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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2022 10:00pm-10:30pm AST

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oh, ah, a unrest and kazakhstan security forces a toll to shoot to kill without warning as the president moves in to crush the opposition. ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm ozzy in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. a surgeon corona virus cases in india threatens of fragile health system. international travelers must now enter mandatory quarantine on the title restrictions a controversial visit by cambodia as prime minister to me and march 1st regional head of state to do so. and actor activist, groundbreaking star stage and screen tribute flow for sidney poitier. he has died
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at the age of 90 full. ah, hello, welcome to the program. or kazakhstan president has told his forces they can fire without warning, as he tries to and violent protests against his government caused them jermarta chi of address the nation, declaring that there will be no negotiations with those he referred to as armed bandits. dozens of protest isn't security personnel have been killed and more than 3000 people detained robin for sale. walker reports now from tbilisi in georgia. com has returned to the center of al matty boat. the signs of violence are everywhere on republic square seen of the worst of the clashes security forces have re taken control of guts iep government buildings. but they've been food shortages
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and cues at cash machines and petrol stations with residents venturing out only for essentials. them a solution has got a girl at night when we hear explosions, i'm scared it pains me to know the young people a dying assertion. you go cuz as you go through so we're scared, not just for ourselves, but for our children and other people's children. yet we never expected such things could happen, especially in our mattie. gunfire could still be heard on friday, as military units raced through al matty streets. oh, in the eastern city of tell the cold gun or statue of the 1st president, mosul 10 as a by of who's pulled down the euphoria has now evaporated. a police loud speaker, wounds people to stay in doors, while an anti terror operation gets underway. or you president casem do mouthed
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talk. i have shown little sympathy for the protesters or coals for comp coverage to have been called abroad for the parties are ordered to moved in negotiations to a peaceful resolution. what nonsense kind of negotiations can there be with criminals? with no durish before he had to deal with armed and chained bandit children, both local and foreign governments. the claim without evidence that protesters are foreign backed terrorists was the pretext to invite the moscow lead security block to send in its forces. 3600 c s t o soldiers. most of them. russian peacekeepers are being deployed. democracy activists have expressed dismay that their calls for change have gone unheard. the banner reads, we are citizens, not terrorists. oh mama, peaceable demonstrations aren't all still in place warmer. this is jenna. i was in
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the west coast extra, but legitimate protests. now risk being stamped out by shoot to kill policy robin 1st the a walker al jazeera. so let's just take a closer look than it the russian led military airlines. it's now sending troops to kazakhstan. it's called the collective security treaty organization. it was formed in 1992, 6 months after the collapse of the soviet union, and has often been described as an eastern response to nato. the group includes russia along with 5 former soviet republics. armenia bearers, kazakhstan care gets done and to g cust on. they conduct training exercises and oversee arm sales, but this is the 1st time in the organization's history, where it's agreed to deploy troops to a member states, to refused several requests in the past, including one from care gustavo, that was in 2010. and in armenia last year,
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article 4 of the charter says it will only do so if one of its members is threatened by an external force who's speaking in the last hour, the or secretary of state says he has concerns about the need for russian lead troops in kazakhstan, we're encouraging everyone to find a peaceful resolution and constructive resolution to the situation. ah, when it comes to the see of c o o, we have questions about the nature of the request or why came about? we're seeking to learn more about it. it would seem to me that the conduct authorities in government certainly have the capacity to deal appropriately with, with protests, to do so in a way that respects the rights of protestors while maintaining law in order. so it's not clear why they feel the need for any outside assistance or lend. jordan
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joins us live now from washington. secretary, stay until blink and trying to to strike a careful balance in his remarks area. well, that's because of the secretary of state or no set. there had been recent contacts with the government and economics. don, noting that there is, you know, and has been a productive and a warm relationship where the usaa considers kazakstan unreal ally on issues of security of economic development of political law development in europe. i'm in particular, in the former soviet, to states. now, as we also heard from antony, blinkin, the call is also for raw the causal authorities to respect constitutional rights. the right to assembly the right to protest the right to was speak out about economic problems about political corruption. he also did issue
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a call to demonstrators to avoid engaging in violence, to not set government buildings on fire, or to attack security forces. or there we've seen some of that in recent days. and that's because of the u. s. is concerned that to a country that it is long considered a stable and reliable partner could be entering a phase of political instability. the u. s. his belief is that things can be resolved very quickly, but only if everyone is engaging in good faith. all right, thanks very much from washington. rosalind joan reporting to us. ah, how we tend to india? the country is introducing mandatory. hum, quarantine for all international passenger arrivals. now these new measures apply even if travelers retain a negative coven 19 test at the airport. while as
