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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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and we've had consecutive increase in the price worldwide for good, good part of last year. i would say not only the last 4 months and for some commodities all the way through if you look at the are subbing next revisions. lloyd's, in fact, prices are all over, so one was 70 percent year on year. and there are record, so has been a year of for raising prices for most of the reasons couple which is tied to supplies for 7 of those commodities worldwide specially export supplies. but also strong demand. many people expected at the start of the year, let's say, last year design. that in fact, because of coal with because of depend make and economic conditions, we would see a decline in this didn't really happen. so we have increase the more and we had tighter supplies, and then there were, of course, other factors you'd be so energy markets, but it will until it the going from negative to positive to know around 80 dollar
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effecting across will commodities. ah, let's take you through the headlines here now just here now, because expands president says order has been largely restored off the days of violent protest, but began over 30 and fuel prices. police and my c say they've killed 26 people while ac enough died. russian troops on the ground at the request of the president robin thruster walker is following the story from tbilisi. this is becoming very difficult situation, particularly mattie, at the moment, given all of the reports of the fighting that have been going on. heavy gun battled by the sounds that i've been hearing on social social media footage that's been released and, and that makes things incredibly difficult for ordinary people. so we've seen queues, petrol stations, we've seen cues outside bakeries. and another factor to bear in mind is that given
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at the internet is down, it's very hard for people to make payments online and or obtain cash. so ordinary life is really come to a standstill in the city. australia is in 5th thing, tennis novak junk of which is not being held against his will and is free to leave the country. he remains in the hotel used to detain refugees and asylum seekers after its entry. visa was revoke cambodian prime minister and san is holding talks with me and miles military rulers in the bid to resolve the ongoing civil unrest. he's visiting as the representative of the association of southeast asian nations, to help implement a peace plan. those i had lines, the news continues here and al jazeera after the stream. there's a wave of sentiment around the world. people actually want accountability from the
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people who are running their countries. and i think often people's voice is not heard because it's not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover the big stories and we report from the big events to going on. but we also tell a story that people generally don't have a voice. i'm in one of the charm, my dad never be afraid to put your hand up. now ask a question and i think that's what i'm really does. we ask the questions to people who should be accountable. and also we get people to give their view of what's going on with ty anthony ok. there were over 3000000 ngos operating in india. many of them are starting the new year cut off from international funding. and that's due to new regulations, even the organization funded by mother theresa the missionaries of charity, has been impacted and missionary looked at a deliberate america. i do not think there is any discrepancy in their funding.
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missionaries of charity is known worldwide to treat the poor and ill without taking a penny. i was born in calcutta and i have been seeing their charity work. they don't keep a penny. there must be some kind of misunderstanding that misunderstanding was a k. i would request all our governmental officials in the central government to please come outside mother how every morning at 6 o'clock and see the lying. all homeless for people stretching for more than one mile. while given a free meal. not one of those people is a christine and not one of those people are asked to become christians. down the street, we're looking at india's foreign contribution regulation at the recent changes and the report impact that that may well have on big and g as in india and the small ones as well. let's meet your panel and i had me hello v j to add. hello tina ron john. good to have all 3 of you here on the stream. every festival,
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please introduce yourself to our stream audience. tell them who you are. what you do when i come from, by the way, in the state of time, and i do in india, i am a lawyer. i work with people, watch. we just lost it is cation, india, 2000 traitor. and we are still working. so i got out of here on the program, the jeter nice to see you introduce yourself to the stream audience. tell them who you are and what day? hi, i'm the thing i'm, i'm a journalist based in new delhi. i work for the hindus people. and i go to miss uniform affairs, which is the internal security ministry of india. and get to have the here and there and are welcome tele, international audience. you are what eating? hello. and then did so as you know, follow it. i'll do what he says found isn't a new database dancing bang and i walked live, learn democracy,
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or the worker day. some human rates are gross, so, so busy. all right, thank you so much guess. oh, so reached out to india's ministry of home affairs, extensive outreach. despite that, we were not able to get a spokesperson to join us, but we have you live in a comment section on youtube. video comments right here. good questions right here for our panel. i would do my best to bring your ideas, your thoughts into the program. let's start with this idea that these regulations on ngo's receiving foreign funding, not new, not specific to the ruling b, j, p, the a former congress party when they were in power. they also started to look at regulations for ngos, but earlier we spoke to lucia, who had some thoughts about why these regulations are necessary, have a listen to her. the government of india exercise is constitutional authority in bringing about a few changes to the existing us. the act does
