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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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will never be the same exempt from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison. the question the jury has that is, i now is, should she ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, welcome on pete adobe your what you and use a live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia sends troops into cassock star and help put down protests and riots across the former soviet state. where i saw the destruction i thought. yeah, okay, we'll fix it, but i'll take a long time to do the post traumatic stress
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a year on from the u. s. capital attack, the house speaker, nancy pelosi reflects on the physical and emotional damage, australia's deportation of the tennis champion. novak joker, which is delayed, as he fights the decision to revoke his visa over pandemic rules. also this our airlines thought this could be their come back here. no carriers like kathy pacific a wondering how long will be in the air. allen, sports as a winning return for controversial basketball player, kyrie irving, abruptly nat stars 4 and 22 points. having missed all of his teams. prius games, the season refusing to be covered 19 vaccinated. ah, let's get going that we start in kazakhstan where protests of spiraled into the worst street violence. they're seen in decades, dozens of protest as and police officers have been killed. we understand more than
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2000 people had been arrested. the crowds have set public buildings on fire in the city of al marty. now a russian led military alliance is deploy troops there after a request for help from the president. the european union has warned that the russian intervention must respect kazakstan sovereignty. protests began days ago over a sudden spike in the price of fuel, but they've widened to include grievances of a corruption and living standards. robin christie walker is monitoring developments for us out of the george and capital tbilisi details, sketch she i know robin, but just get us up to date with what the latest is from al. mati well, we've been relying to certain extent on social media footage uploaded to telegram channels. but having lived in our matching for many years, suddenly the teach that i am seeing looks to be authentic and what it shows. sadly,
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our scenes of extreme violence with security services opening fire on protest. i will add that some of these demonstrators did obtain weapons. we also saw footage of an armory being seized weapons being taken from the armory. we've seen state t z releasing footage of said demonstrators or protest is that we're caught with weapons in that cause. and we're hearing reports of casual teens. i've seen footage of bodies piling up in the morgues with the authority saying at least 13 of each personnel killed more than $300.00 injured 70. i would expect the civilian death told to be far more than that. but of course, we'll be waiting to see how things pound out as information starts to seek out. but
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it does appear that the authorities are doing their best to regain control, at least of the capital out marching. but we are seeing chaotic scenes cross context on its last territory, but in every major city that have been protest, some of them peaceful others have ended violently, and a lot of it appears to be continuing. as you're talking to us robin, we're looking at the latest nighttime and daytime pictures we're looking at burns out cars just now. what looks like either gas or fires that have been lit on the streets and also the daytime pictures are showing processes being taken away by, by the security apparatus, by the security personnel. the protest is don't look as if they're armed a toll, so it's not, it's not a level playing field when it comes to fighting back. it's something else
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with it's a dynamic picture. and of course we talk about these people as protest isn't demonstrators. they have legitimate grievances, but they are a passive, we could say mixed crowds of people because what i'm seeing some of the demonstrations demonstrate is a very well organized piece to be some directing going on people doing their best, let's say in some cases, to take over administrative buildings, but also when i, in touch with civil society activists and others, they see that they're being misrepresented your thirty's, doing everything they can to describe what needs legitimate protest is. looters. as, as gangsters act describing the clean up operation that they're doing, even as it as an anti terror operation. and people have frustrated that they cannot get him for information out about what is really going on. and the fact that many
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people in catholics don, i'm very angry and this is why they feel price hikes were this with the spark, but did a long standing grievances, as he mentioned. i think it's important now to bring in the c s t o fact to the fact that within 24 hours rushes the russia lead collective security treaty organization has now dispatched more than 3 and a half 1000 troops to catholic stone. most of the more than 3000 of them, i understand russian soldiers and this is absolutely unprecedented. this is the 1st time we've seen a deployment like this by this collective security organization that is led by russia. and it appears very much to be an attempt by the president of catholics on a desperate attempt to maintain control over the country. but it brings in questions about context on sovereignty. and many, i know people in cars it's time will be very concerned to see this to see this
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happening. so the violence now, so suddenly a military operation involving foreign troops on cars, ex soil in questions to be asked, what kind of mandate will they have? will they be allowed to open fire on cars, protesters and where does this all lead? will have to obviously keep watching. find out. of course people. robin. thank you very much. any more developments to come back to us just as soon as you can robin 1st, i was there talking to us from tbilisi. it was an event that shocked and horrified americans and people worldwide. one year ago, hundreds of people still on the u. s. capital building, spurred on by donald trump's false claims that he had won the 2020 election. the physical damage done to america, seat of democracy has been repaired. but what happened on january the 6th 2021 remains a divisive stain on the nation. al jazeera mike hannah is on capitol hill. allen fisher is standing by the white house. tell us what jo biden's message will be to
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date 1st practical haines reports on the destruction that unfolded a year ago. oh, never before had a u. s. president refused to admit defeat. never before had a president alleged the election was stolen, contract want to go on a day. but on january 6th, as congress was getting ready to officially declare joe biden, the winner trump called his supporters to washington were going to the capital, were going to try and give them the kind of broad and baldness that they need to take back our country. 20 minutes later, they followed his instructions and started moving and mass. just as to pipe obs were found near the capital. with each passing moment the crowd outside got closer and the police were pushed back. the scaffolding set up for the upcoming inauguration scale. windows broken officers set upon by an angry and violent mob clubbed, sprayed with chemicals,
