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ology or wild meets the bozeman women and men who risked everything to save their written heritage. ah, beloved looks on al jazeera, ah dozens of protest, as in security forces dead in kazakhstan as a russian lead, military contingent boots in on antique of med demonstrations. ah, hello, i'm adrian for the good. this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up, former president and his supporters had decided the only way for them to win is fresh. your vote,
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subvert our elections. wrong. it's on democratic and frankly, it's on american. tough told from u. s. president joe biden on the 1st anniversary of the attack by a white wing mob on the capital. lawyers for the world's number one tennis tom, though that joke of its try to stop is deportation from australia after his visa was revoked. of a karone of ours rules and permission to explore what's been called the doomsday garcia and how it's been affected by global warming. ah, police in kazakhstan, largest city, say that they've killed dozens of riots as in the last 24 hours as protests over a fuel price hike, descended to chaos. on thursday, there was more gum fight and i'll my seat with dismayed square. so fierce battles between police and demonstrates as a witness day protested set for
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a government buildings and at least 18 security personnel died. regional play as a stepping in to help contain the violence of russian lead. military alliance is deployed troops at the president's request. the u. n is urging restraint. we've seen the press reports, it's hard for us to to confirm them. but what is, what is clear is that all demonstrations are need to be peaceful. people have a right to express a grievances. it needs to be done peacefully. and security forces need to protect that right. oh and, and show and act with restraint. and i think it's a sentiment also echoed by the high commissioner for human rights. i think for us, the important thing is that a security forces, whether they are cassock or whether they are non catholic troops need to uphold the same a human rights standards, which is to show restraint and protect people's rights. to demonstrate peacefully,
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russia says the worst violence in decades is inspired from outside. has it's not as long been one of the most stable of the ex soviet republics of central asia. robin for actually a walk up is monitoring events from tbilisi and ga. cuz it's don's government calls, it's an antique terror operation, military units on the streets of cassock, stones largest city al. matty authorized to use lethal force against protesters earlier. some of the protesters overran police units and distributed weapons. security forces have confirmed at least 18 officers killed in more than $700.00 wounded. the number of civilians dead or wounded is unknown, but video circulating on social media appears to show morgues, filling up with bodies. this is violence on a scale not seen in cassock stones,
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modern history including mass looting of businesses. fuel price rises provided the spark. but these protests are about longstanding and legitimate grievances, economic and political stagnation. and the corrupt authoritarian elite anger across the country has been directed at the official leader of the nation. first president nozzle turned, as a bi of his statue toppled in the city of tao. the code gun is whereabouts unknown. on thursday president hawkeye of took an extraordinary step, inviting a russian led military deployment to secure his authority. shislett apologize, i live this collective security agreement. i have to they appeal to the leaders of the c s t o to help catholics down below it. this terrorist threat to the cobra.
