief minister of our sam, state ne, in india, is that the all cases of virus will be treated as amik wrong. the surgeon, new cases comes after a number of important religious festivals and gatherings over the holiday period have been taking place. last year the delta variant overwhelmed the health system. poverty miss al is in new delhi. what does basically means is that everybody who now flies into in del, when have to quarantine at home for a week. and then on the 8th day to a lab test, test for the virus and upload the results on a government portal. so that authorities are in the know also remember india already mandate passengers to test the full boarding of like and to present and negative tests. now many states already had their own travel restrictions. but what's been happening is that
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a large number of passengers who have been coming from abroad have been testing positive on arrival just a couple of hours ago. there's a charge of flight from room that arrived in the city of more than a $170.00 passengers on that flight tested positive on arrival. now the state of been goal had suspended all direct flights from the u. k. it also went ahead and restricted domestic life from jelly and moved by 2 of the hardest hit cities. and now the state requires all passengers from outside the state to present a negative test. before arriving the state of canada in southern india also has a testing mandate for some passengers coming from certain states. so like my roster and go, and some other states that have high coven, 900 cases moon, by which again close to 20000 mach in new cases, has already been testing all passengers. upon arrival. meanwhile,
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200 british military personnel have been deployed to hospitals in london to fill staffing shortages caused by a surgeon covert cases. thousands of doctors, nurses, and all the health workers are off every the sick with the virus, or they're having to isolate the world. college of nothing has described the situation as a crisis, saying that government can no longer dismiss it. a dean bama is outside a hospital in central london. winter is always a very stressful time for anyone who works in a hospital like the one behind me anyway with illnesses such as flu, more accidents and so on. so we heard, or if in the week from bars johnson, the prime minister that he didn't want to bring in more restrictions, even though while the car was continuing to spread quickly through the population. but he did admit that what he said, but the chest, the national health service, would be temporarily overwhelmed. well, it depends what your definition of overwhelmed as to whether that's already happened. new statistics suggests that more than 3700000 people in the u. k. would
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have tested positive for coffee, 900 last week. the real figure could actually be higher because testing has become quite tricky in recent weeks, or people having trouble getting hold of kids. but anyway, the situation is now the government says that 200 members of the mature you're being asked to help around london hospitals. only 40 of them, a medics. the rest will be helping with things like checking people aiden, but it's very, very small in terms of what's needed around the country. elsewhere in germany, any people have had a booster shot are going to be able to enter a restaurant without. also having to show a negative test comes is the countries chancellor aims to distribute $30000000.00 more boost vaccines by the end of month to combat a search in cases more than $56000.00 new infections are reported on thursday, nearly 3 times the number recorded a week ago,
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the only com very now accounts around 44 percent of cases. and then there's been outrage in anger in the chinese city of yan, of the treatment of people under the strictest lockdown in the country. says he lead is of praise. the success of the restrictions aimed at stamping out and outbreak of the delta variance. but as katrina, you reports several incidents aimed at protecting people actually cost more lives. chinese health officials say there's been a turning point in the city of she on with 13000000 people have been under locked down since the 23rd of december and outbreak of the delta there it has been contained and numbers of infections i declining. since i was agile, although there may be cases in the future of the risk, a large scale resurgence have been brought under control as our anti epidemic efforts. or would she results? but these results achieved by the strictest measures impose since those and the city of ohio in 2020 have come at a cost, a woman who was 8 months pregnant,
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lost her unborn child after being refused entry to a hospital until she tested negative for the virus the incident spiked anger on line with some posts describing the woman's treatment as heartbreaking. the joey wonder is under both here on behalf of the municipal health commission, i deeply apologize to this patient and deeply apologize for the poor access to medical treatment during the academic an elderly man died of a heart attack after also being refused care for similar reasons people have been confined to their home since the lockdown was ordered. many have complained of an adequate food deliveries. one man was beaten by pandemic prevention stopped for trying to leave his apartment, blocked by bread. francis miller is a college counselor who's worked at a school and she, and since 2018, he says he and his girlfriend have enough food because they stocked up ahead of
