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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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we can really breaks through the barriers studio, be unscripted on al jazeera. we're leading eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al jazeera ah gotten far on the streets of kazakhstan, russian, lead security forces move in to bring anti government protests on the control. ah, i money inside the sound, is there a lie from day home? so coming up former president and a supporters of decided the only way for them to win this fresh your vote. bert or election wrong, john democratic and frankly,
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it's on a merck top so from he has president joe biden speaking on the one the anniversary of the attack on americas democracy. stuck in limbo. well, number $110.00, install novak joke, which is still waiting to be deported. from australia, off to his visa was revoked. over corona virus and french politicians get one step closer to making it much harder to have been vaccinated. citizens to live a normal life. ah, police and cars like stollins largest city say they've killed dozens of rises in the last 24 hours as protests over a fuel price hike, descend into chaos. on thursday, there was more gunfire in our massey where the main square saw fierce battles between police and demons. races
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a day earlier protested set fire to government buildings and at least 18 security pass now have lost their lives. regional play as a stepping in to help contain the violence. a russian lead military alliance is deployed troops and the president's request. the u. n. is urging restraint. we've seen the press reports, it's hard for us to to confirm them. but what is, what is clear is that all demonstrations are need to be peaceful. people have a right to express the grievances, it needs to be done peacefully. and security forces need to protect that right. oh and, and show and act with restraint. and i think it's a symptom and also echoed by the high commissioner for human rights. i think for us, the important thing is that a security forces, whether they are cassock or whether they are non cousin. troops need to uphold the
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same of human rights standards, which is to show restraint and protect people's rights. to demonstrate peacefully, russia says the west violence of decades is inspired from outside. has exxon has long been one of the most stable of the ex soviet republics? the central asia of enforcer walk has monitoring events from tbilisi in georgia because it's don's government calls. it's an antique terror operation, military units on the streets of cassock, stones largest city al murphy, authorized to use lethal force against protesters hernia. some of the protesters overran police units and distributed weapons. security forces have confirmed at least 18 officers killed and more than $700.00 wounded. the number of civilians dead or wounded is unknown,
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but video circulating on social media appears to show morgues, filling up with bodies. this is violence on a scale not seen in cassock stones, modern history including mass looting of businesses. fuel price rises provided the spark, but these protests are about long standing and legitimate grievances, economic and political stagnation. and the corrupt authoritarian elite anger across the country has been directed at the official leader of the nation. first, president nozzle turned as a bi of his statue toppled in the city of tao, the code gun, his whereabouts unknown on thursday president hawkeye of took an extraordinary step, inviting a russian led military deployment to secure his authority. shislett and full of
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guys. under this collective security agreement, i have to, they appealed to the leaders of the c s t o to helps kazakhstan deal with this terrorist threat to recover. it's no longer a threat. what's happening is undermining 1000000000 target t of the state tourist escape high in russian troops under the guise of the moscow lead security block. the c s t o could prove decisive, but brussels has urged moscow not to exceed its mandate. it goes without saying that such intervention should respect the sovereignty and the independence of catholics. many in kazakhstan will be wandering, which is worse, the violence, or the prospect of the nation depending now on russia to keep the peace robin for astir walker al jazeera. ah, you as president j, bowden says, his predecessor remains a threat to democracy a year after the storming of capital hail. the january 6,
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wyatt saw the government building ran site. i dont from supporters and the and suing chaos, left 5 people dead. and on fish reports from the white house, it was a challenge to his presidency before he even became president. and one year on from the right at capitol hill, jo, bite mark the anniversary with a speech to the nation. for the 1st time in our history, president had not just lost an election. he tried to prevent a peaceful transfer of power. as a violent mob reached the capital, but they failed. the crowd marched on the heart of democracy in the us to challenge the certification of the 2020 presidential election. donald trump claimed he'd been cheated and were going to the capital. and fueled by anger and lies. his supporters fought battles across capitol hill as they tried to stop congress doing its job.