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a lot of data and intelligence that some and yours have been indulging in activities against the state. unfortunately, india doesn't have a legislation to court in the activities of the foreign agents. so guess the, 1st of all, i wanted to just establish what would be the cause for india's government saying we need to do deeper regulation on for an investment foreign funding coming into india's n g o z. can you give me at least one example neuron, john? i'm going to ask all of our guests of one example of where tied to regulation is necessary because there are problems. what are the problems? i think 1st of all, the regulation has to happen in sector. you know, like mining funding to school, little those activities that has actually not only, you know, kind of a crate,
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but it has also a economy so that i think those, those ideas actually need to be regulated. and government is right. actually living in a certain activities that can actually menu it, taken many of those, you know, damage on this great. all right, so, i mean, this is new to me, right out of highway. do you need to be regulated in your child? i think as much as everyone in this country needs to be regulated. i want to really by the government through today, just nation and yours are also going to want to be in relation under this regulation started with the a 976. biting. going with the foreign contribution regulation act and we have on, i have my and you, i've been registered from the 982. we had an unblemished regard to
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a 1000 of them when we were suspended. and we had not a single, a petition off having i didn't want that was on fight to all the speed. i know, i know the reason why in 2012 and they did it go $1.16 when it was, once again that addicted. the reasons, i mean it got nothing to do with financing. you know, nothing to do with finance management, but i definitely do with our human rights all reporting on things that take place within the country. and this is not good back to give me just your home as if i voted, they've been the high court where they say that i completed the embassies. i'm. they also said that i communicated with you in a special report. yes, i don't think we just by has to be in the security on some of the united nations. why is it, is it been responded when you go in to get to we can do in special about what yes, and i would be able to match my talk to our boards that we are making. do you any
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special report? yes, this is a little, not an issue, but i think i've heard of it by the ministry of it. i'm just a little here at a puzzle from outside of india. they applied for the renewal of that nice is to type in an investment. and they have been turned down that they found this out just recently. so, huge organizations teach engineers have been impacted. have you done any reporting that gave you some idea about what the changes were with and yet why india would be so strict about for an investment coming into that country because that's the key issue to south alicia. so there are, oh, so these are the boards which we have find of regarding the foreign contribution resolution act. it's actually regulates in funding into the country. most of the time be an art old by the ministry on record or author,
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board of about any reason. see, for example, mission at ease of charity. why? if the i was not renewed and the ministry came up with a statement that you do some security inputs. now these are very weak terms. if you are blocking the license or registration of an injury which has been working for for decades in a country, you ought to give cogent reasons explaining what it was. security, the report that you have phone. so sometimes of these regulations, it also used to how does and years which are critical of the government on the job express which is balance please speech. and because not many people would want to depend on core threads on government funding for the world because they want to say independent. so that is the who knew that this act because it just gives an
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explanation. it is very it is, i believe i did on the part of the state and the other ones who can decide arbitrarily, which and you'll be function generally not. and he will not even get to know the reason i say. so even though what we're think about right, what would be the potential reason how many came up with one, but in terms of what the government telling you, the ministry of homicides, they not giving you those examples on my laptop, i have several people who've been following the stream, following this conversation on twitter, have a look here henry, i'm going to get each of you and, and, and the data and austin around and to respond to these comments. so cashandra says this is a good decision by the indian government. some people using the funds received the purpose of ngos for illegal activities. henry instant reaction to this don't pause . go ahead. in 2020. what is your show cost? no. does not go. i'm not wish 3 times that it was really good because then it was
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only a 180 days of suspension. not a single illegal activity of ours had been pointed out to the other thing that we were not allowed to renew. i had a 2 line audit that was given to me and ordered it on the basis of the study report . the competent authority does not want to refuses your renewal application. i'll pass it. i haven't heard the push back from you. the run down, the street hor akina as a new one new id here phone and she has a note that how the people in india they have to react motives and should not be trusted. b j. p like government is doing the right thing and we shouldn't be wishing with them and she has not at all. no, i can't refund this. i think the grandmother, she, you know, people who are been, you know,
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this sort of messes in some way or that i think the victim of, you know, the base has been, you know, for several years, which is basically and you're saying kind of in october and that's not only a i think if you see the writing a space all over the world and i think you go to us, you will talk to you go to brad, you go to a, you know, many of those countries that you have actually, and you haven't got to become very commonly and any kind of what and when that comes for even a finding the cause of, you know, climate change or promoting. right? so the marginalise is seen basically as some kind of intervention on the, on the left here. so i think i'm not so, but it will be sort of mrs. and what exactly is happening in india for last several years? not only with these are not uncommon in the previous comment, which in fact,
