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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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time the golden globes is currently being boycotted by the film and entertainment industry. hollywood foreign press association is accused of failing to address a lack of diversity as well as bullying and harassment. they can get much more in all those stories. if you head over to our wife's side, i'll just 0. don't com ah, let's take you through some of those stories now. tennis champion of i joke of which is facing deportation from australia. prime minister scott morrison says he failed to provide enough proof for an exemption from pandemic entry rules. his lawyers are seeking an injunction to stop him being sent home. the case has been adjourned until next week. rules ah, rules. and there are no special cases. rules are rules what i said yesterday,
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that's the policy the government and has been governments strong, border protection policies, and particularly in relation to the pandemic. that is ensure the destroyer has one of the lowest death rights from target anywhere in the world. we one of the 1st countries to move on shutting ab was we were criticized at the time. but it was the right decision. and we have maintained those important border controls or the entire period of the pandemic. current of iris cases in india have gone up by a 3rd on 1st day. the number of positive covey 19 tests increased by 6 times in just one week. most cases of the mild it leaves now requiring old people over the age of 50 to get vaccinated against current. a virus is not yet clear, though what penalties unvaccinated people may face countries. health minister says everyone in the age group will now be checked for their vaccination status before they enter the workplace. the country is struggling with new records of fresh
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infections fueled by the on the con variant. dozens of protesters have reportedly been killed in catholic fans, largest 50 during violent demonstrations. a russian lead a line says it will send peace. keith off to the president off the health the while . the on thursday marks the one year anniversary of the building of the us capital building in 30 c attempted to keep outgoing president donald trump in office. we event sconces when trump held rally the winehouse to quote, the steel 2020 election north korea as release pictures of what it says was a hypersonic missile that successfully hit its target. amongst the 1st such tests of tober and time to join the stream. now stay with us here on out to fear i joined 0 as part of the launch team in 2006 pro just as a call from 1000000 mom march. in that time i've covered wars revolutions,
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elections on mandatory who is from the for venice of correct. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge . ah hello. i funny. okay. to say on the strain, the very 1st episode for 2020 to happy new year. thank you for joining me. also joining off the philosopher and cultural theories, lovejoy zag. it's so nice to have you here. so boy, i'm welcome to a stream. people delight in giving you titles and describing you a couple of descriptions. celebrity philosopher, most dangerous philosopher in the west, and this one, it trickles me, but i have no idea what it means. elvis of cultural theory,
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out of all of the titles you've been given over the years, which one do you embrace the most? which ones you love? i. i prefer the most dangerous below the indirect though it was meant as geek l. b, stop. if you will be, i think it's not to take me carrie, se, the idea is you will hear some growth from game, but don't expect too much. you know, i my basic, not a very here. yes. so very briefly, why do i like i don't give a call me eat when we leave in a very dangerous time and when think really desperate up and tragic. do you know, dec only go may be, can do the work from my do you think i let you know that in our should be out? there was a whole here, least of joy, if jokes about so you'll see my point when things are best,
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but they have to caught up to date, then she'll be asleep or played a dignified role with you meet your marker, survive. so why i have an image of you as a young boy not ask him why for giving up ideas and suggestions for most kids. why is this going to blue? why is this? why does this happen? i kind of rebirth the and you will telling other people what the answer is as a young philosopher. what to rove you into that interest about knowledge and ideas and how to explain well that you're very nice grades. my work operates almost in the opposite sense. i'm not searching for answers, i'm reading things, observing them, and then all of a sudden it's striking me. i, i, in my mind,
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i get out of service and then i kept putting to what the question, this is an answer. i am going. this is what the governing glass today, i think we are given all the guys, these are just problems guys. these are just questions. and the difficult thing is to that right quick. and that's, that's good because thinking and philosophy today, it's not so much to beaver and stuff. what can i say about? i don't know, a chronology guys, it's this is specialist and so on. but what i can do is interrogate or examine how do we approach the scope out of there if they are largely in most cases in the very way we approach the topic. for example,
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one of them i know this death lately, we automatically identify type reducing the topic of a drive into wanting to know this is not the problem of a martin luther king. never spoke of tolerance and support. so you see if we defined the program or received the program of tolerance, we are already receiving the problem from the standpoint of this late re live. but i would obsession to be 3 choices and $1.00 and $1.00. that's what i can do. look, give, ask that i questions. so voice, so whether people want to off you the right questions or give you some answers. i am sharing you without online audience right now. so if they're on youtube,
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the comment section is right here. you can comment on some boys, philosophy, his approach to life, how we unpack slides, you can do it in the next 20 minutes to get on line as soon as you can also questions and i will share them with our get. let's start with your recent book published in december. it is chords heaven in this order. for me it feels like a collection of articles and essays and the way that you are unpacking the world and take us through very contemporary issues. how do you see that book? who is it for? when it becky, they may include what they want to develop in the book is indicated by that type. chevron in disorder means that even when daddy scale in our well usually mark that edition views my keys. them include that chevron
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remains in our favor. i don't mean if your logical sense. i mean, it's more in a sense of that general whether to be like you would have been very sick and i just mark claim that we know where a few stories will being worked. a bright future. we just get to act according to the story until one into article loss and so on. but i think that today the mess is much more dangerous. kevin itself is in the in the change that we are lacking more and more hostile cody general orientation. there is no, there is less and less space of communications. we no longer share values past due and so on and so on. and both, i think especially in a society we received, it says,
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as democratic democracy, it's not just about defense. democracy also means that we should all agree upon basic values and won't allow us to exist within the same page one step and you can now not only hear about, especially if you make that mistake. is that chevron, you seem bizarre of that in the sense of we have now or again that a family comes. they are more and more talking a different language from. we've got to look at the majority and want and then you know, dialogue. and i think this is not something that happens in the develop west. it is more and more shipping. every ran more and more our is probably about all right. you don't be afraid. ok.