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this wasn't a group tourist. this is an armed insurrection. but this moment, this challenge to american democracy has not brought the country together. instead, president biden's speech just shows the fracture in us politics. we must decide what kind of nation are we going to be? are we going to be a nation that lives not by the light of the truth? or the shadow of lies? many republicans opted not to attend the event. some claiming democrats were politicizing the attack. others because they were afraid of offending donald trump . the former president himself was due to hold a news conference in florida on the anniversary he canceled. he was told it would look bad. he did issue a statement saying joe biden was using him to deflect from the awful job he was doing as president and was seeking to divide the country. trump continues to claim
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without evidence that the election was stolen that he won the election. and the american democracy still has to come to terms with him. his supporters and the de, the storm, the capital, allen fisher. i'll just either the white house john engine has moved from outside to jail in washington dc where some of the writers are being held and where small group of trumps the forces have gathered. i'm outside the washington d. c. jail. you can see police officers on this side who were stopping this crowd from going any further. most of the day has been occupied with pro democracy vigils . but this one is a pro insurrection of vigil. it is at this jail. dozens of people have been hell or their actions one year ago today on january 2021. and the group of people you hear, we're talking our with look, i heard america and organization says with many people are being held unjustly and
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it is demanding that people who are being held for non violent offences be released on the mall. the national law here just a short while ago. busy there were pro democracy demonstrators and we're calling not just for the jailing of these people, but for the expansion of voting rights. and except for this very small group here in washington dc. today, the entire day has been devoted to peaceful protests against what happened on january 6. us congresswoman stacy plaskett represents us virgin islands and was one of the impeachment manages in the trial of former president donald trump. she told us of her memories of the events that led up to the right. i remember some trepidation on the part of some of us members of congress. i had seen many of the signs and individuals the day before walking through the capital of walking
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through the grounds of washington d. c. and the kind of messages that were on some of those signs really gave me pause the amount of bigotry and hatred and anger that were represented there. and then throughout the day of january, i had early meetings and was making my way to flor to be with my colleagues when i was told that i could not leave my office. that there had been a breach of the capital and that it was not safe. and then watching the days unfold the fear, the anguish of staffers who were on here on the hill and seeing the other battle that capital police and metropolitan police did literally putting their lives in their bodies in front of insurrection. so that we, members of congress, could continue to do our duty and certify the election of joseph biden as the president of the united states. and his 3 people have been killed in more protests
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in saddam demonstrations than mandate the military play, no part in any future government security forces. hi t gas protest this and internet and mobile services have been disrupted. at least 60 demonstrators have been killed and hundreds wounded since the ministry took over in october. on sunday, abdullah ham doc resigned as the country civilian prime minister. mohammed vow has the latest from the capital culture here on our, in the leading to the presidential policy problem. problem. we can say that we are about 4 to 5 kilometers away, still from the presidential polish purposes. huh. and then they'll 1000 i to the cell destination and deliver the same message. i'd begun in law last week. the is rusted. all the leaders of the resistance committees who are the only party to negotiate with them. so they don't want to talk the military want only to have
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those 2 of you now that people are asking them to leave. but we want freedom, peace and justice, and civilian rule by the people at the law match. i will now we're in the streets for the future of our children so that the next generation get their rights and education and a better future. no one here belongs to any political party. we're all here on our own. c mean id as the smoke that is filling the i it's a mixture of burn tires by the protesters and or for heavy use of tear gas by police add security forces. they are going definitely to try to stop these cards. and that's what happens every time these protestors try to march to the presidential police their demands. and if a change, they say they don't want any negotiations. they don't want any politics. what they want is that the military should see it paula. and as to don, should progress the words civilly a rule through a democratic process with