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a surgeon, you cases with danny infections on friday, passing 117000 poverty metal is in your daily what does basically means is that everybody who now flies into india when have to quarantine at home for a week. and then on the 8th day, take lab test tests with the virus and upload the results on a government portal so that authorities are in the know. also remember in the already mandates passengers to test before boarding of light and to present a negative test. now, many states already had their own travel restrictions, but what's been happening is that a large number of passengers who have been coming from abroad have been testing positive on arrival just a couple of hours ago. there's a charter flight from room that arrived in the city of unreturned more than a 170 passengers on that flight tested positive on arrival. now the state of bengal,
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earlier, had suspended all direct flights from the u. k. it also went ahead and restricted domestic flights from jelly and moved by 2 of the hardest hit cities. and now the state requires or passengers from outside the state to present in negative test. before arriving the state of cannot got inside and india also has a testing mandate for some passengers coming from certain states. so like my roster and go are and some other states that have high cobra 19 cases mom by which again crossed the 20000 mark in new cases, has already been testing all passengers. upon arrival, when developments elsewhere, 200 british military personnel have been deployed to hospitals in london to fill staffing shortages caused by a search and caused the cases here. thousands of doctors, nurses, and other health co workers are off there either sick with the virus or they're having to isolate the world college of nursing as described the situation as
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a crisis and government can no longer dismiss it. a dean bomber is outside hospital in central london. winter is always a very stressful time for anyone who works in a hospital like the one behind 3. anyway, with the illnesses such as flu, more accidents, and so on. so we heard, or if in the week from bars johnson, the prime minister that he didn't want to bring in more restrictions, even though while the car was continuing to spread quickly through the population. but he did admit that what he said, but the chest, the national health service, would be temporarily overwhelmed. well, it depends what your definition of overwhelmed as to whether that's already happened. new statistics suggests that more than 3700000 people in the u. k. would have tested positive for coffee, 900 last week. the real figure could actually be higher because testing has become quite tricky in recent weeks, or people having trouble getting hold of kids. but anyway,
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the situation is now the government says that 200 members of the military, you're being asked to help around london hospitals. $3040.00 of them, a medics. the rest will be helping with things like checking people aiden, but it's very, very small in terms of what's needed around the country. and then only people in germany who have had a booster shot will be able to enter a restaurant without also showing a negative test on the rules there. now these comes is the countries, chancellor instances distribute $30000000.00 more boost vaccines by the end of the month. to combat a search in cases more than 56000 new infections reported on thursday. the 3 times the number recorded a week ago, the army chrome very now accounts around 44 percent of cases. watching al jazeera ly from london much more still had for you on the program. a warning from nato has told level discussions, take place, roches, military build up on the border with crane. know that joke this lease out for the
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1st time, ms. melvin quarantine hotel as a nominate candy stars blogs from entering australia. ah with hello, it's the weekend. good to see you. here's your forecast for europe and africa. we do have rounds of rain moving across the island of ireland and also britain that will swoop into western northern areas of france and the low countries. and it will be particularly breezy here with gusts of about 60 plus kilometers per hour off to iberia. we're in the clear here. plenty of sun valencia, high of 18 degrees and all to wall sunshine on tap for you or to the central med there is a weather maker swirling around that's throwing some rain towards sicily, southern italy, and along those eastern shores of the adrian c, than
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a shield of snow across the balkans, impacting belgrade just the other day. you're about 19 degrees. so big difference there in terms of that, whether maker is dropping down rain into to new zia and libya, we could see some flooding around tripoli. and same goes for tunis off to the easter med, some solid bands of rain across western greece. same goes for western turkey and soggy forecast for on talia with the high 15 degrees. so all of that wet and windy weather over to niecy on libya, it's likely going to spin around this sand in dust as we do had into western parts of egypt, but a sunny day in cairo with a high of 23 degrees on saturday. and now you're in the know soon take care. ah, ah, okay, to culture of knowledge, openness to realism, world wide. i'm to reward merit and excellence and encourage creativity. the shape tomato award for translation and international understanding was formed to promote
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translation and owner translators, and acknowledged that road and strengthening the bonds of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and world coaches. ah, lou ah quick remind her of the top stories this allen now and india is introducing mandatory home quarantine for all international passenger arrivals, even if they return at negative test at the airport on the title, restrictions in the country. this follows a surge in the number of new co that infections cause it's downs present as toll is
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forces they can shoot to kill without warning that he tries to and violent anti government. protests, custom, jermarta, chi of coal demonstrators armed bandits. al jazeera is ragna, ged has more now from the curious donna cassock, san border yard allotted had the had he had la, do you for supposed be the likely outcome? this is quite clear inside kazakhstan, or even hair on the border, which had totally sealed. we are standing at the closest border crossing tile mattie the api center bloody events of the past 2 days. it is only 200 kilometers from the city that the border crossing with cargo stone is now close to the kazakhstan side. it should be noted that there are 7 crossing points on the borderline between the 2 countries of which 5 have recently been closed. following the president state for choosing cause of stumped in the security option or used to lease lou for the only solution. in his statement, the president instructed to shoot to kill without warning. we have seen extensive