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it's no longer a threat. what's happening is undermining brutality of the stately, cherished escape. lying in russian troops under the guise of the moscow lead security block. the c s t o could prove decisive, but brussels has urged moscow not to exceed its mandate. it goes without saying that such intervention should respect the sovereignty and being dependence of catholics. many in kazakhstan will be wondering, which is worse, the violence or the prospect of their nation depending now on russia to keep the peace. robin forest da walker al jazeera edward chart says a professor of political science at the university of toronto. he says that people are angry because the government didn't deliver on its promises. what we're hearing is that, is that cost on is now experiencing this, these prep,
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this protest wave in various ways depending on the region that you're in. the, the biggest city almighty is quite besieged right now. there's a lot of street shooting. there's a lot of looting. there's a lot of writing as is, has been described. and although the center appears to be a cracking down on the center of the city, that is the outskirts or nothing, nothing but out of control. but outside of the, the city of alma t, things appeared to be quite different in many cities across the country than the security forces of cited with the protesters. and so there are some pretty touching and positive scenes coming from the west. western part of the country where this actually began, and so it's living quite variously at the moment and we'll see how it goes in the next a in the next couple of days to think about what was flammable is what we need to do. and what was flammable here was the enormous gap between the promises that were being offered by this authoritarian regime. the promises about, you know,
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anyone can live a comfortable middle, middle class lifestyle. and of course, the regime probably believed its own propaganda. and so propaganda was based on oil receipts, or at least theoretically raising all all boats across society. but that didn't materialize. and people felt the increasing gap between the promises that were being offered and there lived reality. ah, us president joe biden says his predecessor remains a threat to democracy. a year after the storming of the capital, the building was ransacked by supporters of donald trump and the last on january, the 6th, 5 people died in the violence. the former president has dismissed the collaborations of political theatre era shall have returns. he reports from washington. go back to that day. what do you see? it was an address, an outrage. now,
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storm this capital and those who instigated and incited, and those who called on them to do so, held a dagger at the throat of america and american democracy, president biting reference donald trump more than a dozen times over the course of his speech, not by name or the 1st time in our history president had not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. as a violent mob breached the capital. but they failed, before the president followed by shortly afterwards, dismissing the commemorations of political theatre. but democrats on their own, this day of january the 6th, so they can stick fears. i'm divide america. that divided america was probably on display throughout the day after immigrations and events on capitol hill. just one republican was seen at least chaney, accompanied by her father, former vice president, dick cheney. and a ceremony mocking the ride in the house of representatives. now the speaker of the
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house paid tribute to the us capital police expired because of them. congress was able to defeat the answer action to return to the capital that same night to ensure that the peaceful transfer of power took place because of them and our members, the insurrection tailed. oh, as night fell duelling vigils took place across the city. this small event outside dcs, joe, to protest against the continued incarceration of some general 6 protests. these guys who were at supper, maybe a dozen of you, doesn't you actually you court jobs pepper sprayed morales. justin followed the sea of humanity that they were trapped across town of protest among the congress, protect voter rights. as republican controlled states use the law of an illegitimate election to restrict access to the bailiff. this event also remind her of the terror of the storming of the capital on her day for us. i remember ah,
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crawling on my knees under banisters with a cane in one hand because i just had a knee replacement surgery 5 weeks before. i remember lying on the floor with a gas mask in one hand and the cane and the other thinking about how if i couldn't get up and leave, which i didn't think i would be able to, that i would attack the knees of whoever came to attack me because i wasn't going to take it lying down, not without a fight, more than a 3rd of americans still believe joe biden did not win the presidency legitimately or unsure if he did. and most republicans believe the writers were defending democracy. the history of january, the 6th them is still unsettled for many across the country. he ebert, ancy al jazeera washington. iran's foreign minister has told al jazeera that a nuclear agreement can be reached if western parties have the will and intention
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to do so. an 8th round of talks is underway in vienna, where terran wants guarantees that us sanctions will be lifted on iranian oil sales, missouri that a massey 8th round of the vienna negotiations, put them back on the right track, and a good agreement can be reached if the western parties possess the real will an intention lifting sanctions means lifting all forms of sanction stipulated in the nuclear agreement on the sanctions that trump re imposed on. and that contradictory terms of the agreement and the latter is in disputed negotiations. we demand guarantees that include not imposing any new sanctions and not re imposing sanctions after lifting them under any pretext. we see that the simplest unpractical model for this would be when it comes to exporting oil and obtaining revenues through our banking system. there's an informal and indirect exchange of messages with the americans in vienna. one, we have good words from their delegation. but what is important for us is to see practical and serious american actions is that al jazeera dorsal jabari is in
