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tv   Africa Direct Colours Are Alive Here Scrapyard Anoumabo  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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that makes a difference for the sea level defense is that we, we all depend on that. we're going to send a fleet of to really large robotic submarines beneath the i show the floating bit of ice. we're going to send the the submarines into that cavity where nobody's ever being before. so we don't know what we're going to find. but what we think is happening is that the relatively warm sea water is impacting on the base of the sea of the i of the ice shelf and, and is accelerating the melting of it. and, and that's important because that i shop is kind of propping up the whole glass. yeah. and if we lose a bit of ice from a floating bit, then the rest could start accelerating towards the sea. so. so yes, we're going to be measuring, measuring the currents on the water. ah,
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i'm on the inside with the headlines on al jazeera police in cars like sounds, largest city say they've killed dozens of writers in the last 24 hours. notice began over fuel price high, can have escalated dramatically more than 3 and a half 1000, mainly russian troops from a russian lead security alliance being deployed to help secure order u. s. president joe biden thing is that security forces, whether they are cars or whether they're non cows or troops need to uphold the same are human rights standards would choose to show restraint and protect people's rights to demonstrate peaceful. u. s. president joe biden says his predecessor, donald trump remains a threat to democracy. a year after the storming of capitol hill. incident was triggered by claims of voter fraud and the 2020 presidential election. former president, united states of america as created and spread a web of lies,
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bought the 2020 election. he's done so because he values power over principle. because he sees his own interest is more important than his country's interest and america's interest. and because his bruised ego batters more to ham, than our democracy or our constitution, he can't accept, he lost the parents of well, number one tennis player never took of which have come out fighting on behalf of best son joe committee in detention in australia was chances of playing at the australian opened his mouth now depend on a court decision. on the authorities refused to accept his medical exemption for not being vaccinated. then he's continues here on out his era off to africa, direct st. ah, each and every one of us. i've got a responsibility to change our place for the middle
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one, we could do this experiment. i mean, by the best you could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. had any idea that it would become a magnet. we could be ready for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly, a extremely important service that they provide to the city. i mean, we need to take america to trying to bring people together and trying to deal with people who can look beyond ah
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for news in most of them are never bought or they're not going to go machine because of the voice of machine. i feel like in, i mean it's you
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know, machine and we have plans. i'm on there whether we should, i'm going on with the machine to amanda dish and we were going to bring them about a space that i forgot your name, your name. if you are never mom goes nobody to whom language you make a machine agent did run in that one. what about where did you don't want to go? you know, a, that i don't need to know from the machine. do you can go to the last 6 months in a space. we used to have that me, that if you're from the get to this now you're not able to not to bond to one of
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the people that are not mine in islam. so i used to add that i do just create opportunities and also make sure that while as long as i believe in what i do and on to keep on working, i know 40 i go back to, you know, i make roads in stores like, you know, the way it would, you know, maybe doing some other big brands that you know, they do i miss with the, with out and i want to run about going to i'm let me when i buy the book and i for materials
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with a little bit about that a little bit of paper, but a lot of them will go through with
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a house. i don't know them on a bit. yeah. it in seminary fashion, where i can afford to diminish again and show simon going on. i'm going to reduce game mickey on there, or could you tell as i said, let you know the chocolate and gold and a black one black was like, you know, 2 talks up. i'm going to do black. and then i chose like gold until it's because it's over hard as incubator. that's the reason why is because human issue and i do any moma game as it began and to symbolize all that key rates, home of talent and talent is something that is about practice.