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time. but some of his peers aren't so lucky. i know that some other americans, shyanne have had trouble getting food. no one guy has been living on basically as the noodles for more than a week. i think it depends on each person's situation and also your property management company like how competent people are there. so especially like people who have larger families or who have difficult medical situations or stuff like that can be very difficult right now for people to get the things that they need. whether it's food or medicine or otherwise. francis says many has been shocked by poor city management and the failure to learn lessons from the 1st outbreak and han, you know, given that it's been 2 years since then. how difficult it's been for, you know, that she on to deal with this new outbreak. and how long it's taken kind of the city and especially decision makers to, to react and to solve problems as
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a city leaders said those responsible for mishandling health delivery and corona virus prevention services have been fired, suspended or punished. meanwhile, authorities in the neighboring colon as a battling and outbreak, which is several. 1.16000000 people will put under locked out in the city of utero . after only a handful of infections were discovered, china's coven 0 approach has acquired a new urgency. the lead up to the winter olympics, which opens here in february, katrina u. l. 0 stage in cambodia as prime minister and said is on a 2 day visit to me and mom is the 1st regional leader enter the country since in military could last year. many concerned that is true or bring a degree of legitimacy to me and most military genta. tony chang reports on this now from neighboring thailand, cambodian prime minister, who and sen takes
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a few uncertain steps as he starts and official today visit to me and mom. he's the 1st head of state to visit myanmar since the coo last february, while a military has rolled out the red carpet, few others welcome the trip. on social media and side man, mom has been full of images like this. people showing their anger at hanson. those opposed to the coo and me, and mars military rulers. there, the visit gives legitimacy to the regime. the people are, are clearly sending a very strong message that on son is not welcome. in that they are very upset that they're on santis, a chevy, providing visitor missy cheer, the murderers hunter and, and which is actually terrorized. the whole country is also concerned that hudson could open the door that allows me on my way back into ashy and the association of southeast asian nations southeast asian leaders have already taken an unprecedented
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stand in excluding myanmar until certain conditions are met. such as the release of political prisoners and the end of violence against protest is it's unclear how much backing when sin has from other regional leaders. but his arrival in myanmar could divide our sienna further. it's also very unlikely once and we'll meet any of the jail democratic leaders deposed in the qu, but he may be looking for some time in the global spotlight himself, who in san are realized that he is going to play the central role on the stage. he relishes that, i think it also is something that makes countries that have criticized him like the united states and the european union need him that they need his co operation. protest is inside minima have consistently called for the international community to pay more attention to the cause. but a visit from one of the longest serving authoritarian leaders in the world is unlikely to bring them the attention they want. tony ching al jazeera said ad on
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this new south london of act joke which speaks out for the 1st time from his mouth and quarantine. a town is another tennis star is now block from entering australia . they'll say, look at how is isolation in the hotel is highlighting the plight of the fatty refugees trapped just one floor above him. ah, an incredible escape in the full fashion test between england and australia. ah the hello. it's the weekend. good to see you. here's your forecast for europe and africa. we do have rounds of rain moving across the island of ireland and also britain that will swoop into western northern areas of france and the low countries . and it will be particularly breezy here,
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with gusts of about 60 plus kilometers per hour of 2 iberia. we're in the clear here. plenty of sun valencia high of 18 degrees. and also, while sunshine on top for you or to the central med, there is a weather maker swirling around that's throwing some rain towards sicily, southern italy, and along those eastern shores of the adria attic sea than a shield of snow across the balkans impacting belgrade. just the other day, you're about 19 degrees, a big difference there, in terms of that weather makers dropping down rain into to new zia and libya, we could see some flooding around tripoli. and same goes for tunis after the easter med, some solid bands of rain across western greece. same goes for western turkey and soggy forecast for on talia with the high 15 degrees. so all of that wet and windy weather over to nicea and libya, it's likely gonna spin around the sand in dust as we do had into western parts of egypt. but a sunny day in cairo with a high of 23 degrees on saturday. and now you're in the know soon take care.
