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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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covered up, what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong? that to me is political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policy and the impact on the world on al jazeera . ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, there i am at how am i here? deed, in doha, with the al jazeera news are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes. kazakstan is president, authorize his forces to far without warning to quail nationwide. protests against his governments. india, braces for another wave of cone virus infections. ordering all international travelers to quarantine for
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a week on arrival. evidence emerges of increased russian activity on the border with ukraine into foreign ministers held an emergency leasing and legendary actors, sidney poitier, who book barriers in hollywood has died. the t sir with love star, was $94.00. and it's for an army, i saw chris bark making headlines for her own court performances. she secured her 3rd straight when since taking an extended break from tennis to focus on her mental health. ah. cassock stands president has told his forces they can far without warning. as he tries to and violent protests against his governments, cassim jamal took i of address the nation, declaring that there will be no negotiations with the as he calls armed bandits.
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because when you check them, william wishes to continue to damage public and private property and use weapons against citizens done. i gave an order to law enforcement agencies and army to open flyer without warning recovery. there had been calls abroad for the parties. i wanted to move to negotiations to a peaceful resolution, but nonsense, kind of negotiations. can there be with criminals? with murder, had to deal with armed and change bended on both local and foreign cars. that's why to have to be destroyed and there will be done sooner than well. russian lead forces have been deployed to help for governments. this is the worst unrest since context on became independence. following the breakup of the soviet union, dozens of protest, this and security personnel has been killed. more than 3 size and people have been detained. the process began over a rising fuel prices,
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but of thompson to underlying anger, but to kind of and the willing in leads open for still. walker has more now for me to please see in ga its sinister, almost the kind of language that he uses with his broad brush to refer to it seems almost every one that has been out on the streets of our mattie. and yet, i mean to paint a picture of, of the kind of reaction to the shooting that's been going on from peaceful protest is who we saw them putting up balance, saying, you know, we are civilians, we are not terrors, please don't shoot civilians. that said it's, it's a very complex picture and they do appear to be both well organized, work on them so that we're putting up stiff resistance to the security forces
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and those people that president hawkeye of is specifically referring to that we have seen across because x people coming out and peacefully protesting against the system against the political entrenched political system that is really stagnated and hasn't. and there is no space school opposition, political parties, no space for free media. and people also have legitimate concerns about the way the economy has been handled. well, let's take a closer look at that russian leg military alliance, the sending those troops in kazakhstan. it's called the collective security treaty organization and was formed about 6 months after the collapse of the soviet union. in 1992, it's often described as eurasia, in response to nato. the group includes russia along with fines, ex soviet republics. they conduct training exercises and oversee on sales,
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but this is the 1st time in the organizations history, where it's agreed to deploy troops to a member state. it refused several requests in the past, including from kyrgyzstan in 2010 and for more media last year. article 4 of its charter says it will only intervene if the country threat is threatened by an external force will donate as life from back. who is a for ease is males. are they against rector at the da university? and it is good to have you with us here on the al jazeera in use, or just give us a, a general sense of why you think things have gone from protests about gas prices to the, the, the armed violence that we're seeing on the streets of turns and cities across the country. thank you very much for the invitation. indeed, this is a very, very unstable situation. and for more than 30 years,
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i was considered one of the most people are colleagues in the central asian region . so with this, are you sure your unique situation has everyone? i think that the initial thought is that we can make reasons and people who are protesting against increased energy. but all these initial socially comic issues have been transformed into a st while. and we also see elemental internal rivalry between various political circles, political groups within we see that there isn't a guy. he's somehow hinting that behind these while on security forces are not really. so we also see some element of external. it certainly, after their rush, let me do a,
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we can see that here we see increasing will rush in central asia, which you want to show the policies of russia and the question the local color and do after. after the while you were will come because you independent course, we'll have some will somehow be subject to evil as in the region. ok, well before we get on, so what happens after this is resolved? we're still very much in the crisis right here. you mentioned russia now has troops on the ground in context on what would you say are the external forces that justify this russian deployment in cassock stand? because the c s t o t t says they can only send then troops. if there is an external threat. so why do you think russia's there? what's the external threat?
