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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2022 10:30am-11:01am AST

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damage the flames left more than 1000 properties destroyed. at least 2 people have been reported missing. there have been ongoing investigations into the cause of the file, which was the worst in the states history. acclaimed american writer and director peter book donovan has died at the age of 80 to his credits include the last picture show which earned 8 academy award nominations. and to when the american film institute ranked his film won't stop dark among the top 100 comedies of all time. it's all to says he died of natural causes. ah, let's take you through some of the headlines here now just now cause expands. government says it's killed 26 people criminals in violence. it's calling them on criminals and violence across the country. authorities also say
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a 1000 people in security forces have died and thousands of been arrested. president cassim, jo, amounts of kind of, also denounced. also announce, rather the orders mostly been restored. cambodia, the prime minister is the 1st foreign leader to visit me in mas, military rulers. and that is representing the a z and block says he's there to help and, and violence since general sees are almost a year ago. tony chang is following events from neighboring highlands, all across mamma. over the last couple of days, people have been posting images on social media, them stamping on pictures of anson burning. pictures of him. people have bon bonded, his facebook page is official facebook page. with so many negative comments, he's actually had to turn them off, all his stuff had to them. so i think there's very little expectation that he will engage with the so called opposition. the people who oppose the queue in the
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military government. and the military itself is said at this stage, there's very little chance that he'll meet any of those leaders. particularly young son, said she. and when men, the former president who have been locked up since coo, in february of last year, us health authorities have given final approval for 5 this crime to virus boost of children as young as 12 millions of american kids. returning to school, after the christmas break, australia is most popular, state new south wales is reinstating some restrictions to slow rec, hold spike in cobit 19 infections under the new rules singing and dancing at pubs and not clubs will be banned. there will also be a pause on some non elective surgeries. health authorities expect cases to peek by the end of january. it's inside story now, stay with. ah, we tell the untold story. ah,
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we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us for fear, sir guy from my i am power impartial. we tell your story. we are your voice. your news, your net al jazeera, violent demonstrations in kazakhstan, sparked by rising fuel prices in an oil rich nation. protest is now call for leadership change. russia responds to the president, plead for health and fence truth. so what more is behind the rest of this former soviet republic? this is inside story. ah
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hello, welcome to the program. i'm kim vanelle. a russian lead alliance has deployed troops as peacekeepers to kazakhstan after the president asked for help to quell mass demonstrations across the country. they began on january 1st after the government announced a sharp increase in fuel prices. indignation and violence followed in an effort to calm the unrest, the government resigned. the president then declared a 2 week nationwide state of emergency, the shop down of the internet. but still the protest escalated into calls for a change of leadership. demonstrations say they have run out of patience or presents cason jamal took are you, is blaming the unrest on foreign actors who holla, one of grogan's is your leader is dia journalists and blockers. many versions of what's happened here have been told. you have to understand what's happened here. the coil springs now been unleashed after 30 years. all of us have been fired upon them and all of us went to these things. but none of us wants to kill or put
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pressure on another person. please come here and see it with your own eyes. we show you the face of a new country and you should witness it for we cassock, people have patience. so stop it was sick of this. look, soldiers advancing here or to let them see it all. stay with us and let us see where it goes into this year. but sir, the terrorist mobs are essentially international, only they're under one serious training abroad and their attacks of kazakhstan, you can be and shouldn't be viewed as an act of aggression. for this reason, relying on the collective security treaty, i reached out to the heads of the collective security treaty organization states to assist kazakhstan and overcoming this terrorist threats and reality. it is no longer a threat, it is undermining the states integrity. and most importantly, it is an attack on our citizens who are asking me as the head of the state to help
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them immediately rush his foreign ministry. he said it was costly monitoring the situation, saying in a statement, we advocate the peaceful resolution of all problems within the constitutional and legal framework and dialogue, rather than through st rides. the violation of laws. adding that it was the aim of cassock, president cousin jama. tuck i if to stabilize the situation and resolve existing problems quickly, including those contained in the legitimate demands of the protest is speaking on behalf of the un secretary general stefan to jericho urged restraint following with concern in monitoring the situation. oh and cause extern. i think it's very poor for all involved. oh news, current events to exercise restraint, refrain from violence and promote oh dialogue in addressing all of the pertinent issues. and father reaction came from the white house which denied any involvement in the protests. were monitoring reports of protests and kazakstan. we support
