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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm AST

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for the 1st time they arrested me. i was 11 years old. ha, selects on al jazeera ah cassock stands president, authorize his forces to fire without warning off the days of unprecedented protests violence. ah, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall, so coming up several passengers from a cove hit flight escape quarantine in india. supporters rally for tennis champion? no by jock of ich has a spray. the us government rejects claims. he's being held against his will. plus,
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wow, no one to place a geiger for throat of democracy. in a searing speech, the u. s. president has into donald trump's last year's capitol hill. ah. the cassock president has authorized security forces to fire without warning, as he tries to put down violent protests against his government. cost him drama took i have just made an address to the nation, declaring there will be no negotiations with those. he deemed armed bandits. thousands of protesters and security personnel had been killed in days of unrest across central asia, the central asian country rather this week, russian lead forces have been deployed to help the government. robin foster walker is monitoring developments from tbilisi in georgia. so robin,
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let's start with the latest orders from the present. shoot without warning. how is that going down? how's that being received? let's talk about that 1st. of course. yes. well, he has only just come off the air. but these are, these are, this is really tough words from, from the president of catholic stance to that he has personally given the order to fire without warning. and he said we are dealing with terrorists and bandits. they have to be destroyed, and it will be done shortly. and if you order it off with the s t o support in order to restore the constitutional order, we did ads that their mission was for the short time that they would not be that in indefinite. they would be there for a short period of time. certainly this is a very difficult speech, i think he's had to give to the people what's,
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what was disappointing for those who weren't reforms and that they seem to be lumped together in that he referred to civil society groups and others that had been somehow responsible to being behind, they may have some very much fighting aggressive talk from the president fighting aggressive talk from the president out the street. i know it's difficult to get information out, but do we know a protest going on the streets come down? well, the internet is still down across substantial parts of the country, and almost certainly you now mattie, where most of the violence has been taking place and we know how difficult it is right now for ordinary civilians. a lot of people have been sheltering inside their homes because there are a lot of ammunition. a lot of live rounds are being friday, and that is affecting people's ability to do basic ordinary things. we've seen cues
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outside bakery stores. we seen cues for bread cues outside agile stations, both the fuel people are not able to make electronic payments without the internet . so people are really, really struggling, as you get a sense of that. when you look at the tensions when you see what's happening on the streets, you can understand why it's taking a look now at my, my report of what's been going on in our matter. because it's don's government calls. it's an antique terror operation, military units on the streets of cassock, stones largest city al. matty authorized to use lethal force against protesters. earlier, some of the protesters overran police units and distributed weapons. security forces have confirmed at least 18 officers killed in more than $700.00 wounded. the number of civilians dead or wounded is unknown,
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but video circulating on social media appears to show morgues, filling up with bodies. this is violence on a scale not seen in cassock, stones, modern history, including mass looting of businesses. her fuel price rises, provided the spark. but these protests are about longstanding and legitimate grievances, economic and political stagnation, and corrupt authoritarian elite. anger across the country has been directed at the official leader of the nation. first president, no sultan, as a bi of his statue toppled in the city of talbot called gun. his whereabouts are known on thursday, president tor kaya took an extraordinary step, inviting a russian led military deployment to secure his authority,
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solicit apologize, under this collective security agreement. i have to they appeal to the leaders of the c s t o to help catholics done deal with this terrorist threat to recover. it's no longer a threat. what's happening is undermining the integrity of the state. cherished escape. flying in russian troops under the guise of the moscow lead security block . the c s t o could prove decisive at brussels has urged moscow not to exceed its mandate. it goes without saying that such intervention should respect the sovereignty and being dependence of catholics. many in kazakhstan will be wondering, which is worse, the violence or the prospect of their nation depending now on russia to keep the peace. so while i'm trying to figure out at the moment the reasons behind the president to request the c s t o assistance and perplexing to many why he would so quickly ask for foreign troops on catholic soil and,
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and how it happens so quickly within less than 24 hours, and we understand now that troops off lying in mainly from, from, from the russian contribution. but also from bella bruce from menia and antique hist even. and these are, these are all members of the c s t o. the reason seems to be that with dr. justification at least let's say is that she has identified these protesters as groups of bandits as terrorists. and that would allow for him to invoke the, the cfo article that would enable him to bring in foreign foreign troops. but are these really foreign funded terrorists if he is made out or are they are the democracy defendants? are they people who want to see reforms in this country,
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or are they armed warms remnants or billions to the former president knows who knows by and he's met his people who control still significant parts of the country or, or who are allegiance to him. it said mr. president, so kind of may not be giving away all the information that he has and, and it's costing the story in a particular light in order to have it brought in the c s t o foreign peacekeeping force. there is an awful lot of confusion at the moment, especially with the internet down. we will endeavor to, to try to update views with information about what's happening cuz it's gone as we can as soon as we can get it. all right, thanks so much. robin foster walker can body as prime minister is become the 1st foreign leader to visit me in moments, re rulers homes and says he's there to help. and the violence that's been going on