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well, the, one of the official murders is that they are flung radicals, criminal and criminal radicals from outside the lady. and they are organizing, enjoying the visual lines that russian troops are there to protect color. please let me chronicles, no internet and can be sure line which is hardly believed by local citizens by owners. because as you, as i mentioned the original quote that each of the organ i might want to add, you know, it's, it's a question whether this is 2 argument that they are external, perry, islamic judy joining the rallies in organizing. this is the official government line, which is all my life. it will this interesting. no, because russia was, they declined to get involved in the and then a go to carry
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a war that was happening with our media. they declined to intervene in other a conflict square assistance from the c s t o have been requested for different with cas extent. why is this different? i think the main reason is that a very, you know, the very juice or did you are so controlling or actually playing a certain inflation low income is important. especially if we consider what's happening in your brain, you know, need to run rivalry in the way regions over here in area. so i think right, trying to, you know, sort of in the morning to dominate originally and then do you a list?
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that's the main reason, and that is the main calculation for sending me to do a lot. so. so where do you think we go from here? what happens next in your review? i think that generally they will be more controlled by a big by government. i think the people might, might decrease, but i think the challenge will, the government and john the residents will be to maintain socially can, will make issues under control. do to make sure that these are great and people continue building. and i think that there will be also very much, i'm happy having for example, and they're not rushing to do or media. so they're quite a funky thing. and i think generally this is quite insulting because i found people
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that i think generally in the future they will try to push the some of their flu. okay. grades to get your thoughts for, you know, are they joining us from back who we do appreciate it. thank you very much indeed. thank the world health organization says the daily number of calls at 19 infections as doubles in recent days. in the past 24 hours, there have been more than 2600000 new cases in the u. k. the omicron outbreak is so bad that the military has been drafted in to replace sick staff and hospitals . around 200 troops are set to keep medical services going in the capital london. the staff recover from cove at 19 india is making all international arrivals. these
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7 days home at quarantine, this comes as daily infections on friday passed 117 thousands new cases. and german chancellor will have sholtes as met regional leaders on friday to agree new measures to tackle the on mccall night break. there. they've been discussing types of restrictions on bars and in restaurants, so we'll, we'll hear shortly from that in barber will join us ly form loans. and 1st of pathname it's how is it that you daily, with more on the situation and the new restrictions there? what does basically means is that everybody who now flies into india when have to quarantine at home for a week. and then on the 8th day tick, lab test test for the virus and upload the results on a government portal so that authorities are in the know. also remember in the already mandates passengers to test before boarding a flight and to present
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a negative test. now, many states already had their own travel restrictions, but what's been happening is that a large number of passengers who have been coming from abroad have been testing positive on arrival just a couple of hours ago. there was a charter flight from room that arrived in the city of unreturned more than a 170 passengers on that flight tested positive on arrival. now the state of bengal, earlier, had suspended all direct flights from the u. k. it also went ahead and restricted domestic flights from jelly and moved by 2 of the hardest hit cities. and now the state requires all passengers from outside the state to present in negative test. before arriving the state of connecticut in southern india also has a testing mandate for some passengers coming from certain states. so like my roster and go and some other states that have high cobit 19 cases, mum by which again cross the 20000 mark in new cases. has already been testing all
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passengers upon arrival. well let's get more in the situation in the u. k. were joined note by own to series and 18 barbers, lifers, and london the gym, or hearing earlier, the armies being drafted in to help support hospital staff. just give us a sense of what the situation in the u. k is currently like well, hello, clearly omicron. this very into called the 19 continues to rise rapidly to spread rapidly in the general population. the latest figures, according to the government daily dashboard, a 178000 daily cases, and 229 more deaths in the last 24 hours. so those are worrying figures, but the, those figures are also up. we come week by 20 percent case numbers,
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but it's having a really big impact on many sectors, but not least the national health service. and this is where the big worry is right now. that's why the government's are asking 200 members of the military to help out in hospitals around london. but really, that could be described as a drop in the ocean in terms of the numbers of shortages that the staff or the cover related absences in the n, a chess are huge. last week they average around 36000 every day. that is the level that was last seen a year ago, which was the peak of the 2nd wave of the corona virus. and now we're hearing that a quarter, or most of ambulances, in some areas, waited more than half an hour just to get the patients into accident and emergency to be treated on thursday that were more than 18000 people in the u. k.