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presidents at the cause at border guards fully cared for fear of any assault from outside. like what happened to the apple. however, it is recently announced that cause some forces by russian forces have fun. that grip on alma t, i pulled the local media reported also that the security forces have occupied the majority of the critical state building. the situation is very volatile. a coffee has been announced in by can or based through which all russian spaceflight launched, also reports of all men attacking military barks and other attempts to break into some prisons. but the monument of the former president, not by us, was brought down by protesters. despite these official reports, such as all under control, the situation remains very volatile. meanwhile, nato sector janet was warned that the russian threat to its member nations remains high. pharmacist spoke about russia military build up on the border with ukraine on a video. coal have been increasing tensions between russia,
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the us and european nations. in recent mom's president putin's expressed on ease about the organization's expansion and weapons deployments. in some of the former soviet states. the russian military buildup has not, not stopped. it continues. and there are gradually building up with more forces, more capable. it is. we see armored units when c artillery. we see comma to the troops. of course, that sends a message that there is a real risk for a new on conflict in europe. but that's a fact the want is so important. engage in dialogues out there is, jonah ha, has more details on this now can stolen those comments throughout that press conference? very much pointed to the substance of the foreign ministers meeting a short while before, which was an opportunity for them to talk about russia and ukraine, but principally to align their positions against one of them. the british foreign
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secretary, this trust, called russia's unacceptable aggression towards ukraine. so that the secretary general could come out afterwards, a project this sense of sort of unbending unity, strength and determination by nato in the face of what he describes is the real risk still of a russian invasion. he pushed back again against russia's notion, this demand really by president putin, for legal guarantees to be given that data won't ever take ukrainian as a member, that it won't expand any further east eastwards to take in other countries like georgia. and he said there was a pathway for dialogue and diplomacy to go along potentially a positive one. but he said it was important to, to prepare for it to fail. and for a clear message to be sent to mister putin. if, if they failed, the consequences would follow specifically politically economic and financial
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sanctions. as we've heard all of this preparatory really to senior high level meetings next week between russia and the united states in geneva, on monday, also between nature of the russia council. on wednesday, they haven't met for 2 years, a potential there to move things along. if this unity can be upheld and if this message can be clearly projected to president putin, the consequences will follow otherwise. and that's, i think what mr. stoughton set out to achieve this afternoon will know that john ventures made his 1st comments is being detained by australian immigration officials. the tennis was number one promise, more details about the medical exemption. he says, allows him into the country as a 2nd player was held, check player renata voter cova is now in say, melbourne hotel, said she also have permission to play in the australian open, but now plans to leave the country. check foreign ministry says it has made a diplomatic processed on her behalf. and then supporters of jokers which gathered
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outside the quarantine hotel on friday, waving serbian flags and demanding his release. he said he thanked his fans for their support and a message on social media. 2 independent sporting panels granted him the vaccination wave a bit or to please denied him. entry. when he landed in australia on wednesday, is lawyers are appealing the decision with the next tier and you to take place on monday. which all, which is in a melbourne hotel, where some refugees and asylum seekers have been held for years. but australian government insists he is not a prisoner. mister jacqueline is not being killed held captive in australia. he is free to leave at any time that he chooses to do so. and waterfalls will actually facilitate that in relation. so other people who are in immigration detention, whether it be in a, in a hotel, up in melbourne or whether it be elsewhere in australia,
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those people are there because they don't have a valid, these are all they are here illegally. he in australia for maybe a number of reasons we treat all. busy people who are in the immigration detention fairly cambodian prime minister and san is on a 2 day visit to me. and mom is a 1st regional leader to enter the country since in electrical last year. and many a concern at the authoritarian that his trip is going to bring some degree of legitimacy to me and mars military hunt am tony chandler ports from ne brain thailand. cambodian prime minister, who anson, takes a few uncertain steps as he starts an official today visit to me and mom. he's the 1st head of state to visit myanmar since the coo last february, while a military has rolled out the red carpet, few others welcome the trip. on social media and side man, mom has been full of images like this. people showing their anger at hanson. those
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opposed to the coo and me, and mars military rulers. there, the visit gives legitimacy to the regime. the people are, are clearly sending a very strong message that on son is not welcome. in that they are very upset that they're on san his a should be providing visitor missy cheer, the murderers hunter and, and which is actually terrorized the whole country. there's also concerned that hudson could open the door that allows me on my way back into ashy and the association of southeast asian nations southeast asian leaders have already taken an unprecedented stand in excluding myanmar until certain conditions are met. such as the release of political prisoners and the end of violence against protest has it's unclear how much backing when sin has from other regional leaders. but his arrival in myanmar could divide asha and further. it's also very unlikely once and we'll meet any of the jail democratic leaders deposed in the qu,