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but i'm really afraid i'm going to put a question to you please. slowly get a think yes, if work with the last part of the big data shows that, oh gosh, don't lose, you know, there was or maybe just lose every network of foods that you have to evade, to belong to closest base inverse kind of a deeper rules we tell you how to apply there, which is always fascinated me. for example, let's say i met this is not probably true. i, but each of the new i invite you to a probably in advance. yes, i will pay. when the bill i, you are expected to say no, i will pay all that charity and so on and on. i think you're
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a bit. it's just an empty register at the end i, b, b. and this is how ball it works. often you make an offer we can meant to be rejected or usually some think, but it's just an empty forum satellite let take take a pause for a moment, empty dock. all right, take a point. take a pause for moment because only we spoke to her saying, who has read has been in disorder. he's been following your work for the last decade. and he has a question for you. listen to the video and then a me to answer. he's saying here, yes, i mean and dishonor should be a golfer action, i believe, for the day after tomorrow. and so we're like all of us to be broadcast and movies . right. so the courtesy traverse in our paradise of all the land is dos which eliza, he only cross forming the rockies and men and groom dissatisfaction in both wanted
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moving. so my question would be to slower, are we already not living in society, the phone and the state of exception kills emergencies and civil and raised and how we not now guys did well lead to live under these disturbing shadows. i hope it's not a new law for us. it's a very good appropriate question. yes, we are on a be leaving in the permanent state of it. i don't think i'm demick in the said i got something really new, but i but i think that the see them already found a way to react to keep we get cause for we are in themselves not meant to be taken seriously like bit i hope menu ross saw the movie, don't look up, i think a very good movie,
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because it shows how even those people who think look up best and kill and kill one . it's an empty specter. they know somehow nothing we really came. i think the same can be said about the glasgow meeting a couple of months ago to find how to fight global warming show all the phrases or be affect becker was here to mask the fact that we are not yet be really to do something. that's why i have, you know, i have so many questions for you. we're not yet ready to do something we, we talk about it, but we're not doing the action. this is even more paradoxical when we talk about deep sizes in or not. oh, okay. all right, so this is alex smith. he wants to know what you think about the events were at the
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anniversary of january, the 6th the insurrection in the united states. i want to add on to that the state of us democracy and also as a global power, how we should navigate the us going forward. so starting with the insurrection, and we're briefly talking about us policy. yes. okay. it's easy to condemn it be. so with whatever i got the got the police being and so on and so on. i think the green cou, i think the but we should never forget that the entire i drink properly more men. i'm going to, we're usually come every recorded
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e reply to that they are over be libra, democratic mainstream. you might get a point. what is going on for almost the gate is that we have even in developed countries dice off brought this is 1015 years ago brought us well mostly let's say goals for catch up like people into what is going on in bell. i was in that astra. they want to become like the developed west. now we have a new way of pro best. we express be happy week, very developed live, but to keep them look at put a machine name, yellow in france and wanted to, well, this is a negative energy energy or we can be slate that into the existing
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political forms of move out of the democracy. and that's a very dangerous phenomenon. so democracy in the school, right? we will get to be re invent that democracy today. it cannot. it's not that the oppressive is the plea catalog in their great give voice to be new, appearing among the brought poverty. so the question here on youtube firm, josephine jennifer, who's currently watching you right now, she off. what is your definition of the great reset in the society and global economy? all we as a community ready for a great reset, where it's nice, but it might well indication what you're being that you know,
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what you would really call the great reset the formula proposed by some of them look at the quality and be a person. and so on. if they'd be happening, what makes me feel less pissed to a dock neoliberalism? no, surely what we are witnessing today is the new forums of capitalism, which makes capital isn't show different from the capital, isn't it no longer even because it may be capitalized and some people even talk about corporate neil, big figures day like march bill gates. and so on, yeah, much go to a new forum of federal debt and my stuff. we're going through an entire story and
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we are paying the kind of dang, to our own fashion topically. if the problem for me it's not bless gate in the same st. off because i do believe in now cannot go on to be shipped to change because the problem is thank east all the ship, any new photos of from girl until one and. and it's moving in the right. we try. i'm pretty scary. it's my, i'm critical towards the united states because it's like to try time of course, or the college critical, you know, you leave in the area and control society. but in the united states and some other develop risk this, you think you're somehow free and it's always been
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storage and 3 don't. is the freedom where you experience yourself. if you are not even aware how tightly controlled manipulate that that's what's happening today. so through reset, what been some think for me now i've come to the stem and use call. you will be what i call new unique. forget about 20 a cent credit and so on and so on. i do give you literally in copper minute, the program of this new meter, just listen to the media, and they are all aware of what it will be done to get out of the day make the fight global warming. we meet in some sense to socialize, health care, more than 18,