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in hospital with covers 19, so we are seeing worrying staff shortages of a people sick or isolating in the an hfs. and we're seeing more coverage patients adding to the pressure in the north west of england. the ambulance service that has now said that very will be helped by $150.00 members of the military. from next week, some of them will be driving ambulances, which if a non cases allowing emergency ambulances to respond more quickly to urgent cause, for example, people reporting cardiac arrest. because there have been suggestions in recent weeks that people who meet urgent treatment should actually take a taxi or get friends to take them to hospital such as the demand on ambulances. another development is that the trade union council here in the u. k is asking the
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government to rethink its announcement that old people with public facing jobs in the n h. s. have to have at least their 1st vaccination by early february or risk losing their job. they are saying that that is just going to exacerbate the starting problem drive more people out of the sector at a time when they can't afford to do so. ok, that's deem barbara bring us up to date with the situation from london. thank you. and a team, let's get a sense of the situation in germany and i don't, it came reports from berlin. the new measures and i just on friday really concentrates on trying to reduce contact among people because of the on the con, variance and also then looking at the quarantine measures, people go got forced into and then the new regulations which will govern who can go to balls, restaurants and other public places and who cannot. so we know that the,
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the meeting between ministers of the federal states and on the federal government has agreed that those who have a booster vaccine have had a booster vaccine more now no longer have to present a negative test as well when they want to go to balanced restaurants and that sort of thing, but those who have not had a vaccine, it doesn't matter whether they've had a negative test or not. they will be denied access to bars and restaurants. so a toughening of the rules that those have been vaccinated but has not had a booster will they will need a negative test? we know that those who test positive for corona and then weekly sir, have a negative p c r. testable, the quarantine rules will change for them. a tat. the most important thing that's emerge from the missing and bill in on friday regards, the potential for a mandatory vaccine requirement. we know that the chancellor, all of shots, he wants it in place. he said by some time in february, no real progress regarding that in friday's meeting. there are still many
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politicians who are unsure how it should be formulated. lots were so has on this news are including right, so of a snap back to you and sanctioned stocks and reviving iran's nuclear deal reached a critical phase and piano and a piece mission on visits. legitimizing a cou, a cambodian latest visit to me, and mark sparks controversy. plus oh, is that an incredible escape through this adviser in the fall, vanishes test in england and australia more later in sports. ah, nato foreign ministers say they're united against any possible russian military action in ukraine in that ahead of talks between the us and russia on monday sector
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. yes, stoughton bar. exactly. general. yeah. installed in bag rather well can dialogue but rural dance russian demands to holtz nato expansion. the russian military buildup has last not stopped. it continues, ah, and they are gradually building up our with more forces, more capabilities. so we see armored units when c artillery. we see a comma to the troops, of course, that sent a message that there is a real risk for new ah, on conflict in europe. but that's exactly why it is so important to engage in dialogue. and we can join at joan a whole now he's been following that meeting form at lunch. and, and jonah, i got quite a fiery at rhetoric there from the nato secretary general at one of the learned from this meeting. well, 10 stolen bugs, comments throughout that press conference,
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very much pointed to the substance of the foreign ministers meeting a short while before which was an opportunity, of course, for them to talk about russia and ukraine, but principally to align their positions against what one of them the british foreign secretary, this trust called russia's unacceptable aggression towards ukraine, so that the secretary general could come out afterwards of project this sense of sort of bending unity strength and determination by native in the face of what he describes as the real risk still over russian invasion, he pushed back again, as you said, there against russians, notion, this demand really by president putin, for legal guarantees to be given that data wanting to ever take ukrainian as a member that it won't expand any further east eastwards. so taking other countries like georgia and he said there was a pathway for dialogue and diplomacy to go along potentially a positive one. but he said it was important to,
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to prepare for it to fail. and for a clear message to be sent to mister putin. if it, if they failed, that consequences would follow specifically politically economic and financial sanctions. as we've heard all of this preparatory ready to senior high level meetings next week between russia and the united states in geneva, on monday, also between nature of the russia council on wednesday, they haven't met for 2 years. a potential there to move things along. if this unity can be upheld and if this message can be clearly projected to president putin, that consequences will follow otherwise. and that's, i think what mr. stoughton set out to achieve this afternoon. and that will don't just how the united seeds are. they thought our lives here when it comes to this approach with russia, because there are day 2 members who rather favor getting closer to russia and to,
