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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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is highly contaminated. bolivia in the class. risk in it all on al jazeera. ah . ah. this is al jazeera ah. hello from doha. i'm alamo. he is in with the al jazeera news arm coming up for you . in the next 60 minutes, cassock stands president authorize his forces to fire without warning. in a bid to quail nationwide protests against his governments. india braces for another wave of corona, virus infections, ordering all international travelers to quarantine for
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a week on arrival. australia rejects claims, novak joke of issues being held against his will in an immigration hotel where refuge jeans hadn't stopped indefinitely. and cambodia is prime minister becomes the 1st foreign leader to visit me and mars jointer provoking accusations of legitimizing the coo and his fault. calorie launches and you vaccination campaign out of the continents biggest football tournament covered night scene having a major impact on many teams arriving in the country synagogue. one of the seems most effective ah will catholic sounds president says told his forces they can far without warning. as he tries to ends violent protests against his government, casem jermarta chi of address the nation declaring there will be no negotiations
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with those he calls armed bandits. because without them what you charge them or you must restore terror, continue to damage public and private property. and use weapons against citizens done. i gave an order to law enforcement agencies and the army to open fire without warning was covered. there had been coals abroad for the part ordered to move the negotiations to a peaceful resolution. what nonsense, kind of negotiations can there be with criminals with murderers? we had to deal with armed and change bended in both local and foreign cars. that's why they have to be destroyed, and there will be done soon. well, russian led forces had been deployed to help the governments. this is the worst and rest since catholics done became independence. following the breakup of the soviet union, dozens of protest is on security. personnel have been killed and more than 3000
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people have been detained. the process began over rising fuel prices the top since underlying anger. but to kind of answer the ruling elites. well, let's get more and i from robin forest walker, he's monitoring developments from tbilisi in georgia. robin, let's start with those remarks from the presidents of a catholic stun. quite alarming. a change in rhetoric. he is. let's see. he's focusing on what's been happening as very much about the violence that has been carried out by some of these people that we've seen on the street. some of these protestors who have obtained weapons and who have been engaging in st battles in particular in our mattie because extern largest city. and there's very little if any,
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consider a 3 tones coming from the president. i'd accusing them of being foreign funded terrorists. even in saying that there are foreigners outside forces involved in its violence, describing them as rebels that they would be destroyed unless they surrendered. now, that has prompted reaction i think from, from people inside because it's done in particular from civil society activists. in fact, there are, there are many that have emerged over the years that have been trying to push pay for the full political and economic reforms in the country. what does that mean could cause it's done, which came to prominence around about the same time that president so kind of actually took power back in 2019, you know, and they, they were saying that we are not the people that you are referring to. and this
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kind of what's happening, cuz extern, this outburst and violence would not have happened, had president and his administration engaged in dialogue for democratic reforms that he had pledged to, but has done very little. in fact, in reality, since he came to power, what about the, is that the, the positions that's coming from some useful context robin. the give us a sense of what it's like on the streets and council on right now, because very alarm and pictures coming out of the country. and suddenly it looks like the scene also seems of violence in the last few days. when you know mattie the scene of the work violence, there was all kinds of weaponry being fired and pitched gun battles, explosions, very large, very loud explosions. and though we don't know just how many people really have been killed or injured in this health ministry saying more than
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a 1000 plus more than $26.00 people killed according to the 30s, the ones that they referring to with terrorists and more than 8, sorry, i believe around 18 police officers and security services members killed in this. so the violence has been really awful. if, if it's possible today, it appears that there has been a little bit, it has been a little bit calmer on the streets about mattie. but the trunk said the military hardware is, are across because extern in cities across because it's done where protested civil also been out on the streets. and we're just getting very little information coming out about what, what's happening now in many different cities across catholic stuff. because of the information black out, the internet makes some guys very difficult people,
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not just to get information out, but also to go about their daily lives to, to, for instance, to be able to pay for things you know, using cash this transactions and so forth. ok problem, forrest walker, that bang as dates from tbilisi and ga robin for now. thank you very much. indeed. evelyn could take a course, a look at the russian led military alliance, the sending groups into the country that was called the collector security treaty organization and was forms about 6 months after the collapse of the soviet union. it's so often described as you racially, responds to nathan, to the group, includes russia along with 5 ex soviet republics. they conduct training exercises and so it overseas on sales. but this is the 1st time in the organizations history where it's agreed to deploy troops to a members state. it refused several requests in the past,
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including from kyrgyzstan in 2010 and in armenia. last year, article for all of its chap charter says it will only de, so of the country is threatened by an external force. well, let's get more now from moscow were joined by maxime psycho thea, an expert in the russian international affairs council. and it's good to have you with us on the al jazeera user is the 1st time the, the c s t o has been, as essentially brought troops into an external country a. what are the at the external forces that threaten kazakstan that necessitate this deployment of troops? well, i think exactly the once the president of cause, like some referred to, there's obviously little clarity on what those external actors or forces that are driving this protest allegedly are about to it is exactly the reason that enable