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punched and kicked. the crowd overwhelmed the police. what we didn't know them was how close they came to their targets. seconds from seeing the vice president rushed into an office, 1st safety. then senate minority leader, chuck schumer and his security detail running realize in the mob was yards away. senator, mitt romney told to turn and run. oh, we now know this was a pivotal moment. the crowd lured away by police officer eugene goodman. if they had turned right, instead of following him, they would have found senators in the chamber behind an unlocked door. and we now know how close they came to members of the house. clean through the last available exit. they breached the door, though, and a single shot rang out. it was ashley babbitt killed by police as she attempted to get through the door. in all 5 people would die, including capital police officer,
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brian sick. nick, he had a stroke after being attacked with bare spray. in the following days, 4 officers would commit suicide. ah, in all 140 officers were injured. trump eventually appeared on camera and appealed to the riders to leave. so go home. we love you. ours, after it began, the building was cleared and the vote was certified. joseph r. biden's, junior of the state of delaware, has received 306 vote. donald j trump with the state of florida as received 232 vote. still, the house would vote to impeach him for a 2nd time for his actions, and the senate once again fell to convict. and soon he and his supporters began to deny the reality of what this was calling it a peaceful protest. not an attempted insurrection. the courts have not agreed so far more than 700 people have been arrested. the longest sentence more than 5 years
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in prison. the person who planted the pipe bombs, has still not been identified. a congressional committee is investigating how this happened. was it planned? who was involved and should criminal charges be filed, but those questions will take time to answer. and if republicans win control of the house in 2022, they have promised to shut down the investigation ah, a year on this day cost lives for others, their freedom. but getting to the truth will largely be determined by whether or not it cost trump his political power. political heene al jazeera washington. well, one of the places breached by the rioters was the house speaker muncie policies office on wednesday, she took reporters on a tour. i was more concerned about the trauma that they cost for the young people who worked here. i mean, we can repair the mirror and do all those things. they shouldn't have done that.
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but because all these things are approved, you know, they're curator of put whatever food. this is the capital way, they have it and they shouldn't have desecrated, but, but what's more important is the harm they did to people that people, the young people were traumatized by the fear of it all to them personally, but also to an assault on our democracy. live not soon mike hannah on capitol hill. welcome, mike. what's the events taking place there today where you all well, we will be hearing from the house speaker, nancy pelosi in the course of the day along with the senate majority leader. and the president and his vice president will be here within the next hour to address the nation more about that in a moment. but what is largely a partisan commemoration underscores the extent to which the body politic within
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the united states has been scarred since the events on january. the 6th, a significant amount of republicans continued to back former president trump, in terms of his false election fraud claims. and in terms of his attempt to whitewash the events of january the 6th. it's significant as well that nearly 60 are republicans, are going to be contesting public office. these are people who either took part in the rally that preceded the invasion of the hill, or actually were part of that invasion according to several publications. so this just shows the extent, 1st of all to which the country has been divided increasingly divided over the past year on this particular issue. but also the nature of that opposition. the former president, using the events of january the 6th to re create a history to bolster his own support and to drive that issues like voting rights,
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which is something that democrats are going to be pushing. and which is something that is going to be folded into the commemoration in the course of the day. peter, mike, for the moment. many thanks. live out. fallon fisher, he's at the white house for us, alan. what you think we'll hear from mr. biden today? well normally when you hear from the president of the united states picking somewhere like statutory hall on capitol hill, it's all about bringing the country together. but mike's absolutely right. this will be an indication of just how fractured american politics is a lot of republicans are staying away for a number of reasons. one, there is the funeral of a former republican senator in georgia, but also there are republicans who believe that the democrats are using this for party political purposes, and others who believe that donald trump was right and the election was stolen. joe biden will speak for about 20 minutes. he's been closely involved in drafting the speech the we're working on it until late last night. well,
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he mentioned donald trump by name or jen sack. he said, no one will be in any doubt who is referring to and she gave her press briefing on wednesday. it's more likely that he will simply refer to the former president. now we've got some indication of what he's going to see. he's going to think it really point to the fact that this is an inflection point for the united states. this is a moment where the united states can go one road or the other. he will see what kind of nation are we. we're at one that's going to accept political violence as the norm, and a low parked as an election officials to overturn legally expressed will of the people in this will be, i suspect, one of the key lines of this speech he will say, are we going to be a country that lives by the light of truth, not by the light of truth. but in the shadow of lies, he is going to very much point the finger at donald trump, the man who was standing in the oval office. exactly a year ago, 200 meters from where i'm standing, walked to the elect switches on the south side of the white house and then told his
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supporters that they were going to march don't constitution our view to capitol hill? well, joe biden is going to drive there very shortly, probably in the next 1015 minutes. and he will stand in capitol hill and make the point that america came very close, still losing a more than 200 years democracy by the actions of the man who once was in the oval office. allen, thank you very much. alan fisher, their report in life. right. so the white house will go back to alum and my can or indeed if there are any more developments in the next hour or so. joining us now from austin, texas is matthew mccovie ac. he's a republican party consultant and founder and chairman of potomac strategy group. matthew mcabee are clearly a sad day, a year ago. how damaged is american politics by that it is a sad day and hearing this report. so it takes us back to, to how we all fell when, when we were witnessing it of the capital hasn't been breached in over a 100 years. this isn't actually historic and awful event for the country. that
