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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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life, unequal to broadcasting something else, have been august night news for a happy al jazeera english crowd recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year reward for the 5th year running. ah, this is al jazeera ah, it is 1800 hours g, m t. and on camels, santa maria, welcome to the news hour from al jazeera. i will allow no one to place a staggered for throated democracy. on the one year anniversary of the capitol hill rides us, president joe biden accuses his predecessor of creating a web of lights to pursue power over principle.
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also in the news explosions and gunfire and catholic stones largest city as a russian lead regional forces deployed at the request of the presidents. iran foreign minister tells al 0 the current round of talks in vienna puts negotiations to revive the nuclear deal. back on the right track and france is getting closer to making it much harder for the unvaccinated to go into public venues and his fort despite refusing a covey. 19 vaccination, basketball player carry irving is back in action after being sidelined for 3 months . he made a winning return for the broken nuts. ah, starting his sees are in the united states on the anniversary of the capitol hill, riot, a moment described as the nation's most traumatic events since 911 by president joe biden, and vice president campbell harris of strongly dems arise with biden directly blaming
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former president donald trump, for what he called an armed insurrection. we will start with this report from alan fisher. it was a challenge to his presidency before he even became president, and one you'd on from the right at capitol hill. joe biden mocked the anniversary with a speech to the nation. for the 1st time in our history, president had not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. as a violent mob reached the capital, but they failed. the crowd marched on the heart of democracy in the us to challenge the certification of the 2020 presidential election. donald trump claimed he'd been cheated, and we're going to the capital and fueled by anger and lies. his supporters fault battles across capitol hill as they tried to stop congress doing its job. this
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wasn't a group tourist. this is an armed insurrection. but this moment, this challenge to american democracy has not brought the country together. instead, president biden's speech just shows the fracture in us politics. we must decide what kind of nation are we going to be? are we going to be a nation that lives not by the light of the truth? or the shadow of lies? many republicans opted not to attend the event. some claiming democrats were politicizing the attack. others because they were afraid of offending donald trump . the former president himself was due to hold a news conference in florida on the anniversary he cancelled. he was told it would look bad. he did issue a statement saying your bike was using him to deflect from the awful job he was doing as president, and was seeking to divide the country. trump continues to claim without evidence that the election was stolen that he won the election. and american democracy still
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has to come to terms with him. his supporters. oh, and the de, the storm, the capital. i'll in fisher, i'll g 0, the white house. so here's what we'll do this our inside and outside capitol hill with john henderson and mike hannah, let's go inside 1st mike hannah, who listen to that speech along with a little bit earlier. i recall one of the many books written about president trump was called fire and fury. was a bit of that from joe biden today. it was indeed there. we have seldom seen president fight and so angry in terms of an address to the nation has singling out former president trump as the real cause of what he described as a web of lies. he didn't even dignify the form of precedent by using his name. he just referred to repeatedly, to the former president, accuse him of putting a power above principles and accusing him of spreading lies for profit and full
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power. so very strong words from president biden, but he was also careful to point out that the lie that the election was flawed in some way has been discounted by every single court in the country that its come before president biden making particular reference to a series of chord judgments ranging from federal courts to the supreme court itself, which has upheld than any claim about election fraud, is a lie. now president biden stressing that throughout his address to the nation. and yet, despite this fact, there is the majority of republicans. it appears who continued to support, the former president, trump in his false claim, and who also continued to support him in attempting to whitewash exactly what happened on this day a year ago. thank you. my cana inside the capital building and now outside with john henderson. bushes protect democracy that they were pro democracy gatherings
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today. tell us what it was like and show us around it's right. i'm right in front of what is to be a pro democracy rallies afforded by dozens of organizations. and there will be democrats here speaking liberal and progressive. democrats know, republicans all out here. and this is really a call for voting rights to support voting rights, which is something chuck schumer, the leader in the senate for the democrats, is trying to do right now trying to seize this january 6 of and use it to propel voting rights as one state after another actually restricts more voting rights. so it's right here that you'll be seeing in a matter of hours, a group of people gathering together. i can tell you it's a whole lot more peaceful here on me all that it was a year ago at this time today. but later on we're going to start seeing other protesters. people who don't agree with the folks right here and that's at the dc
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jail, a group called look ahead america, and that's only one of 15 across the country from hawaii to florida. and the reason they're at jails is that vance, where the january 16 writers, many of them still are right now. many of them have been arrested about 700 plus out of the estimated 2500 people who participated in breaching the capitol back there. and that might get a little more saucy, but that doesn't happen until a little after dawn several hours from now. but so far it's been very peaceful. and in fact, more peaceful than i would say on a regular day. but we may see that change over the course of the afternoon after these fiery speeches, right? okay, so more with john henderson. later on in the days we see what happens with those project. thank you. john always plays to welcoming environment to al jazeera president of the eraser group. thanks there, a media. he's on the scott from new york. i am off the journey so much to talk about. i want to talk about joy biden's speech. first of all,