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ah cutter. one of the fastest growing nations in the needed open and development international shipping to become a teen middle eastern, a, filling up from connecting the work future warning, carto cutters, gateway to world trade. the listening post cuts through the noise, we're talking about competing narrative, the modern day tools being used to perpetuate those competing narrative separating spin from fuck all 3 versions of the story and some element of the truth. but the full story remains and coated on the parking, the stories you're being told,
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it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics, the listening post your guide to the media. on a jesse 0, lou ah, ah, welcome back to the main stories now, causing stones president has told us forces they can shoot to kill without warning . he tries to and violent anti government protests, cost him jermarta chi of coal demonstrate his armed bandits. 3 white men convicted of murdering black mountain mod aubrey in the u. s. had been sentenced to life in prison, father and son, gregory, and travis, michael will never be able to seek parole. and india is introducing mandatory hum,
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quarantine, full international passenger arrivals, even if they return a negative test at the airport. this follows a new surge in coven 19 cases. now, no joke of it. she's made. his 1st comments is being detained by australian immigration officials. town as well. number one promised more details about the medical exemption. he says allows him into the country as a 2nd player was held, check player we're not of our chew over is now in the same melbourne hotel. she said she also helped admission to play in the australian open, but now plans to leave the country. a check, foreign ministry says it's made a diplomatic protest on her behalf. will joker, which supports has gathered outside the quarantine hotel and friday, waving serbian flags and demanding his release. he said he thanked his funds for their support in a message on social media. 2 independent sporting panels granted him a vaccination waiver, but border police denied him entry. when he landed in australia on wednesday is lawyers are appealing against the decision with the next series you to be held on
12:34 am
monday, or jokers, which is in a melbourne hotel, where some refugees and asylum seekers have been held for years. but australia government insists he is not a prisoner. mister jacqueline is not being killed held captive in australia. he is free to leave at any time that he chooses to do so. and waterfalls will actually facilitate that in relation. so other people who are in immigration detention, whether it be in, in a hotel, in melbourne or whether it be elsewhere in australia, those people are there because they don't have a valid, these are all they are here illegally. he, in australia for maybe a number of reasons. we treat all people who are in the immigration detention fairly, a joke of it, your situation is having the side effect of highlighting the plight of refugees and asylum seekers in australia. tennis star is in quarantine and melbourne's park
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hotel. grey 5 story building with locked windows while refugees and asylum say seek is also stay. one floor above a joke of ich 30 men of being held off to being moved from offshore australian immigration detention centers and pop in new guinea. and now some have been there for almost 2 years. there have been complaints about poor conditions, including maggots in the food and the alleged mismanagement of coven 19. since 1992 australia is enforced a mandatory detention policy for anyone who arrives without a valid visa will jokers, which has been in that hotel for something like 36 hours. mattie alley is a refugee has been in limbo in australia for the past 9 years. some of that time he spent in the park hotel. he recently tweeted it so sad that so many journalist contacted me yesterday to ask me about jokers, which i've been in a cage for 9 years. i turn 24 to day and all you want to talk to me about is that
12:36 am
pertaining to care by asking me how i am and then straight away, asking questions about ciocca, which will mattie ali spoke to us from his room with this message for novak jokers, which is basically january and i just want to tell him that i can hear of the child. i did not do no education, not, no trump on medical care. i did notice, you know, any basics you, her rights and her, they treated me really unjustly, cruel, of being treated, or standing criminal as a criminal, or at least they get a so dense for their crimes. oh, well i, yes, i don't know what i'm going about and i am indifferent at attention. so i'm just
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wondering if she's going to get out. and if she knows about what's going on or tell which it is in it right now. i hope he's going to switch her about us as she has a strong boys. and maybe that's just gonna drag the attention a little bit further. as i feel like when he's got on it displays the media isn't gonna hey, an extra attention to us. i tyria has given us security services more powers to combat armed gangs. present manager bihari says down now be classified as terrorist groups. shortly after his announcement, gunman reportedly killed dozens of people, ins and fire estate. fidelis and bar is in a boucher with more on this heavily armed groups, health, terrorized people in town. some villages in central and northwest made julia for years. now. security officials,
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as typical efforts to craig knows some of the violence on wednesday, the major and government branded the criminal gangs as terrorist groups. in a television interview, prison mohammed double harry said, with liberty them terrors. we are going to deal with them as such. the bandits as the amend, luckily, have been responsible for my sub auctions and kidnappings for ransom and destruction of property. some politicians believe the security measures will help to ease fears, although they happy with work done. and that will also give, develop done window unity who do deploy on all that means once i'm in it ill try to give them. ready some kind of a non, can it move them around? and it a more locality mazda project members, sir memphis, the government,