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that because study president to invoke the c a seal mandate and invites the troops to protect the territory. my sense is that these allegations were largely triggered by the speed and the scale of the protest activity in their violence. and you know, the protests and i believe that in the protests of the scale, it's kind of a multi layered and a mixed bag of people who are generally disgruntled, but also some forces. who according to because study leadership have been obviously received from advanced training because they were more sorry to jump in. which forces are you talking about another nation face or group who exactly don't have. yeah. we don't know. we don't know the, i guess the no, no names were named as of yet. it's just i think the size of the threat is there
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are people who are on the streets fighting because our law enforcement and they're showing pretty decent skill. said the fighting, you know, about 2000 of because i'm looking for some work killed, some of them were beheaded. so there all kinds of allegations about what those people are, where they receive trading, if any, how they are able to seize these many cds or wreck havoc in the so many cities all across the country. so i think the surgeon see in the speed and the scale of violence kind of pushed the leader to the, to the decision to invoke the c a seal that, as you rightly pointed out, has never been invited before. even though there were 2 occasions and target down the few still. yeah. so, so just thought was a bit. we'll rush this interest here is obviously you're saying they were here by invitation. we don't know specifically the threat essentially the groups would have brought them in. but russia, do you think russia have an interest in intervening in this way?
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well, obviously, russia has more than 70000 kilometer a joint kilometer water. we've got the sun and cause i've done is an incredibly important member of the regional union. russia straight partner, very important historically, and pretty much very important in terms of geo politics and security wise because it's the country that has adjusted to russia from the southern flank. so all the potential geopolitical or security threats emanating from in italy, or, or central asia to the russian, quote unquote soft underbelly. are you know, deal the diesel or that way to cause exxon. so i think the, the interest of the russians in the 1st place was to go there and stabilize the state that ended up on the, you know, on the edge of collapse as it appeared from, from the outside. but obviously we know these many details about the specific agreements between moscow and russel time at this point and to intensify the wind
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to reflect this cute have. i mean, i how long as marcia planning to stay there because the risk of risk is there notes that the company could get bogged down in another foreign intervention? well, i think so far the ricks as the min minimal, a because the number of troops that c s deal is deployed is rather small, about 2500 soldiers and officers, which is rather small for the country is the size of the sun, which is pretty much the size of all western europe be the russian mandate has been very clear. the russian soldiers are not participating in and fighting with protesters, but are defending the facilities of critical infrastructure such as the bike, an or space station, russian counselors, service and almighty and other facilities and see so far indeed, the c c o calculation that the involvement would last from quotes from several days to several weeks,
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but they are making it conditions and say it will depends on the situation in the country and dependent on the will of the leadership of complex time. ok, maxine will have to leave it there, but it's great to get your perspective and your analysis on the situation. we do appreciate it. thank you. i think it other news now in the world health organization says the daily number of cove at 19 infections has doubled in recent days. in the past 24 hours, they're happy more than 2600000 new cases. they're in the u. k. the on the cross night break is so bad that the military has been called in to replace a sick staff in british hospitals. around 200 troops will keep medical services going. as staff will cover from coven 19, india is making all international arrivals to 7 days of home koren,
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seen this comes as daily infections on friday, passed 117000 you cases. and the german chancellor, all of sholtes is meeting regional leaders on friday to agree on new measures to tackle on the crohn. they're discussing tighter restrictions on restaurants and bars will we've got a moron mass with dominic came in just a moments and they d. barbara is going to be covering developments in the u. k. from the capital london 1st to let's heads it to you delhi or where we can join a partly natal party just talked so as about these you travel rules are for of rivals because the countries look divvying things up into safe countries or otherwise it's all international arrivals we'll have to do that currency won't be yes. what does basically means is that everybody who now flies into in dow when
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have to quarantine at home for a week. and then on the 8th day, take a lab test test for the virus and upload the results on a government portal so that authorities are in the know. also remember in the already mandates passengers to test before boarding of flight and to present a negative test. now, many states already had their own travel restrictions, but what's been happening is that a large number of passengers who have been coming from abroad have been testing positive on arrival just a couple of hours ago. there was a charter flight from room that arrived in the city of unreturned more than a 170 passengers on that flight tested positive on arrival. now the state of bengal, earlier, had suspended all direct flights from the u. k. it also went ahead and restricted domestic flights from delhi and more by 2 of the hardest hits cities. and now the state requires all passengers from outside the state to present