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what did you make of his decision to well attacked? donald trump, if not mentioned him by name and whether that actually just plays into donald trump's game of woods of wars, of words i should say book. i mean i, i agree with a lot of what president biden had to say. but of course, the backdrop is that over the course of the last year, we've done nothing to address the underlying political divisions. there's so much sharper in the united states than in any other advanced industrial democracy around the world today. the election in 2020 was badly broken by the sitting president, and he's doing everything he can to ensure the 2024 will be as bad if not worse. and so, when biden, at the beginning of the year said america's back, it's hard for america is back with the speech we heard today that democracy is in
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crisis and we have to address it is a really big domestic challenges. and the country is very deeply divided, they are and not to be well, i am going to be pessimistic here. how on earth can any one, joe biden or otherwise fix those sorts of divisions? we'll try to bridge them when you have got a large majority of people who think the storming the capital a year ago was ok, but it was the right thing to do. in fact, well, look, the political divisions in the united states have not emerged over. ready one or 2 years they've been growing for decades and so addressing them will be a matter of a generation, not just one president. i do think that putting over trillion dollars into infrastructure will matter. i think that if they can move on there, build back better plan, even a small piece of it, that redistribution is, is necessary. and i also think that demographic changes in the united states that
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will make the united states a minority white country by 2045 will also change the political realities of the country. and political parties will need to adapt to that. but none of those things are going to help us for 2024. and that's the problem because the mid term elections coming up this year in november, the republicans are going to win the house. they may win the senate. they're probably going to win a lot of key state legislatures and gubernatorial races that are critical for certifying the 2024 election. and trump, who continues to persist in advancing belie that the election was stolen, rigged against them, is running the republican party and the near term challenge that your pessimism that's not getting addressed even by biden's speech to that. and let's talk about something else in the interim, and that is the actual january 6 investigation that their committee, a lot of point made, that it is led by a prominent republican,
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less chinese. but again, what do you actually expect that to? well, what will it achieve as far as accountability goes? oh, nothing, nothing else. let's not lead by a prominent republican. it's led by a formerly prominent republican who was removed from her leadership position because she persisted in publicly attacking former president, trump against the will of the majority of the party and the base. that's the problem. i mean, the people that actually went against trump on the election results are a lot of them are getting primaried. several of them are saying that they're resigning and not going to even seek reelection. as i said, this is, this is unfortunately, i mean, january 6th. the lessons that have been learned have only been learned by one side of the political while. there are a majority of people that support truck believe that the people that occupied the capital building a year ago where patriots were there to ensure that the election would not be
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stolen and, and they believe that their principal adversaries are not external agents. they are the political opponents inside their own country. democracies, healthy democracy is do not persist for a long when you have that kind of reality. you've talked about and rightly a lot of big picture issues, democracy as a whole. i one to how much the american people are listening to it. they've got so much on their plight at the moment already. you know, just cove, it on its own is more than enough to deal with. we have a day like this where it becomes prominent again. sometimes the january 6 committee will make some headlines and it will be on the news. but i wonder if this, if i realized how big an important this is, i think they recognize that it's important, but they see it is important for fundamentally different reasons. you have to recognize that the united states today is the most powerful country in the world.
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that power is not going away. its percentage of global g d. p is the same now as it was 20 years ago, a period of time when the europeans went down, the japanese went down, all this new technology markets hitting record levels. and yet u. s. economic inequality is higher than the rest of the g 7 and identity politics . you have a whole bunch of undereducated white men who feel rightly that they're losing a lot of status. you put those 2 things together in the information echo chamber that's magnified by social media and then you weapon eyes with someone like donald trump, a narcissist completely unfit for office, who's only interested in promoting his own personal agenda. you get january 6. i mean, it would be surprising if that wasn't going on in the united states. most americans believe it's going to happen again. i agree with that. my god. payment will up. so can you. i thank you so much for your time to appreciate it. if she does have an ear, you took ok,
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so 10 minutes passed the news on his what's coming up. security forces in sudan kill 3 protesters as the country's political crisis deepens again. and we'll have your sports news, another striving cricket, a jumping for joy in the ashes series against england. and he said, ah, no big story today is context on where protests over fuel prices have escalated into a full uprising against the government. and it is threatening, regional stability has been gum fire in the largest city al mattie. the focal point on wednesday demonstrate is set government buildings on fire. dozens of protesters and police officers were killed regional players. they're now stepping in to try to contain the vans as a russian lead military alliance, which is deployed troops at the request of the president that the e. u is warning. moscow needs to respect kazakhstan sovereignty, and his call for talks called an earl,
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is acted as you last. we are deeply sorry for the loss of life in kazakhstan, the violence must be stopped. we are also calling for restraint from all parties and a peaceful resolution of the situation. now obviously, the ear is ready and willing to support dialogue in the country. all russia has said this worst violence that we've seen in decades is quite inspired from outside . kazakhstan has actually long been one of the most stable of the ex soviet republics of central asia from forest walker monitoring developments for us from tip lacey, georgia. the internet is still more or less down in kazakhstan, and i've not been able to reach people on the ground that for most of today. but we can say with some confidence that these protests are not going away. they are happening nationwide. this is a vast country, the size of europe, and they're happening in cities across the country. but yes, the,
