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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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favorable al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah . hello, and welcome on pete adobe. you're watching the news out live from doha. coming up, the next 60 minutes casks don's president authorized his forces to fire without warning. after days of unprecedented protest violence. several passengers from a cobit hit flight escape quarantine in india. he is free to late at any time that he chooses to,
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jay some australia's home minister rejects accusations the tennis star novak jock of it is being held against his will. and cambodia is prime minister becomes 1st foreign leader to visit me in mars johnson provoking accusations of legitimizing. the qu allen sport camera launch is a new vaccination campaign just 3 days before the continents biggest football tournament, africa populations takes off. meanwhile, covered 19 as having a major impact on many teams arriving in the country with synagogue being one of the teams affected. ah, the contact president has authorized security forces to fire without warning, as he tries to an violent protest against his government. cassim jo mart to chi f made an address to the nation, declaring they'll be no negotiations with those he called armed bandits. russian
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lead forces have been deployed to help coiled days of unrest. the worst and cassock stones independence. 30 years ago. dozens of protest is and security personnel have been killed and more than 3000 people have been detained. the protests began over rising fuel prices, but they tapped into underlying anger, aimed at took high f. o 2 serious correspondent robin christie. walker monitoring developments for us from the george and capitol at tbilisi robin. what's your reading of what the leader there across the board has been saying, mr. to cliff well, it was fighting, took very aggressive to contract from the president in which he talked about these . the protest is involved in the shooting is as rebels as terrorists. and that they would be all destroyed and,
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and he had to justify bringing in the cfo, foreign peacekeepers comprised mostly of russian troops at the moment we anticipate to restore the constitutional order. i'm very little in the way of sympathy for those who are protesting, demanding democratic reforms and reforms to the into the country that would help them and help or marry people enjoy the benefits that they should be getting some oil rich economy to say that those peaceful protests teach, school demands had to be at the moment. it sounds president whatever this is and we've seen bish street bachelors taking place. you know, the, the main city, the largest city,
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a don continuing overnight and in today into the day, stiff resistance being put up by those protested to and who are battling with the catholic security services right now as far as what's happening on the streets that and marty is concerned, robin does still look like a potentially very dangerous situation. what for people who live there? it's got to be terrifying. i mean, i lived in our matching myself for a long time. big, wide open students. i am with live ammunition being used. i think people are doing well to stay indoors as they have been advised, and as an agency situation, i think requires people to although we have also seen hughes for basic goods and
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services like access to petrol station, certain and or people just queueing up to buy bread and of course with the internet down. people are unable to make electronic payments on it so it's really becoming very difficult for ordinary residence in catholic stones. most popular city are mattie robin. thank you so much. robin chrissy work they're talking to us from tbilisi. ok, let's take a closer look at the russian lead. military aligns that sending troops into casks down. it's called the collective security treaty organization. it was formed about 6 months after the collapse of the soviet union. it's often described as erasures responds to nato. the group includes russia, along with 5 former soviet republics. they conduct training exercises and overseas arms sales. but this is the 1st time in the history of the organization where it's agreed to deploy troops to a member state. it refused several requests in the past, including from kyrgyzstan in 2010 and armenia. last year. article 4 of its charter
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says it'll only do so if the country is threatened by an external force. johnny's now from moscow is dennis le preachin, a senior research fellow at the center for post soviet studies at stanislaus christian. welcome to the news or so just tom to talk through article for how that works because these, this is not a threat, no matter how much you slice and dice it to look like something. it's not, this is not a threat from an external force in kazakhstan. so why has this particular organization under the tutelage of the kremlin one assumes, decided to cross the border and go in thank you for invitation. good afternoon. i had to say have to add that chapter 4 consists not just only external thread or are leading these process open. why he some help from their participants . so they all see are still there is also
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a condition oh for during the attack and very stick thread and environmental crisis. and then became use for these condition of terrorist attack. because if we take a look at the situation in element, the 1st of all on the south capital f m i t v t o for testers and their current, their own future. so nice and risk looks like not just a simple probably come breast and some meetings and protests. it's well organized group or people who knew what they did want to do those, the capture security. what is this the capture? i mean, for the 40 says, the capture a lot of our romance for special security services. so it looks like not just