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cause for con, for protesters to express themselves peacefully and for authorities to exercise restraint on there are some crazy russian claims about the us being behind this. so let me just use this opportunity to convey that is absolutely false and clearly a part of the standard russian disinformation playbook. we've seen a lot of in past years or counseling stone is an oil rich country in central asia. it's the thighs of western europe with an ethnically diverse population of 18000000 people gained independence from the soviet union in 1991. but it remained a close ally of russia which borders it to the north. cause exxon is also a crucial transport hub for chinese products, heading to europe from the east, and has kept a delicate balance between its neighbors and the west. especially the united states, which it sees both as a potential source for trade and investment. and as a partner to balance the influence of russia and china in central asia, the,
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its now bring in august from prague. we have bruce pannier, veteran journalist, and correspondence at radio, free europe specializing in central asia. for belgrade we have it on a which, who is the lead expert at the center for actual politics and on the line from marty catholic sounds largest city. we have a thea to the silver, who is a political activist. very well welcome to program to you all. now the reason that she is on the phone line is because the internet has been caught. so it makes, you know, doing his own very difficult as well as getting information out very difficult. i don't come to you 1st. just tell us what's the latest there on the ground in terms of these process and in terms of the reaction to them. while we are currently on lock down, the everyone is we are advised to stay home because it's not safe to be on the street to, to
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a so called anti terrorist alteration that is in progress. what do you make of these assertions? i see that from the president that these protests are coming from foreign active terrorists who are causing this unrest. ah, you see it's everything is so unclear now, but there are definitely for 2 whole years to protest and their own interest, which i'm not sure. and we're all caught up from each other and we have no reliable information to judge to have like a complete understanding of the situation of the situation. ok, are there, protest is who, off from kazakhstan, are they among the people? the many thousands of people were looking at right now who are out on the street. you know, just email it. some people just people just simple
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protestors who came to i mean angry people who have just been just, you know, it's a mix right now. it's hard to tell who are on the streets. i mean, the process started as a peaceful process. like 2 days. it was a peaceful march on the street. like it started somewhere in the west of the city and then the people peacefully march towards the city city hall. and they were faced with a tear
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gas. and, and apparently it's caused, it turned like a peaceful module into into, into vida, which is what we're looking at. the pictures we're looking at right now. ok, i want to cross over to bruce patio, who is in prague. explain 2 of you is how country has gotten to this point, why we've seen these protests now. you know, i, me every, the, it started out of course, with the, with the protest in the bar was to respond with the higher the price of fuel. that was double, there was just involved a few dozen people in an oil workers town called john, oh, you know, would that the, the rule point watershed moment. i think for this study is probably march 2019 when they changed. presidents 1st president nurses are by a step down from our up to 20 years as the country leader. and he handed over a power to his to his own chosen successor, cut him up tomorrow. at that point,
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i think a lot of people figured that this was going to be a moment when conflicts on took a turn to a different direction a little bit. you know that some were for a long overdue reforms. will be implemented center living with start to improve more, you know, what really none of that happens since that, i mean some changes or not, but not much. that's why it's interesting that you know, these protests when they started. and as they gathered seen, the demands that people were making, we're really the demand that we've been hearing for a couple of years now. they wanted more. busy of the read a role and the political system in picking their own leaders. and this was specifically something that people pointed out when there were some local officials to talk to the protesters. they would say we didn't have a chance to elect you. you're not elected officials, i'm going to recognize you. this is not new. something that's been more repeated in the last few days, but it's not a new compliant at all, you know, honest, as far as like, you know, increasing wages because inflation is going up. of course, these things are all common common demand that they've been making for
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a long time. range is foreign influence because the complaints are absolutely domestic and they've been that no, that was my next question before we move on. here was then the spread of these protests from this one region to the rest of the country. was that a surprise at all then? and what should we may cause of the president's response so far? well, yes, it was. i mean, i got to admit, i was surprised. there been a lot of strikes and a lot of protest in western college on, certainly last year. ah, you know, so the fact that it went all the way from the west to the east and really was in every major town and city. and the sun was, was definitely a shock when the authorities did try to make some concessions. but this was an old packet for them of giving, giving something to the protesters who said, some of this on russ has been summary for a couple of years. i think it just needed you know, something to spark it. and that's really what we've seen in the last 4 days. right? we'll cross over now to belgrade, where we have victor rich, how is the russian president vladimir putin likely to be viewing these developments?