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since the generals seized power almost a year ago. he's representing the association of southeast asian nations, though the block is divided about how to deal with a genta. the qu, opponents indian ma, and abroad accused consent of legitimizing the military regime. tony chang is following the visit from bangkok in neighbouring thailand, all across melma or over the last couple of days. people have been posting images on social media of them stamping on pictures of anson burning pictures of him. but people have bombarded his facebook page as official facebook page with so many negative comments. his actually had turned them off or his staff had to turn them off. so i think there's very little expectation that he will engage with the so called opposition. the people who oppose the crew in the military government and the military itself is said at this stage, there's very little chance that he'll meet any of those leaders particularly
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uncensored she. and when meant the former president who had been locked up since eric, who in february of last year, what he does in to achieve it is really quite hard to determine. his foreign minister said in statements a couple of days ago that myanmar currently has all the ingredients for a country which is heading toward civil war. i think perhaps the best way to view this is through the lens of hans and himself. he's a leader who's been in power for 36 years. he's just nominate his, his son, his successor. he seems to be preparing to step down. but if he could step into the, into this very difficult situation and cast himself in the role of peacemaker, it might give him a legitimacy and a legacy which will go beyond just the boundaries of cambodia itself. and put him as a really significant player on a global stage. nonetheless, it is a very complicated situation and it's one which is fraught with danger.
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at least 13 passengers who tested positive for co, with 19 on a flight from italy to india have escaped government quarantine. the plane landed in the northern city of ambridge south on thursday. more than a 125 people on board were positive pavley without joins us now from new delhi surpassing the how the something like this happen. hey, it's something that he resort is, are trying to figure out they said, and we spoke to them a while ago that some of them of basically snack out at the airport. it says many of them snack out from the hospital. all of these isolation centers that they were admitted to, which is the protocol. now, according to the rules, when passengers arrived from certain countries, they are to be tested on arrival. and that's exactly what happened and again asked, but the rules they ought to be admitted in these isolation centers. now authorities
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say they have managed to trace most of them and that they expect them to return to . these isolation centers still asper, the rules of police case will be filed against these does not passengers. what's really annoying, the authorities is that on one hand, this is a brazen violation of the rule. something they say, all of them will briefed about, but also the fact that these passengers have endangered the lives of many people at a time where in jas, facing an onslaught of colbert 19 cases and as cases rise. so do restrictions in several cities around the country, right? yes, you know, india has breached the 100000 marked in new cases. now that is not a number we've seen in several months. most of the country at this point is under some form of restrictions. many places have announced were restrictions so the
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southern states of thumb alarm has announced a night curfew and a full lockdown on sundays. john diego, which is a city in northern india, has also announced a night curfew or the states where colbert 19 cases have been rising at an alarming rate. say that they will be monitoring the situation to decide on further cubs. no one of them is the western state of my russia. it's capital moon by recorded more than 20000 cases. that is a record. what's worrying is that a 100 odd cases have come from the slums. now these are areas that are already underserved and incredibly crowded. now that state government will decide on further cubs are expecting a decision today. another state is the state of been god which has tightened travel restrictions. so now you will need a negative test to enter bengal. it had already restricted flights from mon bye and jedi, because these are 2 cities that are seeing a massive spike. bengal already has closed on public places like parks and zoos to
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red hot spots, and has also closed on schools. now daddy is headed for a we can car few starting to morrow. so saturday and sunday there will be a locked on like situation which markets are close and only essential workers will be allowed to be on the road. this is an addition to in night car, few in the city which has been in place for about a fortnight. schools are also closed in delhi. have natal, thanks so much. now thailand or wait longer before bringing a quarantine wave, a program for travelers, tourists from low income, from low risk. rather coven. 19 countries had been allowed to do just one night in quarantine. those already approved to enter on the program must arrive by next week and also be other new restrictions to deal with higher numbers of cove with 19
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infections and australia's most popular state, new south wales is also reinstating some restrictions singing and dancing at pubs and night. hobbs will be banned and there'll be a pause on some surgery procedures to free up hospital beds. admissions have nearly doubled in a week coming up after the weather. outrage in serbia over the detention of tennis started about joker, which in australia because of a visa issue. nigeria is government tries to turn the screws on criminal gangs blamed for recent kidnappings. ah. hello whether the let's see bad across much of southeast asia, but the heaviest, down pause while they are south of the equator, pushing across
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a good part of indonesia. we see some very heavy rain here. type her a sing $140.00 millimeters afraid in only 24 hours. not going to be the main focus for the heaviest rate as we go through the next day or so. long chain of showers here, of course, just about anywhere. could see some of those afternoon down pause, but more in the way of sunshine than showers. one thing to notice down towards the southeast corner of our chart there, developing system making its way right close to the gulf of commentary. at ward, sir, the cape york peninsula chester making use went to northern areas of queensland, got some showers once again across trouble, parts of australia, at least inside queensland all the way down across new south wells. also still seeing some rather live the south. not quite as well as it has been recently for eastern parts of victoria. for the show is never too far away for the showers there . it's a said me interrupting cricket once again. i suspect for the remainder of the test machin, those showers never really too far away. go on into sunday and you can see that wet weather will make its way in across the far northeast of queens stand by that state
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. we will also see some wet weather slowly making its way to the south valid new zealand. ah. in pakistan's largest city, climate change in water shortages are driving some residence to desperate measures . one 0 one east, me. the water garage on l g 0. mm. mm. you want to help save the world. sneeze into your elbow. ah. oh.