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to stop shutting them entirely. what i mean, i think that reflects a good geographic reality. a geopolitical reality that reflects a geographic reality that some nato members are simply closer to russia. and the european nato members to varying degrees rely on, for instance, russia, national, russian natural gas sanctions against russia. have an economic impact on their own economies. so there is not the same appetite, if you like, on, on a like, for like basis between the russian members of nato and the united states. however, they do seem to be united in that position that they are not going to make compromises towards russia about the membership or otherwise, or the pathway to membership of ukraine and other countries. they are going to stand together and issue the strong threats about serious sanctions that will follow the present. present good goes down the pathway of military action for the military action against ukraine. the question mark will always be there about just
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how willing each and every one of them is to apply those sanctions. and that question mark, of course, will be president putin mind to as long as they can create this show of unity to convincing enough degree. well then that element of doubt in president putin's mind will not be decisive. but of course, nobody can say for sure exactly what the relative determination of all of these countries will be when push comes to shove. ok, don't know how they bring us up to date, form london. phonetic. jonah, thank you. well, petro macowski is a senior fellow at the democratic initiatives side daisha, and he says it's unlikely that moscow would be able to coordinate successful military invasion of ukraine. we should remember the history of the last century when in london was invaded 2 times. and both times, seated territories to the soviet union. right now, russia, directly and poking the,
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that the, a lot of the soviet union was a tragedy, and that the russia should inherit all the rights there. so that union had, and that means that the neighbors of russia should be limited in there is covered in the and in they are boarding choices. therefore even even use read it to defend herself as deal right now. and they look carefully at what is going in ukraine because i think, and they are afraid of being the next target you, russia effects and prevail, new grain. the only means that in terms of russians to regain in a way, a grant is the military glerison or military occupation. and although, although old military, military and security analysts, i think the trust doesn't have enough military capabilities to control your grain. still has the ability to try to try to destroy your grand army and to,
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to grant a confession as to turn your grades into the satellite state. however, on the other hand, ukraine and mike, another thing is that your grant is not going to stop the war in russia begins. that would be a resistance, would be very, very permanent and strong to the possible russian attack. so it was, it wouldn't be easy to walk with the russian army in the theater, of course. and in the last few minutes we have been hearing from the us, actually st. anthony, blinking, he says a diplomatic solution to russia is built of, of troops is still possible. russia's aggressive actions are a threat to peace and security in europe. we're prepared to respond forcefully to further russian aggression. but a diplomatic solution is still possible and preferable. if russia chooses it,
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that's what we, together with our allies and partners, will continue to pursue intently next week at the static stability dialogue between the united states and russia, and the meetings of the nato, russia, council, and the o. c. e. the organization for security cooperation in europe. the unemployment rates in the united states fell to 3.9 percent in december. that's the lowest level since february 2020. and the 200000 you drops, were created last month. that was fewer than expected reaction to the latest numbers. yes, president joe biden says it's proof that his plan for the economy is working. i think it's historic day for our economic recovery. today's national unemployment rate fell below 4 percent to 3.9 percent. the sharpest one year dropping unemployment in united states history, record job creation, record,
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unemployment declines, record increases, and people in the labor force. i would argue the biden economic plan is working and it's getting america back to work back in this feed. still, the head here, all al jazeera anger in china, over the treatments, living a long day class with the next deal. last, 2nd, waiting in more details with andy engine. ah, hello, the weather's quieting down nicely. now, across much of the middle east,
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lousy sat there. lots of hazy sunshine, but there is something to change and the way just making its way into the eastern side of the mediterranean. the be some showers just rolling through here over the next day or so. so for sat day levant, middle east finance. right. 22 celsius in doha 20 celsius here on sunday. watch out for some early morning, missed and folk. here's that change, which is a foot by this stage. and that will just push its way toward sir, that eastern side of the met somebody to watch out for next week we'll see some showers all the way across the la vance, syria, iraq, lebanon, jordan, sing some of that sherry rate, even northern parts of saudi arabia, can watch office right into the early part of next week of the moment. that same systems just feeding across northern areas of janasia, just grazing the coastal regions of libya. we'll see it making its way further. east was then as we go through the next hour. so one or 2 showers to just around the guinea coast, but for central parts of africa. georgia, the shower where they should be just around the heart of africa and big down paul