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well, this has the steering events in kazakhstan, it has been a surprise unexpected. it's an unexpected turn of events for moscow. and it comes at a sensitive time when moscow is preparing for negotiations with the united states and with nita on security to get into the europe and on the ukraine. this is hardly going, it's hardly going to make rushes negotiating position stronger. in fact, if fresh is involvement in, in kazakhstan through the collective for security reasons can use ation. if it goes sour, ah, this will negatively impact this will weaken russians position in the upcoming negotiations. so this is definitely not something moscow was looking for,
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especially at this time or at any time because it's done is an important ally. for moscow. it is the largest state and central asia. it is the both territory away and the economic way is the 2nd largest country in the region economic union where russia dominates. and so for russia, it is very important to keep because stung both a member of the, your asian economic union, and the member of the collective treaty organization, collect a security breach can use ation. so when russia saw that the situation in kazakhstan was getting out of control and it was happening quite fast. and when russia deemed that the cause of leadership was unable to deal with the situation and calm the situation on so on. and when
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the president of cause extent archive essentially issued a call for the collective security teacher organization to intervene in russia bill or so, i mean, yeah. and several other states agreed to do so. now, there are several other important points as to what's going on in kazakhstan that have still not been made. of course, the trigger for the current situation was the, as bruce correctly pointed out, was the year increase in gas prices. however, the president of can stand to kind of, he has essentially used these for this to be able to use this critical crisis to sideline and essentially remove the former president of the national tunnels, or a buyer who still had an important position in kazakhstan,
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is the head of the nation security council, and the as a, as a so called by the father of the nation are all because it's time for several decades. he has been able to remove him from catholic stance political here and wondering whether the modesty wasn't. there wasn't a lot of the anger or some of the anger from the protest is directed at the former president. exactly, exactly, and it is very interesting that that angle has been channeled effectively channeled by the current president of cars like stung by 5 to both remove. and those are by have from the political landscape of cars extend and also you move in as a buyer's colleagues. those who were lukia's loyalists from the government. no, essentially, when the 3rd day of for this talk i have announced the resignation of not
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a bias. close l i, i, scott, my mean was the prime minister of course x done and put his own ally in his place in that means place ok. they took 5, they moved to the head of the national security committee, was also not that a bias l. i. so this is a transformation of coverage in a political way also. and the cry of at 1st was interested in that we used the sport s directed against another buyer in his own favor. but at this point some of the protest got out of hand and took i have needs, needs assistance from abroad. ok, he said, we will come back to you in a moment. i want to go back down the line to see it over who i believe we still have on the phone from last 8. if you can hear me, i just want to ask you some of the reasons why people have been so angry in terms of the cost of living. i mean, it's interesting that these protests started, you know, in an area which was experiencing
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a boom energy boom. and yet those same people are struggling with the rising cost of fuel. so just talk me through some of those reasons why people have been taken to the streets. yeah, i mean it's just, i think it's a, it's a cumulative sort of the protocol accumulated over the years. because for the past years and even decades, people have made countless attempts to have a peaceful dialogue with the government. and they protest this book fair pay the protection of land for elections and living conditions. but i think none of their demand have never been addressed. and over the years, all the attempt to oppose suppressed and was many participants
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killed or put to jail or named tara? and i think it's, it's what is happening? it just address question. do you, did you did answer answer my question. it is, it's accumulated over time. i'd like to cross over to prague bruce penny. i was interested to see the spokesperson for the russian president said that no foreign forces should interfere in cause external affairs. what should we make of that? is that a threat? and would the west ever respond? that's a distraction there's, there's really no evidence that any or courses have interfered and corresponds internal affairs in the last few days or, or, or even interested in doing that. you know, you pointed out that the discovery stands been, been fairly adapted balance in its foreign policy between china, russia and the worst. no one in the west, one to see turmoil,
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instability and on any more than anyone in russia or china would want to see that either. so this is just one of those, you know, big illusions. create a bogeyman that you can point to for being with albums are and you know, that's what even in president because comments last night, all those that he referred to, you know, terrorist bands who had been hood receipt for and training, you know, and again, there was there's really no evidence to suggest that anybody that's been out on the streets and protesting is an agent of some foreign terrorist or anything. you know, it's just one of those, one of those catch phrases that the crime one and not just the chrome or other countries, they're out there and say, well, you know, we don't want it or parents from outside. well, you know, that's, that's pretty big. and, and really there's, there's nothing to show that, that there is any truth for that. is there any eventuality? is there any turn of events that could happen in context on that would draw the west and you're saying that conflicts on has tried to play a diplomatic balancing game over the years. is there anything that might draw the