12:39 am
or that means the military can deploy more military hardware, including seeking international support. but the security expert feels, the government needs to do more at a political, psychiatric level. i think they completely have their own perception of what the situation is on gra, as so their reactions have arisen extremely slow, lack of practice ness and creativeness. they have never really visited the issue with the soccer address. you expect a country that does not want to be able to bring to bear on this and switch on on. ground security agencies seem to have made a headway with the recent release of some hostages and the recorded killing of some native of the am group with political leaders seeking soft, lumbering, for the content fighters. the bottom did most of them
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a lot. so there's no one's on the right to the issue. you know, we're going to be a boy or a security remains a major talking point i head of john elections in 2023. it remains to be seen if wisdom or how my body would have fulfilled his electro promise to any security in the country before handing over for them is number. how does era a bush, joe? now to chile, the government areas wanting that already critical water shortage brought on by the longest drought in history is much worse than thought and could be permanent. large areas of south america are in the grip of a 13 year drought. the showing no signs of ending temperatures across the southern
12:41 am
half of the continent. taking in chile, argentina, uruguayan, southern brazil has been hitting 40 degrees celsius for the past 3 months. the per on a river south america is 2nd longest. behind the amazon is at its lowest level in 77 years. climate scientists are describing it is the worst drought in a 1000 years. and it's almost those are damaging wetland ecosystems contributing to wildfires and jeopardizing hydro electric power and latin america and is salisia newman reports now from central chile the snow that once kept the andes mountains above chiles, capital and central valley is conspicuously absent. for centuries, melting ice nourished rivers below 400 kilometers to the north lap. paloma south, america's largest derogation reservoir has only 20 percent left of the water that once made this valley flourish. further, north, the deficit is 100 percent,
12:42 am
13 years of relentless drought. the longest on record is transforming chile and not for the better than him while real it hillary. okay, we're standing on the river which will depend on to water, our crops, but look at the state. it said used to carry loads of water, but it so dried up this year practically didn't rain at all with mr. achiever. leah and his sole employee are trying to revive the vine that survived last year's dismal harvest. gay mucho i knew bit awkward because those years of work sacrificed investment here and it's sad to see our livelihood and that of so many families last ice have 50 workers here at this time of year. and that source of employment is now gone. small farmers and multi $1000000000.00 agricultural exporters alike are suffering the consequences of the drought that the government believes is here to stay less inc. yeah, yeah, the whole i sit on him, if he and simple, the grout is no longer an emergency. it's turned into
12:43 am
a structural change and we need to establish a different relationship with water because it's become a scarce resource. olga authorities and scientists blame global warming for the rapid depletion of chillies. patagonia glaciers, the drastic reduction of rainfall and the sustained increase in temperatures. but once mediterranean climate of central and south central chile is rapidly mimicking a desert, there's far less water and at the same time, a much greater demand for agriculture. the big dilemma, of course, is what to do about it. for this week, the government launched a nation wide water saving campaign that warns there are only 2 options. conservative before there will be none left with emsella, but experts and resource sustainability say the key is better water governance in lucifer simply allow, i get the name of the efficient use of the water. we have modernization of
12:44 am
production processes of technology, reusing water not producing more with less water. and unless land are all crucial. and if you'd rather highlight not possible to run you. many rural communities that have lost everything are selling their land and migrating to cities. but experts insist that if taken seriously, science, technology, and social discipline can establish a new and more realistic relationship with an element that only 20 years ago seemed infinite. to see a human al jazeera, central chile, the actor in hollywood legend sidney poitier has died at the age of 94. he broke many racial barriers on screen at a time when segregation was a fact of life in the united states. as a fast back person to an oscar for best actor, he inspired a generation of hollywood stars. mo reynolds looks back at his life,
12:45 am
accepting his 2nd academy award. this one for lifetime achievement sydney. what year paid tribute to those who had preceded him. i accept this award and memory of all the african american actors and actresses who went before me in the difficult years. but it was plots. yay himself who cleared the path for many black stars in hollywood? born in miami to immigrants from the bahamas watergate, trained on the new york stage before breaking through on the big screen. his signature rolls founded on the themes of america's racial conflicts. in the late fifties, he played a southern prison convict a chain to a whitey and made as they made a desperate escape. oh, you married to me. all right, okay. and he is lorraine, but i am going south on no honeymoon in the early sixty's. another report to his characters touched on interracial marriage, which was still illegal in several american states. mom. this is john.