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i know, you know, this is to make up one for me in 2010. we thought i meant expanding the scope of we know what to declare illegal, or what would be. something that, you know, is going to political in nature already know, pretends national security. do think actually the small, tiny end user actually dedicated themselves. i can be a, we actually living in india and yours may not be there for, you know, for a walk on, and we'll make on my, you know, it's a devices. and you know, many of them will make, you know, back later on going down into laws like a 2005 was buying or by law hundreds of in your class didn't use. so i think some of these people are in a propaganda case. i've got one more for here to share with you, and i'm just going to see on twitter. again, responding to our discussion today is kind of run a parallel government. they flout laws and norms. and for activism on the pretext
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of social service, they must open themselves up to 4 states, secrete scrutiny, and be accountable. are you seeing any sense of entry, as i said, a 3 main operating in india and nice of flouting government rules. so as i mentioned earlier, the bombs are that is stringent. you have to check a lot of boxes, especially after new amendments were brought in last year. it has become impossible for and used to do any kind of good or even to imagine that they can run it badly. government is just laughable. and most of these comments are mostly part of an organized propaganda. and because there is the spirit of the unknown that and jewels will come and jose, well, you know, people with the government, these are very foolish observations, to be honest, a host of boxes that you have to check for and you to
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survive to receive a lot innovations of government of india has even put one in bonus around 101 and one is on its watch list. and so it's not easy book or in doing us. we just send money because every penny that they've sent, the government gets an alert and every penny is through denies before it's passed on to the end just so it's not that easy. so as i said, there are a lot of frustrated measures in place. so i don't think this will treat, makes any sense. i ok that told that twitter i let me say this with you. this is from the ministry of home affairs. it is live now. so it gives us a sense of what is happening with the ngos who try to file for the foreign contribution regulation at with the new regulations. if you see the blue hail, the aqua marine, those are the n g o z who are active. the pink pants sold and yos, look how many people and years and then the green diem see sto expired as of today
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. maybe they couldn't even handle that paperwork. maybe they didn't fall. may they can get in on time. i'm re looking at this the latest for the ngos who would like to have foreign funding. what does this tell us about the operating climate, the ngos in india today? i do think 2 of the agents i would like to make. the 1st observation is that this and diet i know that is going on. let us not forget that this operation started close to 2010 to 5. ready we should regulation act and this was brought in by another government which is today. and i want to go on to the car for the sake of being ready for the arguments that we were taught, that i am a lead off the previous government to stop and independent government in 2016 can do. that's why i don't know why. why do i do in terms of numbers that you,
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that have an idea of ways of looking at this when each it is a be a regulation act, $976.00. and i think one to 2010. anybody would ask for, and i do station, i never, there was a not one to do station by it. and i love the game. i need to want stronger and become blames mechanism became tougher. they decided to decided but not to have finally decision to move and what not to have to do station what to do with the way. and therefore there are many which i did not renew because precisely, they did not want that. and you will have all that, it, that speaks about the large number which i, which i mean guess it. now those we've got to do to be cancelled as of today on, i guess there's another explanation you can give is with the 2020 amendment. but if not, which may sound in buffet, which means one of the deals in the country. well, what did you do?
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well, what do you want the was don't gotta be a part of the country on the issue. a need to look at it in which was a displacement. and i do show that you can think of these and you can only see vines directly from a bar. i know they don't have sources, they don't need it. and then you don't, you want ok, and then for the, if you have a to b anyway. so a lot of numbers remain guns and because of the stock blinding coming to a loss. and that is something which is very, very difficult for me. and you're going to survive because you don't have people only doing what people are not going to have to do on the government. a book, people have done usually to work a competence. and usually does. a lot of that work is what i'm doing. and i just made it difficult for people to continue for daily distinction and i want to put those teeth and you chances, clovis, new champions watching the program right now?
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what is the level of awareness and interest in india is about these regulations. what is the impact on everyday life? the many people in the country i so i had time about the news, the missionaries, a charity organization set up my mother, theresa. they are now rationing the food that they're giving out. because of the limitation on the funding that they have, they can't take funding from overseas. right now. the indians know about this and what's the impact? thank that's a good question. i think i don't really know what's happening to this space and how many of those, you know, especially those to roll more than, you know, those are back to the binding work or having, you know, in many ways actually facing, you know, the front of the ministry so i'm saying look at the mission of charity. it is actually one of the list organization and has done fine work.