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spilling out of angola into where zambia just running across says in bob way into mozambique and madagascar more the same as we go through sunday. but also some pretty wet weather for south africa. ah, from ne goes to jerusalem to buy him on the government is trying to do my own home milestone and history. my background 3 short films that show how people take a stand against evictions and they're struggling communities. the 1st time they arrested me. i was 11 years old, a j select on al jazeera all new, counting the cost inflation supply chain wires on the chrome up to fall in 2021. so what's in store for 20? $22.00. we have a gram profit, johns of the heart of china's economic woes. will beijing bill to revive growth and
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going mainstream? is it another? begins the crypto currency. counting the cost on al jazeera. we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to plate that others and not as far as i said, i'm going on the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. lou a, this is just a quick reminder on the top stories this cassock. sounds precedent says offline security forces to far without warning, as he tries to quote, violent protests against his government. should lead forces have been deployed to help testers and security personnel has been killed in recent days. india is
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introducing mandatory home quarantine for all international passenger arrivals. you measure supply even if travelers return a negative $900.00 test at the airport and nato, a foreign ministers ruling i, russian demands to hold expansion of the alliance. your secretary of state says america, fans of resolutely with ukraine hush, a massive troops from the border. let's get more on our top story. the crisis in that context on most of the border crossings with neighboring cure get sun, have no been cool. i'll just run the tv. is that one checkpoint though in the sense, is this something you would have had the had the law the use of force appears to be the likely outcome. this is quite clear inside cause it's dawn or even hair on the border, which are totally sealed. we are standing at the closest border crossing alma to
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the, at the center bloody event. so the past 2 days, it is only 200 kilometers from the city to border crossing cobblestone is now close to the cars, extend sides. it should be noted that there are 7 crossing points on the borderline between the 2 countries of which 5 have recently been following the president statement authorities in cosmic stumped in the security option, or use of least flew for any solution. in his statement, the president instructed to shoot to kill without warning. we have seen extensive presidents that the cadillac border guards fully cared for fair of any assault from outside. like what happened to the apple. however, it is recently announced that causes some forces by russian forces have fun that grip on the pole, local media reported also that the security forces have occupied the majority of the critical state building. the situation is very volatile. a curfew has been announced and by can all space port through which all brush in space flight
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launched. also reports of all men attacking military barks and other attempts to break into some prisons by the monument of the former president. and as a buyer was brought down by protesters, despite these official reports such as all under control, the situation remains very volatile. this anger in the chinese city of cn, that people have been treated steering a strict lock turn. nevertheless, if leader is talking up the success of their actions, seeing a covert blank tonight, brake has been stamped khatri, you reports now form bridging chinese health officials say there's been a turning point in the city of she. on with 13000000 people have been under locked down since the 23rd of december. an outbreak of the delta very has been contained, and numbers of infections are declining. and so without you, although there may be cases in the future, the risk of loss scale resurgence have been brought and their control as are anti
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every demick efforts have achieved results. but these results achieved by the strictest measures imposed since those in the city of hon. and 2020 have come at a cost, a woman who was 8 months pregnant, lost her unborn child after being refused entry to a hospital until she tested negative for the virus. the incident sparked anger online with some posts describing the woman's treatment as heartbreaking. the tel we funder says in the boat here on behalf of the municipal health commission, i deeply apologize to this patient and a deeply apologize for the poor access to medical treatment during the, at the damage. an elderly man died of a heart attack after also being refused to care for similar reasons. people have been confined to their home since the lockdown was ordered. many have complained of inadequate food deliveries. one man was beaten by pandemic prevention. stopped for
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trying to leave his apartment blocked by bred. francis miller is a college counselor who's worked at a school and she and since 2018, he says he and his girlfriend have enough food because they stocked up ahead of time. but some of his peers aren't so lucky. i know that some other americans and sean have had trouble getting food. no one guy has been living on basically the noodles for more than a week. and i think it depends on each person's situation and also your property management company like how competent people are there. so especially like people who have larger families or who have difficult medical situations or stuff like that can be very difficult right now for people to get the things that they need. whether it's food or medicine or otherwise. francis says many has been shocked by poor city management and the failure to learn lessons from the 1st outbreak and han, you know, given that it's been 2 years since then. how difficult