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dot net criminal groups or history saved looks like real terrorist and president the cache mentioned nice in. he's a statement when he asked a request from the he is the or for the have for these are action. ok, that's your take on the people who are protesting on the streets now which shimming those protests must be into the 6th 7th 8th day. but just to be clear, as far as the kremlin is concerned, cassock st on is attractive. mister putin clearly wants it. can i suggest you? he wants cast stone to come under the, the protective umbrella of the kremlin. because point number one, it's the biggest country in the region and point number 2, when the soviet union ceased to exist, kazakhstan, carried on being an autocracy. there is an, an overlap in how mister putin and mister t k. f. would like to run their respect to countries. oh,
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so here's a son. he's a very important barton for russia, taken into account the length of our border taking into account our common trade. but strictly speaking that some easy close is allied with russia because i found it go, wander de your region, economic union. i stand is called fonder as russia, i believe, the c, qx retreat organization. we have our 2 conscious have several are unique agreements and strategic partners. she. so in such circumstances are russia are the only the russian only goal east to support? ah, the both the btr because i found because it's extremely important. because our interdependence is so high, that circumstances only are rushing whole to support and to protect says the
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reading security. so, and that is why to hire and russian that he shows ah said, ah, it will be very, very short. our mission or keepers, do you understand stanislaus friction though? why this action on the part of the, the anti matter version of nate. so if you will, that this, this organization driven by and, and put together by the kremlin. and by cass, it's don. you're telling us why this is raising eyebrows, not just at nato headquarters in brussels, but a long way away. capital cities like helsinki, the finish capital stock home, the swedish capital, both those countries in the past 2 days, 48 hours, signaling actually, yes, we might take our relationship with nato to the next level, and particularly for the fins. you know, the fins have had 2 generations of basically getting into bed with an elephant cars across the border. there's mother russia. yeah. it looks like really,
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really our timing, timing and so like like a strong incident. so the timing of all of these cases. but at the same time, our reasons and wanted some drivers. so for protests and unrest in color span mostly the missed it. it was the decision, all 4 of the government to rise the price for l. n. g gas for as miles in tell us down. it was the reason why people and came to this street and started to prepare to protest against the government, sole russia food effect and couldn't trigger these approaches of on risk in order to use it afterwards for each particular bolts. because for russia is more, more important to have stable because i found rather than because it's done under russian security umbrella,
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this is for me. so looks like this. and now russia has to do something to help cuz i stand door normalized secretion. but it would have been better for russia to have stable because i son even hang strong on or she's with me on the united states. ok, we'll have to leave this law pension many thanks. a lot more still to come for you here on the news are including my tier is government tries to turn the screws on criminal gangs. blame for recent kidnappings, anger in china over the treatment of people living on recorded 19, looked on and in the sport, the latest on the american football star, antonio brun status with the super bowl champions. as far as that story and a lot more, coming up in her sports bulletin in 30 minutes with at least 13 passengers who had tested positive for cobit 19 on board. a flight from
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italy to india have escaped from government quarantine. the plane landed in the northern city of am ritzer, on thursday. more than a 125 people on board were positive path. natal joyce's life now from new delhi, parsley high. there. what happened after the arrival if this chartered flight them? so asp or protocol passengers arriving from certain countries have to be tested on arrival. and that's what happened. this charter plane was coming from milan, and italy landed in america. so which is a city bordering pakistan, most people on that flight turned out to be cool with positive and asper rules were shifted to institution, quarantine centers in the hospital. now abroad. you said that from the hospital about 4 passengers escaped an overnight, a few more us knocked out from the hospital. so authorities put out
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a notice and now are busy and we spoke to them a while ago. they managed to track most of them down and expect them to return to the center and finish the quarantine. now what they also say is that they will still be filing a police case against them because what they have done is basically violated the rules are, was also causing a big headache. is the contact chasing that's involved. you know, what's really annoying the authorities is that these passengers good have potentially endangered the lives of many people and spread the virus at a time when india is facing an onslaught of corbett 19 cases. fueled by the highly virulent omicron variant. and what's the latest from other parts of the country? so after several months, india has breached the $100000.00 mark in new cases. at this point, most of the country is under some form of restrictions. the latest is that the southern state of the milan has announced a night car few and
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a lockdown on sundays. the northern city of chattanooga has also nouns, a curve who'd the hardest hit state is the western state of my russia. it's capitalism by india. financial hub broke records, and rick clocked about more than 20000 new coven 19 cases. that's a number we didn't even see during the peak of the 2nd wave this summer. what's really worrying is that cases are coming from the slum air as about a 100 of them are from the slums out. 1 that's an area that's already under so, but also one of the most crowded places in the city. the government said that they will not be a lockdown. given that hospitalizations and debts are still low, but farther cubs could be announced that could also happen in the state of been gold, which has tightened travel restrictions. so you need to present in negative corbett tests to enter the state of been gone. it has already shut down a public places and schools. the government there says it will monitor the