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is there anything you want to know? why is it just really slow? there's nothing road. so roxanne i was on a and i took him from plenty and i took a germany math, intense alon from from cc. because that is the only way we are able to like to expand our territory. if 40 people attend the event, we basically need to make it. we need to have 30 people buy something and then well, have a surplus, 7009. so what we have so far ah, oh,
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i wanted to ac, so it was too late to get a new quote. would be eligible to make sure cuz it will be with. well with a moment i knew yeah. i go back home and have a freshman, and then i was mute, pick fusion that i do it . to be honest, living all to watch of that i want to do is the biggest with
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a with sure. lemme ask become a 17. it of enough. you know, just with planning to do like a pop up to celebrate the little organs that we have. but it will be like a day for sitting just, you know about i just, i don't get better. i don't know. anyway, a couple of times like, you know, why don't you just let you know, you got a sample. there isn't waste. i didn't like, you know,
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doing this project label. i can close most yankee barrel. it's because on to what we're doing, it is for good player and doesn't matter how slow i'm getting there. but to watch my dad, his leg yesterday is not the same as today, at least yesterday with 2 people down walking with 3 people. the next day is like 4 people, 5 people with between today ship even do a quick, they do a post on a 40 live with like you print off or not a space name clear the end of the 1st time. ok to come. i was dive a q to but 2 more and more b sam, you know, don't show up. again, calling up about the idea between 4 do to for doing
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a move with anybody over there with no one b a, b, b, y a and your and your name. yeah. my name is a
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b e bay. i used my inter gave for everybody that is at home and i will you were so this is going to be the schedule for we're going to do with their showroom. then all the princes are going to be linear, maybe on the stairs. nobody's going to go out. maybe they can go out because there will be empty, or just the one, anything sheesh
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sheesh and i wanted to bore you a minute or 2. how do you feel about this david? like back here, i want you to one. when i hit the one i them i did come from missouri and under by then i'll know below the elbow where you live it. i've spoken to proposal. we do a biofuel model. when i go by to talk to you, talk to you on a when you plug over more than together,
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more lay brought up on banyan band and go do the women to produce the latest work when they want to look like you may be wonder maybe with you know, to can make your life a come up with
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. well, so don't my brother coupon. what you've done was was the 1st new drift, the shocker. i just don't, carlos, don't carlos. then he's done like conscience, chris martin lane. never literally everybody. and he always finds his way, even even when we can't find the art, he still finds his way to find them from home. it's been a good journey into and to see where he is and how it's going is definitely fulfilling, you know, a, [000:00:00;00]
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with a, with probably to go more than be a little more. ne, cause is he was coming out of that and i period is in the come kid. all that is lately you need to court, able to recover to give me a call to make your part. become cool. seems really nice. now you look on one side towards i need to lease it now, the website, and that is what now and i track work on soft up against a bully than
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a yoyo del eps. i forget the geotech are do they do not lend only work. my clumsy order, because net, i get the all the local new when dot com said not political posterity. and i, so quite a don't at a, did i back on again with you don't about the competition. it's about the impact that you're leaving behind you. i don't even know, but i just like burger do that. they said i do, i the thing that i don't wanna do, i don't do them because my man drew my men, go to the fashion to xena, is to be able to play like, you know, with double paternity for the people. i don't mean in my community and that is that type of
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a dream that we know bye and a
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with for for proof.
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with them my there full you me a day you ga, asked the i you see a number we see is a little miser. julian mercedes, the dial junior guide and that matches her sheets. dog step. i'll i'm ilario from us. app will you use a year or so? so by let me look this up where you see m as in dog o as, as don't i shopping with unit 3 again that you muscle, lee? oh, shall you do me that you eat? he said as yes. good boy local papa mac call. he said as yes lot you for go you finish? yes, you go up on the very yes you got this one up on wednesday us i'd be see that was
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that it is that me visor. no one is with
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a power right now with that my little one isn't it but i get you back. i can
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live with all right. when you arrive? la la la la la la la la, next week with oh, would you oh,
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oh oh, oh well, well, what were you stop by albert, my, have you been? i will be there as also as a bond. sigurd, the login of what i you know, it's not going over the pros, law. oh, i me. oh, i did it on i've heard of it.
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oh, ah. ah, were african stories from african perspectives. most of them are never bought more than that. it's not gonna go machine because of the voice of machine. i feel like in an, in his short documentary, spite effort he'll make is from kenya. he raised almost done it down into something that he's about pricing and ivory coast colors. i live here in scrap yet and model africa direct on al jazeera dawn
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with americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, it seemed like tried to covered up what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong? that to me is political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policies and the impact on the world on al jazeera for did remy, they simply molina families to pain is unbearable for their relatives were killed last week during a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in combat. the neighbors and family members insist they were innocent,
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taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's, defense minister, related, made by the reno, said the armed forces were obliged to defend their country from irregular groups, but added that human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border would be investigated. o, dozens of protested and security forces dead in kazakhstan as a washer. glad military contingent moves in on antique government demonstrates us. ah, hello, i'm adrian said again. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up former president and his supporters have decided the only way for


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