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the epa center of the violence is happening in marty. that's the form of capital and the largest cultural and commercial center of the country. i have been seeing some tweets from journalist colleagues who report that we are still hearing gunfire in the center of our t as security forces attempt to re take control of the administrative building. the mess offices in downtown murphy, heavy gunfire and we have seen more filled with bodies on, on social media uploads and security services saying that they have lost personnel. 13 was delayed, his counts with more than 300 wounded. well, we certainly, unfortunately expect that the death toll to be significant amongst the civilian population protest is been angry about fuel hikes, but have very legitimate grievances. but the government in kazakhstan is describing
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them as looters and terrorists. some analysis from theresa fallon, director of the center for russia, europe, asia studies who told us, requesting help from russian led forces with a desperate move fight. because it presidents, this is something that will make china rather uncomfortable because there is this kind of condominium between russia and china because it's done is so much between these 2 great powers. and once you and by the russians in, it's very, very hard to get them out. we saw a similar playbook happened in bell ruse. and of course we have frozen conflicts in georgia as well, where we see russian troops. so i think that this is shows how desperate the situation is in catholics done that the government had to invite the russians in for the c s t o i should say, which is a russian lead group. and also has echoes on most of the soviet past. and this couldn't have been worse timing for putin because president putin is try, is getting ready for the negotiations on nato. and he's kind of trying to re
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organize the post soviet settlement. and then it looks like he's occupying another post soviet countries. so it really has negative effects. it doesn't really show how strong russia is, but it actually shows how there's a lot of happiness with this on a credit regime. now iran's foreign minister asserts an agreement can be reached in vienna if western parties have the will and intention to do so. this is the 8 round of talks to revive around 2015 nuclear deal. iran still looking for guarantees that us sanctions will be lifted, missouri that a must see 8 round the vienna negotiations, put them back on the right track, and a good agreement can be reached if the western parties possess the real will. an intention lifting sanctions means lifting all forms of sanction stipulated in the nuclear agreement on the sanctions that trump re imposed on. and that contradictory terms of the agreement and the latter is in disputed negotiations. we demand guarantees that include not imposing any new sanctions and not re imposing
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sanctions after lifting them onto any pretext. we see that the simplicity practical model for this would be when it comes to exporting oil and obtaining revenues through our banking system. that's an informal and indirect exchange of messages with the americans in vienna. home, we have good words from their delegation. but what is important for us is to see practical and serious american actions on center mo, dosage about recovering the talks in vienna. hi, dall. so what do you reckon is this sir? a good sign, but, you know, positive noises coming out of the iranians here. certainly, i think it's important because this is a 1st interview. they newly appointed foreign minister has given to an international and use outlets and he seemed quite optimistic. he said that at the talks are still ongoing. it's a good sign that this round is much different than the previous round because the technical issues and the logistical issues they had over the agenda has been
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resolved this around the 8th round is now moving forward with what they are actually going to be deciding about in terms of how the sanctions will be lifted in which sanctions and the foreign minister was very specific about iran's position. and he gave some very, an a good examples of what they're looking for when they say iran wants it. sanctions this anxious to be lifted and he explained that the sanctions that were supposed to be lifted under to 2015 nuclear deal as agreed upon need to be lifted as well as the additional sanctions that came into effect after did you us left the deal in 2018 and he gave an example of how that would be verified by the iranians. and that would be when iran is able to sell its oil on the international market and receive payment through its own banks. right now, iran is not able to sell its oil on the trash locker because of heavy us sanctions . and south korea was one of the countries that is heavily reliance on to reigning oil. and when those sanctions were imposed in 2018, they received
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a special waiver from the us government. but that waiver ran out after a few months and they have yet to pay iran for the oil that they purchased. then they owe iranians over $7000000000.00, and there is an delegation here in vienna from south korea speaking to the americans. and they also met with the iranians here on thursday to discuss how to move forward and how to overcome at some of the hurdles that they have about paying or on in the foreign minister pointed out that this would be an example. it would be a sign by the americans that they are serious about returning to the nuclear deal. and of course iran would also do the same in terms of limiting its nuclear activities and returning to compliance. so a very interesting and time the interview, a lot about specifics in terms of what iran is looking for. the foreign minister also said that they hope they can reach a deal that is satisfactory to everybody when iran says they want a good deal. they don't just mean for themselves. they are expecting all the parties and signatories. they would be happy with a final draft of
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a deal. that means all parties go back to into full compliance, to the 2015 nuclear deal. and of course, when, and if that happens, the foreign minister himself would be the one that will come here to sign the final agreement. that remains to be seen if the hurdles they have at the moment can be overcome in the coming weeks. dalso jibari or the iran nuclear talks in vienna. thank you. now the u. s. has imposed sanctions on bosnian serb leader miller rod. dick washington accuses him of corrupt activities that threatened to destabilize the region and undermine the 1995 peace accord that ended possibly a civil war. both me so i think it's biggest political across the, since that war thought it was threatened to separate sub dominated areas from both, you know, in response to the cues, the us of making up fake stories and allegations to the medicine. because there's a, this isn't a news was in the united states, his acid mini lies and full circulations. it's beyond belief that