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situation because in, especially in the city of calcutta, which is its capital and a big urban center in india. more than every time for us in almost that it's testing for the virus is positive. now daddy where we are, is heading for a. we can catch you saturday and sunday till at least the end of the month will only have essential services functioning. so food deliveries and health care workers, but other than that, everybody is expected to be home. this is in addition to a night car food that was imposed a fortnight ago. schools have also been close in delhi as have cinema hawes and jim's company. thank you very much, company natal, they're talking to us from the bureau in new delhi while staying with all things covey. the u. k. deploying troops into hospitals in london, the capital to help deal with staff shortages. the army crohn barian, left many health workers, sick and unable to go to work order in isolation about 200 military personnel, including 40 army doctors will help staff look after patients live. now to london,
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and my colleague not in barbara cert, nadeem, i'm seeing the n h s just in the past couple hours saying that staff absences running at 3 times what they were a month ago. so the impact on the n h. s is pretty significant. absolutely. pizza, the impact specifically of the on the kron barian, which is continuing to spread rapidly throughout the u. k. population hitting the n h s. it has been doing for weeks now. and that's why the military of being called in some military personnel has already started work in london hospitals. the total number being deployed around the capital is $200.00. now 40 of them, a doctors who are going to be helping and a chest stuff actually look off to patients. the remaining 160 don't have medical training, they'll be helping check in patients. for example, they'll be making sure that stocks are maintained in the right place. things like that and administrative tasks as well as logistics. so it's $200.00 total. it's not
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the 1st time the military had been involved in other parts of the u. k. they've been helping with billing services, helping with the booster program of 3rd vaccination doses as well. which has started to slow down worrying health pulses. now, just a few days ago, earlier this week, prime minister bars johnson said that he hoped that britain could ride out this wave of the micron varying without bringing in more restrictions. or whether he did admit that for a short term, he said it would hit the chest and what facility that could provide. well, that's not good enough according to some people because the cases are so high. on tuesday it was a record figure on thursday. it was still right up at $180000.00 daily cases and we can week it's written almost 30 percent. what does that mean? it means that there are lots of and i checked stuff, nurses and others off sick having to isolate the head of one. and
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a chair organization says some trust, some regional bodies outside london could have as many as 19 percent of their workforce isolating the moment. so it's not hard to see where the crisis is, but not only that because there are so many copied patients in hospital and at the moment or the figure is almost 18000. it's adding further pressure on the staff who are still at work. now we've heard from and the rural college of nursing in the last couple of hours. they want a long term plan for recruiting more staff into the health care system, as well as and the care sector. they have said once the military has been brought in, where does the government turn next in a bid to ride out the wave rather than deal it. so that gives you an exit or an idea of the, via the worries and the own,
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the underlying problems in under staffing. and under resourcing that many people in the, in a chest say, is just adding to the current problems that him thank you very much. that he, bob, they're talking to us from london thailand, extending the suspension of a quarantine waiver program for travelers. tourists from low risk cove at 19 countries had been allowed to do just one night in quarantine. those already approved to enter under the program must arrive by next week. they'll also be other new restrictions to deal with high numbers of curve 19 infections. australia's most popular state, new south wales is also reinstating some restrictions singing and dancing at pubs and nightclubs will be banned. and they'll be a pause on some surgery procedures to free up hospital beds. admissions of nearly doubled in just over one week. the australian government is insisting the well number one tennis stano bakovich is not being held against his will. the vaccine mandate critic remains in the hotel used to detain refugees and asylum seekers. the
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australian whom affairs minister that's karen andrews says if he wants he can go. mr. chuck, the is not bank held. held captive in australia. he is free to late at any time that he chooses to do so in order forcible actually to some of that in relation. so you add other people who are in immigration detention, whether it be in, in white hill, in melbourne, or whether it be else way in australia and those people are they because they don't have a dollar. these are all they are here illegally. he in australia for might be a number of reasons, and we treat all people who are in the immigration detention fairly well earlier. my colleagues, i'm, is it on, spoke to a bill was v, who was the senior official at australia's immigration department. he told us more about jock of it. she's legal standing. frankly, i thought the minister's comments about him not being held captive is,