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has been for, you know, that she and to deal with this new outbreak. and how long it's taken kind of the city and especially decision makers to, to react to solve problems as a city leader said those responsible for mishandling health delivery and corona virus prevention services have been fired, suspended or punished. meanwhile, authorities in the neighboring collins of finance a dazzling and outbreak which is weeks with several sizes. 1.16000000 people will put under locked out in the city of utah. after only a handful of infections were discovered, china's cloven 0 approach has acquired a new urgency. the lead up to the winter olympics, which opens here in february. katrina, you al jazeera major, can body as prime minister who and sen has started. c de visit to myanmar. he's the 1st leader to visit the country since the military coup last year. many concerns
9:38 pm
that his trip will bring legitimacy to man. mars military, gender. tony chang, reports form neighboring. thailand's cambodian prime minister hudson takes a few uncertain steps as he starts an official to day visit to myanmar. he is the 1st head of state to visit me on march since the crew last february, while a military has rolled out the red carpet, few others welcome the trip. oh no social media inside man, man has been full of images like this. people showing their anger at anson, those opposed to the coo and me, and mars military rulers. they are the visit, gives legitimacy to the regime. the people on grammar are clearly sending a very strong message that on son is not welcome in. they are very upset that they're on san jose should be providing visitor missy cheer, the murderers hunter and, and which is actually terrorized the whole country. there's also concerned that
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hudson could open the door that allows me on my back into ashy and the association of southeast asian nations southeast asian leaders have already taken an unprecedented stand in excluding myanmar until certain conditions are met. such as the release of political prisoners and the end the violence against protest is it's unclear how much backing henson has from other regional leaders. but his arrival and myanmar could divide assay and further, it's also very unlikely. henson will meet any of the jail democratic leaders deposed in the qu, but he may be looking for some time in the global spotlight himself. who and san i realize that he is going to play the center on the stage. he relishes that. i think it also is something that makes countries that have criticized him like the united states and the european union need him that they need his co operation. protest as inside melma had consistently called for the international community to pay more
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attention to their cause. but a visit from one of the longest serving authoritarian leaders in the world was unlikely to bring them the attention they want. tony chang al jazeera, the u. s. national security adviser has reportedly discussed the possibility of snap bank sanctions on iran with israeli authorities. jake sullivan is believed or brought up threat of the sanctions as a means to deter iran's ability to enrich weapons, great uranium under the 2015 nuclear deal between to her and world pars participants can complain to the united nations security council. if another participants is in violation, canceled the stand pass new resolution within 30 days that the country launching the complaints can veto. that resolution triggering the so called snap acts sanctions. well, mohammed mirandi is an advisor to iran's delegation. the go see ating in vienna. he says threats more to turn to hom, from getting
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a good deal. this ironic that the united states which violated the deal from day one, when obama sign basically signed the deal. he told the treasury not to allow banks to cooperate with he, ronnie threatened banks not to work with iran, and that was a violation of the deal. a key violation of the deal. and of course then trump tore up the deal and by there has been continuing with trumps maximum pressure sanctions . and the europeans have been abiding by trump and biden and obama all along. so the countries that have been violating the deal are western countries. so for them to threaten the run is, is quite extraordinary. but that's how the world that we live in works regards to the snap back. the truth is that in this is what western diplomats have been telling me or former diplomat media people in the media close to western diplomat western countries. no, they don't have leverage. maximum pressure means maximum pressure of trump could
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have done, want more to hurt ordinary run into fighting, could have done more to hurt women and children in iran. they would have done that deadlines and threats of snap back have no impact on the iranian delegation. the iranians are going to make sure it's a good deal. there is progress, but it's very slow. and that's because the europeans and the americans are dragging their feet. they want to have their cake and eat it too. they want the iranians to implement the deal in full, but they want to have sanctions and they want to have extra concessions. and that simply not going to happen. pioneering actor sidney poitier has died since the age of 94, and he was the 1st black man to win the academy award for best actor. and in a career spanning more than half a century, inspired many involves portraying strong african american characters. while reynolds takes a look back, the life of the hollywood icon accepting his 2nd academy
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award, this one for lifetime achievement sydney was paid tribute to those who had preceded him. i accept this award and memory of all the african american actors and actresses who went before me in the difficult years. but it was plucky himself who cleared the path for many black stars in hollywood. born in miami, to immigrants from the bahamas. what he trained on the new york stage before breaking through on the big screen is signature rolls founded on the themes of america's racial conflicts. in the late fifty's, he played a southern prison convict chain to a whitey and made as they made a desperate escape. you married to me, all right, joke and he is lorraine, but i am going south on no honeymoon now in the early sixties, another report to his characters touched on interracial marriage, which was still illegal in several american states. mom,