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said, i, i don't know how many americans across the country are really still bothered by what happened. the important thing is that the people who wish to capital people that broke the law, people the damaged property, the people that in some cases were violent at the capital with police officers are being held to account. and that's not happening through the congressional committee that's happening through prosecutors in the dc area who are bringing charges, who are bringing indictments, who are bringing a evidence to juries and will be convicting these individuals on serious charges. so you know, this is a one year anniversary, it's important that this never happen again. b a u. s. capital police chief, i issued a report yesterday detailing how the u. s. capital is now far safer than it was a year ago. and that's a positive thing. we want everyone, he worked with us capital. i want to visit us capital to feel safe and be safe when they're there. so this is a song, a solemn occasion. there's no question. but i think as it relates to politics,
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i don't think it's going to make that much difference later this year. we hope mitchell elections in november. okay. you say it doesn't hold any sway of a mid term elections lay to the shia. i guess that's a fair point, but you're also saying at the top of your answer, if i can paraphrase, you seemed to be saying, you're not convinced that many americans are engaged with this. surely every caught carrying republican voter is or should be engaged with what's happening to day if only because still, donald trump is in effect, the republican party. and the republican party is donald trump because there's nobody coming through the system to stand at the next u. s. presidential race yes. so trump remains the largest and most significant figure in the republican party. there's no question and until he decides it, you know, in scenario not to run for president in 2020 for he gonna remain in that position. there are 6 or 8 or 10 serious people thinking and considering and planning run for
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president. if he doesn't, ron. ah, but, but look, i think you could separate 2 things. on the one hand, i think there were legitimate questions about how election officials in some states used emergency powers to conduct the election differently. in 2020 the election laws allowed, could separate questions about that from the illegal actions of hundreds of people who breached the u. s. capital where you can be a republican voter who has questions about the election, but who does not condone that behavior and the damage they have just turned to rupture for a 2nd. if i may, those questions that you will, referring to or glancing towards those questions have been asked and that they have been answered. there is no substantial empirical or statistical evidence at whole. but mr. trump won the election. i grew that none 0. yeah. yeah, you're, you're agree you're, you're conflating 2 things. i'm not arguing that trump, on the 2020 election,
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he lost it decisively. i in 4 or 5 states. although the margins in the states was in the 10s of thousands, not in the hundreds of thousands and certainly not in the millions. the question is whether states used appropriate provisions and laws in conducting their election or not. by allowing bowel harvesting in some states by law, by sending yield outs of the people who did not request them in some states that violated election laws trickling the commonwealth of pennsylvania is one sample. so again, my point is, i think some republicans in the country have questions about how the last election was conducted. that's legitimate in some states as reviews are taking place. what's not legitimate is, is to bridge the u. s. capital. so for the individuals who did that, i can assure you, every single person that did that. now, regrets they are facing significant legal liability, legal charges to affect their careers, it's affected their reputations that affected their time with their families to affect them financially. and so i do think there's a significant disincentive for this kind of action to ever happen again. i think that's possible. yeah. but when you say that you seem to be arguing 2 things at the
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same time, you seem to be saying, well, maybe there are questions still to be answered still more than a year on still to be answered over the us election that donald trump last and yet you're not saying that the voting system or the systems that you use in the college system, thus is the 1st post post system that that system is inherently flawed because the rest of us outside the united states, we look on we looking on your general election system quite honestly, we always have this conversation every 4 years about oh well, how does this actually work? maybe the time has come strange this, that's a different conversation for you and i to have a different time. but shouldn't the real dynamic with due respect to you? mr. mccovie, i come from people like you and the dynamic has to be people like you in those silos of conversation like donald trump's social media empire, that he apparently is very close to setting up the conversation that takes place in the silo of fox news. the conversation that takes place in the silo of talk radio
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in america, every one like you and every one who has that conversation in those spaces, needs to say to the people who listen to you. cuz you're clearly a very switched on guy. you need to be saying, turned the page, move on. everyone has got to heal. because if you don't do that, don't tramples still be banging on about this in a year or 2 years or 3 years. and you will be locked like a fly in aspect, you will be locked into what happened a year ago just now. now i grew that i may, i think we should look forward. we have an important term election later this year with control the u. s. house in the senate at stake and l have truly consequential president election 2024. i don't think republicans benefit themselves by looking backwards. i definitely think republicans benefit themselves by arguing that trump one election that last, ah, but i do think, you know what, what matters in america now is, is the directly countries going how the economy was doing, rising inflation, the crisis on the southern border, each of the issues that voters care about,
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that's why the very beginning, when i say, i don't think most voters care that much about of the actions are that occur on january 6. 1 year ago is that in public pulling that we've seen over the last year, these questions and these issues have been nowhere near the top. it has been a kitchen kitchen table issues. for most americans that drive their decisions, their fears, their hopes for their families and for the future, the country murphy mccovie a compelling conversation. thank you so much for joining us here on the news. oh, thank you. yes, 1323 gmc. you're watching now to 0. news are still to come, france is getting close, it's making it much harder for unvaccinated people to go into public. venues will speak to a leading scientist as part of a mission to what's been called the doomsday glacier, as well. and in sports and arbiter figures, if you're a sports fan football action coming up later here on the news ah