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was saw street. the fact is, once a visa holders razor in australia, it's cancelled. they are mandatorily on the law required to be held in detention. the minister would know the law. so according to the law, he should be held in detention. you're saying? i'm saying he must be old in detention. there is no, there is no choice. right? so i mean in that sense, what the strain have affairs minister said was accurate then that he's only there because he wants to wait for a court decision. he's, he's not preventive from traveling onwards. if he decided to do that right, he's not prevented from leaving astray. here, but he cannot walk around australia, right. understood, way we can clarify a little bit. there are some details which i'm not really clear here. does no one when you apply for a visa, does no actually check the application until you get to the airport to see did you apply for the right visa? you have the right supporting documents and so on. it varies depending on the
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nature of the data and the nature of the application. so these are that mr. joker beach applied for was an online visa, which hasn't bought grant function. the government has the option of turning the auto grand function on or off, depending on circumstance. in this instance of here that the water grant function was turned on and there were no alerts relating to mr. jock reaching the system. and as a result, the computer granted him a visa on what basis would alert be triggered typically? well, it could have been simply an alert which said well mr. jock, which is a known anti bexar. and so his name would be included in what's known as the movement list. and if he had applied for the visa, that would have the letter the human to into they turn $23.00, gmc less wrap up some other top stories. cambodian prime minister has now become the 1st foreign leader to visit me in mars. military rulers wouldn't send, says he's there to help and violence that's been going on since the general seized
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power almost a year ago. he's representing the association of southeast asian nations assay, an though the block is divided about how to deal with the juncture, coo opponents in me and my and abroad accused from sin of legitimizing the military regime. tony chang, his life, was in the tie capital. bangkok, tony, so how is this being perceived across the region? oh, frankly, rather negatively. we've seen critics both inside men mar and around this region. are this decrying the visits are saying that this is, as you said, going to offer legitimacy to or to the, or the generals inside myanmar that it's going to divide further. assia and the south block of southeast asian nations have taken quite a unique step. and i think there's a feeling here that this is this to a certain extent show, boating by her son who himself is an authority authoritarian leader who's been in power for 36 years now. he appears to be winding down his leadership with in
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cambodia, his appointed a successor, his son, who we think will take over his place. but it, there's the possibility that he wants to make a big splashy exit on the global stage by taking the lead role here and trying to broker piece in myanmar he might beach trying to sure to secure a legacy a wide, a legacy beyond just this region but it is a risky endeavor, ashy and have made very clear that they will not bring me on my back into the fold until 5 conditions are met. namely that the political leaders who are arrested after the february coo, are released and that violence against protest as stops. and they've made no indication of the fact that that's going to happen. all the henson will be allowed to see any of those people during his visit. in fact, the representatives of the, of the military leaders have said they probably won't be a, he won't be allowed to see them. so it could be an opportunity for hanson,
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but there's also very distinct possibility could blow up in his face. turning thanks very much. tony chang talking to us here on the news our. let's get more on this. we assay and her struggle to address the situation in me and mar, after the military takeover in february, last year. cambodia, along with thailand on the philippines, described the events and me and my as an internal affair in april assay and leaders met with general men on land and agreed to a 5 point plan. the time the turn was talking about that tackle the crisis and me in march, but it took several months until assay and could decide on a special envoy, brown eyes, 2nd foreign minister, his requests to the jointer to meet with the jailed leader answered, she have been denied then in october of last year, assay and snubbed general men by not inviting him to its annual summit. joining us now from bangkok is debbie. it stood out founder and coordinator of elsie and berman, that's an organization of networks supporting human rights in me and mart debbie
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saw that welcome to the news or is there a chance here that concerned with this unilateral visit, this unilateral decision might actually damage or, or undermine the work that has been achieved by assay. and despite the fact that assay on is not known any way for having diplomatic teeth here. well, you're right there because the most analysts have already declared the crisis visit and actually are concerned that as the ends creditability me have been too much an age franklin, since cowboy diplomacy, if we're serious about an end to violence. and if he had already flagged that for his visit, we would not have seen the christmas massacre in chaos day. when you leave 40 people were burned to death, to sunset and a half to try. now, when he goes back home and when he talks to other assay and leaders,
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does he have to try to build a consensus behind what he's done, i behind himself and essentially replace the the embryonic consensus that was there any way coming from the assay and countries towards me and more this is going to have to do a lot of explaining already he's had to disable comments on his facebook book facebook page because of too many criticisms and trolling form or angry burmese would say it has just made himself the number to public enemy of burma, after a senior general, been on the line. so it's not just about improving his standing and his profile. his just made himself even more notorious. and as the on the rest of us yet will be left to pick up the pieces. what are the chances that his visit will actually embolden the job search and make them feel more secure with what they want to do in