9:44 pm
this is gone. meanwhile, what year was helping to wage the real life fight to win 1st class citizenship for black people? i became interested in civil rights struggle out of necessity to survive in the heat of the night. what ga, played a northern detective, undaunted by southern bigotry, old virgil, that's a funny name for me. got to come from philadelphia. what did they call you up there? a call may miss step tabs that film 15 academy awards, including for best picture i build a camera. i my then what you had already won his own ass girl, the 1st awarded to a male african american actor. the prize was for lilies of the field in which the issue of race was left largely unspoken. in that film, he played a warm hearted mechanic who builds a chapel for a group of singing nuns, but in one of his late street rolls this time portraying nelson mandela lottie
9:45 pm
a return, the struggle for racial justice every day, the sales of your jails grow more and more crowded with angry and if i am young men, what da drew criticism from some black activists who called him to passive in the offscreen struggle for civil rights. but his standing has endured sidney poitier, a proud hollywood pioneer. well, we can speak now to kelly carter. she's a senior entertainment reporter for the undefeated c s p as platform about sports ways and culture. she joins the spice guys from los angeles and this kid to have you withers on the news. i were hearing there from a correspond reynolds, but some of the highlights of sydney parties, long life and career. but one legacy would you say he leaves behind that
9:46 pm
surely is but more than just as movie capital, isn't it? yeah. you know, i, i think that much of what we will probably ultimately talk about that is what he did that had nothing to do with the script. i mean, certainly his presence helped to change the shape and scope of how black men and black people were viewed globally. but really he pays the way you know, on for people to come behind him. we don't get to talk about a town later than that. washington, if there were no sydney or da. and he understood that importance of what he did and the people who came behind him certainly continually, you know, honored him as they were making their own incense into, into this world of hollywood too. he also was an activist and we really shouldn't lose sight of that too. i think that his presence was activism most certainly in a lot of the choices that he made. oh, as an actor, but also as a director, was activism as well as more rebates hayes rule in the the civil
9:47 pm
rights struggle because for many of our viewers watching this, they'll just remember or know the name sidney party a is a, in his most famous films that they give guests he's coming to dinner and such like, but doesn't work that goes on behind the scenes that, that, that doesn't tend to get remembered afterwards. so in terms of his activism, what would you highlight 2 years? well, i mean let's, let's talk about guess who's coming to dinner. for example, $967.00 was when that come came out and that was such a marquis year for sydney, po, da. as an actor. but it also was a very marky year for what was happening in the united states. you know, $96.00 is that was the year that there's been marshall. the 1st black supreme court justice was confirmed. that also was the year were interracial marriages were, they were a legal before $967.00. that was the year that that, that,
9:48 pm
that loving case went to the supreme court and was completely overturned in that same year. lo and behold, sydney pointy has a film that is always going to be mentioned 1st, you know, when you talk about his career guess who's coming to dinner, which minutely talks about, you know, interracial relationships. and that's what i mean when i said, you know, a lot of his choices were done with, you know, and, and he was a very smart man. he knew what he was doing and he knew that the work that he put out there was going to spark conversation and was going to ultimately help move the needle of progression. not only in hollywood, but most certainly for black people. viewed globally around the world and that's really one of the probably most important things he did. but of course he also was . ringback a frontline worker with regards to civil rights and he said in the package that you guys put together, he did it as a necessity in order to survive. it wasn't just a novelty. it wasn't just something to do because all the kids were doing it. he didn't do it because he actually was
9:49 pm
a black man living in the united states and dealing with the same things that my parents and my grandparents were dealing with. ok, kelly carter from the undefeated in los angeles. great to talk to you. thank you so much for joining us analysis era. thank you for having me. that the u. s. c serve, colorado says the damage bill from wildfire. his last week will exceed half a $1000000000.00. at least a 1000 properties were destroyed in the wild forest before snow storms arrived. investigators still trying to work at the course of the fires, which are described as the worse in colorado. as history, scientists say climate change is at least partly to blame. a car containing 10 bodies has been left outside the office of a mexican state governor to force between rival gangs have made exactly to curse states. one of the most violent parts of mexico,
9:50 pm
south korean electronics firm. samsung says it expects 4th quarter profits to be more than double compared to last year. company said this is mainly g t, the strong demand for server memory, chips, $11500000000.00 would be the highest 4th quarter profits for the world's largest memory chip. and smartphone maker since 2017. what's more still has a here on al jazeera, the sports is coming up for you after the break. and we'll hear newcastle united 1st big signing since the cold was bought on a saturday arabian act consortium to stay with us. ah
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ah ah ah
9:52 pm