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tennis donovan joker bench is fighting against deportation from australia. he arrived there to play in a grand slam tournament, but the authorities refused to accept his exemption. from pandemic entry rules, now his lawyers are appealing against the decision and court with the case adjourned until next week. the serbian president, alexander voltage, has come out swinging against the government of australia about its treatment of drug, which sources for the 1st our foreign ministry will do everything we're active on. the su, i prime minister is talking to a woman at the home affairs. this lady is the one who's making the decisions. what not fair is this political persecution that every one is taking part in even the astray. leon. prime minister al jazeera correspondent, milan bosco, which joins us live now from bell grade. so i that milan or joker, which senior has just been talking, was he been saying ok,
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we are right now. right in front of the restaurant has been owned by the job ridge family. they just finished the press conference and they addressed the public in a survey, but around the world where the quite strong messages and i will just mention some of them they want to humiliate him, de, treat him like a criminal. this is an attack against no joke. of it's not to become the great the senate for of all types does some of the things that we've heard from a citizen joker, which his father or his younger brother, georgia, and his mother deanna. the problem that family has at the moment is with the treatment, the job which has the now straight. they say starting from november, everything was in coordinates with the attorney. so the trailer, she applied for the visa, he got the medical exemption and he got the visa. that's obviously jock of each team. i asked australian embassy, what kind of easy to get. so there are lots of confusions and lots of different
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statements from i say both sides in this case, from the trailer and serbia and his family. it's out there the furious. they're mad and they think this is a kind of a conspiracy against the novel because he's from serbia and a tennis world. and the western world does not want jugglers to become the greatest of all time. they say jock of each got out of the airport and they took all of his personal belongings only. he has his phone with him. he's in the hotel. that is definitely not by the standards that he's jock, which is used to where there are bugs all around the hotel where the food is not appropriate for oak ridge. so definitely hearing serbia, people are very, very mad of course waiting for monday mondays. the data when john we should hear the final decision. why? because in case he wants to go out of australia, he would get a 3 year band. that's where the family says. he won't be able to answer failure again. he was to win. that's where they say his,
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the winner and his father is the loudest. let's put it this way in criticizing either dennis associations that the whole i'll shirley and government and everything else. and he even called the public hearing serbia to come out in half an hour to one of the main squares in belgrade. and to protest basically to send a big support to none of jackowitz. that is, in this case, sir, a big fighter, a big hero of the free world. that's how they put no of joker, which does the position that his family is standing on. what is the joker which is position right now in this situation? clearly milan you don't know, i don't know, none of us know whether there are bugs in his hotel or what's his food is like that being presumably shoved through a trap door in the bedroom door. but his critics might say, well, if he made sure that his paper work was all okay, before he got off the plane, this wouldn't be happening. but is anyone there where you are speculating as to whether this might turn into a,
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a full on diplomatic crisis between bell grade and cambra? well, let's put it this way. i'm not sure the belgrade is able to get in a diplomatic scandal of weird the way the australian government there. now, in this case, sir, here people are treating that as a political unsporting scandal. ah, what a chocolate families furies about is the fact that the other tennis players that got a medical permission from the a tennis australia, australia to enter the country, they got the green lights for the customs joker, which did not. and he had the same. that's where they say the same papers as the other players did. so that's the problem they have. they think this is an individual actor against knowledge markovich. so he wouldn't become the best player of all time with $21.00 grand slam because australia, his favorite court, he wanted 9 times in melbourne, and this would be probably the 10th time, and he would exceed rafael, adele,
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and roger feather with 20 titles. so it's not going to be definitely a big diplomatic scandal, but it's got to be a big sporting scandal, and we're gonna follow the next few days. okay, man, thank you so much though has the french parliament has approved tougher cook 19 measures? after 3 days of often intense debate, the bill would make full vaccination mandatory for people to for example, eat at restaurants, go to public events, will travel on into city trains that now goes to the upper house. natasha butler is live for us in paris. natasha. is this exactly what monsieur macro wanted? while the french government and the french peasant would be very relieved that french m. p. 's have approved her. the french governments vaccine pass that bill in was to be expected though. the french government has a majority in the lower house of the french parliament. the procedure now is that it will go to the senate, perhaps back to the lower house of parliament, and that it is expected to become law at mid january. now what it means for people
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is that the unvaccinated are in the population would no longer be able to enjoy going to a cafe or restaurant that no longer they have to go to the cinema, all at the theater. so suddenly going to make life for them very difficult indeed, but the government have been pushing this bill and it really, it's approval comes after 3 very intense days in the parliament. there's been fierce debate we've seen chaotic scenes. and all of this overshadowed by the french president's comments on wednesday, some called them vulgar. he used a certain words in french because what he wanted to say is that he was tightening the screws on unvaccinated people in france. and he was really going to go after them in order to try and make them get a job. natasha. thank you very much. still to come here on the news are for you the master of the pan. we meet a man trying to keep the rocks calligraphy traditional alive and changing times and sports, the tennis world, reacting tool, that joker, which ramadan,
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australia that story, i'm coming up with flora in about 15 ah, cancer, one of the fastest growing nations in the world, ah, ronnie cut needed oakland and development international shipping companies to become a key middle eastern trade and learning skillfully 3 key areas of develop, filling a promise of connecting the world, connecting future. ronnie, carto cutters, gateway to whoa trade, frank assessments. this crisis is continued to weaken. luca shenker, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning, that he was thankful for informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most of things that come out of this critical debate. do you think it a should be facilitated?