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but he may be looking for some time in the global spotlight himself. when santa realizes that he is going to play the central role on the stage, he relishes that. i think it also is something that makes countries that have criticized him like the united states and the european union need him that they need his co operation. protest is inside minima have consistently called for the international community to pay more attention to their cause. but a visit from one of the longest serving authoritarian leaders in the world is unlikely to bring them the attention they want tony ching al jazeera. if you're of his government is entered, there might soon be a breakthrough in the online conflicts in the northern region. if take rye in a statement, the government said it will begin dialogue with to grime political figures. this is after announcing a list of prominent opposition leaders to be released from prison, 30 mile conflicts between the army and rebels as split the country left thousands
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dead and displaced millions of people. i carriers, given its security service, is more power to combat armed gangs present manageable. harry says that they will now be classified as terrorist groups. shortly after his announcement gum and reportedly killed dozens of people in zam far state. fidelis emma is in a blue jealous moron. this heavily armed groups, half terrorized people in towns and villages in central and northwest made julia about 4 years and i did nothing. now. security officials, as typical efforts to craig, known some of the violence on wednesday, the major and government branded the criminal gangs as terrorist groups. in a television interview, kristen hammer global harry said, with liberal dom terrorise, we are going to deal with them as such. the bandits asked the man, luckily i have been responsible for my subduction and kidnappings for ransom and
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destruction of property. some politicians believe the security measures will help to ease fears, although they happy with work done. and that will also give the vegan window to nikki, who do deploy on all that means once the i'm in it in tried to give them some kind of a non can it moves, but is them around it and it on what locality most do to check members, menace the government or them means the military come deploy more military hardware including seeking international support. but the security expert feels the government needs to do more at a political, psychiatric level. i think they completely have your own perception of what the situation is on gra, as so their reactions have arisen extremely slow, lack of brightness and creativeness. they have never really visited the issue
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with the suck up address. you expect a country that does not want to be able to going to be on the switch on, on ground security agencies seem to have made the headway with the recent release of some hostages and the reported killing of some need of, of the am group with political leaders, sick, his soft, lumbering, 40 content fighters be being bonded. most of them a lot the chase. so there's need for government and her also on the need to raise to, to the issue of seeing how we can get this people or whoever needs it on us. one of our a security remains at major talking point. i head of june and elections in 2023. it remains to be seen. if president mohammed
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harry would have fulfilled his electoral promise to any security in the country before handing over. fidel, december r jazeera, a boucher, the actor in hollywood legend sidney poitier has died at the age of 94. he broke many racial barriers on screen at a time when segregation was a fact of life in the united states as the 1st black person to an oscar for best actor. he inspired a generation of hollywood stars. rob reynolds looks back at his life excepting his 2nd academy award. this one for lifetime achievement sydney, what he paid tribute to those who had preceded him. i accept this award in memory of all the african american actors and actresses who went before me in the difficult years. but it was put ca, himself, who cleared the path for many black stars in hollywood, born in miami,
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to immigrants from the bahamas. what ga, trained on the new york stage before breaking through on the big screen. his signature rolls founded on the themes of america's racial conflicts. in the late fifty's, he played a southern prison convict a chain to a white inmate, as they made a desperate escape. oh, you married to me? all right, okay. and he is lorraine, but i am going south on no honeymoon out in the early sixty's, another report to his characters, touched on interracial marriage, which was still illegal in several american states. mom. this is john. meanwhile, what year was helping to wage the real life fight to win 1st class citizenship for black people. i became interested in civil rights struggle out of an effect to survive in the heat of the night. what ga, played a northern detective, undaunted by southern bigotry over virgil as a funny name for me, got more to come from philadelphia. what did they call you up there?
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a call may miss stet, tabs that film 15 academy awards, including for best picture i build a java. i my then what j had already won his own ass girl. the 1st awarded to a male african american actor. the prize was for lilies of the field in which the issue of race was left largely unspoken. in that film he played a warm hearted mechanic who builds a chapel for a group of singing nuns. but in one of his late screen rolls this time portraying nelson mandela lottie a return to the struggle for racial justice. every day, the sales of your jail grew more and more crowded with angry and defiant young men . what da drew criticism from some black activists who called him to passive in the off screen struggle for civil rights. but his standing has endured
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sidney poitiers, a proud hollywood pioneer. brighter in the here are 0 doubt. cons much worn, everything when covering ah, update you on what's been happening in kazakhstan. the authoritarian president has told his forces they can shoot to kill without warning as he tries to and violent protests against his government. cousin jermarta kai of address the nation, declaring they'll be no negotiations.


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