ah, the sport here is andy. thank you so much. hello. well, another twisted, neat, no joke of each song, a leak. let's have from tennis australia has revealed unvaccinated plays, may have been given misleading information, australia, newspaper, the herald sun, repulsing that plays told they could enter the country where the medical exemption, if they tested positive for covered 19 within the last 6 months. but ma'am, i was sent supplies in december after the federal government and informed tennis australia, the prior infections when not grounds for an exemption. and it's please joke of it's relied on his recent bout of coded to try and gain entry into the country. for now, of course, he's still in melbourne. the tension hotel awaiting the outcome of that appeal against his deportation. one instagram, the will number one have this to say thank you to people around the world,
9:53 pm
feel continuous support. i can feel it and it's greatly appreciated. joclett, his mother says novak, his mentally very stable as he whites that court decision is expected. on monday. hundreds of fans have gathered in belgrade to show their support for the 20 time grand slam champion. i think he said that he is okay. so i'm not sure he's mentally very stable and he's waiting. waiting until monday morning. they're, they're going to decide, and it's very difficult for all of us. talk of it show, receiving public support from some of his peers, including tennis. sam grinned. the american isn't competing at this. she is australian open because he's on vaccinated and doesn't meet the criteria for medical exemption. it's hard to say if he's being a scapegoat. but i know that the why questions the other players that keep the same
9:54 pm
medical exemptions that he did if they were scrutinized and met with such almost hostility upon arrival. it seemed like it was very specific to him and his name because he is a high profile guy. i am the number one player in the world and his stance on vaccination has been fairly open in regards to not being vaccinated. and other question mark leading up to the cement if he would do it or not do it. and but i guess since he announced about getting the exemption that he is not vaccinated. and so it kind of turned into this seemingly politic politicized event or joclett. you're also getting some backing from one of his sir traditional critics nick kerry, else australian saying, i definitely believe in taking action. i got vaccination because of others and my mom's health. but how we are handling novak situation is bad, really bad on these names. headlines. this is one of our great champions,
9:55 pm
but at the end of the day he is human. do better. well now me a socket is by making headlines for her on court performance. this the defending australian open champion is through to the semifinals of a woman events in melbourne. and ember. i saw chris playing again after taking an extended break from the game to focus on her mental health current. weldon ball and ashley bossier went in adelaide, australia getting past american. a cannon in straight sets, the building up to her to become the 1st straining woman when her home major since christ or nearly 19 personally football team. caffeine, i'd say have made the 1st big signing since being bought by a saudi arabian bank consulting in the international care and trippy. i joined the club and a $16000000.00 deal from athletics, madrid, you castle where they currently sit. second from bottom in the lea, i'm the talk, the player looks challenges at a challenge going to i left commented in the 1st place, changing countries,
9:56 pm
different league. and now i'm a newcastle. i know the position of the room ahead to help as much of that kind of on and off the field aston villa reached alone agreement with barcelona to take on philip casino until the end of the season. the brazilian privacy pie for liverpool before sun cabassos in 2018 for a fee of nearly $100000000.00. now england bats have been stokes enjoyed and incredible escaped during the 4th ashes test against australia. ah, will cameron greens delivery somehow found to knock his bales of stokes survived, went on to school. 66, they threw in sidney, finished with a century for johnny bear. sto, england around $257.00. still training by more than a 150 runs. each ruin is vital. that's why. when you button at this moment in time trying to take every single word, rosa isn't
9:57 pm
a look. it is not been easy. what's it? you got to get credit as well to their bowlers. they've got a world world class bowling attack, some pretty while since they're at new york madison square garden as the next climbed, a dramatic, whenever the boston celtics in the ambia 5 sat up oh, j barrett was amazing. triple ceiling, one way to one. i find caps off a huge come back the next c at to overcome. it's when sci fi point 2nd quarter. and catherine dro vanessa alex here has extended his lead in the decor, riley after 6 stages, the 3 time winner, the events ality. it is now almost 50 minutes out of saudi arabia's. yes. ead al raj, hey. stage 6 was a $340.00 commerce, a trip around the capitol rehab. okay. more from a led lights from that as high school is looking for an hour. thanks very much indeed. and see, well, i'll set for me on the team here in do,
9:58 pm
i'm gonna hand you over to marion mossey and london. she'll be with you after this . very short break up. ah. a shilling. the debate, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on systems across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now this is not a lock, can get it from completed. we cannot lose hope, we know what to do and we have the tools to do to get back with all the paper. this
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stream on al jazeera ah, ah ah, americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command it's you like tried to cover what your take on why they've gotten the so wrong. that means political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policy, and the impact on the world on al jazeera ah
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al jazeera. when ever you oh, i undressed and kazakhstan, security forces a toll to shoot to kill without warning as the president moves and to crush the opposition. ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm noisy in london and watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program.


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