4:32 pm
not show. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child swans that inside story on al jazeera. ah ah, welcome back. you're watching the news on your top story so far today. the tennis champion, novak jock of ich, is facing deportation from australia. border officials refused to accept his exemption from pandemic rules to planet tournament. his lawyers were appealing against that decision. the case has been adjourned until next week. thursday marks the one year anniversary of the storming of the u. s. capital building an insurgency that attempted to keep the outgoing precedent. donald trump, in office,
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the event started when trump hill to rally near the white house. a russian led military alliance is deploy troops to cast stone to quote, violent unrest. dozens of protesters and officers have been killed in demonstrations that began over a dramatic spike in fuel prices. let's stay with that story. joining us again here on the news iris pizza zone me f and key f. he's the executive director of the racial democracy initiative. peter, welcome back to our news our program. this time yesterday we were speculating about russian forces crossing the border today. russian forces have crossed the border, your thoughts. now, while this was quite inevitable, there was no way of letting me put into tolerate yet another color as you call the revolution on his doorstep. my mind you conduct on is that for me, so the republic, so it has tied with russia, going back to the $900.00 twenty's, at least when it became a soviet republic, that part of the union vitamin wouldn't,
4:34 pm
has a sort of an answer to the nato alliance by the name of the organization for collective security treaty, which binds the like of russia della bruce armenia and some countries of central asia, including color that according to article for all that organization. if a member state requests military help, they are obliged to to get it. this is the 1st time that russia, in fact, has initiated this procedure and, you know, might, well, you know, let's, let's face it. russia is calling the shots in this organization. so this is a way for wouldn't to prevent a sort of revolution from happening in stone. and at the same time, to have us kind of hands off approach and claim that it's really a collective decision that is designed to maintain constitutional order in a neighboring republic. correspondence in the neighboring capital, tbilisi,
4:35 pm
the georgia capital to police. the thing to us, there are 3 and a half 1000 have gone across the border, $3000.00 of them. we think russians are they squaring off against an opposition force on the streets? or is it more disparate than that? is it more of a rag tag collection of people? i mean, they don't seem to have a leader. they don't seem to have any plan. they just feel the need to protest and demonstrate, and they're not quite sure where to go to with this. absolutely, the situation is very muddle. muddled on the ground, it's really hard to make the heads a table, the situation. what of the opposition does mister mcdowell? i run away billionaire and chairman of the so called democratic choice of context on fridays claiming that a lot of what you see on the ground is in fact due to his organization on the ground. whether that has any validity or not remains to be seen,
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but so far progress have been sporadic. there are no clear leaders. and despite what's happening, despite the decision to finally, our sufficiently omission as a buyer from his remaining position as head of the national security council, there is no clear indication that there is a split in the political elite where we can claim that really be addresses is crumbling dollars, so kind of country to the, to all appearances has lease on life now, especially that russia has announced an intervention. and, you know, russia has serious, serious leverage in the country considering that the entire north, northern part of context on is right. ethnically, russian, and russian speaking and to kind of and the lead snow that russia can stir up some serial serious trouble in the northern part of color on the way they have done in
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ukraine. ok, we must leave the pizza. so me, us in care of good to talk to again peter, i suspect we will be talking again very soon. thank you so much time and therefore cents before military drills that it's, i'm a fight intentions with china. the exercise is simulated. the inception of chinese warplanes, taiwan complained that repeated mission by china, the air force near the island, china claims taiwan as an extension of its territory. north korea has released pictures of what it says was a hypersonic missile that successfully hit its target. it was launched on wednesday and went into the ceo of north korea's eastern coast. it marked the 1st such test by the country since october. earlier this week, leader kim jong own, said his country will build on its missile and nuclear program. well, to the prices of it, a 10 year high, the u. n. food and agriculture organization has found prices jumped 28 percent in 2021. that increase is being blamed on poor harvest and a strong demand for food they go. scientists are on a mission to
4:38 pm
a giant glacier in antarctica to get a better idea of how much is being impacted by climate change. they'll use under water robots to get beneath the threats glazier rather chillingly. it's referred to as the doomsday iglesia, because it would raise global see levels by 65 centimeters. if it were to collapse and melt. recent research shows its hemorrhaging more and more ice. it is enormous, 192000 square kilometers and is located on the west antarctic ice sheet for comparison. the glacier is almost the entire size of the u. k. joining us now from norwich is one of the lead sciences on this project to antarctica. karen hayward, she's a professor of physical oceanography at the school of environmental sciences at the university of east anglia. karen, good to talk to you again. so if this thing gives up the ghost, are we all in big, big trouble?