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vienna. this is a 1st interview, though, a newly appointed foreign minister has given to an international and use outlet and he seemed quite optimistic. he said that at the talks are still ongoing. it's a good sign that this round is much different than the previous round because the technical issues and the logistical issues they had over the agenda has been resolved. this surround, the 8th round is now moving forward with what they are actually going to be deciding about in terms of how the sanctions will be lifted in which sanctions and the foreign minister was very specific about iran's position and gave some very and a good examples of what they're looking for when they say iran wants it sanctions this anxious to be lifted. and he explained that the sanctions that were supposed to be lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal as agreed upon need to be lifted as well as the additional sanctions that came into effect. after did you, i left the deal in 2018 and he gave an example of how that would be verified by the
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iranians. and that would be when iran is able to sell its oil on the international market and receive payment through its own banks. right now, iran is not able to sell its oil on the international market because of heavy us sanctions. and south korea was one of the countries that is heavily reliant on a raining oil. and when those sanctions were imposed in 2018, they received a special waiver from the u. s. government. but that waiver ran out after a few months and they has yet to pay iran for the oil that they purchased. then they owe iranians over $7000000000.00, and there is an delegation here in vienna from south korea speaking to the americans. and they also met with the iranians here on thursday to discuss how to move forward and how to overcome at some of the hurdles that they have about paying or on in the foreign minister pointed out that this would be an example. it would be a sign by the americans that they are serious about returning to the nuclear deal. and of course,
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iran would also do the same in terms of limiting nuclear activities and returning to comply is a car containing 10 bodies has been left outside the office of a mexican state. governor police made the discovery off to reports of a suspicious vehicle in the area. tough was between rival gangs of maids. i could take us states, one of the most violent areas in mexico. last year they were more than 1000 murders in the region, 260 more than the previous year. still to come here on out a 0 french politicians get one step closer to making it much harder for unvaccinated citizens to live a normal life in public. and why the future, the ancient to rocky art form of calligraphy could be on the threat. ah ah, look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored my cattle
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a ways hello there. we'll have a look at africa in a moment, but 1st to the middle east and it's been very wet across the region recently, but it's dried up nicely. it will remain clear for many areas through the weekend, which is thing a few, but the cloud sticking across parts of syria and some of the gulf states. and of course, that shamal wind blowing down, making things feel rather blustery in places like could talk and the u. e. now the temperature is going to dip down in doha over the next few days is going to feel rather chilly at night. but we will see it start to recover from next week. lots of sunshine, unsettled weather to be found here though. but for north africa, it's going to turn more unsettled as we move over the weekend. we've got wet and windy weather sweeping in across the mediterranean. and have a look on saturday, the wind picks up, we could see some dust storms pushing across into cairo. for the weather weather we have to head to most southern areas of that central band you got from the storms rolling across pots,
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zambia. so what we can do and week fully saca next week rain as well was and bob, we know that areas of botswana for south africa it's clear in the west with sunshine in cape town, but it's going to be rather wet for the east with funder storms. in johanna burg through the weekend, that sure weather update. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always killing the debates. 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from of common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now this is not a lock can get. it was completely packed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get the master bill or just pay for this to you. on al jazeera lou.
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ah, hello again. this is al jazeera astrology of the bay nearest the saw police and cast offs. largest city almighty so that they kill dawson's appliances in the last 24 hours. protests began over a fuel price high, could have spread into widespread vaughn to abreast u. s. president joe, by it as described. his predecessor donald trump, is a threat to democracy. on the 1st anniversary of arrives on capitol hill, the chaos was triggered by unsubstantiated claims and those afford. in the 2020 presidential election at iran's foreign minister has told al jazeera that a nuclear agreement can be reached if western parties have the will of intention to do so. an 8th round of talks is on the way in vienna, where tar ron wants guarantees. with us sanctions will be lifted on radiant oil