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a negative test. before arriving the state of connecticut in southern india also has a testing mandate for some passengers coming from certain states. so like my roster and go are and some other states that have high corbett 19 cases, mum by which again crossed the 20000 mark in new cases, has already been testing all passengers upon arrival. okay, pavlovitch aubrey as up to date form at you daily. thank you, parentally. well, that's across no tune. the d barber, he's joining us from outside. guy is hospital in london and they deem it sounds quite alarming that the the r b is being deployed into hospitals. but then again, on the 2 hundreds of service men, women are actually going to be helping out. so. so what does this see about the state of the corona virus situation in the u. k. and indeed have well, the, the u. k. health system is halting,
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obe well, the 1st question, the state of the health system and the impact of your micron. very it, undoubtedly there are huge extra pressures on people who work in hospitals like the one behind me because of all me crohn on top of the pressures that always come with the winter months. now, in the last a few hours, prime minister boys johnson has repeated that he doesn't think new restrictions a needed to fight covet. 19 saying that crushes on intensive care units in hospitals are less than in previous waves. because of the success of that boost. that program of 3rd vaccine doses will bose have been slowing down, walked on, the current has been getting quicker. it's now reported according to the office of national statistics in last week of, of 2021. so in the week, up to last friday, around 5.8 percent of the population would have tested positive the real figure
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could even be higher because many people have struggled to actually get tests. what does that mean? it means that there are more people off seek in virtually every sector of the economy. but crucially, in the n, a chess, some trusts around england now reportedly saying that are up to 20 percent of their workforce or sick, or isolating here in the capitol. those 200 members of the miniature. yes. helping out in hospitals, 40 of the medics the rest doing other duties. of course it's just one city and it's just some of the hospitals that desperately need it. but in other places they're not getting that kind of help. we're hearing that. so in the north west of england, the northwest ambulance survey, so also getting help from a 150 members of the military. there they'll be doing things like driving known urgent ambulances to take the pressure off those colds so that,
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so that other services can carry on as best they can. but we've seen queues of dozens of ambulances outside some hospitals in the u. k. in recent weeks. and such are the pressures on those hospitals. and really, health bosses are saying that this is a short term solution to an underlying problem of understaffing and under resourcing, which has been going on for years, they're saying that will prime minister barak johnson is talking about writing out this on the chron ways. but what will happen after that they're extremely worried about their staffing levels and m to tell the truth. nobody knows how long exactly this wave will continue before it peaks. although in wales, the 1st minister there believes it could be within the next 2 weeks. okay. well, we'll keep a close eye on that sna team. barbara bring us up to date from london in the u. k. let's say get the view now for germany. dominic cane that joins is now my form.
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berlin. something just how is the situation in germany because it does sound like yeah, the arkansas being you measures it, which would suggest at the core of our situation could be getting worse. the situation right now is that we still have every day, tens of thousands of new cases being announced. hundreds of new deaths being announced. it must be said that the rate announced today in the 50000 veterans and in terms of new infections that is not as high as it has been prior to the christmas festive season, it was said 7075000 a day at some points. so clearly there is still of great concern about the volume of infections and indeed the volume of new deaths, but it is not at the peak that it was a few weeks ago. what we know is that a meeting that was being held today of the minister presidents of the states and the federal government of olaf shots they've been talking through what they want to
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do next. and the central question from mr. shots, his point of view is, how does he persuade his colleagues that are generalized, mandatory vaccine requirement is a good idea and should be brought into effect. he wanted it to be an effective possible by february that doesn't give him much time. we know that the people around that table, but physically here in berlin and then taking part via video conference. well, they've refused that right now. they're not saying no forever, but they don't want to decide upon it today. what they have decided we already know is that they are intensifying the rules and yet shortening them in some ways. so quarantine will be shorter if people are able to provide a negative p c r test that will be shortened by a few days. but also what we know is that from very soon from now on, there will be a situation. if you have a booster, you won't need to have to prove that you have a negative test to get to bars and restaurants. but if you've had no vaccination at
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all, whether or not you have a negative cast, you will not be allowed in. so rules changing very soon. okay, that when i came bringing this up to date from the german capital, dominic, thank you. a lot more heads on this usa, including evidence emerges of increased russian activity on the border with crane. as natal foreign ministers hold an emergency meeting, nigeria government says it will start dealing with criminal gangs as terrorists, and it's battle against mass kidnappings. ah. and in sports, actually, 6 nights in the latest for b and b coming up later. that user ah,
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the us national security adviser has reportedly discussed the possibility of snap like sanctions on iran with is really authorities. jake sullivan is believed to have brought up the threat of the sanctions as a means to deter iran's ability to enrich weapons, great uranium. under the 2015 nuclear deal between to harm and world pars participants can complain to the united nations security council. if another participants is in violation, council must then pass a new resolution within 30 days that the country lodging the complaints can veto. that resolution triggering the so called snap back sanctions. or we can speak now with mohammed mirandi. he's an advisor to iran's delegation for those nuclear negotiations. he joins us now from vienna and ask it to help you with those. so what do you make of this threats of snap back sanctions?