4:39 pm
well, i guess the 1st thing to say is that this isn't going to happen a long time, but you're right, it's an enormous gas. yeah. and, and if it did completely melts, then it would lead to $65.00 centimeters, a global sea level and see where the cost of the plan. but we don't think that's going to happen in your lifetime of mine. nonetheless, it's really important to understand when it might start to collapse and, and to get a better idea of the sea level bias that we might experience in our lifetime. that makes a difference for the sea level. defense is that we, we all depend on what you need to know what's going on, pardon me for instruct. you kind of what's unique about what's going on with this particular police or at the moment my understanding of it is that they're all on usually warm currents doing something underneath the ice. and that's what the
4:40 pm
submarines we'll be investigating. how will they do that? esther that's exactly right, so we're going to send a fleet of to really large tick submarines beneath the ice. show that the floating bit of ice we're going to send these are the submarines into that cavity where nobody's ever been before. so we don't know what we're going to find, but what we think is happening is that the relatively warm sea water is impacting on the base of the sea of the, of the i shove and, and is accelerating the melting of it. and, and that's important because that i shop is kind of popping up the whole glass. yeah. and if we lose a bit of ice from the floating bit, then the rest could start accelerating towards the sea. so. so yes, we're going to be measuring, measuring occurrence on the temperature of the water. but one of the takeaways from cop 26 in glasgow was that winters are getting colder and somers are getting hotter
4:41 pm
. if winter's are getting colder, that means they're getting colder in intoxicate. so why is this glacier getting warmer or warm enough to begin the process of breaking away? that's a good question. it's and it. com. it is very complicated. ok, so what's happening in the amans and see the winters aren't actually getting warmer where they're so you know, we, we don't really know. we think it's more the, the ocean temperatures that are influencing the glass here rather than the atmospheric temperatures. whereas in other bits went out to you, it's definitely an example of normal, better the enter the peninsula there. it's the atmospheric temperature that's really influencing those i show. and why is this happening in antarctica and not in the arctic? well the arctic is there
4:42 pm
a difference and that's the see. i see present sea water that is reducing very rapidly a recent decade. so it's kind of a different question. but on the other hand, there are last year around greenland that are also accelerating. and the antarctic ones are most important because they're just so massey. okay, we'll leave it there. karen, good to talk. you. thank you very much. karen hayward, the talking to us from the university of east anglia. thank you from climate to weather with everton hollow, we've got high pressure in charge across china. so as long as each ryan settled here, little bit of wet weather, to sliding out of southern path to try to this area of low pressure, will continue to drift out into the open waters of the northwest pacific. and behind that, which dragging in a cold north here in north wesley wind across japan. so there's a chance more snow coming in here as we go on through friday and on in to saturday, nor the snow as it has been recently. but one of those bars could see maybe 304050
4:43 pm
centimeters of snow over the next 2 or 3 days. so that could cause some disruption every go with that, try whether across the korean peninsula, inter good parts of china. southern areas could see a spot or 2 of rain having said that, some showers, meanwhile, across sir se, asia as per usual, no great change in conditions here. the live, your showers are likely to be into indonesia. we have seen some flooding recently, into worst marcher and these showers assets continue over the next hour. so i know the pos bornea could also see some heavy rain from time to time. and we got some heavy rain making its way across sir, northwestern parts of fur pakistan. this same area. cloud of rainbow flooding in 2 were western areas of iran recently into pakistan. it drives its way right across north western india. many of the world's airlines were beginning to lift towards financial recovery when the on the chrome barrier was identified in november. since then travel bands and tougher testing rules of dealt another blow. hong kong based
4:44 pm
kathy pacific is in particularly bad shape is brit climate reporting. the pandemic is taking a toll on the global aviation industry, but hong kong flagship carriers facing particularly turbulent times, kathy pacific has drastically reduced its number of flights since the start of the pandemic, as it navigates some of the world's harshest border restrictions in quarantine requirements. and its staff are being blamed for 5th wave in hong kong, the territories 1st outbreak in months after a crew member breached quarantine. the government has responded by tightening the rules for returning air crews even further and have van flights from a number of countries. a cafe pacific flight attendant who asked al jazeera to conceal his identity, says he isn't confident the airline will be able to survive the setbacks. i think he said to think what's the future off to phase, but due to the situation, we still cannot see any fields her. oh,
4:45 pm
also we are not same as the other country, which is all i air crew business is thought thing back to normal in hong call. we still have many restriction before corona virus. this was one of the world's busiest airports. but after the pandemic head, hong kong introduce tough restrictions and it became a ghost town. now under new measures to contain the only con variant, it's unclear when the territories aviation industry will be able to take off again, a government advisor and talk epidemiologist. ivan hung says, although only chron is a mild of variant than delta, the border controls are necessary. if you a lot to the forest to run walk, basically you put a lot of stress on the health system. and of course, with a not satisfactory. so co vaccination rate, a 70 percent, you will have obviously a lot of cases, thousands of flights were cancelled over the year and holiday period when use of