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2022. well i, what i think that the me concern is that the, who now will be emboldened by this 1st visit over head of state since the coo and they will get the message that they will be protected by cambodia. as the chair i see on during 2022. if one sound really wanted to deliver a good news, then we would see 8000 political prisoners released today. okay, we'll leave that debbie start up there in bangkok without see on burma. thank you very much. still to come here on the news for you. oh no one to place a dagger for throat of democracy in what was a searing speech that we carried yesterday. the u. s. president has torn and donald trump philosophy is capitol hill attack foot prices have risen dramatically across
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the world and it may lead to people in poor countries going hungry 5 ah, 4 make magic nights ago. this is me. nb coming out later on your news. ah. hello, the weather's looking rather more mobile now across a good pass off here, benz of cloud and rain sweeping in from the northwest into central parts. we have got a large area of high pressure that's keeping things a little settled here, but it will weaken as we go through the next hour. so more wet and windy weather also swelling away in the mediterranean. so some more heavy rain coming, his southern part of italy, grassy, making his way across into
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a good pass. his gray says that wet weather, that milder air, pushing into our western passa, ahead of that temperatures around 6 celsius, there for london. 8 degrees there for paris, the re talking, it's wayne as we go on 3 friday, bumping into the cold air. so there is some snow around just around parts of germany, easing into poland. and there's, that's a stormy weather that we do have a cross central parts of the mediterranean. the italy, southern part of the bulk is pushing across into greece steps a little further research as you go through, sat stay more cold. that's happening in behind some significant snowfall coming in across the balkans for a time. mulder and wet weather will make his way back in across the north west for a good pass of the year. the british owls and the island of ireland. we got some rain also making his way into a good part of france, some of that wet weather, also affecting the far north west of africa with a chance to some showers that the chat with the
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move ah, welcome back. you're watching the 10 g news our coming to life from the hall. my name's peter w. top story so far today. catholics dance president has authorized security forces to fire without warning, as he tries to quell violent protests against his government. russian lead forces have been deployed into the country to help dozens of protest is on security. personnel have been killed. at least 13 passengers who tested positive for cubic 19 on a flight from italy to india, have escaped government quarantine is understood. they may mr. get out of the airport in the northern city of and rickson for from isolation centers. and the
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cambodian prime minister who and san is holding talks with me and mars military will loosen a bit to resolve the continuing civil unrest. but critics say, as the 1st set of said in me and mar since the cool last year, what he's actually doing is legitimizing the military gunman of killed at least 60 people in nigeria, northwestern state of sam faro. the violence erupted when armed gangs were fleeing attacks by the military. fidelis and bar joins us live now from a butcher. fidelis, just take us through what happened here at peter. these attacks took place between wednesday under a live 1st day. when a, a d at the terrorist attacks some of called some communities in some far a state killing will do a women and children because most of the men had escaped the attacks and ran into the bushes into the bush under the mit. the military actually were called in, they tried to attack these a terrorist, but because they had used the village as,
1:35 pm
as human shields. so doing it was very little dick will do and they had to be to retreat and go back to their base sir. like i explained this report, this violence is not new and there is something that has been going on for a for a recent years. so i did a report which explained what has been happening in the region in recent years. heavily armed groups have terrorized people in towns and villages in central and northwest may jury for years. and i didn't never now security officials as typical efforts to craig, known with some of the violence on wednesday, the major and government branded the criminal gangs as terrorist groups. in a television interview, prison mohammed global harry said, with liberty, them, terrorists, we're going to deal with them as such. the pundits asked the man, luckily, i have been responsible for my subbed auctions and kidnappings for ransom and
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destruction of property. some politicians believe the security measures will hope to ease fears. the people don't lay happy with what the bird done. and i will also give the vegan window to litzy who do employ on all that means i'm in it. it tried to give them some kind of a non can it moves, but is them around because it's an ethnic on what locality most due to check members, sir malice the government or them means the military can deploy more military hardware including seeking international support. but the security expert feels the government needs to do more at a political, psychiatric level. i think they completely have your own perception of what the situation is and grow. and so the reactions of allison, extremely slow lack of practice ness and creativeness. they have never really
1:37 pm
visited the issue with the soccer address. you expect a country that is at war to be able to bring to bear on this and switch on on. ground security agencies seem to have made a headway with the recent release of some hostages and the reported killing of some leaders of the am group. with political leaders seeking soft, lumbering, for the content freighters. the b being bonded most of them. i love the chase. so there is need for government and i also opened it used to rise to go to the issue of seeing how we're going to get this re a bull or heavy they're taken play, get it cation us, one of our current love minds, with other quotes was one that we should run and trees.