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i were in as that's to your delegation. well, it is ironic that the united states which violated the deal from day one, when obama signed basically signed the deal. he told the treasury not to allow banks to cooperate with you. rodney threatened banks not to work with iran, and that was a violation of the deal, a key violation of the deal. and of course then trump tore up the deal. and by then has been continuing with trumps maxim pressure sanctions. and the europeans have been abiding by trump, and biden, and obama all along. so the countries that have been violating the deal are western countries. so for them to threaten the iran is, is quite extraordinary. but that's how the world that we live in works. but the run into not going to work based on threat 1st of all the, these deadlines that we hear every now and then in the media, the iranians are with regards to that the wine is we're not going to be rushed into
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a deal. the iranians last time round because of the shortcomings that existed in the j. c, here in 2015 with regards to verification, such as the example i gave about obama. this time around, the iranians are going to be very careful to make sure that the deal is full truth and that the europeans and americans can't cheat the country, so he won't be rushed. they want a good and proper implementation of the j. c po, with regards to the snap back. the truth is that this is what western diplomats have been telling me or former diplomat media people in the media close to western diplomat western countries. no, they don't have leverage. maximum pressure means maximum pressure of trump could have done war more to hurt ordinary run into fighting could have done more to hurt women and children in iran. they would have done that. so you know, the idea was not back threat then this is say, do you see this is the west exert thing or we're communicating its weakness or i
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mean, how is this perceived? well, no one likes threats and no one likes sanctions. but the fact is that the un sanctions were very limited in scope. and the maximum pressure sanctions that we are now seeing in place include those and go far beyond them. so if the europeans and americans note they go to snap back, nothing you is going to happen. there may be a psychological effect. and iran, the persian western on persian media, the saudi own person, media, and their allies and iran may create disturbances in the market. but there will be no fundamental change. however, if that happens, then the iranians will no longer allow the i 8 to have their excessive and extra people and a status in the country. okay, then do you see it in american? so i don't. so you tell me that the reason i'm trying to do it to get
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a position on what this threat to snap back means is because the radiant foreign minister had told al jazeera that day, he was in good signs. and i'm just trying to nail down what that refers to it. what are these good sites? is there progress being made? or is the fact that threats of snap back or being issued? or does that indicate some kinds of a shift in the momentum of the, the 2 positions, the 2 sides in this negotiation? no deadlines and threats of snap back have no impact on the iranian delegation. the iranians are going to make sure it's a good deal. there is progress, but it's very slow and thus because the europeans and the americans are dragging their feet, they want to have their cake and needed to they want the iranians to implement that u. m. full. but they want to have sanctions that they want to have extra concessions. and that simply not going to happen. remember, obama years ago is the end of the good site and deal with it. and as i said,
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since insistent is, what are the good saying you're saying? because if this negotiation is going to be slow and patient and the iranians are not going to yield to pressure and it looks pretty dead locked. so where is the optimism in this scenario? well, the iranians obviously are not going to yield because the iranians have already given the concessions the j. c. p o, a was the compromise. so the europeans and americans can expect more. that is the deal. that was the compromise. so if it is slow, it's not because of the iranians, it's because of the europeans and americans, they're dragging their feet, if they conclude that they have the political will to implement the nuclear deal. the nick, the, the negotiations would end very quickly. so instead of making threats, the smart thing to do is for them to implement the deal. otherwise, obama years ago, when he signed the nuclear deal,
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he admitted that the reason why he did so, even though obama violated the deal. and he cheated iranians. but he admitted in public that the sanctions regime would ultimately collapse. so he had to strike a deal before the regime collapse at the, the sanctions regime. and now the world is changing. the united states has so many internal problems, economic, political, social, it has rising of powers that it is confronting china, russia. united states is not in the sort of position it was 6 years ago. so the smart thing would be for the americans to start a behaving more seriously at the negotiating table and to implement what they promised implement 6 years ago. okay, we're out of time. unfortunately, mohammed guarantee, but good to get your thoughts. thank you very much for joining us on. i'll just you more still ahead on this news our including china may has stamped so it's a covered 90 night break in one of its cities that people living there
