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tv   Africa Direct Colours Are Alive Here Scrapyard Anoumabo  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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struggle out of necessity to survive in the heat of the night. what ga played a northern detective, undaunted by southern bigotry, old virgil, that's a funny name from what i come from philadelphia. what do they call you up there? a call may miss stepped abs. that film $15.00 academy awards, including for best picture i build a camera. i my then what you had already won his own ass girl, the 1st awarded to a male african american actor. the prize was for lilies of the field in which the issue of race was left largely unspoken. in that film, he played a warm hearted mechanic who built a chapel for a group of singing nuns, but in one of his late screen roles this time portraying nelson mandela for lottie a return to the struggle for racial justice. every day, the sales of your jail grew more and more crowded with angry,
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undefined young men. what he ate, drew criticism from some black activists who called him to passive in the off screen struggle for civil rights. but his standing as endured sydney what? yay. a proud hollywood pioneer a this is al jazeera, these on the headlines council stones president says authorize security forces to far without warning, as he tries to qual, violent protests against governments wash. and lead forces have been deployed to help dozens of protests, his own security personnel has been killed. because with them when you check them, william wishes to, to continue to damage public and private properties and use weapons against citizens done. i gave an order to law enforcement agencies and the army to open
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fire without warning was covered to have been cold abroad for departure. she's wanting to move the negotiations to a peaceful resolution. what nonsense. kind of negotiations can there be with criminals with murderers? we had to deal with armed and change bended in both local and foreign cars. that's why they have to be destroyed. and there will be done sooner than the u. k. is sending soldiers to hospitals in london to help full staff and gaps or into 100 military personnel, including 40 army doctors will help staff look after patients. india is introducing mandatory home quarantine for all international passenger arrivals. new measures apply even if travelers return a negative cold with 19 test at the airports. as pioneering. actually, sidney poitier has dines at the age of 94. he was the 1st black person to win the academy award for best actor. and that's your up to date. favorite is here on al
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jazeera africa direct is up. next news news, news. news. news. ah, the ah, ah,
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news in most of them are never bought or they're not going to go machine because of the voice of the machine. i feel like, you know, i mean it's you know, machine and we have them on there whether we should, i'm going on with m as in demand addition and we were to go about a space, a home was
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a machine engine did to run. and i wondered where did you don't want to go? you know, a that i don't need to know from the machine. do you can, you know, the last 6 months in a space, we used to have that need that you got from the get a bond to one of the people that are not mine, islam. so i used that. i do just like that opportunity. the end of the lecture, the while, as long as i believe in what i do, and i'm to keep on working kind of for it. i go back to, you know, i, my growth in stores like, you know, a big brands that, you know, they do, i miss
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with and i want to run about going to, i'm let me when i bought the boat and i know from a deal with a little bit didn't stop it a little bit, but
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a little bit more. but i didn't. it didn't go through with a look at my house. i don't know them on a bit. yeah. it in seminary fashion can afford to diminish. again, i shall send winter,
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reduce gray game, or del, as i said, let you know the chocolate and gold and a black. first of all, black was like, you know, to talk step. i'm going to do black. and then i chose like gold and token. it's because overall, there's incubator, that's the reason why is because it shows and i do any, you know, my game and it began and to symbolize all that great talent and talent is something that is apprentice. i want to know why is it just really slow? it's just nothing road. so roxanne and a and i took it from lenny and germany and my intent milan from atlanta from cc. because that is the only way we are able to like expand our territory. if 40 people attend the event,
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we basically need to make we need to have 30 people buy something. right. and then well, have a surplus of $7009.00. so what we have so far ah, oh, i went to ac, so it was too late to go to medical, but i do need to talk with someone to make sure cuz it will be with well known in
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a moment i knew yeah, i go back home and have a fresh mind and then i was mute fusion that i do it to be honest, living all to watch of that are wanting to do is the biggest out with a, with a one day that shouldn't last become
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a 70 unit of enough. you know, so you have to depend on going to be a sister. so are planning to do like a pop up to celebrate the little organs that we have. that it will be like a day for sitting just you know, about i to sense i don't get better. i don't know. anyway, a couple of times like, you know, why don't you just let you know you got a sample that isn't waste. i didn't like, you know, doing this project label. i can close most yankee barrel. it's because i'm to go to tailor to what we're doing. it is for good player and doesn't matter how slow i'm getting there. but my dad, his leg yesterday is not the same as today, at least yesterday with 2 people down walking with 3 people the next days like 4 people, 5 people with