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a major world power such as the u. s, which broke the dayton peace agreement continues to view such monstrous lies implicating me and corrupt activities. but without any specifics, i am not on the legal scrutiny on allegations of any professional misconduct. and in the past, the courts and botany rejected claims about my suppose it misconduct. if i did something wrong, it's up to the courts in bosnia to establish that and not up to some us bureaucrats to sedan for at least 3 people have been killed in protests. andermann. thousands were out on the streets across the country to voice their anger against the continuing political crisis. security forces, they fight t a gas. it demonstrates is marching towards the presidential palace and cartoon protests as a demand in the military place. no part in any future governments here is mohammed van with molten. he are not in the street leading
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to the presidential policies. problem capital ad we can say throughout about 4 to 5 kilometers away. still from the presidential police. the professors half turned dogs in their 1000 today trying to reach their destination and did it back the same message. i'd begun in law last week. the is rusted. all the leaders of the resistance committees who are the only party to negotiate with them. so they don't want to talk the military want only to have both of you now that people are asking them to leave. but we want freedom, peace and justice and civilian rule by the people many that the law match. i'd how we're not. we're in the streets for the future of our children so that the next generation get their rights and education and a better future. no one here belongs to any political party. we're all here on our own bad. it mean hagi has the smoke not his filling the i it's a mixture of burn tie as by the protest as and or for heavy use of tear gas by police add security forces. they are going definitely to try to stop these cards.
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and that's what happens every time these protest as try to march to the presidential balis. they are the markets and if a change, they say they don't want any negotiations. they don't want any politics. what they want is that the military should see it paula, and as to don, should progress the words civilly a rule through a democratic process. ah, we have talked to so many people in this station and it is very clear that the mood here is different from anything that you can imagine. this is a place where people lose their fear because of the grandiose city of the spectacle . the crowd is carried away by this is jasmine, the words of the moths. this is a place where they tell us they are not afraid of death. a jury is government is
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designated a group blamed for mass kidnapping as a terrorist. organization. security forces have rescued 97 hostages, who are abducted molten 2 months ago. the government is promising to increase penalties for suspected kidnappers, and those who help them. edison bar has more from the nigerian capital aperture. these groups have been a pretty thing in the northwest on the north central parts of the country for some years, some several months now, some years, so to speak. and the government has come on the increasing pressure from governors, from the position who have acts demanded that government declares this group spandex because just because of declaring them terrors because just having them a terrorist means government cannot really apply so much force in terms of trying to stop them or trying to do this, launch them from the prison base. but now that they've been declared terrors the government would be purchased within parties of some military hardware from the us
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will be able to deploy some of these military hardware and go really hard on disparities who have in recent times in depth of the attack on communities kidnapping, people whipping women, demanding for ransom, and generally also fitting plays even people in commercial buses. so this is more like yielding to the demands of the political position and also the state governors who have been making this demand and government had in november last year. she killed the coffee and a court order which had prayed the court to grant them so that they will be able to declare these parents had these goods terrors. so now this is more like a step in the right direction, based on the demands of the governor's ideal position. in the news ahead world prices are at a 10 year high pushing the need, the people to the verge of salvation. master of the pen, we meet and man trying to keep the rocks calligraphy traditional lives in changing
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your thoughts. new zip code 19 is having a big impact on many teams arriving, encountering for the africa cup of nations. and you're like, ah, ah, hello there, the weather is quieting down though i see now across the middle east on place to say after i ra, the active weather actor. every chatter right now, pushing across pakistan towards north west of india could cause flooding here over the next few days. but for many across the middle east into the levant, finished and re look and try and settle over the next couple days in the wind slowly. but surely started to east down temperatures here in the ha, at around $23.00 degrees celsius for friday. afternoon, a similar temperature wanted sadly, perhaps attack cola, as the winds fall light, it should fill pleasant enough. having said that, and as she can see,
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it is largely dry across region. what a 2 showers they're just into, whether he's a side of mediterranean, chiefly across turkey. ne parts of africa is generally settle is over to also north west, where we do have some right in the forecast over the next hour. so northern algeria could see some showers to miss you, perhaps when areas of libya just noticed some wet weather just coming out to chat, just easing across to was northern pass of us who don over the next hour so much north africa, dry and settled as it should be now in central africa, well conditioned that they should be here as well. big showers coming in across the heart of africa, sliding out of angola and big down pools. they're into zambia, zimbabwe looking pretty wet for a time. the south africa ah . in pakistan's largest city, climate change in water shortages are driving some residents to desperate measures
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one 0, one east, meet the water. rodger panell to 0 from legacy to jerusalem to my am on the government is trying to do my own home mileage through my own history, my background 3 short films that show how people take a stand against evictions and they're struggling communities. the 1st time they arrested me, i was 11 years old. a j select on out is era. ah, al jazeera, with, oh, no
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ah, from the news are here at al jazeera and these are alex hoppe stories. he was president joe biden advice person come the house of issued warnings about the fragility of america's democracy, and how it must be protected. i spoke on the one year anniversary of the attack on capitol hill. a russian led military alliance is deploy trips to kazakhstan. dozens of protesters and offices have been killed in the big city almighty. demonstrations began a respite, confused, and a bronze foreign minister says the current round of talks to revive for 2015 nuclear deal are back on the right track. he wants the u. s. to immediately, sanctions in return for limits on ron's nuclear program.