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we have talked to for many people in this demonstration and it is very clear up. the mood here is different from anything that you can imagine. this is a place where people lose their fear because of the grandiose city of the spectacle . the crowd is carried away by exist and through season, the words of the moths. this is a place where they tell us they are not afraid of death. still ahead on al jazeera, a look at the leading scientist case, part of a mission to what's being called beat, dim day glazier on airlines thought this could be that come by kia now carries like have a pacific are wondering how long they'll be in the error ah,
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look forward to brutus going through with sponsored by cutting it weighs how low there let start in east asia. and the wintery weather continues to affect northern and western areas of japan bringing heavy snow to the areas. but we've also seen the 1st snow of the season, a fall in tokyo that was after heavy snow alerts were issued for the city and surrounding areas. but on friday it clears up. we're gonna have sunshine come back in. the heavy snow can be found in northern areas like a kinder and western areas of han shoe. but if we have a look at the 3 day for tokyo, we're going to see the temperature pick up. it will remain rather cloudy through the weekend. now elsewhere across the region, it clears up nicely for the korean peninsula. we'll have sunshine here and clear skies, and that is a similar story from northern areas of china, beijing and so we're seeing the temperature sits above. 7 the average, it's further south places like shanghai where we've got cloudy weather temperatures slightly below the average here. and it's going to get rather wet and wintry for
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western areas of china moving across into those most central areas. that was a move to south asia. it's also looking rather unsettled across much of pakistan. got wet and windy weather sweeping in from the west. we could see from flooding from that heavy rain and we're going to see the storms roll into northern parts of india, who weather sponsored by katara, always silence as distinct ah, beneath this is one of scandinavian lodges. i am old to pause and it's driving away between those well and those defending their way of life. gallo witness documentary on jesse. ah
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ah. oh, go back to watching al jazeera linda thought top stories, the sour police and cars like storms, largest city, say they've killed dozens of rises in the last 24 hours. purchase began to have a fuel price hike out. have since escalated into a summer cooling and our pricing us president joe biden has described his predecessor, donald trump as a threat to democracy. profess none of us. 3 of the raj on capitol hill. the incident was triggered by claims of voter ford in the 2022 election. at least 3 people have been killed in sudan as people continue to protest against the ongoing political crisis. protest is demanding the military play no part in any future
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government. with the lower house of thrones. as parliament has approved, tough a coven 19 measures. after 3 days of intense debate, the bill would make full vaccination mandatory for people to, for example, a 10 public events or travel on into city trains. natasha butler has more from paris. it's not a surprise because the government has a majority in the lower house of parliament. the build that now goes to the senate and it may go back to the parliament before probably coming into law in the middle of january. what it means for people is that the unvaccinated population will no longer have access to things like restaurants, cafe, leisure facilities, everyday life for them will certainly become a lot harder now. the bill i was finally approved by the parliament there has to be said of the 3 incredibly in days of debate in the parliament, often chaotic scene,
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overshadowed also by the french presence rather controversial comments on wednesday when he said that he was going to really taken the screws and go off to unvaccinated people in france. what they are doing is they are betting on this vaccine pass as a way to try and persuade the last they say 5000000 adults are eligible for the faxing to go and get immune eyes and look, they're looking at the record of the current health pulse now the health pulse that was put in place by the government last year as persuaded you might say, some 90 percent of people to get vaccinated before. that's health pulse is necessary to go to a restaurant or a bar only 3040 percent of people in france that, that they want to get a vaccine. as soon as that pulse was put in place, people rushed to get their jobs. the governments are hoping that's going to be the same thing now that it will force people to go and get vaccinated, whether it will not. of course,