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ship even if you put into it for a for to live with them like you print off or not just name the end of the 1st time. ok to come. i was dive a q to but to more and more than it, you know, don't show up again calling up about the m idea. but you know, for due to doing a move with anybody over
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there with no one made it about a 100 sure. and your name. yeah. my name so yes o b e bay. i use my term in everybody that is at home and i will you well,
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so this is basically the schedule for we're going to the repair showroom. then all the princes are going to be lynette. maybe on the stairs. nobody's going to go out . or maybe they can go out because the other one will be empty or just the one anything sheesh sheesh. let them know. i wanted to make this possible. how do you feel about his feeling? like back here, i want you to one. when i hit the
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one over my comment from missouri and under by then i will never load up with up. i go by you live close to the proposal. we do a biofuel model, one of our i need to talk to you talk to you one a when, if i go over more than to get a more laid brought up on benjamin fanny, go through the women to punch in the ladies talk when they want to play, you may be wonder, maybe with
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a listing that inspires, you know, whatever directive you know to make your life a come up with . well, so my brother do what you've done was was the 1st new drift. but i just don't, carlos, don't carlos. then he's done like conscience chris martin lane,
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never literally everybody. and he always finds is where you will even when we can find the art, he still find a way to find them from all of a journey into and to see where he is and how it's going is definitely fulfilling, you know, you know, with a, with bob, you to go more than be a little going i day cause is he was claim, you know,
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it's one of the can not be or does it tell you to come to the door that is clearly a court able cover to give me a call to make you become seen swelling. nice now you know, come once out on elizabeth, i said now to the website, and that is, we're now not drake work on soft up against a bully than a yoyo del eps. i forget began check our door light model antonio, my clumsy world are causing that. i get all the locals new me when i'm say not political posterity. and i so quite good films that i did i back on again with
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didn't about the competition. it's about the impact that you're leaving behind you . i don't know, but i just like burger do that, is that i do i the thing that i don't, i don't, i don't do them because my man dreema, i mean go to the fashion designer is to be able to play like, you know, it, double communities for the people i don't me in my community, and that is that type of a dream that we never end with
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for for proof with their might their call you maybe they use yay. api i e e z a normally c is leo. my there is your mazda unit, doyle junior guide that you register the seats dog. step i la menaja was apple. you yecynnia. well, so, so by let me look this up with you to see emerson don't o as, as don't i shopping with unit 3. again, you must. oh boy, you lee. oh, shall you meet that u e u feathers?
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yes. good boy, you go, papa may go. he said as yes last you 4 go can you finish? yes, you are probably very yes, you brought this one up on wednesday us i'd be see that was that it is that me visor. no one is
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with a parent with
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that i'm with that my little one isn't it but i get you back. i can live with here. rome lived in a minute while blah, blah blah blah, blah, next week. oh
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good. oh oh oh oh, oh oh well well, what were you all boy out of all my if you good i will be there as well. so angel barton figured that by law then if i, you know, it's not offered up one of those. like, you know,
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i mean, i mean if they don't have them, they will be upgraded. oh ah . ah
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frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken a look a shanker, even though they're cap. see, believe them the beginning, they're able to put an informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think that they should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give time. your child wants that inside story on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks, a new men with is added a weight of these giant, dumb fraud, having more moving power. these being able to extract more goal more quickly with detail coverage. everywhere you look there is this stuff and the food survive your collect like will never be the same again for them from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison. the question the jury has to
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decide now he should she in pakistan's largest city, climate change in water shortages are driving some residence to desperate measures . one 0, one east meets the waters of corruption. on l 0 o jim in the city in vietnam, once i gone home, the old capital of south vietnam at its heart, islam. sonya square, where journalists, diplomats, military staff and spies rub shoulders in its famous hotels. during the vietnam war, i was assigned to vietnam by the associated press and i arrived june 1962. the caravel hotel burst under the headlines in november, 1963 when those of number to recruit 8, which led to the assassination of the president. this problem of our 24 hour period,
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the center of sy gone, was a war zone. the press retreated in effect of the car val hotel, and many of the story is mentioned what we were saying was from the caravel. as it stands, president, authorize his forces to fire on protest stairs without warning. as motion, troops enter almighty in support. ah, that i'm how am i he did this is al jazeera, my from doha. also coming up, india makes one week home quarantine mandatory for all international travelers. as
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crew of ours case is closed, the 2nd figure mark.


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