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a complaining that hey, the retreat is an in storage. one of novak jokers, which is fears as confessors comes out of the world. number one, st. louis. ah, hello. the weather's quieting down nicely. now across much of the middle east la, she sat there lots of hazy sunshine, but there is something to change on the way just making its way into the eastern side of the mediterranean, the be some showers just rolling through here over the next day or so. so for saturday, the levant, middle east, fine, and try to, to celsius in doha 20 celsius here on sunday. watch out for some early morning, missed and folk. here's that change, which is a foot by this stage. and that will just push its way toward serve at eastern side of the, made some to watch out for next week we'll see some showers all the way across the
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la vance, syria, iraq, lebanon, jordan, sing, some of that sherry ray, even northern parts of saudi arabia, can watch out for some right into the early part of next week at the moment. that same systems just feeding across northern areas of janasia, just grazing the coastal regions of libya. we'll see it making his way further. east was then as we go through the next hour, so one or 2 showers to just around the guinea coast, but for central parts of africa. majority of the shower, where they should be just around the heart of africa, some big down paul, spilling out of angola. into where zambia just running across says in bob way into mozambique and madagascar more the same as we go through sunday. but also some pretty wet weather for south africa. ah, the americans are increasingly say authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, if you like, tried to cover it up. what's your take on why they've gotten this so raw?
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that to me is political mouth for the bottom line on us politics and policy and the impact on the world on al jazeera, in just under a year's time catalyst al bait stadium will house the opening matcher of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many friends were already counting down to the big kickoff next november. see you got back. go 1022 as this tournament unfolds over the coming days. it will play a key role. organize is getting ready to host the middle east's. biggest ever school thing. event next year. and for the cats are national teams. they get used to playing in fronts of expected home crowds, bobby hoping to convince both the fans and themselves that they really are ready to take on the world. lou.
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ah, this is al jazeera, a quick reminder, all the top stories this are cassock stands president turns all through my security forces to fire without warning, as he tries to qual, violent protests against his government. ocean lead forces have been deployed to help thousands of protest as an security personnel had been killed. india is introducing man's a tree home koren scene for all international passenger arrivals. new measures of even if travelers were certainly negative, covert 19 fast at the airport. and german chancellor show me thing with regional leaders. consider you corona, virus measures. infections are soaring across the country. well,
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let's bring you more on our top story. the crisis in kansas on both of the border crossings with neighboring kyrgyzstan have been closed. i'll just serious ronnie. a treaty isn't one. checkpoints, she senses the sulfate, yada, yada, had the law the to for supposed to be the likely outcome. this is quite clarence, iconic stone or even hair on the border which are totally sealed. and we are standing at the closest border crossing tile metate, the api center, bloody event. so the past 2 days that it is only 200 kilometers from the city that the border crossing cobblestone is now close to the cause of sides. it should be noted that there are 7 crossing points on the borderline between the 2 countries of which 5 have recently been code the following. the president statement authorities in conflict stumped in the security option or use of least flew for any solution. in his statement, the president instructed to shoot to kill without warning. we have seen extensive presidents that the cars at border guards fully cared for fear of any assault from
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outside. like what happened to the apple. however, it has recently announced the cause of some forces by russian forces have fun that grip on alma t. i pulled the local media reported also that the security forces have occupied the majority of the critical state building. the situation is very volatile. a curfew has been announced and by can or space pulled through, which will rush in space. flight launched also reports of all men attacking military bar and other attempts to break into some prisons by the monument of the former president. and as a buyer was brought down by protesters, despite these official reports, that is all under control. the situation remains very volatile. cambodia is 5 minutes, so hoon send the hands. so see day to day visit to myanmar. he's the 1st leader to visit the country since the military cool last year. many are concerned that his trips will bring the gentler see to me and mart's military. jointer,
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tony chang reports now from neighboring thailand. cambodian prime minister hudson takes a few uncertain steps as he starts an official to day visit to myanmar. he's the 1st head of state to visit myanmar since the coolest february. while a military has rolled out the red carpet, few others welcome the trip. social media and side man, mom has been full of images like this. people showing their anger at hanson, those opposed to the coo and me, and mars military rulers. they are the visit, gives legitimacy to the regime. the people are, are clearly sending a very strong message that on son is not welcome in. they are very upset that they're on san is a chevy, providing visitor missy cheer, the murderous hunter. and, and which is actually terrorized the whole country. there's also concern that hudson could open the door that allows me on my back into assay and the association