4:46 pm
only chron emerged. and many governments band flights from south africa. and in the united states, a mix of army cronan rough weather continues to create headwinds for the sector with hundreds of flights cancelled this week as the virus grounds crew members fly, cancellations are frustrating for everybody. obviously, they're frustrating for the passengers were affected. but it's also frustrating for the airlines because they taking a lot of steps to get through the pandemic. frustration continues to grow here with many now asking whether these ramped up rules will undermine itself titled role as ages. world city brit clinic, al jazeera, hong kong gillian maxwell's lawyers say they will seek a new trial. she was convicted last week on charges involving the trafficking of girls, the late sex offender, jeffrey epstein, maxwell's lawyer says, the jury may have been biased because one member has revealed he was a victim of sex abuse. the 2022 golden globes awards will be held this sunday with
4:47 pm
no audience, no media or red carpet organizers to put it down to the pandemic. but the group behind the golden globes is being boycotted by the industry. the hollywood foreign press association is being accused of failing to address a lack of diversity. calligraphy, the art of beautiful handwriting is an integral part of arabic and islamic heritage . in iraq though it's on the decline, and one man is determined though to keep the art alive mcmurry, abdel whitehead has the story where it ramadan from iraq's, he saw the near city of bustler inherited his love skills and respectful telegraphy from his father. now he has been practicing arabic, crating for more than 30 years. can it's a guardian one. it hardly ever since i was a child, i used to sit next to my father to watch him draw leases and words. i fell in love with this profession and tried to imitate him. his painting cell in iraq and abroad
4:48 pm
was price is for a singular work of up to $1500.00 u. s. dollars. it's not enough to provide a steady or secure income, but where it says he won't give up. now, it's part of his, his father's and his country's heritage, a corners motherland. him latavia robert. but some people neglected it and moved to other careers saying that calligraphy won't turn them living. so they took a different direction. i am here and we'll stay here. if only for the sake of my principles arabic calligraphy is considered by you in a school to be part of the intangible heritage of humanity. but as iraqi calligrapher as strive with passion to revive the art there warrant that a lack of estate support and interest could lead to its decay. ally sally. a member of iraq's kilogram for his association has turned in his business to printing. he says, unlike other types of evolving fine arts,
4:49 pm
calligraphy has had the same set of artistic rules for centuries. we are neither okay on the people's taste has changed with time. they've become more to swift and dynamic products which has become a mainstream form that telegraphy is now lecturing. it usually takes time and effort. it's intricate, delicate work, taking patience and time. but the finished war can be dazzling, delightful. and despite the challenge, is the craft is facing, it's what motivates were in a ramadan to continue, ma'am. with outdoor head al jazeera bud, coming up next in sport, one of the world's most divisive sportsman makes a comeback far. i will tell us how he got home. ah
4:50 pm
ah ah
4:51 pm
ah, he's most news whose var peter thank you so much, 9 time champion, no bad joke. images chances of playing up this year's australian open remains in limbo. well, number one is spending another night in detention in melbourne as he fights a decision to revoke his visa over pandemic rules. on tuesday, organizers had confirmed jock, which would be allowed to play at the event, despite not being fully vaccinated against covey. 19 australian border authorities refused to accept jock of his medical exemption on his arrival with 34 year olds, lawyers of appeal against the decision in court with the case adjourned until next week. the requirements were not able to be met. there was a,
4:52 pm
an exemption that had been provided through the victorian government process. clearly that did not pass the standards of proof that were required by the australian border force. yes, it's tough, but it's fair and it's equitable, and it's one rule for all under this australian government. and we've been speaking to sports illustrated. john, we're time he says the controversy surrounding jarvis and the 1st grand slam of the year is not good for tennis is image. it's a real issue for the sport. i mean, here is this towering player, is probably going to go down having one more majors than any male ever. he's winning this rivalry against roger federer rough and a doll. and yet you have this consistent string of embarrassing incident. some players, some athletes, celebrities who are, who are made to be boxed and made means of that is not the case here. it's not a good look where the sports grey tower champion is also the guy everyone rushing
4:53 pm