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sales. with the african union centers for disease control says and severe locked down, so no longer the best way to contain coven 19. the agency praised south africa for avoiding strict restrictions. after oma cron cases appeared less severe, south africa experienced record numbers of new infections in mid december. less than 10 percent of africa's population has been fully vaccinated against coven 19 the parents of war. number one, tennis player, novak jock of each have lashed out of the australian government's refusal to allow him into the country. his mother says that authorities are treating him like a prisoner shock of it's his chances of playing at this trillion opened this month . now depend upon a court decision. andrew simmons reports oh, side the serbian parliament in belgrade protest as john in support of their
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national hero. the world's number one in men's tennis. novak joke of each. the demonstration is led by his father, who says, australia is playing politics with his sons career. after they got a call in that they want to throw him on his knees. this would happen. they never managed to throw, so be on its knees. we never attacked anyone we only defended ourselves, and novak is defending himself now. brothers and sisters, our heart, our soul, our pride summer also. but i nearly. this is the moment when jock of each is about to realize his entry into australia is blocked, his visa revoked it isn't a tennis court. he's going to instead, he's waiting for a court hearing on monday that will rule on his deportation. for now, he's in a government quarantine hotel, his mother is outraged. they are keeping him as a president. he's just not very human. i just called if you will be down
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as we are child altitude, to be a joke of each had a medical exemption to let him play at the australian open tournament later this month. otherwise, the tournament is only open to the fully vaccinated exemption caused a wave of anger among australians who still face some of the toughest travel restrictions in the world joker, which is well known as being against vaccinations. another big name in the sport, believe joker, which has himself to play in some way. i, i feel sorry for him. but at the same time, he know he knew the conditions sings a lot of months ago. so the action against joke of each is also causing a diplomatic incident. serbia's president describes it as politically motivated. michelle musical, the it's l obligation is the state to protect interests of our citizen of we're
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dedicated to that. what not now is that this is a political persecution that everyone is taking part in. even your straining prime minister, jock of the chad thought the path was clear for his attempt to the 21st grand slam . instead, he faces what could be a road block, and with it a world wide debate on whether he's been fairly treated. andrew simmons houses in the lower house of france as parliament is approved, tougher cove at 19 measures. after 3 days of intense debate, the bill would make full vaccination mandatory for a wide range of activities such as attending public events or traveling on into city trains. al jazeera natasha butler reports from paris. it's not a surprise because the government has a majority in the lower house of parliament. the build that now goes to the senate and it may go back to the parliament before probably coming into law in the middle of january. what it means for people is that the unvaccinated population will no
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longer have access to things like restaurants, cafes, leisure facilities, everyday life for them will certainly become a lot harder now. the bill i was finding a provide parliament there has to be said of the 3 incredibly and days of debate in the parliament often chaotic c, overshadowed also by the french presidents rather controversial comments on wednesday when he said that he was going to really take the screws and go off on vaccinated people in france. what they are doing is they are betting on this vaccine pass as a way to try and persuade the last they say 5000000 adults are eligible for the faxing to go and get immune eyes and look, they're looking at the record of the current health pulse now the health pulse that was put in place by the government last year as persuaded you might say, some 90 percent of people to get vaccinated before that health pulse was necessary to go to a restaurant or a bar only 3040 percent of people in france that,
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that they wanted to get vaccine. as soon as that pos was put in place, people rushed to get their jobs. the governments are hoping that going to be the same thing. now that it will force people to go and get vaccinated, whether it will or not. of course, we don't know, but the health minister did say on wednesday that some 66000 people had actually registered for their 1st dose of a covey vaccine. so they see that as an encouraging sign, at least 3 people have been killed and more processed. sincere don, demonstrators demanding that the military place no part in any future government security forces fund tear gas testers and internet for mobile services have been disrupted. at least he demonstrates discipline killed and hundreds wounded since the military takeover. in october. on sunday, abdullah hum doc resigned as the country civilian prime minister. i'll just serious mama vow reports from cartoon who are not in the street leading to their presidential policies,
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southern capital. and we can say that we are about 4 to 5 kilometers away still from the presidential police. the processes half turned off in there, 1000 today, trying to reach their destination, identify the same message. we got on wal mart last week. the is rusted. all the leaders of the resistance committees who are the only party to negotiate with them . so they don't want to talk the military want only to have both of you now that people are asking them to leave. but we want freedom, peace and justice, and civilian rule by the people. many of the law match i'd how would that now? we're in the streets for the future of our children so that the next generation get their rights and education and a better future. no one here belongs to any political party. we're all here on our own. bad. c it mean hagi has the smoke that is filling the i it's a mixture of burn tires by the protesters and or for heavy use of tear gas by police add security forces. they are going definitely to try to stop these cards.