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quite a bit of for karen virus news, we're starting with the director general of the world health organization who is said that the army kron variant of covey 19 shouldn't be categorized as mild because it still poses a significant threat to health systems. just like previous variance. army krohn is hospitalized in people and it's killing people. in fact, the soon i me of cases is so huge and quick that it is overwhelming health systems around the world. hospitals are becoming overcrowded and understaffed. we must effectively share the vaccines that are being produced throughout most of 2021. this was not the case, but toward the end supply increased. in france, the lower house of parliament is approved. tougher. covet $900.00 measures off the 3 days of an often intense debate. the bill would make full vaccination mandatory
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for people to, for example, the 10 public events or even travel on in to 50 trains. natasha butler as well from paris. it's not a surprise because the government has a majority in the lower house of parliament. the build that now goes to the senate and it may go back to the parliament before probably coming into law in the middle of january. what it means for people is that the unvaccinated population will no longer have access to things like restaurants, cafe, leisure facilities, everyday life for them will certainly become a lot harder now. the bill i was finding a provide parliament there has to be said of the 3 incredibly in days of debate in the parliament often chaotic c, overshadowed also by the french president rather controversial comments on wednesday when he said that he was going to really taken the screws and go off on vaccinated people in france. what they are doing is they are betting on this
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vaccine pass as a way to try and persuade the last they say 5000000 adults are eligible for the faxing to go and get immune eyes and look, they're looking at the record of the current health pulse now the health pulse that was put in place by the government last year as persuaded you might say, some 90 percent of people to get vaccinated before that health pulse is necessary to go to a restaurant or a bar only 3040 percent of people in france that, that they want to get vaccine. as soon as that pulse was put in place, people rushed to get their jobs. the governments are hoping that's going to be the same thing now that it will force people to go and get vaccinated, whether it will or not. of course, we don't know, but the health minister did say on wednesday that some 66000 people had actually registered for their 1st dose of a covey vaccine. so they see that as an encouraging sign. italy is not requiring old people over the age of 50 to get vaccinated. it's not yet clear what penalties
9:35 pm
people my face if they refuse the health minister those if everyone in that age group will not be checked for the vaccination status before they enter the workplace. want to have a little look at hospitalization numbers. because as we watch these huge numbers of army grown cases and we see restrictions, commonplace, the number of people actually being hospitalized. it's relevant and even possibly a more informative metric. so let's have a look of got them on the i pad here. we're going to look at some graphs from our world and data as always, this one co bunch of countries, mostly european, cuz that's where we get the most reliable data. we're looking at weekly, new hospital admissions per 1000000 people. that's the way we can look at a comparative metric. so this was the start of the pandemic when things were really bad. this was the winter period. so say last year, this time, last year with things were at their worst. there was another little peak over the summer and now things are going up. again. that's the general sort of rollercoaster
9:36 pm
trend. here are some specific countries the united states. first of all, 2 lines i want to put on to this. at graph one will colace the all micron line. so that's the point where micron has identified and you could see how much hospitalizations have gone up since then. but this line i'm going to draw here as well. met showing you that hospital admissions are at almost the same level as they were a year ago when things were at their worst in the united states. so let's move on to europe, spain in the u. k. of put these on the same graph because it's, you can see they've got pretty similar trajectories. they had their peak again around this time last year, but now both increasing as our france and italy, 2 countries we've heard about are just there which are bringing in new restrictions . conversely, the netherlands and germany both showing a dramatic decline in the number of people in hospital the netherlands was one country which put pretty strong lockdown restrictions in place of a christmas. and germany has been tough as well. perhaps not as tough,
9:37 pm
but it certainly shows that locked downs was difficult, socially and economically can have a good impact on health data. and one more, i want to show you south africa where army current came into place. i came into play, which is obviously around this point, we had a big increase in hospitalizations, but the south africans had been talking about reaching the peak of our micron and this graph shows it hospitalizations. absolutely. doing a u turn at this point and heading downwards as well. so that's just a snapshot of a few different countries for you. here is lawrence gaston, who's a professor of medicine and the founding o'neil chair, in global health law at georgetown university. he says it's essential, quite simply to get people vaccinated in order to avoid for the lock downs and restrictions. it's very likely that we're seeing a, a, a major surgery. some would call it a wild fire of army crime. it's, it's the most contagious pathogen. on the planet, and it's may be among the most infectious ever in the history of the earth. and so