12:46 am
meanwhile, what year was helping to wage the real life fight to win 1st class citizenship for black people? i became interested in civil rights struggle out of a necessity to survive in the heat of the night. what ga played a northern detective, undaunted by southern bigotry, old virgil, that's a funny name for me. got to come from philadelphia. what did they call you up there? a call may miss stet, tabs that film 15 academy awards, including for best picture i build a java. i my then what day had already won his own ass girl. the 1st awarded to a male african american actor. the prize was for lilies of the field in which the issue of race was left largely unspoken. in that film he played a warm hearted mechanic who builds a chapel for a group of singing nuns. but in one of his late screen roles this time portraying
12:47 am
nelson mandela lottie a return to the struggle for racial justice. every day, the sales of your jail grew more and more crowded with angry and defiant young men . what he ate, drew criticism from some black activists, who called him to passive in the offscreen struggle for civil rights. but his standing has endured sidney poitiers, a proud hollywood pioneer was stephen gave us is the executive editor variety magazine. he joins me from palm springs in california. and i think you said that sydney potty. yay! was the most important actor that ever lived. put that into context for why was his voice and his presence so significant both on and off the screen. when sidney park k emerge in the fifty's and sixty's, we were in the middle of
12:48 am
a terrible civil rights crisis. you alluded to earlier, segregation, segregated lunch counters, blacks, and forced to the back of the bus and much worse lynchings, the whole gamut. and as you said, even miss said and time is such a nation laws against the law for races to marry. so in the middle of all that emerges, cindy pot k, and he helps change the world by being himself, by being an actor of great skill, a great talent, and having that magical, elusive quality of movie star as big and shining star as hollywood ever produced. he changed perceptions, he made the case for civil rights, he made the case for equality by his very presence. every time he turned up on a screen, you say that he had this elusive quality about i suppose that is what it means to
12:49 am
be a star. it's not something that you can necessarily define it's, it's more about presence, it's something that you can feel, but just help us try to understand that. what was it about him that was so appealing that transcended racial barriers and just kind of mesmerized people. well, we've add a lot of beautiful movie stars from all countries and all walks of life and all races. and so beauty, physical beauty doesn't hurt, but there are some great stars who aren't what we would call elegantly beautiful. he happened to be one of them. he had a voice that had majesty and clarity and beauty to it. and you know, it's very important to note that when he emerged in the sixty's with his oscars for lily's, of the appeal and the oscar winning in the heat of the night. he had already worked
12:50 am
in the fifty's from the very beginning, from 1950. he was working with the a list directors of hollywood. he worked with joseph mango. it's martin rich, rich brooks, stanley kramer, auto prim. inger, if you added up all of the oscars that those men, one you say wow, for a young actor, he started at the very top as an a list factor. so he had the chops as an actor. he had the screen presence, the camera loved him. he had a voice that commanded attention and respect, and he was given some very important roles at a crucial moment in american history. he's also been described as a gentle, gracious, and dignified man. what was he like as a person? i think those are wonderful words to describe him by all accounts of those who know
12:51 am
him. i wrote a piece on walter maris a few years ago who was the producer of the heat of the night, who is himself now in his late ninety's. and i was stunned to see him and sidney having lunch together a few years ago at the montage hotel in beverly hills because they look, i felt like i was gonna find machine and it was 1967. they were laughing, they were animated, they clearly were very fond of each other and that friendship endured for decades. i can only imagine that friendship was only one of dozens that you said it earlier . there were critics of sidney potty. yay! but their voices have sort of been overshadowed by his achievements. oh, thank you very much. it was good to get your thoughts on this. appreciate it, steven gatos, joining us from variety magazine. thank you. all right, let's now get the latest sports news with andy. thank you so much, man. well,
12:52 am
a new twist in the never joke of ich saga, a leaked letter from tennis australia has revealed unvaccinated play, as may have been given, misleading information, australia, newspaper, the herald, sun reporting that place were told they could enter the country with a medical exemption if they tested positive for code 19 within the last 6 months, that memo was sent surprise in december. but only after the federal government. it informed tennis australia. that prior infections, when not grounds for an exemption, and its believe joker, which relied on his recent bout of coded to try and gain entry to the country. for now he still in melbourne, detention. i tell whiting the outcome of an appeal against his deportation on instagram, the well number one had this to say thank you to people around the world, feel continuous support. i can feel it and it's greatly appreciated or joke, which is mother says the vac. his men sleep very stable as he points on that court decision,
12:53 am
which is expected on monday. hundreds of fans gathering new belt right on friday to show their support. the 20 time runs time champion. i think he's okay. so i'm not sure that he's mentally very stable and he's waiting waiting until monday morning. from there they're going to decide and it's very difficult for all of us, you know, to create. you'll start receiving public support from some of his peers, including tennis, anger, and the american isn't competing at the she's australian open because he's on vaccinated and doesn't meet the criteria for medical exemption. it's hard to say if he's being a scapegoat, but i know that the why questions the other players that keep the same medical exemptions that he did if they were scrutinized and met with such an almost
12:54 am
hostility upon arrival, it seemed like it was very specific to him and his name because he is a high profile guy and the number one player in the world and his stance on vaccination has been fairly open in regards to not being vaccinated. i know there are a question mark leading up to the cement if he would do it or not do it. and but i guess she announced about getting the exception that she has not vaccinated. and so it kind of turned into this seemingly politic politicized event document. you also getting some sympathy from one of his biggest critic, nick carrie else, stallion saying, i definitely believe in taking action. i got vaccinated because of others and from my mom's health. but how we're handling novak situation is bad, really bad. these means headlines. this is one of our great champions. and at the end of the day, he is human. do better. i soccer is by making headlines to her own court performances. the defending australia opened champion through to the semi finals.