6:37 pm
of southeast asian nations southeast asian leaders have already taken an unprecedented stand in excluding myanmar until certain conditions are met. such as the release of political prisoners and the end of violence against protested. it's unclear how much backing who insane has from other regional leaders. but his arrival in myanmar could divide assay and further. it's also very unlikely henson will meet any of the jail democratic leaders deposed in the qu, but he may be looking for some time in the global spotlight himself. when san are realised that he is going to play the central raw on the stage. he relishes that, i think it also is something that makes countries that have criticized him like the united states and the european union need him. that they need his co operation. protest as inside mamma have consistently called for the international community to pay more attention to their cause. but a visit from one of the longest serving authoritarian leaders in the world is
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unlikely to bring them the attention they want. tony chang al jazeera gunmen have reportedly killed at least 60 people in nigeria, north western, some far estate. the attacks happen shortly after the government classified gangs as terrorists which will lead to harsher penalties. it allison bar is in a boot, joe with more mats at part of the story. heavily armed groups, half terrorized people in town from villages in central and northwest may julia about 4 years. helena never now security officials, as typical efforts to craig, known some of the violence on wednesday, the major and government branded the criminal gangs as terrorist groups. in a television interview, prison mohammed double harry said, with liberty, them, terrorists, we're going to deal with them as such. the bandits asked the man, luckily i have been responsible for my subduction and kidnappings for ransom and
6:39 pm
destruction of property. some politicians believe the security measures will hope to ease fears. the people don't lay happy with work done. and i will also give the vin a gun window to litzy who do employ on all that means i'm in it in tried to give them some kind of a non can it moves, but is them around it? and it take a more locality moves to, to check members menace the government or them means the military can deploy more military hardware including seeking international support. but the security expert feels the government needs to do more at a political, psychiatric lever. i think they completely have your own perception of what the situation is on the ground. and so their reactions have arisen extremely slow,
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lack of practice, nets and creativeness. they have never really visited the issue with the sort of address you expect a country that is on wall to be able to bring to bear on this and switch on on ground security agencies seem to have maybe had we with the recent release of some hostages and he reported killing of some leaders of the group with political leaders, secure, soft, lumbering for repentant fighters. be bonded most of them a lot latrice. so there's no more government under also on the rise due to the issue of seeing how we're going to get this report order. i believe it on us one or well, look, one security remains and major talking point i had on jan on elections in
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2023. it remains to be seen. if wisdom will hammer double, harry would have fulfilled his electoral promise to any security in the country before handing over. fidel december r 0, a border of our ministers of natal member countries have been meeting to discuss the height intentions for seen ukraine and russia. the u. s mission has just released a statement saying that the foreign ministers of all ally countries, reaffirms courts are unity in response to russian aggression against ukraine. tensions between moscow and western nations sword recently over nato's expansion. as anger in the chinese city of sienna, about how people have been treated, stirring a strict lockton city, leaders are talking on their success of their actions, saying a corporate 19 outbreak has been stamped aids. katrina,
6:42 pm
you reports from 18 chinese health officials say there's been a turning point in the city of she. anne with 30000000 people have been under locked down since the 23rd of december, an outbreak of the delta there. it has been contained and numbers of infections i declining. since i was as you, although there may be cases in the future, the risk a large scale resurgence have been brought under control as our anti epidemic efforts. i would she results. but these results achieved by the strictest measures impose since those and the city of ohio in 2020 have come at a cost, a woman who was 8 months pregnant, lost her unborn child after being refused entry to a hospital until she tested negative for the virus the incident spiked anger on line with some posts describing the woman's treatment as heartbreaking. the joey wonder is under both here on behalf of the municipal health commission,
6:43 pm
i deeply apologize to this patient and deeply apologize for the poor access to medical treatment during the academic an elderly man died of a heart attack after also being refused to care for similar reasons, people have been confined to their home since the lockdown was ordered. many have complained of adequate food deliveries. one man was beaten by pandemic prevention stopped for trying to leave his apartment, blocked by bread. francis miller is a college counselor who's worked at a school and she and since 2018, he says he and his girlfriend have enough food because they stocked up ahead of time. but some of his peers aren't so lucky. i know that some other americans and sean have had trouble getting food. no one guy has been living on basically as the noodles for more than a week. i think it depends on each person's situation and also your property management company like how competent people are there. so especially like people