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it's fear that to fight global warming. market alone cannot do eat. we need some kind of social dna. we need international corporation and so on and so on. coming even for me, is simply an order in all these demands. we can even publicly know any court actually be met. well, again, only will care being somehow socialized where our public political life would change. so that if we know electrically every 2 here or whatever, but the ability to make long, long term plans or project we need now to really fight global warming. we need some help getting on the roof, which are not just the next elections,
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but read the site. how will be for the gate in that runs. and so that will be for me, great, a sec so, so i'm thinking part of the great reset is the fact that the entire world is finding itself in a panoramic. so they, we have to think about how do we go forward? where do we go to next? even if we normally would not have done said, i have one more for, for you on video. this is from mac minus he's in canada. he has a question for you have a listen to the video. i think i have an answer. yes. like you, i'm hopeful that the good night change endemic is actually going to lead a lot of people to move towards progressive and left as causes. but i'm also worried that the opposite might happen. looking historically, we can see that in many circumstances, people don't move towards the left in dire circumstances, they move towards the right instead. and i think we can see that in many different parts of the world. so my question for you is, why do you think that we're going to see a movement towards the left are given certain circumstances?
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and what do you think we can do as progresses to make sure that we don't see a transition towards the far right? very good lament that aggression by our service simply did. i definitely don't think that it's guaranteed that we will move to the left. what is happening now? are there any questions that you bank are to please be got the corporate got the power into long times. this week is coming, they have their rounds to prevent the less i like to hear what my favorite of the venue. i mean, who said that every east shine of faith, were you again data centers
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obviously generated by this situation. we are in again, think about global warming. what should be done? i, we aware, for example, in the neck the gate may be dance candidates, so many people will move around. it will be put sharpie greets. so we can only revive through more socialized economy. not only commonly centralized, plentiful agent that can be faster, but team play more obese corporation and so on. and so one of us be don't empower our counter eat. but the important thing to see is that again, they are already changing society. so we are no longer dealing with the over nearly, but copied police and so on. and so what i,
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i can be here for him is because i am actually me mean babies. i mean, it's not guaranteed that includes data, they will not probably even not. history is not on our side. he's moving we have to act. and the only thing i can say is that unfortunately we haven't yet reached the point of awakening. we obviously will have to go through even more care. yes. logical, crazy and all. i've got a very, very much you're quite pessimistic view of the future. i have one more question for you chief, i want you to answer this as swiftly as you can. life giving woman says, i am curious if, because of how you approach the world,
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does it leave you feeling lonely? and how do you overcome those feelings when it feels like no one but you thinks critically? so what's the impact of your work on you? i hope for being lonely. i will tell you to know something very well. i even learn how i should write the last 2 years. i learned some come to enjoy the, you know, take time to reflect. maybe we need more of these marks set in his famous these 11 skimming could do to match. now we have to change. we may be in the center. we try to change the way to match. now we kept in there, but it did. mark. don't be afraid. of apparently productive thinking. and so my optimism east nonetheless,
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that in spite of all the scores from time to time, then the mirror goes. kipling don't also forget small, but nonetheless remarkable progress is on the left key lamb next in believe in keeler in the united states. we have now different men will just creep that we have now. democratic socialism is that option. you can talk about beat, you are not automatically excluded. zach and when you believe that 25 minutes went so fast, that we still have so much more to get from me, but i'm gonna leave it to ask for now. if you would like to hear more lavoy, isaac, i highly recommend his book have been in disorder, published in december, available now. thank you for being part of our show today. thank you for the
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excellent questions on youtube as well as we sent on youtube as well. i see what you did that too. thanks for watching. i see you next time. ah. the listening post cuts through the noise like full peanut competing. now, seeing monday, tools being used to perpetuate those competing merits, separating spin from fuck all 3 versions of the story and then some element of the truth. but the full story remains and coaching, unpacking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening post your guide to the media. on a jesse, you were told technology can help tackle the spread of coven 19. but our tech solutions, the best solutions we're starting, something that seems like it's in public health, very quickly becomes about measuring people what data is being collected. where is
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it being for it? poly re, looks at the limits of tech and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face. target when tech tools go viral. episode 3 of all hail to lock down on al jazeera. ah mm. mm.
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mm. cool. lou. a russia lie? the lion says it's sending peacekeepers the catholics. damn it by protests and riot . ah, hello, i'm sam is a dan. this is al jazeera live from dough. also coming out. australia is deportation of tennis champion, novak jock of it, she's delays. he fights a decision to revoke his fees or the condom it rules.


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