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there's going to be rapid spread. there's going to be a lot of cases i'm and r n game. our goal is to try to live with this virus and we do that by preventing people from becoming ill, hospitalized and dying. and the best way in that is through vaccinations, you know, lock downs, and school closures are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. at least i think they should be, well, i have no objection to them for now as a temporary emergency measure. but that would be really dismayed if we went well into 2021. and we started seeing countries just locking down closing schools. that's not the way to live with coven 19. the best way to do it is to vaccinate, get enough, antiviral medication and other therapeutics. and just keep people out of the
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hospital because we're not going to prevent coverage from spreading. we've got to stop counting cases. and start preventing hospitalizations covered sports news now in world number one, tennis by an overt joke of which is being held by board. officials in australia. authorities have refused to accept his medical exemption for not being vaccinated, and his lawyers and al, peeling the decision inter simmons as the full story. oh, so the serbian parliament in belgrade protest is tuned in support of their national hero. the world's number one in men's tennis, novak joke of each. the demonstration is led by his fathers. he says australia is playing politics with his sons career. and they got a call in that they want to throw him on his knees. this would happen. they never managed to throw so be on its knees. we never attacked anyone. we only defended ourselves and no vacuum defending himself now, brothers and sisters, our heart,
9:40 pm
i've so applied some officer brian early. this is the moment when joke of each is about to realize his entry into australia is blocked. his these are revoked. it isn't a tennis court. he's going to instead, he's waiting for a court hearing on monday that will rule on his deportation. for now, he's in a government quarantine hotel. his mother is outraged. they are keeping him as a president. he's just not very human. i just called if you will be john. as we are, i love you to, to be a joke of each had a medical exemption to let him play at the australian open tournament later this month. otherwise, the tournament is only open to the fully vaccinated exemption caused a wave of anger among australians who still face some of the toughest travel restrictions in the world joker, which is well known as being against vaccinations. another big name in the sport,
9:41 pm
believe joker, which has himself to play in some way. i, i feel sorry for him. but at the same time, he know he knew the conditions sings or a lot of months ago. so the actual against joke of each is also causing a diplomatic incident. serbia's president describes it as politically motivated muscle, musical, the true it's l obligation is the state to protect interests of our citizens were dedicated to that. what not there is that this is a political persecution that everyone is taking part in. even the australian prime minister, jock of each had thought the path was clear for his attempt to the 21st grand slam . instead, he faces what could be a road block, and with it a world wide debate on whether he's be fairly treated. andrew simmons alger 01 more covered story comes from china, where leaders in the city of shyanne,
9:42 pm
say an outbreak has been brought under control. the mayor says community cases have declined to, in his words, basically 0. the city of 13000000 has been under strict locked down for 2 weeks. china acting quickly and firmly to stamp out even small outbreaks a month ahead of the paging winter olympics b. so now the total number of covered nitro cases has shown a declining trend. and all new cases were found an individual's undergoing quarantine. and in areas under locked down community cases are formed to basically 0. but then the spread of the virus has been effectively controlled. gonna talk about global food prices now which jumped 28 percent last year. the highest figures since 2011. the u. n says prices east slightly in december, but had climb for the previous 4 months in a row. this is contributed to a surgeon general inflation affecting economies across the world as ever it is poor nations who are disproportionately affected,
9:43 pm
especially those reliance on an impulse with us from rome of the razor, abbas ian, who is the senior economist with the u. ends. food and agriculture organization, nice to have you with us. so i believe this index is it is a monthly index. so by december you're getting a obviously the best picture of the whole of, of 2021 to can you tell me through the year and, and, and where it got worse, why it got worse? that's correct. yes, this is an index that measures what's happening in international markets. of course, not in individual countries. for prices. we include in this index serials to put in the stable measurable oils, sugar, meat and a re. so this is sort of like the composition of our index, and you regular mention the consequence of increasing the price worldwide for good, good part of last year, i would say not only the last 4 months and put some commodities all the way through
9:44 pm
. if you look at the are subbing next for vision of lloyd's. in fact, the prices are all over so 170 percent year on year and there are record. so it has been a year up for raising prices for most of the reasons couple which is tied to supplies for some of those commodities worldwide specially export supplies, but also strong demand. many people expected at the start of the year, let's say last year does find that in fact, because of call it because of depend, i make an economic conditions. we would see a decline in this didn't really happen. so we have increase the more and we had tightest supplies. and then there were of course, other factors. so energy markets, but it will activity going from negative to positive to know or $80.00 effecting across commodities. so going to be sorry to interrupt you. so the key has to be rebound thing. it doesn't, it, i mean to have demand is good obviously. but if we can meet the demand of lies to
9:45 pm