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actually. i think almost 78 in states in india worked actually for the, for the most a people who really do not come within the states, you know, so in a sense, actually by targeting the sort of use what actually seen as actually a lot of symbolic value for the society, you're actually sending it sending it chilling effect for many smaller and you as an edge of those what actually a base that is number one, number 2 is i think a lot of activities, especially those activities that really do not call my dad. i don't know the state, in many cases actually states a place where many of these in just out actually need to get it themselves. i think those what's
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actually going to heavily suffer, i don't think, i mean, i did plan in any way. you know, it can actually really going to buy a i don't actually just want to share my laptop, this news from, from ok time when they realize that they won't be able to renew their license or see for funding. they say that that humanitarian work will be severely impacted and share with you another thoughts as to why this is happening in india right now . chadwick says this is a serious sign of a dictator. it's heartless, disregarding the many people benefiting from the organizations and then on video, we got this coming from rashid. here is rashid. if it means destroying civil society, or economy of india or the prestige or india, the cancellation theories of gum in the indian medical association,
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or even support to leprosy war. so be, it seems to be that you didn't of couldn't in the energy. and we, you know, to, well, what it needs means to be regulated so that your work is impacted. your child work is impacted. what does the ministry of home affairs need to do to adjust their approach to foreign funding? coming in to india's, the question is that that is discrimination in the manner in which foreign investment in india is being the discrimination is between the hope is this is, is approached and also is as id the approach. and i think this discrimination has to stop. the business is managed by the finance ministry. where's the civil society is managed by the whole ministry? and now this is a major discrimination. the procedures are done followed for financial irregularities. you want to use those words for business, have a procedure,
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whether it is income tax, whether it a service tag for that or do we do it? any other tax issues that are procedures that are follow? what as far as to which is id, under the ministry of the discrimination is that the 1st thing that have done today, and it will read, the 1st thing that is done is suspension. and the best example that i can get is the common but human rights initiative, which has been working on issues of what i see, which i've been working on, issues of late to information, which i've been working on, issues of prisons not working on their own, but working with the police themselves, working with the prison authorities, themselves, working with the legal authorities themselves, and they're having stopped. what have they done? what have they done? which is wrong? if they're working, i think you have to. and one to him, i said, what have they done? suspension, we don't notice and they hadn't caught story. so this discrimination of what hope
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business is approached and i was going to say to you, the approach is the fundamental question that we are not in the nation, but i'm just really i who you know and, and guy had yeah, i think i, i agree with you know, in terms of why the government is open to, for an investment in the business sector and it goes to easing all kind of sticks on analyzing every, you know, sort of log black, rectifying the most. but i didn't get the foreign funding for the 8 years, which actually are doing binding work and you know, they're filling the space, you know, which the state is not able to meet off back what actually is being listed. another interesting diamond is that you know, the fund funding of, you know, want to go buy these, you know, which is happening to a, you know, once the government doesn't have any problem, does open the floodgates point one and money to ploy globally. because system and it actually it to the national security and you know,
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what actually been buying a bunch of that's the biggest i that we have. we actually do it with this india last a can add some. yeah. so this is also a gates all for you to credit over each of the just did a story. it went on our website a few hours back that the f c, i a, the distractions of not only missionaries of charity, but famous hindu temple to look at the the last time which is a point in a single sentence. and then i will thank you and take a by it yet, even even though not only christian organizations, even lot of in boot and both have lost it at seattle registration. so it is clearly a case of bureaucratic overreach and oh, there should be clear guidelines and clear of explanation by the government on why
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they're of the district and has a j test thanking their angina, pressure you, and hungry. we really appreciate you as well so much more to talk about, but for now, i'm going to wrap up today show on youtube. thanks for your comments. i think next time take ah january and i just need, i need you year. we look back on us president joe biden supposed to you in office 12 months on from the capital building by the part of the stream. enjoy no social media community. as he owns, recovery from civil war continues. we mock 2 decades since the end of one of africa's most political complex, the bottom line, steve clemons dives headlong into the u. s. issues that shape the rest of the world . as we enter the 3rd year, have it 19. we go back to hand where it all began and investigate how far we come
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into the pandemic. january on a, just the the listening post cuts through the noise. we're talking about repeating. now, the monday schools being used to perpetuate there's competing narrative separating spin from fact all 3 versions of the story and then some element of the truth. but the full story of the names and content on the packing, the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening post your guide to the media on a j 0 from lagos, to jerusalem, to my am i, the government is trying to read my own home milestone man history. my and background 3 short films that show how people take a stand against evictions and they're struggling communities. the 1st time they
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arrested me. i was 11 years old. ha select on al jazeera ah cassock stands president authorize his forces to fire without warning off the days of unprecedented protests violence. ah con sammy say, dan, this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up several passengers from a cove it hit flight escape quarantine in india. supporters rally for a tennis champion? no by john coverage has astray. the us government rejects claims. he's being held
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against his will plus wow, no one to place a dagger for throat of democracy in a searing speech, the.


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