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the engagement of the west? well, i really can't see that happening today. the truth. it's the color sun still a long way in the world. certainly along with the united states for example. you know, i think a lot of countries would be willing to help to get through a dramatic time. and help them sort out any turmoil that's in there. but you know what, you can imagine a western intervention really in any country and central asia, but certainly colleagues thought it would be impossible, logistically. it would be, it would be radically impossible. how would you bring any forces are already major in the amount of people or personnel and alex on, you have to all of you have to go through china or russia. and if you don't go through china or russia, then you have a long route to get in there. so it's really, you know, i think there's been an understanding for a long time between the western college. next on the west is only able to help because it's done so much and both sides appreciate that. certainly everyone in the
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world wants to see a strong solver independent because it's gone, but they will stand on its own 2 feet and keep the same kind of relations at least that it's already met with the worst for 3 decades now. so there's really no interest in stabilizing the situation in conflicts on, but if it was the stabilize, i cannot imagine there's a lot that any western country could do because the government really invited them in with russian and chinese acquiescence to all of it. over in belgrade, let's cross over to you who were talking about china, how do you think china is going to be viewing these protest? i mean, the 2 countries share a lot land border and china has been increasing its investment into context on how do you think it's going to be viewing what's happening there. now, while of course, cherry is also not interested in the care and turmoil in kazakhstan, as you correctly pointed out, chain that has been expanding,
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gets economic influence in central asia, including, you know, because i've done. and of course, frequently with economic influence comes creeps in political influence and the, the society has been wide, sensitive about increasing chinese activity and chinese, influencing their country and so on. the one hand channel is not interested in the cure and turmoil. on the other hand, beijing understands that the introduction of collective security 3 children is ation force is basically rush and bill of russian force a summer. i mean, you know, some others from central asia into cars next on will increase rushes influence and cause ex done and possibly dance. surely. sideline, chinese influence perhaps a little bit in the country of our however, since china is the interested in stability because it's done and that age and as
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a whole, of course, it has a korea to that. it's also important to know that for russia, this peacekeeping mission, katie, is quite a few risks. if rush it is important for russian troops not to engage directly with cause protesters or, and not to get involved in any, any real military action. because any such incidence could be interpreted and viewed by various opposition forces in cause i've done and outside the country in the russian manner. so in fact, it's important for moscow throughout carefully here to show support in including with its forced projection in kazakhstan, show support to the current president of the extent that the crime and his government show support for stability. but at the same time,
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not to be he and by the cause of population as, as a force from the outside that came in to pacify or to wage violence against because people. so that's very important. yeah, i want to actually, i was actually, why don't you saying that that is very important. how it's perceived by the cause population. on that note, i want to ask, i see it really. so the how do you feel about russian bell? russian troops coming into cars. it's dawn. they say on a peacekeeping mission. i think it's, and i do believe that we and, and our government, we need to put all our efforts to stop violence. that is taking place in o, my being and not the cds in congress, but definitely not by letting a russian or any other for an army, carry out the so called anti terrorist operation against cause of people. all right,
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and we have to leave it there for a time with come to the end of the program. thank you very much for joining us here on inside story. bruce penny a. victor rich and i see it to the server. and thank you to for watching, you can see the program again any time by visiting our website, al jazeera dot com. and for further discussion, you can go to our facebook page at facebook dot com, forward slash ha, inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. handle is as a story for me, kim fidel, and the whole team here. and oh, how about from the in pakistan's largest city, climate change in water shortages are driving some residents to desperate measures . one 0, one east meets the waters of corruption. on al jazeera al jazeera
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sets the stage, lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only a month and a half global lex bags and discussion color. something about the impact from the climate change is having on the fathers that you work with. voices from different corners. when the wells are empty, people fight for programs that open your eyes to a low turn it in. i don't have collage people. i have my voice on al jazeera 2 stories and strain will win challenging traditional female stereotypes in a male dominated society to make a difference. if i go, of course, we'll pull into the ravine. po, families look like this. the water is highly contaminated. bolivia in the cloud. rescan it all on al jazeera,
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the city of cobbled has experience so much upheaval for decades, and they says another change to get used to, and one that's boss from easy mother situation to now it's not clear that all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to cruel punishments for sophie crimes. but everybody will be safe, nobody's kid will be kidnapped again from ransom. now together, they're feeling thy way forward into the new reality. compelling we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the scene of the explosion. inspire, i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was life, unequal to broadcasting. some nelson have been august night, he was born
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a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, as it stands, president says order has mostly been restored off the days of violent protests that have seen thousands killed and thousands arrested. ah, i'm sammy's a them, this is al jazeera live from dough hall. so coming up he is free to late at any time that he chases today, some australians, how minister refutes accusations tennis? don novak joke of.


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