6:44 pm
who have larger families or who have difficult medical situations or stuff like that can be very difficult right now for people to get the things that they need. whether it's food or medicine or otherwise. francis says many has been shocked by poor city management and the failure to learn lessons from the 1st outbreak and han, you know, given that it's been 2 years since then. how difficult it's been for, you know, that she on to deal with this new outbreak. and how long it's taken kind of the city and especially decision makers to to react to solve problems as. ready a city leader said those responsible for mishandling health delivery and corona virus prevention services has been fired, suspended or punished. meanwhile, authority is in the neighboring problem as a battling an outbreak which is several. 1.16000000 people will put under locked
6:45 pm
down in the city of utero after only a handful of infections were discovered, china is proven 0 approach has acquired a new the lead up to the winter olympics was open here in february. katrina you out a 0, they j is trillion. governments is insisting that 10 a storm of and joke of it is not being held as a prisoner while there. he's in quarantine in melbourne hotel, chuck rich. his visa was revokes when he arrived. authorities rejected his exemption from pandemic entry rules. mister joclett is not being held held captive in australia. he is free to leave at any time that he chooses to do so. and waterfalls will actually facilitate that in relation. so you are other people who are in immigration detention, whether it be in a white hill in melbourne, or whether it be elsewhere in australia,
6:46 pm
those people are there because they don't have a valid these are all they are here illegally. he in australia for maybe a number of reasons, and we treat all people who are in the immigration detention fairly well talk of it's a situation is highlighting the price point rather of refugees and asylum seekers in australia, drug adventuresome quarantine in the park hotel. and that's a great 5 story building with locked windows. refugees and asylum seekers are also housed on for above. jock of ich 30 men are being held up to being moved from offshore australian immigration detention centers in papa new guinea and no rule. some have been there for almost 2 years will have been complaints about pro conditions including food. so they alleged miss managements of course, with 19 since 1992, this trillion has enforced
6:47 pm
a mandatory detention policy for anyone who arrives whether it's a valid visa. well, the joke of it has been in that hotel for something like 36 hours met the lee, on the other hand, is a refugee. he's been in limbo in australia for the past 9 years. saw that time in the park hotel. he twisted it's so sad that so many journals contact me yesterday to ask about the joke of edge. i've been at a cage for 9 years. i turned 24 today. and all you want to talk to me about is that returning to care by asking how i am and then straight away, asking questions about the joke of which we spoke to matt l. e. earlier and he told al jazeera that he has a message for the tennis player. i wanna speak to mr. jungle ridge while love just wanted tell him that's what i've been
6:48 pm
experiencing for 8 years. almost 9 years in was i've been, i mean i was and i'll show you when the history i sing to be in detention. and he's basically the senior right now. and i just want to tell him that i came here as a child with no education. i do not know a proper medical care, as you know, any basic human rights. and they treated me really unjustly. i've been treated worse than criminal as a criminal, or at least they get a sense for their crimes. well i yes, i don't know what i'm going in and i'm in detention. so i'm just wondering
6:49 pm
if he's going to get out. and if he knows about what's going on, you can tell which he's in it right now. i hope he's going to speak about us as he has a strong boys. and maybe that's just gonna drag attention a little bit further. as i feel like when he's gonna leave this place. and maybe is like gonna hey, an extra attention to us. the estate of colorado says the damage bill from wells far as last week with exceed half a $1000000000.00. at least 1000 properties were destroyed before snowstorms arrived . investigators are still trying to work out the cause of the fars, which are described as the worst in colorado's history. scientists say climate change is at least partly to blame hollywood, so 1st black movie, star sidney poitier has dies at the age of $94.00. his death was announced,
6:50 pm
one the deputy prime minister of the bahamas report. you holds jewel nationality. you are an oscar for best factor in lilies of the fields and his work has been an influence in the us civil rights movements also had here on our to 0 to the world's most dangerous fighters could be own collision course. we've got bats and war coming up in sports after the break. ah
6:51 pm
ah . oh. a
6:52 pm
time for the forwards here is envy. thank you so much. hello ma'am joker, which has sort of broken his silence since being taken in fact, detention hotel in melbourne. he's posted based on instagram. thank you to people around the world, feel continuous support. i can feel it. and it's greatly appreciated. or some players have come out in his defense, his joke of which awaits the decision on whether he'll be a play of the australian open those throw the government should have or should have not decided that earlier or not, you know, that's on their own. their own decision, but looking at the situation, it's definitely incredible that this happened the way did, especially to no luck that he got here that you know, this is still going on. so i'll just come at you also getting support from one of his biggest critics, nick carry off the australians saying, i definitely believe in taking action. i got vaccinated because of others and my mom's house. but how we are handling novak situation is bad. really bad,
6:53 pm