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oh, you know, does let us attack, he is actually more like his teeth as show of force with, you know, with the government that's talking about a terrorist now trying to make a board statement because on wednesday, after the will be a branded just hours after that these attacks happened and now people will be expecting to get a reaction from the military authorities. and also what the president would say, because he has already promised that he was going to empower the military to go out to ensure that these terrorists actually flushed at b and the areas where they are the blit siege over the years. and also given that elections i just, in a matter of months because it may, your elections will be held in a 2023. so people, nigerians actually looking forward to the next line of action from the military. fidelis, thank you very much. fidelis and bar in a boucher ah
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the you as president joe biden is saying his predecessor is still a threat to democracy a year off to hundreds of donald trump. supporters attack the capital building in washington dc. mr. biden's searing speech to mcgee anniversary was met with more defines from mr. trump. she had her tansy, has that from washington. go back to that day. what do you see? it was an address of an outrage. now, storm this capital and those who instigated and incited, and those who called on them to do so, held a dagger at the throat of america, an american democracy president, biting reference donald trump more than a dozen times over the course of his speech, not by name for the 1st time in our history, president had not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power as a violent mob breached the capital. but they failed,
1:40 pm
before the president followed by shortly afterwards, dismissing the commemorations of political theatre. but democrats on their own, this day of january the 6th, so they can stick fears. i'm divide america heroes, divided american was filial display throughout the day after immigrations and events on capitol hill. just one republican was seen at liz cheney, accompanied by her father, former vice president, dick cheney. and a ceremony marking to ride in the house of representatives. now the speaker of the house paid tribute to the us capital police expired because of them. congress was able to defeat the answer action to return to the capital that same night to ensure that the peaceful transfer of power took place because of them and our members, the insurrection tailed. oh, as night fell duelling vigils took place across the city. this small event outside dcs, joe, to protest against the continued incarceration of some general 6 protest of these
1:41 pm
guys who were at supper, maybe a dozen or you doesn't. who actually, you course shops, pepper sprayed, more or less just followed the sea of humanity that they were trapped across town approaches to modeling that congress protect voter rights. as republican controlled states use the law of an illegitimate election to restrict access to the bailiff. this event also remind her of the terror of the storming of the capital lumber day for us. i remember crawling on my knees under banisters with a cane in one hand because i just had a knee replacement surgery 5 weeks before i remember lying on the floor with the gas mask in one hand and the cane and the other thinking about how if i couldn't get up and leave, which i didn't think i would be able to, that i would attack the knees of whoever came to attack me, because i wasn't going to take it lying down. not without
1:42 pm
a fight with board of americans still believe joe biden did not win the presidency legitimately or on shore if he did. and most republicans believe the writers were defending democracy. the history of january, the 6th them is still unsettled for many across the country. he, every time see al jazeera washington there on foreign minister has told al jazeera a nuclear agreement can be reached if western parties have the will and the intention to do so. the u. s. and e u government's a previously accused iran of intentionally growing things out to iran, wants guarantees that you are sanctions will be lifted on its oil sales, marvell carrot that, a massey, 8th round of the vienna negotiations, put them back on the right track, and a good agreement can be reached if the western parties possess the real will. an intention lifting sanctions means lifting all forms of sanction stipulated in the nuclear agreement on the sanctions that trump re imposed on. and that contradict or terms of the agreement. and the latter is in disputed negotiations. we demand
1:43 pm
guarantees that include not imposing any new sanctions and not re imposing sanctions after lifting them under any pretext. we see that the simplest practical model for this would be when it comes to us exporting oil and obtaining revenues through our banking system. there's an informal and indirect exchange of messages with the americans in vienna, one, we have good words from their delegation. but what is important for us is to see practical and serious american actions. when there is anger in the chinese city of she em over. her residents had been treated by the authorities during a strict covert lockdown leaders in the city of 13000000 people see an outbreak of the virus has now been brought under control. katrina, you has that story from bridging chinese health officials say there's been a turning point in the city of she. anne with 30000000 people have been under locked down since the 23rd of december. an outbreak of the delta there it has been
1:44 pm
contained. and numbers of infections i declining since urge was as you oh though there may be cases in the future of the risk a large scale resurgence had been brought under control as our empty epidemic efforts. or would she results luncheon so, but these results achieved by the strictest measures impose since those and the city of hahn in 2020 have come at a cost. a woman who was 8 months pregnant lost her unborn child after being refused entry to a hospital until she tested negative for the virus. the incident spiked anger on line with some posts describing the woman's treatment as heartbreaking. the joe, we wonder, is linda both here on behalf of the municipal health commission. i deeply apologize to this patient and i deeply apologize for the poor access to medical treatment during the epidemic. an elderly man died of a heart attack after also being refused care for similar reasons. people have been