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we don't know. but the health minister did say on wednesday that some 66000 people had actually registered for their 1st dose of a covey vaccine. so they see that as an encouraging sign. parents of well number one tennis plan of joke that has come out fighting on behalf of their son. his mother says authorities treating him like a prisoner chuck ventures. chances are playing at the australian open his mouth now depend on a court decision under some inter ports. oh, so the serbian parliament in belgrade protest is joan in support of their national hero. the world's number one in men's tennis, novak joke of each. the demonstration is led by his father, who says, australia is playing politics with his sons career. after they got a call in, they want to throw him on his knees. this won't happen. they never manage to throw sir, be on its knees. we never attacked any one we only defended ourselves. and novak is
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defending himself now. brothers and sisters, our heart are so i'll find some awful said brian early. this is the moment when jock of each is about to realize his entry into australia is blocked. his visa revoked it isn't a tennis court, he's going to instead, he's waiting for a court hearing on monday that will ruin his deportation. for now, he's in a government quarantine hotel. his mother is outraged. they are keeping him as a president. he's just not very human. i just called if you will be john as we are trying to do to be a joke of each had a medical exemption to let him play at the australian open tournament later this month. otherwise, the tournament is only open to the fully vaccinated exemption caused a wave of anger among australians who still face some of the toughest travel restrictions in the world joker,
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which is well known as being against vaccinations. now the big name in the sport, believe joker, which has himself to play in some way. i. i feel sorry for him, but at the same time, he know he knew the condition sings so a lot of months ago. so the action against joke of each is also causing a diplomatic incident. survey of president describes it as politically motivated. michelle musical, the it's l obligation is the state to protect interests of our citizens. we're dedicated to that. what's not there is that this is a political persecution that everyone is taking part in. even the australian prime minister, jock of each had thought the path was clear of his attempt to the 21st grand slam. instead, he faces what could be a road block, and with it a world wide debate on whether he's been fairly treated. andrew simmons alger
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now, many of the wells airlines were beginning a financial recovery. when the on the chrome varied was identified in november. since then, travel bands and tough a testing roles have dealt another blow on kong bass. kathy pacific is in particularly bad shape. brit clena reports the pandemic is taking a toll on the global aviation industry. but hong kong flagship carriers facing particularly turbulent times, kathy pacific has drastically reduced its number of flight since the started the pandemic, as it navigates some of the world's harshest border restrictions and quarantine requirements. and its staff being blamed for 5th wave in hong kong. the territories 1st outbreak in months after a crew member breached quarantine, the government has responded by tightening the rules for returning air crews even further and have banned flights from a number of countries. a cafe pacific flight attendant who asked al jazeera to conceal his identity, says he isn't confident the airline will be able to survive the setbacks. i think
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he said to think what the future off to phase, but due to the situation, we still cannot see any field her. oh, also we are not same as the other country, which is all i air crew business is thought thing. back to normal in hong hall. we still have many restriction before corona virus. this was one of the world's busiest airports. but after the pandemic head, hong kong introduce tough restrictions, and it became a ghost town. now under new measures to contain the army kron variant. it's unclear when the territories aviation industry will be able to take off again, a government advisor and top epidemiologist. ivan hung says, although only chron is a mild of variant than delta, the border controls are necessary. if you allow old to the virus to run walt, basically you put a lot of stress on the health system. and of course, with
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a not satisfactory. so co vaccination rate, a 70 percent, you will have obviously a lot of cases, thousands of flights. we cancelled over the year end holiday period. when use of ami kron emerged, and many governments band flights from south africa. and in the united states, a mix of army crone and rough weather continues to create headwinds for the sector with hundreds of flights cancel this week. as the virus grounds crew members, flight cancellations are frustrating for everybody. obviously, they're frustrating for the passengers were affected. but it's also frustrating for the airlines because they've taken a lot of steps to get through the pandemic. frustration continues to grow here with many now asking whether these ramped up rules will undermine itself titled role as ages world city brit clinic, al jazeera, hong kong aaron's foreign minister has told al jazeera and nuclear agreement can be