like these means headlines. this is one of our great champions, but at the end of the day he's human. do better on me. i soccer has reached the semi font as a woman prevents in melbourne, its 1st torment since september when she ended his season early sighting mental health concerns, the commonwealth borne as the policy also through getting passed. merican. so if you can and, and straight since both you now face is defending champion, israel 1st major international football tournaments of 2022 kicks off on sunday. the delayed africa cup of nations. i guess in cameroon, a country struggling with low vaccination rates with any 2 percent of the population fully. jeff, the countries now launched a new vaccination campaign ahead of the tournament on the fully vaccinated funds. there are also have proof of a negative. cobit 19 test will be allowed to attend the games which will be kept at 60 percent capacity. will cover 19 also having an impact for many of the teams arriving in cameron,
6:54 pm
one of the favorites. egypt have delayed their departure until saturday, june infections in basque or cynical, also having problems. 3 of their plays tested positive, and members of the team's backroom staff are also an isolation center goals, opening group games coming up against zimbabwe on monday. now, heavyweight champions, british books of tyson fear in the seas, francis nagondo has been trading blows on social media over a potential crossover fights furies asked his friends if they'd like to see and take on the camera in a boxing match with u. f. c. gloves, like connie said he'd fought fury under any sets of rules. the british fancies will cross over fights have happened before the most famous being floyd made with his contest with economy greg in 2017. while we've been talking to british broadcasting with davis, he believes a fury now gone and fight could well happen. a fight between choice and fury and france just in can. it would be massive. and of course,
6:55 pm
tyson fury thrown it out. let's do it in a ring. but let's do it with 4 ounce globes. oh my god wants to fight. that would be incredible. it would draw the world's attention in these times when there are all these crossover fights, you could not completely write it off. after all, we did get floyd may weather and conan mcgregor all those years ago, but i suspect it wouldn't happen while fury still the w. b. c champion and looking to become the undisputed boxing heavyweight champion of the world. you tube is coming into the sports. crossing over is teaching. maybe the fight. well, maybe boxes that have to use that platforms, use their ability to sell themselves to make themselves marketable. all it is, it's moved on to social media these days in terms of how you do. i can promotion. i believe you can't take anything away from what jake pulls on. yes, some of the purist and books and don't like the fact that he's able to be
6:56 pm
a pro books, carefully, cherry pick his opponents. but i think books, things learning from that. and i think there are a lot of books out the thing. maybe i do need to push the boat out. if you go back to france, isn't gonna entice a fury. is too highly marketable figures. and you know, i think that before a sold on the full fury walks away from the sports. it would not surprise me to see him have one of those unusual crossover fights. guy knows the perfect opponent for that. now the tampa bay buccaneers have released antonio brown. it follows his mid game walk off during an nfl game on sunday. i brown says he left the field because of an ankle injury and claims the franchise have treated him quite like an animal. in a statement buccaneers said he was clear to play by our medical team and at no point during the game, did he indicate that he couldn't play no force but well,
6:57 pm
i me, they did have that choice there body. and as the dust was just the under and we're work, we're working on carolina, that's the end of the story. and hopefully this today and some pretty wild scenes coming up from new york to madison square garden as then next claimed, a dramatic win of the boston celtics. in the m b, i get a shadow, wasn't the teacher conceding it one way. c one o 5, cancel and massive come back for the next who had to overcome a 25 point 2nd order deficits, i think is from leaks are aston villa have reached a loan agreement with barcelona to take on philip could senior until the end of the season, but more in that in the next news i will confront. hello, thanks very much. indeed. ansible that set for this is our to keep it here on al
6:58 pm
jazeera, though it's a quick break. i'll be back with you with more of the latest from around the world . ah mm hm. from lagos, to jerusalem, to buy a my, the governor's financial read. my own home milestone man history. my background. 3 short films that show how people take a stand against evictions. in their struggling communities, the 1st time they arrested me. i was 11 years old. a j select on out is era.
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on accounting the costs, inflation supply chain wires on the crop up to fall in 2021. so what's in store for 20? $22.00. we have a gram profit, johns of the heart of china's economic woes. will beijing be able to revive growth and going mainstream? is it another began a crypto currency. counting the cost on al jazeera, the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w white show is the guardian of global health. delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the world and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w h l. making
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a healthy a world for you. for everyone ah cassock sounds precedence, also noises, forces to far own protest her is without warning. it's russian troops answer almighty in the supports. ah, for that i am, how am i doing this is al jazeera mike from dough home. also coming up, india makes one week hold quarantine mandatory for all international travelers screwed of ours cases crossed the 7 figure mar.


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