the social media to, to spoof because the weather is, you know, hitting a ball at the alignment, throw that gets him defaulted from the us open 2 years ago, or whether it's the super spreader events that he ran in 2020, or, you know, advocate tantrum at the olympics. or now this, this latest with this sort of latest soccer, australia it's, it's not great when it's the figure at the top of the heap. this has really exposed some of some of the flaws of tenants, and one of them is that in team sports, you have teams and you have actually you have labor and management. and the teams are employing the players. and they can tell the players what to do, and there's collective bargaining and the players are independent contractor. so on the one hand, players can decide when they want to play. and if they want to take a week off, they can take a week off if they want to fire their code to their decision. but one of the issues with that is that there's not a lot of cohesion. it's not as simple as a team saying ok, all the players and the curfew is midnight if you come in late after that we're
4:54 pm
going to find you doesn't work that way all the players are their own bosses. and so one of the issues is that something that should be fairly simple. you know, you want to have a vaccine mandate and these players are crossing borders or sharing a locker room. maybe everyone should be vaccinated. it's not simple. there, there isn't a conventional union. the way there is another sports. meanwhile, 20 time grand slam champion, ralph and adel is in melbourne. continuing his preparations. the world number 6 weighed in on the junk of a situation saying the server could have easily played in australia if he wanted to . of balls, of course i either like the situation that is happening in some way i. i feel sorry for him, but at the same time he know he knew the conditions things a lot of months ago. so he makes his own decision. kyra irving
4:55 pm
has made a winning at returned to action. the brooklyn at star missed all of his teams previous games this season due to his refusal to be vaccinated against cobra. 19 irving was instrumental and brooklyn's road went over the indiana pacers. he scored 22 points since they came back when 129 to 121. unfortunately for non fans, they won't get to see their 29 year old in every game. irving cannot take part in home matches because rules in new york require players to be vaccinated. ma'am, i'm just taking one day at a time earlier in the just is not an ideal situation. ready and i'm always praying that they get figured out and we're able to come to some collective agreement, whether it be with the league or just that's going on, that could help ease. we're all dealing with coven vaccine. i think everybody's feeling it. so i don't want to make it simply about me and simply about, you know,
4:56 pm
someone listen in the rules for me. i just, i know that i know what the consequences were still. no, they are. but right now i'm just don't take it one day at a time, i guess it just enjoy this time that i get to play with my guys. and, you know, however, it looks later in the season and we'll address it was a historic night for the charlotte hornets. they set a franchise record for 3 pointers, hornets picking 24, triple a thrash. the detroit has been 140 to 111, charlotte 8th and eastern conference. it was also a special nice and for dallas mavericks. legend dirk nowitzki the me officially retired, the germans number 41 jersey and a ceremony following the mom's 99 to 82 over the warriors during his career and which he won. and the championship and with 2007 m. v. p. manchester city of confirm that their manager, pub cordova,
4:57 pm
has tested positive for koby 19 spaniard will miss city's f, a cup away game against window. on friday, guardiola isn't the only person within the clubs 1st team bubble feeling. the brunt of the pandemic, 14 backroom staff and 7 1st team players are currently isolating for cove. it related reasons, aroma, luke harker was back in the chelsea team for their english lee cup semi final when against tottenham, chelsea's record signing had been dropped for their last game. after saying he wanted to leave the club in an interview. chelsea won the 1st leg of this tie to nail chi hybrids with their opener for an own goal followed shortly afterwards. the 1st leg of thursday, semi between liverpool and arsenal, has been postponed due to a high number of code 19 cases. liverpool. okay, and that is all your sport for now, peter, back to you for a thank you so much. when we come back on the other side of the short break, we will bring you the latest events coming to us of washington, new as president joe biden will say, his predecessor, donald trump, holds quote,
4:58 pm
singular responsibility for the chaos can carnage of january. the 6 more on that developing story, when we come back in 2 minutes, we'll see you that ah, african stories from african perspective. most of them are never bought more than that. it's not gonna go machine because of the voice of machine happy in. i mean, as a short documentary by african, the filmmakers from kenya, he raised some of talent talented something back. his support and ivory coast colors i live here in scrapyard animal africa, direct on al jazeera, 2 stories strong willed away. challenging traditional female stereotypes in a male dominated society to make a different goal for you to fall into that of
4:59 pm
how families look like the the water is highly contaminated. we're living in the class risk in it all, al jazeera ah, each and every one of us. it's got a responsibility to change our person with . we could do this experiment and if by diversity could increase just a little bit, that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet? who is incredibly rare species for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly year. jenny, this is a big thing with extremely important service that they provide to the city.
5:00 pm
why do we, we need to take america to trying to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind. ah ah, hello again. i'm pete. adobe is just gone 14 hours gmc, that's 9 am local in washington. the u. s. capitalists where we're going live for special coverage this hour because the u. s. is reflecting on how it's democracy was threatened exactly a year ago when hundreds of donald trump supporters storm the u. s. capital building. we're waiting for an address from the u. s. president joe biden and his vice president cobbler harris.


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