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reached. if western parties have the will and the intention to do so, an 8th round of talks is currently underway in vienna, which i around once guarantees that you are sanctions will be lifted on iranian oil sales, missouri that amongst the h round of the vienna negotiations put them back on the right track and a good agreement can be reached if the western parties possessed a real willing intention. lifting sanctions means lifting all forms of sanction stipulated in the nuclear agreement on the sanctions that trump re imposed and contradicted terms of the agreement. and the latter is in disputed negotiations. we demand guarantees that include not imposing any new sanctions and not re imposing sanctions after lifting them under any pretext. we see that the simplest practical model for this would be when it comes to us exporting oil and obtaining revenues through our banking system. there's an informal and indirect exchange of messages with the americans in vienna, one, we have good words from their delegation. but what is important for us is to see
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practical and serious american actions. dosage of ours in vienna for us for the resumption of the talks. this is a 1st interview, though, a newly appointed foreign minister has given to an international and use outlet and he seemed quite optimistic. he said that at the talks are still ongoing. it's a good sign that this round is much different than the previous round because the technical issues and the logistical issues they had over the agenda has been resolved this around the 8th round is now moving forward with what they are actually going to be deciding about in terms of how the sanctions will be lifted in which sanctions and the foreign minister was very specific about iran's position and gave some very, an a good examples of what they're looking for when they say iran wants it. sanctions this anxious to be lifted and he explained that the sanctions that were supposed to be lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal as agreed upon need to be lifted as well as the additional sanctions that came into effect. after did you asked left
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a deal in 2018? and he gave an example of how that would be verified by the iranians. and that would be when iran is able to sell its oil on the international market and receive payment through its own banks. right now, iran is not able to sell. it's an oil on the international market because of heavy us sanctions. and south korea was one of the countries that is heavily reliant on a raining oil. and when those sanctions were imposed in 2018, they received a special waiver from the u. s. government. but that waiver ran out after a few months and the has yet to pay iran for the oil that they purchased than they owe iranians over $70000000000.00. and there is an delegation here in vienna from south korea speaking to the americans. and they also met with the iranians here on thursday to discuss how to move forward and how to overcome at some of the hurdles that they have about paying or on in the foreign minister pointed out that this would be an example. it would be assigned by the americans that they are serious
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about returning to the nuclear deal. and of course iran would also do the same in terms of limiting its nuclear activities and returning to compliance. scientists are sailing to a giant glazier in antartica to get a better idea of how much is being impacted by climate change. they'll use underwater robots to get beneath the weights glazier. that's referred to as the doomsday glazier, because it would raise global see levels by 65 centimeters if it collapses and melts. research already shows its hemorrhaging more and more ice. glass is enormous, a 192000 square kilometers, which is about the size of person. karen haywood is a lead scientist on the projects and explains what they're trying to one cover. it's an enormous gas yet. and if it did completely melts, then it would lead to $65.00 centimeters, a global sea level,
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so spread across the whole glow. but we don't think that's going to happen in your lifetime of mine. nonetheless, it's really important to understand when it might start to collapse and, and to get a better idea of the sea level rise that we might experience in our lifetime that, that makes a difference for the sea level defense is that we, we all depend on. so we're going to send a fleet of to really large robotic submarines beneath the ice show. so the floating bit of ice, we're going to send these are the submarines into that cavity where nobody's ever being before. so we don't know what we're going to find. but what we think is happening is that the relatively warm sea water is, is impacting on the base of the sea of the i of the ice shelf and, and is accelerating the melting of it. and,
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and that's important because that i shop is kind of propping up the whole glass. yeah. and if we lose a bit of ice from the floating bit, then the rest could start accelerating towards the sea. so. so yes, we're going to be measuring, measuring the current on the water. ah, i'm only inside here. the headlines on out as they are placed in kazakhstan, largest city, say they've killed thousands of rises. the last 24 hours purchase began over fuel price high. can of st escalated into some according enough pricing, or than 3 and a half 1000, mainly russian troops or russian lead security lines being deployed to help secure order? i think for us, the important thing is that security forces, whether they are cosmetic or whether they're.


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