1:45 pm
confined to their home since the lockdown was ordered. many has complained of inadequate food deliveries. one man was beaten by pandemic prevention. stopped for trying to leave his apartment, blocked by bread. francis miller is a college counselor who's worked at a school and she and since 2018, he says he and his girlfriend have enough food because they stocked up ahead of time. but some of his peers aren't so lucky. i know that some other americans and sean have had trouble getting food. no one guy has been living on basically as the noodles for more than a week. and i think it depends on each person's situation and also your property management company like how competent people are there. so especially like people who have larger families or who have difficult medical situations or stuff like that can be very difficult right now for people to get the things that they need. whether it's food or medicine or otherwise. francis says many has been shocked by
1:46 pm
poor city management and the failure to learn lessons from the 1st outbreak and han, you know, given that it's been 2 years since then. how difficult it's been for, you know, that she and to deal with this new outbreak. and how long it's taken kind of the city and especially decision makers to, to react to solve problems as a city leaders save those responsible for mishandling health delivery. and corona virus prevention services has been fired, suspended or punished. meanwhile, authorities in the neighboring poland as a battling and outbreak, which is several. 1.16000000 people will put under locked out in the city of utero . after only a handful of infections were discovered, china's coven 0 approach has acquired a new urgency. the lead up to the winter olympics,
1:47 pm
which opened here in february. katrina, you out 0. the you are self. authorities have approve sizes. corona virus booster shot for children as young as 12. it comes as the ami kron variance spreads with children. returning by the 1000000 to schools after christmas, the after year says it relied on data from israel were thousands of children have already received the booster. the wait time between the initial vaccination and the extra dose has also been shortened from 6 months to 5. for all age groups, a chinese national has pleaded guilty and a u. s. court to stealing trade secrets from the agricultural giant monsanto in 2017 former employee. jang hi toe was caught trying to board a flight to china while carrying software developed by monsanto. adjusted apartments, as he planned to give the technology to the chinese government, the u. s. as long as he was china of stealing intellectual property from american companies, a charge china denies global food prices, john 28 percent last year,
1:48 pm
the highest figure since 2011. the u. n says price is east slightly in december, but they had climbed for the previous 4 months in a row. this is contributed to a surgeon general inflation and economies around the world. and as ever, poor countries are disproportionately affected, especially those relying on imports. adul reza upper santian is a senior economist with the u. n. food and agriculture organization. he says, prices have risen further than expected. during the pandemic use an index that measures what's happening in international markets. of course, not in individual countries, for prices. we include in this index cereals, to very important the staple vegetable oils, sugar meat and dairy. so this is sort of like the composition of our index and it had consecutive increase in the price worldwide for good, good part of last year. i would say not only the last 4 months and put some
1:49 pm
commodities all the way through if you look at the or subbing next revisions. lloyd's, in fact, the prices are all over. so one was 70 percent year on year and there are record. so it has been a year of, for raising prices, for most of the reasons trouble which is tied to supplies for 7 of those commodities worldwide specially export supplies, but also strong demand. many people expected at the start of the year, let's say last year design. that in fact, because of coal with because of depend make and economic conditions, we would see a decline in this didn't really happen. so we have increase the more and we had tighter supplies, and then there were of course, other factors you'd be so energy markets, but it will activity going from negative to positive to know or $80.00 effecting across all commodities. the south korean electronics company, samsung says it expects 4th quarter profits to more than double compared to last
1:50 pm
year of the company said this is mainly due to a strong demand for the server memory, chips 11.5 $1000000000.00 would be the highest 4th quarter profit for the world's biggest memory chip and smart for maker since 2017 hundreds of people in japan's capital took you are in hospital after the city experienced his heavy snowfall and for years most were injured. after slipping and falling, have also been dozens of traffic accidents linked to the extreme weather. tribute supporting in the acclaimed american writer and director peter bog down of it. she died at the age of $82.00. his credits include the last picture show which are and 8 academy award nominations, and 2 ends in 1971. still a had here on your news on the sports news with sorrow, 2 of the world's most dangerous fights as could be on a collision course. details when we come back. ah
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ah ah ah
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ah ah. time for the smallest news will be joined by for peter. thank you so much. the 1st major international football turn meant 2022 kicks off on sunday. the delayed africa combinations gets underway in cameroon. countries struggling with low vaccination rates, only 2 percent of the population fully job the country has launched a new back nation campaign. i had of the tournament. ali fully vaccinated fans who also have proof for the negative co good 19 test will be allowed to attend the games which will be kept at 60 percent attendance organizers. hope the rules will help avoid it. turning into