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a. come back, you're watching out. is there a time to recap our headline? because extends president has authorized security forces to fire without warning, as he's tried to quell violent protested against his government. russian lead forces have been deployed to help thousands of protesters and security cause now been killed. cambodian prime minister, montana is holding talks at me and my military rulers in the bid to resolve the continuing civil unrest. of critics say as the 1st head of state in me and ma, since last is qu, he's legitimizing the military. john lee, 13 passengers who tested positive for covey. 19 on the flight from italy to india, have escaped government quarantine. some of the so they managed to flee from the fulton and all the 50 of i'm rid saw from isolate centers,
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straight in government is insisting tennis stall, novak junker, which is not being held as a prisoner. he's in quarantine in the melbourne hotel where some refugees and the silent speakers have been held for years. joke, which is visa was revoked when he arrives. authorities rejected his exemptions from pandemic entry rules. mr. chuck, this is not bank hill held captain in australia. he is free to leave at any time that he chooses to do so, and waterfalls will actually facilitate that in relation. so you and other people who are in immigration detention with are they in, in white hill in melbourne or whether it be else way in australia and those people are they because they don't have a dollar and these are all they are here illegally. he in australia for might be a number of reasons, and we treat all people who are in the immigration detention daily.
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oh, tennis pie as fans have been rallying outside the hotel in melbourne. it gained notoriety last year when the fire force migrants to be evacuated and maggots were allegedly found in their food. a coal to decide whether joker, which can stay in complete and compete, rather in that australian open under simmons reports. oh, so the soviet parliament in belgrade protest is jones in support of their national hero. the world's number one in men's tennis. novak joke of each demonstration is led by his father, who says australia is playing politics with his sons career, vivica civic, calling up. they want to throw him on his knees. this would happen. they never managed to throw. so be on its knees. we never attacked anyone. we only defended ourselves. and no voc is defending himself. now brothers and sisters our heart,
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our soul applied some awful. so brian, early, this is the moment when jock of each is about to realize his entry into australia is blocked, his visa revoked it isn't a tennis court, he's going to instead, he's waiting for a court hearing on monday that will rule on his deportation. for now, he's in a government quarantine hotel. his mother is outraged. they are keeping him is it really is just not very human. i just called if you will be down as we are. i love you to be a joke of each had a medical exemption to let him play at the australian open tournament later this month. otherwise, the tournament is only open to the fully vaccinated exemption caused a wave of anger among australians who still face some of the toughest travel restrictions in the world joker, which is well known as being against vaccinations. another big name in the sport,
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believe joker, which has himself to play in some way. i, i feel sorry for him. but at the same time, he know he knew the conditions, things are a lot of months ago. so the action against juke of each is also causing a diplomatic incident therapy, as president describes it as politically motivated. michelle was the called, the true it's l. obligation of the state to protect interests of our citizens were dedicated to that. what not now is that this is a political persecution that everyone is taking part interest. even your strain in prime minister jock of each had thought the path was clear of his attempt to the 21st grand slam. instead, he faces what could be a road block, and with it a world wide debate on whether he's been really treated and re simmons out there. or album roseville. he was a senior official, is australia's immigration department. he told us more about yoko,
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which is legal standing. frankly, i thought the minister's comments about him not being held captive is, was soft street. the fact is, once of a, the hold of the razor industry cancel. they are mandatorily on the law required to be held in detention. i'm saying he must be holding detention. there isn't a, there isn't a choice. he's not prevented from leaving a stranger, but he cannot walk around straight. so these are that mr. joker, which applied for with an online visa, which has an auto grant function. the government has the option of turning the auto grand function on or off, depending on circumstance. in this instance of the author grant function was turned on and there were no alerts relating to mr. jock, which in the system and as a result, the computer graph at him a visa. ah, the us president joe biden says his predecessor is still