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and that's what happens every time these protest as try to march to the presidential police, their demands. and if a change, they say they don't want any negotiations. they don't want any politics. what they want is that the military should see it paula, and as to don, should progress the words civilly a rule through a democratic process. ah, we have talked to so many people in this demonstration and it is very clear it up. the mood here is different from anything that you can imagine. this is a place where people lose their fear because of the garage g o city of this spectacle. that po is tardy and away by this is susan, the words of the month. and this is a place where they tell us they're not afraid of death. scientists are selling to a giant, glassy and antarctica to get a better idea of how much it's being impacted by climate change. they'll use
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underwater robots to get beneath threats. garcia, it's referred to as the doomsday glass here because it would raise global sea levels by $65.00 centimeters. if it collapse and melted. research already shows that it's losing more and more ice. the enormous classier has an area of 192000 square kilometers. that's around the size of britain. karen hayward is a lead scientist on the projects and explains what they're trying to uncover. it's an enormous gas yet. and if it did completely melts, then it would lead to $65.00 centimeters, a global sea level. so spread across the globe. but we don't think that's going to happen in your lifetime of mine. nonetheless, it's really important to understand when it might start to collapse. and, and to get a better idea of the sea level rise,
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that we might experience in our lifetime that that makes a difference for the sea level defense is that we, we all depend on that. we're going to send a fleet of to really large robotic submarines beneath the ice show. so the floating bit of ice, we're going to send these the submarines into that cavity where nobody's ever being before. so we don't know what we're going to find. but what we think is happening is that the relatively warm sea water is, is impacting on the base of the sea of the i of the ice shelf and, and is accelerating the melting of it. and, and that's important because that i shop is kind of propping up the whole glass. yeah. and if we lose a bit of ice from the floating bit, then the rest could start accelerating towards the sea. so. so yes, we're going to be measuring, measuring, occurrence on the water, calligraphy,
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or artistic handwriting is an integral part of arabic. understand i can research in iraq though. it's on the decline, but one mother's determined to keep it alive on the zeros my food. i was a watered report we're in a ramadan from iraq to saw the new city of basra, inherited his love skills and respect for calligraphy from his father. now he has been practicing arabic crating for more than 30 years. can it's a guardian one. it hardly ever since i was a child. i used to sit next to my father to watch him draw leases and words. i fell in love with this profession and tried to imitate him. his painting cell in iraq and abroad was prices for a single work of up to $1500.00 u. s. dollars. it's not enough to provide a steady or secure income, but where he says he won't give up. now, it's part of his, his father's and his country's heritage,
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a corners motherland. him latavia robert. but some people neglected and moved to other careers saying that calligraphy wanted them a living. so they took a different direction. i am here and we'll stay here. if only for the sake of my principals, arabic calligraphy is considered to by you in a school to be part of the intangible heritage of humanity. but as iraqi calligrapher as strive with passion to revive the art, they're worried that a lack of estate support and interest could lead to its decay. ally sally, a member of iraq's calliger for his association, has turn it his business to printing. he says, unlike other types of evolving fine arts, calligraphy has had the same set of artistic rules for centuries. we are neither okay, any people's taste has changed with time. they've become more to swift and dynamic products which has become a mainstream form that telegraphy is now lecturing. it usually takes time and
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effort. oliver. it's intricate, delicate work, taking patience and time. but the finished war can be dazzling, delightful. and despite the challenge, is the craft is facing, it's what motivates we're in a ramadan to continue. ma'am, with abdougla had al jazeera by the dad tributes applying for a claim to american writer, director peter bog. down of it. shoes died at the age of $82.00. his credits include the last picture show, which i had 8 academy awards nominations and 2 wins. the american film institute ranked his fil, what's up, doc? among the top 100 comedies of all time. his daughter says he died of natural causes . ah, it is good savvy with his hello adrian finnegan, here in doha, the headlines and al jazeera police in kazakhstan largest city say they've killed dozens of ra.


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