1:53 pm
a super spreader event. over 19 is having an impact on many of the teams arriving. and cameron for the tournament, senegal are one of the favorites to win the title. it was reported on thursday that 3 of the players tested positive with the team needing to delay their flight into the host nation, members of clinical back room staff roles when isolation. james opening group game is against him, bob white. on monday. dozens of fans have been gathering outside a hotel in melbourne. it's where no bad joke of it is being held, awaiting a court decision on his deportation orders. brave rainy conditions to show the 20 time grand slam champion their love. and he believed the serb shouldn't be held in a detention center with a decision on whether he'll be able to stay and compete in australia. not expected until monday. yeah, sterling government says doc, which is free to go home whenever he wants a he doesn't deserve that to be somewhere else, you know, or go to whole and yoga. it was really broad carols. i think we can happen people
1:54 pm
to the moon work on. we do in these technological era, weeks of whatever i do know a little been while the women so time as well. number one, asher parties preparations for her home. grand slam look to be on track. the australian breeze past her opponent former aussie open champion, severe cannon to reach the semi finals of the adelaide international bardy the 2020 champion down the american st. sets in just 60 minutes. so face misaki dory of japan and the final have a way to a champion of british box or a type in a fury on us seize francis and again, you have been trading blows on social media over a potential cross over 5 curious fans if they'd like to see him battled the camera in, in a boxing match with us. seek was after a little back and forth. and again,
1:55 pm
he said he'd fight fury under any set of rules. the britain, one guy crossover fights that happens for the most famous being for made, whether show down again connor mcgregor in 2017. we've been speaking to telegraph a boxing correspondence, garrath davies. he says a fury and again, a show down could very well happen. a fight between choice and fury, and frances and can do, would be massive. and of course, tyson fury thrown it out. let's do it in a ring, but let's do it with 4 ounce globes. oh my god wants to fight. that would be incredible. it would draw the world's attention in these times when there are all these crossover fights, you could not completely write it off. after all, we did get floyd may weather and corner mcgregor all. ready those years ago, but i suspect it wouldn't happen while fury still the w. b. c champion and looking to become the undisputed boxing heavyweight champion of the world,
1:56 pm
youtube is coming in to the sports. crossing over is teaching. maybe the fight. well, maybe boxes that have to use that platforms, use their ability to sell themselves to make themselves marketable. all it is, it's moved on to social media these days in terms of how you do. i can promotion. i believe you can't take anything away from what jake pulls on. yes. some of the purists in books and don't like the fact that he's able to pay a pro book so carefully. cherry pick his opponents, but i think books, things learning from that. and i think there are a lot of books is out the thing. maybe i do need to push the hotel. if you go back to france, isn't gonna entice a fury. is too highly marketable figures. and you know, i think that before it's old on the full fury walks away from the sport, it would not surprise me to see him have one of those unusual crossover fights. guy
1:57 pm
knows the perfect opponent for that. and tampa bay buccaneers have released antonio brown that follows his mid game walk off during an nfl game on sunday. and says he left the field because of an ankle injury and claims the franchise of treated him like an animal. the statement, the buckner said he was clear to play by our medical team and at no point during the game, did he indicate that he could not play. and there were wild scenes at new york's madison square garden as the next claimed, a dramatic win over the boston celtics, and the envy 5 barrett sat up. oh, are you baron, started beating triple ceiling. it's 1050105. kept off a mass and come back to the next. you had to overcome a 25 point 2nd quarter. okay, and that is all you support for now, peter, back to you for
1:58 pm
a thank you very much. sammy is here with 30 minutes of world news for you from 11 g. we'll have another news for you. a 13 g was either ah mm and frank assessments, this gracious please continue to weaken a look, a sion club even though their campus he believes in the beginning that he wants that extra informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think i should be facilitated? not choke it, right. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel
1:59 pm
a child swans that inside story on al jazeera, the city of cobbled his experience so much upheaval for decades. and this is another change to get used to and one that's boss from easy mother situation for now. it's not clear. all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic christ in particular for women and go, oh sure it is from the taliban. and about to return to cruel punishments for sophie crimes. everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again to ransom. now together, they're feeling thy way forward into their new reality. african stories from african perspectives. most of them are never bought. one of them has not been a good machine because of the voice of machining happening in, i mean is short documentary spine efforts feel made is from kenya, key rates,
2:00 pm
home of talent, talent to something that is surprising and ivory, coast colors. i live here in scrap yet animal africa direct on al jazeera ah cassock stands president authorizes full says to fire without warning off the days of unprecedented protests violence. ah, lo, i'm sammy's i dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall, so coming up several passengers from my cove, it hit flight to escape quarantine in india. he is free to late at any time that he chooses to j. so i'll stay.


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