tide, how this is a big picture question, but how do we go about re balancing that? well, this is a big, this is a big issue right now. in fact, because either living in a more or less and more normal life. we wouldn't have been so worried. but because usually high prices do what they lead to higher production producers who benefit from my prices, they invest more, they grow more and so forth. and behold, they do that and cycle. so these started, but we are, we are getting very difficult situation right now. where do a lot of uncertainty, a lot of external factors affect also food market from energy to transport because of coal, which you can already conditions to. things like fertilizer prices, which are record high and, and those will look differently affect the production. so this, what you mentioned about the re balancing is not anymore and straightforward thing that we could expect. and that is the worry for inflation must be a huge issue as well. it was a big enough for the us president to start talking about it
9:46 pm
a few months ago. and again, that was brought about by all sorts of issues. how much of a of a problem is this for food? i think it's a big problem, especially now this comes really, i mean of course, when we talk about inflation, especially in the we see the countries food is important but is not probably as important as today's, for a lot of countries and therefore the place and really bites we, so just recently another pie john, when they decided to let the price of bread go, because they want to basically put it more power at the international level for we prices, we import prices and be so what happened the basically how to retract. so there is a bit you should be in place, a pressure coming in from war size, i would say almost across the globe. but when it comes to food part, especially in the developing world world, this is a huge concern talking well, food prices there with about about the and from the us food and agriculture
9:47 pm
organization. thank you so much for your time. thank you. before we take a break, we've got a lovely story from iraq here about caligraphy, the art of beautiful handwriting, which is an integral part of arabic and assignment heritage in iraq, though it is on the decline, however, there is one man determined to keep the art a life and mach mood of the wide as history were ill ramadan, from iraq's, he saw the new city of bursa, inherited his love skills and respect for calligraphy from his father. now he has been practicing arabic, crating for more than 30 years. can it's a guardian one it hardly ever since i was a child, i used to sit next to my father to watch him draw leases and words. i fell in love with this profession and tried to imitate him. his painting cell in iraq and abroad was prices for a singular work of up to 1500
9:48 pm
u. s. dollars. it's not enough to provide a steady or secure income, but where it says he won't give up. now, it's part of his, his father's and his country's heritage, a corners motherland. him let hardly robert, but some people neglected it and moved to other careers saying that calligraphy won't turn them living. so they took a different direction. i am here and we'll stay here. if only for the sake of my principles arabic calligraphy is considered by you in a school to be part of the intangible heritage of humanity. but as iraqi calligrapher is thrive with passion to revive the art, they're worried that a lack of estate support and interest could lead to its decay. ally sally, a member of iraq's calligrapher, his association has turn it his business to printing. he says, unlike other types of evolving fine arts, calligraphy has had the same set of artistic rules for centuries. we are neither
9:49 pm
okay, any people's taste has changed with time. they've become more to swift and dynamic products, which has become a mainstream for thought. calligraphy is now lecturing, it usually takes time and effort. oliver. it's intricate, delicate work, taking patience and time. but the finished war can be dazzling, delightful. and despite the challenge is the craft is facing. it's what motivates were in a ramadan to continue. ma'am, what abdullah had al jazeera but dad. now the 2022 golden globe awards will be held to sunday, but there will be no audience. there will be no media, they will be not read compet organizes are trying to put it all down to the pandemic. but the group behind the golden globes is being boycotted by the industry more broadly. the hollywood foreign press association is accused of failing to address a lack of diversity in the industry. coming up, sports news,
9:50 pm
if you are vaccinated, jo complained as deleon open and everywhere he has ref fell down there having his they on november joker, which is getting just ready. ah
9:51 pm
ah cool lou. ah, and he's here with more on the sport story. we can't get enough of court now and it's going to go on for a few days yet. another joke of it, she is chances of playing at this year's australian open remain in limbo. the well, number one is spending another night in a so called detention hotel in melbourne as he fights that decision to revoke his visa over pandemic rules. events organizers had said it be allowed to play despite
9:52 pm
not being fully vaccinated against kobe 19, but australia border authorities refused to accept jock of riches medical exemption . his lawyers have now appealed against that decision with the case adjourned. and so next week the requirements that were not able to be met, there was a, an exemption that had been provided through the victorian government process. clearly that did not pass the standards of proof that were required by the australian board of force. yes, it's tough. but it's fair and equitable, and it's one rule for all under this australian government will joke of it. she is a long time playing rival rough l modalities safely in melbourne. he doesn't have a whole lot of sympathy for a joke of it's his situation. every body or he's so free to take her day on positions, but then her there are some,
9:53 pm