12:55 am
all warm of events in melbourne is the 1st one that i saw is fine. again, after taking an extended break from the games, who focus on mental health corner, the current, well, the ball and see a went in adelaide just drilling, getting past american survey kennan in straight sets the building up for her to become the 1st australian woman to win her home major, it's chris neil back in 19 and now personally football team, newcastle united have made the 1st big signing since being bought by a saudi arabian back consortium, england international care and trippy. he's joined the club and a $16000000.00 deal from athletics, madrid. he castle county cit. second from bottom in the league. i'm the soccer player looks challenges. i either have a challenge going well that's coming in the 1st place, changing countries differently. and now i'm a new castle i, i know the position of the room. i'm here to help as much that kind of on and off
12:56 am
the field. aston villa have reached a loan agreement with barcelona to take come philip casino until the end of the season. it brazilian creeps. he played a little before signing for boston in 2018 for a fee of nearly $200000000.00. now england batter. ben stokes enjoyed an incredible escape. during the 4th ashes tested against australia, i cameron greene's delivery somehow failing to knock his battles off and stuck survived, went on to school, $66.00. they $3.70 finished with century for johnny. best on england are on $258.00 . the 7 still trailing by more than a 150 pounds. each one is vital. that's why. when you button at this moment in time, you want to take every single word and look at. it's not been easy. what's it?
12:57 am
you want to get credit as well to that goal is to book a world world class. when you're back some wild scenes at new york's madison square gardens. the next kind of dramatic win over the boston celtics, and the embryo hives berry shut up or j. barrett's buzzer beating, triple ceiling one or wait to one or 5 counts of a massive come back for the next a to overcome. i 25 point 2nd quarter deficits and catherine driver, nasa ality or has extended his lead in the duck or ali after 6 stages. he's a 3 time winner of the events already. garcia is now almost 15 minutes ahead of hon . driver sadie. rabies? yes. eat our roger. stage 6 sir, follow the 350 comma to route near the saudi capital way. okay, let's get back to mario in london. that wraps out and he's out,
12:58 am
but i'll be back in a couple of minutes for the full blossom use for you, including all the latest developments from kazakhstan, bringing that story very shortly. stay with us now. ah ah. and we're told technology can help tackle the spread of coated 19, but our tech solutions, the best solutions. we're starting something that seems like it's in public health and very quickly becomes about measuring people what data is being collected. where
12:59 am
is it being for it? poly re, looks at the limits of tech and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face truck it when tech tools go viral. episode 3 of all hail to lockdown on al jazeera. the silence has been distinct. ah, beneath this e do, ah, is one of scandinavia as largest iron or deposits and it's driving a wedge between those seeking wealth and those defending their way of life. gallop, a witness documentary on al jazeera, foster clearings and now taking over what used to be pristine forest, where giant trees once too tall and keep busy, you scroll conservationist say they are yes. warming with nico tim, below cousin borges, 4 years ago,
1:00 am
the government to city and the on east the ban. on the timber trade, i thought decision only open a floodgate of uncontrolled illegal fucking sierra leone is home to more than 5000 was to possess more than 1500 of them. i found them the law of the bone to range and on their prophecy. cuz the vision is under pressure to save them after the resumption of looking and the return of ah, unrest in kazakhstan security force is a toll to shoot, to kill without warning. as the president moves to crush the opposition, ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm demising, london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program, life sentences and
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a down to 3 white men convicted of killing amount to aubrey. we look at india country facing an upsurge in corona virus cases. international travel.


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