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a threat to democracy. a year after hundreds of donald trump supports is attack the capital building in washington, d. c. or biden searing speech to mark the anniversary was met with more defiance from trump. she have returns, he explains from washington, go back to that day. what do you see? it was an address, an outrage. now storm this capital. and those who instigated and incited those who called on them to do so. held a dagger at the throat of america, an american democracy president biting reference donald trump more than a dozen times over the course of his speech, not by name. for the 1st time in our history, president had not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power as a violent mob breached the capital. but they fail. the former president,
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far back shortly afterwards, dismissing the commemorations as political theater. but democrats want to own this day of january the 6th, so they can start fears. i'm divide america, he wrote that divided american was filial display throughout a day of collaborations and events on capitol hill. just one republican was seen at least cheney accompanied by her father, former vice president dick cheney. at a ceremony mocking the rod in the house of representatives there, the speaker of the house paid tribute to the u. s. capital police fire because of them. congress was able to defeat the insurrection, to return to the capital that same night to ensure that the peaceful transfer of power took place. because of them and our members, the insurrection tailed. oh, as night fell duelling vigils took place across the city. this small event outside dcs, joe, to protest against the continued incarceration of some january 6 protested these guys here who were at supper, maybe a dozen or you doesn't you actually,
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you course subs, pepper sprayed, more or less just followed the sea of humanity that they were trapped across town approaches to mounting that congress protect voter rights. as republican controlled states use the law of an illegitimate election to restrict access to the ballot. this event also remind her of the terror of the storming of the capitol on per day for us. i remember ah, crawling on my knees under banisters with a cane in one hand because i just had a knee replacement surgery 5 weeks before. i remember lying on the floor with the gas mask in one hand and the cane and the other thinking about how if i couldn't get up and leave, which i didn't think i would be able to, that i would attack the knees of whoever came to attack me because i wasn't going to take it lying down, not without a fight, more than
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a 3rd of americans still believe joe biden did not win the presidency legitimately or unsure if he did. and most republicans believe the writers were defending democracy. the history of january, the 6th them is still unsettled for many across the country. he ebert mc al jazeera, washington nigeria, as government has labeled criminal gangs as terrorist organizations they blamed for mass kidnappings. earlier this week, soldiers rescued, 97 hostages. fidelis and bar reports from a boucher heavily armed groups, half terrorized people in towns and villages in central and northwest. my dear 4 years. helena never now security officials as stepping up efforts to craig knows some of the violence on wednesday. imagine government branded, the criminal gangs as terrorist groups. in a television interview, prison mohammed double, harry said, with liberal them terry's. we're going to deal with them as such. the pundits asked
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the man, luckily i have been responsible for my son, abductions and kidnappings for ransom. and destruction of property. some politicians believe the security measures will help to ease fears. the people don't play happy with the bird. and i will also give the burden window to litzy who do deploy on all that means it won't be there, but i'm in it. try to give them some kind of a non can it moves, but is them on because you goods and it on what locality most due to check members, sir, minus the government order means the military can deploy more military hardware including seeking international support. but the security expert feels that government needs to do more at a political, psychiatric level. i think they're completely wrong perception of what the
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situation is on gra. as so the reactions of allison, extremely slow lack of practice nets and created net. they have never relieved this . is that the issue with the suck up address? you expect a country that is on wall to be able to bring to be on the switch on, on ground security agencies seem to have made the headway with the recent release of some hostages. and the reported killing of some leaders of the group with political leaders seeking a soft landing for the content fighters. the bandits, most of them, i love the trees. so there is need for government and her also all communities to rise to go to the issue of seeing how we can get this report or every day to get
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it on one of our loved ones. your other quotes was one every other wish securities expected to be a major talking point, a head of general elections in 2023. it remains to be seen. if president mohammed will, harry would have fulfilled his electra promise to end in security before handing over. fidel is amber al jazeera bolger. ah let's thank you through the headlines here now just sarah, now catholic stance president says he is authorized security forces to fire without warning, as he tries to put down violent protests against his government in a national address. he also thanked russian friends.


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