some consequences. now on the of calls of course, i either liked her the situation that is happening ah, in some way i, i feel sorry for him. but at the same time, he know he knew the conditions sings a lot of months ago when it to get the vaccine that's, that's my point of view. and i went through the course i have been ah, vaccinate that twice. ah, on the if, if you do this so you don't have any problem to, to play here. and the, that's the only clear, think if you are vaccinated, you can play industrial in open and everywhere. and the walt, ah, in my opinion, i have been suffering enough to not follow the rules alone we spoke to sports illustrates. it's john woodson, he says the controversy surrounding joke of it isn't good for the games. image here
9:54 pm
is this towering player. he's probably going to go down having one more majors than any male ever. he's winning this rivalry, it gets roger federer and ruffin a doll. and yet you have this insistence, string of embarrassing incidents where, you know, in this, this latest with only the latest and it, it does seem like it's a very, very gifted tennis player. this is also someone who's also very, very gifted to getting in his own way. and it's not quite as simple as the bad boy of tennis because i think he really does want to be late. but it's just this consistent pattern of clumsiness has really become very problematic. it's not a good look where the sports great tower champion is also the guy. everyone's rushing the social media to, to spoof because whether it's, you know, hitting a ball at the line, been throw that, get them defaulted from the us open 2 years ago. or whether it's the super spreader event that he ran in 2020, or, you know,
9:55 pm
advocate tantrum at the olympics or doubt that this latest with this sort of latest socket. australia it's, it's not great when it's the figure at the top of the heap. it's ok, we see this and other sports, right. what would it run of the bell player who's a little goofy? it's one thing, but you don't want that. the great titan of a sport to be the person never was making fun of or carving has made a winning a return to action of brooklyn that still had missed all of his teams. previous games this season, due to his refusal to get a cobit 19 vaccination thing with central to brooklyn's road. when here against indiana, pacers, he school 22 points in this 129 to 121 victory. unfortunately, that funds they won't get to see the 29 year old in every game of and cannot say false in home games because rules in new york require place to be vaccinated. now i'm just taking one day at a time. you know, i got earlier in the season just it's not an ideal situation. ready and i'm always
9:56 pm
figured out and we're able to come to some collective agreement, whether it be with the league or just think that's going on. that could help ease. we're all dealing with cold actually. and i think everybody's feeling it so i don't want to make it simply about me and simply about, you know, someone lesson in the rules for me. i just, i know that i know what the consequences were still. no, they are. but right now i'm just don't take it one day at a time. i guess it just enjoyed time that i get to play with my guys. and you know however it looks later. ready in the season and we'll address more covered 19 is having an impact for many of the teams arriving in cameras for footballs, africa, cup of nations, senegal, one of the favorites to win the title. the school had to delay its flights into the whole nation of the 3 players tested positive and 6 members of the backroom stuff are also an ice lation. the things opening group game is against him. bob boy,
9:57 pm
on monday, manchester city manager pet guardiola has tested positive as well the spinal miss cities f. a cup game in swindon on friday. 14 backroom stuff and 7 1st team plays at the club, currently isolating for coven related reasons. south africa have leveled their test series with india camps in dina. go school and i'm beaten. 96 is the home. same chase down a victory target of 240 his effort helping south africa to a 7 wicked victory. the 3rd and final purse begins on tuesday in cape town, late and a century from one cross in austria in charge of the full ashes test against england. the home seemed declaring on 416 for 8th on day 2 in sydney, england managed to make it through the close. 13 without loss, australia already have an unassailable free. no seriously. grim saint is from frontier without mo sandy without loss. well,
9:58 pm
the but you most book many and annex susanna that'll be from london with barbara sarah. ah, ah shilling the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on services across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. 8 now . it's not our responsibility. if people log campus is completed, we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get back with all this to you are now to
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sierra in just under a year's time catalyst al bait stadium will house the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many fans were already counting down to the big kickoff next november. see you got back though 1022 as vis tournaments unfolds over the coming days. we will play a key role organizes getting ready to host the middle east's. biggest ever sporting event next year, hon for the castle national. same as i get used to playing in front of expects and home crowds that we hoping to convince by the fans and themselves. so they really are ready to take on the world. with home technology can help tackle the spread of coven 19. but our tech solutions, the best solutions you're starting, something that seems like it's in public health, very quickly becomes about measuring people what data is being collected. where is
10:00 pm
it being for it? poly re, looks at the limits of truth and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face. target when tech tools go viral. episode 3 of all hail to lockdown from al jazeera blue gun fire on the streets of kazakhstan, security forces moved to extinguish anti government sentiment from washington to brussels. there is a call for com. ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. you're watching al jazeera life from london. also coming up one year since, protest her as a storm to the seat of american democracy. the u. s. president lays the blame with his previous.


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